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Not Yet

Two weeks ago my dog Buster became unable to jump on the couch. Buster lives on the couch so I found this development mildly worrisome. At nine years old he has some arthritis and is not a limber as he still  thinks he is. Then a few days later his back legs gave out and [...]


My girlfriend loves estate sales. Every weekend for the past couple of months, she’s been hunting for bargains in what I call “dead old lady houses,” usually with me in tow. The irony that I’m engaging in a Yuppie activity akin to antiquing is not lost on me. My girlfriend has indeed found some nice [...]

Customer Disservice

Hi everybody. I’ll be on CNBC tonight. The program is titled, “Customer Disservice” and it will air at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Tune in!

I'm still here

Family is great. Christmas was wonderful. New Years eve now and tomorrow a brand new calender. Food has been good lately..I'll be around in '12. Lots of months in 2011 with no updates. But... as a dad I've been busy.

Merry Christmas

Hey everybody: Sorry I’ve been away so long. Let’s just say my life is unfolding nicely and I’ve been very busy. I’m enjoying the holidays with my fantastic and lovely girlfriend, so I’m just fine. May you all have a Happy (Insert appropriate holiday here) and a wonderful New Year! And if you go out [...]

50 Reasons I Love New Jersey

I’m a New Jerseyan and proud of it. Here’s why! 1. Because we have the most diners in the world, you can always get something to soak up the booze at 3:00 AM. 2. The Jersey accent makes you sound tough, even if you aren’t. 3. You’re usually only three persons removed from knowing a [...]

When Shrinks Go Wrong

This morning I read an article in the New York Times that really upset me. Titled, “My Shrink is my Co-Author” the author, Susan Shapiro, describes the ups and downs of writing a book with her longtime psychotherapist “Dr. W.” The good doctor, it seems, is an expert on addictions who helped Ms. Shapiro quit [...]

Tip News Update

It turns out the story about 25% tips in San Fransisco was made up! But even though the story was bogus, it generated a lot of controversy. Such is the power of tipping!

Tipping in the News

The subject of tipping sells papers. The mere mention of gratuities – whether it’s about how to, why or who should get them – elicits passionate responses from both Che Guevara t-shirt wearing income redistribution guerillas and “Fuck the poor” Ayn Randian lunatics alike. And this debate has been raging for years. If you look [...]

Out of Reach

I have to get to Sirius Radio in Manhattan to do an interview for the Martha Stewart Channel. For me, the best way to travel to Midtown is by bus. It’s not a good idea to go on the air stressed out after slaloming through insane New York traffic. In my opinion, New Yorkers are [...]

September 11th

It’s nine in the morning on September 11, 2001. I’ve gotten up early to take my girlfriend to a job interview on 67th Street in New York. I’m not happy about this. Rush hour traffic in Manhattan’s always a bitch so, as Allie is in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on her makeup, I [...]

Book Signings

Hey everybody. The paperback edition of Keep the Change is coming out on September 6! I will be doing a couple of book signings in the area. The dates and places are listed below. If you can come, I’d love to meet you. Have a nice Labor Day Weekend everyone. Friday September 9th. 7:30 PM [...]

Be Prepared

If you live on the East Coast, you’re probably aware that a hurricane is headed our way. I don’t want to sound like Chicken Little but if we get wacked there’s a possibility that we could lose power for several days. My power gets knocked out often whenever my town experiences a bad thunderstorm, so [...]

Sending Food Back

My girlfriend Isabel and I are eating at P.F. Chang’s and we’ve run into a problem. The waiter got the order wrong. “This isn’t sweet and sour pork,” Isabel says, pushing her entrée around the plate. “It’s sweet and sour chicken.” “You sure?” I say. Slightly offended that I’ve questioned her gustatory senses, Isabel spears [...]

My Final Post

Well after 3 years and 370 posts, I must say farewell to this blog and the people that have been my faithful readers. It's just that after all these years, its getting harder finding the time to sit down at my computer and tell you what...Show More Summary

The Bad Mother

I don’t recommend many books on this site, but I highly recommend you read The Bad Mother by Nancy Rommelmann. From Amazon: “A first novel by the award-winning journalist Nancy Rommelmann, The Bad Mother is set among Hollywood’s transient population of street kids….Hollywood is hard on everyone, from aspiring actors and actresses to those on [...]

Public Cruxifiction

Last night my girlfriend (I haven’t decided on her nom de blog yet.) and I were watching Anderson Cooper when we saw something that cracked us up – train lady! If you’re not aware of this story, a young woman had a meltdown after a train conductor asked her to stop using profanity while talking [...]


It’s Wednesday evening and I’m at the Meadowlands State Fair next to Giants Stadium. Its “cheap night” and the thirty-dollar unlimited ride pass had been slashed to eighteen bucks. As a result the place is mobbed. But I don’t mind. When I came here last year I was astounded to see how well behaved everyone [...]

Moving Man

This weekend, after six years of fairly uneventful cohabitation, my roommate moved out. So while everybody else was enjoying a splendid Fourth of July weekend, I was hauling dressers, bookshelves, electronic equipment and an unwieldy mattress up three flights of stairs. When roomie moved into my place back in 2005 he was like an urban [...]

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