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You Crocodile Dundee’d Them

(Butcher | Fryslân, The Netherlands) Butcher | Fryslân, The Netherlands Categories: Right Tags: Butcher Butcher | Fryslân, The Netherlands(It’s the day before Christmas and we’re packed with people picking up their orders. I’m helping...Show More Summary

Getting The Short(bread) End Of The Stick

(Home | England, UK) Home | England, UK Categories: Related Tags: home Home | England, UKI have been baking for a while, and I know my family’s taste and any allergies they have. I moved out eight months earlier and for about five months some of the treats have been going missing. Show More Summary

Been Running This Shift For Too Long

(Pool | Canada) Pool | Canada Categories: Right Tags: Pool Pool | Canada(At pools everywhere, the number one rule is no running on the pool deck. I have seen people hurt themselves terribly doing that, and even heard of an instances where people have broken a few bones doing this. Show More Summary

A Fail By Any Other Name

(Call Center | CA, USA) Call Center | CA, USA Categories: Working Tags: Call Center Call Center | CA, USA(I’m contacting my credit card company’s support line because I got married and need to change my name on my card.) Me: “Hi. Can...Show More Summary

Internationally It’s Breakfast Somewhere

(Restaurant | MT, USA) Restaurant | MT, USA Categories: Right Tags: Restaurant Restaurant | MT, USA(Overheard at a diner known internationally for their pancakes, around 11:45 in the morning:) Woman: “They’re STILL serving breakfast?...Show More Summary

Well If They Have Ball-Joints…

(Home | OR, USA) Home | OR, USA Categories: Friendly Tags: home Home | OR, USA(I collect Ball-Jointed Dolls. They’re resin dolls that vary in size from about 12 cm to around 70 cm — larger ones than even that exist. They’re also rather expensive, even on the smaller side. Show More Summary

They’re Both Courting Controversy

(Office | Winnipeg, MB, Canada) Office | Winnipeg, MB, Canada Categories: Working Tags: Office Office | Winnipeg, MB, Canada(My husband and I used to work for the same company. This happens when we aren’t married yet, but we are dating. Show More Summary

Broken Relationship

Categories: Romantic Tags: Boyfriend/Girlfriend, home, Oregon, USA Boyfriend: "You know what would be crazy? What if, instead of hind paws, cats had tiny human hands that were cat sized? Then instead of kneading you, they would grope...Show More Summary

The Twin Peak Of Conversational Awkwardness

(Retail | MD, USA) Retail | MD, USA Categories: Right Tags: Retail Retail | MD, USA(I am at the store with my mom and sister. A lady next to us is buying clothes and sees a picture of twins hanging up.) Lady: “Oh, what beautiful twins.”...Show More Summary

Well Hawk Me!

(High School | Chicago, IL, USA) High School | Chicago, IL, USA Categories: Learning Tags: High School High School | Chicago, IL, USA(My school’s team is the Red Hawks, and we’re having a pep rally to get everyone psyched up for the game that night. Show More Summary

Dad Caught Son Stealing. Xbox or Beating?

Categories: Related, Right Tags: Videos Dad caught his son stealing. He asks him if he’d rather get his Xbox back, or get a beating. Son who repetitively blamed stealing on siblings was caught red handed in a trap set by parents. This incident took place just 5 minutes after a discussion with his son about stealing. Show More Summary

Bangs Goes That Sale

(Hair Salon | UT, USA) Hair Salon | UT, USA Categories: Working Tags: Hair Salon Hair Salon | UT, USA(I had a fantastic experience at a high end salon a month-and-a-half or so prior and got a short, asymmetrical cut that I like a lot. Show More Summary

Tearing Down Your Demands

(Gas Station, Convenience Store | OH, USA) Gas Station, Convenience Store | OH, USA Categories: Right Tags: Convenience Store, Gas Station Gas Station, Convenience Store | OH, USA(I am standing in line at a gas station/convenience store. Show More Summary


(High School | FL, USA) High School | FL, USA Categories: Learning Tags: High School High School | FL, USA(In my senior year of high school my biology teacher and I bond over our love for the Broadway show ‘Hamilton.’ It is a fairlyShow More Summary

Not Waiting For A Lightbulb Moment

(Auto Parts Store | IL, USA) Auto Parts Store | IL, USA Categories: Working Tags: Auto Parts Auto Parts Store | IL, USA(I’m far from being a car expert, but when one of the headlamps on my old car burns out, I discover that I can open the hood, reach in, and unscrew the burned-out bulb. Show More Summary

Married To A Germaniac

Categories: Romantic Tags: Canada, home, Marriage & Partners, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Wife: "What does ‘polter’ mean?" Me: "It's kind of like... ‘geräusch.’ Which is another German word... and does not help you at all!" (Read more...) The post Married To A Germaniac appeared first on Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right.

A Perfectly Normal Reaction When It Comes To Pizza

(Pizza | Bellmead, TX, USA) Pizza | Bellmead, TX, USA Categories: Right Tags: Pizza Pizza | Bellmead, TX, USA(I have just finished delivering a pizza to an apartment complex and am walking back to my car when I pass a little boy, no older then four, and his mother when this happens.) Little Boy: “Bye, pizza lady. Show More Summary

Think They’re God’s Gift

(Home | TX, USA) Home | TX, USA Categories: Related Tags: home Home | TX, USA(It is my birthday and my sister and her kids have come over to visit. A few months before this I came out to my family as “not a Christian” to my extremely religious family and they didn’t take it too well. Show More Summary

I Don’t Work Here Does Not Work Here, Part 3 (Video)

Categories: Right (I used to work at this drugstore store before I left to have my child; note that the bathrooms have a lock on them to avoid theft. This take place almost two years after I’ve gone. I’ve stopped in to have lunch with...Show More Summary

A Catalog Of Errors

(Post Office | Moraga, CA, USA) Post Office | Moraga, CA, USA Categories: Working Tags: Post Office Post Office | Moraga, CA, USA(My dad does maintenance at post offices over several counties (painting, electrical, machinery, etc). Dad...Show More Summary

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