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The Internet Isn’t Forever

Topic: Libraries Because history is a fight we’re having every day. We’re battling to make the truth first by living it, and then by recording and sharing it, and finally, crucially, by preserving it. Without an archive, there is no history. From The Internet Isn’t Forever

The Gun Show Loophole Has to Go

I haven't read or heard a whole lot about the gun show loophole. This is important, because without closing it, there is nothing that will keep anyone from getting a gun. You might read about, for example, how terrible Chicago is, how they have the toughest gun laws, and how no law will keep it safe. Show More Summary

Behind the Scenes at the Library Gallery

Our gallery space has now completed three cycles.  My library board and the public love the space; they are thrilled to see original art work in the library.  However, I am now learning that I was not as prepared as I believed.

The Architecture of Libraries in Contemporary Times

Ask baby boomers to describe their mental picture of a library, and ask a millennial to do the same and see how the answers differ. The library of yesteryear was more of a knowledge and information center that catered to the academic...Show More Summary

Our North Star: Finding Our Way Back To What We Love

Gaining access to the magic enthusiasm fosters is a key strategy to building effective teams and sustainable libraries. The good news is that its not hard to replicate once you’ve found it. I encourage you to go and do just that.

‘No way I would do that’: Educators decry Trump proposal to arm teachers

The proposal comes in the wake of one of the deadliest school shootings in history.

Law Firm Bulletin Articles on Cannabis Legalization

The website of the CAIJ (Centre d'accès à l'information juridique), which is associated with the courthouse libraries in the province of Quebec and the Quebec Bar Association, has a section devoted to private law firm news publications.In...Show More Summary

Arming Teachers and the Gun Control Debate

Let’s get this out of the way: Arming teachers is about the worst idea to come along in quite some time. We don’t have to go into all the reasons why. It just is. Anyone who has spent any time in school can understand this on a base fundamental level. It’s dumb, it’s bad, and […]

Drive to ban library books with LGBTQ content erupts in Orange City

Topic: Censorship More than 300 people have signed a petition to either ban or label and group materials related to homosexual and transgender content in the Orange City Public Library. Rev. Sacha Walicord of Grace Reformed Presbyterian...Show More Summary

There’s a Human Camera Obscura in the New York Public Library

Topic: Libraries The good folks beavering away at their long tables in the magisterial north Rose Main Reading Room on the third floor of the New York Public Library’s main building might be excused for feeling spied upon. “What is that...Show More Summary

Models with severed heads: Gucci goes Gothic

20 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Eventually everything goes Gothic. Especially the world of fashion, which this week offered a fine example of Infocult style. Gucci sent models down a runway lined with surgical stations, each lovely person carrying their own severed head: As the Jezebel...

Not Satisfied When the School Removes Information from the IEP? Voice your Concern!

How do I write a letter to voice my concerns about my child’s IEP? The school removed all information concerning reading and language from the IEP. How do I let Continue Reading ?

Trump Doesn't Hear You--He Wants You to Carry a Gun and Leave Him Alone

Trump needed a cheat sheet for his listening session yesterday. Take a look at number five, which says, "I hear you." It's kind of remarkable that anyone needs a reminder to acknowledge hearing the people he's there to listen to, but that's what you have there.It's not a big secret that Trump is considering enabling the arming of teachers. Show More Summary

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