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Time For More Charter School Unionization Stories

I got out my sextant, Air Almanac and HO-249 Sight Reduction Tables and after several celestial observations discovered the stars were aligned for yet another round of charter school unionization stories. These appear in bunches every so often, usually with breathless remarks on both sides of the issue about this coming trend. Show More Summary

AM News: Immigrants In Schools, DeVos At CPAC, IPad Case Resolved, & More

IMMIGRATION ???? Schools Are Rallying Around Portland's Large Refugee Community… ???? Schools Try to Thread the Needle Between Soothing Deportation Fears and Overpromising…...Show More Summary

Is Your Classroom Overdecorated?

I usually shy away from this type of thing because classrooms are as individual as the teachers and students who inhabit them, but over the years I’ve heard many long and sometimes heated debates among teachers over bulletin boards, displays of student work, and decorations. Since the kids spend much of their days in these … Continue reading "Is Your Classroom Overdecorated?"

AM News: Keeping ICE Out Of Schools, States Using PARCC, & More

TRUMP/DEVOS White House weighs federal tax credit - POLITICO 7 Senators Who Opposed DeVos But Attended/Send Kids To Fancypants Schools | The Daily Caller Former Obama staffer contradicts DeVos...Show More Summary

Yolie Flores Aguilar email colluding with charter school executives

“PLEASE don’t forward this email. simply state it in your own words.”—Yolie Flores Aguilar This email was addressed to some 60 individuals, including myself, on February 4, 2017. While its authenticity is not absolutely certain, I have researched the email addresses in the email body and they all seem legitimate. Show More Summary

Decaying Buildings and the Rise of Digital Education

by Wrench in the Gears “DeVos doesn’t think we should be funding school buildings as much as students.” The line caught my eye as I scrolled through social media this weekend. How could it not? I’ve been working hard over the past year...Show More Summary

Let's Slow Down the Faster Future

Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future, Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab & Jeff Howe Grand Central Publishing 2016 Kirkus calls this book “exhilarating and authoritative,” two cybergurus offering a “user’s manual to the twenty-first century.” As a longtime teacher, I find the manual to be flawed. Show More Summary

Maher: "While you're watching the clown screw the pony, they're breaking into your car."

Maher's opening monologue is worth 7 minutes: The rest of the show I can't recommend, except for the part where Larry Gilmore tells gay nazi, Milo Yiannopoulos, to "go fuck yourself." Yiannopoulos breaks many molds that shatter at least...Show More Summary

States Use ESSA to Accelerate Online and Blended Classrooms

When the ESEA was boiled down into a racist states rights version, labeled ESSA, and quickly passed, it was Diane Ravitch and her loyal ghostwriters who hailed the new law as a huge success. She even gave Lamar Alexander's office nine...Show More Summary

Burying the Lede, Then Knocking Down the Signpost to the Cemetery

Three New York Times reporters wrote 28 paragraphs on possible divisions within organized labor on Trump’s policies and somehow waited until the 25th paragraph for this sideways mention of public sector vs. private sector: Unions inShow More Summary

AM News: DeVos & Weingarten, Virtual Charters Slammed, & More

DeVos to tour schools with AFT Head Randi Weingarten| TheHill What Betsy DeVos wishes she said at her confirmation hearing - Axios DeVos softens stance on protesters at higher ed event…...Show More Summary

Such is the future of education: On hiring exclusively adjunct faculty (Julie Shumacher)

Alex Ruefle has prevailed upon me to support his teaching application to your department, which I gather is hiring adjunct faculty members exclusively, bypassing the tenure track with its attendant health benefits, job security, and salaries on which a human being might reasonably live. Show More Summary

“There is a generational disconnect among union members”

A survey of active union members revealed differing priorities and expectations depending upon the member’s age. The survey of 1,573 union members in 15 industries was conducted by Prudential Insurance and The Economist. Among its findings...Show More Summary

The Dubious Claims by the TN Dept. of Education

Tennessee politicians enjoy a long, sordid history of underfunding public schools, crying about poor education quality, making outrageous demands of students and teachers, and complaining about federal interference while begging for federal grant stashes to keep state school doors open. Show More Summary

AM News: EdSec Talks Magnet Schools, DeVos Cartoon Offends, & More

MAGNET SCHOOL SPEECH DeVos delivers speect to magnet schools at conference in D.C. | WJLA DeVos highlights Grand Rapids school during speech to educators | DeVos: Protesters show hostility...Show More Summary

AM News: White House Education Event, DeVos Cartoon Controversy, & More

Trump promises education overhaul in meeting with DeVos, teachers Trump praises Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, saying she endured a 'very unfair trial'… Who Trump invited to the White House to talk about schools. Show More Summary

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