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Florida teacher drops N-word in class and tells white girls not to date black boys: ‘They’re not worth it’

More of what the Trump Era has unleashed in the classroom: Florida teacher drops N-word in class and tells white girls not to date black boys: ‘They’re not worth it’: A Florida middle school teacher has been suspended after students told the administration that he made racist remarks in class last year. Show More Summary

Peg with Pen: Opting out of the Dinosaur (end of year test)

Peg with Pen: Opting out of the Dinosaur (end of year test): Today I sent in a second letter to refuse PARCC/CMAS for my son, Luke. The first email I sent at the beginning of the year was not sufficien...

Student-Teacher Relations Are Central to Authentic Education

From Wrench in the Gears March 3, 2018 Today I share a guest post from an elementary school teacher in Maine, a state in the vanguard of Ed Reform 2.0 implementation. Unless changes are made, this year’s freshmen are expected to graduate under the state’s new proficiency-based diploma requirements. Show More Summary

Florida public school teacher busted for white nationalist podcast calling for complete elimination of Muslims

If there is anything positive about the Trump Era, it is that racist, hate-mongering "teachers" have become so brazen that some of them, at least, self-identify so that they can dealt with. It is now the responsibility of the Citrus County School District to act. Show More Summary

Georgia teacher in custody after reports of gunfire at high school

More guns for teachers, anyone? Anyone? Georgia teacher in custody after reports of gunfire at high school: An armed high school teacher in Georgia barricaded himself alone inside his classroom, then fired a gunshot when the principal tried to force open the door, but no one was seriously injured, police said after the instructor was arrested. Show More Summary

It Will Be a Busy Spring at UTLA

United Teachers Los Angeles spent the early months of 2018 promoting and then celebrating the ratification of their healthcare agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District. But if school board members think this bought them some time and good will when it comes to contract negotiations, they should think again. Show More Summary

Squaring The Circle

United Teachers Los Angeles is making a concerted effort to organize charter school teachers, particularly in the larger networks. To aid in that goal, UTLA is touting its campaign to raise per-pupil spending to $20,000 by 2020. The union says this includes all publicly funded schools, including charters. Show More Summary

Dear Democrats, Corporate America Is Not Your Friend

By Krystal Ball published at The Hill: Repeat after me: Corporate America is not your friend. They are not your friend when they stop running ads on a right-wing propaganda show. They are not your friend when they run feel-good multicultural rainbow Super Bowl ads. Show More Summary

Join the SLA team!

It’s March, which means it is hiring season for schools, and the SLA Schools are hiring! This is a big year for the SLA Schools – Science Leadership Academy Middle School is growing a grade and adding a 7th grade, and Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber is starting its middle school expansion! We are looking […]

The Ship Is Zincing

I waited patiently, knowing at a 100% confidence level that this headline would appear, though I didn’t suspect it would be in the Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Case Galvanizes Teachers Unions Stories about galvanized unions are exceeded in quantity only by stories about resurgent unions. I keep a running tally of events that have … Continue reading "The Ship Is Zincing"

Divest or Not? Unions Find the Answer Isn’t So Easy

Getting public pension funds to divest from certain industries is becoming a more popular tool for activists. But the tactic is getting resistance from both pension fund trustees and public employee union leaders. Check out my latest in LA School Report about how divestment decisions are made in California and their consequences.

Virginia Education Association Employees Call For Sanctions Against VEA

While school employees unions in West Virginia extended their strike to a fourth day and demanded negotiations with state officials, employees of a teachers union in neighboring Virginia are so unhappy they want union staffers in other states to boycott their state. Show More Summary

The Clark County Irony

The big labor news today is the completion of oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME. I have read the transcript and will share my views later this week. Something else happened this weekend that will also have a detrimental effect on membership in the National Education Association. The incumbent officers of the Clark County Education … Continue reading "The Clark County Irony"

KIPP Co-Founder, Mike Feinberg, Fired for Sexually Abusing Middle Schooler

Always an advocate of a kind of heedless "let the stallions run" mentality for charter school administrators, Michael Feinberg was fired last Thursday for sexually abusing a KIPP student in Houston in the late 1990s, where Feinberg was the principal of the only KIPP school in Houston at the time. Show More Summary

Help Stop Charter Co-Location at North Hollywood High School

A concerned student at NHHS, Anna Winikow, contacted Schools Matter asking for help. Please sign her petition and share it widely everywhere. Thank you. Stop Charter Co-Location at North Hollywood HS 1,501 SIGNATURES (as of 1:08PM)ASK...Show More Summary

Prez Buffoonery Reaches New Heights: Teacher Merit Bonuses Based on Marksmanship

Trump promises 'shootings will not happen again' if states give yearly bonuses to 'Armed Educators': After remaining silent most of Saturday, President Donald Trump once again made the pitch to arm school teachers with the promise that it will bring to end school shootings. Show More Summary

NEA Proposes “Fan Club” Membership Category Again

Next week the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME, which is widely assumed will result in the loss of agency fees to public sector unions all across America. With a significant drop in membership looming, some of these unions are redefining what it means to be a member – to … Continue reading "NEA Proposes “Fan Club” Membership Category Again"

Philadelphia's School Reform Commission denies six new charters and approves one with conditions.

by Greg Windle and Dale MessacappaPhiladelphia Public School NotebookThe School Reform Commission denied six of seven applications for new charter schools on Thursday, heeding evaluations by the Charter School Office and informationShow More Summary

Arming Teachers and the Gun Control Debate

Let’s get this out of the way: Arming teachers is about the worst idea to come along in quite some time. We don’t have to go into all the reasons why. It just is. Anyone who has spent any time in school can understand this on a base fundamental level. It’s dumb, it’s bad, and […]

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