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From the Vault: July 21, 2003

Unasked Questions About the Nadeau Sex Scandal. Having been elected to the National Education Association Executive Committee, Wayne Nadeau of Vermont was destined to labor in relative obscurity for six years, facing no more media scrutiny than a rare mention in the EIA Communiqué. Show More Summary

From the Vault: July 3, 2003

EIA Exclusive: State Merger Talks Cause Uproar in Texas AFT Affiliate. While the education world turns its eyes to the National Education Association Representative Assembly in New Orleans, the week’s biggest teacher union news comes from the American Federation of Teachers affiliate in Texas. Show More Summary

Data Mining on the Ledger

by Wrench in the GearsJanuary 14, 2018 This installment of Building Sanctuary features digital identity and social credit scoring as it relates to purchasing and access to life opportunities for citizens living under authoritarian power structures. Show More Summary

Who Is Pulling The Muppet Strings?

from Wrench in the GearsJanuary 14, 2018 Sesame Street is an iconic brand that embodies humor, acceptance, and humanity. Who doesn’t love a muppet? So, on December 20 when the MacArthur Foundation announced they were giving Sesame Workshop...Show More Summary

Kicking Charter School Money Out Might Be California Democrats’ Best Chance For Unifying Their Party @alternet

Please tell Diane Ravitch that her urgent call for CA school boards (see previous post) to become charter authorizers is slightly out of step with where parents and teachers are. Kicking Charter School Money Out Might Be California Democrats’...Show More Summary

Thought Disorders of Diane Ravitch

Jim Horn After Diane Ravitch decided in 2008 to shift to the left aisle of the neoliberal education reform jetliner, she quickly became entirely proficient in the obfuscating rhetoric and dissembling policy statements that her NEA and AFT patrons have made infamous over the past two decades. Show More Summary

Short Trip

I’ll be out of the office until Thursday morning, so you will have to entertain yourselves with a couple of stories from the archives until then. Try not to miss me too much.

Ultimate and Race

[A version of this post has been in my draft folder for a very long time. Tonight, I was watching the WFDF U24 Men’s Semifinals, and I saw a USA roster that looked like this: and I decided that the time had come to post this and try to start a wider conversation that we’ve been […]

"Smart and Surveilled:" Building Sancturay Part 3

from Wrench in the GearsJanuary 11, 2018 This installment highlights smart city surveillance and the Internet of Things. Cam and Li’s lives, including their educational experiences, are shaped by ubiquitous algorithms that align their behaviors to the economic and social expectations put in place by the Solutionists. Show More Summary

Trump, the 'Very Stable Genius,' Is Falling Apart as Mueller Seeks Interview @alternet

Trump, the 'Very Stable Genius,' Is Falling Apart as Mueller Seeks Interview @alternet: New revelations raise the question: Is he a crook, or is he nuts? The tide of discussion of President Trump’s mental competence is rising along with the alarm of the president’s lawyers.


The National Center for Education Statistics released its first look at the comprehensive public education revenue and expenditures figures for the 2014-15 school year. Despite the usual complaints, our public schools seem to have put the aftermath of the recession behind them and have resumed spending at their traditional clip. Show More Summary

Christopher Steele alerted FBI to dossier because he worried Trump was being blackmailed

PDF of interview transcript available here:Christopher Steele alerted FBI to dossier because he worried Trump was being blackmailed

New Front Opened in Clark County Battle

The ongoing dispute between the Clark County Education Association and its parent affiliates has settled into a routine in the courts and on the internet. Now the contest will shift to the ballot box. A mail-in election for CCEA officers will take place beginning next week and will run until February 23. Show More Summary

China Leads the Way to Total Surveillance "Stable" Societies

When "deep learning" is entirely "data driven:" Smart technology backed by artificial intelligence will be a tool to assist the police forces of the future. Chinese IT and telecoms giant Huawei says its Safe Cities technology has already helped Kenya bring down urban crime rates. Show More Summary

Vermilion Teacher escorted out of school board meeting in handcuffs

Cuffs, really? This is what happens in Louisiana when you ask about the superintendent's $38,000 raise.

Hell Freezes Over

It isn’t often I salute a teacher union for a factual statement to the press, but today is that day. The New Castle News needed a quote for its standard-issue teacher shortage story and so approached the Pennsylvania State Education Association. It got this: “It is not accurate to say Pennsylvania currently has a teacher … Continue reading "Hell Freezes Over"

A World Without (Much) Work: Building Sancturary Part 2

by Wrench in the GearsJanuary 7, 2018 This is the second of a seven-part series that outlines a potential future where online education is surveilled by authoritarian interests, and strivers, like Talia and her daughters, attempt to secure a precarious living within the constraints of oppressive “Smart” City policies. Show More Summary

Hardball Is a Game Two Can Play

The Brevard Federation of Teachers in Florida is unhappy with the school board’s contract offer and has instituted a “work-to-rule” campaign. That is, teachers will perform only those duties specifically required under the collective bargaining agreement and will do no work on their own time. Show More Summary

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