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Heading North

I’ll be away for a week, so this space will contain some noteworthy stories from the EIA vault. See you back here with new material on August 28.

Stats For Your Back Pocket

The National Center for Education Statistics released Characteristics of Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in the United States: Results From the 2015-16 National Teacher and Principal Survey, which is a long title for a relatively short report filled with useful stats on school staffing. Show More Summary

Ravitch Doubles Down on NAACP Charter Embrace

Ravitch then asks: Now, I ask you, what part of these five recommendations suggests that the NAACP is wrong? That it was doing the bidding of teachers’ unions?" The second part of your question I will answer with a question: Does anyone...Show More Summary

On Segregation, Sacrifice and Scolding Both Sides

Rachel M. Cohen has written a piece in The American Prospect titled “Under Trump, Liberals Rediscover School Segregation” that almost seems designed to rile both sides of the education policy debate. These kinds of articles always get...Show More Summary

Morning Constitutional

The Oregon Attorney General ruled unconstitutional a tax increase initiative from the Oregon Education Association. The proposed ballot measure comes on the heels of OEA’s failed Measure 97 campaign of 2016. The initiative would have...Show More Summary

“Maybe I’m Too Generous of Spirit”

This Salon interview with American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten reads like a parody of a Salon interview, but it’s especially pungent because of this quote: I do not believe that people are inherently bigoted in the United States of America. Show More Summary

The Private Company Behind the Muncie School Bus Fiasco

by Doug Martin As the Muncie, Indiana, privatized school bus fiasco deepens, parents protest at bus stops, kids get lost on buses on the way home, 911 calls are made, buses never show up or are late, school gets cancelled for days because...Show More Summary

Massachusetts Teachers Association Preparing For Post-Agency Fee World

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is looking to hire nine temporary organizers to recruit “member leaders” in advance of the possible loss of agency fee next year. Those member leaders will then conduct four one-on-one conversations...Show More Summary

Bad Writer? Blame a Teacher, Says Goldstein

As journo-author of numerous pieces in her series, "Educational History for Dummies Who Want to Remain That Way," Dana Goldstein has another gem of a piece in the New York Times, where she regularly brings to light the corporate education...Show More Summary

Confusion Persists Regarding NEA Charter Policy

There appears to be some real confusion among what may be well-intentioned folks about what the NEA resolution on charter schools actually says about a moratorium. Here is the only mention of a moratorium in the document:Unless bothShow More Summary

Grit by any other name is torture

Angela Duckworth and her "academic" mentor Martin Seligman helped develop torture models that the CIA uses in places like Iraq. The very same elements of these torture models were taken from Duckworth et al. to establish the horrific "no excuses" policies of corporate charter school chains like KIPP. Show More Summary


There are aspects of this story from Mobile, Alabama, that seem vaguely familiar to me.

Pickets Greet Weingarten in Florida

Employees of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association set up an informational picket Saturday outside of a union event attended by American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten. The Pinellas Staff Organization is in the midst of contract negotiations with PCTA management. Show More Summary

Will "smart" cities lead to surveilled education and social control?

from Wrench in the GearsJuly 28, 2017A growing number of metropolitan areas are being shaped by “Smart” City policies. Bloomberg Philanthropy’s “What Works Cities” aims to bring these programs to mid-size cities as well. Even in communities...Show More Summary

NAACP Dumps Charter Moratorium And Wins Ravitch "Honor Roll" Status

Last October the NAACP adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium on the authorization of new charter schools. Even though the new position did nothing to help the millions of children already trapped and abused in thousands of apartheid...Show More Summary

Staff Union Unrest Reaches East Coast

Employees of the California Teachers Association have been picketing union events to draw attention to their fight for a new contract. The tactic seems to have caught on. Employees of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association in Florida...Show More Summary

Two Wins for the Independents

Two years ago elected representatives of the Santa Rosa Professional Educators decided they had had enough of their spotty relationship with the union’s parent affiliates – the Florida Education Association and the National Education Association. Show More Summary

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