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KIPP Franchise Fees Worth $6,000,000 Annually to Execs

Few people know that the KIPP Foundation's home office in San Francisco collects an ongoing franchise fee of $30,000 per year from each of its 200+ schools. I know that $6,000,000 doesn't sound like a lot of money when we consider that...Show More Summary

Using Union Dues to Purchase Twitter Eggs?

The dispute between the Nevada State Education Association and its Clark County affiliate is a serious matter, with consequences not just for Nevada teachers but the continued coherence of the National Education Association, which has had an affiliate in every state for more than 40 years. Show More Summary

Updates from Florida and Nevada

The Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association in Florida and its staff ratified a new three-year contract, putting an end to a dispute that dragged on through pickets, protests and unfair labor practice complaints. Also, I’m told thatShow More Summary

Just Say It: Dues Money Is Used for Political Activities

NJTV News is New Jersey’s public broadcasting news show, partially underwritten by the New Jersey Education Association, so it was particularly gratifying to read its story “NJEA spent $5.7M in union dues on recent election.” Reporter...Show More Summary

Former “Teachers Union Gone Wild” Target Turns Up in the Middle of Addiction Treatment Scam of Union Members

Reporters for STAT and the Boston Globe teamed up for an investigation of the Recovery Institute of South Florida, an addiction treatment center that catered to union members. They found that many of the patients were given inadequate treatment in shoddy facilities, apparently in an effort to maximize insurance payments. Show More Summary

Nevada State Education Association Says It Has No Obligation to Provide Financial Information to Affiliates

The dispute between the Nevada State Education Association and its largest local affiliate, the Clark County Education Association (background here) continues on two fronts – litigation and communications. The latest development shows how an advance on one front could lead to defeat on the other. Show More Summary

Indiana’s Sneaky SAT Agenda and the College Board

By Doug Martin In yet another sneak attack on Indiana public education and communities, the State Board of Education’s Graduation Pathways Panel, in a move to eliminate the abusive and redundant end-of-course assessments, “has recommended...Show More Summary

Veterans Day: My Students Could Have Killed Me

As has been my tradition for the past few years, I like to spend Veterans Day reminiscing about my eight years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. When I started writing about teacher unions, I was often asked if I had any teaching experience. I would reply, “Not the kind you mean.” I … Continue reading "Veterans Day: My Students Could Have Killed Me"

A Good Election Day for Teacher Unions, Marred Only by Wasted $5.3 Million

Democrats were victorious just about everywhere on Election Day 2017, which means teacher union officers are celebrating just about everywhere. The results were so uniformly good it only made the race in New Jersey’s 3rd Senate District stand out all the more. Show More Summary

Updates on Nevada/Clark County Union Dispute

The battle between the Nevada State Education Association and its largest local affiliate, the Clark County Education Association, continues with no resolution in sight (background here). Here are the latest developments: If the dispute over the allocation of dues money is to be settled through litigation, it promises to take a very long time. Show More Summary

Right-To-Work Billionaire Wins IPS’ Coca-Cola Property Deal

PART 1 OF A BIGGER STORY By Doug Martin “I’m in a male-dominated industry. They like to see deer running by with big antlers.” Diane Hendricks. in reference to keeping a herd of deer on her 200-acre estate “In a videoshot on Jan. 18,...Show More Summary

IRS Auditing NEA

Don’t ask for more details because that’s all I’ve got. I know it happened earlier this year. I don’t know if it was routine or if it was triggered by a complaint. I don’t know if it has been wrapped up or is ongoing. To my knowledge, this is the first IRS audit of NEA … Continue reading "IRS Auditing NEA"

Co-Opted Language: Decoding Ed Reform's New Sales Pitch

by Wrench in the GearsNovember 5, 2017The words used to promote "future ready" public education do not mean to reformers what they mean to you. This post is intended to pull back the curtain and expose the truth behind venture capital's shiny promises of "personalized" tech-centered, data-driven learning. Show More Summary

Schools Matter Archive: Diane Ravitch and the Suppression of the Sandia Re...

Schools Matter 2007: Diane Ravitch and the Suppression of the Sandia Re...: Ever heard of A Nation at Risk ? Of course you have--it proved the public schools are going to hell in a handbasket. How about the Sandia...

KIPP's "sheer arrogance" Leads to Rejected High School Bid

Beyond its uncontested reputation as creator of the punitive and paternalistic No Excuses corporate reform school model, KIPP continues to distinguish itself, too, for imbuing a uniquely confrontational kind of arrogance that would have...Show More Summary

Ravitch Bars Talk of DNC Rigging of 2016 Primary Race

Since last November, Diane Ravitch has spent an inordinate amount of time painting horns on Betsy DeVos and labeling her as the Chief Privatizer of American Schools. While it is certainly important to point out the lunacy and dangerShow More Summary

Would a Tech Exec Send Her Kid to a Summit School?

Mother Jones has pub lished a disappointing articl e on the depersonlized learning phenomenon. The most t roubling part of the article comes in this paragraph near the beginning of the piece: "Its [personalized learning's] champions—including...Show More Summary

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