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Quotes: How Gentrifiers Can Hurt Neighborhood Schools

They don’t inject themselves in the neighborhood. They don’t care about the school across street, because they’re going to put their kids in private school, miles away. So the school across the street suffers as a result of that. AsShow More Summary

Charts: Within-District Racial Segregation May Surprise You

This devastating data posted by @RichardVReeves highlights issues articulated by @zentronix in his book We Gon' Be Alright on resegregation. — Action.Brotha.Jedi (@BmoreDoc) October 25, 2016 From Brookings...

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools, Part 12: The Final KIPP Interview

Part 12 of Work Hard, Be Hard... focuses on the last teacher interview that I did for this book. I am still interviewing, however, so if you are a former "no excuses" charter teacher or student or administrator who wants to share your story for future publication, please contact me: Show More Summary

AM News: Showdown In Miami, Sentencing For Former Chicago Supe, & More

Divisive Trump Surrogate Draws Boos at Education Conference | The 74 Trump would replace 'corrupted, incompetent' school systems, aide says | Teachers Get Schooled on Talking Race… L.A. Show More Summary

Quotes: What "Vice Principals" Reveals About Public Perception Of School Bureaucrats

Here, untalented people can at least become middle managers that revel in petty beefs and care more about job security, individual autonomy, and popularity than they do the students they’re expected to prioritize. -- The Atlantic (HBO's 'Vice Principals' Shows Authentic In-School Dynamics)

Morning Video: The African-American Debate Over Charters

Your browser does not support iframes. While we're waiting for video from last week's CGCS debate between Clinton and Trump delegates, here's a segment from a recent discussion about African-American parents and charter schools, hosted by Roland Martin.

AM News: Big Schools Money In California, & Other Education News

School groups led by CalTeachers raise $35 million for unopposed ballot measures… Powerful interest groups funding Wiener-Kim state Senate race - San Francisco Chronicle Teachers union...Show More Summary

Children should not be allowed to behave like children

Sent to the Star-Tribune, October 24, 2016I am happy to know that Minnesota really understands the importance of rigor in kindergarten ("Across state, kindergarten is becoming the new first grade," Oct. 24). The unfortunate tendencyShow More Summary

Florida Education Association Delegates Shoot Down Automatic Dues Increase

No details on this one, but like NEA itself, most state affiliates prefer to have dues levels tied to growth in average teacher salary or some other formula so that increases do not have to be lobbied for and voted on year after year. United Teachers Los Angeles finally overcame that hurdle after years of trying. […]

Quotes: About Those Grad Rates...

In Edweek, Achieve's Cohen rains on grad rate progress parade — Alexander (@alexanderrusso) October 19, 2016

Funding: State, Local, & Federal Spending Still Lags

CBPP: After Nearly a Decade, School Investments Still Way Down in Some States | — Alexander (@alexanderrusso) October 20, 2016

Campaign 2016: Trump's History Of Disrespecting Educators Goes Back To Childhood

Over at ThinkProgress, Ulrich Boser has rounded up numerous incidents in which Donald Trump has expressed his contempt for teachers, including in his own school years, as a businessman, and as a political candidate.

AM News: Top Democratic Lawmaker Backs MA Charter Expansion

House Speaker Robert DeLeo says he supports the charter school ballot measure #question2 #mapoli Robert A. DeLeo backs 2 despite union opposition | Boston Herald House Speaker Robert DeLeo backing charter school ballot question To Help Combat Truancy, D.C. Show More Summary

Unions Account for 99.4% of Contributions to Keep Massachusetts Charter Cap

Question 2 would authorize 12 additional charter schools per year in Massachusetts and the unions have decided for some reason that this is their Thermopylae. Through October 15 the No on 2 campaign has raised almost $13,434,000 of which more than 99.4% has come from labor unions. The vast majority of those contributions came from […]

Afternoon Video: How US Schools Are Addressing Arrival Of Refugee Students

"Some refugee students are enrolled in "newcomer" classes where they are provided intense English instruction before being placed in mainstream classrooms. Others go directly into classes with English-fluent peers but are assigned to smaller groups for individual instruction. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Campaign 2016 A Tough Assignment For Teachers

"It’s not uncommon to assign students the task of watching the presidential debates. But in this election, the sexualized and rough rhetoric is proving a new challenge for teachers." via PBS NewsHour (For educators, there’s no debate: this is a tough election to teach)

AM News: King Slams Charter Caps, SF High School Shaken By Shooting

King: Arbitrary caps on charter schools 'don’t make sense' Secretary King: Strong Civics Education Helps Prepare Students to Tackle Inequity… When CA schools call cops it disproportionately...Show More Summary

How Leaders Can Improve Their Cultural Competence

[I wrote a piece for Edutopia about cultural competence. Here’s how it starts…] We live in an increasingly pluralistic society where people run up against the thoughts and beliefs of others more and more frequently. Helping children learn to navigate … Continue reading ?

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