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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Union members! How many of you know your union reps? You are probably familiar with the person at your work site, but beyond that? In New York City people you have never seen before and don’t know are planning to visit your home to pitch you on all the benefits of union membership. The United … Continue reading "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?"

UPDATE: Hugs and Missing Tweets

AFT New Jersey endorsed state senate president Steve Sweeney for re-election. That wouldn’t be news except everyone knows the New Jersey Education Association endorsed Sweeney’s opponent, Republican Fran Grenier. “This is a guy who walks the walk with working people,” said AFT president Randi Weingarten, shown here hugging Sweeney. Show More Summary

I Don’t Where Kevin de León Will Get the Cash, But I Know Whom He’ll Ask

California Senate president pro tem Kevin de León has decided to launch a primary challenge to Dianne Feinstein for her seat in the U.S. Senate. This requires me to trot out my one and only Kevin de León story. It was March 1998, and I was attending the California Teachers Association’s Equity and Human Rights Conference. Show More Summary

The Straight-Face Awards

I’ve read a dozen articles about the New Jersey Education Association’s campaign against state senate president Steve Sweeney. Sweeney is a Democrat and an officer of the ironworkers’ union, but he’s under fire from NJEA for supporting pension reform. Show More Summary

The Silicon Valley Menace

If technology is ever to be a solution to any social problem, Silicon Valley first must stop being the problem. Until then, these technopolies must be seen as enemies of free people everywhere:.... Facebook has endured a drip, drip of...Show More Summary

Ravitch Embraces TURN Agenda, Openly This Time

The Union Reform Network (TURN) was established as a joint venture among Eli Broad, Bill Gates, and the leadership of NEA and AFT. TURN was created with millions of dollars from Gates and Broad, and the new "reform network" they created...Show More Summary

Nevada Infighting Escalates

When we last checked in, the warring Nevada State Education Association and its largest local affiliate, the Clark County Education Association, took to the Internet while their dueling lawsuits awaited movement through the courts. NSEA built the NVUnity web site, now adorned with counterpoints to CCEA’s claims. Show More Summary

Weird But Accurate Headline: Labor Union Imposes Trusteeship Over Department of Labor Union

The American Federation of Government Employees sacked four officers for improper expenditures and placed Local 12 under trusteeship. Local 12 represents employees of the U.S. Department of Labor. Despite the best efforts of Washington Post columnist Joe Davidson, the story has nothing to do with the Trump administration. Show More Summary

Schools Matter: Preparing the Next Generation of Racists

Schools Matter: Preparing the Next Generation of Racists: Betsy Devos can usually be counted on the embrace school vouchers over charter schools as the preferred method of privatizing public educat...

Preparing the Next Generation of Racists

Betsy Devos can usually be counted on the embrace school vouchers over charter schools as the preferred method of privatizing public education, but there is one notable exception. DeVos and her alt-right handlers from the White House...Show More Summary

Moving Pictures

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten with film-makers Sarah Mondale and Vera Aronow in July. Excerpt from AFT’s financial disclosure report for 2017

NPE and CTA Converge Behind Eli Broad Agenda

CTA [California Teachers Association] knows charter school teachers, like traditional public school teachers, care deeply about their students and work hard to help them succeed. Many charter schools are locally driven, provide an excellent education and deserve our support. Show More Summary

Jeanne Allen: Reactionary Right-Wing Extremist

Allen: On board with ALEC It’s general knowledge that Center for Education Reform (CER), and its CEO Jeanne Allen, are extremely right-wing. Sourcewatch documents their connection with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Allen:...Show More Summary

Colorado Mystery

This is an unusual National Labor Relations Board filing: An “RC Petition” is a request for a representation election, and an “RD Order” is a procedure to decertify the incumbent union. The Colorado Education Association Staff Organization represents CEA’s professional employees in negotiations with union management. Show More Summary

Charter Teacher Floors Six Year Old, Knocking Out Tooth

At the Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science Technology, the school's "hands on, minds on" philosophy has turned into hands on practice--by an out-of-control teacher who will face charges to be filed by the child's mother. Show More Summary

Why I Quit Twitter

1. Same variety of corrupt, lying, traitorous, and greedy bastards who run Facebook.2. As with Facebook, Twitter has turned social media into an anti-social platform that further fixates and isolates people from real interactions with other humans.3. It's really bad for my writing.

Peanuts to KIPPsters, PR Bonanza for Facebook & KIPP

Since 1994, KIPP's few dozen segregated charter schools and the thousands that emulate them have been hawking a late capitalist version of the Horatio Alger storyline aimed to inspire the character rehabilitation of the defective minority...Show More Summary

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