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Flash! Clark County Education Association Files Suit Against State Affiliate

Soon after this morning’s video update, the Clark County Education Association released this flash, announcing a lawsuit against the Nevada State Education Association. CCEA’s elected officers again denied any intention to disaffiliate. Details about the suit will follow as soon as they are available.

Las Vegas Local Denies Plan to Disaffiliate, Still at Odds With State Union

Background on the situation here and here. Here’s the video message from the Clark County Education Association president and vice president. They want members to pressure the district to bail out the union’s health trust, then they go on to address the local’s relationship with the Nevada State Education Association.

Those Darn Employees

The Washington Education Association board of directors met over the weekend at union headquarters and were greeted by this: The WEA staff is without a contract and may strike next week if an agreement is not reached. Pensions and post-retirement benefits continue to be the most contentious bargaining issues. Show More Summary

Polling Is Ammunition, Not Information

We all like to use survey results to bolster our positions, but their limitations have never been more apparent. The biggest limitation is that often people are ignorant on the topic being surveyed, but have strong opinions anyway. Another is that you get contrary results when you should get some agreement. Show More Summary

Warrant Issued for Abusive Charter Principal

For each of these feloni ous criminal abusers apprehended, how many thousands go unpunished? By the way, the Walton Family Foundation is a partner in th is abusive enterprise. A Baton Rouge charter school principal is wanted by police after he was accused of locking a 5-year-old student in a closet as a form of punishment, according to police. Show More Summary

Affirmative Action Has Served to Assuage the White Liberal Conscience

After decades of affirmative action, Black and Hispanic college applicants remain largely shut out of elite colleges, where grads have the inside track on America's best opportunities. While showing some limited success for increasing...Show More Summary

Income Inequality for African Americans Continues

WaPo has an analysis of the latest Census data on U. S. incomes. It's not hard to see who has been left behind. African-Americans are worse off economically than they were at the turn of the century.

When the Hand Grenade Gets Lobbed Back

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten made headlines last July when she said, “This use of privatization, coupled with disinvestment, are only slightly more polite cousins of segregation.” Afterwards, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry T. Show More Summary

Corrupt Charter Astroturf Group Pays Record Fine in MA

Last year white Alice Walton, New York hedge fund whales, and other Wall Street parasites poured $19 million into an effort in Massachusetts to increase the number of charter schools in the state by eliminating the state cap. With the...Show More Summary

NEA Director Goes Nuclear in Dispute with New Jersey Education Association

Andrew Policastro has held numerous offices in his local and the New Jersey Education Association. He is one of NJEA’s representatives on the National Education Association board of directors. Policastro ran for the position of NJEA secretary-treasurer, finishing third in a four-way race. Show More Summary

Librarians!!!!! Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept 8, 2017

We still need librarians in public schools. Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept. 8, 2017 Congratulations to the Tribune for informing the public about the lack of school librarians in Chicago. Not mentioned in the Sept. 5 articleShow More Summary

A scrappy parent takes on the bow tie man.

From Wrench in the GearsSeptember 9, 2017Or, how my day would have been very different had I worn khakis.This is a story about access. Who has it, who doesn’t, and how in order to save public education, people, especially people of privilege, need to take a page from the Ed Reform 2.0 handbook and start actively disrupting. Show More Summary

Trouble in Paradise?

I don’t know for a fact that the collective bargaining agreement between the Hawaii State Teachers Association and its employees is about to expire, but circumstantial evidence suggests that it’s that time of year. Suddenly this week, HSTA’s staff union made four complaints to the National Labor Relations Board. Show More Summary

Washington Education Association Employees Set Strike Date of Sept. 27

The sticking point, as usual, is pension costs and post-retirement health care liabilities. Although the bargaining atmosphere is acrimonious, I expect a deal will get done before the strike deadline, just as it was in California. The reason is simple. Show More Summary

Why Wait Months for Union News?

The New York Post‘s featured Labor Day story was headlined “UFT may have to dramatically slash $182M budget.” The newspaper reported that the United Federation of Teachers expected a 20-30 percent drop in membership – according to “labor sources” – should the U.S. Show More Summary

Billion Year Contract

Over at the Center of the American Experiment, Tom Steward draws our attention to the latest effort of Education Minnesota to stave off the potential loss of thousands of members if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down agency fee laws. Down at the bottom of the union’s 2017-18 membership application, in small print and grayed … Continue reading "Billion Year Contract"

Two Things People Love Until It’s Time to Pay Them

Taxes and unions. The Wyoming Education Association released a poll it commissioned that shows 78% of the state’s voters are willing to pay more in taxes for K-12 schools – 32% were willing to pay $200 or more per year. The respondents...Show More Summary

ED and Blackwater Share Same Goal

Just as her murderous brother, Erik Prince, has a scheme to privatize the U. S. military, the criminally-ignorant crone, Betsy DeVos, is out to do the same for schooling from pre-K through college: “I think that there’s been an outsized footprint in the last couple, three decades on the part of the federal government in education,” she said. Show More Summary

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