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School Districts Have The Power To Change TFA

by T. Jameson Brewer and David Greene In the last few years, Teach For America (TFA), has seen a massive increase in critique levied at the organization. One of the most recent complaints about the organization is its terrible track record for dealing with critique and criticism. Show More Summary

Site News: Gone Fishing (In Boston) - Back Tuesday

No offense, but there's nothing much I like about Boston except that my mom and sister both live there, and it's my mom's birthday on Friday. So that's where I am, and not here sharing the day's best news and commentary with you like I usually do. Show More Summary

Petrilli and Ravitch Blame Team Obama for What Bush's Hacks Cooked Up

Even though much has changed about Diane Ravitch's rhetoric over the past few years, some things have not. For instance, she has never explained the role of her conservative policy pals in the miseducating testing accountability policies...Show More Summary

Charts: Strong Public Support For Annual Testing - But Not Common Core

According to EdWeek, Education Next's latest poll Shows Strong Support for Annual Testing but "slipping public support for Common Core State Standards."

Quotes: How "Common Core" Got Poisoned

The term ‘Common Core’ is so darned poisonous, I don’t even know what it means. - Jeb Bush quoted in this Washington Post editorial (The right and left poison Common Core with inflammatory rhetoric)

AM News: Sanders Agrees To Meet With McKesson & Other Activists

Bernie Sanders Will Meet DeRay Mckesson & Other Black Lives Matter Activists Bustle: Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson tweeted at Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday, telling him that his racial justice platform had "promise" and asking whether he would be available to discuss it in more detail. Show More Summary

Haslam's Continuing Plan to Privatize Tennessee

Billionaire governor, Bill Haslam, has had his lawyers working overtime in the dark to develop a plan to Walmartize all state jobs in Tennessee. A few days ago his team announced a wide-reaching Request for Information that allowed multinational service efficiency giant, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), to have the insider's track to land the contract. Show More Summary

Dream Big

The start of the school year is fast upon us. (And for some folks, it’s already here.) Soon, our days will be consumed by papers to grade, lessons to plan, practices to coach… the day-to-day of the job that makes … Continue reading ...

Quotes: Black Chidlren Going To School For 12 Years

Violence is Black children going to school for 12 years and receiving 6 years worth of education. -- Julian Bond, former NAACP head who just passed away

Thompson: A NOLA Middle Ground

John Merrow, in Deciphering Schooling in New Orleans, Post-Katrina, writes that he hasn’t seen enough people take the middle ground when discussing the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans's school reform. He also...Show More Summary

The College Disadvantage for the Disadvantaged

Those who seek to rationalize the bare-knuckled kind of apartheid schooling found in the corporate charter reform schools like KIPP often point to the test prep chain gangs' laser focus on getting black and brown children into and through college. Show More Summary

Put Those Back On

Dateline – Broward County, Florida: Former Broward Teachers Union President Pat Santeramo is due in court Monday to face new federal fraud charges, court records show. Santeramo, 67, was indicted on two mail fraud charges, accused of...Show More Summary

Walcott & Bradford: Folks Who Resemble Each Other & Are Both In Education

Folks that look somewhat alike (usually a civilian and a celebrity) aren't that hard to find or think up. Folks who look alike and are both in education, that's fun. For example, that's NY-CAN's Derrell Bradford on the left and Dennis Walcott on the right. Show More Summary

Charts: Preliminary Test Results From 4 States Better Than Expected

"All four of these states [Missouri, West Virginia, Oregon and Washington] did better than that field test on the English exam and all but West Virginia and Missouri’s eighth graders improved on the math exam... The drops in their scores...Show More Summary

Morning Video: Florida Re-Segregation Story Gets PBS & NPR Treatment

"Last year 95 percent of the black children failed standardized reading and math tests, and 52 percent of teachers asked for a job transfer" in this not particularly poor district with kids who weren't particularly behind in terms of school readiness (PBS NewsHour Florida schools get failing grade due to re-segregation, investigation finds). Show More Summary

AM News: WA State's Inequitable Funding, NY State's Opt-Out Quandry

Washington state gets failing grade on school funding AP: Washington state is being fined $100,000 a day by the state Supreme Court because justices say lawmakers have failed to adequately pay to educate the state's 1 million school children.... Show More Summary

On the Shoulders: Nel Noddings

Borrowing from my co-author, Zac Chase, I’m writing today about one of the writer/thinkers who really influenced the thinking that went into our book – Building School 2.0. Today – Nel Noddings. The ethic of care is a foundational idea … Continue reading ?

Pence Funded by Oregon’s Charter School Libertarian

By Doug Martin, Author of Hoosier School Heist (Doug Martin is up for the Best Local Political Activist of the Year Award. Please go to NUVO and votefor him today and every day until August 21.) The school privatizers are tossing money at Mike Pence right and left. Show More Summary

Weingarten on the CC$$: teachers just need more time and "training"

AFT President Randi Weingarten does not criticize the Common Core; we just need to give teachers more time and "training" to make it work. She attacks our "test-and-punish" fixation, but that is exactly what the Common Core is. Her solution...Show More Summary

My Honest Thoughts on Ravitch

Someone sent me an email asking my honest thoughts on Ravitch. I did a quick search at SM, and here are some of them:Ravitch Finds Solace in Bernie's Education Policy IgnoranceAug 10, 2015Diane Ravitch uses some of her best reverse logic...Show More Summary

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