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Unionization Rate Down Slightly Again

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual study of union membership this morning and reported the overall unionization rate at 11.1%, unchanged from 2014. Advancing the decimal point one place shows it went from 11.09% to 11.06%. It’s a little easier to see if you look at the margins. The U.S. added 2,312,000 employees […]

Morning Video: Pros & Cons Of Neighborhood-Based School Assignment

A Here's a new video segment about the perils of residential assignment of kids to schools. (Brownstone Brooklyn's Racial Divide).

AM News: Untimed Testing In NY, Common Core Lawsuit In MA, Barr For Mayor?

New York Will Shed Clock for Some Statewide Tests NYT: The English and math exams given to third- through eighth- grade students will no longer be timed, the State Education Department said, ending the call of “pencils down.” See also WSJ, ChalkbeatNY. Show More Summary

Alabama Leads the Way toward 19th Century Education

Ever heard of an adjunct K-12 teacher? I had not, either, until Alabama defined it for me, as someone with at least a high school diploma teaching part-time in an Alabama public school.Someone who is not a certified teacher can now teach...Show More Summary

Afternoon Video: PBS Looks Into Vocational Education

"Of all the U.S. high school students who graduate high school and go on to college, a large proportion will never earn their degree. How can educators better train those who may struggle in trying to pick a course of study? One solution...Show More Summary

California Teachers Association’s Finances

The California Teachers Association took in almost the same amount of money as the national American Federation of Teachers. While the overall picture for teachers’ unions is gloomy, CTA will certainly be the last domino to fall. Total membership – 309,158, up 1,707 members Total revenue – $187.2 million (92% came from member dues), up $4 million Surplus – $25 […]

Quotes: Reformers Urged To Join In On Flint Fight

I urge my colleagues fighting for radical change in our public schools to take up the call to action in Flint. This is an opportunity for those of us devoted to social justice to join forces against the structural inequities that deny our neediest and most vulnerable citizens the most critical services for public welfare. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Trump Touts His Anti-Common Core Position

Education I will end common core. It's a disaster. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 Click here if the video doesn't load properly. Via Slate. "I will end common core. It's a disaster."

Susan Ohanian's Letter in Today's NYT

A Teacher, Disillusioned J To the Editor: Re “A Teacher, Beloved but Disillusioned, Decides to Walk Away” (Side Street column, Jan. 25): As a longtime teacher, I thank David Gonzalez for giving voice to the bizarre and capricious assaults...Show More Summary

CURMUDGUCATION: UT Offers Gobbledeegook Education Program

CURMUDGUCATION: UT Offers Gobbledeegook Education Program: Here's one for the Has To Be Seen To Be Believed file, or perhaps the Ugly manhandling of English Language file, or most especially, the...

AM News: School Spending Down (Again, Though Not As Much As Last Year)

Spending in nation’s schools falls again, with wide variation across states Washington Post: The nation’s per-pupil spending on K-12 public schools dropped in 2013 for the third year in a row, reversing more than a decade of funding increases, according to federal data released Wednesday. Show More Summary

Video: Run, Hide, Fight -- Until The Guys With Guns Show Up

In this video, The Atlantic magazine takes us inside a mockup school building used to train officers (How America Trains Its Officers to Respond to School Shootings).

TBT: Remembering The Duncan Confirmation Hearing & That New Yorker Profile

Six years ago, Arne Duncan was getting the New Yorker treatment. Seven years ago, he was going through an unusually easy confirmation process. The confirmation hearing was so boring I spent most of the time making screengrabs and lame...Show More Summary

Arkansas Education Association’s Finances

The Arkansas Education Association has lost members in 18 of the last 20 years. Total membership – 12,715, down 852 members Total revenue – $3.8 million (83% came from member dues), down $9,000 Surplus – $174,000 Net assets – $1.5 million Total staff – 23 Staff salaries and benefits – $2.3 million Highest paid employee – Charles Evans, […]

Quotes: How Clinton Will Govern (Everyone Says)

If Clinton does win, it’s likely that on domestic policy, she will govern to Obama’s left... Clinton’s campaign proposals already signal a leftward shift. And people close to her campaign suggest that among her top agenda items would be paid family leave, debt-free college tuition, and universal preschool. - The Atlantic's Peter Beinart (America Is Becoming More Liberal)

TN's Cheap Choice School Model for the Needy

Last spring Tennessee passed a limited school voucher bill that offers just over $6,000 per year to disabled students who, otherwise, would attend public schools. Ostensibly, the purpose of the legislation was to give parents more educational choices for their special needs children. Show More Summary

Morning Video: A Tour Inside A Detroit Public School (Plus Detroit Q & A)

Lakia Wilson, the school counselor at Spain Elementary School, takes us around for a tour. Via AFT. See also: DPS Denied Injunction Against Teachers; New Hearing Set Detroit Free News: Judge Cynthia Stephens of the Michigan Court ofShow More Summary

AM News: Snowstorm Recovery For East Coast Districts

Many Public School Students Get 2nd Snow Day AP: Students in Philadelphia, Baltimore and the District of Columbia will get a second consecutive snow day as officials said schools will be closed in those cities again on Tuesday. For hungry...Show More Summary

Maps: Your State Makes It Hard For Poor Kids To Get A Four-Year Degree

"In some states, low-income students going to community colleges are much more likely to get a college degree....But there were some notable exceptions in this report, such as Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, and New Hampshire, where the diploma...Show More Summary

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