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AM News: DeVos Meets State Chiefs, KY Approves Charters, KIPP Sues UFT, & More

1 State education officials, DeVos to discuss school choice, vouchers | Local News | 2 After Heated Partisan Battle, Kentucky is 44th State to Pass Charter Law | The 74 3 Colorado...Show More Summary

NEA and AFT among Leaders of Blended/Personalized Learning

If you have been wondering why NPE, FairTest, BATs, Diane Ravitch's Basecamp, etc. have had almost nothing negative to say about the brave new world of competency-based, personalized blended learning, then you might want to sit down for a moment and follow the links below. Show More Summary

Anti-Child Advocate, Neil Gorsuch (Mr. de minimis)

If America's special needs schoolchildren are damaged beyond measure in the near future by the judiciary, you can thank the preppy fascist now in line to become the next Supreme Court justice:At the Supreme Court podium in January, lawyer...Show More Summary

Occam’s Razor and the Trump Era

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. — Occam’s Razor [Wikipedia] Cuts to anti-poverty programs. Cuts to programs that ensure children are fed. Cuts to agencies that preserve civil rights. Cuts to health care for 24 million Americans. Cuts to programs that work for environmental justice. Cuts to federal housing […]

Union’s Internal Cost-Cutting Is Thorny

The finances of New York State United Teachers are a mess, but NYSUT’s officers are not entirely blind to the problem. When a union tries to cut its costs, it not only runs into labor unrest with its own employees, it might also provide political fodder for internal opponents. Case in point: NYSUT sought to save … Continue reading "Union’s Internal Cost-Cutting Is Thorny"

AM News: Trump Proposals Examined, Common Core Debated, & More

10 After-school programs for 1.6 million kids hit by Trump budget… 9 Charleston Gazette-Mail | Common Core repeal bill stalls in WV Senate… via @wvgazettemail 8 French...Show More Summary

Teacher Shortage Truthers?

When last we beat this dead horse, we learned that California has a teacher shortage, no matter how many teachers we hire. Something about a distinction between “filling vacancies” and solving shortages. This morning we went a step beyond, discovering that we can lay off almost 2,000 teachers and still have a teacher shortage. Show More Summary

AM News: Trump Proposal Cuts Education, CA's Hinky New Dashboard, & More

10 Trump Officials Are Learning How Hard It Is to Sell $1 Billion of Their Assets - WSJ 9 60 Years Ago, Resistance to Integration in Texas Led to School Voucher Plan… 8 The Secret Ingredient For...Show More Summary

Trump's Cultural Beheadings

To build support for the kinds of multicultural beheadings and institutional cleansing that the Trumpeteers are pressing for, it will be necessary to create a world devoid of empathy and emotional intelligence.It is quite natural, then, for Trump's team of death worshipers to zero out educational networking and funding for arts and humanities. Show More Summary

AM News: College Persistence Rates, Trump's Proposed $6B Cuts, & Snow Day Recovery

10 Boston teachers’ union calls for protest as contract talks stall | Boston Herald 9 Feds: CPS consultant made millions through 'corrupt process from beginning to end' - Chicago Tribune 8 Feds: Solomon...Show More Summary

Riding the 'turnaround' merry-go-round in the continuing assault on Philadelphia public schools: Part VI - Who is Afton Partners?

by Ken Derstine@ Defend Public EducationMarch 14, 2016 The previous article in this series was posted June 2, 2016. This series has detailed the assault on Philadelphia public schools by corporate education reform business and financial interests. Show More Summary

Union Board Sends Ultimatum to Suspended President

Last January, the executive board of the Syracuse Teachers Association suspended president Karen Fruscello for reasons too stupid to repeat here. The board didn’t have the authority to do so, but here we are. Now the board is threatening...Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos Talks Urban Choice, Trump Heads To Nashville, Detroit Options, & More

10 After a contentious roll-out, legislators move toward consensus on school-discipline rules… 9 DeVos Pitches New ESSA Flexibility to Big-City Schools Leaders, Gets Tepid Response… 8 U.S. Show More Summary

NEA’s 2016 Presidential Election Performance Was Even Worse Than We Thought

I’m told NEA is encouraging its activists not to look back at the 2016 elections and the union’s endorsement process because next time the candidates and situation will be different. I can understand this thinking, because the last thing...Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos Talks Great Cities, Boston Grad Rates, Immigrant Worries, & More

Bomb threats reported against Jewish schools in several cities”… Today: Betsy DeVos at Urban School Leaders' Conference - District Dossier - Education Week DeVos Chooses Ruddock, Another Ed...Show More Summary

NPE Action Helps Halt Dead Bill

The NEA/AFT support group at NPE are declaring victory over a Congressional bill that had been shelved weeks before Diane Ravitch rallied the unwary and naive to sign an online letter to stop what was already dead.Ravitch, in the meantime,...Show More Summary

Four SASIC Charter Schools Shut Down in San Antonio

It was the school kitchen floor covered with meat blood after holiday break that made one charter teacher suspicious. She soon, thereafter, quit, and became a whistleblower.Now all four of the SASIC corporate reform schools have been shut down, pending an investigation.For the State of Texas to investigate, you know something stinks. Show More Summary

What Ending Regulations on ESSA Will Mean

Yesterday, Diane Ravitch had this bit of news at her blog:....The Senate also voted to roll back an Obama administration rule to “hold schools accountable,” which passed by only 50-49, over vociferous Democratic opposition. Frankly, I don’t know which rule this is. Show More Summary

AM News: ESSA Rules Dumped, Immigration Fears, LAUSD Showdown, & More

The Senate’s 50–49 Killing of ESSA Rules: A Sweeping Change in How America Will Rate (and Fix) Schools | The 74 Senate dumps Obama rule for holding schools accountable - POLITICO IMMIGRATION State schools chief seeks clarity on federal immigration policy after L.A. Show More Summary

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