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David Sirota Weighs In on CorpEd

A clip from Salon (minus links):....For education, technology and charter school companies and the Wall Streeters who back them, it lets them cite troubled public schools to argue that the current public education system is flawed, and...Show More Summary

Bad News for the Testocracy

from the 2015 PDK/Gallup Poll on public attitudes toward the public schools:

Eli Broad's California Strategy, Part 2: Shrinking Organized Labor and Increasing Control of Parents

Broad's plan to claim half of Los Angeles schools over the next 8 years for corporate welfare charter companies is specific in its grandiosity. See Part 1 here. The first chart below shows the Broadie vision for how paternalistic "no excuses" charters will replace the most vulnerable public schools. Show More Summary

Charter Schools Crime Log

Could be any few days of the school year.from Ohio:State Auditor Dave Yost plans to have employees fan out across the state again this year in an attempt to verify that charter schools’ enrollment reports match up with the students sitting in their buildings. Show More Summary

NY Charter Movement Calls Mayor de Blasio Racist for Not Supporting Apartheid Charters

from the Observer: “The rhetoric of this ad, and the people and money behind it, are part of the problem,” she said. Luis Garden Acosta, the founder of El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice and the father of a child who attended aShow More Summary

Thompson: Jack Jennings & the Insider's View of School Reform

One reason why I loved Jack Jennings's Presidents, Congress, and the Public Schools is that it helped me grasp something that always perplexed me. NCLB, unlike Arne Duncan's test and punish agenda, had very little in terms of real sanctions for individuals. Show More Summary

Parents: Didn't Take Long For Common Core Homework Debate To Flare Up Again

This Dad Wrote A Check To His Kid's School Using Common Core Math, says BuzzFeed about an image going around social media this week. But The Dad Who Wrote a Check Using “Common Core” Math Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About, says blogger Hemant Mehta at Patheos. The parent has since recanted - sort of.

NEA Resolutions 2015-16

I have stopped paying much attention to the content of NEA’s resolutions, but I know there are readers who still maintain an interest, so I have posted this school year’s edition for you. Follow this embedded link or cut and paste

Charts: Should Education Advocates Work On Voting Issues? (Yes.)

One big reason Congress ignores the poor: they don't vote — Vox (@voxdotcom) September 25, 2015 The notion that people interested in making schools work better for kids should get involved...Show More Summary

Morning Video: Can Catholic Schools Bounce Back?

"Since the 1960s, enrollment at Catholic schools in the United States has fallen by more than 50 percent. Today, only about two million students attend Catholic school, and that’s due to a variety of reasons, including falling birth rates among Catholics, the rise of charter schools in urban areas, and more Catholics moving to the suburbs. Show More Summary

AM News: Seattle Tragedy, NYC's Muslim Holiday, & Chicago Next Steps

Sadness in international-student community after tour-bus tragedy Seattle Times: North Seattle enrolls about 900 international students each year, and the students on the bus, including the four who died, were among this year’s group. Show More Summary

Viral: Fall Is the Worst Season (Not Just Because Of Decorative Gourds)

"It all starts with the back-to-school feeling, a sensation beloved by freaks...." via Jezebel (Fall Is the Worst Season)

Charts: Quick Reminder Why Everyone's So Worried (About The Kids & Themselves)

This chart from the NYT last year (The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest) notes that poor and middle-class Americans used to be relatively better-off than those in other countries, but since 2000 have fallen behind their counterparts in other countries. Show More Summary

The Day NEA Went to the Dogs

Yesterday Politico gave us a little history lesson about the 2011 NEA Representative Assembly. Today they have an oral history of the crafting and passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. It also has an NEA angle, thanks to the contribution of Joel Packer, the union’s former director of education policy and […]

Quotes: When You Leave, Those Who Remain Win

Those who hold power in the lazy monopoly may actually have an interest in creating some limited opportunities for exit on the part of those whose voice might be uncomfortable. -- Albert Hirschman (Exit, Voice, and Loyalty) via Malcolm Gladwell (The Power Of Failure)

Morning Video: Integration Lessons From SF For Chicago & Brooklyn Parents

This SF Chronicle video -- part of a larger package of stories Twitter buddy Tania de Sa Campos (@taniadsc) reminded me of last night -- is a great reminder of the hope and the many many challenges to mixing kids in schools in ways that their parents likely don't live or mix in real life. Show More Summary

#TBT: Remembering The Annenberg Challenge (aka "Bottom-Up" Reform)

There's lots of talk these days about "bottom-up" efforts to fix struggling schools and districts, largely tied to what happened in Newark over the past five years. But as some longtimers may recall, bottom-up (locally-driven, community-led)...Show More Summary

AM News: None Of These Items Are About The Pope

High school students give Chinese president football AP: Chinese President Xi Jinping received a football, a personalized jersey and instruction on America's most popular sport during a tour of a Washington state high school.... Detailed...Show More Summary

Politics: Arne Duncan, Master Manipulator? Give NEA Credit, Too.

One of the things that Michael Grunwald gives Team Duncan credit for in Politico's long feature about the not-yet-lameduck Education Secretary is seeing the anti-testing momentum building earlier than many (think 2011) and figuring out...Show More Summary

Thompson: School Closings in Chicago, Newark & Oklahoma City

Like so many reformers in Newark and elsewhere, Cory Booker was a true believer in "disruptive innovation" to produce "transformative" change. Dale Russakoff, in The Prize, explains that Newark reformers, funded by Mark Zuckerberg'sShow More Summary

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