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Nebraska State Education Association Names a Free Thinker as Executive Director

The Nebraska State Education Association selected Maddie Fennell to be its new executive director, replacing the retiring Craig Christiansen. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be big news, but Fennell isn’t ordinary. A state teacher of the year, Fennell chaired the National Education Association’s Commission on Effective Teachers and Teaching. Show More Summary

Charts: The Arms Race Among Parents

"Parents of all income and education levels are spending more time promoting their kids’ development—yet socioeconomic gaps in childrearing behavior are growing." (How American Parents Prepare Their Toddlers for School) via The Atla...

AM News: Transition Updates, School Mergers, Preschool Benefits, & More

TRANSITION Trump choice for secretary of education calls for ‘local control’ of schools - EdSource… Civil Rights Groups Blast Betsy DeVos' 'Lack of Respect' for Student Diversity…...Show More Summary

Charts: Despite Declines In Economic Mobility, Education Is Still The Answer

"Given today’s high-tech, globalized economy, the single best step would be to help more middle- and low-income children acquire the skills that lead to good-paying jobs. Notably, most college graduates still earn more than their parents...Show More Summary

NEA 2017 Leadership Summit Sessions

The National Education Association will be holding a Leadership Summit in Orlando the weekend of Feb. 24-26 in Orlando, Florida. I have posted the full list of scheduled breakout sessions on EIA’s Declassified page, but here are a few to whet your appetite. Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos In Michigan, Preschool Investment, Johnston For Governor?

Trump, DeVos Call for Ending Common Core at Michigan Rally… Betsy DeVos Promises To 'Make Education Great Again' On Trump's 'Thank You Tour' School choice advocates divided over Trump...Show More Summary

Make the Work Worth Doing

So… let’s start with a basic premise — on a warm day, I’d rather be outside playing Ultimate frisbee than in a classroom. I’d imagine that some version of that statement is true for most students as well. So we have to accept that there is some level of compliance to school – we all […]

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools, Part 15: Neural Remapping of Children

Earlier this week the Wharton Schoool of Business and the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, both of which are at UPenn, hosted a two-day conference on transforming teacher education for the poor, specifically, and higher...Show More Summary

People: Montessori Teacher Lost In Oakland Warehouse Fire

Sarah Hoda was known to her pupils as "Miss S." at Urban Montessori Charter School - SFGate — Alexander (@alexanderrusso) December 9, 2016 Sarah Hoda was known to her pupils as "Miss S." at Urban Montessori Charter School - SFGate

Fight to the Finnish

We wrap up Finland Week with a tribute to the impeccable timing of Diane Ravitch, who picked this day of all days to repost this paean to Finland’s school system, written by William Doyle, a scholar-in-residence at the University of Eastern Finland. Donald Trump is promoting “school choice” as he vows to improve the American … Continue reading "Fight to the Finnish"

AM News: Grading DeVos, Firing Bad Teachers, New Leadership In DC

TRANSITION DeVos' Michigan schools experiment gets poor grades - POLITICO Trump launches war on unions - POLITICO Trump school voucher plan would face huge obstacles in…...Show More Summary

Today I Received an E-Mail from the Past

This morning my inbox contained an e-mail from If you never heard of the service, FutureMe allows you to write an e-mail and send it to yourself on any date you specify up to 50 years in the future. My e-mail came from December 8, 2011. That was the day National Education Association president … Continue reading "Today I Received an E-Mail from the Past"

Quotes: Affluence Is No Guarantee Of Education Results

The latest PISA data (which includes private-school students) shows that America’s most advantaged teenagers scored below their well-off peers in science in 20 other countries, including Canada and Britain… The good news is that a handful of places, including Estonia, Canada, Denmark and Hong Kong, are proving that it is possible to do much better. Show More Summary

AM News: PARCC Results, Teacher Prep Programs, Testing Limits, & More

Few NJ's Class of 2016 Graduates Manage to Pass PARCC Tests - NJ Spotlight… Elementary Teacher-Prep Programs Are Getting Better, According to Study… States with background...Show More Summary

Finnish Off

The much-touted Finnish school system took a blow when the PISA results showed a decline in the world’s rankings. The Finnish teachers’ union expressed its “concern” about the results, but fortunately has come up with a way to reverse the downward trend. You can discover their solution at the end of the story, but really, you … Continue reading "Finnish Off"

Sister Betsy Will Be Puppet of Walton Clan

The Detroit Free Press has a scathing assessment of Sister Betsy Devos's involvement in education matters (see below). What is missing in this and other discussions of Sister Betsy's ranking of ideological devotion over educational quality is the DeVos link to the Walton clan. Show More Summary

Charters: USA Leads In At Least One Aspect Of PISA Results, According To OECD

The rich-poor achievement gap is narrowing in American education — Bloomberg (@business) December 6, 2016

Morning Video: Checking In Liberia's For-Profit Bridge School Initiative

"The country’s public education system is ineffective, and in an effort to rebuild it, the government has reached across the Atlantic for assistance -- hiring a U.S.-based for-profit company whose model is “school in a box.” Via PBS NewsHour (In Liberia, private management of public schools draws scrutiny)

AM News: More PISA Coverage, Houston Standout, Trump School Hotline, & More

Rich-Poor Achievement Gap Is Narrowing in American Education - Bloomberg Math a Concern for US Teens; Science, Reading Flat on Test… U.S. Students Falling Flat on Math, Science and Reading...Show More Summary

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