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Quotes: Now What For States Making Late Testing Changes?

In their haste to pull away from something they didn’t want, many states were left without backup plans. They quickly assembled new testing programs that, all over the country, are now backfiring. Three or more years is generally what’s...Show More Summary

Morning Video: Chicago Principal Accuses Mayor Emanuel Of Corruption

Watch WGN TV coverage of the LaRavierre/Emanuel conflict (which for the record has not been fully reported by independent media). Or, click here to watch President Obama talk to Howard University students about being young, gifted, and black in 2016. Or, check out this 360 degree video of a tornado.

AM News: NJ Changes Common Core Name, NY School Struggle With ELL Rules

New Jersey Changes Names of Common Core Standards, Makes Few Changes - State EdWatch - Education Week New York Schools Struggle With New Rules to Help Students Learning English - The New York More Summary

Riding the 'Turnaround' Merry-Go-Round in the Continuing Assault on Philadelphia Public Schools: Part IV

by Ken DerstineMay 8, 2016 The Philadelphia School Reform Commission – April 28, 2016 Crossing the Rubicon The Rubicon has been crossed in the privatization assault on Philadelphia public schools. On Thursday, April 28 th, the Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted to turn three more public schools over to charter companies. Show More Summary

Charter Schools Week, Part 1: Ravitch Rewrites Shanker

In some recent email snuggling between hedge fund kingpin and KIPP supporter, Whitney Tilson, and Diane Ravitch, Dr. Ravitch attempted to educate Whitney on some of the early rationale for charter schools. Instead, she muddied the historical waters with a bizarre and inaccurate recollection of some of the early developments. Show More Summary

LEARNING TO READ: There is nothing magic about grade 3

There is nothing magic about grade 3. Comment posted in response to: New York City Aims to Place Reading Coaches in Every Elementary School (Education Week)"Grade...Show More Summary

New York: forget reading coaches: support libraries and librarians

Comment posted in response to: New York City Aims to Place Reading Coaches in Every Elementary School (Education Week) York City reading coaches "will...Show More Summary

Afternoon Video: Trump Yells Education Ideas In Your Face For 52 Seconds

You might or might not want to click the PLAY button, but you should definitely read this EWA campaign roundup.

South Carolina Education Association’s Finances

By any objective measure, the South Carolina Education Association is NEA’s weakest state affiliate. The national union provides almost one-third of its annual budget and the establishment of an NEA trusteeship over the affiliate in 2010 did nothing to reverse its fortunes. SCEA has lost 49.3 percent of its membership in the last 20 years. […]

Quotes: A New Era In Education Philanthropy?

Signs abound that this era of polarization is giving way to a different and more constructive phase in U.S. efforts to boost student achievement.... The dawn of a new era of K-12 philanthropy.... Funders [like Walton and Broad] are no longer the dominant drivers. Inside Philanthropy's David Callahn (The New Era of K-12 Philanthropy)

Teachers: President Obama Remembers His 5th Grade Teacher

To my 5th grade teacher Ms. Mabel Hefty and the educators who inspire our young people every single day: Thank you. — President Obama (@POTUS) May 3, 2016 A nice message and picture from earlier in the week, in case you missed it (like I did). Via Larry Ferlazzo.

AM News: New Orleans Returns, DC Teachers Protest, Detroit Bailout Moves

Decade after Katrina, New Orleans poised to regain schools : AP Article D.C. teachers protest salaries and failed contract negotiations - The Washington Post Michigan House Passes Legislation to Pay Off Debt...Show More Summary

Charts: Inter-District Racial Segregation Is The Real [Much Harder] Problem, Folks

So much of the recent attention towards school segregation has focused on within-district segregation, which makes sense. Gentrification, attendance zone boundaries, immigration, and other factors all play a role there, and are relatively easily understood and at least theoretically addressed by a single school district or mayoral agency. Show More Summary

Newark Showed the Way: ChanZuckerberg to Ramp Up Drive to Treat Students and Teachers as Waste Products

by Susan OhanianPhilanthropic Effort Effort synonyms: try, push, struggle, stabThe Thesaurus is way behind-the-curve on synonyms for Philanthropic, linking it to big-hearted, bountiful, liberal. I suggest reading No Such Thing as a Free...Show More Summary

UTLA Aims to Become Dual NEA/AFT Affiliate

When the members of the United Teachers Los Angeles approved a huge dues increase last February, they also agreed to put an end to UTLA’s unique structure. Now it will require a vote of the delegates to the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly to approve UTLA’s status as a dual NEA/AFT affiliate. Under the current […]

Upcoming: NSVF 2016 All About Diversity, Authenticity, &

There are all sorts of conferences going on in May, including the upcoming May 10-11 New Schools Venture Fund Summit 2016 in San Francisco. In case you haven't heard, NewSchools Summit is "an annual invitation-only gathering for education...Show More Summary

Morning Video: Late-Night TV Returns To Teaching

Here's Seth Myers talking about Teacher Appreciation Week and the Detroit teachers sick-out. Via Valeria Strauss. Meantime, Chicago teachers seem to be backing off their move towards a second strike.

AM News: Chicago Teachers Back Off Strike Threat

Chicago Teachers Union Decides Against Taking Strike Vote - ABC News See also Tribune Online Testing in Georgia Disrupted by Glitches - Market Brief N.J. revises, renames Common Core academic standards | More Summary

Cartoon: States Reacting To ESSA Regulations

"These new ESSA regulations will fundamentally change the way we get around them." Adapted from the New Yorker.

Success Academy Hit with New Lawsuits

At one point not so long ago, "no excuses" charter schools were like a lawsuit waiting to happen. It's not waiting, anymore. From Politico: The Success Academy charter school network is again being sued by a group of parents whose children...Show More Summary

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