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Record Holders

California’s educators launched the “Kids Not Profits” campaign today, calling for more accountability and transparency of California charter schools and exposing the coordinated agenda by a group of billionaires to divert money from California’s neighborhood public schools to privately-managed charter schools. Show More Summary

Morning VIdeo: Back To School For NJ Governor Chris Christie

Above, watch NJ Governor Chris Christie kick off the school year with a school visit, bill signing, and a rant against the NJEA. EdWeek has the story here. Or, watch this AFT video of Hillary Clinton addressing the delegates earlier this summer.

AM News: State Testing Study, Detroit Contract Agreement, & More

In Detroit, schools and teachers reach pact Parents Sue After New York State Denies Money to ‘Failing’ Schools - The New York Times State Testing Disruptions Likely Produced Dips and Gains in Student...Show More Summary

Quotes: Creating Lots Of Good Teachers Vs. Firing A Few Bad Ones

Creating better teachers is more complicated — and more expensive — than claiming we can drastically improve education with pink slips. But in fact, pretty great teachers can be made. - Karin Klein in LA Times Opinion Page (Why firing bad teachers isn't nearly as important as creating good ones)

#EDgif Of The Day: #BackToSchool

Happy #firstdayofschool to #teachers and students starting today! — NCTQ (@NCTQ) September 6, 2016

The Limits of Poll Questions About Unions

With Labor Day in the rear-view mirror and the 2016 campaign approaching the final lap, it’s time to look at what information we have on unions and their effect on public opinion. I would like to begin with what I believe, so you may judge my analysis accordingly. 1) Hillary Clinton will be the next […]

Morning Listen: Oakland Diversity? Not So Much When It Comes To Schools

KQED story describes impact of historic housing segregation, lack of district-provided transportation, and influx of white parents displaces kids of color in higher-performing schools (Oakland Prides Itself on Being Diverse — Until It Comes Time to Send Kids to School). Show More Summary

AM News: Back To School, Post-Recession Inequalities, Absenteeism, & More

Divided America: Many schools left behind in recovery… Education Secretary Says Status Quo In Schools Is 'Unacceptable' American schools have a chronic absentee problem…...Show More Summary

Zeph Capo Had Weingarten's Back on Clinton Endorsement

As Randi Weingarten was counting out $250,000 in union dues last year to support the Clinton Global Initiative, she was also preparing to stab teachers in the back with an early endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Many union...Show More Summary

Labor Resurgence Just a Little Overdue

A reaction appears to have set in and it is probable that for some time to come the power of organized labor will decrease; but a change will again come, and the unions and various associations will once more report an increasing membership. The progress of the labor movement may be compared to the incoming […]

Social Impact Bonds: The Titans of Finance as the ...

Schools Matter: Social Impact Bonds: The Titans of Finance as the...: by Timothy Scott “For its impoverished profit generating subjects, the SIB is the latest violent instrument of a mayor who is a dar...

Where Your AFT Union Dues Go

Browsing the federal database that tracks union disbursements can be a disturbing exercise. Here are a few random payouts from the hundreds of millions of dollars that teachers send AFT each year. The first two sample payouts below are examples of AFT support for "no excuses" charter schools, which has been under threat of closure since 2013. Show More Summary

Social Impact Bonds: The Titans of Finance as the Altruistic Merchants of Schooling and the Common Good

by Timothy Scott “For its impoverished profit generating subjects, the SIB is the latest violent instrument of a mayor who is a darling of the financial elite, in a city that has long been a laboratory for austerity, and thus has been...Show More Summary

Something for Teachers’ Unions to Ponder Over Labor Day Weekend

Teachers’ unions were very excited by two National Labor Relations Board rulings last month. The board concluded in both cases that charter schools were not “political subdivisions” and were thus subject to the National Labor Relations Act. In plain English, it means that unions and unionization efforts in charter schools are regulated by the federal […]

Numbers: Education Funding Goes Down Even As Enrollments Go Up

State funding ?? 6.6 pct since 2008 -- student spending ?? 2.4 percent | FiveThirtyEight — Alexander (@alexanderrusso) August 29, 2016 Curious why states and districts are so upset with...Show More Summary

Quotes: How Charters Could Leverage Populist and Identity Momentum

On the populist side, there is room to build bridges with those who distrust elitist authority... On the identity side... the charter community could do more to build bridges with race-based organizations that consist of, or serve, these families. Neerav Kingsland (The Politics of Populism, Identity, and Charter Schools)

Campaign 2016: Donald Trump's 5 Imagined Education Positions

For months now, hapless education reporters have been struggling to determine what education policies and positions Republican candidate Donald Trump holds. In the absence of any discernible education positions, here are several semi-imagined ones: Bringing back the Pledge of Allegiance. Show More Summary

Morning Listen: Helping Low-Income Kids Make It To Graduation

Listen to this new hourlong audio documentary from APM Reports (formerly known as American RadioWorks, about "what kids are up against at the growing number of high-poverty schools in America." And look forward to a September 20 event in DC.

AM News: FLOTUS, EdSec, Lead Exposure Research, & More

U.S. education chief to visit New Orleans, Baton Rouge… Top Clinton advisor Anne O'Leary splits with Goodwin Liu - SFChronicle Michelle Obama visits the District’s Howard University with host of...Show More Summary

Pictures: A Momentary Act Of Kindness In The Cafeteria

This picture is the centerpiece of a NYT article (Photo of F.S.U. Football Star Sitting With Boy Eating Alone at School Charms Internet) about an FSU athlete pictured having lunch with a 6th grader who happens to be autistic.

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