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#EDgif Of The Day: Projected School-Level Changes Under "Controlled Choice" In NYC

Top/bottom East Village ???????? wld experience ?? demographic shifts under #integration2.0 model — alexanderrusso (@alexanderrusso) June 8, 2016 Here's a GIF showing how each school in NYC's...Show More Summary

Confronting the Clinton cheerleaders with her racist record

“Hillary Clinton is not a Klanswoman, but she performs the same racial violence that white men do, just as many Klanswomen did less than a century ago. Thousands of black people continue to lose their lives because some white women still...Show More Summary

Later Today: Black Lives Matter & #EducationDisparities

There's been a lot of frankly ridiculous and misguided discussion about Black Lives Matter and education -- most of it done without anyone from BLM participating. I've been disheartened but generally tried to stay away other than toShow More Summary

Update: Diverse Charter School Mixes Families Outside Of School

Some folks worry that charter schools can mirror or even exacerbate school segregation that is so troubling and systemic in American education. However, in at least some cases charter schools do the opposite: mixing kids together in ways that are much more representative of the community than the existing district schools. Show More Summary

Morning Video: How Louisville HS Is Addressing Transgender Students

"Special correspondent Yasmeen Qureshi of Education Week has the story. It’s part of our weekly education series, Making the Grade."

AM News: Chronic Absences, Steady PARCC, Funding Fights Galore

State-by-state look at chronic absenteeism across America… New data shows 6.5 million U.S. students chronically absent… After Turbulent Waters, PARCC Steadies Itself – InsideSources...Show More Summary


June 7, 1955: In a letter to the poet W. H. Auden, Hobbit-creator J.R.R. Tolkien recalls, "I first tried to write a story when I was about seven. It was a about a dragon. I remember nothing about it except a philological fact. My mother...Show More Summary

Washington Education Association’s Finances

The Washington Education Association has the most members it has ever had, cut its labor costs by more than $2.1 million to generate a budget surplus, and spent $1 million to pass a class size reduction initiative. So how can it be more than $21 million in the red? Simple. Its pension liabilities for its […]

School Life: AL Teacher Disciplined For Handing Out "Most Racist Math Test" Ever

This is the most racist math test you'll ever see — Vox (@voxdotcom) June 7, 2016

#EDgif Of The Day: Meet The Fresno Student Who Won't Take Off His Trump Hat

This Fresno 9 year old won't take off Trump hat at school, claims the hair is real, and has been sent home. #edgifs — alexanderrusso (@alexanderrusso) June 7, 2016 Read more about the story here.

Morning Listen: Hillary Clinton's 1969 Student Speech at Wellesley

She was the first student to speak at a Wellesley, according to this Atlantic story: New Audio of Hillary Clinton's 1969 Student Speech at Wellesley. The speech was covered on the front page of the Boston Globe.

AM News: California Primary Fights, Civil Rights Report, Common Core Wrapup

Police shootings, affordable housing and billions in school bonds on local ballots this week - LA Times Rift in Democratic Party over education policy spotlighted in record outside spending - KPCC More Summary

Gulenist Caprice Young lies in a Magnolia Science Academy Press Release

“Magnolia should be ashamed of this reprehensible behavior; attempting to use innocent students and parents as human shields to hide their criminal activity” — Robert Amsterdam, Esq. This video segment is significant in that Gülenist...Show More Summary

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Core CAP Charter Cabal

“That’s why, you know, I was a senator and voted for Leave No Child Behind [sic] because I thought every child should matter” — Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters have been less than honest about her education record. Show More Summary

Charters Drain Needed Money from Public Schools

My op-ed posted today at the Tennessean: Jim Horn In a recent Tennessean article (“Nashville school official says charter funding debate clearer,” March 23), interim director of schools Chris Henson did his best to put a soft filter on the bright light that is now focused on the charter school funding issue for Metro Nashville Public Schools. Show More Summary

Teachers: Forced Haircuts In Mexico [Is This For Real?]

These Mexican teachers were forced to shave their heads – because they didn't participate in a strike. — AJ+ (@ajplus) June 6, 2016 AJ+ and El Pais in English are reporting that some teachers who declined to participate...Show More Summary

School Life: Banksy's School Mural Project

Heard there was an intruder in my sons school last night.wasn't so angry when I found out who it was @thereaIbanksy — Rebecca Radford (@RebeccaRadford7) June 6, 2016 Schoolkids suggest naming a building after Banksy, and the mysterious artist reacted with a bit of controversial artwork. See more including video of kids' reactions here.

Site News: Best Education Journalism Of The Week

A close-up from the cover of last week's New Yorker. In case you missed it, here's my roundup of last week's best education journalism. It comes out every Friday over at THE GRADE, where I write about education coverage. You can also get it via email by sending me an email at alexanderusso@gmail with "subscribe" in the headline. Show More Summary

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