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AM News: Failed Federal Fix-It Effort, Abandoned $10B Funding Proposal, Inauguration Day, & More

Education Department Drops Fight Over School Money… Obama administration spent billions to fix failing schools, and it didn’t work… Students converge on D.C. for Trump’s inauguration,...Show More Summary

AM News: CA Science, Obama Schools, & #DevosHearing Wrap-Up

U.S. Education Department rejects California’s science testing plans… Chinese billionaire offers world's biggest education prize - BBC News Former Mayor Riordan puts in $1 million to defeat...Show More Summary

Another Victory for Secret Ballots Over Card Check

Card check is the process by which union representatives collect signatures from employees indicating they want a union in their workplace. In some places if the union gets more than 50% of the proposed bargaining unit to sign, management must recognize and negotiate with the union. Show More Summary

AM News: Grilled By Senators, DeVos Says She Won't Dismantle Public Education

DeVos: Won't Dismantle Public Schools as Education Secretary… Education pick Betsy DeVos argues for school choice, disavows conversion therapy - CBS News Education secretary pickShow More Summary

If you're in Los Angeles this month, three education items to consider

These events and announcements are worthy of your consideration. Especially the event featuring Schools Matter's very own Dr. Stephen Krashen. I would love to attend all of these, but… law school. Student Empowerment - Culture and Language...Show More Summary

Secretary of Education Plan B

The American Federation of Teachers tweeted this today: #Questions4Betsy As Secretary of Education, would you carry your intent to destroy Detroit Public Schools to all public schools? — AFT (@AFTunion) January 17, 2017 So I guess it’s safe to say tonight’s confirmation hearing won’t be a high-level intellectual discussion. Show More Summary

AM News: All DeVos Confirmation Hearing, All The Time

Joe Lieberman, on board of ed reform group DeVos funds, will introduce her at tomorrow's hearing… Betsy DeVos supporters fight back after union boss opposes pick | New York Post Betsy...Show More Summary

Debating Politics

So… the last few days or so has seen me engage with a family acquaintance about President-Elect Trump on a family member’s Facebook wall who had posted anger and frustration with President-Elect Trump. As folks who know me know, I come from a very lefty family. I’m not sure I changed any minds, and I can’t […]

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: The Media and Research

Marketplace, which has a time slot on most public radio stations, had a piece last week on the replacement of a high-performing community public elementary school in Baltimore by a "no excuses" KIPP school. Most often these community...Show More Summary

Big Data and Small Junkies

If you are a reluctant teacher or parent now being inundated with reasons you should embrace more computer screen time for school kids, there are good reasons for your skepticism. Here's one:Most people are shocked to hear that a video game can actually be more potent than morphine. Show More Summary

The People that Games Play

If you know anyone who takes the Facebook game seriously, please share this with them so they can see how "social" media works. Or if you have ever been ostracized, lost "friends" or "followers" based on sharing a minority viewpoint or saying something you knew was true but unpopular, you might find this report interesting. Show More Summary

The Corporate Education Reform Poster State

Since Lamar Alexander served as Governor in the 1980s, Tennessee has been at the forefront of corporate education reform. Tennessee was in the first wave of states to initiate mandatory student competency on standardized tests in order...Show More Summary

Story Updates

The Syracuse Teachers Association situation is escalating. President Karen Fruscello apparently discovered another union officer was routinely surfing for porn on an office computer. The executive board, consisting entirely of members...Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos Contributions, NAACP Charter School Tour, NYC Parents, & More

Trump’s Pick for Education Could Face Unusually Stiff Resistance… Analysis Details DeVos Family's Campaign Donations to Republican Senators… Milwaukee’s Voucher Verdict:…...Show More Summary

AM News: Supreme Court Debates Special Education, Memphis Debates Charters, & More

Supreme Court wrestles with defining rights for students with disabilities, including autism… Justices Face ‘Blizzard of Words’ in Special Education Case… Supreme Court Justices...Show More Summary

Syracuse Union Suspends President

The lede in this story reads: “The Syracuse teachers union president says she was suspended after she uncovered a fellow officer’s inappropriate use of a computer during an audit.” That doesn’t make much sense, and the details aren’t very illuminating either. Show More Summary

AM News: SCOTUS Debates Education Rights, Alexander Predicts Quick Confirmation For DeVos, Memphis NAACP Charter Hearing

U.S. Supreme Court to decide on education rights for millions of children with disabilities… Sen. Alexander Praises Betsy DeVos After Meeting, Expects Quick Confirmation - Politics K-12 Video:...Show More Summary

Monica Crowley, Serial Plagiarizer

Conservative talking head, Monica Crowley, has been outed for multiple acts of deliberate plagiarism that go back to her doctoral dissertation and forward to her 2012 book (page not found at Amazon), which includes at least 50 separate...Show More Summary

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