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Quotes: Common Core = Private School/Voucher Increases?

M ore parents are fleeing to private schools with the hope of escaping the standards - whether they can afford to self-pay or they will come to support school vouchers in greater numbers. - Allison Hertog in HuffPost (Parent Opt-Out Movement: Engine of Common Core Unraveling?)

Randi Weingarten: Sleight of Hand Artist - Part 2

This article was originally posted on Schools Matter on April 22nd. Due to formatting problems some may have found it difficult to read. It is therefore being reposted due to its importance. The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) is one of the oldest and most influential of the pro-business right-wing think tanks. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Three White Guys (Including Gates & Buffett) Talk Education (Again)

From CNBC Monday, here's seven minutes from Gates, Buffett, and Charlie Munger talking about education.


By Mork the Orkan I bet you didn't think I was still around. I guess I “egged” you all on to believe I left Earth in 1982, but I have been here all these many years masquerading as a series of your loser presidential hopefuls. Show More Summary

AM News: Obama Officials Huddle At Baltimore's Douglass HS

U.S. Cabinet secretaries visit Douglass High School Baltimore Sun: U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and Education Secretary Arne Duncan spent Wednesday afternoon at Frederick Douglass High School, where they discussed financial literacy and heard students' concerns about the lack of jobs and opportunities in Baltimore. Show More Summary

Books: The Rise of AVID ("America's Largest College Readiness Program")

In case you'd missed it (as I had), longtime Washington Post education writer Jay Mathews' latest book is out. As you probably know, Mathews wrote the book that became Stand And Deliver, and also wrote Work Hard, Be Nice, a book about the KIPP network of charter schools. Show More Summary

Events: NewSchools 2015 Summit Live Twitter Feed

#NSVFSummit Tweets Seems like a slow day, so maybe you'd be best off spending the rest of it watching #NSVFSummit updates scroll by. It's mostly folks chronicling the event, rather than reacting pro or con, and it may or may not be NSVF's best summit ever. But it's good to know what folks are doing and saying, whether you agree or not. Let me know if something unusual happens!

Update: New Blog Takes "A Closer Look At Education News"

I am excited to announce the launch of my latest blog, The Grade, over at the Washington Monthly. No actual grades will be given -- though praise and criticism will be offered quite regularly. Think of it as NPR's "On The Media" for education news, or as a public editor or ombudsman for national K-12 news coverage. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Taking A Look At The Latest Charter School Waiting Lists

It's both Charter Schools and Teacher Appreciate week at the same time, and yet the sky seems not to have fallen (yet). So maybe that means something good. However, the charter schools folks are pushing the waiting list numbers thing hard again, and that has me nervous. Show More Summary

AM News: Testing, Opt-Outs, & What Happens Next

More Perspectives on Testing Opt-Outs From New York and Beyond State EdWatch: The campaign has made the biggest waves so far in New York state, but more broadly, it has also intensified discussions about the role of testing in schools. Show More Summary

LA Progressive: Ref Rodriguez—What the PUC Is Going on Here?

“The L.A. County district attorney’s office indicated Monday that it expected another, separate probe to be conducted by L.A. Unified’s inspector general.” — LA Times Ref Rodriguez: What the PUC Is Going on Here? In the LA Progressive...Show More Summary

Charts: Nearly 20,000 High Schools Now Offering AP

The number of schools offering AP has nearly doubled since the mid-1990s when my old boss Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and others were touting it as a great way to raise expectations and accelerate learning for low-income and minority kids. Show More Summary

Thompson: Reformers to Teachers - Please Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Teachers have to think ahead. What questions do I ask, in what order? How do I pace instruction for seniors with 5th grade skills so they can master college readiness concepts? What classroom disruption should I ignore? What will happen...Show More Summary

Morning Listen: Former Balto Supe Andres Alonso Reflects On Recent Unrest

There were lots of people -- too many -- using last week's unrest in Baltimore as an excuse to advance an agenda or generate attention - but former superintendent Andres Alonso is in a pretty unique spot to talk about what's going on...Show More Summary

AM News: Common Core Testing Resumes, & Scoring Begins

Ga. Schools Chief: Testing Snafu With Unknown Impact Is 'Unacceptable' State EdWatch: Problems with common-core-aligned exams mirror those in Montana and Nevada, but the Associated Press reports that the glitches are not as severe as in other states. Show More Summary

Testing: Addition Of MA and RI Creates Big Week For PARCC EOY Testing

Speaking of standardized testing: With addition of MA and RI, all 11 @PARCCPlace states enter EOY testing window this week. I don't know if things have been especially lively in those states, in terms of glitches or opt-outs, or if the state and district agencies have done a particular good or bad job preparing for this round, but we shall see. Show More Summary

Divide and Conquer: The Philadelphia Story

Leading Philadelphia mayoral candidates Anthony Williams and James Kenney Everyone concerned about corporate education reform and the influence of various venture “philanthropists” in their drive to privatize public schools should be following the Democratic primary on May 19 th for the next mayor of Philadelphia. Show More Summary

Maps: Upward Mobility Varies Among Similar-Seeming Cities & Suburbs

The NYT takes a look a new research showing that poor kids do better or worse depending on where they come from. The most challenging places tend to be bit cities like Atlanta; Chicago; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; Orlando, West Palm Beach and Tampa in Florida. Show More Summary

Comedy: HBO's John Oliver Swings (& Misses) Against Standardized Testing

It's no easy job being smart and funny at the same time, and especially so when the topic is something as boring and controversial as standardized testing. But last night's John Oliver segment didn't seem to succeed at either task, and...Show More Summary

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