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Campaign 2016: Not So Fast (Or Far) On The Reform Rollback Bandwagon

The divide within the Democratic party is endlessly fascinating and especially notable this week during which we see civil rights groups and teachers unions divide over the rewrite of NCLB. In National Journal (Senate Democrats Scramble...Show More Summary

Update: Nuzzel Gathers Contrasting Views On Hot Twitter Topics

One of the great things about Nuzzel -- you should be using it by now -- is that it lets you see not only what the folks you follow are tweeting about, and what the folks they follow are tweeting about, but also the different ways that...Show More Summary

Add Boston to the Union Militancy Movement

Richard Stutman has been president of the Boston Teachers Union for 13 years, and he will continue be president, having run unopposed last month. His union, however, is changing beneath him. An opposition caucus, called BTU Votes, ran a candidate for executive vice-president who lost by only 65 votes to the incumbent. Today’s Boston Herald […]

Quotes: Duncan Policies = "Minimum Improvement... Considerable Harm"

The record will show these policies brought about minimum improvement. They also did considerable harm. -- Jack Jennings in Washington Post profile of Arne Duncan (Even as Congress moves to strip his power, Arne Duncan holds his gro...

Morning Video: Ta-Nehisi Coates' New Book, Plus Emanuel In Aspen

In this Atlantic video short, Ta-Nehisi Coates reads a short passage from his new book, Between the World and Me. Read an extended excerpt, "A Letter to My Son," here. Or, watch Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and UofC's Tim Knowles talk education at the Aspen Ideas Festival (in which he claims no great admiration for school reform).

Update: Controversy Over Chicago Public Radio "Poverty" Series

A couple of weeks ago, Chicago Public Radio's Linda Lutton and a team of folks from the Chicago Daily Herald put out a big series on poverty and education (Poverty’s enduring hold on school success) showing among other things that the poverty-student achievement link continues to be pretty tight. Show More Summary

AM News: House Passes, Senate Debates - Plus OR Common Core Results

Senate Rejects School Voucher Amendment During ESEA Debate PK12: Democrats cleared their first school choice policy hurdle, defeating a voucher amendment on the second day of debate on an Elementary and Secondary Education Act overhaul bill. Show More Summary

Update: Despite Progress, Many LGBT Educators Still "Stuck In A Time Capsule"

As you may recall, I got a lot of resistance last week when I posted about how behind the times schools and k-12 education organizations seemed to be to me on the LGBT front (On Equality, Education Has A Long Way To Go). No, not Rick Hess-level pushback, but a lot of silent, awkward, and WTF vibes. Show More Summary

Sweet Blissful Silence

There’s nothing like an invigorating day of air travel to take your mind off your fatigue. And the perfect end to four days of sitting in a freezing hall with 7,000 other people is to be crammed into a freezing metal tube for four hours with 200 other people. I’m back at the EIA Command Center […]

When the "Resistance" Embraced Defeat and Called It Victory

The Congress is beginning debate on the new ESEA, which is a conglomeration of the same age-old racist testing accountability practices, with new assurances for a dramatic proliferation of corporate reform charter schools and intensified segregation. Show More Summary

People: TFA's Behind-The-Scenes Hostage Rescue Effort

Even if you already knew that slain journalist Jim Foley had been a TFA alum you might have been surprised to read about TFA (and KIPP) involvement behind the scenes in the efforts to secure his release in this week's New Yorker story The Families Who Negotiated with ISIS. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Pixar's Hit Feature "Inside Out" Includes Familiar Teacher Dig

The closing scenes of Inside Out features a middle school teacher who is counting down to summer vacation. I'm not the only one who's noticed: Pixar makes teachers the butt of the joke. But as you'll see in comments, not everyone things that it's worth taking offense. Show More Summary

AM News: Accountability Divide Behind ESEA Reauthorization Push

Day One of Senate ESEA Debate: Rift Over Accountability Grows PK12: Below the surface of pleasantries and backslapping, a policy split continues to grow over whether to beef up accountability provisions in the bill to overhaul the education law. Show More Summary

Old Hat, New Hat

[This is a note I just sent to the families of SLA. I present it here – with a more whimsical title that references one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books – to let everyone know what I’ll be up to … Continue reading ?

A longer school day or invest in libraries?

Sent to Education Week, July 7, 2015Bolgen Vargas & Sandra A. Parker ("Lessons From a Longer School Day (and Year)," July 7) argue that a longer school day will better prepare students for high tech jobs and prevent summer loss. Summer loss is mostly concentrated in students living in poverty. Show More Summary

Thompson: Remembering The Full Horror of "Death at an Early Age"

Thanks to Alexander and NPR's Claudio Sanchez for reminding us of the 50th anniversary of the firing of Jonathan Kozol for "curriculum deviation." Everyone should (re)read this book. Rather than immediately using it to discuss the ways...Show More Summary

Gender Equity and Schools – One Easy Change

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I have watched many… many… hours of the recently concluded Women’s World Cup. The soccer was just brilliant, and of course, seeing the US win their third World Cup was just awesome. … Continue reading ?

Quotes: What It's Like Being A 12 Year-Old Child Of Color In NYC

We've been through so much. Slavery. And once slavery ended, segregation. And once segregation ended, we’re still going through this today. What was all the hard work for? Why do we have to go through this again? -- NYC student interviewed in WNYC's latest story Being 12: Debating Race and Police

Does Your Parents' Income Affect Your Choice of College Major? - The Atlantic

Does Your Parents' Income Affect Your Choice of College Major? - The Atlantic. New data shows that students whose parents make less money pursue more “useful” subjects, such as math or physics. Carlo Allegri / Reuters 11k 741 JOE PINSKER...Show More Summary

AM News: All Eyes On Possible ESEA Reauthorization

White House: ESEA Rewrite Needs to Focus on Struggling Schools and Students PK12: The Obama administration worries the House and Senate bills to rewrite ESEA don't do go far enough on accountability. see also National Journal. HouseShow More Summary

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