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More research further discrediting Corporate [Common] Core State Standards (CCSS)

Financially malfeasant charters run by shadowy religious cult escape LAUSD scrutiny

"The Walton family, founder of Wal-mart, the worldwide retail giant, has donated millions of dollars to schools considered to be associated with the Gülen community." — Charter School Scandals The largest chain of privately managed charter schools in the United States is that of those affiliated with the cultish Gülenist Movement. Show More Summary

There Are Three Sides to Any NEA Story

What you’re looking at here is NEA’s solution to what its cognitive linguistic analysis identified as the problem: corporate education reform language. You may recall that the union determined “education reform” was too negative a term for public usage, and that “education improvement” or “education excellence” was preferred. Show More Summary

California Teachers Association Fired Staff Union President

Until recently, Katie Howard-Mullins was an employee of the California Teachers Association. The union fired her, for reasons unclear to outsiders such as myself. What makes the action noteworthy is that Howard-Mullins was also the president of one of CTA’s staff unions, representing CTA’s employees against union management. This has her colleagues up in arms. […]

Charter School Takeover Cycle Begins Again for a New Year

The SCS School Board is now weighing more cuts for school children of Shelby County in order to pay for the billionaires' plan to replace public schools for the poor with corporate reform schools designed to deliver a more passive and compliant work force for the dead end job markets of Memphis. Show More Summary

Charter Crime Log This Week

Two closed charter schools’ records unauditable SC charter school head guilty of embezzlement Visalia charter school janitor arrested in drugs for sale Hedge fund executives give 'til it hurts to politicians, especially Cuomo, to get...Show More Summary

Eli Broad funded United Way Greater Los Angeles now also serving CCSA's political arm

"By what logic does United Way engage in an activity that is shunned by all the other charities?" — Professor Ralph E. Shaffer United Way Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA)'s role as a tax deductible lobbying and public relations firm for plutocrats like Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Carrie Walton Penner, and Casey Wasserman is expanding. Show More Summary

KIPP's Character Guru, Uncensored

When Angela Duckworth was shopping around for a graduate program in 2002, she read about Martin Seligman's positive psychology program at UPenn. Knowing no boundaries, she emailed him late one night, and Marty happened to be up, playing bridge online. Show More Summary

#EdGif Of The Day: Duncan Slow Walks Through Chicago Testing Protesters

OK, technically it's a Vine (with sound!) not a GIF, but who cares? The Chicago Tribune's Juan Perez saw fit to highlight a few seconds of Duncan's forced walk through anti-testing protesters in Chicago the other day. The moment took...Show More Summary

Twitter Friday: News & Commentary Here, On Facebook, & Via Twitter

Happy Friday! I'll be updating the site intermittently via Twitter today -- back to normal blogging on Monday afternoon. You can read it all here, or on Facebook (Alexander Russo), or directly on Twitter (@alexanderrusso). Have a great weekend! Tweets about "@alexanderrusso"

Not Enough? Too Many? It’s a Crisis, Either Way

The numbers are grim among some of the nation’s largest producers of new teachers: In California, enrollment is down 53 percent over the past five years….Why have the numbers fallen so far, so fast? – National Public Radio, “Where Have All The Teachers Gone?” March 3, 2015 Kelsey Baxter knew she might get laid off […]

Philanthropy: Leave No Privilege Behind (DonorsChoose Meets AirBnB?)

WellDeserved is a a new app that allows folks to offer surplus privileges -- free food at work, extra dental appointments, a soon-to-expire SoulCycle coupon -- to fellow citizens who might want to purchase them. Their motto: "Privilege...Show More Summary

Duncan Drives into Dead End, Really

In Chicago today to visit one of his favorite corporate reform schools. He saw protestors waiting for him to arrive at a school and had his Suburban driver blast down an alley to take a shortcut to avoid them. Whoops, dead end. So what happens? He has to walk out with teachers and parents screaming about PARCC. What does he do? Ignore them. Is this pure poetry, or what?

Charts: In Education A [Worthless] Master's Is Worth More Than Experience

"For education majors [pink rectangle], a new graduate degree is even better than experience, propelling earnings to $49,000 after completing the grad program and $62,000 by midcareer." (WSJ: A New Degree Is Worth More Than Decades of Job Experience)

Considering both sides of the common core debate

Sent to US News and World Report, March 12, 2015"Opt-Out Movement About More Than Tests, Advocates Say," (March 10) notes that "for many, the jury is still out" on the common core standards and tests, citing both arguments against the...Show More Summary

Thompson: Oklahoma Education Battles Are Worthy of National Attention

This is a fascinating time for Oklahoma schools. As school funding was cut by more than 20% over the last five years, and in the face of a $610 million state budget shortfall, out-of-state corporate reformers, ranging from the American...Show More Summary

Quotes: "Now Teachers Are Paid For Classroom Performance"

The second big reason for enrollment declines [at education schools] is the end of the credentialed pay raises that marked the old teacher salary formulas. For many decades a master’s degree offered a pay boost no matter its content....Show More Summary

It Was Only a Matter of Time…

…before someone brought back the teacher shortage! NPR does the honors (?) by reviving all the usual tropes without a single statistic about teacher hiring rates – either today or over the past decade or so. Need to kill some time day? Check out all the previous iterations of teacher shortage alarmism.

Update: Unfortunate Stalemate For Feds & Diverse Charters

This week's announcement that Success Academy charters won't give an absolute priority to ELL kids in its charter lotteries because of opposition seems like an unfortunate turn of events (see ChalkbeatNY's Success Academy drops lottery preference for English learners). Show More Summary

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