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People: Catching Up With Uber-Teacher Larry Ferlazzo

If you haven't already gotten to know about Larry Ferlazzo, well, I don't know what to do with you at this point. The prolific Sacramento teacher/blogger is everywhere online, and has been so for several years now. I've written about him several times in the past here. Show More Summary

Morning Video: It's Not Just Flint Schools That Have Water Safety Concerns

"Over the past few decades, school districts in Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Washington and elsewhere have found higher than acceptable lead levels in their students’ drinking water due to old plumbing systems." via PBS NewsHour.

Charts: Rise Of Special Ed Students

Number of U.S. Students in Special Education Ticks Upward #education — Education Week (@educationweek) April 20, 2016 EdWeek charts uptick in kids with IEPs after long-running declines.

Getting Compromised and Neutralized at NPE

Norm Scott has a post up about the special platform that NPE provided the corporate unions to propagandize all the NPE-attending autograph seekers, book salesmen, union apologists, blogger celebrities, button collectors, self-proclaimed activists. Show More Summary

AM News: DC's Kaya Henderson Asked Chartwell For $100K Donation

AP: DC schools chief asked contractor for $100K [See also Washington Post] Common Core ads becomes issue in race for Skelos seat | Newsday Massive loss of preschool seats looms for LA County...Show More Summary

Ohio Education Association’s Finances

The Ohio Education Association managed to cut staff compensation costs by $12 million in one year. Nevertheless, its post-retirement staff liabilities amount to almost $61.7 million. Total membership – 118,711, up 28 members Total revenue – $60.4 million (86.2% came from member dues), down $506,000 Surplus – $6.3 million Net assets – $45.5 million Total staff – […]

Events: Conferencing In Arizona #ASUGSVsummit

Break on Through To The Other Side: 11 Must-See Sessions at the 2016 @asugsvsummit @the74 @campbell_brown — Romy Drucker (@romydrucker) April 18, 2016 I'm not there, but you may be -- the annual ASU-GSV confab is happening this week. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Funding Fight Over Federal Education Dollars

Watch the video above and read this story from The Seventy Four about the looming fight over Title I funding under ESSA.

AM News: Houston School Flooding, Another Chicago Strike Looms

Houston, Flooded: Twitter Captures Chaos as Some Schools Close, and Other Students Brave the Deluge | The 74 Chicago Teachers Union says no firm plans on strike as talks continue - Chicago Tribune Who should...Show More Summary

Memphis Smells the Coffee After the Pot Boils Over

With 45 cash-sucking corporate charters in operation, and with tens of thousands of children placed into penal school environments with no oversight, and with thousands of experienced teachers replaced by untrained temps, and with hundreds...Show More Summary

KIPP Hands Agassi's Real Estate Company Million Dollar Profit on Building

While KIPP was building up its enrollment at KIPP Philadelphia, it was paying rent with public dollars to Andre Agassi's real estate company, which was renovating the building. When the renovation is completed, KIPP will buy the building...Show More Summary

NPE Offers Platform (Again) for NEA and AFT

This year when Anthony Cody "interviewed" AFT and NEA vice-presidents at the latest NPE talkfest in Raleigh, he only appeared to be the imperious judge looming far above the witnesses. Cody's job was a tough one, in fact: he had to appear...Show More Summary

Hillary Wants to Experiement with the Lives of Poor Children

Sequester "poor" children in boarding schools?...Again? by Daun Kauffman @ Lucid Witness Native American students at the boarding school Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pa. in 1884. Hillary Clinton spoke briefly, about a week ago, on a wide range of educational topics with Newsday editors on Long Island. Show More Summary

Meritocracy myths allow neoliberal Democrats to proffer education as an inequality palliative

“They favored policies that created “equal opportunity” and fostered “individual rights,” instead of those designed to eradicate the structural underpinnings of racial segregation and economic inequity.”—Professor Lily Geismer, "Atari Democrats", Jacobin Thomas Frank has a new book out. Show More Summary

Teachers: This Is Why You Don’t Get More Media Love

Classroom teachers often argue that they are overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Many of them can’t understand why the press is reluctant to highlight the unfairness of credentialed college graduates earning an average of only $57,379 (according to NEA). The problem may not lie in whether their argument is true or not; it might be the audience to […]

Morning News: Twitter Friday

I'm traveling today so it's a Twitter Friday. Watch what I'm seeing and thinking below, or on Twitter, or via Facebook. Have a great day: Tweets about @alexanderrusso

Riding the 'Turnaround' Merry-Go-Round in the Continuing Assault on Philadelphia Public Schools - Part III

by Ken Derstine @ Defend Public Education!April 14, 2016 On April 7, 2016, at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Philadelphia, Bill Clinton got into an argument with demonstrators from Black Lives Matter over his legacy. He later said...Show More Summary

#edGIF Of The Day: White House Science Day Forever

Yesterday was the 6th and final Science day at the Obama White House. This is from the first. The demonstration already seems a little quaint, but the President's reaction is pretty timeless.

Charts: There Many Different Kinds Of Homeless Students In Schools

I would love to see everyone in the #edreform space band together to do something about this problem. — Ben Spielberg (@BenSpielberg) April 13, 2016 More than 1 million kids lack a home of their own -- many doubled up with other families. Via Ben Spielberg & the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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