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AM News: You Watch The NCLB Markup, I'll Watch The NY Testing Launch

Senate Attempts To Revise No Child Left Behind Measure NPR: A Senate committee begins work on a bill that would overhaul the education law. That measure — once considered a great uniter of politicians on the left and right — has since become a great divider. Show More Summary


Nancie Atwell, winner of the Varkey Foundation's first Global Teacher Prize, recently spoke to CNN's "New Day " show about receiving a $1 million award that she subsequently handed over to her school, the school she founded, the Center For Teaching and Learning. Show More Summary

Thompson: My Contribution to Oklahoma Edu-Bloggers' Discussion of Teaching Content

The Tulsa blogger, Blue Cereal, challenged Oklahoma edu-bloggers to describe, in 1200 words or less, our personal beliefs regarding the teaching of content. Here's my contribution: Akili (as I will call him) borrowed every issue of my New York Review of Books. Show More Summary

AFT Adds 1,300 Alaska Nurses

The previously independent Alaska Nurses Association voted to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers. The addition of ANA’s 1,300 members in three bargaining units brings AFT to a total of 85,000 nurses among its members...

Opt out - NOT anti-testing

Sent to the New York Post, April 13, 2015David Bradford ("Opt out of tests – kids will suffer," April 13) thinks that parents who opt their children out of the current tests are opposed to assessment. Wrong. They are opposed to excessive and inappropriate assessment. Show More Summary

Send Article to Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and Randi Weingarten

A clip from this long overdue piece that ties together a number of corporate ed resistance elements: Read the story here.

Morning Video: Arne Duncan's Impenetrable Wall Of Talking Points

Last week, MSNBC's Chris Hayes tried valiantly to get past EdSec Duncan's talking points (Why is Common Core so controversial?) Curmudgucation tears it apart here. At least Duncan now limits his "race-to-the-bottom" claims about NCLB to 20 states. Show More Summary

AM News: Testing Week Begins In New York (This Should Be Fun)

Opting Out of NY State Standardized Tests WNYC: State standardized tests begin as of April 14th and mark the start of six days of annual exams for New York children in grades three to eight. And we take calls from parents on why they have their kids opt out from the exams. Show More Summary

Turning "Collaboration" into a Bad Word

Turning “Collaboration” Into a Bad Word By Ken Derstine The disastrous budget that Governor Cuomo has achieved in New York deepens the attack on teachers and public education. Among its many regressive measures, the budget includes evaluating teachers based on standardized test scores. Show More Summary

Pigs, Midwest Version

For unarmed black men across America, death goes on. Excuse this time: I meant to use my taser. Followed by this: The more disturbing portion of the video, however, comes after Harris suffers the gunshot wound. Screaming in apparent pain, Harris can be heard telling the officers “He shot me! He shot me, man. Show More Summary

Tennessee's Deal with the Devil

Part 1: NAEP and ACT When Tennessee accepted the millions of dollars and grant-writing help from the corporate foundations to get their state application in shape to win the $501 million grant from Race to the Top in 2010, Tennessee accepted the role as poster state for corporate education reform, along with all the visibility that comes with it. Show More Summary

South Memphis Community Group Goes on Offense to Save Their Schools

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to get to know and to work with a core group of dedicated teachers and parents in South Memphis who are smart, savvy, committed, unrelenting, and fearless in doing what is necessary to beat back the privatizers and profiteers who now think they call the shots for Memphis schools. Show More Summary

Pearson & edTPA: Evil or Not?

I have been waiting for an answer to that question for a year, but I am more confused than ever after receiving a post-conference report from the organizers of the edTPA Southeast Regional Summit. They tell us that the teacher candidate assessment is “currently used by more than 600 teacher preparation programs in some 40 states […]

Pop Culture: The Middle School Teacher Who Played "Unhittable Sidd Finch"

Thirty years ago this month, Sports Illustrated pulled off one of the biggest media hoaxes imaginable at the time, presenting a long feature story by George Plimpton about a mysterious buddhist with a 168 mph fastball who was going to propel the Mets to World Series success. Show More Summary

No need to test every student

Sent to the Los Angeles Times, April 10, 2015I do not share the Times' cheerful interpretation of the Alexander-Murray compromise for the new education law ("A new No Child Left Behind," April 10). As long as schools continue annualShow More Summary

EdTech: Here Come the Chromebooks

One more thing about tablets: Here Come the Chromebooks. This story from Scholastic Administrator (site sponsor) and Michelle Davis describes how Chromebook sales have skyrocketed in recent months even as tablet sales and uses have come under pressure. Check it out!

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