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And Just Like That…

“Seattle teachers strike settled” …pending approval by the union’s board and representative assembly. Details unavailable until the votes, but we’ll be sure to check on provisions about making up the strike days.

Charts: Student Homelessness Still Rising Despite Recovery

"The latest homeless count, an 8 percent increase over the 2012-2013 school year... offers a glimpse of the growing challenges that public schools face nationwide as they seek to educate an increasing number of low-income children." - Washington Post (Number of homeless students in U.S. Show More Summary

Quotes: Single Salary Schedule Gets New Look In Delaware

I would have walked a picket line for the single salary scale ten years ago. - Delaware teachers union head

Nashville Prep Chooses Inappropriate Novel and Then Censor It for Students

Nashville Prep is one of those total compliance chain gang schools where children are treated more like prisoners than pupils. Despite the propaganda spread by the school regarding its top testing status, state testing shows a more mixed picture (Blue is highest, red is lowest). Show More Summary

Morning News: Alarming TODAY Series, Keeping Teachers Of The Year In Class

The Today show is running a back to school series focusing on alarming issues like why school buses don't have seat belts and what a high-tech school security system looks like. Click above for the school bus segment, or here for the school intruder prevention system segment. Show More Summary

AM News: Ferguson Commission Highlights Equity & Whole-Child Issues

Ferguson Commission: Schools Must Prioritize Whole-Child Issues, Equity District Dossier: A 198-page report by the Ferguson Commission recommends a focus on whole-child issues like hunger and school discipline and an overhaul in how the state of the Missouri deals with unaccredited districts. Show More Summary

Update: Closed Philly School Converted Into Hipster Gastropub Generates Controversy

White hipsters sipping drinks on the roof of a closed (and beloved) Philly high school -- what could look more wrong? I posted about this on HotForEd last week when I came across a post in The Awl (The Hottest Bar in Philly Is on Top of a Shuttered Public School), and couldn't stop reading. Show More Summary

NEA New Hampshire Endorses Clinton

Normally it wouldn’t be much of a news item to note that NEA New Hampshire endorsed Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States. But back in June, Vermont NEA already endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders and specifically mentioned plans to campaign for him in New Hampshire. “There are 350 Vermont […]

Morning Listen: Outward Bound Goes To School

Check out this APM documentary about Expeditionary Learning, the network of schools developed using some of the ideas from Outward Bound (A vision for a new kind of public school in America). Then go read some of the accompanying essays...Show More Summary

AM News: Jobs Announces New $50M HS Redesign Project

Laurene Powell Jobs Commits $50 Million to Create New High Schools NYT: With an advertising campaign that looks as if it came from Apple’s marketing department, the initiative [XQ: The Super School Project] is meant to create high schools with new approaches to education. Show More Summary

Roundup: Where #BlackLivesMatter Meets Education (Reform)

Curious about where BLM and education overlap? Here's a helpful roundup of school-related BLM articles to check out, courtesy of Catherine Bellinger, D.C. Director at DFER: Derrell Bradford on Freddie Gray: More Summary

Quotes: Neighborhood Schools "Almost An Orwellian Term"

‘Neighborhood school’ is almost an Orwellian term. It sounds great—and can be great in a perfect world. But its history is a history of using neighborhood boundaries to segregate. - Former Obama campaign staff and RePublic Schools founder Ravi Gupta quoted in Conor Williams oped (Liberals Push to Correct Inequality - To A Point)

CTA’s Mandatory Sales Pitch Bill Looks Dead

The California Teachers Association tried to sneak in a last-minute bill that would have required school districts to set aside 30 minutes for the union to beg members not to leave. OK, it didn’t say that exactly, but CTA appears so pessimistic about its chances to win the Friedrichs v. CTA agency fee case before […]

It Takes a College Newspaper to Tell the Real Story Behind Relay Plot

Congratulations to the University of Memphis' Daily Helmsman for covering this important story. Also see here and here for background: Can Relay Graduate School of Education produce quality educators after a one-year teaching residency...Show More Summary

Charts: New Report Calls For Renewed Integration Effort (Can It Happen?)

In a new report, the Century Foundation calls for new efforts to integrate district, charter, and early childhood programs. Meantime, NYC's education chief says efforts to diversity schools there won't happen quickly, and New America's...Show More Summary

Morning Video: TN's Free Community College Model

From PBS: "Tennessee is expecting record enrollment at its community colleges this year, under a new program that guarantees two years of tuition for free for students who meet some simple requirements. But can schools keep the students...Show More Summary

The Uncommon School

In mid-19th Century, a radical idea by a tireless school reformer named Horace Mann took hold: publicly funded schools that would provide a quality school and teaching staff for the well-to-do, the working poor, and everyone in between. Show More Summary

AM News: More About Those CA Common Core Test Results (& Comparisons)

Less Than Half of CA Students Made the Grade on New Common Core–Aligned Test Slate: A total of 12 million students in 29 states took some version of these new Common Core–based assessments developed by Smarter Balanced and PARCC this year. Show More Summary

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