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Whose Interests Are Served When United Opt Out Website Goes Down

With hundreds of billions of dollars depending upon the continuation of high stakes testing, the corporate fascists of the technology-testing complex have sent their dirty tricksters to detonate the United Opt Out website. If you don't think these billionaire thugs and their stooges are not playing for keeps, you're wrong. Show More Summary

Media: Documentaries About Chicago & DC High Schools Win Peabodies

This year's Peabody Awards include This American Life's Harper High School (featuring Chicago Public Radio's Linda Lutton and Alex Kotlowitz, among others) and PBS's 180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School -- both of which you've read and heard about on this page. Show More Summary

Update: Not Quitting Blogging, Not Doing TFA

Thanks for all the responses to my early April Fool's joke, which seemed to have been enjoyed widely. Longtime readers will recognize that fake news is nothing new from me (usually tagged "Made-Up News" and presented tongue in cheek). Show More Summary

Beware of STEM Fever

Sent to the Register-Guard, April 2, 2014Before Eugene's educators continue with their plans ("Leaders eye transforming academy to STEM school," April 1), they should know that a number of studies have concluded that there is no shortage...Show More Summary

NYSUT Election Will Be Held Saturday Evening

The incumbent has the support of more than 300 locals, and the challenger has the support of all the largest ones. Barring something utterly extraordinary, Karen Magee will become the new president of New York State United Teachers, but by a less-than-impressive margin. Almost all of the union’s business will be conducted prior to the […]

Bruno: The Homework Dilemma From A Teacher's Point of View

We seem to have arrived at another peak in the HAC [Homework Angst Cycle], with much hand-wringing about whether kids these days are over-burdened or under-challenged by homework. The progress of the HAC seems to be more-or-less unrelated to actual changes in quantities of homework assigned. Show More Summary

Charts: Outside Fundraising Undercuts School Equity In SF (& Elsewhere)

Reform critics like to highlight outside fundraising as a charter-only issue, but this chart and article from EdSource Today shows that private fundraising is a major equity issue among district schools in SF (and by all accounts in other cities as well).

Thompson: 25,000 Rally for Education in Oklahoma

I was one of 25,000 to 30,000 teachers, students, and parents rallying at the Oklahoma State Capitol. No, this is not an April Fool's joke! After education spending was cut more than any other state, while the full load of test-driven reforms were imposed, we are pushing back. Show More Summary

Weingarten Pumps Common Core

Randi Weingarten just won't stop digging when she find herself in a hole dug for her by Gates and Bloomberg. She used the latest PISA announcement yesterday to manufacture another reason to support the chosen solution that has no proof that it will do anything other than to serve as the testing delivery system for another generation of human rights abuses in schools.

High-Stakes Standardized Testing – Madness and Malpractice

In case you were wondering how the standardized testing affects younger children who are not yet at the tested grade levels… My three children (ages 4 and 6) are spending the second day in a row stuck inside of their classroom unable to have outside recess because it will disrupt the testing conditions for the […]

Morning Videos: States Tackle Universal Preschool & Teacher Job Protections

Two PBS NewsHour segments -- first preschool, then (below) teacher tenure in CA and elsewhere.

OPINION: Give Educators the Drawing Board (EdSurge News)

See on – Connected Learning Edtech conferences are by definition idiosyncratic spaces, because they bridge two professions – educators and product developers – whose needs are sometimes difficult to align. Most traditional “teaching” conferences focus on pedagogical practices. Show More Summary

Innovation in Education: Not Just a Term for Startups (EdSurge News)

See on – Connected Learning Teachers and schools are often perceived as lacking in innovation. However, looking at the way teachers approach the classroom, you find many similarities to disruptive innovators. In his book, The Innovator’s DNA, Clayton Christensen lays out the five characteristics of these innovative thinkers - Stephanie Sandifer‘s insight: If a […]

AM News: US Students Good (But Not Great) At Problem-Solving

American Students Test Well in Problem Solving, but Trail Foreign Counterparts NYT: Fifteen-year-olds in the United States scored above the average of those in the developed world on exams assessing problem-solving skills, but they trailed...Show More Summary

SAMS Academy of Corruption, Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Scott Glasrud oversees about 800 public school students grades 4 through 12, but he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing it. That has the state’s attention. The Schools Glasrud’s charter schools are high-performing. Show More Summary

Union Campaign Contributions May Help Fund Yee’s Defense

I don’t know if the FBI got back the envelope of cash it used to bribe California state senator Leland Yee, but hundreds of people and organizations won’t get back the money they donated to Yee’s campaign for Secretary of State. The law allows such contributions to be used for a legal defense fund. This […]

TN BATs Out of the Cave and Into the Limelight

Democracy is alive and well in those organizations that truly advocate for children and public education. Two such organizations are Tennesseans Reclaiming Educational Excellence (TREE) and Badass Teachers of Tennessee (BATS). Jim Horn...Show More Summary

Education is a Human Right: Stop the Human Rights Violations

A few relevant Articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 22. Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation...Show More Summary

Events: So Long -- I'm Quitting Blogging & Joining TFA

It is with extremely mixed emotions that I'm announcing that, as of midnight tonight I'm shutting down this site, the related Facebook and Twitter pages, and also my Chicago blog and Tumblr. [Some auto-scheduled tweets from over theShow More Summary

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