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One Voice?

“Collective bargaining offers professionals the advantage of being able to speak with one voice.” This is an excellent sentiment if you happen to agree with what that one voice is saying, but it is when you disagree that it leads to problems – to the point where the U.S. Supreme Court has to work them out. […]

Quotes: Philanthropy > Campaign Contributions

Philanthropy is having as much influence as campaign contributions, but campaign contributions get all the attention. The imbalance is stunning to me. -- Inside Philanthropy's David Calllahan in the New York Review of Books (How to Cover the One Percent)

Maps: States Use Education Lottery Revenues For Variety Of Purposes

"How much a state taxes a winning lottery ticket also varies — and what happens to taxable earnings is even more murky." (NBC News: Schools Don't Always Benefit From Lottery Sales)

Teachers in High Poverty Schools Get Lower Evaluation Scores

Did you ever believe that using test scores to evaluate and reward teachers could be a disincentive to teaching in high poverty schools? You were right. From Chicago: Teachers who score the lowest under the district’s relatively newShow More Summary

Morning Video: President Obama Lists Education Priorities

Excerpt of last night's SOTU focused on education, via Slate. Obama: I Will Keep Fighting for Preschool and College Access PK12: President Barack Obama used his very last State of the Union address to press for action on unfinished pieces...Show More Summary

AM News: Veteran Insider To Head Nation's 2nd Largest School System

New LA Unified superintendent signs $350,000 contract KPCC: The new superintendent’s $350,000 salary is $50,000 more than what predecessor Ramon Cortines was paid, and it's roughly $47,000 more than her salary as chief deputy superintendent of schools. Show More Summary

Television: Bravo Series Revolves Around Posh LA Private School

Bravo's scripted dramedy, Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce, centers to a surprisingly large extent around the never-ending duties of parents who send their children to a posh progressive LA private school called the "Center for Expanding Horizons" that might be loosely based on Crossroads (?). Show More Summary

Update: Rethinking The NYT Ethicist's "Breezy" Public School Cop-Out

As you may have seen, the NYT's ethicist recently told some Bay Area parents that they were not ethically obliged to send their little kid to the local school that seemed safe but had low test scores: "There’s no recognizably human world where parents treat their own children the same as everyone else’s. Show More Summary

Justice Sotomayor’s Ingenious Solution to the Agency Fee Problem

I spent most of yesterday answering questions and reading analysis about oral arguments in the Friedrichs case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Everyone seems to be enjoying reading the tea leaves, but we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, it is only prudent for the unions to continue to prepare for the worst. Almost […]

Morning Video: Adorable Teacher, Friedrichs Protesters, Hillary On White Privilege

From The Seventy Four: America's Oldest - and Most Adorable - Teacher. Or check out some pics and video from the competing groups outside the Supreme Court yesterday. Or -- watch Hillary Clinton field a question about white privilege (via Fusion/MediaLite).

AM News: Detroit Public School Protest

Detroit Public School Teachers Protest WNYC: Earley called the "sickout" in Detroit yesterday an action by a minority of public school teachers, saying it "served no purpose other than to harm and disrupt the efforts intended for those...Show More Summary

How Culturally-Relevant Teaching Affects Achievement

Abstract from a paper published by National Bureau of Economic Research: An extensive theoretical and qualitative literature stresses the promise of instructional practices and content aligned with the cultural experiences of minority students. Show More Summary

Detroit Citizens Take Action to End Deplorable School Conditions

From the Detroit News:....Teachers are upset by large class sizes, pay and benefit concessions, and a state plan to create a new, debt-free Detroit school district. DPS, which has been run by a series of state-appointed emergency managers...Show More Summary

Charts: Inflation-Adjusted Spending Over Time, By State

"Please note that the reported totals cannot be reliably compared among states. Figures reported do not account for discrepancies in cost of living, which are typically calculated for specific metropolitan areas. In addition, accounting methods vary among state agencies." Click the link to see all the states. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Teacher Sick-Out Closes Bunch Of Detroit Schools

At least 50 Detroit Public Schools closed due to teacher sick-out Or, watch this PBS NewsHour segment Country's oldest voluntary school desegregation program grows in Rochester, New York. Or, listen to this NPR story A 'No-Nonsense' Classroom Where Teachers Don't Say 'Please'.

Pop Culture: "Let's Read" (David Bowie, RIP)

This used to be up at my library — Jason Diamond (@imjasondiamond) January 11, 2016 As news of David Bowie's death spreads, there's at least one education-related angle to explore: this American Library Association PSA in which the singer (dressed in jeans and a letterman jacket) reads a paperback. Show More Summary

AM News: Supreme Court Hears Teachers Union Case

Supreme Court Case Could Weaken Government Workers Unions AP: While half the states already have right-to-work laws banning mandatory fees, most members of public-employee unions are concentrated in more liberal-leaning states that don't, including California, New York and Illinois. Show More Summary

Margeret Spellings Hires Company to Provide Cover for Coming Onslaught at UNC

An anonymous billionaire has paid the bill for Margaret Spellings to hire the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to conduct "a study" and make recommendations for business-friendly changes at UNC. BCG has been described as an international...Show More Summary

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