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Washington Education Association Employees Set Strike Date of Sept. 27

The sticking point, as usual, is pension costs and post-retirement health care liabilities. Although the bargaining atmosphere is acrimonious, I expect a deal will get done before the strike deadline, just as it was in California. The reason is simple. Show More Summary

Why Wait Months for Union News?

The New York Post‘s featured Labor Day story was headlined “UFT may have to dramatically slash $182M budget.” The newspaper reported that the United Federation of Teachers expected a 20-30 percent drop in membership – according to “labor sources” – should the U.S. Show More Summary

Billion Year Contract

Over at the Center of the American Experiment, Tom Steward draws our attention to the latest effort of Education Minnesota to stave off the potential loss of thousands of members if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down agency fee laws. Down at the bottom of the union’s 2017-18 membership application, in small print and grayed … Continue reading "Billion Year Contract"

Two Things People Love Until It’s Time to Pay Them

Taxes and unions. The Wyoming Education Association released a poll it commissioned that shows 78% of the state’s voters are willing to pay more in taxes for K-12 schools – 32% were willing to pay $200 or more per year. The respondents...Show More Summary

ED and Blackwater Share Same Goal

Just as her murderous brother, Erik Prince, has a scheme to privatize the U. S. military, the criminally-ignorant crone, Betsy DeVos, is out to do the same for schooling from pre-K through college: “I think that there’s been an outsized footprint in the last couple, three decades on the part of the federal government in education,” she said. Show More Summary

Time to end the racist triumvirate of Tuck, Huppenthal, and Horne

It’s a tale of white fragility and fear, really.—Imani Gandy These two racist State Superintendents finally got what they deserved for shuttering ethnic studies in Arizona. However, right here in California, we have a candidate for State...Show More Summary

CTA Employees Reach Tentative Agreement

Back from The Wall and hip-deep in piled-up tasks. Here are a few tidbits while I catch up: Despite contentious negotiations, the California Teachers Association and its professional staffers reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. Show More Summary

NEA: "We're not opposed to charter schools."

Jeff Bryant, who remains a primary enabler of the corporate unions, NEA and AFT, recently interviewed NEA VP Becky Pringle at NetRoots.JB: Does that mean NEA is anti-charter?BP: We're not opposed to charter schools. We have started charter schools, and we have members in charter schools. Show More Summary

Charter Industry Demands Access to TN Student Data: Parents Say No

Under the misdirection of Commissioner Candice McQueen, the TN state legislature recently passed a sweeping new charter law that is aimed to expand the footprint and to give more public money to the charter industry's corporate welfare reform schools. Show More Summary

From the Vault: May 5, 2003

EIA Exclusive: The Tip of the Iceberg – The Story Behind the United Teachers of Dade Scandal Last week’s communiqué noted curiosities about the finances of the Florida Education Association (FEA) and the United Teachers of Dade (ref....Show More Summary

From the Vault: April 28, 2003

How to Make Adam Smith Spin. On May 13, Economics Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization devoted to “economic literacy through education,” will present its 2003 Adam Smith Leadership Award to… Pennsylvania State Education (PSEA) President Patsy Tallarico!? Perhaps Tallarico is a closet free-marketer. Show More Summary

From the Vault: March 31, 2003

The Quagmire of Law-Based School Reform. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act may be the farthest-reaching federal education legislation in U.S. history. It directly affects funding and services in virtually every one of the nation’s nearly 15,000 school districts. Show More Summary

From the Vault: March 22, 2003

NEA: No Position on War. The National Education Association told its officers and staff to make it clear that the union has no position on the war in Iraq. Treading lightly after a public relations fiasco with its 9/11 anniversary web...Show More Summary

From the Vault: February 18, 2003

EIA Invites Illinois Members to Eliminate the Middleman. Someone thought I would find the February 14 issue of the IEA Insider interesting, and indeed, I did. The Insider is a weekly, members-only publication of the Illinois Education...Show More Summary

From the Vault: January 27, 2003

AFT Executive Council Supports U.S. Action to Disarm Iraq. In a noteworthy display of contrariness, the American Federation of Teachers Executive Council passed a resolution supporting U.S. and international efforts to disarm Iraq. The...Show More Summary

Heading North

I’ll be away for a week, so this space will contain some noteworthy stories from the EIA vault. See you back here with new material on August 28.

Stats For Your Back Pocket

The National Center for Education Statistics released Characteristics of Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in the United States: Results From the 2015-16 National Teacher and Principal Survey, which is a long title for a relatively short report filled with useful stats on school staffing. Show More Summary

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