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Maps: Too Many States Have Early School Start Times

States in red (like LA, MS, AL) have the earlier start times, while states in paler colors (like Alaska, Iowa, ND) start later. Via Huffington Post. Click here for the full story.


That’s Rich. Across Country A Scramble Is On To Find Teachers: (NYT 8/10/15) 10 Monday Aug 2015 Posted by David Greene in Uncategorized ? Leave a comment [Edit] This is no surprise. For years we have been predicting the demise of a great profession because of so–called “reform”. Show More Summary

Why Have Some Civil Rights Groups Flipped on Standardized Testing?

By Ken Derstine @ Defend Public Education! August 10, 2015 In 1947, as a student at Morehouse College, an eighteen-year old Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote an article for the student newspaper The Maroon Tiger. In the article, The Purpose of Education, he explained his vision of what education should be. Show More Summary

Ravitch Finds Solace in Bernie's Education Policy Ignorance

Diane Ravitch uses some of her best reverse logic to try to justify the NPE/AFT/NEA/Fairtest embrace of the federal capitulation on ESEA to states rights proponents and paternalistic corporate welfare kings. Yes, Bernie signed on to the Alexander/Murphy public education giveaway. Show More Summary

Shortage-Term Memory

It’s August – a slow time for education news, so it is not unusual for media outlets to reach into the filing cabinet for those “evergreen” stories. Today’s topic is apparently teacher shortages. I’m not going to repeat my litany of problems with teacher shortage stories. I’m not even going to insist that there is […]

Charts: What Black & White New Orleanians Really Think About Education

There's a big gap between how good white and black NOLA residents think things are for kids in the decade since Katrina, but the overall trend is positive for education (see bottom left) and overall kid well-being. Via NPR (New Orleanians See Remarkable Progress A Decade After Hurricane Katrina).

Morning Video: Will Economic Inequality Influence Campaign 2016?

How much of an issue will economic inequality be? Check out this Atlantic panel led by Ron Brownstein and featuring panelists like Demos head Heather McGhee and Michael Gerson Michael (who apparently coined the GWB line about the "soft bigotry of low expectations").

AM News: Clinton Student Debt Proposal, Teacher Shortage Debate

Hillary Clinton Wants To Help Student Debtors By Taxing The Rich HuffPost: The Democratic presidential candidate wants state and federal governments to increase their funding for students at certain public colleges while also allowing...Show More Summary

Who, In His Right Mind, Would Go into Public School Teaching? Anyone, Anyone?

What do you get when combine a war against teachers, a crusade against professional teacher education, a thirty year campaign to resegregate schools, the corporatization of PreK-12, and college costs that create a lifetime of crushing debt?One thing you get is a serious teacher shortage, as reported by Rich in the New York Times. Show More Summary

Corporate Radio Picks On AFT Indiana

by Doug Martin A few days ago, WIBC 93.1’s Ray Steele and Mike Wilson, hosts of The 10 @ 10 Show, found a tweet by AFT Indiana and wentinto corporate bully mode. The AFT Indiana tweet read: “To all the heroes of the education world headed...Show More Summary

Making Advisory Work

[This post comes out of Friday’s work session with the Innovative Schools network where principals and counselors and teachers and social workers came together to talk about how they care for the children in their schools. It was wonderful to … Continue reading ?

Join Voices Against Privatizing Public Education's efforts to repeal the California charter school law

There is a small grass-roots group that has been working diligently to create a ballot proposition to repeal the charter school laws. While a seemingly daunting task, there might not ever be another chance to do this before the privatizers...Show More Summary

Thompson: This American Life, School Integration, & The Ultimate School Reform Excuse

Former Pro-Publica writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, in School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson, recalls of the inescapable truth that educators once acknowledged, and that we now need to remember. Children who attend the most segregated schools, Hannah-Jones reminds us, “are more likely to be poor. Show More Summary

Randi's Endorsement Exposed Hillary's Weakness

Rhonda (Randi) Weingarten's arm-twisting of AFT to get an early endorsement of Clinton 2.0 was seen by Hillary supporters as an early push that would lead to the nation's educators jumping up for a ride on the neolib bandwagon. Now with...Show More Summary

Sunlight Through My Windows Pain

It will be a busy Friday at the EIA Operations Center as I bid a not-so-fond farewell to my twitchy Windows system and install a new Chromebox. I became a Windows user shortly after the ordeal of writing my Masters thesis using Bank Street Writer on a Commodore 64 and a daisy wheel printer (Google […]

Morning Video: Schools' Indifferent Response To Sleep Research

"Overall, only 17.7 percent of these public schools started school at 8:30 a.m. or later." In case you had any questions about whose interests schools are designed around.

Quotes: "Despondent" About Professional Development

I'm pretty despondent about the whole sector.. Regardless of the type of study, it just doesn't look like we have any purchase on what works. -- Heather C. Hill, a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in EdWeek (Is PD Behind Teacher Improvement? Maybe Not, Analysis Cautions)

Charts: How Many Education Questions Were GOP Candidates Asked?

The @FoxNews moderators managed to cover a lot of topics tonight, but not race: #GOPDebate — FiveThirtyEight (@FiveThirtyEight) August 7, 2015 According to this FiveThirtyEight chart, there were just 3 education questions asked during last night's debate -- and none on race.

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