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No Excuses, the Sequel

I had 90 seconds last evening in Memphis to share my views on the corporate school segregation plan in Memphis. I almost rushed through this before I was escorted from the podium by one of Memphis' finest: Like many others, I am here...Show More Summary

AEI's Self-Analysis of Why CorpEd Is a Loser

Great post below by Philadelphia patriot, Ken Derstine: I have stumbled onto this amazing video from a panel at the American Enterprise Institute (look at this link) on February 5, 2015. This is a spawning center of neoliberalism! This is the corporate education reformers talking to the choir. Show More Summary

AM News: Rabbit, Rabbit (No Fooling!)

New York Budget Increases School Funding, Amends Teacher Eval Rules WNYC: Under deadline pressure, Democrats in Albany reluctantly agreed to a deal on how teachers are evaluated despite opposition from educators and policy makers acrossdiv the state. Show More Summary

I Support the Opt-Out Movement

New York State United Teachers is formally encouraging parents to “opt out” their children from the state’s standardized tests, and AFT president Randi Weingarten is applauding those efforts. I agree with them. Why should students have to endure something so pointless and ineffective? But why stop there? Here are 10 more activities that should be […]

Journalism: Hard To Pick A Fight With "Bright" (But Someone Will Anyway)

There's a pretty new education site launched today, called Bright, the creation of the folks at Medium (a newish platform created by some Twitter alumni) plus the Gates Foundation and the New Venture Fund. It's being edited by Sarika Bansal, who has also worked on the Gates-funded Solutions Journalism network. Show More Summary

Charts: Education Is A Dominant Job Category Especially In The Northeast

"As the data and chart show, the Northeast is most-dominated by the education and health services industry, which accounts for more than 20 percent of all non-farm jobs in Rhode Island (the leader, at 22 percent), Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont." (Washington Post: The distribution of jobs in every state, in 2 charts)

People: Simon Leaving Politico Education Team (Plus Other Job Openings)

In case you didn't see it on Twitter yesterday, Politico's senior education writer Stephanie Simon (pictured via Twitter) is leaving the team and heading to a non-education gig at the Boston Globe. Simon came to Politico via Reuters and the WSJ. Show More Summary

People: Carmen (Fariña) Confesses

"Looking back on a frenetic first year, Fariña talks about recentralizing control under regional superintendents, addressing parents’ concerns about overtesting, encouraging more sharing of ideas among teachers and schools, and avoiding...Show More Summary

Thompson: Looking Back At Russo's Critique of Common Core Coverage

Its been two weeks since Alexander Russo's Common Problems with Common Core Reporting, in the Columbia Journalism Review, criticized the education reporting of some of journalism's greatest institutions. Russo argues that Common Core...Show More Summary

Morning Listen: Six States Have Trigger Laws - What's Next (If Anything)?

Can parent triggers help schools without ever being "pulled"? Listen to the story above or read about it here: What's Next for the Parent Trigger Movement?

Quotes: Research-Less Think Tanks Can't Compete

Without rigorous research, think tanks just repeat talking points, trying to be more clever in their phrasing and more persistent in their communication so they can be heard above the din of everyone else doing the same. - Jay Greene (The Death of the Think Tank, R.I.P.)

Another peek behind the neoliberal corporate education curtain

“Yes! Of course they [public schools] can, but my charter (school) friends don’t like it when I say that.” — Paul Vallas The only nice thing about the right wing is that they don't obscure the reasons behind corporate education reform. Show More Summary

From Inside the Corporate Ed Reform School Cult

Posted at Education Matters by a former corporate ed reform advocate, Jorge Cabrera. ht to Peter Farruggio For nearly three years, I had been involved in what has often been referred to by some as the “education reform movement” in Bridgeport. Show More Summary

Hot Tips from the Hoosegow

Dateline – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: A former Wyoming Area School District teacher who embezzled nearly $60,000 from the teachers’ union when she was president has written a “how to” book on surviving federal prison. While Lisa Barrett was sitting in the top bunk of her cubicle at Danbury Federal Prison Camp in Danbury, Connecticut, she penned […]

Morning Video: New Daily Show Host Slams Oprah's African School

The new Daily Show host Trevor Noah mocks Oprah's scandal-ridden African school. "You're getting a beating! Everybody's getting one!" There may be other, better examples, but this one will help you make it to lunchtime.

Charts: White Kids Disproportionately "Winning" School Lottery In SF (& Elsewhere)

"White children account for 29 percent of the city's population age 19 or younger, but only 13 percent of students in public schools... The district's school "lottery," intended partly to promote diversity in classrooms, has apparently...Show More Summary

Parent Offers Good Reasons for Opting Out

A clip from here :....Our students’ independence is slowly but surely being crushed by an endless scholastic bombardment of carrots and sticks, reminders to stay on the state-mandated track and learn the state-mandated information. No zig, no zag, no time to stop and enjoy the view. Show More Summary

AM News: Common Core Critics Losing, Warren Supporters Split Labor

Common Core Critics Are Loud But Losing Governing: Most states are now four or five years into the process. Ending Common Core would mean a lot of wasted effort and money. In places like Indiana, the brand name may have gotten dropped, but the essential elements remain intact. Show More Summary

Post for Admins: Question More, Solve Less

At first blush, being an administrator who is a problem solver seems like a uniquely positive trait. There are certainly enough problems in schools that require solving. But problem-solving isn’t always as important as we think it is. Sometimes, we … Continue reading ?

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