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AM News: GOP Agenda, Paladino's Comments, The Hub Project, & More

GOP Agenda: Unions, Lawsuits, Abortion and School Choice… After Paladino’s Racist Remarks, Buffalo School Board Demands He Resign… With The Hub Project, progressive campaigns nationwide...Show More Summary

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 16

Probably the most graphic display of the unchecked KIPP Model in action was played out in a KIPP school in Fresno, CA, where organizational zeal, moral blindness, and an absence of public oversight and accountability combined to create an abusive, inhumane school environment that remains a testament to the evils inherent in "no excuses" schooling. Show More Summary

Improve Learning: Ban Laptops in Classrooms

A law professor at Pace U. presents his researched reasons for banning laptops in his classes:.... To restore the focus-training function of the classroom, I stopped allowing laptops in class early in my teaching career. Since then research has confirmed the wisdom of my choice. Show More Summary

Undoing the Military-Corporate Complex

Even as the malicious pretenders of climate change denial are installed by the Trumpists throughout Washington to keep the lid on any effort to halt the coming environmental catastrophe imposed by lethal energy extraction and use, the...Show More Summary

Happy New Year!

No one can match Dave Barry when it comes to recaps of 2016, so let’s just sign off with this hope for 2017: It will have to be really bad to approach 1917! Happy New Year!

Houston's Systematic Mistreatment of Special Needs Children

The Houston Independent School District has an established history of miseducative corruption, which goes back to the glory days of Rod Paige, who made a national reputation with made up graduation and dropout numbers for Houston high schools. Show More Summary

Take My Course

I'll be teaching a course at Cambridge College in the Spring that is open to non-matriculated students, as well as students currently enrolled in CC programs. Parents, students, policymakers, and teachers are welcome. The course, Reconceptualization...Show More Summary

Come Teach with Me and Be My Clone

With apologies to Christopher Marlowe By Susan Ohanian Come teach with me and be my Clone And we will make Common Core our own.Let corporate precepts rule our field,And make sure all stubborn students yield. There will we stand withShow More Summary

What’s the Third Largest Teachers Union?

New Jersey: “Parent groups and the state’s largest teachers union have said the PARCC tests are unproven, confusing and excessively time consuming.” Connecticut: “The Connecticut Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union,...Show More Summary

Trump's New York Campaign Co-Chair

Paladino is such a perfect psychopathic match for the Trumpster. from HuffPo:The New York co-chair of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign made racist and sexist comments about first lady Michelle Obama in a recent interview, suggesting...Show More Summary

The Strange History of the Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

I’m going to save myself some work today and merely point you to a story by Rachel Cohen, published on It’s about the Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools, a unique charter school authorizer in that it was created by the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and financially supported by AFT. Show More Summary

Bill Nye, The Science Guy shouldn't believe everything he reads about the Common Core.

Stephen Krashen§ion=Article On Big Think, Bill Nye (The Science Guy) advises us to "use your critical thinking skills. Evaluate evidence. Don't believe everything you read or see" (December 20, 2016). Show More Summary

Homecoming: Alumni Are Still Family

[Before I start talking about what happened today, I need to give a huge shout out to the always amazing Larissa Pahomov. A few years ago, I asked her if she’d take on the role of Alumni Coordinator, and she’s done so much to build our alumni community. Nothing that happened today would have happened […]

Teachers Union Boots Santa For Violating Work-to-Rule Job Action

Dateline – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: The Christmas spirit took a hit in one Cape Breton elementary school Monday when Santa Claus and a group of volunteer firefighters were told to leave because their annual visit violated work-to-rule job action. Show More Summary

Media: Best Education Journalism 2016

With 2016 quickly winding down, let’s take a look back at the year’s education journalism gems. As you will see, there’s no shortage of quality work. Clearly, there are lots of smart, hard-working, and extremely devoted reporters and editors working to bring stories about American schools to readers. Show More Summary

Almost 40 Percent of ASD Teachers Lack Basic Qualifications

When Walton Foundation shill, Dr. Gary Henry, was asked about the fact that almost 40 percent of ASD teachers lacked basic teaching qualifications, his response included this gem: "It’s a relatively low bar for traditional schools to...Show More Summary

Mass Customized Learning Comes to Central Pennsylvania

This post was originally written this past fall as a FB note, but I am posting it here now so that it can be more widely available.“Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning” is a book and an educational program developed by education theorists Charles Schwahn and Bea McGarvey. Show More Summary

Burying the Lede

“When women retire, yet another gap” reads the headline from the latest post on Lily’s Blackboard, the blog of National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García. The post addresses the likelihood of women being in poverty during retirement, and attributes it to the gender gap in pay. Show More Summary

Thursday AM News: Revamped Teacher Evaluation In NY, DeVos & Charters, & More

NYC Education Officials ReviseTeacher Evaluations… Proposed NYC Teacher Evaluation Plan Emphasizes Classroom Work, Projects - WSJ The Nation's Best Local Education Foundations - Market BriefShow More Summary

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