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NEA Names New Political Director

From NEA HQ: The National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, has named Carrie Pugh as its new political director. Pugh will lead NEA’s national and state elections, strategic operations, civic and member engagement and PAC fundraising efforts. Show More Summary

Quotes: Governor Walkers Education Accomplishments, Fact-Checked

Our school scores are better. Our ACT scores are second best in the country. Graduation rate’s up over the past four years. Reading scores are up over the past four years, because we put the power back in the hands of the hard working taxpayers and the people they elect to run their school boards. Show More Summary

By my friend, Bernie Keller, a gifted teacher of English!

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that I have corrected and/or edited thousands of essays and research papers, as well as a number of dissertations, in addition to having written a number of essays of my own, and not one of the aforementioned writings employs the current writing style espoused by the common core supporters. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Universal Preschool In Iceland Helps Reduce Child Poverty

"Meet the poorest kids in Iceland, a country with a low child poverty rate and nearly universal enrollment in early education, starting at age 2. In America, meanwhile, despite advances in many states, only 40% of 3-year-olds are enrolled." (How to end child poverty in America CNN).


BE UPSET NOT ONLY AT HEADLINE BUT HOW THE ARTICLE IS WRITTEN: I wonder. Where is the in depth analysis of the causes briefly referred to in the beginning...Show More Summary

AM News: Pockets Of Trouble For FL District Testing; CA Is Up Next

School Districts Report Second Day Of Testing Problems StateImpact FL: The Tampa Bay Times reports Tampa-area schools had to suspend some testing for a second day. Miami-Dade superintendent Alberto Carvalho says he won’t resume testing until the state can prove everything is working. Show More Summary

Math Professionals say no to CCSS TESTS

From a friend and former colleague: Hi Dave,I am a trainer for Meaningful Math-a student centered program that is problem based. Years ago I taught IMP (Interactive Mathematics Program) which started in California and was a really great alternative way of teaching and learning. Show More Summary

Test vs. Trust

The United Federation of Teachers decided to voluntarily close its elementary charter school rather than be forced to do so by its charter authorizer, the State University of New York. Rather than repeat what I wrote in October 2012, when it seemed closure was imminent, I will instead focus on the union’s press announcement, wherein UFT […]

Parents: Housing-Based School Assignment Gets A Black Eye In The Bay Area

In America a child's destiny should not be determined by his or her zip code #DontStealPossible #education — Hamlet Garcia (@hamletgarcia17) March 3, 2015 That's parent Hamlet Garcia, whom as you may recall was taken to court over his daughter's attendance at a wealthy high performing school district. Show More Summary

Maps: Why Won't Anyone Make A Map Of Common Core Test Start Dates?

I still haven't found a map giving start dates for states' Common Core testing windows but in the meantime check out this NCSL map showing where states are on Common Core implementation. The state-by-state assessment consortia map from NCSL is here. Show More Summary

Quotes: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker On Eliminating ISIS Teachers

We must identify the people who are teaching ISIS their tactics – in other words, their teachers – and eliminate them. I did that in Wisconsin and I can do it in Iraq and Syria... Behind every problem, there are teachers you need to get rid of. - Scott Walker (Walker Vows To Detroy ISIS Teachers via Andy Borowitz

Journalism: KPCC Shows The Right Way To Correct A Story In 2 Easy Steps

Kudos to the team at KPCC Southern California Public Radio for showing how to correct a story online (and for reminding us that UTLA and SEIU have split on endorsing the sitting board chair, Richard Vladovic). Step 1 is to indicate in the headline that the story has been corrected. Show More Summary

Morning Video: What's Next For PARCC Testing In Chicago

Watch here for more about Chicago's sudden reversal on the Common Core testing question, or click here for a CBS News segment on parents opting out.

Students Walk Out on Common Core in New Mexico

The way to end the testing madness? Don't participate! Refuse the test! Out the door with Common Core.From New Mexico:Hundreds of students protesting a Common Core-oriented standardized test walked out of high schools across New Mexico...Show More Summary

From Keiser U to Grand Canyon U: Seeking Billions More as Non-Profit Schemes

I have often made the point that there is no real difference between for-profit charter schools and non-profit charter schools--there are only different routes to getting the same public money into the same private pockets. Now it is...Show More Summary

AM News: Tuesday Common Core Testing Canceled In Dade & Broward (Anywhere Else?)

New Assessment Tests Canceled In Dade & Broward For Tuesday CBS Miami: While some schools were not able to log into the online system, others that were able to access the system found that it worked so slowly that it was very difficult to proceed. Show More Summary

Why every state has an opt-out movement

Sent to the NY Times, March 2, 2015 "As common core testing is ushered in, parents and students opt out" (March 1) notes that "every state has a 'opt-out' movement.” This phenomenon is unprecedented in American education. The opposition to the common core tests is not simply because they are harder. Show More Summary

Barbic Prays for Someone to Believe Him

Serial dissembler, Chris Barbic, was in Nashville today trying to fend off a bunch of legislators who have heard enough of his lies. In doing so, Barbic offered another whopper: “People are coming after us left and right on this thing, and it’s two years old,” ASD superintendent Chris Barbic told senators on the Education Committee. Show More Summary

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