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Thank you John Oliver for exposing how charter schools steal from children

“Fraud is a feature of deregulation, not a bug. When no one is looking, some people steal. Not everyone steals, but many do. That is why Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and California are scamming taxpayers.” — Professor Diane Ravitch The vile...Show More Summary

Video of Union Employees Protesting Their Union Bosses

I mentioned in Wednesday’s column that employees of the California Teachers Association were planning a labor action to address the union’s failure to properly fund their pensions. Here is video of their picket line, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee: This follows on the heels of a protest during a speech by SEIU president Mary Kay […]

Does your candidate hold left wing or right wing views on education?

“Hillary Clinton, who, for me, is a neoliberal disaster…” — Professor Cornel West Is your candidate progressive or reactionary on education issues? One measure is to compare their views to those of the notoriously right-wing JBS. Here we look at some critical issues facing students, families, and our public schools.

California Test Scores: English Improvement, Math Not So Much

The state of California released its standardized test results for English and math yesterday and it was a mixed bag. Overall scores improved but the gaps between racial and ethnic groups widened. There will be a lot of analysis from all parties but I thought it important to highlight something California did with its results […]

Severe media bias persists

Groundhog Day: A comment on “Americans like their schools just fine - but not yours.”The headline of this article should have been “Severe media bias on education persists.”As is the case every year, the Gallup poll found that people...Show More Summary

Vergara, Oliver & the Appeal to Authority

In a 4-3 ruling, the California Supreme Court decided not to review Vergara v. California, which challenged the constitutionality of the state’s teacher tenure, seniority and dismissal laws. The California Teachers Association and California...Show More Summary

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 6

If you are a new teacher in a "no excuses" school, you may be discovering a level of Hell that you previously did not know existed. In the excerpt below from my book, former teachers and teachers begin to recount some of their experiences in KIPP Model schools. Show More Summary

High school grades vs. the SAT (grades win)

Sent to the Boston Globe, August 22, 2016"Colleges cutting ties with the SAT" (August 22) is supported by research. In a study published in 2007, UC Berkeley scholars Saul Geiser and Maria Veronica Saltelices found that adding SAT scores to high school students' grades in college prep courses did not provide much more information than grades alone. Show More Summary

They Don’t Have to Learn It From Us

There’s a new post making the rounds on Facebook. It’s about a sign that the Catholic High School for Boys has posted on their front door for this school year. It says: If you are dropping off your son’s forgotten … Continue reading...

Test Your Union Advocacy Quotient!

The Canton Repository in Ohio brings us this story about middle and high school art students painting and decorating the headquarters of the Canton Professional Educators’ Association, the local teachers’ union. Their teacher said the project “gives them some ownership of something in the city, and it also provided them with some summer activity.” The […]

US Department of Education Executive Director in Spat or Brutal Brawl?

As usual, select the the news source you choose to believe on education coverage: A) US Department of Education William Mendoza, Executive Director B) Politico Obama official faces questions about Redskins jersey altercation C) NewsShow More Summary

How I Became an Internet Hero to Fans of a Defunct Disney Channel Cartoon

Forgive me for going off-topic, but I love stories about what a strange and wondrous place the Internet is. This time I just happened to be personally involved. It begins with this July 20 article on io9, which introduced me to Gravity Falls: Gravity Falls was a cartoon that ran on Disney XD from 2012 […]

Education Technology, Surveillance and America's Authoritarian Democracy

by Tim Scott "The NSA has nothing on the monitoring tools that education technologists have developed in to 'personalize' and 'adapt' learning for students in public school districts across the United States" - Jesse Irwin, marketing...Show More Summary

Schools Matter Welcomes Tim Scott

Tim Scott is a social justice educator, critical theorist and social worker who has been a community and union activist and organizer for nearly 20 years.This work has involved holding union leadership and staff positions (lead organizer...Show More Summary

The Political Theater of Chicago Teacher Layoffs

It’s difficult to take sides in the ongoing feud between the city of Chicago and its public school employees. Everyone agrees the district is a financial mess, though they vigorously disagree about who is to blame and what is to be done. More than 1,000 employees were laid off this month, about half of them […]

Perhaps Bill and Melinda Gates need their folly expressed in a more familiar format to understand it?

“Philanthropy is not progressive and never has been.” — Tiffany Lethabo King and Ewuare Osayande Seems Bill and Melinda Gates have great difficulty learning from their myriad mistakes. Our Professor Stephen Krashen is frequently reminding them and their fellow neoliberal corporate education reformers of what the real problem is. Show More Summary

Weingarten Coopts United Opt Out National

Since Randi Weingarten put AFT's full weight behind both the Clinton Campaign and the passage of the charter school and CBE stimulus bill that passed through Congress as ESSA in 2015, AFT has been shopping for a new focus to move attention...Show More Summary

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