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Curmudgucation Reads Verdict on Hillary, But Co-Defendants Ignored

In coming to the evidentiary edge of connecting the dots among the DNC, DFER, Gates/Broad, and NEA/AFT, Curmuducation is pressing the envelope on preserving his elevated status in Diane Ravitch's Blogger Hall of Fame. But he is not there...Show More Summary

AM News: LA School Board Retreats On College-Ready Course Requirement

As 22,000 students risk not graduating, LAUSD board eases requirements KPCC: The school board is modifying a commitment made a decade ago to require so-called A-G courses, the classes required to become eligible for University of California and California State University entry, to earn a high school diploma. Show More Summary

The Open Door Isn’t Always Open

“I have an open door policy.” It sounds great, right? Who could argue with it? But you have to ask a very important question: who isn’t coming in? As educators, we can convince ourselves that an open door policy is … Continue readin...

Challengers Sweep in Hawaii Union Revote

The Teachers for Change Caucus swept all three Hawaii State Teachers Association executive officer positions in a controversial revote. Corey Rosenlee will be the next HSTA president, Justin Hughey the vice president, and Amy Perruso the secretary-treasurer. The vote counts were not made immediately available. The revote came after the original election results were tossed […]

Documentaries: #MiddletownFilm Chronicles "Midpoint" Students, Blended Learning

If you're lucky enough to be following Duy Linh Tu's Facebook page, you know that he's already been through a lockdown and been put in charge of class (pictured). It's all part of a new documentary the Columbia University multimedia guru has been working on, in partnership with Digital Promise, focused on Middletown NY schools. Show More Summary

Campaign 2016: AFT Already Spending For Ads In New Hampshire

' Here's a tidbit from PK12's Friday Reading List: "The American Federation of Teachers is launching a digital advertising buy in New Hampshire, in an effort to raise the profile of education issues in the 2016 primary. It will run on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as in local papers, like the Concord Monitor. Show More Summary

Update: Top Ed Tweeters 2015 Are Arrogant White Reform Critics

Mike Petrilli's latest foray into Twitter analytics attempts to determine not just rankings (via Klout) but also tone and emotion: "What does Twitter say about the tone of the education policy debate?... It appears that many of the leading...Show More Summary

Morning Video: Senator Bennet Laments Exacerbating Impact of Higher Ed

Here's some video of US Senator Michael Bennet talking about how higher education seems to be exacerbating the inequities of our society and our schools. Via Facebook. "Our system of higher education combined with our system of K-12 education is conspiring to compound income inequality rather than relieve income inequality in this country. Show More Summary

Duncan Creates Race to Bailout Online Diploma Mills

Race to the Top was a $4.35 billion bribery scheme to fund the corporate education reform movement for a few years. We are living with the consequences today with Common Core, test based teacher evaluation, state education department...Show More Summary

Gates Manufactures Another Astroturf Common Core Group in NY

The only remaining supporters of the Rotted Core are those who stand to profit in some way from the continuation of the manufactured failure of public education and the denial that poverty is a factor in student learning. The 80 billion dollar geek's latest gift to New York. Show More Summary

AM News: This Week, Hillary Clinton Meets With The NEA

Hillary Clinton Meets With NEA, Talks Testing, Accountability PK12: With the AFT, she talked about the importance of teachers, and made it clear that they shouldn't be "scapegoats" for broader problems in K-12. And in speaking to the NEA, Monday Clinton sounded, perhaps, a shade or two more skeptical of standardized testing than she has in the past. Show More Summary


Paul Krugman just wrote a column on “Fighting the Derp”in economics. I had never heard the word before and was surprised to find out, “’Derp’ is a term borrowed from the cartoon “South Park” that has achieved wide currency among people...Show More Summary

Quotes: Time To Reconsider 1973 Rodriguez School Funding Case

[The 1973 Supreme Court decision San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez was] a triumph of states’ rights over human rights - Wade Henderson in the Washington Post (Inequitable school funding called ‘one of the sleeper civil rights issues of our time’)

Good News: Teachers’ Union Won’t Test Members for STDs

Back in April a proposal was made by representatives to the California Teachers Association State Council that the union “offer free information and testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the prevention thereof.” Alas, CTA’s board of directors had time to deliberate on the idea and decided not to pursue it “because there are other venues to achieve the […]

NPR: Two Semi-Shady Ways Schools Are Graduating More Students (Plus One Promising Approach)

Be sure to check out NPR's big new graduation rate package (The Truth About America's Graduation Rate), featuring national coverage and stories from Oregon, Chicago, San Antonio, Alabama, North Carolina, Detroit, Atlanta, DC, and more: "NPR Ed enlisted the help of 14 reporters at member stations around the country. Show More Summary

Morning Video: "Raising A Black Son In America"

Via Vox: "One of the truest, saddest TED talks ever," notes Jenee Desmond-Harris. Or or watch this ABC News segment on a NYC student's path to academic success through playing the cello. Or, watch this January PBS NewHour segment about the Marshmallow Test.

AM News: Reports Show Inadequate & Inequitable Access To Well-Funded Schools & Qualified Teachers

Nation's 'Disinvestment' in Public Schools Is Crippling Poor Students, Reports Say State EdWatch: Are prominent school funding advocates satisfied that states are now giving schools robust and well-targeted financial support? Not even close. Show More Summary

Backfilling Hurts Charter Brands

Despite large numbers of unsuspecting parents clamoring to get their child into one of Litte Eva's hell schools in NYC, many empty seats remain. Why? Bringing in new kids after low performers have been ridden out can hurt the brand. And with hundreds of million$ at stake, we know the brand is sacred. Show More Summary

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