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AM News: DeVos Committee Vote Day & More

Today's the day: Senate panel to vote on Betsy DeVos… A Look at Trump's Supreme Court 'Finalists' and Education Cases - Education Week Questions Raised About Brain Centers Backed...Show More Summary

Alexander the Not-So-Great

July 7, 2016: For their leadership and significant contributions to public education, today, the National Education Association bestowed its highest honor the Friend of Education Award upon Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican,...Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos Defenders Push Back, Florida NAACP Ponders Charters, & More

Progressives launch last-minute push against Betsy DeVos, and conservatives counter with online ad campaign Democrats unlikely to be able to stop DeVos confirmation, sources say. - The Washington Post New...Show More Summary

New Video on Hybrid/Blended Learning

If you think you know all you need to know about this efficiency scam now coming to a classroom near you, have a look at this. There's lots of valuable info packed into this 9 minute video by Alison McDowell:

And Who's Gonna Pay for the Wall?! USA! USA! USA!

Bill Maher offers his take on the Insane Clown President's first week in Washington:

Lamar Alexander, Another Lame Duck

I don't know why we, over time, don't make every public school a charter school....You could not do it overnight, but you could do it over 20, 25 years." --Lamar Alexander, 2013 Even if the former "Education Governor" of Tennessee has not decided on whether or not to run again in 2020 when his current term in the U. Show More Summary

Hawaii Teachers Union Targets Airbnb for Tax Revenue

Having failed last year to raise the state’s general excise tax, the Hawaii State Teachers Association plans to raise the property tax instead. The proposal would place a surcharge on residential investment properties and a $3-$5 per day surcharge on stays in hotel rooms, timeshares and Airbnb. Show More Summary

AM News: New USDE Hires, Democrats Double Down Against DeVos, School Arrests, & More

New Trump Adviser Jason Botel Has Advocated for Charters, Changes to Teacher-Labor Rules… New Trump Education hire Teresa UnRue vanishes - POLITICO Teachers demand Indiana Senator's recusal...Show More Summary

Betsy and Eric: Privatizing Education and the Military in God's Name

From Democracy Now, which is viewer funded. Please donate. In this web exclusive, investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept talks in depth about Trump’s team, from unofficial adviser Erik Prince to Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis to education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos.

Unionization Rate Drops to 10.7%

I’ll have much more on this next week, but the headlines on the annual union membership report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are these: The percentage of wage and salary employees who belong to unions is 10.7%, down from 11.1% in 2015. In the private sector only 6.4% of workers belong to unions, down … Continue reading "Unionization Rate Drops to 10.7%"

Trump Doubles Down On Another "Colossal Untruth"

... in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in theShow More Summary

Mondays in the Morning with Sixth Graders

by Susan Ohanian Our local elementary school regards community service as a high priority, and every Monday at my town Senior Center, which is a social gathering place for activities and information, four sixth graders give up their lunch & recess to volunteer as helpers for the popular lunch we provide once a week. Show More Summary

How exactly did the Department of Defense end up in my child's classroom?

from Wrench in the Gears You cannot fully understand what is happening with Future Ready school redesign, 1:1 device programs, embedded assessments, gamification, classroom management apps, and the push for students in neighborhood schools...Show More Summary

Good News, Bad News

Good News: The Clark County Education Association’s Teachers Health Trust is reportedly on stronger financial footing after nearly going “belly up” in 2013. Bad News: Its “journey of change” was accomplished the old-fashioned way with increased premiums and co-payments from teachers, and a $9.8 million bailout from the school district.

Buffoonery, De Damned

Just back from DC, where the Women's March brought out more than a half million people to assert their determination to maintain a constitutional democracy and the civil and human rights that our predecessors over many generations have fought and died for. Show More Summary

What Conflict of Interest?

New Hampshire prides itself on having a part-time legislature and pays its lawmakers only $200 plus per diem for a two-year term. So it’s necessary for them to maintain their full-time jobs elsewhere. Scott McGilvray was elected to the New Hampshire state senate last November and decided to keep his regular job as president of … Continue reading "What Conflict of Interest?"

AM News: DeVos Delay, Women's March, Choice Hotspots, & More

G.O.P. Senators Hope to Speed Trump Cabinet Confirmations - The New York Times [reports Dem senators likely to end up voting for nominees!] What Michiganders thought about Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing More Summary

Wayne Barrett, R.I.P.

In its obituary for long-time Village Voice columnist Wayne Barrett, the New York Times described him as a “fierce muckraker.” We don’t have too many of those anymore. Oh, there’s plenty of “fierce,” but a real scarcity of muckrakers. Finding actual evidence to justify your anger is hard work. He wrote books about New York … Continue reading "Wayne Barrett, R.I.P."

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