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Be a Citizen Scientist With Project Noah

Contribute kid research to stellar crowdsourced field guide

“Are teachers going the way of local bookstores?”

In my new situation of retired educator (or semi-retired educator. I can’t really decide), I find myself paying less attention to Twitter and more to friends and relatives on Facebook.  But this morning, when I started my computer and Twitteriffic flashed up, I scanned through the most recent tweets from my long-time and famous educator […]

Be awesome, 7th graders [VIDEO]

The 7th graders at the International School of Brussels had an entire day of technology- and Internet-suffused awesomeness yesterday. I was asked to send them a short kickoff video for their day since they had previously watched my TEDxDesMoines talk. Here’s what I sent them…

Smithsonian NMNH: Ocean Portal, You Navigate

Discover the sea through media gallery videos while exploring ocean life and amazing ocean photos.

Student-Centered Learning with a Learning Platform

Student-Centered Learning with a Learning Platform In a student-centered learning environment student voice and choice should be a central focus. Teachers must find ways to apply learning to the thin..

Revolutions and Encouragement, Can they Co-Exist?

After recording a good old fashioned podcast a couple weeks ago, I felt inclined to post a blog post in response to another post. Just like old days. So Will Richardson references a tweet by George Couros questioning the dichotomy between acknowledging the good work of teachers and fighting for a revolutionary change in education. […]

Students already know much of what we’re supposedly ‘teaching’

Graham Nuthall said: Our research shows that students can be busiest and most involved with material they already know. In most of the classrooms we have studied, each student already knows about 40-50% of what the teacher is teaching. via The Hidden Lives of Learners, p. 24 We could solve this by pre-testing, yet not [...]

Ventura USD Transformation: Journey Toward a Digital District

Event status: Not started ( Register ) Date and time: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) Change time zone Duration: 1 hour Description: Ventura Unified School..

You're Adorable

Are you looking for another way to visually and musically teach the alphabet?

Scraping Wikipedia User Data w Google Spreadsheets

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by nojhan Alice Campbell in the VCU library hosted a Wikipedia edit-a-thon today. It was interesting and we had a variety of faculty and even some students show up. Gardner joked at one point whether we had a leader board for edits. It got me thinking.… Read More

Online or In-Person? One College Lets Students Switch Back and Forth

When you register for a course, you often have a choice: in-person or online. But at Peirce College, you don’t have to pick one or the other. All students will soon get access to both formats in the same course. Peirce, a college inShow More Summary

Reminder! Webinar Tomorrow, March 24, 1pm ET - Ventura USD team to discuss their journey toward becoming a digital district.

If you’re considering a mobile learning program or implementing an LMS, thinking about how to safely deliver content to the classroom, better engage your students, or just trying to figure out how to manage all the devices you already have, be sure to join us!

Photography – Week 67

I liked how the window bar works almost like one of those black bars to hide someone’s identity. He initially posed with his eyes rolled back in his head. The sign said NEED BEER so I think I needed to better explain the purpose of the photo. It bothers me to think he might have… Read More

An Inventory of My Thoughts

I’m no Myron Helfgott, but I’ve made a few minor changes to my life which have been at least semi-interesting. It’s not about productivity. It’s more about eliminating distractions that have wormed their way into my head. These reflexive actions are scary because they eat into the way you think or in some cases if… Read More

Improved Google Folder Shortcode Plugin

creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Steve Snodgrass In December I wrote a tiny shortcode plugin that would let you embed Google Folders in WordPress. It was mainly to get around the iframe embed issues in WordPress Multisite. This interaction seems to make a number of faculty members pretty happy. So… Read More

Updating the Curriculum

Many school curricula have remained pretty much unchanged for decades some could argue centuries. The basic common elements of English, Math, Science and History are constants it is the other curricular options that seem to come and go over time. When I was in middle school/ high school we had a choice of home economics […]

Missing in Action

I had pledge to myself when I started this blog so many years ago that I would post at least twice a month.  I was not able to keep that commitment and did not make a single post in February.  The crazy New England winter and family matters played a role. It is now March […]

It’s been a tough year to feel positive about Iowa education politics

It’s been a tough year to feel positive about Iowa education politics. For example… Our governor wants Iowa schools to return to the top of the NAEP rankings and reclaim their ‘world class’ status but is endorsing a 1.25% budgetary increase that doesn’t even keep up with inflation (while requesting a 9% increase for his own [...]

A culture of teaching and learning often produces great achievement but a culture of achievement rarely results in great teaching and learning

Drew Perkins said: Perhaps the most saddening part of a Culture of Achievement is its low ceiling. While it may be politically and strategically smart to pursue the quick hits of raising test scores, it’s a fool’s bargain that limits the potential of our students in a myriad of ways. What if we pursued a [...]

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