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10 @TCEA Blog Entries: The Latest Idea Roundup

Here's the latest roundup of blog entries I've written for TCEA TechNotes' blog...happy reading! Image Source: Wikimedia Prevent Summer Slide with Technology: This blog entry allowed me to explore a conversation I had with a colleague several years ago. Show More Summary

The Doer Who Learns: The Makerspace Librarians' Handbook

"For the things we have to learn before we can do, we learn by doing," said Aristotle. Or, more simply, the doer who learns. As a writer in the education field, and I trace my lineage back to those first book reports in third grade, I have been learning by writing for many years. Show More Summary

Doom and Gloom: Maker Learning Fad

A colleague recently shared this article, The Makerspace is Doomed, which points out without hesitation that makerspaces are doomed in their current incarnation in libraries and special rooms: If you are unfamiliar with the Makerspace...Show More Summary

July 2010 Table of Contents

FEATURESSCHOOL CIO Getting Easier to Be Green Faced with steep energy costs and shrinking school budgets, cash strapped IT directors are discovering that going green is not just good for the environment it’s good for the wallet. By Pam Derringer

Audio Annotation POC Using WaveSurfer.JS

See the Pen wave surfer – waveform by Tom (@twwoodward) on CodePen. I needed to make a quick proof of concept for the annotation of audio on the web. In this case, it’s meant to provide a visual and auditory way to play through interview segments that represent different categories of responses. Show More Summary

Simple Text Analysis POC

See the Pen text analysis color viz – step 1 by Tom (@twwoodward) on CodePen. Assuming you have sentences, phrases, or words you’d like to categorize... you could do something like this to create a visualization. This one is using CSS but it could be done in any basic word processing software. Show More Summary

QwertyTown 2.0

QwertyTown 2.0, from Second Nature Learning, is an online keyboarding program that allows students to move at their own pace while learning how to type more efficiently and accurately.

Educational Blogging: the Current Picture

I’ve been reading Edublogger’s ( report on educational blogging.

ISTE Board of Directors Selects New Leader for A New Era

The ISTE Board of Directors has named Richard Culatta, the former director of the Office of Educational Technology at the US Department of Education, who currently serves as chief innovation officer for the state of Rhode Island, as its new CEO.

Survey Ranks 10 Key Trends

The 2017 CoSN IT Leadership Survey reveals these top 10 findings.


Cultivating Communication in the Classroom Regardless of the devices they’ll be using in the future, students will still have to communicate—and this new book provides lots of actionable resources for teachers.

How to Guide Student's in Online Research

Many scholars of the past burrowed into library stacks, read the printed literature on a topic, consulted with a mentor, and emerged with their research.

Discovery Techbook

The Discovery Education (DE) Science Techbook is a comprehensive, multimedia digital textbook and learning platform that addresses the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


If you Google “K12 assessment,” more than 11 million results pop up. Between state assessments, formative assessments, summative assessments, and student portfolios, that’s an awful lot of evaluation going on.


Why Programming Is Essential to All Curricula


Squirrels LLC released AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS to bring previously unavailable screen-mirroring capabilities to classroom Chromebooks.

Annotating a Will: A Digital Process

One of the projects that Ryan Smith chose as part of our Digital History course was the collaborative transcription and annotation of a historic Richmond will... describing it thusly1 in the syllabus. Collaborative annotation: To further...Show More Summary

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