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Stir the Depths: Writing and Thinking

Image Source In this EdWeek article, the author (Marva Hinton) begins with the following quote from Mighty Writers Mission web page:To write with clarity, you have to think clearly first.My opening line to the article would have been...Show More Summary

Wiki-Style Communication Tool Supports Critical Thinking

Encourage collaborative, student-centered learning with this useful platform

An Update on Using Tech to Support Formative Assessment

Back in September, I posted about how my math exit slip process had evolved over time, becoming more effective through the use of technology. My system has taken another term, which has made it easier for everyone involved. The process I was using in September used the website.  That website has many features I […]

How to Incorporate Digital Learning for Increased Student Success

Blended learning is driving student success in schools across the U.S., and education leaders in school districts far and wide are taking notice of the results. Blended learning combines online learn..

Texas Virtual School Network #Grant

Note: This blog entry originally published at Are you a public rural school or open-enrollment charter? Then you may want to review the eligibility requirements for a new Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) grant. TheShow More Summary

4 Tips for Discovering Cloud Service Outages

Wait, you didn't know your favorite cloud service was down? While many of us rely on a negative experience to clue us in that our beloved cloud service is down, there are other approaches we can take to find out. Image Source Approach...Show More Summary

Worlds Best Apartment Viewing Checklist

If you are searching for an apartment, a condo or home to rent, you might find it useful to use a checklist while viewing units. I combed a bunch of apartment hunting sites like Zillow, All State, and Apartment to find out what to look for when viewing condos. Then I combined the information […]

Electric Sky: Vernal Equinox

This interactive site provides a great explanation of the vernal (spring) equinox celebrated March 20th.

Virtual Base Ten Blocks Great for Early Math Learning

Base-ten blocks are a fantastic learning tool, and this version takes up far less space in your cupboard than the wooden sets.

What Does AI Mean to Education

It seems to me that the biggest part of our conversations among educators about how AI may affect us regards our own job security. I’m not worried about that. It won’t make teaching obsolete, in my opinion, in spite of the list below. We’ll just spend less time teaching stuff to our students and more […]

Recording Audio/Video on #iOS #edtech

“I love using my iPhone for on-the-go audio and video recording, but the built-in mic just isn’t doing the job. What can I use to better record audio for those critical interviews?” Every TCEA event, I find myself reaching for my iPhone to record audio and video and snap photos of people I’m having conversations with. Show More Summary

Managing Smart Tech #iot #cybersecurity #security

How are you managing smart technologies? Are you prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT) onslaught of fifty billion devices by 2020? That’s less than three years away! Forty-six percent of K–12 and higher ed Chief Technology Officers believe that smart technologies, including the IoT devices, will have a major impact on education. Show More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-03-12

xkcd: Chat Systems I need to make image embedding possible for these weekly posts Gene drives could halt malaria in West Africa — if residents agree to it These scientists are planning to release mosquitoes equipped with “gene drives,”...Show More Summary

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