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Video Tutorial: Mastering Word 2010

This comprehensive online training course produced by Microsoft® Certified Trainer Christina Tankersley covers all aspects of Microsoft Word 2010.

The Language of School

I was asked to sit down and share something I was passionate about in education during ISTE 2015. The use of language is something I’ve been noticing for a while and in my estimation doesn’t get enough attention. It’s a one-take video full of ums and stutters, but take hopefully there are some ideas in […]

A Free Agent Again

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of different companies in different capacities along side of my teaching job. I’ve spoken at all sorts of conferences, managed online communities, written articles and created packages of lesson plans ( among others). Each of these has been a challenge in their own […]

Flickr Group Widget – Round 1

flickr photo shared by Little Orange Crow under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license The goal here was simply to take the Flickr API knowledge I’d gained earlier and apply it within a WordPress widget. In doing so, I learned a few things. The primary one being that I often harm myself by being […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Sea level study: James Hansen issues dire climate warning. “: Hansen’s study comes via a nontraditional publishing decision by its authors. The study will be published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, an open-access “discussion” journal, and will not have formal peer review prior to its appearance online later this week. [Update, July 23: The paper […]

The Limits of Pedagogy

I haven’t written much in this space lately. I spent a lot of my last school year looking at my classroom practices, seeing what I’ve done in the past, and putting that up against much of what I was reading that was new online. I’ve been heavily involved with edtech for over a decade and […]

Photography – Week 84

A dancer being filmed on the median on Broad Street.

Flickr API Basics – Pulling a Group Feed

Someone at work mentioned that the Flickr WordPress widget didn’t work with group photos. We use this group as part of our (sort of just getting started) Friday photo walks. Since I’m trying to learn stuff I figured I’d play a bit with the Flickr API and see how that worked. After getting an API […]

He stood so still

He stood so still while the world moved on around him. Just a little animated gif made from two shots I took walking past this gentleman staring so intently at his phone. He didn’t move a bit but because I was walking the shot shifted some allowing me to animate it and give you this… Read More

When all students bring home is a piece of paper

Matt Caduff said (about a summer maker camp): When all I bring home is a piece of paper and I picked B instead of C, I don’t have a lot to talk about with my parents and because I picked C and the answer was B I don’t want to talk about it... [...]

100 Ways You Can Improve the Environment

Use this resource to find 100 different ways to conserve energy, reduce toxicity, decrease greenhouse gases, create less trash, and protect our air and water in our homes, yards, and offices.

Top ELA App Offers Lessons, Quizzes and More

Impressive resource with high-quality content and challenging quizzes

Scraping Instagram – Take 3

flickr photo shared by JeepersMedia under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license I started to apologize for writing three posts on this and promising not to do any more but I reconsidered. This is my site. I’ll write whatever I want. Skip it if it bores you or exile me from your feed reader.1… Read More

Scraping Instagram #2

flickr photo shared by Marco Gomes under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Remember last night when I posted about scraping data from Instagram? I woke up this morning about 5:30 (literally with a start) astounded by how easy the solution to archiving the pagination returns was. So before I even left for work… Read More

The wiki train timetable

I wrote the following article back in 2005. I’m sorry, but I still hold the same views. Questions for students: What are the checks and balances available to ensure that crowd-sourced information is reliable? It can’t be the wisdom of the crowd, because it’s likely that the “crowd” is the in-crowd, resulting in a groupthink situation. Show More Summary

Scraping Instagram

flickr photo shared by ajmexico under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license I’m trying to step up my programming game a bit.1 APIs are also getting more and more accessible to jokers like myself.2 (In this case I also use php, cron, and some regex.) All of this should make Alan very proud. But… Read More

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