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Ruth Simmons on leadership

Ruth Simmons said: the perceptions of what it takes to be a leader are often based on prototypical models that don’t have much truth in reality. People look at the institutions that I have led and they see dissimilarities. I see similarities. When people think in terms of leadership, they’re often thinking about the kind […]

The [WordPress] Wall For a UDG Mural

Mexico has much to teach the American president about the uses for walls; they are not for barriers, but a surface for mural art. I was charged with putting together a web site for the project I was part of last week in Mexico. While it was a followup to the UDG Agora (the participants […]

A Pour Photo Lacktribution

In ramping up for next week’s Mural UDG project on open education at the University of Guadalajara, I go back to something that, after so many years should be more enabled by technology, but is as messy as always. Giving attribution for reused photos is an old horse ridden around this blog, and this very […]

Over the Map Line

My favorite thing to do in a plane is not the typical screen time– it’s window time, trying to read the textures and details of the land we fly over with the aid of machines as routinely as sitting in a car. And flying out of Phoenix, you typically get a full open view of […]

Can I Haz Embedded Giphy GIFS

CogDog says I can. But WTF does he know? Okay, let’s try. I find a GIF on giphy. I put it’s web address as plain text on a blank like Woah.   The visual editor does not show me a preview like other embedded media, but the Preview buttons shows me the GIF. Oh... Continue Reading ?

Double Stuffed Oreos & the Role of Digital Media in Classrooms

I’ve been creating Video Story Problems for several years now….more than half a decade! The fervor behind the movement to make math more accessible via video has died down, or maybe I’m just not paying as close attention to Dan Meyer’s work as I once was (nope, I just checked, Dan is as amazing as […]

What Do You Do With All Your Photos?

Many teachers are good at taking lots of photos of their students and their learning. Besides posting to social media, what other things do you do with those images? — Dean Shareski (@shareski) March 8, 2018   I’m always curious about...Show More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-03-11

Candace Jean Andersen on Twitter: “Hey Twitter I’m on a mission: The woman in this photo was an attendee at a 1971 International Conference on Biology of Whales. She is the only woman, & the only one captioned “not identified” in the article I found the p Pretty wild to watch this kind of research play out on Twitter. Show More Summary

WordPress Avoid Running save_post Functions on Trashed Posts

This may be one of those things that everyone knows but it was new to me. I’m also duplicating the information I found in the StackOverflow post because I think it’s good to have information in multiple places where it might be found by other people. Show More Summary

H5P Default Dynamic Sizing

If you’re running the H5P plugin in WordPress, you might notice that there’s an advanced settings option when you go to embed it. If you click on that you’ll see an additional script to add to enable dynamic sizing of embedded H5P content. Show More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-03-04

Promisees · Courtesy of Inside Einstein’s head – an explorable explanation of relativistic spacetime The Disconnect – Issue One Please Disconnect from the Internet. This is an offline-only magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry. Show More Summary

How to Choose Sessions at #macul18

Every year I have the privilege of helping several teachers from my school district prepare for the annual Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference. It’s one of the largest Ed Tech conferences in the midwest, and it’s always been home to an eclectic range of sessions focused on everything from pure tech […]

Take Flight: Your First Interview

Earlier today, I chanced upon an email from someone going for their first interview:I've been called for an interview for the instructional technology position. They didn't ask me to create a presentation or anything in particular. They did say I could bring whatever I would like to share. Show More Summary

An Invitation

Image Source: Over at Assorted Stuff, Tim makes his point about ambassadors and Ed Tech Boat Shows. The problem isn't that these shows bring people together, giving them the opportunity to connect and learn, but rather, that it juxtaposes vendors into one large hall. Show More Summary

Google Script – Plain Text

Google Sheets often thinks it’s smarter than you. That’s helpful at times and irritating at other times.1 The Google Form to Sheets path is one place where that can come up repeatedly and in ways that are hard to see. For instance, if...Show More Summary

jQuery & the WordPress Rest API – 1st Image as Background

Ordinarily it’s pretty easy to get the featured image from the WordPress API. You just have to remember to add the _embed element like so But maybe there’s some reason you don’t want to set the featured image but want to get the first image from the body of the post. Show More Summary

Weather API + Google Sheets

I have many little robot scripts busy saving data to Google Sheets. Here’s one I made based on a little comment from one of my kid’s teachers. It goes to a very kind URL that returns the data structure at the bottom of the page. More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-02-25

Mitigation of Shock: 6 Steps (with Pictures) The project transports you into a London flat, thirty five years in the future. A future where extreme weather has caused global supply chains to falter. Everyday items are often either out of stock or have become expensive luxuries. Show More Summary

“Resetting” Yourself

In the age of continuous improvement (yes, I do believe we can implement processes to continually refine educational practice), the biggest danger is losing a sense of one’s “self.” In responding to data, shifting instructional practice to produce better results, and embracing the idea that your work flow could very well change from month to […]

The Road to E2 #road2e2

Over the last few weeks, I've been pinching myself. I can't quite wrap my head around a simple fact. During the month of March, I'll be joining awesome educators in Singapore. Hang on, let me look back over that sentence and see what I just wrote. Show More Summary

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