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#TECSIG 2015 Spring Meeting Agenda and Stuff

Image Source How exciting to be able to attend the TCEA Technology Education Coordinators Special Interest Group (TEC-SIG) Spring, 2015 Meeting!I'm sharing these links here to keep myself organized!;-) 1) Check out the "great agenda"...Show More Summary

Did our Invasion of Iraq Cost More or Less than Vietnam?

Woke up with an irritating insect buzzing in my head this morning.  It was the cost of American wars.  Weird!  But, unable to sleep because of all the racket, I got up, climbed upstairs with my laptop and did some research, creating this graph based on data I gathered from a 2010 Congressional Research Services […]

Kettles and algorithms

Like many Englishmen, the most important thing to me is having a decent cup of tea. So I was delighted when we bought a variable temperature kettle. This doesn’t just heat up the water to boiling point. It lets you select the right temperature for the kind of drink you have. Show More Summary

We can’t do what that other school is doing because…

We can’t do what that other school is doing because… they are bigger and have more resources they are smaller and are more nimble they are rural and have strong-knit communities they are urban and have access to the city they are suburban and have more money they don’t have the same time issues we [...]

Shifting the focus

Starr Sackstein said: How can we shift the focus away from how much a student does to how much they can apply to new tasks? … What can they do now that they couldn’t do before? How do they know? via Image credit: Enfocando / Focussing, Magec

AUGUST 2009 Table of Contents

FEATURES Textbook Deathwatch The question it seems is no longer “if?” but “when?” Read why some sort of digital curricula is the next inevitable step for any school looking to do right by its students. By Judy Salpeter Eight Ways

MARCH 2009 Table of Contents

FEATURESThe “Blended” Classroom Revolution Virtual Technology Goes to SchoolWhile virtual schools, which currently serve only a tiny fraction ofthe nation’s 48 million K12 students, get all the buzz, a muchbigger, largely untold story of online learning is unfolding inAmerica’s brick

July 2009 Table of Contents

FEATURES FOLLOW THE MONEY PART 3 Read the last in a three part series on what the stimulus package means for education technology in America’s classrooms. Go online to for the full series. Smart Money By Ellen Ullman From

Why Tolerance?

The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory's Michelin-starred eatery. My wife and I watched and enjoyed The Hundred-Foot Journey the other night.  If you have not seen it, you should.  If nothing else, Helen Mirren’s portrayal of a posh restaurant madam is an interesting contrast to that […]

How can a programming language be boring?

Someone told me of a Twitter exchange that took place a few weeks ago in which teachers were saying that their kids found Scratch boring. Well (he says, arms akimbo), here are my views on that. First, it is axiomatic that kids either find lots of things “boring” or say they do. Show More Summary

Updating the Diploma

Updating the curriculum is grounded in preparing students for today’s job market and the elusive future economy.  It is also about providing students an opportunity to explore their passions, develop a love of learning not to mention the skills a learner needs to keep on learning.   When developing curriculum we often ask two questions (1) […]

Best Paris iPhone Apps

This post was originally published on August 19, 2012. Unfortunately, many of the apps listed below are no longer available.  I’ve marked those apps so you don’t go looking for them and added some replacements.  This summer I took the trip of a lifetime with my family to Paris.  The trip was amazing – great […]

Applying the #edtechcoach Model @doctordkwilson @ndmielke

The following Collegial Coaching Model is adapted from Dr. Dawn Wilson’s and Dr. Katie Alaniz’ work on collegial coaching. One of the ideas bouncing around in my head over the last week, as I read their book, Naturalizing Digital Immigrants:...Show More Summary

Tips for Creating an Optimal Classroom Environment

Technology has changed in the K-12 classroom. Today, educators face the challenges of learning how to use and then incorporating student mobile devices into their teaching -- all while ensuring this..

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