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5 Tips to Stay Sane during a #TwitterChat

Like anyone else, I have to work hard to navigate the turbulent seas of a TwitterChat, even though I'm quite comfortable with tools like and, which allow for multi-pane views of information. Still, there can be quite a bit to track while participating in a Twitterchat, much less facilitating one like yesterday. Show More Summary

Internet Faces

We’re going to be starting up an online class about teaching online classes and we’re doing some small “daily create” type activities. In this case people are asked to sign up for a gravatar and then reflect on why they chose that image. As part of the practice-what-you-preach initiative I figured I’d say why I’ve… Read More

“Brink of Disaster”

Howard Rheingold: America stands on the brink of disaster. Don’t be fooled by the mythology of the “digital native.” Just because young people grow up Texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting and Instagramming doesn’t mean that they have more than a superficial knowledge of the five literacies I described above. Show More Summary

#edtechcoach Twitter Chat Transcript

#edtechcoach Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure

Compliance remains the central goal

Alfie Kohn said: Whether or not it’s stated explicitly, compliance remains the central goal of most classroom management programs, character education initiatives, and parenting resources. Sure, we stress the virtues of independent thinking and assertiveness, but mostly in the context of getting kids to resist peer pressure. If a child has the temerity to resist [...]

Going to Gabon:Tech Tips for an Educator

Gabon flag A colleague is leaving for Gabon (where the heck is that?!?) soon, and we did a quick run-through of some considerations for her laptop. After all, she was traveling into the unknown with her brand new laptop, and I wanted...Show More Summary

14 Trends We Should Be Thinking About

Though not explicitly meant for education and educators, I always find Mary Meeker’s annual research on Internet trends to be an eye opener that has important information and implications for those of us thinking about the K-12 world of learning. Show More Summary

5 Tips and a #TwitterChat Announcement: #Coaching Stories #edtechcoach #tecsig @doctordkwilson @dr_katie_alaniz @diben

Coaching, especially coaching for technology integration, has really "taken off." In fact, some see coaching as a transformational activity, lending "wings" to people who coach and to those who are coached. Image Source: More Summary

National Park Service: Exploring Tidepools

Through a series of photographs and an interactive slideshow, this website teaches about tide pools, how they form, and what types of sea creatures can be found living in them.

Required: Living on the Edge

Harold Jarche: Innovation comes from the edge, almost never from the centre. It is time to start creating the edge of the organization now. As organizations become more technologically networked, they also face skilled, motivated and intelligent workers who can now see systemic dysfunctions. Show More Summary

The roars of approval as we revert back to what we’ve always done

George Couros said: Sometimes when the statement is made, “it is not about technology, it is about pedagogy”, you then hear the roars of approval, and off we go on our merry way with nothing changing for many students. In reality sometimes it is about the technology, and the opportunities that it provides that were [...]

Top 10 Security Tips for Teachers and Administrators

"Most networks," I remember reading (no source, sorry), "are built like a medieval castle. Once you get past the moat, the castle wall with archers and infantry armed with boiling pitch, you have relatively free access to the castle grounds." Of course, the article was more succinct. Show More Summary

A New Sport - Avoiding Cloud Phishing Spam

"What dumb dumbs!" I said to myself as I saw this email allegedly from fellow blogger, Pamela Parker: When I aimed my mouse pointer at the "Confidential document" link, allegedly from Google, it was clear that the web site had NOTHING to do with Google. Show More Summary

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