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Help Me #ds106, You’re My Only Hope

This coming Tuesday, May 31st, I’ll be working with some English 11 students about turning written memoirs into digital stories. The teacher has given me carte blanche to introduce students to a wide range of media and forms for turning a written work into a 3-5 minute digital narrative. Needless to say, it will likely […]

What Would You Like to be Doing?

This humanoid robot is being employed to hunt for treasure in a French shipwreck I ran across this Guardian article (Reboot: Adidas to make shoes in Germany again – but using robots) yesterday morning and posted it to my Facebook timeline immediately.  I wrote, “The manufacturing jobs that once brought prosperity to many of our […]

User-Friendly iPhoto Brings A Wealth of Tools to the Classroom

Easily and elegantly edit, organize, and share photos on mobile devices

The “Official” Theory of Learning

Here’s your Friday moment of EduZen to think about over the weekend… Frank Smith’s The Book of Learning and Forgetting is one of those reads that had me nodding my head the entire way through it. In it, he outlines two theories of learning. Show More Summary

How the Sun Sees You

Just a quick post, to share a small “a-ha” moment that I hope means I’ve successfully solidified my understanding of the Next Generation Science Standard’s “3D” learning. As a Science minor, and former middle school science teacher, I’ve always believed in the power of providing students with discrepant events (p.s. we’re supposed to call them […]

What I'm currently reading in the world of technology

Here are three thumbnail sketches of books I'm reading at the moment or have recently read. I hope it's useful.

Inventors, Innovators All

Fred Wilson: “We are returning to a time when anyone can be an inventor and innovator.” On the edges of all of this forward moving innovation there is more than a scent of backwards leaning learning and doing in the world. The MakerShow More Summary

Google Script to Copy Row Above to Blank Row Below

I had a spreadsheet that entered blank cells when there was more than one admin for a WordPress site. So if Site_1 had two admins, I’d get two rows of data. The first row for the site would have- siteURL | siteTitle | siteAdmin but the...Show More Summary

Computing discussion topic 2016-05-25: The algorithm that is too effective

Here's an example of a computer program that prevents people buying stuff, based on their address.

The Digital Human

Today, and maybe tomorrow, and probably beyond, I’ll be thinking about this snip from George Siemens: Human history is marked by periods of explosive growth in knowledge. Alexandria, the Academy, the printing press, the scientific method, industrial revolution, knowledge classification systems, and so on. Show More Summary

Create Free NonFiction Writing Notebooks for Student Authors @onenoteedu #onenote

Looking for a way to galvanize classroom writers with digital notebooks? 86% of the reading we do in life is non-fiction. Why not combine proven ways to help student writers engage in content curation and writing? (read more) Read the...Show More Summary

Doing The Work

If learning something new was easy everyone would do it. One of the reasons I love working with school districts and teachers over a long term basis is that you get to really dig in and do the work. I have started many presentations over the past year with this:…

Writing Every Day

186 days in a row. That’s my current streak at, a site where, as its name implies, the goal is to write 750 words a day, or about three traditional pages of text. It’s totally private, offers zero in terms of formatting, and is about as plain an interface as you can get. While […] The post Writing Every Day appeared first on Will Richardson.

Computing options at GCSE: interim survey results

What are schools going to be offering their students by way of Computing options at GCSE? Here are the initial results of a survey I'm conducting.

Understanding Genetics

Learn.Genetics is a comprehensive site that explores the basics of genetics, characteristics of inheritance, stem cells, chromosomes, genetic variation, epigenetics, genetic science, cloning, genetic disorders, and much more.

Top American History App a Great Teaching Tool

Give students up-close, detailed access to rare objects and artifacts

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