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Innovation academies, workshops, presentation topics, upcoming books, and more

Some quick updates… I created a new Innovation Academies page to better describe that work. I love those opportunities when I have an ongoing, long-term engagement with a district’s leadership team! It’s quite possibly my favorite work that I do because we can really see a district move significantly in a short period of time […]

MyNotes: Digital Media in Today's Classrooms 1 & 2

Note: Friends Dr. Dawn Wilson and Dr. Katie Alaniz were kind enough to share a book they authored in collaboration with Joshua Sikora, Digital Media in Today's Classrooms: The Potential for Meaningful Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.In...Show More Summary

Social Work Digital Portfolio – Google Docs Style

Image from page 589 of “Modern magic. : A practical treatise on the art of conjuring.” (1885) flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Our Social Work program has traditionally done large paper-based student portfolios. Show More Summary

Is your school going to be the Thanksgiving turkey?

Over at the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution website, Cristina Fonseca said: unfortunately our minds are a limiting factor. Did we ever stop to think about how the world has changed in the past 10 years or how those changes have been so different from what happened in the previous decade? Everyone (and everything) […]

Some questions for Betsy DeVos

The Washington Post collected some questions from educators for Betsy DeVos, nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education. Here are a few of my favorites: Would you please state, concisely, any relevant experience you have had in public education, either as a student, a teacher, a school leader, a public school board member, a parent of […]

Connect then Engage with @Flipgrid Video #msftedu

Technologies that connect us, engage. One example of this is Flipgrid, a free video discussion board service. With Flipgrid, you can create grids with topics on them and have workshop participants or students respond to the topics with recorded videos. Show More Summary

Tell-a-Story StoryBuilder

Learn about the parts of a story by building one of your own!

Create Lessons with #FREE Interactive #Math and #Science Simulations @flipgrid #msftedu

Note: This blog entry was originally published at's TechNotes blog. Read it there along with tons of other great articles! Image Source: Need to model complex math and science concepts for your students? Use any of the 130 award-winning PhET math and science interactive simulations. Show More Summary

Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution for Texas Schools #edtech #txed @encore_enboard

Just received this press release from Encore Enboard folks...definitely check them out as a great SSO solution! Don't play password rouletteAre your staff and students playing password roulette?Many districts are trying to adequately manage many digital resourcesand are discussing SSO. Show More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-01-08

Peace sign selfies could let hackers copy your fingerprints Posing for a picture while holding your hands up in a peace sign could pose a security threat, with hackers able to recreate prints that are the key to phones, computers and...Show More Summary

500 Error on wp-admin after upgrade

This happened with one of our individual installs and it’s happened before (but I forgot the solution) so I’m writing it down. After the upgrade to 4.7.1, the front of the sight still worked but attempts to get to wp-admin failed with a 500 error and the URL was redirecting to something with upgrade.php? in the URL. Show More Summary

Google Teacher Tribe VIP Member! #gttribe

Wow, so excited to have received this email announcement from dear colleague, Kasey "Shake Up Learning" Bell and new friend, Ditch That Textbook's Matt Miller: You are now a VIP Member of the Google Teacher Tribe! Welcome and thank you...Show More Summary

Promoters of school choice are unwilling to ensure equal access in regular public schools

Derek Black said: [C]harters, vouchers, and other choice-like reforms are insulting substitutes for equal access to learning opportunities. They espouse the premise that all students are entitled to equal learning opportunities and reason that since students are not getting those equal opportunities in public school, they should be allowed to go elsewhere. The irony is […]

Solid Classroom Tool Lets Teens Produce Longer Video

An easy-to-use video tool with collaboration features that enhance creativity.

Towards a Community of Sharing: Reflections on a New @Voxer chat

On January 2, 2017, I found myself at a Best Western in Sonora, Texas nursing a bee sting and listening to various Voxerchats, including Edumatch, ConnectedTL, EngageChat. That's when a request for help came in via Voxer. That evening...Show More Summary

Teleprompter Needed?

There are a million uses for teleprompters in every and any situation you can think of. In fact, if I could, I'd have a teleprompter every time I spoke to a large group. It's quite reassuring to know what to say, when. No doubt, you can think of lots of teleprompter uses in the classroom. Show More Summary

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