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10 things to do with old IT equipment

Just because a laptop, tablet or printer isn't good for general or intensive use any more doesn't mean it cannot serve any purpose at all. Here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider.

Solving Wicked Problems Parts 1 - 3

Note: This blog entry was originally published in 3 parts at TCEA TechNotes blog at I've combined all into one blog entry here. The term "wicked problem" was introduced to me by previous work is defined as a problem that endures in spite of effort brought to bear to solve it. Show More Summary

Ode to Code

"I wonder if it's possible to write a poem about coding", I thought to myself. Well, it is, and here it is. First Chaucer, then Shakespeare, and now me. No doubt schoolchildren of the future will be studying this for heir Eng Lit exams, but in the meantime you can read it here first! Enjoy.

Basic Math Explored in Simple Fun App

Clear, guided help for kids who don't get it right away.

Adding Computer Science into the Curriculum

This June the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education formally adopted new Digital Literacy and Computer Science Curriculum Frameworks.  A good portion of the digital literacy frameworks overlap with the literacy standards regarding research, analysis of information, collaboration and presentations. Show More Summary

Does ed tech improve learning? 7 questions to ask

Asking whether education technology improves learning is too broad a question really. In this article I suggest 7 questions that need to be asked in order to find out.

Intel Education Resources: Plant Transport

How does a plant absorb and transport water and minerals ? Explore how water is absorbed through tiny root hairs on a root. Then watch a detailed example of how minerals are transported through a pla..

5 types of review for computing and ICT books

When it comes to writing reviews of computing and ICT books for education, I've found that a one-size fits all approach not to be very useful. Here are the 5 types of review I write, ranging from the full length, everything but the kitchen sink version, to zero words except to say "This book exists"!

5 types of book review

I acquire a lot of books. A lot of books. I can't walk past a bookshop I’ve decided that a one-size fits all approach to reviewing books (or anything else, come to that), just won’t do. So I’ve categorised my reviews into 4 types:  Show More Summary

7 books for teachers of computing and ICT

Nano reviews of 7 books. Inspired by a particular branch of "flash fiction", these reviews are just 6 words long! Ideal if you don't have much ime to read a full length review, but would like a heads-up on what's out here. However, longer reviews are available if you prefer. Details are in he article.

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-07-17

The “Jennifer Aniston neuron” is the foundation of compelling new memory research — Quartz “We have a relatively limited memory capacity and that much of our perception of our memory is in fact an illusion.” ” Looking for the areas of...Show More Summary

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