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Discover the Galaxy With NASA Visualization Explorer

Tons of exciting, cutting-edge information for kids to explore, and the stories are supported with beautiful images and videos.

Blogging: What matters is the metacognition

Seth Godin and Tom Peters on blogging. Yeah, this is pretty much why I blog (and maybe why you should too)…

Curriculum Management: 4 Strategies for Today’s Digital Classrooms

Find out the strategies for success used by school districts across the country Ultimate History Quiz

Take the Ultimate History Quiz to test your knowledge of both American and world history.

Follow the Kids

As I was finishing off the last crumbs of pumpkin pie after the big, annual Richardson Thanksgiving Day feast, I caught this snip of a conversation between two extended family members, one a 24-year old girl who was struggling to finish college, the other a girl in middle school who clearly was not enjoying it. […] The post Follow the Kids appeared first on Will Richardson.

Taking Stock

The one good result for this morning is this: It. Is. Over. We know better (though not completely) what we face. The shock will wear off. The disequilibrium will subside. For me, it’s not anger. I understand why this happened. For me, it’s fear. Show More Summary

Scaffolding, Live Instruction Enrich Math Curriculum

Innovative combo of live small-group instruction and solid online math lessons

Surprisingly Awesome

In a world where information and ideas are everywhere, I’m fascinated when people have a healthy obsession with a topic and go into great detail to analyze and deconstruct a topic or idea. Sometimes it’s the topic itself but more often...Show More Summary

#Free eBook - Protect Your Digital #Privacy #edtech

Are you protecting your family's digital sensitive data? Do you have processes in place to protect confidential student data in your classroom, school and/or district? If the world of protecting digital privacy of those you care for is a mystery, then consider getting and reading this free ebook on Protecting Your Digital Privacy. Show More Summary

Access Restored to Popular Service

Was your Office 365 school district unable to access critical resources over the last week or so? If yes, you weren't alone! Fortunately, access has been restored with an interesting caveat.Users with work and school accounts have not been able to access of late. Show More Summary

Collaboration Streams Forward With BYOD

The Bring Your Own Device movement brings classrooms together

Digital Library Offers Expansive Selection

Unique digital library gives access to those with print disabilities

Schools are supposed to help students master the dominant information landscape of their time

Our new information landscape is digital bits in the ether instead of ink dots on paper. There is no foreseeable future in which we go back to analog. One of schools’ primary tasks is to help students master the dominant information landscape of their time. Schools are knowledge institutions preparing students to do knowledge work. […]

Time to get back at it…

Folks say that when you haven’t been blogging for a while, you shouldn’t explain or apologize, you should just get back at it. So I’ll do just that, beginning tomorrow. I could make lots of excuses related to our move from Iowa to Colorado: a new home, a new community, new schools, a new job, […]

API Nirvana – Functional Details

I am way behind on blog posts. I’m also bad about telling the difference between blog posts I’ve written in my head and blog posts I’ve actually written. I am glad that being able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy is not that important. Show More Summary

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