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Critical-Thinking Skills Tested in Arcade-Style Math Game

Title : Twelve a Dozen Summary : Engrossing math platformer puts problem-solving skills to the test Pros : Learning is seamlessly integrated with a whimsical story line and highly engaging gameplay...

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: The Lead Busters Club

Use this site to help your early elementary students understand the dangers of of lead.

Money, Money, Money

This article is not about education technology or related matters as such; it's more about my experience of attitudes to paying for work. It's worth reading, I think, if any of the following applies to you: you're thinking of askingShow More Summary

Technology grants for Iowa teachers

Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency is working with the CenturyLink Foundation to award technology grants to Iowa teachers. As we said on our web site, The goal of this grant program is to fund INNOVATIVE uses of digital learning tools by students and educators. Don’t just tell us you ‘need some iPads.’ Dream bigger than [...]

An alternative view: Changing Paradigms, by Crispin Weston

Crispin Weston, who describes himself as "a controversialist", suggests that our outlook is not progressive at all. We have a new school year, a new Secretary of State, and before too long, a new government. So this might be a good time to take stock of where we stand with education technology. The terminology we use has certainly changed. Show More Summary

We’ve got no time, no time… [SLIDE]

We’ve got no time, no time… [note: this is more the fault of our systems than our teachers] Download this file: png pptx key Image credit: Classroom scene with teacher Ida Adams, City of Boston Archives See also my other slides, my Pinterest collection, and the Great Quotes About Learning and Change Flickr pool.

11 criteria for evaluating a school’s education technology

Whether you are moving to a new school, or staying where you are, it’s good to stand back and try to gauge what the school’s education technology is like. Why you would want to do that if taking up a new post is obvious: you want toShow More Summary

Stoichiometry Tutorials: The Mole

Today is Mole Day, celebrated from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m., on 10/23, commemorating Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23).

Is this what we mean by ‘close reading?’

85 questions assigned by a high school teacher to start off To Kill A Mockingbird… Is this what we mean by ‘close reading?’ Who is this book dedicated to? How old was Jem when he broke his arm? What is Jem’s full name? Who does Scout believe caused the events to happen to lead to Jem’s [...]

5 key questions to ask when evaluating students' work in Computing

When it comes to judging students’ work in Computing and related subjects, there are five things that are crucial to take into account. 1. What is the question to which this is the answer? Unless the point of the work was some sort of drill and practice, it should be an answer to a problem, in my opinion. Show More Summary

Adobe Voice: Useful Tool For Teachers, Students

Easy-to-use tool for creating high quality voice-narrated slide shows

An #itec14 apology

Sometimes when you think as publicly as I do, you make a mistake publicly and have to apologize publicly. My post earlier this week about ed tech conferences is one of those times… I stand behind what I said in my post. Most of our ed tech conferences could use a lot of rethinking and [...]

Angles on Open

I spoke briefly, and almost certainly disjointedly, at the Open VA meeting yesterday. The focus of the panel was “open pedagogy/curriculum” and the whole day was focused on open education concepts. My topic was simply labeled MOOC. As the day progressed I tried to get a sense of the audience and figure out what would I […]

Assessing Computing: Grids and Badges

Since Michael Gove, England’s then Education Secretary, announced that Levels were not fit for purpose – the purpose being to assess and describe students’ proficiency in National Curriculum subjects – there has been a proliferation of attempts to assess Computing without using Levels. Show More Summary

Rainforests and Why They Are Important

This is Rainforest Week, so celebrate by finding out more than you knew about this important biome.

Peer-to-peer collaboration? Meh.

Tom Whitby said: Technology has provided us with the ability to communicate, curate, collaborate, and (most importantly) create with any number of educators, globally, at any time, and at very little cost. One would think educators would be celebrating in the streets at the good fortune of advancing their own learning while helping their profession [...]

Photography – Week 45

  The mix of reflection and texture in this shot was what appealed to me. The Scott House is a pretty impressive place.   Fall leaves on the bricks and the napkins with the napkins echoing the shapes of the bricks- it seemed almost intentional.   This looks better large but the texture and color […]

How can teachers get to grips with computer programming, and where do we start? By Lawrence Williams

Many teachers have been utterly dismayed by the seemingly impossible demands of the new Programmes of Study for Computing. How can we all suddenly develop a wide range of new skills in Computing? Can our pupils, aged from only 5 years, really understand, write, and debug computer programmes? It seems an impossible task. Show More Summary

The Giraffe Heroes Project

The motto for the Giraffe Heroes Project is Nobis Est, So Stick Your Neck Out.

Surprising Gadgets, Not Just Books, Are Ready for Checkout at College Libraries

Justin Ellis’s official title at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s library is instructional-technology associate, but he thinks of himself as the gadget guy. He manages a program at the library that lets students and professors check...Show More Summary

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