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When People Use Your Stuff…Updated WP-Dimension Calling Card Theme

I fully expected people not to be satisfied with the simple calling card templates we introduced to the Ontario Extend participants last week. I would not be. The idea was again to put a temporary placeholder at the entrance to one’s domain. Something to come back to. But you cannot suppress keeners like @NurseKillam so […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-08-13

Huge Blobs of Fat and Trash Are Filling the World’s Sewers In China, fat from sewers and traps is illicitly scooped, cleaned up—though not well—and sold on the black market as “gutter oil.” In cheap restaurants and street stalls, your dinner might even be cooked in gutter oil. Show More Summary

I am Apple

2017 has been a good year for my apple tree. The harvest here in north central Arizona is never predictable, mostly the mature tree off the corner of my deck produces fruit every other year. Last year was a bust, only ten fruit on one branch. I’d like to think the full limbs this year, […]

Digital Lesson Planner Replaces Bulky Binders

Take organization to the next level while also keeping important goals in mind.

Extending, DoOOing in Ontario

I’m just back from an intense but rewarding (best combo) of helping with three days of workshops for a new project supported by eCampus Ontario. This is the first attempt to capture some broader ideas, and is in the vein of what I tried to describe to participants as using a blog post to think […]

It Came From Canada? Best Conference Swag over 14 Years

Good swag? In the bag? I’m just back from Toronto where I was part of an eCampus Ontario team doing workshops for a new project aimed at capacity building among institutions in Northern Ontario (I still insist geographically it’s central, but I will stop) (soon). Ontario Extend is on the burner for it’s own post […]

White collar professionals are not going to like it

Alan Blinder said: American computer programmers have already felt the sting of offshoring. But as of now, accountants, lawyers, editors, radiologists, and the like really have not. So this will be a new experience for them, and it is predictable that they will not like it. In Offshoring of American Jobs: What Response from U.S. […]

The importance of common, shared understandings

I had the chance recently to work with an awesome teacher-led school here in Colorado. Because the school already is pretty amazing, we spent most of our day and a half together fine tuning a few aspects of its work. One of the core values of this school – stated front and center in its […]

Biology Game Puts Kids in Command of Learning

Immersive biology game keeps students interested during learning

Revisiting Another Deaddrop

No one is going to try and connect to this damaged USB drive sticking out of a wall and a Toronto alley. But it’s been here more than five years: Like the one that I found again in a Vancouver alley (it always seems to be in an alley) (in Canada) this one was placed […]

PBS Learning Media: Energy in a Roller Coaster Ride

Students will learn about gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy through a virtual interactive roller coaster.

Valuable Tool For Earth Science Teachers, Students

Earth's deep geologic history and real science data at your fingertips

Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-08-06

Three dinosaurs beheaded ‘with angle grinder’ at Australian museum “We went out to check it out and three of our dinosaurs here have been decapitated,” museum staffer Mitchell Seymour told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A Web...Show More Summary

I’ll Take That Text Extra Large: Bigify It

Some people like to spend their long airplane time watching movies or playing phone games. That’s fine. Me, I usually sleep, but on my cross country flight yesterday I wanted to try building a little HTML/jQuery tool. Because it’s something I can use this week. Because I can (running in my laptop’s localhost). Well almost. […]

SPLOT MAX: The Road Warrior

This post has been rattling around in the only place I keep drafts– my brain. And I am pretty sure I will have spent more time photoshopping the movie poster below than writing something that makes sense. Jim Groom has been an international Road Warrior himself and I was excited to see he was not […]

reveal js tweak for iframe backgrounds

I’m a fan of reveal.js and have been using it to build all of my recent presentations. It feels like it fits what I do really well. The fact that it’s just a website that behaves a certain way means I can do all kinds of fun things that...Show More Summary

No Service

It’s been more than two hours since all connectivity went down. Electricity is on and I am getting news from NPR via my old boom box radio. It’s just regular stories- dogs, schools, Glen Campbell tributes, local politics. No klaxons or announcers urging everyone to be calm. So the North Korean bombing has not started. […]

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