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Complex View of U.S. History for Grades 6-12

Resources, lessons help teach a more inclusive version of U.S. history

3 Steps to Professional Learning Planning (PLP)

In a previous blog entry, Planning Active Learning for Professionals, I shared a few ideas I'd gathered (then "stolen, made to look like not stolen, then shared among thieves" as an old colleague told me once). My end goal was to create...Show More Summary

The Power of Yet! for Hackers and Phishers #yetpower

“Why did he click on that email attachment?” asked one technology director I spoke with recently. The click led to a ransomware attack that expanded to the business department’s server, resulting in frantic data-saving actions. For many technology directors, the problem is not the phishing or the ransomware. Show More Summary

Minecraft: Education Edition Tutorial Videos

Are you a Minecraft: Education Edition digital native? If so, do we have a treat for you! Take a look at this new video series focusing on introductory videos to everyday tasks in the popular program. These short videos walk you through...Show More Summary

Planning Active Learning Possibilities for Professional Learning

"In a few days," shared a friend, "I'm going to have to encourage a team of professional development experts to figure out their vision for professional development. The problem is, I'm not sure what the best approach is. I suspect no...Show More Summary

Tech & Learning's Best of Show @ TCEA 2017 Winners

Tech & Learning is presenting its prestigious awards program that honors great products at TCEA 2017. The products below were selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhib..

The Power of YET! Meme - Google Educator Level 2

MEME INVITATION: Here's an invitation. Use this template in Google Draw (or make your own, like these Growth Mindset Cats by Laura Gibbs) to make your own Power of...YET poster each day this week, reflecting on YOUR own fixed mindsets. Show More Summary

Curiosity Is the Cat

I’m becoming more curious about curiosity. I’m beginning to think it’s the only “C” that truly matters, and that it’s been badly disrespected in all the conversation around the 4Cs or 7Cs or howevermanyCs that people have been throwing around. Show More Summary

The Power of YET!

Do an internet image search on "growth mindset," and you'll stumble across an astonishing array of pictures that capture the Carol Dweck's ideas about growth mindset. In case you're not familiar with it (yikes, how have you missed the...Show More Summary

Designing #Minecraft Spaces

“How might you shape your space to foster creativity and learning for yourself and others?” asks University Innovation Fellows (@uifellows) via this presentation slide. At its most effective, early childhood curriculum expands children’s knowledge of the world and vocabulary. Show More Summary

Forms Smackdown: Google & Microsoft

Collecting data via online forms has never been easier. New web-based form tools have revolutionized how we gather and analyze data, making arcane database-backed web tools obsolete. Note: This blog entry originally published by TCEA TechNotes blog. Show More Summary

Creating Illustrated Quotes

Leaders, looking for an easy app to use to spice up important quotes that you include in your staff missives, parent newsletters, or student projects? How about a simple way to highlight key ideas in assigned student text? Typorama may fit the bill for iOS device users! Note: This blog entry originally published by TCEA TechNotes blog. Show More Summary

Collecting #ELL Anecdotal Records with #OneNoteEDU #msftedu

Most language learning assessment tools are rooted in paper and pencil. As Surface tablets, iPads, and Chromebooks find their way into teachers’ hands, new technologies can move us one step closer to multimedia assessment techniques....Show More Summary

New Chromebook Features

On January 24, 2017, Google announced some powerful enhancements for Chromebooks available for education, both for educators and students. These features (available in devices from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung) enhance the Chromebook’s versatility. Show More Summary

School Security Summit: Safeguarding Privacy

Safeguarding student privacy and the security of networks remains a key priority for education leaders. Note: This blog entry originally published by TCEA TechNotes blog. Read other awesome blog entries by the TCEA team online at More Summary

5 #OneDrive Tips You May Have Missed

Looking for tips that will improve your productivity? Microsoft OneDrive offers incredible benefits, so why not take advantage of it? It’s an app that I use every day, both on my Windows computer and my mobile phone. Did you know you...Show More Summary

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