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Ames High band: Modeling innovation, risk-taking, and feedback

I’m pretty impressed with the Ames High School band directors. Not only are Chris Ewan and Andrew Buttermore facilitating a great band program musically (250+ students who give amazing performances), they also are modeling instructional innovation and risk-taking with technology. Show More Summary

Hello [The Wire] Baltimore

As usual in my house yesterday I had NPR Radio on in the background. The show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me had a segment with Baltimore filmmaker John Waters as guest. PETER SAGAL: In April 2011, we talked to a man who’s made some of ourShow More Summary

Bunk y Omar Conversan con Miradas

I happily resume my role in ds106 as an open participant. With the new season starting in September at UMW being based on The Wire, I finally have the right reason to watch the whole series again (one of only two I’ve ever watched start to end; not only am I a MOOC dropout, I bail on TV too). Show More Summary

Not Quite Elves at the North Pole

I could not help myself but remix when I saw the tweet by Tim Maughan (actually retweeted by @savasavasava) How the magic of Christmas is made – by bored teenagers in a dingy factory in Yiwu #ufd2014 — Tim Maughan...Show More Summary

The Tao of Posts

I’ve been having quite a few conversations around student portfolios eportfolios online representations of their learning over time. These conversations have mostly centered on using WordPress and, almost inevitably, the first instinct is to create a series of pages that are aligned to either courses or assignments. Those pages usually contain a number of different […]

Winning Isn’t That Great and Losing Isn’t That Bad

Thanks to Chris Layton for inspiring this post. We had a lovely conversation at #DENSI2014 and this is my reflection from that discussion. The conversations and ideas around these ideas and their role in society can make your head spin. They range from: “Awards for students are harmful” “Learning is not a competition” “There are […]

Three Steps to Walkthrough Checklists with @Evernote

Note: This blog entry composed 100% in Evernote and originally published with at“How can I quickly collect and organize my walkthroughs? I don’t want to carry another piece of paper," asked a campus administrator. Show More Summary

It’s Not Amazing When the Web Forgets You

In prepping my recent call for OER Reuse Stories (which, ahem, I have collected a grand total of ZERO new ones) I was reviewing the original ones I collected the first time I did an Amazing Stories talk on 2009. By the way, that site still works despite using a defunct CoolIris embed. Show More Summary

With Scrim and Rolling Desks, a Journalism School Seeks a Tech Edge

A little over a century after his death, Joseph Pulitzer still looms large at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. The building that houses the school bears his name. Every year the school announces the Pulitzer Prizes...Show More Summary

Hollywood Cemetery – Preliminary Thoughts

I’m pretty excited about a new project we’ll be working on this year. We’re going to look at a local historically significant, but still active, cemetery through a variety of disciplinary lenses. Hollywood Cemetery is the permanent home of two presidents of the USA (James Monroe and John Tyler) and one president of the CSA […]

Little Trick, Big Numbers

I often want to know just a bit more about numbers I see in tables. As I was looking at some thing today, I stumbled on the Wikipedia page for “List of Most Viewed YouTube Videos“. After being more than a bit amazed at the utterly staggering numbers. I wanted to know what they translated […]

Never been to ISTE

This was totally inspired by Ben Rimes cover of “Imagine” for those #notAtISTE @cogdog Apparently it's a big conference? I'm doing a few other things instead of going :) — Ben Rimes (@techsavvyed) June 27, 2014...Show More Summary

Online Upstart’s Goal: MOOC Lectures That Go Viral

Donald J. Boudreaux’s five-minute video lecture on the evolution of human prosperity—complete with slick animation, studio lightning, and killer graphics—looks seamless. Making it, he says, was anything but. “It was hard,” says Mr. Boudreaux, an economics professor at George Mason University. Show More Summary

To Badge [Yourself] or to Be Badged?

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Pedro Vezini I intend not to discuss the merits/demons of badging systems. My main response on weighing such questions always slide down to “It Depends”. But to me badging, nanodegreeing, calculating massive course dropouts remains overweighted on one side of the system. Show More Summary

The Intruder

Technologies: Director, Photoshop, Sound Edit 16Current URL: Chapter: Natalie Bookchin created this interpretation...Show More Summary

Study of MOOCs Suggests Dropping the Label ‘Dropout’

Way back in 1978, Frenchy in Grease was unceremoniously dubbed a beauty-school dropout. But what if she took a MOOC today on midcentury follicular art? Might we call her a beauty-school “collector”? What about a beauty-school “bystander”? Maybe,...Show More Summary

Editing Images Assignments

One of the cornerstones in my classroom surrounding literacy has the do multi modality. Basically, I believe that students need to be able to create and comprehend messages in many different symbol systems. While high level alphabetic literacy is increasingly more important, I also believe that students need to be able to create and understand […]

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