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If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras – YouTube tags: dinosaur video humor weekly Disney Parks Ban Selfie Sticks “Disneyland and Walt Disney World have officially banned selfie sticks inside the parks. In a statement to the press, a Disney spokesperson cited safety concerns as one of the reasons for the ban. “ tags:… Read More

Growing a Digital Data Archive @evernote @googledrive #eportfolios #iplza15 #edtech

Hard to believe, but last summer, a colleague asked me to craft a proposal for a "digital data archive," exploring the various options. I did but then promptly forgot about it when the school decided to not pursue it. In chatting with a friend at iPadpalooza 15, I remembered that I had done this and had not shared it. Show More Summary

#iplza15 You Matter! MiniKeynotes @cordym @ipadwells @techrabbi @msmagiera @gcouros @reshanrichards @hookertech #qfat

What a neat idea! At iPadPalooza 15, there is a string of mini-keynotes to kick off Day 2 of the conference. Listen to the Audio of MiniKeynotes Announcement: Join #etdrive, a Texas wide conversation focused on 3 strands using "push to learn" technology, VoxerChats. Show More Summary

Innovation, 3D roller coasters, and questioning the status quo

Below are my notes from Day 1 of our Northwest Iowa TICL conference… Session schedule Session resources #ticl2015 Tony Vincent, Learning In Hand, @tonyvincent Question the Status Quo Entrepreneurs are curious, creative, and fearless about experimentation – Hal Gregersen Showing us a series of ‘life hacks’ to help us think outside the box What does innovation [...]

Faster Faster NMC Notes

I’m doing Faster Nyan Cat!1 Build! Build! tomorrow at NMC so... I’d better get moving on linking all this madness into some sort of coherent story with examples. So take a deep breath and... go look at another webpage. This is going to be long. Consider it something between… Read More

I am a Human (mostly)

Hopefully this video will introduce me to you and demonstrate my commitment to networked learning and a few of the many benefits I’ve seen as a result. It also shows my long-term commitment to these entwined tools and practices. If, for some reason,1 you want to investigate any of the sites referenced more deeply they’re… Read More

Gamifying Classrooms

The idea of using game based ideas in the learning environment or gamification continues to gain momentum with teachers…but more importantly with students. Let’s not mistake “using games in the learning environment” with “gamifying the learning”. They are two different approaches to using technology within the classroom. Gamification is using …

Transitioning from What to Why #iPad #Chromebook #edtech #simonsinek

"No matter how visionary or how brilliant, a great idea or a great product," shares Simon Sinek in his book, Start with Why, "isn't worth much if no one buys it." Assuming Sinek is right, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise to instructional technologists that this is why they are often ignored. Show More Summary

The Web Provides – All Tab URLs to HTML

I gave a quick talk to University Seminar on General Education this morning. As is my want, I did it live from the browser with many, many tabs open. At the end of the presentation I was asked if I could give those tabs to the other humans in attendance. I could have gone the… Read More

Committing to Committing – OLE & #twp15

flickr photo shared by yewenyi under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license There will be never be enough time.1 So in honor of that I’m going to be participating in UBC’s Teaching with WordPress while ALT Lab runs a similar course at VCU that we call OLE.2 The UBC course is obviously focused on… Read More

Internet Faces

We’re going to be starting up an online class about teaching online classes and we’re doing some small “daily create” type activities. In this case people are asked to sign up for a gravatar and then reflect on why they chose that image. As part of the practice-what-you-preach initiative I figured I’d say why I’ve… Read More

Top 10 Security Tips for Teachers and Administrators

"Most networks," I remember reading (no source, sorry), "are built like a medieval castle. Once you get past the moat, the castle wall with archers and infantry armed with boiling pitch, you have relatively free access to the castle grounds." Of course, the article was more succinct. Show More Summary

Revisiting #OER, #OpenAccess, Plagiarism and Writing

" For democracy to flourish, citizens need free and open access to ideas. In today's digital age, this means access to information and ideas online." (Source: The Information Commons: A Public Policy Report) Source: 9 Minute Open Access...Show More Summary

Break New Ground

Source: Are you changing to match new circumstances, or remaining the same in alignment to the past? Or, put another way, How can we adjust to change while remaining the same? I'm not sure, but it's something that...Show More Summary

Looking Back: The Value of the Archive

In the age of instant and public publishing, what’s trending now seems to be what we focus on most. What someone wrote last month, last year or even 20 years ago seems less relevant that what comes across our various feeds today. One of the great promises of digital is it’s ability to archive and […]

My Twitter Evolution – Episode 1

I joined Twitter in November of 2007 which is roughly seven and half years ago. That’s a fairly long time and both my use and my thoughts about Twitter changed quite a bit over that time. Consider that Twitter only produced about 5,000 tweets a day back 1 then compared to 50 million a day… Read More

#UVaTeach Reflection

I had an interesting day at UVA a few days ago as part of their Innovation in Pedagogy Summit. I got the chance to talk to UVA’s Teaching Resource Center group and listen to some interesting educators talk about their practice. I was the closing keynote and I talked, as I have before, about what… Read More

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