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How to really teach interrupting – don’t!

Teaching business meetings and academic discussions to Japanese learners means sooner or later having to deal with their real weak point – turn taking. I’ve therefore slowly built up what could well be the most comprehensive selection of teaching turn … Continue reading ?

New year, new name – (just) TEFLtastic

Although TEFLtastic was started up simply to help the owner/ editor of try out his (now long gone) blogging platform for teachers, I slowly worked out that I could host a whole site with the help of WordPress, and that worksheets were … Continue reading ?

The best of 2016 – TEFL worksheets

Photocopiable classroom activities that I’d definitely use again, in no particular order: Good & Bad Travel English Responses (like TOEIC listening with typical, and often amusing, mistakes and confusions) Reported Speech Extended Speaking Reported Speech Memory Challenge Idioms Reversi Game … Continue reading ?

The best of 2016 – TEFL articles

No actual blogging in 2016, so instead two posts on my favourite stuff I’ve published this year. My own highlight was actually finally finishing a book, but I also have fond memories of these articles: 25 stupid things about Cambridge … Continue reading ?

More new stuff in 2016

On top of loads of new stuff on Xmas, telephoning, Cambridge Proficiency, etc that I’ve already mentioned, have put up these new articles and photocopiable materials in the rest of this year: Articles How to teach shopping language Differences between … Continue reading ?

New Xmas worksheets

More seasonal cheer for specific language points: Xmas shopping roleplays (with typical phrases for shoppers and shop staff and lots of Xmas vocab) Xmas food restaurant roleplays (with typical phrases for diners and servers) Festivals and celebrations rules (discussing how … Continue reading ?

Seasonal pages just updated

Just in case 43 articles and worksheets on the topic of Xmas and New Year wasn’t enough for you, have added one more plus a link to my festivals and celebrations page in case you want to mention the time … Continue reading ?

TEFL reversi/ TEFL Othello (TEFLtastic classics part 35)

This is a revival of a long-running series of posts on TEFL activities that are so good and so adaptable that you have to stop yourself from using them too much. For the 34 other instalments, see here. Like so … Continue reading ?

Complete guide to telephoning in different cultures

Three new articles on the topic published this month: British and American phone calls – NEW 50 ways to answer the phone (in English and other languages) – NEW Cultural differences in telephoning – NEW These links and many more … Continue reading ?

New Cambridge CPE games/ worksheets section

It will be years before it reaches the size of my huge FCE and IELTS worksheets sections, but have made a start on a Cambridge Proficiency in English section with 12 worksheets on the topic, many specific to Objective Proficiency … Continue reading ?

Complete guide to British body language and gestures

… or at least I hope it’s a full guide, given how I’ve just finished writing about over 100 gestures etc in three articles and over 10,000 words on the topic: 80 British gestures British body language (on topics other … Continue reading ?

Finding a local Delta tutor (in Tokyo and worldwide)

I’m just starting work as a local tutor for a distance Delta candidate again, trying to remember what the jargon means etc six years after the last time ready to start helping with and marking their essays and lessons from … Continue reading ?

New teaching English ideas and materials summer 2016

A comparatively small supply by my standards due to spending some time polishing up and trying to sell a few more copies of my book, but I guess 200 phrases, four articles and 27 worksheets isn’t bad for a summer’s … Continue readin...

New teaching like and would like page

A year or so after publishing an article on comparing and practising like for preferences and would like for desires, I’ve finally got enough worksheets up to make it worth its own page on TEFLtastic: Like and would like games/ … Continue reading ?

What does Brexit mean for TEFL?

The answer is, of course, that nobody knows because it all depends on various negotiations and maybe individual policies of the countries involved on working visas, but here are some possibilities: Americans finally have equal opportunities with Brits when it comes to … Continue reading ?

New supplementary materials for Cambridge FCE textbooks pages

One whole new section created, one much expanded due to a reader motivating me to find and put up about 20 worksheets I’d forgotten about, and one just renamed to make it easier to find: Objective First page – NEW Complete … Continue reading ?

10 years of TEFLtastic!

10 years, 1700 blog posts, over 500 actual articles, nearly 2000 worksheets, over 6000 comments, about 10,000,000 page views – and it’s all happened very much by accident. TEFLtastic started in June 2006 back when I was writing regular articles and reviews for … Continue reading ?

New TEFL stuff April and May 2016

Had a little burst of activity while I was between jobs and so briefly almost back to the good old days in terms of quantity. If you’d like to help me have more time to post such stuff, please support … Continue reading ?

Better self-study materials

Just published two articles on the topic of improving self-study books, homework materials, etc. 20 things wrong with most self-study materials Activities that match the questions in students’ heads After reading them, you can check out my attempt at making … Continue reading ?

New telephoning in English resources for students

On top of my new book on English phone calls, have just put up a list of the most important language and an article on the most important part of the call: The 100 most useful telephoning phrases (for students, … Continue reading ?

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