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The most TEFLtastic photocopiables of 2017

Of course, it’s not for me to say which of my materials are best, but as no one else is likely to waste an hour or two of their time going through 109 of my worksheets, here they are ranked … Continue reading ?

New TEFLtastic pages in 2017

More general ones I haven’t mentioned before top, and more specialist ones and/ or ones I’ve mentioned before bottom. New articles and worksheets coming for many of them in 2018. Articles (a, an and the) games, worksheets and songs page … Continue reading ?

TEFLtastic in 2017

A Happy New Year to you all. May all our classes in 2018 be even better than those last year! I was too busy last year to show off how busy I’d been, so here’s a summary of the whole year. … Continue reading ?

Three new Xmas worksheets

Some rather last minute or slightly early (depending on how you think about it) Xmas presents from me to you: Xmas and New Year meetings – NEW Xmas vocabulary passive voice guessing game – NEW Xmas vocabulary yes/no questions games (20 … Continue reading ?

New Yes/ No questions classroom activities article and page

Not sure how in ten years and over 200 articles it never occurred to me before, but have finally written a how to article and made a page for it to live on, with 26 photocopiable worksheets on the topic, … Continue reading ?

Lots of new country and nationality word activities

New article on the topic: How to teach country and nationality words – NEW and many of those ideas also available as photocopiable worksheets on my page on the topic, including a few new ones and with more coming soon: … Continue reading ?

EFL jigsaw games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 31)

Another article of mine just published in English Teaching Professional magazine, available here for free and with added links to example worksheets. At least two more EtP articles coming, so please subscribe to TEFLtastic if you don’t want to miss … Continue reading ?

Over 200 articles on

and believe it or not there are still loads of things I haven’t written about and in fact I feel like I’m just getting started. Gives some indication of the number of things an English teacher has to think about … Continue reading ?

Make Me Say Yes game (TEFLtastic classics Part 30)

The simplest game in the world – students get one point each time they can make their partners say “Yes” in answer to a personal Yes/ No question like “Can you swim?” and “Have you got any brothers and sisters?” The … Continue readi...

Coin games for EFL classes (TEFLtastic classics part 29)

As promised, here are many many more ideas on using a coin in TEFL, published in English Teaching Professional (EtP) magazine but available for free with added links to worksheets for my regular reader here on TEFLtastic. I would have … Continue reading ?

New teaching acronyms and other abbreviations resources

Two new articles with many teaching ideas and a few photocopiable examples on two brand new pages on the topic: Abbreviations games/ worksheets page – NEW PAGE Acronyms games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE

Ask and tell game (TEFLtastic classics Part 27)

I’ve been writing an article on games using coins in class (coming soon), and it reminded me of this once all-time favourite game which I haven’t used in a while. Students take turns making questions using the grammar and/ or … Continue reading ?

New comparative adjectives and superlative classroom activities page

Can’t believe that it’s taken me 10 years, but have finally made dedicated pages for comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives, making the original page a much more manageable selection of materials combining the two forms: Comparative adjectives games/ worksheets page … Continue reading ?

Lots of new colour vocab activities

Four new(ish) articles and the first few of many new colour worksheets on my much expanded colour vocabulary page, with everything from lots of colour word recognition activities for the young ones to discussion on the topic for adults, along … Continue reading ?

Giving advice activites to practise other language (TEFLtastic classics Part 27)

Just put up a new worksheet using this, one of my favourite ideas for practising tricky points which are different to think of other practice for, such as: – collocations with words like “get” and “take” – phrasal verbs – … Continue reading ?

All classroom materials pages A to Z

Made a new list of every index page on TEFLtastic. There are quite a few! If you like all this reorganisation work and would like more, please support TEFLtastic. All index pages A to Z Academic applications games/ worksheets – … Continue reading ?

All grammar games/ activities pages A to Z

As part of the on-going reorganisation of TEFLtastic, am trying to make a complete list of the games/ worksheets index pages. That’s taking longer than I thought, but have done it for the most popular pages, namely grammar: Other grammar … Continue reading ?

Lots of new opposites

My new favourite topic is teaching opposites, starting with the obvious hot-cold and big-little, but then using that simple idea to teach gradable and extreme adjectives, comparatives, appearance words, verbs, and all sorts. Two new articles and many worksheets on … Continue reading ?

New Teaching First Classes page

Not particularly good timing, but as part of the continuing polishing up of my Classroom Materials pages, have created a page of relevant links to articles and worksheets on needs analysis, language reviews, discussing language learning experience and tips, etc: … Continue reading ?

Links all (?) fixed

While fixing the several hundred links to the articles mentioned below, I also found a whole load more broken links to fix, to which I have two reactions: “So sorry!” and “Why did no one tell me???” Anyway, it’s … Continue reading ?

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