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A Message from Governor Andy on Why You Have to Register Your Certification

Hi, it's me, your old pal Andy Cuomo. I just want you to know that a lot of you may think I hate teachers, but that's not the case. In fact, my mother was a teacher. So that should be proof enough. But no, all you Gloomy Guses are all,...Show More Summary

God or Alcohol?

I was talking to some teachers the other day, and like many of us, they are freaked out of their minds. They say they got into this job because they'd expected a modicum of security, and they're just not feeling it these days. Everywhere you have to dodge falling pianos, and anyone who gets crushed by one is deemed ineffective. Show More Summary

Impress Your Friends with Pretentious Language!

Actually there are a whole lot of people who fit this description. In education, they flourish. It's almost a requirement for reformies, who traffic in untested, unproven, misleading, or utterly discredited ideas. As an added benefit,...Show More Summary

The Earth opens up new sinkholes in Indiana

Sinkholes appeared under Indiana sand dunes, as Gaea continued her war against the human race. It's an intriguing approach, nearly Lovecraftian: [S]and-covered trees... left cavities behind as they decayed over the years, researchers have found. Fungi on the covered trees...

Where Are We Without Union?

Yesterday commenter Bronx ATR remarked on the weak UFT presence in some schools. The letter at left is a pretty good example of what happens when union isn't around. In this case, the administration demands that teachers work after school,...Show More Summary

Ambiguity Denial Syndrome?

I was talking with a colleague at an event one of the past weeks, and I noted down the concept of ambiguity denial syndrome. And I’m retrospectively making up what we were talking about, but it’s an interesting idea to me. So one of the ways I start out a talk (including later today for […]

Yes, Virginia, APs Can Face Consequences

A big frustration of being chapter leader is to see callous and cruel people working as leaders. Often they get away with murder. I can't say literally, because I haven't got sufficient knowledge to affirm that, but it wouldn't surprise me. Show More Summary

Mr. Mulgrew Writes Me a Letter About Certification

Because I'm a very important guy, Michael Mulgrew, UFT president wrote me a letter. OK, actually he sent me the same email he sent tens of thousands of other UFT members. But that's not the point. What's the point? Well, the point is more what he didn't say than what he did.Many of my readers may know that I'm an old man with one foot in the grave. Show More Summary

eLearning Process Survey results!

So, a few weeks ago I ran a survey asking about elearning processes, and it’s time to look at the results (I’ve closed it).  eLearning process is something I’m suggesting is ripe for change, and I thought it appropriate to see what people thoughts.  Some caveats: it’s self-selected, it’s limited (23 respondents), and it’s arguably readers […]


How does a teacher get a name like that? It doesn't really make sense on the surface. After all, who wants to have a name that's all caps? And why would anyone want to be confused with what's generally acknowledged to be a fixture at...Show More Summary

Mayoral Control, but What About Evaluation?

Every year is a carnival. What new and more convoluted ways will the government find to catch us in the act of doing our jobs and fire us? Will it be another rubric for supervisors to follow, or the same one? Will it be the same parts...Show More Summary

Sinkhole to stabilize in Louisiana

An already existing sinkhole in Louisiana continues to expand. Bayou Corne (which has its own Facebook page) has been growing since it first tore open the Earth: Assumption Parish Government officials say it has grown between 1 1/2 and 2...

UFT Unity and Corporate Values

Leonie Haimson is one of the smartest people I know, and I did myself a disservice by failing to pay close enough attention to her comment: How dare MORE fight for professional autonomy and against a corporate driven agenda! Who do you...Show More Summary

John Black #ICELW Keynote Mindmap

Professor John Black of Columbia Unveristy gave a fascinating talk about how games can leverage “embodied cognition” to achieve deeper learning. The notion is that by physical enaction, you get richer activation, and sponsor deeper learning.  It obviously triggered lots of thoughts (mine are the ones in the bubbles :). Lots to ponder.

Opt-out Answers UFT Unity

UFT Unity really managed to put its foot in its mouth with its Delegate Assembly handout. I kind of suspected some opt-out activists would not care for that particular message, laughable and poorly thought out though it was. Here's one commenter, for example, who found little to love about it: Oh Michael, Michael, Michael. Show More Summary

UFT Unity Fears Us

I knew it the moment I laid eyes on the dubious document at left. Right after the election, we win the seats we aimed and fought for, and the first thing they do is attack us. They wouldn't do that if they were feeling secure. I'm glad...Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly June 2016

Mulgrew asks moment of silence for Orlando victims.Mulgrew talks of pride parade. Says UFT offered a cocktail reception to open pride week, and that now it takes on a different significance. Invites us all to a reception and discussion as to where we can go to get things right. Show More Summary

No Such Thing as Language, Says NY State

Under Part 154, a whole lot of alleged English instruction is moving into subject areas. You see, the geniuses in Albany have decided that, in the time it takes an American kid to read To Kill a Mockingbird, English Language Learners will not only read the book, but also learn English. Show More Summary

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

I woke up this morning thinking about the tools we use at various levels.  Yeah, my life is exciting ;).  Seriously, this is important, as the tools we use and provide through the organization impact the effectiveness with which people can work. And lately, I’ve been hearing the question about “what’s your stack” [x|x=’design’, […]

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