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Models with severed heads: Gucci goes Gothic

14 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Eventually everything goes Gothic. Especially the world of fashion, which this week offered a fine example of Infocult style. Gucci sent models down a runway lined with surgical stations, each lovely person carrying their own severed head: As the Jezebel...

Trump Doesn't Hear You--He Wants You to Carry a Gun and Leave Him Alone

Trump needed a cheat sheet for his listening session yesterday. Take a look at number five, which says, "I hear you." It's kind of remarkable that anyone needs a reminder to acknowledge hearing the people he's there to listen to, but that's what you have there.It's not a big secret that Trump is considering enabling the arming of teachers. Show More Summary

Guns in Schools

The knee-jerk reaction to the Florida shooting, among jerks both with and without knees, was that we need more guns in schools. While we're on the subject of jerks, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos thinks we need to have a robust conversation about it.Now Betsy DeVos is all about using schools to make her rich friends even richer. Show More Summary

Sinhkholes gnaw on Florida

The Earth continued her campaign against the human race this week, attacking Floridian retirement communities with more sinkholes. They came in the night: Frank Neumann got quite a shock around 1 a.m. on Thursday when he heard a sinkhole open...

And a Child Shall Lead Them

I'm floored by the sheer volume of reports I get about the Florida school killings. At every moment there's another report, another angle. Some are just beyond the pale, For example, the Washington Post just reported that the Trumpies see it as a reprieve from all the negative press they're receiving. Show More Summary

When a worm loves a human eyeball very much

Here at Infocult we often turn out uncanny gaze to the fictionless world, observing how it presents itself with many Gothic terrors. Today's real-world Gothic moment comes from Oregon, where a poor woman discovered an infestation of worms. In her...

Test Prep or Participation? Teachers or Silly Putty?

Every day I read another story about where education is headed. Today it looks like they're moving toward play-based education for young children in Boston. I'm good with that. It makes sense to me to let children explore, rather than trying to transform them into efficient, test-taking automatons. Show More Summary

Earth's war against the human race shifts to Rome

The Earth's ongoing war against the human pestilence opened a new front this week. A sinkhole opened up in Rome, dropping a street more than ten meters. Nobody was killed or even injured. Clearly, Gaia is just warming up. (thanks...

Does Catastrophic Insuarance Protect You or Make You Pracitce Catastrophe?

I signed up for the catastrophic medical insurance offered by NYSUT, not expecting a catastrophe, but you never know. I never thought the insurance itself would be catastrophic, but I should've thought things through. After all, I used...Show More Summary

APPR and the Zombie Teacher Apocolypse

There's a lot of talk about evaluation systems being revamped, because that, evidently, is what you do with teacher evaluation systems, and you do it almost every year. NYSUT has declared it's time. It's odd, to me, that this is necessary...Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board February 12--42 Minutes and I Miss Five

6:05—I arrive late as an adult ed. teacher is complaining about lack of support from union on superintendent Rosemarie Mills. Asks that leadership respond to a list of questions. Calls for removal of Mills and asks union to stand with her members and chapter leader of adult ed. Show More Summary

February 7th DA Takeaway--No First Amendment Rights Necessary in Democracy, Unity Caucus Style

I went to the DA, not expecting much. I was wondering whether a few resolutions would come up or pass. I got a little more than I bargained for. After an unremarkable address from the President, the President of the Wisconsin Teacher Association came up. Show More Summary

Francis Lewis High School in Red for Public Ed.

A few days ago, a young social studies teacher instructed me that we were all to wear our new UFT shirts today. How could I say no? Our school was a sea of red. Here's guidance. Here are my pals from ESL This is a bunch of us in the cafeteria. Show More Summary

Unity, Publicly Humiliated, Goes Straight to Lies and Character Assasination

I was going to react to the entire DA, but I found this missive on a seat, and I can't resist. Of course, like every propaganda pamphlet, it starts by telling how wonderful Unity is. This is not hard for them, since they take creditShow More Summary

A terrifying viral video in Texas

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Police in one Texas city are telling residents not to open a certain video attachment. It's an interesting snapshot of how we fear the digital world. First, one key element is that the content is allegedly kiddie porn. There's no...

UFT Delegate Assembly February 7th, 2018--How Can We Cherish, Project and Express Union Voice? Then, How Can We Shut It the Hell Up?

4:30 Mulgrew calls us to order.Reminds us we have one snow day remaining. One year anniversary of Betsy DeVos. Mulgrew calls up person in bear costume to wish her happy anniversary. Says bear would make better policy. Debate ensues as to whether or not pandas are bears. Show More Summary

Is Anti-Bias Training the Solution in NYC Schools?

I read stories like these and shake my head. Teachers do things, and the answer is to train all the teachers. Once we all have anti-bias training there will be no more bias, evidently. I wonder if it's proven 100% effective by research, or if it's just some stuff someone made up. Show More Summary

“a fluid haze, an elusive clamminess”

But that word, “fear”—a fluid haze, an elusive clamminess—no sooner has it cropped up than it shades off like a mirage and permeates all words of the language with nonexistence, with a hallucinatory, ghostly glimmer. Thus, fear having been bracketed, discourse will seem tenable only if it ceaselessly confront that otherness, a burden both repellent […]

Maria Yolanda

Sometimes I struggle all year to pronounce a Chinese name. They have, for example, a "u" sound that I've yet to master. I say the student's name and all his paisanos laugh out loud at my feeble attempts. Sometimes they try to teach me. Show More Summary

It’s the Abject Super Bowl Spectacular! Picks and prop bets! (“What time does the Super Bowl start?”)

This film is less than six minutes long. It’s very well made, with a dark hypnotic beauty. I barely made it through. Filmmaker Josh Begley captures the 280 (reported) concussions in this year’s NFL season. Field of Vision – Concussion Protocol from Field of Vision on Vimeo. Made as a collaboration between Field of Vision […]

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