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Trust in Allah, but Tie Your Camel

That's an Arabian proverb. It may be easy for many to trust in Allah, but here in the United States we're expected to trust in President Donald Trump. This is they guy who, for years, criticized President Barack Obama for playing golf. Show More Summary

Wishing a Joyous Holiday to All

Wishing you a great four-day weekend, free from all the nonsense that we're always hearing and reading about, sometimes on this very site. Enjoy a well-deserved holiday! ~From the entire staff here at NYC Educator.

Nov. 20th Executive Board Takeaway--Happy Talk from Unity and Recycled Class Size Issues

The other night several Unity members told some happy stories about people getting together and standing tall against administration. It's good to hear, but the song remains the same. Everything is good news and sunshine. I sat before the meeting with a distraught adult ed. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board November 20, 2017--Class Size Matters (to us at least)

Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us. Speakers Washington Sanchez—Rockaway school Douglas Academy 6—Very resourceful students—many challenges. CL often overwhelmed by challenges of admin. Staff suffered. This year, staff decided they’d had enough. Show More Summary

The Audacity of Eva

I'm sitting in my packed-to-the-gills high school right now, with 4700 students attending school in a building designed for about half that. We have rooms that are converted closets, rooms in which there are portable AC units that are so loud you an barely teach when they're on. Show More Summary

Walking Around With a Gun to Your Head

That's how I'd feel if I were working in one of the so-called renewal schools. You have to graduate this many more students by such and such a date. Failure is not an option. Okay, it is an option, but if you exercise it, it's not because the students are impoverished. Show More Summary

The UFT Committee of 300

Someone told me yesterday that, as a member of the Executive Board, I am automatically on the Committee of 300, tasked with the negotiation of the UFT Contract. I'm torn between being honored, confused, or confounded.It's nice to earn a place in such an important decision-making body. Show More Summary

The Class Size Conundrum

Last year I brought a class size resolution to the UFT Executive Board. Of course they voted it down, because it's overkill. After all the contract says there are 34 students per high school class, and 50 years ago they gave up something or other to have it enshrined in writing. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board Takeaway November 6th

The last Executive Board meeting went by pretty quickly. Since we didn't have a resolution for Unity to vilify and vote down, we ended relatively early. There are just a few things of note.One was Norm Scott's improvised speech, largely suggesting that nothing has changed in 15 years vis a vis abusive administrators. Show More Summary

A grave with a view

In the late 19th century a Vermont man constructed an unusual grave for himself. It still exists today, in a small cemetery near the center of New Haven. Evergreen Cemetery is about one mile off of route 7, along Town...

Education’s Future: What Will Replace K-12 and College?

Our expensive, time-wasting, anxiety-producing system of education is an immense failure. In a rational world, what would replace it? Here is my answer to that question.

Blogger's Day Off...

...but please check out my piece on how NY State is destroying ESL instruction live now at Gotham Gazette.

Questions for UFT Doorknockers

I understand there's a door-knocking campaign to encourage union membership. I believe in union, I will absolutely pay dues no matter what, but there are things I'm not sure about. This is one of the reasons why I'm not an active doorknocker. Show More Summary

Charter Schools: Rules Are for the Little People

I'm not surprised to read about charters that don't do well. There are a whole lot of them. In many states, it doesn't matter how they do. In this state, they're supposed to be somewhat accountable. NYC has closed almost every large high school it had, and the one I work in stands as an aberration. Show More Summary

To CTLE or Not to CTLE?

That's the question, but if you need the hours you really have no choice. The DOE dropped the ball early on while Fariña was focusing on what a beautiful day it was. After all, if Macy's is open, who gives a crap whether or not teachers...Show More Summary

Getting Out of the Classroom

I've been giving a lot of thought to that concept of late. Norm Scott was on fire at the generally staid Executive Board meeting last night, and excoriated crazy administrators, of which there are many. How many times have you gotten...Show More Summary

Executive Board November 6th--3,000 U Ratings Magically Become 2,000 U Ratings

Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us.Speaker—Norm Scott—Speaks about NY Knicks and NY Jets. Says he was first speaker here 15 years ago, spoke of abusive principals. Asked to defend chapter leaders, they opposed it in 1999. Every week we come here, and there are still abusive principals. Show More Summary

A Conversation

Me, in hall with student: Are you OK?Student: I don't feel good.Me: Go to the nurse.Student: No. I don't want to go to the nurse.Me. Then you have to do the work.Student: I don't want to do the work.Me: Here are your choices: You can do the work or go to the nurse.Student: No.Me: OK. Show More Summary

Media Literacy When the Platforms Are Complicit

In June of 2016, Twitter tried to upsell RT -- a propaganda arm of the Russin government -- to increase RT's visibility on Twitter during the US elections. The image below is included in the full article on Buzzfeed: As you can see from...Show More Summary

NY Times Endorses Low Standards

For years I have noticed that the NY Times has the very worst education reporting in the city. I often disagree with the editorials in the News and the Post, but their reporting often contradicts what appears on their op-ed pages. Sometimes I wonder whether the editorial writers read their own reporting. Show More Summary

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