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Gaea versus humanity in Mexico City

A quick glimpse of the Earth's campaign against the human race, in Mexico City: In Iztapalapa, a suburb of approximately 2m people built on the ancient lake’s southern shores in the city’s south-east, 15 primary schools have crumbled or caved...

UFT DA March 2017--UFT President Shuts Down Move to Amend JHS 145 Reso

Announcements Mulgrew thanks us for being here. Moment of silence for UFT members who’ve passed.President’s report—Michael MulgrewNational—Says we’ve set out a strategy and now have to adjust to changes. We can now officially get rid of Friedrichs and say Janus, out of Illinois. Show More Summary

When Students Step Up

When you have a co-teacher, a lot of things are different. You can immediately deal with a student issue by taking that student out in the hall and discussing whatever there is to discuss. Immediately things get better. Or worse. Or stay the same. Show More Summary

Updates on postmortem social media and AI

"Dead, IRL" updates us on technologies for recreating human identity after death. Laurie Segall looks into several methods, including postmortem tweets, video recordings, and bots using social media to imitate a dead person's self. The latter should remind readers of...

Adtech and Misinformation: the Middlemen Who Sell to All Sides

When we look at adtech, much of the focus falls on either of these two places: the advertisers who sell specific products via online advertising, or the data brokers who package and sell our information. And this is good - data brokers in particular pose a unique threat, and need much more attention. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board March 20, 2017--Reducing the Resolution

Secretary Howard Schoor tells us there will be five speakers tonight. From Central Park East 1—James Schoff—Thanks teachers and parents. Says new principal came to school, was less democracy and teacher voice. Progressive school, practices do not match standard curriculum, principal was disruptive. Show More Summary

Haunting 19th century experimental media

The following image appeared from a Twitter account, which describes it thusly: 1860s French Stereoscopic card - The Laboratory of Satan Click the image or this link to see the image animated. If the description is correct, remember that we...

Social Norms, Moral Judgments, and Irrational Parenting

We are all conformists; it’s part of our human nature. But sometimes our conformist nature leads us to do things that are downright silly, or, worse, downright tragic.

The Art of Co-Teaching

A lot of people complain about supervisors. I hate to admit it, but I tend to get along well with mine. Whenever we have a conflict, she sits me down and talks until I agree with her. I actually recognize what she's doing, but she manages to persuade me, and once I actually agree with her there isn't much left to argue about. Show More Summary

The Art of the Spiel

BREAKING--President Trump today offered to restore the cuts to Meals on Wheels if Nordstrom's would restore the Ivanka Trump line of fine Chinese-made clothing. He said it may not have been selling well, but blamed President Obama.Nordstrom's CEO, Roger P. Show More Summary

Sinkhole attack gets the Florida treatment

Earth's relentless campaign against the human race reached out to Florida, only to receive some unique touches from that state. It was like a scene out of a horror film, as dozens of alligators gathered around a giant sinkhole lined...

More fearsome technology movies

MTV reports on three recent films about scary technology. On deck is Personal Shopper (2016), about a creepy iPhone. Following is Human Surge (2016), which connects characters through technology (more in this review). Last is Unfriended (2014), concerning spectral revenge...

The Most Popular Politician in America is Bernie Sanders

That's what this poll says. And it breaks my heart to think we played it smart by going with Hillary, the sure thing. I am really angry with people who still tell me we made the right decision. I am really angry with people who tell me Bernie couldn't have won. Show More Summary

The 6th Class

In my school, a lot of people teach six classes. A lot of them love it. After all, if they're in a shortage area, they can make about 12K extra per year. That's not bad.On the other hand, it's not always good. In my own department, I was discussing how it's problematic. Show More Summary

Making Nice With Governor Andy

I was pretty shocked that UFT declined to join a pro-education march because they were trying to maintain a good relationship with Andrew Cuomo. To me, it feels a lot like cozying up with a scorpion. I mean, maybe it seems like a good...Show More Summary

Turning Alexa into a talking skull

The brazen head entered the world of home automation this week. Someone modded Amazon's Alexa to feature an animated, talking skull: Infocult approves. Instructions for building "Yorick" can be found here. (thanks to Steven "Roger Bacon 2.0" Kaye)

De Blasio Makes a Good Call

I don't know about you, but I just made breakfast and I'm sitting in my cozy living room drinking coffee. I'm pretty happy for 1.1 million schoolchildren and over 100,000 DOE employees who are not going in today. I heard almost immediately...Show More Summary

Learning Spaces For Actual Learning

Brendan Jones has a new post up about setting up his own classroom which is a really good read. He talks about getting his first room in many years of teaching (he's a PE Specialist) and how he ditched the teacher's desk as well as trying to set up the room without any budget at […]

Will They or Won't They?

I'm really wondering whether they're gonna close the schools tomorrow. Snow Day Calculator says there's a 99% chance, but this is New York City, so you never really know.I hear there will be 12-18 inches of snow. De Blasio closed them last month for far less, so perhaps that sets a precedent. Show More Summary

Can You Teach an Old Democrat New Tricks?

Shaun King has a lucid and chilling column on the future of the Democratic Party--or lack thereof. At a time when Donald Trump is the least popular starting President, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have managed to make themselves even less popular. Show More Summary

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