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Mixing a person into a sword

4 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The insertion of bones into the kiln is a key to his success. One Chinese technique for sword-making involved adding a bit of person into the mix. National Geographic tracked down this practice in present-day Taiwan. One sword-maker explains: "In...

Happy Labor Day, Back at You, Randi!

Randi Weingarten (with help from Lorretta Johnson and Mary Cathryn Ricker) sent along Labor Day thoughts and wishes to me and probably many thousands of others. I read the e-mail just as I read Mulgrew's, to see how much I can agree with before the red flags are thrown up--or how much I can stomach before I throw up. Show More Summary

Another Prospective Teacher Bites the Dust

Yesterday I was in a truck stop outside Albany, buying important supplies like the Oreo cookies my daughter demanded to make the last leg of our trip home. The young woman behind the counter started talking about how long the hours were at that particular job. Show More Summary

Earth tears open a fissure in Mexico

The planet Earth continued her campaign against the human race this week, shifting the method from sinkholes to a mile-wide rip across a Mexican state. It's a giant fissure in the Northern Mexican desert, 3,300 feet long and up to.....

What Do the Reform Folk Do?

What Do the Reform Folk Do? By Learner and Loewe (Scorer) Based on the Tune from Camelot What do the reform folk doTo help them escape when they're blue?The Duncan who is ailing, the Bill Gates who is glumThe Coleman who is wailing from...Show More Summary

Death by goblin

In Zimbabwe a traditional healer tried to save an old man from his goblin. The tsikamutanda succeeded in destroying the goblin, but the victim died in the process. Said victim had the extraordinary name of Punish Mhlanga. Zimbabwean goblins are...

Stranger danger: "The Strange Ones"

"The Strange Ones" (1963) is a short film in the classic genre of stranger-danger movies. It presents a nightmarish world populated by stalking pedophiles (they look like anyone else!) and risk-seeking children. As Jesse Walker observes, because of the sheer...

Ineffective City Teachers?

Capital NY has a piece about the relatively large percentage of city teachers rated ineffective. On first glance, one might conclude that teachers in upstate cities aren't as good as teachers elsewhere in the state. Doubtless talking...Show More Summary

Terrifying phrase of the week: facial spiders

Medical science offers this tid-bit of real-life Gothic horror: very small spiders live in our faces. Matt Shipman has lots of fun with this: Right now, in the general vicinity of your nose, there are at least two species of...

Would you like a McOuija with that?

Today's Gothic story comes from the indispensable They've found a rumor alleging that McDonald's was going to offer a combination Ouija board and Happy Meal®. Apparently the source for this grand concept was a SyFy channel person, who made...

Role Model Among Role Models

Ask yourself this--what do you do when your own kid fails classes? Do you talk to them? Get them extra help? Take away some electronic device? Well, if you happen to be principal of the school they attend, you have other options. You can simply change their grades. Show More Summary

Google celebrates LeFanu

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 200th birthday of Sheridan LeFanu, Irish writer of many classic Gothic tales. The image is from "Carmilla" (1871). NB: that's, not the main (US) site. (thanks to Saramin)

Try the Lovecraft Evil-O-Matic!

Now you, too, can generate Lovecratian prose! Simply visit the Lovecraft Evil-O-Matic, which coughs up randomly HPL-ish gems like: Faceless groping pox. Boundless masticating pool. Jaundiced suffocating nightmare. The -Matic's creator then applied his work to political prose, like so:...

Revive NYSUT Supporters School Me

Yesterday on Twitter, I was barraged with the various defenses of Revive NYSUT's double-pension grab. I'm going to recount a few here.1. You aren't telling the whole story.That's true. I paint what I see. If there's another side of the story, you're free to tell it. Show More Summary

Would You Like to Drink at the Bar?

Would you like to drink at the bar?Stay in the Hilton instead of your car,And be better off than you are,Or should I punch you in the face?A punch in the face will shut your festering craw,It might break your nose or bust your jaw,The...Show More Summary

Even Ed. "Reformers" Gotta Serve Somebody

Based on the song by Bob Dylan... You may be head of Kipps or Success AcademiesYou may counsel out kids and keep entry feesYou may have a padded cell to suspend kids with habitsYou may be Joel Klein with a stash of Amplify tablets But...Show More Summary

TTT#407 Welcome Back after Ferguson w/ Marcia Chatelain, Karen Fasimpaur, Alicia Lobaco, Jo Paraiso, and Chris Sloan – 8.20.14

We were planning a “Welcome Back” episode on Teachers Teaching Teachers, something about how to launch connected learning with Youth Voices in our classrooms and how to be more planful about connecting our curriculum. #connectedlearning. How do we do that after Michael Brown’s killing and the Ferguson protests? More than ever we need those days, even […]

Passion for Crap in Education Means No Flexibility in APPR

Over at Perdido Street School he's pierced the bazillion-dollar Capital NY paywall and discovered that Arne Duncan's flexibility with APPR does not extend to states that have already begun Common Core testing. For those of you who are...Show More Summary

UFT Unity Caucus Adopts New Slogan, Aims to Rival Starbucks for World Domination

BREAKING--Since UFT President Mike Mulgrew's momentous speech at the AFT convention, UFT-Unity has been reinvigorated and is looking to expand. For fifty years it has dominated the UFT, controlling every office and insisting all members...Show More Summary

Fear the computer game, old school

An old computer game ad offers an entertaining vision of scary technology: "No wonder some people are afraid of computers."

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