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Baby, Baby, Where Did Our Union Go?

OK, it's not those Supremes, but not only do I like them better, but they also look better than the current bunch. Nonetheless, the national Supremes are looking at a case that aims to hobble union. How many of the over 80% of working...Show More Summary

If We Win Nothing, We Still Win

What is progress? Is progress when we get to speak freely about the abysmal quality of state tests? If so, we haven't precisely made any. Apparently, teachers are now free to discuss the contents of tests after they are made public. The problem, of course, is that pretty much everyone is free to discuss pretty much anything that is public. Show More Summary

The Hypocrisy of Admin Demanding Constant Assessment

There's a new thing in town. Apparently, though test scores are to count up to 50% of your rating, you aren't supposed to use them too much when rating your students. You need to constantly keep your eye on them, and constantly ask them whether they understand or not. Show More Summary

Social Media Policy?

So what’s your social media policy?  It’s not something you should do lightly, or haphazardly, it seems to me. In fact, such a policy really is part of your personal knowledge mastery.  While your systems may vary, your results should be sources for you to find information, present yourself in your various communities, and to […]

UFT Presidential Race Heats Up

In our continuing coverage of the UFT Presidential campaign, NYC Educator is pleased to keep you apprised of all the important candidates. In alphabetical order:Emmie--Emmie's campaign is managed by MORE member Lauren Cohen. As you can see, Emmi is already wearing a MORE button. Show More Summary

Jewelry of the dead

This excerpt from a new book on the Brontë sisters explores the world of mid-nineteenth century hair jewelry. That's jewelry created with human hair. Excellent stuff, interweaving material and literary history, with a focus on that Gothic masterpiece Wuthering Heights....

SME Brains

As I push for better learning design, I’m regularly reminded that working with subject matter experts (SMEs) is critical, and problematic.   What makes SMEs has implications that are challenging but also offers a uniquely valuable perspective.  I want to review some of those challenges and opportunities in one go. One of the artifacts about how […]

Julio 2016

A lot of people are expressing doubt about the upcoming UFT election. Should I vote for Mulgrew? Should I vote for MORE? It's always tough to make important decisions like those. That's why it's so important for us to have another alternative,...Show More Summary

Thomas Ligotti reviews Pizza Hut's hot dog pizza

What if Thomas Ligotti, horror writer extraordinaire, reviewed Pizza Hut's hot dog pizza monstrosity? Let Zach Parsons (Something Awful) give it a try. The more my unease grew, the more I became convinced that this was the place and this...

Cat story or the rise of Cthulhu? "The Call of Tutu"

I'm gonna to open that door and let ol' Tutu in. Just to see what he does. Ayuh. "The Call of Tutu" is a story about a man, his cat, and his wife. Or maybe a bit more than that....

Living the Life of Riley: The Myth that Teachers Have It Easty

There has been a myth circulating, probably as old as time itself, that teachers have it easy. It is given credence by the fact teachers have their summers off and still get paid... Yet, if teachers truly had it easy, people would flock to the profession in droves. Show More Summary

Victory, NYSUT and UFT Style

One of the great things about being a teacher union leader is you always win. You win when there are 22 components in Danielson and you fight back Bloomberg's call for only seven. You win again when there's a transfer plan that allows teachers to go where they wish. Show More Summary

Personal processing

I was thinking about a talk on mobile I’m going to be giving, and realized that mobile is really about personal processing. Many of the things you can do at your desktop you can do with your mobile, even a wearable: answering calls, responding to texts.  Ok, so responding to email, looking up information, and […]

The Last Day

That's all there is and there ain't no more. I know it will be tough. How can you relax without the Sword of Danielson perpetually balanced over your head? How will you be at peace with yourself without knowing the 30-year-old Boy Wonder...Show More Summary

More ruins of American amusement parks

Here's a lovely, melancholy set of photographs of American amusement parks in ruins. Seph Lawless has a keen eye for fallen construction: He also appreciates the melancholy of circuses, a la Bradbury: Lawless also finds the - what the hell,...

Spooking a house and family in New Jersey

New Jersey Gothic: in Westfield, the same suburb where Charles Addams was born (!), a family has been receiving scary notes. The notes' author or authors identify themself/ves as "the Watcher." Telling the new buyers that the property “has been...

Why Aren't People Standing for UFT Delegate?

I recently received an email from a UFT employee chiding certain schools for not appointing delegates to the UFT Delegate Assembly. It complained about those who asked why UFT didn't support Zephyr Teachout and suggested it was their own fault for not getting involved. Show More Summary

Where Did the Second Amendment Come From?

In the wake of the insane shooting that took the lives of churchgoers, for the offense of their skin color, a lot of Americans are thinking this--how the hell did that insane racist get his hands on a firearm? How can we keep firearms from lunatics and criminals?It's very tough to do this in the United States. Show More Summary

Mad murder in London

An Enfield man went on a short but intense crime spree in London, culminating in a beheading. The story's details have some Gothic flair. It started small, but with the supernatural: the defendant armed himself with a wooden pole an...

The Learning Styles Zombie

It’s June, and June is Learning Styles month for the Debunker’s Club.  Now, I’ve gone off on Learning Styles before (here, here, here, and here), but  it’s been a while, and they refuse to die. They’re like zombies, coming to eat your brain! Let’s be clear, it’s patently obvious learners differ.  They differ in how […]

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