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Support for moving forward

I have to admit I’ve been a bit surprised to see that movements towards improving elearning and learning strategy  haven’t had more impact. On the learning design side, e.g. the Serious eLearning Manifesto and our Future of Work project, it still seems there’s a focus on content presentation. Show More Summary

Where's the Beef?

There was an interesting piece on NBC News, which seems to have originated from Telemundo, with which they are affiliated. I'm a Long Island resident, and what caught my attention was that 25 employees had been fired for taking part in the Day Without Immigrants. Show More Summary

Something's Fishy in the USA

How does Fox News hook people and keep them hooked? And why can't anyone on the left manage to do anything remotely close? These are tough questions. I've read entire books that try to answer them and come away still shaking my head....Show More Summary

The Best Catch There Is

I'm a big fan of Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. I don't know how many times I've read it, but it really sticks with me. Catch 22 says that you have to be crazy to fly army missions when people are shooting at you. You can't fly when you're crazy. Show More Summary

National Geographic's guide to selected body horror

Speaking of insects burrowing into the human body, National Geographic published a fine guide to the many ways critters can invade the human body. The article is filled with wonderfully disturbing passages: Apart from intestinal parasites, few species brave the...

Tackling the tough stuff

I was reflecting a wee bit on my books (and writings in general), and realized that there’s somewhat of a gap when I talk about games, and mobile, and more.  And it’s not unconscious, but instead principled, even if it arises somewhat implicitly. So I thought I’d talk briefly about why I tend to focus on […] The post Tackling the tough stuff appeared first on Learnlets.

Stronger Together-Jia Lee=Neither Stronger nor Together

Stronger Together is a caucus of NYSUT that began when former President Richard Iannuzzi was unceremoniously overthrown by Mulgrew three years ago. A lot of locals didn't much like being told by UFT leadership who could and could not run NYSUT. Show More Summary

Murder by circular saw

Today's real-life Gothic murder comes from Germany, where a woman decapitated her lover with a circular saw. Of course it was part of a sex game: On the night of the killing, Alex H blindfolded himself with a pair of...

The New Student

In our school, we've looked at the new Commandment from the DOA directing us to work out a grading policy. This has been problematic for a lot of us. Some departments are saying students must get a participation grade every week, and are demanding rubrics for how we do it. Show More Summary

Meta-Learning Tools?

I wrote an article for Jane Hart’s Modern Workplace Learning magazine, triggered by my thought that in her tools survey.  I didn’t see a lot about a certain set of reflection (c.f. last weeks posts on diagramming) and experimentation tools: meta-learning tools. Show More Summary

They're Reading the Blog

After I posted this, UFT put up this tweet, pretending that Mulgrew does social media. That's progress! Happy Valentines Day! Make sure you show your love for our neighborhood public schools! -Mulgrew #PublicSchoolProud — UFT (@UFT) February 14, 2017

What's in an Aim? (Revisited)

I've heard from various and sundry administrators that there must be an aim for each and every lesson. I do write one, as supervisors are always fiitting in, out, and about, but I've never agreed that it was necessary. For one thing, I don't like to brag, but I'm a high school graduate. Show More Summary

UFT Message in Times of Right to Work--Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I was struck at last Wednesday's DA by Michael Mulgrew's multiple references to the AFT Executive Board. Evidently this is an important meeting for some reason. Maybe it's because so few of us are privy to it and we need to know he is. Show More Summary

DA Takeaway--I'll Sit While I Wait

This was one of the more colorful DAs I've attended. Of course the surprise appearance of Bill de Blasio was largely what made it that way. But there were a number of other noteworthy occurrences.There were Michael Mulgrew's claims of victory over Betsy DeVos, though with her sitting as Secretary of Education this victory was not easy to understand. Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly--We Are Visited by the Mayor

Mulgrew calls us to order. 4:20Mulgrew mentions we have one snow day this year. Says it’s a likely school day. If we have more than one snow day we will extend the year. Mulgrew says let’s have some fun, plays Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on video. Show More Summary


So yesterday I talked about the value of diagrams, but I thought I’d add a bit about the process of actually creating diagrams. Naturally, I created a diagram about it. I created this diagram for a session I ran on diagramming a number of years ago. Show More Summary

Today's Question

Where's that snowstorm? I usually wake up on days like today and blog about having to wonder whether the schools are open. However, I don't regret not having to spend four hours driving twenty miles to get home later today.5:02--My dog just made me take him out and the snow is indeed around. Show More Summary


One of the things that I feel is a really useful tool in my ongoing learning, in my ‘making sense of the world’ is diagramming.  I find diagrams to be a really powerful way to understand not just elements, but relationships.  And yet it doesn’t feel like diagramming gets enough respect.  So I want to make […] The post Diagram! appeared first on Learnlets.

We Designed Evaluation This Way, Says UFT

I was pretty surprised at the answer I got to my question on MOSL the other night at UFT Executive Board. When I have questions, I write them down in advance because I cannot take notes while I myself am speaking. I prefaced my question by saying I would understand if UFT tried but could not negotiate a reasonable settlement with the DOE. Show More Summary

Insectile intrusion: real-life Gothic in Chennai

An Indian woman experienced some very personal Gothic horror, as medical staff removed a most disturbing intruder from her body. Let's take this story in stages to fully appreciate its horror. First, the discovery: The 42-year-old Injambakkam resident had woken...

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