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Chalkbeat NY Misses Big Picture, Shows Outrageous Bias

I sent an email to the writer of this piece in Chalkbeat NY, but she has not seen fit to respond. Here's what I said:Fascinating though it was to learn what Educators4Excellence thought about the UFT election, I saw no mention that MORE/...Show More Summary

Boy Wonder Grapples with an Issue

Oh man what a day! Why does this stuff always happen to me? Let me start from the beginning. Today, 5th period, I'm observing old Mrs. Weiner, and I'm drifting off. Everything was peaceful, and I'm doodling a pic of Wendy's ghost pepper chicken sandwich on my low inference notes. Show More Summary

The horror of digital faces

13 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Vague Horror of Face Swap dives into the uncanny trembling around digital tools letting us swap faces.... and other things. Ultimately, we're talking cosmic horror. (thanks to Infocult progeny #1)

Do You Have a Recurring School Dream? Tell Me About It

Dreams about being a student in school are very common, even for people who have been out of school for a long time. If you have had such a dream more than once, describe it here.

Social Justice Isn't Crap

All due respect to my friend Chaz, you can't discount social justice. We are not living on a remote island. We are part of a community.Hey, I love to get a raise. I want a new Mac, pretty much all the time. I have a kid and she is expensive, what with going to college and stuff. Show More Summary

More/ New Action Victory Is a Win-Win

I'm sure Michael Mulgrew is happy to hold on to his job for another three years, and I congratulate him on his victory. I'm not at all sure he will be happy to see MORE/ New Action on the UFT Executive Board. And I'm sure that a lot of Unity members are not happy at all. Show More Summary

MORE/ New Action Wins the High School Executive Board!!!

Thanks to all who worked for this and thanks to all who voted for us!!!!MORE later.

Sitting Here in Limbo

I'm kind of on pins and needles wondering what's going on in the UFT election. Voting is up, and UFT Unity is patting itself on the back for getting out the vote. After all, everything they do is a great victory. Three years ago, 4 out of 5 working teachers didn't bother filling out ballots. Show More Summary

Heading in the right direction

Most of our educational approaches – K12, Higher Ed, and organizational – are fundamentally wrong.  What I see in schools, classrooms, and corporations are information presentation and knowledge testing.  Which isn’t bad in and of itself, except that it won’t lead to new abilities to do!  And this bothers me. As a consequence, I took a […]

Can’t be a nihilist in my chosen racket…

[Above, suggest you read this post with a soundtrack about trying to embrace a little bit of gladness… Song lyrics inspired blog post title too. But if you just want to read, we’ll allow that too.] Since coming back from Mexico in 2000, I’ve had significant stints at three Canadian universities. In each case I […]

No More Free Ride on Sixth Classes

Mayor de Blasio giveth, and Mayor de Blasio taketh away. In my school, there are a whole lot of teachers with six classes. That's because people get sick, take leaves, go on vision quests, quit, and do all sorts of things that humans do. Show More Summary

A richer suite of support

While it’s easy to talk about how we need to support the transition from novice to expert, it might help to be a little more detailed.  While it’s easy to say that the role of formal learning wanes, and the role of informal learning ramps up, what are the types of support we might look […]

A Plug For The Maths Challenge For Young Australians

In my second year here at WGS, I had a conversation with the Primary Head of School about how we might cater more effectively for some identifiable students with mathematical talent in our school. She was wondering out loud whether the Westpac Maths Competition would be a good idea. But then I remembered entering students […]

What the Panorama Student Survey Looked Like to Me

What do you like better--cute puppies or this teacher?How high do you jump when the teacher walks into the room?How high does the teacher jump when you walk into the room? Does this teacher suck? How often does the teacher ignore the...Show More Summary

Mike Bloomberg and the Magic Mirror

Carmen Fariña is talking about consolidating her some schools. This is a direct reversal of the signature policy of her former boss, Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg, of course, had to look in a mirror every morning and ask it who was the reformiest...Show More Summary

Boy Wonder Contemplates the Injustice of It All

Christ the damn principal is an idiot. His cabinet is like a bunch of jackals, all jockeying for his job. Well I don't want his damn job. I'm gonna get my own little school, with maybe a dozen teachers. You get paid the same and youShow More Summary

Testing Out iPhone 6 Camera – Slo-Mo Mode

I forget sometimes that my iPhone 6 has a camera and thought I would video one of my playing partners today who likes to work his drives from left to right, and see how he would adjust for the howling northerly that was coming off his left. I then noticed the slo-mo option which I […]

How Part 154 Hurts ESL Students and Teachers

I'm pretty high on having had a hand in composing and passing a UFT resolution that may actually do some good. I don't consider a resolution in itself an achievement, but I'm hoping to build on it. In my DA notes, I wrote that I spoke in support, but didn't actually write what I said.I go to the DA and furiously take notes. Show More Summary

May 2016 DA Report---UFT Stands in Support of ESL Students

President’s ReportNationalPresidential election—GOP set, Democrats doing what they do. Says it’s clear where it will end, but debate is shifting now that Trump is saying he loves women. Says our enemies want Trump and will fight hard for him. Show More Summary

The Human-Centered Organization

As I talk about aligning work with how we brains think, work, and learn, I realize I’m talking about something bigger.  While I want L&D to lead the way (as those are the folks I know), it’s really about leading the way to an organization that’s aligned with us, with people.  And I think that’s something bigger, […]

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