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Meet the New Boss, Even Worse Than the Old Boss

There's a very interesting piece up at US News by Andrew Rotherham, AKA Eduwonk. I don't agree with Rotherham about a whole lot in education, but I find myself wishing I agreed with a whole lot of this particular column. Rotherham certainly has a way with words, whether you agree with him or not:It's too soon to fully judge Duncan's tenure. Show More Summary

More sinkholes open up under countries on opposite ends of the Earth

Sinkholes ripped out the ground from under two English-speaking nations on either end of the Earth this week. In Britain, a pit yawned right through a street and bits of St. Albans lawns. Residents reported hearing a crash as the...

It happens

We learn via an email from BCNet that the online video company MediaCore has been acquired (by Workday, who like quite the behemoth in the making) and the platform is shutting down. As a result BCNet’s “MSO with MediaCore will no longer be operational.” Bummer. MediaCore looked like a promising option. Particularly because there are […]

Don't Let the Golden Parachute Hit You on the Way Out, Arne

It appears Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, is stepping down. Duncan famously said Katrina was the best thing to happen to New Orleans because all the public schools were closed and replaced by charters run by his fabulously wealthy BFFs. Show More Summary

Natalie Panek #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

To close off the DevLearn conference, Natalie Panek (@nmpanek) told of her learning journey to be a space engineer with compelling stories of challenging experiences.  With an authentic and engaging style, she helped inspire us to keep learning.

CL Meeting Takeaway

I took a few notes at our meeting last Tuesday, but I didn't hear anything of world-shattering significance. Mulgrew said he planned to discuss Friedrichs in more depth in October, but that UFT was preparing for it. Basically, they hoped to remedy Right to Work status with state legislation.I'm not entirely persuaded of our influence in Albany. Show More Summary

Adam Savage #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Adam Savage gave a thoughtful, entertaining, and ultimately moving talk about how Art and Science are complementary components of what makes us human.

The Right to a Decent Classroom

Recently, in my school, two foreign language teachers were placed in computer rooms. In our school, there were a bunch of bowling alley-style rooms. You could choose between either ten rows of 3 or two rows of 15. Neither was a good choice. Show More Summary

Connie Yowell #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Connie Yowell gave a passionate and informing presentation on the driving forces behind digital badges.   

David Pogue #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

David Pogue addressed the DevLearn audience on Learning Disruption. In a very funny and insightful presentation, he ranged from the Internet of Things, thru disintermediation and wearables, pointing out disruptive trends. He concluded by talking about the new generation and the need to keep trying new things.  

Tech travails

Today I attended David Pogue’s #DevLearn Keynote.  And, as a DevLearn ‘official blogger’, I was expected to mindmap it (as I regularly do). So, I turn on my iPad and have had a steady series of problems. The perils of living in a high tech world. First, when I opened my diagramming software, OmniGraffle, it […]

Chapter Leader Meeting Notes

Mulgrew welcomes new chapter leaders. Much noise ensues, most from directly behind me. Mulgrew says CL job can be tougher than teaching job. Explains his mom asked him to stop cursing since Pope is here, thanks them for taking role. Says they have to be crazy, welcome to nut world, and proclaims himself biggest nut of all. Show More Summary

Who is Empowered in this Era of Ed. "Reform"?

As teachers, we are hardly empowered. We are seized upon as scapegoats for growing societal poverty. Instead of being seen as people who try to help sometimes needy kids, we are seen as the ultimate cause of neediness. With oversized classes, we are over-evaluated. Show More Summary

The Curious Case of Mike Mulgrew and His Deceptive Piggy Bank

If you're on the UFT mailing list, you probably got the same email that I did. The UFT President wants you to know that you're finally going to see a little bit of the money that most city workers got over five years ago. Mulgrew blames...Show More Summary

More disturbing porcelains from Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke's terrifying porcelain pieces appear in a new Dangerous Minds article. Infocult first noted the splendid Rubinke back in 2013. (thanks to Kevin)

The data does not lie. I am boring.

It was less than a year ago that a lifetime of music collection went up in smoke. Actually, eyewitness reports suggest that the vinyl did not really go up in smoke so much as it melted into a molten bubbly mass for about twenty-four hours, eventually hardening into a shiny black orb. Long-time readers of this […]

What Seattle Has that We Don't

Seattle teachers just ended a strike. The fact that they would strike at all differentiates them from us. It's risky going on strike. It's also costly. In NY, you pay two days back for each one you strike. That's a side-effect of the draconian Taylor Law, which strips us of one of our strongest weapons. Show More Summary

Sphero Robotics Update

I actually titled my first post about Spheros and my July EdTechSA conference workshop as "Meet The Robot That Got Me Interested In Robotics." It's true. I have neglected the area of robotics and programming for a long time. It was a personal blindspot and one that I felt guilty about but willing to leave […]

The Wonders of Classroom Technology

After writing a whole lot of awful things about Skedula, I was asked to work on a UFT committee examining electronic gradebooks. It was kind of cool. I met a lot of people using various different programs, and heard a lot of good and bad things about them. Show More Summary

Sayonara public ed, hello GMO-powered big data learning

  I read with interest that Monsanto was making the pivot to becoming a big data platform. Looks like the markets are impressed. I suppose eventually at some point in our lives we’ll all have to make the pivot and become a big data platform. It’s a path we are all walking, a personal-branding vision quest intent […]

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