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The Unity Lovefest

There is a lot of self-congratulation from Unity members, both state and city, on Twitter. Leroy Barr was able to come to an agreement with Beth Dimino and pass the "I Refuse" resolution that Unity shot down at the NYC Delegate Assembly. Show More Summary

Sinkholes attack Ukraine

23 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Earth continued her campaign against the human race this week, opening up a huge sinkhole in Ukraine. The sinkhole, measuring 100m wide and 60m deep, suddenly opened up in the village of Solotvino in the Zakarpatska Oblast region... Ukraine...

What I've Been Up To ...

So the blog's been pretty quiet, I haven't blogged much since the summer. I've been sharing stuff in a number of my other online spaces and I figured it was time for an update so here's what I've been up to... All the workshops I did last year in my day job are housed on my Sr. Show More Summary

Creating Images with Style

Seeing History by dkuropatwa I'm at the Building Learning Communities Conference in Boston this week. I've been asked to guest blog over there during the conference. I'm cross posting here as well. (Maybe it'll encourage me to do this more often... Show More Summary

Canadian DMCA: You Can Stop This

Image by dkuropatwa via Flickr Copied verbatim from Clarence who copied verbatim from Michael Geist. Please keep this going; repost. Especially if you're Canadian. This is really important. You're going to want to be able to tell your kids and grandkids "I tried to stop it. Show More Summary

Teaching (a pedagogical framework)

When I'm asked, in email or face to face, to explain how I use (blogs, wikis, podcasts, what have you) with my students I usually begin by saying: "That's not a short answer." While knowledge of how a particular tool works is important,...Show More Summary

More Privacy, All the Time

As is very obvious to the three regular readers of the FunnyMonkey blog, we care about privacy. Our work around privacy comes directly from our belief that learner agency and learner control are both essential elements in education, and frequently ignored elements of our educational process. Show More Summary

A New Movement in NYSUT

A lot of NYSUT locals were upset at the coup last year that tossed most of its leadership. I got to meet a lot of them, and I was privileged to see visions of union that I'd never been shown in thirty years of UFT membership. I met people who opposed Common Core and Cuomo and made no bones about it. Show More Summary

Dr. Tisch to the Emergency Room

Merryl Tisch believes that testing has all the validity and importance of yearly physical exams. In her brief MSNBC debate with Dr. Ravitch a couple of weeks back, she argued that high-stakes tests provide necessary snapshots to keep students academically healthy. Show More Summary

Activities for Integrating Learning

I’ve been working on a learning design that integrates developing social media skills with developing specific competencies, aligned with real work.  It’s an interesting integration, and I drafted a pedagogy that I believe accomplishes the task.  It draws heavily on the notion of activity-based learning.  For your consideration. The learning process is broken up into […]

NASA hears the howls of dead stars

This NASA/JPL news story plunges into Gothic territory as it describes deep space. The article describes X-ray emissions from the Sagittarius A region, or as the headline puts it: NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars Or, a touch...

What I'm Hearing on APPR

I'm hearing that it's highly unlikely the Cuomo/ Heavy Hearts plan could be in effect 2015/ 2016, for a number of reasons. One is that the deadline for agreements, even without a delay, is late November. There will have to be systems in place before that, and they will likely be whatever districts have now. Show More Summary

A cemetery within a cemetery

This reads like a ghost story. volunteers cleaning up the old Jersey City cemetery found hints of another cemetery connected to it, but buried by time and nature. Until... One day, clearing undergrowth, a volunteer stumbled upon a stone step....

Here's Your Big Chance

Now, from time to time in this space, I may kid the UFT President a little. After all, his caucus has a record that's kind of abysmal. It's supported mayoral control, school closings, charter schools, co-locations, the Absent Teacher...Show More Summary

Ghost tourism in Canada

Canada seems to be enjoying a boom in Gothic tourism. Specifically, hauntings are a draw. [I]n an age when a haunted reputation can make the difference between profit and bankruptcy, hotels, restaurants and even entire Canadians cities are clamouring to...

Got Game?

Why should you, as a learning designer, take a game design workshop?  What is the relationship between games and learning?  I want to suggest that there are very important reasons why you should. Just so you don’t think I’m the only one saying it, in the decade since I wrote the book Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games, there […]

NYSESLAT Test in Review. Part One

I spent last week giving oral exams to ESL students. Each year, our students have to take an exam called the NYSESLAT. This year, it's different from what it was in the past, and evidently aligned to the Common Core. The Common Core,...Show More Summary

On Using Dreamers to Further the Nightmare of Ed. "Reform"

Teachers have left the profession in droves thanks to the current state of ed. "reform." New recruits are relatively sparse these days. Some ed. "reformers" have found a sure-fire solution! It promises to further eat at the heart of unionism. Show More Summary

Party like it’s 2006 with this GIFFY service

Jim blogged about this nifty video-to-GIF tool from Imgur, and I had to try it. Naturally, the first thing I did was a GIF of Nick Mason playing “One of the Days” at Pompeii. You can see the result in the header of this post. Not exactly perfect, but very fast and quite easy to […]

Today in body horror

Medical horror often presents visions of body horror: awful things with, in, and to our flesh. Today's example concerns a poor woman who suffered badly from a brain tumor. But it wasn't actually a tumor: [surgeon] Shahinian made a tiny...

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