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Puerto Rican Teachers on Notice

This is a letter that teachers in Puerto Rico received. It says they're going to be reassigned, somewhere.Where? Who knows?This is something that once happened to us. It was before I started teaching. I remember hearing about it at a borough meeting. Show More Summary

When hitchhiking as a clown, be sure to wield a machete

California police arrested a 61-year-old man for hitchhiking. In a clown outfit. Carrying a machete. On Facebook, someone asked what the clown was doing. “Wish we knew,” the police department replied. “Right now, as far as we know, he was...

Earth opens campaign against Trump

The Earth opened a new front in her subterranean war against the human race by choosing to target Donald Trump.May 22, 2017 Sinkhole in front of Mar-a-Lago A 4' x 4' sinkhole has formed on Southern Boulevard directly in front...

Restorative Justice? Maybe Sometimes, but Not Always

I don't oppose restorative justice. I'm for whatever works. I read with interest this piece on using it, and I suppose, particularly at an elementary school, it's best not to use punitive measures where they aren't called for. I also...Show More Summary

Executive Board Takeaway--Chutzpah on Parade

There were both good and bad moments last Monday. My favorite was when CPE teachers presented Howard Schoor with their t-shirt. I asked him to wear it and indeed he did. He spent the rest of the evening with a green CPE 1 shirt over his suit and tie. Show More Summary

Mad clown crime in Colorado

A man dressed as a clown attacked another man in Denver, Colorado. The story reads like a cross between superhero comics and Gothic horror: Witnesses told police that the suspect, wearing white clown makeup accented with black streaks on the...

Student Perception Survey 2017

1. How high do you jump up and down every time you go to this teacher's class?a. very high b. high c. somewhat high d. a little bit e. I don't jump at all. The teacher sucks.2. What do you say when you raise your hand in this class?a. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board May 22, 2017--Good News at CPE 1 y Problemas en Puerto Rico

Howard Schoor, Secretary calls Anika and Cindi from CPE 1, they thank us for our support. Principal asked to step down. Two teachers returned to classroom as of tomorrow. Giving CPE t-shirts for people in dais. Schoor—CPE 1 great success for UFT, for our work, very proud. Show More Summary

Screw Thy Neighbor

It's probably true that no matter how bad things look, there's always someone worse-off than you are. In no less than the alleged bastion of liberalism The New York Times, there's a piece by reformy Kevin Carey, extolling the virtues of value added. Show More Summary

How Lack of Play Fuels Depression and Anxiety in Children

We are all conformists; it’s part of human nature. But sometimes our conformist nature leads us to do things that are downright silly or, worse, tragic.

Sitting Here in Limbo

Yesterday, after calling in all week, Nassau County finally told me to report to jury duty. While my co-teacher gave a test we'd prepared, I drove in to parking lot 14 of Supreme Court Drive and reported. I went through the metal detector,...Show More Summary

East Ramapo Comes to Lawrence, Long Island

You've probably read or heard about East Ramapo, where a bunch of private school parents took over the public school board and essentially decided to strangle the public schools to death, or drown them in a bathtub or something. They...Show More Summary

CPE 1 Victory Is Model for Us All--Garg Out, Marilyn and Caitlin Back

Update-- All charges have been dropped against CPE 1 UFT Delegate Caitlin Preston.The NY Times, though its coverage is kind of terrible, features the remarkable victory of CPE 1. From this article, you'd have no idea that Principal Garg placed the UFT chapter leader on charges for no reason, according to an arbitrator's ruling. Show More Summary

UFT Immigration Forum May 15th

UFT Educational VP Evelyn DeJesus welcomes us, welcomes panel. Says you can see Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from here, reminders to immigrant history. Says in NYC our kids speak 150 different languages but tonight we speak in one. Show More Summary

The Never Ending Class Size Saga

Our school is the largest in Queens, and one of the largest in the city. At one point, we were able to come to an agreement with the city to reduce enrollment. That's probably the best thing we could've done, but alas, the numbers soon exploded again. Show More Summary

Edmodo Has Removed Tracking From Their Web Site For Students and Teachers

Last night, I heard from representatives at Edmodo in response to my post on ad trackers. I need to emphasize at the outset that the speed of their response here is a very positive sign. I published my post around 9:00 AM on a Saturday, and I heard from them less than 12 hours later on Saturday night. Show More Summary

Tracking of Teachers and Students in Edmodo

This has been a rough week for Edmodo. Unlike many other people, I will not be writing about the data breach that leaked information about 77 million Edmodo users. Instead, in this post, I will look at ad tracking within Edmodo that affects both teachers and students. Show More Summary

Taking the Arg Out of Garg

As you may have read on the ICE-UFT blog, or EdNotes Online, CPE 1 chapter leader Marilyn Martinez has actually won in 3020a. That's very unusual. I am personally acquainted with only one other such case. Generally the arbitrator tries...Show More Summary

Sphero SPRK+ Reviewed

In my new role here at Prospect North I have to provide some non-contact lessons for the classes here but the good thing is that it can be delivered flexibly and all teachers want it to be of a STEM or Digital Technologies flavour. This is good because it is an area I am pretty […]

Oh Where, Oh Where Have the ESL Teachers Gone?

I'm often amazed by articles like this one, which states that there is a shortage of ESL teachers. This is an ongoing issue. I know because when I started as an English teacher it was almost impossible for me to find a position. When I became certified in ESL I got appointed immediately. Show More Summary

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