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Chalkbeat Goes to Highest Bidder

Back before Chalkbeat went national, I used to write for it. That ended when I made outrageous assertions that Cathie Black, who was appointed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, represented billionaires. I also asserted that TFA courted people from Ivy colleges. Show More Summary

Fun Fact--UFT Team High School Has No Input from UFT High School Teachers

The other day I got an email from Team High School telling me about all the wonderful work they were doing. Evidently 200 members attended workshops, which is surely good, as everyone needs to work on one thing or another.Also, there...Show More Summary

Facebook, Voter Suppression, and AdTech

This piece over on Medium ties together several news stories that have been written about the Trump campaign's use of Dark Posts on Facebook to supress the vote among Clinton voters. There are some great details in the post, and you should read it in full. Show More Summary

Class Size Shmass Size, Says Arbitrator

I went last month to see an arbitrator about the oversized classes at my school. Silly me, I thought when you violate contractual clas size rules, the remedy was to fix the class sizes. But I was just naive somehow. I mean, why should...Show More Summary

Content aggregation

At the recent DevLearn conference, I had a chance to present in xAPI Base Camp on Content Systems.  This is a topic I’ve been thinking about since working on an adaptive learning system back in 1999-2000. And I think it’s now an even bigger big opportunity. Show More Summary

Thoughts on Learning Design Strategy

At the DevLearn conference, I ran a Morning Buzz on Learning Design Strategy. I’m happy to say that the participants threw in lots of ideas, and I thought they were worth capturing. I started with a set of questions to address, so I’ll...Show More Summary

Skating on an ice rink populated with dead fish

A Japanese skating rink offered a Gothic attraction to would-be skaters. Embedded within this ice were thousands of dead fish. The conceit was all about the creatures' suffering, it seems: Fish, crabs and other shellfish were embedded in the ice...

UFT Executive Board November 28th--We Can't Risk Offending People by Mentioning Donald Trump

Secretary Schoor welcomes us.Open Mike Sara Shapiro From Adult ed chapter. Presents incident about AE consultation meeting. Mentions Ms. Mills, superintendent, who runs meeting. Says she was verbally attacked by Mills. Asks for help....Show More Summary

Creepy Google Deep Dream video

What nightmares can Google's Deep Dream artificial intelligence create with our images? Here's one. Be sure to click through for the mind-melting video: As Nacho says: Yes you do want to see a frog video through Google dream filter thing...

Trump---I"M not Wrong. YOU'RE Wrong!

Have you ever met a person who is always right? A person who clings to whatever he or she says no matter what? I have. These people are really difficult to get along with. They're utterly inflexible, and cannot be persuaded by evidence. Show More Summary

UFT Leadership--Wake Up or Give Up

I was a little upset at the AFT's early endorsement of Hillary. I had one or two issues with candidate Clinton. But they did a "scientific survey" that asked who knows whom who knows what, and that was it.Of course no one asked me or anyone I know, but I don't travel in the circles Randi or Mike do. Show More Summary

The Selective Outrage of Union Leadership

I don't know what to say when I see Unity up in arms over Betty DeVos. I mean sure she's a billionaire. Sure she's never attended a public school, and sure she hasn't sent her kids to any either. Sure she's married into the Amway family, and sure her brother runs Blackwater. Show More Summary

Two nice creepy audio tracks

A recent broadcast from WFMU's Noise and Syrup show contains two nicely creepy and Infocultish audio tracks. The show is long, a little over three hours, but you can click through to the tracks in question from the playlist page....

Instead of “Job Creation,” How About Less Work?

If we could solve the distribution problem, we could create a world in which we all worked much less and played much more. Is that a world to be desired? Yes!!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I'm thankful for my family as always, and also for our little dog Julio. I've successfully lobbied for him to come to our Thanksgiving with us, and to get his share of turkey. I'm absolutely sure he will like it more than I do.I'm thankful for the opportunity to help and support children. Show More Summary

Danielson's Guide to a Highly Effective Thanksgiving

Full disclosure --found on the internet, unattributed. Ineffective: You don't know how to cook a turkey. You serve a chicken instead. Half your family doesn't show because they are unmotivated by your invitation, which was issued at the last minute via facebook. Show More Summary

Special Webinar on Learning Design Strategy

Learning, properly, should have an impact. It’s about systematically changing behavior, developing new skills to meet ever-changing needs. That’s why we invest in learning: training or elearning. If elearning doesn’t make an impact, who...Show More Summary

Thoughts on story, games, and VR

As luck would have it, I found out about an event on Storytelling Across Media being run in the city, and attended a couple of the panels: half of one on interactive design and Telltale Games, one on story and games, and one on story and VR. Show More Summary

1972 Is Not the Time to Criticize Leadership, and It's Always 1972

At this time, we can't criticize leadership. For goodness sake, Donald Trump is President-elect, and is planning all kinds of bad stuff. No, at this time, we can't be indulging in what Randi Weingarten and Leo Casey call a "circular firing squad." This is no time to be assigning blame. Show More Summary

We live in the age of killfies

How many people get killed while taking selfies? A new paper investigates this, and offers a charming neologism: killfie. Some interesting findings: We found that most common reason of selfie death was height-related. These involve people falling off buildings or...

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