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Community of improvement?

34 minutes agoEducation / Learning : Learnlets

In a conversation I had recently, specifically about a community focused on research, I used the term ‘community of improvement’, and was asked how that was different than a community of practice. It caused me to think through what the differences might be.  (BTW, the idea was sparked by conversations with Lucian Tarnowski from BraveNew.) […]

Fearing the autonomous car

2 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

This excellent article surveys the present and likely near future for self-driving cars. It's very useful for that field. But what makes it Infocult-worthy is when it considers barriers to adoption, leading off with some serious technology fear: "AVs [autonomous...

Teaching in a Right to Work State

Add caption From time to time in this space, you may note a disparaging word or two about UFT leadership. There are several reasons for this. One is that leadership has supported a host of counter-intutitive measures that hurt working teachers in its perpetual bid for a "seat at the table." Mayoral control is a biggie. Show More Summary

Driving the doppelgänger disorder

14 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Inducing a doppelgänger: that was the goal of a recent medical experiment, somehow not run by mad scientists. Actually, Anil Ananthaswamy explores several different ways humans can really see their own doubles. This includes by accident, which occurred when a...

"The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations"

You don't hear much about real societal issues when it's far simpler to scapegoat teachers. Statistically linking low test scores to increasing childhood poverty is supposedly no more than the "soft bigotry of low expectations" to some. Show More Summary

Main Aztec skull rack revealed

"[T]here are 35 skulls that we can see, but there are many more" in underlying layers. "As we continue to dig the number is going to rise a lot." In the latest development of Infocult-ish archaeology, researchers claim to have...

The Renewal Plan

9 percent of NYC's public school population is literally homeless, In some schools, the number can run as high as 40%. Governor Cuomo, rather than trouble himself with such trivialities, works tirelessly to find out how teachers and schools are failing our children. Show More Summary

On Keeping Young Teachers

Our school's a relatively good place. I'd argue that most of the administrators aren't even crazy. Yet the maniacal footprint of the reformies is everywhere, and there's no escape for a working teacher. This is brought home to me by a few of the people who've left us this year. Show More Summary

3 C’s of Engaging Practice

In thinking through what makes experiences engaging, and in particular making practice engaging, I riffed on some core elements.   The three terms I came up with were Challenge, Choices, & Consequences. And I realized I had a nice little alliteration going, so I’m going to elaborate and see if it makes sense to me (and you). […]

Death in auto play

Are we in the age of death via auto play? Mic Wright thinks so, putting together several trends: people increasingly publishing videos set to play automatically; the ferocious hunger for clicks; the growing presence of video recorders. Infocult adds: humanity's...

Works to Ability

That's a potential report card comment. I can't remember whether or not it's still available. The geniuses in charge of such things have revamped the comments so they all say things like "meeting the standards," "approaching the standards." or "not meeting the standards." They've rendered them less direct and more complicated. Show More Summary

Lovecratian headlines

Here's a glimpse into what the news would look like if written a la H.P. Lovecraft: (click to embiggen) Source is this BoingBoing post. (thanks to Jesse Walker)


I’m realizing that a major theme of my work and the revolution is that what we do in organizations, and what we do as L&D practitioners, is not aligned with how we think, work, and learn.  And to that extent, we’re doomed to failure. We can, and need to, do better. Let’s start with thinking. […]

Planting the Seeds of Knowledge, Inch by Inch

A Variation on "The Garden Song" Inch by inch, row by rowGonna make this V.A.M. score growAll it takes is high stakes and Gates' doughAnd the D.o.E's stern frown Inch by inch, row by rowSomeone drop cut scores just soSomeone pull them...Show More Summary

What's in a Word?

I knew a stitting AP back when she was just a lowly teacher like me. I don't remember why, but I observed her class a few times. She had a great way with the kids. She was endlessly patient, and always uttering terms of endearment. The kids responded. Show More Summary

My Retirement Plan

I'm gonna try and join this band. You gotta love a guy who sings with a cigar in his mouth, taking it out only when it's time to make rooster sounds.

Nightmarish art, curated by Cracked

The increasingly impressive Cracked site now offers a list of seven scary artists, or "7 Artists Whose Work Will Give You Nightmares". For example, Zdzis?aw_Beksi?ski: The other six are excellent, fine Infocult people. (thanks to daughter of Infocult)

Summing Up the 74's Summit

If you have a lot of patience, and you probably have more than the common person if you're a teacher, have a go at hearing some of the Republican candidates' ideas for education. The 2015 Education Summit in New Hampshire was hostedShow More Summary

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Mary Ellen Elia

I was pretty shocked when NY State Regents unanimously nominated MaryEllen Elia to be NY State Commissioner of Education. For one thing, I had heard Michael Mulgrew speak of the great hope he had in the Regents to modify the new and draconian APPR law. Show More Summary

John Kasich Has a Royal Edict--Sit Down and Shut Up, Teachers!

That's the message I get from John Kasich, who talking heads sometimes paint as the least insane rider on the Republican Clown Car. I'm not getting a whole lot of laughs from these clowns, as every one of them seems to hate us and everything we stand for. Show More Summary

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