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NYSUT Opts for Ignorance

This year, NYSUT once again declined to endorse Andrew Cuomo, and now the AFL-CIO, for the moment at least, is doing the same. All over the Twittersphere NYSUT patronage employees are trumpeting their great victory. From where I sit,...Show More Summary

On the burial crunch

16 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Business Week has a fine overview of changes in burial practices. One major issue is that it's often too expensive to bury people in major cities. Another: the sheer number of bodies is crowding out room for the newly dead...

Take the Money and Run

I'm friendly with a pretty saavy ATR. I won't tell you his name, I won't tell you precisely who he's connected with, but I will tell you he seems to know people. In June, he met with a financial adviser and decided to take the ATR buyout. Show More Summary

Calls from the dead

Snopes spots another story about dead people's cell phones making calls. In this instance a man died in a train crash. But then... Peck's body was recovered from the wreckage 12 hours after the accident. Yet for the first eleven...

The Brutality of UFT Leadership

Mike Mulgrew's UFT is promoting Al Sharpton's August 23rd march for "justice for victims of police brutality." I don't know of too many, off hand, who support police brutality. I'm guessing very few police officers support police brutality. Show More Summary

NYSUT Takes a Stand. Or Is it a Sit?

A few weeks ago, at the AFT Convention, NYSUT President Karen Magee, despite campaign promises that her leadership opposed Common Core, said the following:If not standards, then what? A free-for-all? Everyone does what they please? No...Show More Summary

The Day 127 Tests Up and Walked Away

Last June, my eyes popped wide and I snapped this picture outside my Regents' grading site. Students' regents exams were sitting exposed to all in an open vehicle. It struck me as odd and unsafe at the time. I didn't think and I still don't think that anyone would steal exams. Show More Summary

E4E and Union Leaders--Strange Bedfellows

One of the interesting things about the corporate push to #SupportTheCore on Twitter was the E4E do-it-yourself page.Not surprisingly, yesterdays #supportthecore media blitz was based largelyon scripted talking points and hand holding— Anna S. Show More Summary

Support the Core Hijacked by Teachers and Parents Yet Unbought by Gates

Yesterday was #SupportTheCore day on Twitter. A bunch of reformy folks got together and decided this was the day they would persuade all of social media that it was not, in fact, in their best interests either to oppose CCSS or to have Mulgrew punch them in the face. Show More Summary

The Common Core Holds About as Much Promise as Communism

The Common Core is staked by idealism, a lot of money and, in some cases, the desire for personal profit. Some of the worst ideas in history have been staked by idealism. People who love to play in the realm of ideas, but have little practical experience or foresight might think one set of standards spells equality. Show More Summary

When a statue smiles at you with human teeth

A famous Mexican statue was revealed to have human teeth in its smile. Specialists restoring the 18th Century artwork have discovered that the statue's eight teeth used to belong to an adult human... His tortured look, blood streaming down his...

CNN shows us a death simulator

CNN, America's most visible purveyor of Gothic horrors, now turns to China for a glimpse of the death simulator. "Samadhi -- 4D Experience of Death," is a morbid "escape room" game that uses dramatic special effects to bring players close...

Uncanny valley as marketing tool

Penguin Books has decided to use the uncanny valley as a book marketing tool. Or so it seems, from their new cover for an edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So wrong: Three notes about this. The cover has...

Mulgrew's Paws (to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)

You'd better sell outYou'd better not think, You better watch out,Which Kool Aid you drink, Mulgrew's Paws are punching your face.He's making a list, He's checking it twice; He's gonna find out who's loyal or nice. Mulgrew's Paws are...Show More Summary

Mulgrew on Who Will Be Punched in Face, and When

Good morning dues payers. It's me, Mike Mulgrew, your president. A lot of you have been asking about my remarks at the AFT Convention a month ago. Though we live-streamed them, we didn't really think anyone would watch outside of the convention. Show More Summary

A Craig's List Ad for Union Leadership?

Posted: 4 days ago You've read about NYC teachers recruited through Craig's List-- while experienced ATRs from closed schools search in vain for full-time schools. Are you inspired by Michael Mulgrew threatening to punch faces? You may be considering training to become a UFT Unity leader. Show More Summary

Google uses robots to protect itself from killer robots

Google has published a killer robots page. To be precise, they added a "killer-robots.txt" file to their main search page. (That's a parody of the robots.txt file, which lets a web site control some uses of its content. So if...

Remains of Jonestown come to light

The remains of nine Jonestown victims turned up in a Delaware funeral home. In a nice touch, that funeral home has long been closed. The building is decaying, by one account. Dover police were called by the owners, a bank,...

The "Cold, Twisted, Sick Hands" of UFT Unity

UFT President Michael Mulgrew claimed he'd "punch" anyone in the face and "push" them "in the dirt" if they tried to take away his standards with their "cold, twisted, sick hands."The "cold, twisted, sick hands" I see, however, are propping up the Common Core. Show More Summary

Bat crazy

At some point in my adult life, I began to really dig bats. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I realized that bats were flying all around me at night. I had never noticed them. Ever since, I get a little thrill every time I see a bat flying. It’s not just that I presume […]

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