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The old game of mannequin or corpse?

8 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Florida Gothic (now there's a redundant phrase) offered us another tale of horror, as two men made a very typical mistake. Two men hired to clean out a vacant Tampa Bay area house thought they found a mannequin hanging in...

Russian tv goes Gothic

13 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A Russian tv station ran a horrific story, which looks like myth-making so far. It describes a crucifiction allegedly conducted by Kievan forces: The report featured a woman named as Galina Pyshnyak, who was interviewed at a refugee camp in...

Pay Up, Mayor de Blasio

To my mind, the worst thing about the 2005 UFT Contract was giving up seniority transfers and the UFT transfer plan so that veteran teachers could become ATR teachers. Rendering them week to week wandering subs a few years back made that even worse. Show More Summary

The Deformer Formula for "De-Motivating" Kids

In all the discussion of higher standards, I doubt the "reformers" have given much consideration to the complexities of motivation.Some "reformers" seem to think that students who fail will seize the day. They will harness their inner grit, work harder than ever and power their way to success. Show More Summary

UFT Unity Introduces New and Improved Election Procedures

One of the biggest reasons we lowly teachers have no voice in the UFT is because many, many delegates are "at large." In fact, most of the million names on the UFT ballot are AFT and NYSUT delegates. These delegates are chapter leaders,...Show More Summary

The doom that came to malls

CNN turns its baleful gaze upon malls, and deems their decline to be an Autopsy of America Why is this economic event a morbid thing? Listen to the article's language: Dead shopping malls are a sad sight. "It's the human...

Ukraine jetliner crisis turns Gothic

The crisis over a downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine took on a strikingly Gothic hue as one rebel leader offered a fascinatingly gory conspiracy theory. Igor Strelkov thinks the corpses are not what they seem. According to the information received...

Unity or Non-Unity, You Still Get No Voice in UFT

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about rigged UFT elections, and I will have more about those tomorrow. Today I'm going to focus on our system of appointing chapter leaders to our schools. Whether or not your chapter leader is Unity, a good one should be able to help you within the school building. Show More Summary

The Gothic history of Ouija

Smithsonian has a fine article on the Ouija board's history. The whole thing is delightful, so we'll only excerpt a few key pieces here. ITEM: ironic death by Ouija. Kennard CEO "William Fuld... died in 1927 after a freak fall...

Crossing Language Barriers Via Family And Photos

We have a significant number of students from African background at our school. Now that in itself is too broad a description as the students we have enrolled hail from over twenty nations and cultures across the African continent. Two of the more major groups include Somali and Kurundi families, and our Community Development Officer […]

Fearing the driverless car

The FBI has generated some useful ways that Google's self-driving car could be scary. First, you might have a car bomb, if "autonomous cars may be used as 'lethal weapons.'" The Googlemobile would thereby become "be more of a potential...

A 19th-century ancestor for Infocult

A Smithsonian article on scrapbooking turns up, among other things, a shadowy ancestor to this very blog! [N]ewshounds cataloged their obsessions, one of which was death. A Midwesterner morbidly collected a scrapbook of obituaries, including articles with delightfully gothic titles...

A Slenderman history

One part of the Slenderman collective mythos has been establishing a historical background. Backfilling Slendy's present video and digital photo presence with mock-archival images is the work of many hands, neatly assembled here. For example, Noppera-b? Country of Origin: Japan...

The UFT MIllion Name Ballot Subverts Democracy

When you tell members of the elite, invitation-only UFT Unity Caucus that you don't like the fact that everyone in UFT, NYSUT, and AFT has signed a loyalty oath and represents leadership rather than membership, they'll first deny it exists. Show More Summary

Dark pit appears in Siberia

The Earth's war against humanity took to the eastern Russian front, as a dark pit mysteriously appeared in eastern Siberia. The thing yawns wide into a splendidly black circle: Here's what it looks like from the air: Russia Today soberly...

Does AFT Merit a Member Boycott?

AFT reps, not a single one of which represents me or my school, took time out to assemble at a local Staples to protest their use of private workers to replace US Post Office workers. The President of NYSUT cut her Staples card in half to show she meant business. Show More Summary

Economics of the living dead, the anthology

For the Infocult book shelf: Economics of the Undead: Zombies, Vampires, and the Dismal Science, a new academic anthology focused on the intersection of economics with classic monsters. The essays collected in this book are as humorous as they are...

The metal claws of ancient Peru

Archaelogists have uncovered - and isn't that how many horror stories begin? Ahem. Archaeologists in Peru have dug up a terrifying artifact from a pre-Incan civilization. It's a pair of metal claws, ornamental metal pieces fashioned to look like feline...

Survey of Grown Unschoolers IV: What Do They Think?

Most of the grown unschoolers in our survey were very happy with their unschooling and said they would unschool their own children. A few, however, were unhappy, and their descriptions of their childhoods make it clear why they would be. This final report in the series describes the advantages and disadvantages of unschooling, in the respondents’ own words. read more

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