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Reformier and Reformier--Will the Regents Jump to Our Aid?

It's kind of amazing, after hearing Michael Mulgrew place his faith in the Regents month after month, that they would nominate this woman, MaryEllen Elia, as NY State Commissioner of Education. After all, we're still not feeling the love for Reformy John King, who preached Common Core for our kids but Montessori for his own. Show More Summary

Attention to connections

A colleague was describing his journey, and attributed much of his success (rightly) to his core skills: including his creativity. I was resonating with his list until I got to ‘attention to detail’, and it got me to thinking. Attention to detail is good, right?  We want people to sweat the nuances, and I certainly […]

Take a walk deep into the uncanny valley with these creepybots

This page does serious Infocult work in aggregating seven examples of creepy robots. Specifically, each of these tries hard to imitate the human form. And fails right through the uncanny valley. Unfortunately, when you see it in action, what you...

From NYSED With Love

I just noticed this, over at Pissed Off's blog. This appears to be one of the stupidest policies imaginable. You can see the page over at her site, but I'm going to type out the NY State reg, dated April 2015If a student misses class...Show More Summary

Apple's Plan For Managing COPPA Consent Has A Couple Problems

For schools running programs using Apple hardware, Apple has set up a guide to streamline the process of creating an Apple ID for each student. This guide includes a section on creating accounts for students under the age of 13:

Evolutionary versus revolutionary prototyping

At a recent meeting, one of my colleagues mentioned that increasingly people weren’t throwing away prototypes.  Which prompted reflection, since I have been a staunch advocate for revolutionary prototyping (and here I’m not talking about “the” Revolution ;). Show More Summary

It's Just Another Year of Regents Review--Or Is It?

In the throes of Regents review, it's Danielson be damned. Tests, to some extent, might measure my ability to prep my students and their ability to be prepped or to prep themselves. Tests certainly do not measure my ability to teach....Show More Summary

The Perks of Privilege

It seems every time I pick up the NY Post, some principal is committing an atrocity. The latest of those is from PS 120 in Flushing, who ran a carnival during school hours last week. That sounds nice, doesn't it? Except the price for this carnival was ten bucks, and if you didn't pay, you didn't get in. Show More Summary

Nine brains found on the ground

People found nine brains along a railroad in upstate New York. The idea suggests horror, or mad science, or an art project, or an expression of what New York City thinks upstate needs, doesn't it? One local took this in...

DA Takeaway

The DA last week was fairly unremarkable. The thing I found unusual was that I voted with Unity, I think, every time. Most of the resolutions were fairly Mom and Apple Pie, both of which I support. Nonetheless, some things are notable.It's...Show More Summary

Earth's campaign against human race shifts to Missouri

The Earth's campaign against humanity shifted ground this week to Missouri. Four (4) sinkholes opened up underneath an unsuspecting golfcourse. Gary Pendergrass, a geological engineer and principal with GeoEngineers, said the largest sinkhole of the four that opened was 60...

Mary Ahern on ATRs and UFT Elections

I was thinking of writing about this, but I'm gonna defer to a comment UFT Chapter Leader Mary Ahern left in response to James Eterno last night. You may or may not know that, when UFT leadership was confronted with a demand for a functional ATR chapter, they claimed it wasn't necessary. Show More Summary

New Action Takes a Position on Semi-Democracy

There's an interesting dynamic in UFT. The primary dynamic is Unity Caucus has all the power, completely shuts out all opposition voices, and does whatever it damn pleases. It apologizes to no one. It praises itself for every position...Show More Summary

May DA Report

President’s Report Resolution to remove fed from ESEA has passed committee. Hoping, with elections to keep focus on right things.Albany—Skelos down, replacement John Flanagan. Mulgrew says Flanagan understands education but that doesn’t mean he’ll do the right thing. Show More Summary


One of the themes I’ve been strumming in presentations is one where we complement what we do well with tools that do well the things we don’t. A colleague reminded me that JCR Licklider wrote of this decades ago (and I’ve similarly followed the premise from the writings of Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart, and Don Norman, among […]

In Defence Of EduTech

I am looking forward to EduTech. I am lucky enough to be leading a group of seven of my staff off to Brisbane in under two weeks time. Several have been wanting an opportunity like this for a couple of years now, while others are nervous about participating in such a high profile event early […]

Teacher Torture Wins 3 to 1 in UFT Poll

I recently got an email from Punchy Mike Mulgrew informing me that 12,000 members filled out their one-question poll and preferred Neverending Professional Development to 37.5 minute Small Group Tutoring. Apparently there was no choice C: None of the Above. Show More Summary

Wherefore Art Thou, Google Apps For Edu Terms of Service?

Trying to find Google's Apps for Education Terms of Service page is akin to spending a weekend unicorn hunting while quaffing cocktails from the Holy Grail.

A Conversation

Yes. 100%. No doubt. @CHASE03670 @UFT @TeacherArthurG @NYStateBATs — David Kazansky (@UFTKaz) May 19, 2015 Yes. 2 NYC Pub Ed students live in my home (hint: my children). @TeacherArthurG @CHASE03670 @UFT @NYStateBATs — David Kazansky (@UFTKaz) May 19, 2015


Is there an appetite for change in L&D? That was the conversation I’ve had with colleagues lately. And I have to say that that the answer is mixed, at best. The consensus is that most of L&D is comfortably numb. That L&D folks are barely coping with getting courses out on a rapid schedule and […]

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