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Marcus McArthur on Test Prep and the UFT Election

I'm very proud to be running for High School Executive Board with Marcus McArthur. In the video below, Marcus talks about the difference between teaching and test prep. This hits home with me. I spent several years helping ESL students prepare for the NY State English Regents Examination.Actually, my students ought not to take that exam at all. Show More Summary

Hooking up the tow rope, still not outta the ditch

Reading Martin Weller’s reflections on a decade of stellar ed tech bloggery… Blogs were like little beacons shining across the globe that would splutter in to life and look for fellow signals to respond to. I fell in with the North American and UK ed tech blogging crowd. And this is why I think blogging […]

Learning in Context

In a recent guest post, I wrote about the importance of context in learning. And for a featured session at the upcoming FocusOn Learning event, I’ll be talking about performance support in context.  But there was a recent question about how you’d do it in a particular environment, and that got me thinking about the […]

Good old scarecrows

The Weather Channel, always on the lookout for terror, offers a nice gallery of scarecrows. They lead off with this pleasant thought: Its origin is obscure, but there is belief that scarecrows are derived from the pagan practice of human...

Who Knew? Turns Out Michael Mulgrew Is the Purveyor of Myth After All

The more I think about Michael Mulgrew declaring bloggers to be purveyors of myth, the angrier I get. I mean, Mulgrew says he doesn't read blogs. I know he isn't on Facebook or Twitter (though he sees no contradiction in asking us to...Show More Summary

Showing my age, er, experience

I’ve been reading What the Dormouse Said (How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry), and it’s bringing back some memories.  Ok, so most of this stuff is older than I am, but there are a few connections, so it’s reminiscing time.  I’ve said some of this before, I believe, so feel free to […]

Lauren Cohen on Teacher Voice and the UFT Election

I've known Lauren Cohen for about two years now. She really impressed me with her quiet dignity as the UFT Unity loyalty oath signers tried to bully her into shutting up at a NYSUT Convention. But Lauren is more than that. She is quick-witted and analytical, understanding things instantly and responding intelligently. Show More Summary

"The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement"

How does a petty bureaucrat deal with "The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement"? Lovecraftian horror meets British estate housing in South Burnistoun: (via MetaFilter)

A Historic Moment

In just three days, ballots go out to UFT members, and we will have a big choice to make. That choice is between status quo and change. If you think the union has been moving in the right direction, vote for Unity. After all, the UFT...Show More Summary

Inverse Relationship Between GPA and Innovative Orientation

Ironically and tragically, rather than adapt our educational system to the needs of our modern times we have doubled down on the old system, so it is...

On New Suspension Policies

Recently we had a consultation with our principal in which we discussed a member being cursed out in the hall. We asked what could be done about it. From the consultation notes we sent membership:AP Security quoted the city discipline...Show More Summary

MIchelle Baptiste on the UFT Election

I'm excited and proud to be part of MORE/ New Action 2016, offering hundreds of involved, activist candidates as an alternative to the Unity machine that has monopolized our union forever. Win or lose, we are all in. I'm running forShow More Summary

Ted Cruz, Lucifer in the flesh; Carly Fiorina, creepy singer

The former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner, turned Gothic for a moment in calling Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh". The Daily Show took this idea and added to it some strange...

Scientists resurrect ancient life forms

A group of Russian scientists has successful brought back to life amoebas last seen millennia before recorded history began, echoing all kinds of horror story plots. Mad scientists worldwide cackled, no doubt, as they read of the project's materials: Under...

UFT No Longer Supports Working Families

Our union backed the Working Families Party for a long time, but those days are over. The Working Families party supported Bernie Sanders, and the United Federation of Teachers has no use for anyone who doesn't do what they say. That's why every single person who represents us in NYSUT and AFT has to sign a loyalty oath. Show More Summary

Common Core Not Doing Its Job. Too Bad for You, America

Naturally, I'm as shocked as anyone to hear the NAEP scores are not skyrocketing. Reading scores are stagnant and math scores are actually going down. Who would've thunk it? After all, we've made kids do close reading. What could beShow More Summary

Moving forward

A few weeks ago, I posted about laying out activities in a space dividing the execution side from the innovation side, and in the head from in the world.  None of you took the bait about talking what it meant (I’m so disappointed), but it continued to ponder it myself. And at least one idea came to […]

Hillary's Haters

Now I may have spoken a word or two against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. After all, she's got some rich history. But I'm surprised at the reaction I've gotten. I've been told that I hate Hillary, that I hate women, that I'm stupid, that I'm a "Bernie Bro," and that I don't understand high school civics. Show More Summary

Learning in context

In preparation for the upcoming FocusOn Learning Conference, where I’ll be running a workshop about cognitive science for L&D, not just for learning but also for mobile and performance support, I was thinking about how  context can be leveraged to provide more optimal learning and performance.  Naturally, I had to diagram it, so let me talk through […]

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