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Mike Bloomberg and the Magic Mirror

Carmen Fariña is talking about consolidating her some schools. This is a direct reversal of the signature policy of her former boss, Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg, of course, had to look in a mirror every morning and ask it who was the reformiest...Show More Summary

Boy Wonder Contemplates the Injustice of It All

Christ the damn principal is an idiot. His cabinet is like a bunch of jackals, all jockeying for his job. Well I don't want his damn job. I'm gonna get my own little school, with maybe a dozen teachers. You get paid the same and youShow More Summary

Testing Out iPhone 6 Camera – Slo-Mo Mode

I forget sometimes that my iPhone 6 has a camera and thought I would video one of my playing partners today who likes to work his drives from left to right, and see how he would adjust for the howling northerly that was coming off his left. I then noticed the slo-mo option which I […]

How Part 154 Hurts ESL Students and Teachers

I'm pretty high on having had a hand in composing and passing a UFT resolution that may actually do some good. I don't consider a resolution in itself an achievement, but I'm hoping to build on it. In my DA notes, I wrote that I spoke in support, but didn't actually write what I said.I go to the DA and furiously take notes. Show More Summary

May 2016 DA Report---UFT Stands in Support of ESL Students

President’s ReportNationalPresidential election—GOP set, Democrats doing what they do. Says it’s clear where it will end, but debate is shifting now that Trump is saying he loves women. Says our enemies want Trump and will fight hard for him. Show More Summary

The Human-Centered Organization

As I talk about aligning work with how we brains think, work, and learn, I realize I’m talking about something bigger.  While I want L&D to lead the way (as those are the folks I know), it’s really about leading the way to an organization that’s aligned with us, with people.  And I think that’s something bigger, […]

If You Want to Close Schools, You Don't Want My Vote

I have never in my life, before Obama, seen a Democratic President who was anti-public education. Diane Ravitch wrote that he gave GW Bush a third term in education. I'd argue he went well beyond that. To me, it was a Nixon goes to China thing. Show More Summary

Reading List additions

I’ve been reading a few other books, and have written up some book reviews on two of them. For the Revolution Reading List, I strongly encourage you to read Amy Edmondson’s Teaming, it’s a great review of the needed changes for organizations to embrace innovation.  My eLearn Mag review is here. For no specific list, but as […]

Kick Him While He's Down

It's not the best of weeks for Andy Cuomo. After all, Preet is dropping clues all over the place that Silver and Skelos weren't the only crooks under his watchful eye. And there are really few individuals so morally bankrupt as the Governor of our great state, obviously on sale to the highest bidder. Show More Summary

Top Down or Side by Side?

A few weeks ago our department ran NYSESLAT testing. I’ve written elsewhere my opinions about this test, its lack of validity, and its Common Coriness as opposed to measuring the language ability we're supposed to encourage and enable. Show More Summary

The PARCC Test: Exposed

Note --Leonie Haimson thinks this should be widely reposted, and that's good enough for me. The author of this blog posting is a public school teacher who will remain anonymous. I will not reveal my district or my role due to the intense legal ramifications for exercising my Constitutional First Amendment rights in a public forum. Show More Summary

2016 Digital Leaders Program Tweaked

I posted last year about my new model for Digital Leadership here at WGS and also presented about my plans at a local TeachMeet and at one of the TeachMeets at EduTech in June. the concept was to use badges as a way of recognising skills and contribution of students involved in the program - […]

Lederman Wins Unions Pay Valuable Lip Service

It's kind of amazing that Shari Lederman won her case challenging her junk science rating. I mean, junk science is the thing that Bill Gates staked his reputation as a self-appointed expert on. Not only that, but President Barack Obama...Show More Summary

Staff Letter 3

FROM ARTHUR GOLDSTEIN, UFT CHAPTER LEADERVOTE MORE/ NEW ACTION 2016 This is the best job there is, and I am determined to keep it that way. I am thrilled to see my students every day, and I want you to be too. That’s why I am running with MORE/ New Action for the UFT Executive BoardWe are rated, like widgets, via a checklist. Show More Summary

Moving forward

I’ve argued before that there’s a pretty clear path forward for organizations.  The necessity to become agile means that the old ‘command and control’ approach won’t cut it any longer. What’s required is tapping into the ability of people to work together.  The new structure is focused on teams (stayed tuned for my review of […]

On MORE and the UFT Election

I've been involved on and of with MORE for a few years now. I didn't run with them in the last election, but I'm very happy to be doing so this time. MORE is not just Jia, or James Eterno, or Norm, or me, or anyone. It really is a working...Show More Summary

Two separate systems?

I frequently say that L&D needs to move from just ensuring optimal execution to also supporting continual innovation.  Can these co-exist, or are they fundamentally different?  I really don’t know, but it’s worth pondering. Kotter (the...Show More Summary

Getting Out the Vote

Yesterday, as I walked into school, I met a colleague. She told me she had gotten her ballot and voted. Not only that, but she had voted for me. Of course I thanked her. Then I asked her why she hadn't waited to bring in her ballot on...Show More Summary

Start the Week Right

On Saturday I received my UFT ballot in the mail. I don't know about you, but I vote every chance I get. Often the people I vote for don't win, and sometimes I have buyer's remorse after they do, but I never give up. Sadly, I'm in the minority.Lots of people want to beat us down. Show More Summary

Megan Moskop on Union and the UFT Election

I've known Megan for a few years now. She's a big cheerleader for MORE, and you can see that when she instructs us to come to the next meeting. I've seen her give such instructions multiple times. But she also zeroes in on what makes this a special and unique movement. Show More Summary

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