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Who Will Be the Teachers of Tomorrow?

Now and then, conversations at work turn to the future of the teaching profession. At a PD (professional development) meeting outside of our building earlier in the year, a teacher broached the topic of salaries earned by PD specialists, Pearson employees (see "No Profit Left Behind") and the like. Show More Summary

You, Your Kids, and Your Phones

A while back I shared some ideas for talking about Digital Citizenship using visual metaphors. It's important to continue these conversations in school amongst educators and with our students. We have to involve parents too. Digital Citizenship isn't an expression often heard outside of school. Show More Summary

More pits break through Siberia

"No one knows what is happening in these craters at the moment" Last year we noticed that mysterious holes were punching through Siberia. That trend has continued in 2015, and expanded. [R]esearchers fear there are more craters than anyone knew...

UFT Charter School--Another Spectacular Failure for Leadership

As far as charters go, the UFT has not found the secret sauce. When charter schools showed up, it was important for leadership to show they knew better than anyone else. Turns out, though, that they didn't know diddly squat about how to run a high performing charter.The way to make your charter great is to reach amazing test scores. Show More Summary

Why Does Bill de B. Want Mayoral Control?

In the news, I've been reading that Mayor Bill de Blasio wants mayoral control to be permanent, rather that stand sunsetting every three years. Emperor Cuomo opposes this idea, for reasons beyond my meager comprehension. It could just be that he wants to stick it to de Blasio, who after all happens to be a powerful politician who is not Andrew Cuomo. Show More Summary

We may soon face the age of human head transplants

In today's mad science story, one surgical team claims to be within striking distance of achieving human head transplants. 2017 is named as a possible date. What's involved? Well: First, the recipient’s head would have to be cooled to keep...


In a discussion last week, I suggested that the things I was excited about included wearables. Sure enough, someone asked if I’d written anything about it, and I haven’t, much. So here are some initial thoughts. I admit I was not a Google Glass ‘Explorer’ (and now the program has ended).  While tempted to experiment, I tend […]

70:20:10 and the Learning Curve

My colleague Charles Jennings recently posted on the value of autonomous learning (worth reading!), sparked by a diagram provided by another ITA colleague, Jane Hart (that I also thought was insightful). In Charles’ post he also included an IBM diagram that triggered some associations. So, in IBM’s diagram, they talked about: the access phase where learning […]

What I do, don’t do, and why

My background is in learning technology design, leveraging a deep background (read: Ph.D.) in cognition, and long experience with technology.  I have worked as a learning game designer/developer, researcher and academic, project leader on advanced applications, program manager, and more. Show More Summary


(in the future) Dr. Melik: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies? Or hot fudge? Dr. Agon: Those were thought to be unhealthy, precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true. In Woody Allen’s Sleeper about someone who wakes up in the future, one of the jokes […]

Look What Bill de B. Found in the Sofa Cushions

Man, when I read things like this I just don't know what to say. Just a few short months ago I was at the New York Hilton with my school's delegates and Punchy Mike Mulgrew was regaling us with tales of how the cupboard was bare and we'd have to wait an extra ten years for the money most city employees had received by 2010. Show More Summary

Agile Bay Area #LNDMeetup Mindmap

I’ve been interested in process, so I attended this month’s Bay Area Learning Design Meetup that showcased LinkedIn’s work on Agile using Scrum for learning design. It was very nice of them to share the specifics of their process, and while there were more details than time permitted to cover, it was a great beginning […]

The Grail of Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences

There’s a considerable gap between what we can be doing, and what we are doing.  When you look at what’s out there, we see that there are several way in which we fall short of the mark.  While there are many dimensions that could be considered, for the sake of simplicity let’s characterize the two important […]

Rethinking Redux

Last week I wrote about Rethinking, how we might want and need to revise our approaches, and showed a few examples of folks thinking out of the box and upending our cherished viewpoints.  I discovered another one (much closer to ???home’) and tweeted it out, only to get a pointer to another.  I think it’s worth […]

Engage, yea or nay?

In a recent chat, a colleague I respect said the word ‘engagement’  was anathema.  This surprised me, as I’ve been quite outspoken about the need for engagement (for one small example, writing a book about it!).  It may be that the conflict is definitional, for it appeared that my colleague and another respondent viewed engagement […]

Making ‘sense’

I recently wrote about wearables, where I focused on form factor and information channels.  An article I recently read talked about a guy who builds spy gear, and near the end he talked about some things that started me thinking about an extension of that for all mobile, not just wearables.  The topic is  sensors. […]

mLearning more than mobile elearning?

Someone tweeted about their mobile learning credo, and mentioned the typical ‘mlearning is elearning, extended’ view. Which I rejected, as I believe mlearning is much more (and so should elearning be).  And then I thought about it some more.  So I’ll lay out my thinking, and see what you think. I have been touting that mLearning […]

To Lobby or Not to Lobby?

March 4th is Lobby Day for UFT. A whole lot of people are being bused to Albany to talk to legislators. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of room on the bus. Our group, the last I heard, only had 15 seats. I’d go anyway, in my own car, if I thought it would make a difference. Show More Summary

The Mental Gymnastics of Some U.F.T.-Unity Positions

U.F.T. reps have variously spoken in favor of annual standardized testing (for diagnostic purposes) as well as the Common Core. Strange how they try to sell these points to the rank and file. The task of supporting such positions must be far easier if you, yourself, are not a parent, or your children are not school-aged. Show More Summary

Sound stories

Audio Book flickr photo shared CC by The Preiser Project It’s been so long since I wrote in this space, it’s a hole too deep to climb out. I won’t try to catch up today. But this post concerns an ongoing digital storymaking seminar called the You Show. If you want to know more about […]

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