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Errors and misconceptions

When I was a grad student, my advisor looked a lot at error. HIs particular focus was to prevent it through good interface design.  He characterized them as of two types: slips and mistakes.  Slips are when you have the right intent, but from elements of our architecture end up making the wrong move. Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly--You Get FOUR Observations, Not Two, and No You CAN'T Hear That From Anyone Who Actually Gets Observed

President’s Report:Michael Mulgrew—holds moment of silence for first year teacher in horrible traffic accident.National—speaks of attack campaign. Doesn’t know what to say about hearing. Asks if we brought guns to ward off grizzlies....Show More Summary

Cognitive Business

One of my mantras is that organizations need to align better with how we think, work, and learn.  However, my focus has been specifically on what L&D can be doing (as that’s the folk I mostly talk to). But it occurs to me that it really goes farther. Show More Summary

Downsides of Democracy

Donald Trump is about to become President of the United States, and that wouldn't be possible in a democracy. First of all, the guy actually lost by almost three million votes. Second, his agenda doesn't fly with most of the American people, including a whole lot who voted for him. Show More Summary

The Part 154 Police

I've written in the past about Part 154, the newly revised regulation that effectively cuts direct English instruction and reduces ESL teachers to support staff for teachers of other subjects. In New York State, learning the English language is subordinate to mastering things on which you can be tested. Show More Summary

MLK Was a Strong Proponent of Union--Let's Honor His Memory

AFL-CIO has an entire section devoted to Martin Luther King Jr. and his ties to organized labor. Make no mistake, he would be horrified by what's going on in the United States today. While King is largely remembered for his battle for...Show More Summary

Bloody protest art

A group of artists is making art using human blood to protest Donald Trump. "The creators stressed that blood and watercolor paint are identical, except one "smells a little weird."" The collective used some nice Gothic language to describe their...

"humans as prey": bats feasting on human blood

A new instance of bats enjoying human blood has surfaced in Brazil. Scientists examining local bat diets found the blood is the life indeed: Researchers from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco found evidence of human-blood consumption in hairy-legged vampire bats...

Blogger's Day Off...

...but you can read my piece on class sizes and what UFT and DOE do about them in today's Daily News.

A Breakthrough for ATRs?

It's kind of remarkable to read a piece like this that may perhaps give hope to members trapped in the purgatory we call the Absent Teacher Reserve. Randy Asher, principal of Brooklyn Tech actually has a job trying to shrink the Absent Teacher Reserve. Show More Summary

Rahaf Harfoush #ATDTK Keynote Mindmap

Rahaf Haroush opened the second day of the 2017 ATD TechKnowledge conference. She made clear some important points about the potential for technology.  For instance she made the case for context-sensitive performance support, social network analysis, and a learning culture. Show More Summary

The Only Thing Worse than a Two-Party System

A two-party system has been problematic for the United States. We were particularly hurt by it this year, and will feel its effects for at least four years to come. I didn't think there was anyone worse than GW Bush, but American ingenuity...Show More Summary

Before Hypno-Toad there was the hypnotic movie subgenre

A history of hypnotic movies just appeared on the fun We Are the Mutants site. Here's one description: The Hypnotic Eye boasted a “new audience participation thrill” dubbed “HypnoMagic,” and enlisted real-life celebrity hypnotherapist Gil Boyne as technical consultant to...

A Frugal Man’s Guide to Happiness and Health

If I decide to make a million dollars by publishing Gray’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Financial Security, the key points will be:....

Mick Ebeling ATD TechKnowledge Keynote Mindmap

Mick Ebeling, of Not Impossible Labs, opened the TechKnowledge conference with an inspiring keynote. He told engaging stories about achieving the impossible because it just took commitment. He evangelized contributing, and getting contributions by emphasizing the brand benefits of doing good. The post Mick Ebeling ATD TechKnowledge Keynote Mindmap appeared first on Learnlets.

A Cognitive Audit?

In the recent Chief Learning Officer magazine, I wrote an article on the basics of the cognitive science of learning. Given the evidence that “L&D isn’t doing near what it could and should, and what it is doing it is doing badly, other than that it’s fine” (as I say), at least one of the […] The post A Cognitive Audit? appeared first on Learnlets.

UFT--No Rank and File Voice in Evaluation System

Like a lot of people reading this, I'm in the classroom every day. I also talk to teachers every day, both online and in person. So far, not one single teacher has expressed happiness about the new evaluation system, not this iteration, not the last one, and not the first one either. Show More Summary

Vale Seymour Papert

Imagine my surprise that I missed the demise of Seymour Papert this past year (yet another loss). I’ve looked back to see what I was doing on 31 July and how I missed it, and we were preparing for a week in the wilderness.  So it’s certainly likely I wasn’t deeply involved in the news. […] The post Vale Seymour Papert appeared first on Learnlets.

UFT Executive Board January 9, 2017

Secretary Howard Schoor—welcomes us,Approval of minutes—accepted.President’s Report—Mulgrew is in Albany. Schoor—Mark Twain said "No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legistlature is in session."Staff director’s report—LeRoy Barr—Mayor’s committee met, will meet again this week, will come back with reservation. Show More Summary

Observations--Are More Better?

My friends at the ICE blog say that NJEA wants more and longer observations. There is an argument to be made for that. For example, the fewer times you are observed, the more each one counts. If you're only observed once or twice, a bad day could be quite costly. Show More Summary

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