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Playing the Stereotype Game with Teachers

Another day, another story about how terrible it is that teachers get due process. Evidently two teachers are in jail and still drawing salary. How exactly that works I don't know. I'm pretty doubtful they let you leave the jail to go and teach. Show More Summary

Class Size Regulations v. Reality

I've been chapter leader for eight years now, and at least six times a year I need to go through our 50 plus page master schedule and identify oversized classes. I'm not particularly drawn to spreadsheets, and it isn't exactly fun for me. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board Takeaway

It was remarkable to once again see CPE 1 out in force trying to save their school. Can you imagine what the school system would look like if we were all 50% as activist as they are? People told stories of outrageous abuse and irresponsibility. Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board April 24th, 2017 CPE 1 in the House

Secretary Howard Schoor starts meeting.Guest speakers--Chris Mot—NYC teacher 17 years, parent of CPE 1 students, CPE formerly a jewel in crisis. Garg has harassed master teachers. Turned school that celebrated parents to one that made them enemies. Show More Summary

Home Improvement

I'm a sucker for gadgets and computer stuff. Just like the kids, I have to run out and get the new iPhone whether I need it or not. And I never go anywhere without the Macbook Air I'm using right now. I have no idea how I ever survived without a computer. Show More Summary

Another creepy old computer game story: Petscop

Kotaku dives into Petscop, an innocent-seeming cute computer game with a surreal and disturbing hidden level. A YouTube let's play series follows Paul as he explores the escalating weirdness. For more, there's a wiki, a TVTropes page, and a giant...

What Are the Proper Purposes of a System of Schooling?

Our compulsory school system was designed, long ago, for very specific purposes. Those purposes may now be outdated. What should be the purposes of a system of schooling today?

Unsafe at Any Speed at CPE 1

I sat down today with people from a school we'll call Central Park East 1, and I heard stories. This is a school conceived in democracy, now taken over by a former accountant. (I have nothing against accountants, by the way. Mine isShow More Summary

500 Students a Week

That's how many student PE teachers can see. Under NY State regulations, a student in a five day gym class gets.58 credit a semester. But a student in a three/ two class, that is three days a week semester one, and two days semester two, gets.50 credit a semester. Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly--We Still Love CPE 1, But We Still Won't Pass a Resolution in Favor of CPE 1

President’s ReportMulgrew welcomes us. Says last DA wasn’t happy.NationalSays we did hell of a job at state level. Randi taking DeVos to a school. Says it’s good. Says he invited her here. Is going to Ohio district that voted 80% for Trump. Show More Summary


That's what leadership calls us. Contrary implies simple-mindedness, as though you're a two-year-old who just says "no" to everything. Unity campaigns that we oppose everything they bring up, just for the sake of doing so. We disagree with everything, just because. Show More Summary

On Class Size and Contract

Readers of this blog may recall that I introduced at class size resolution to the UFT Executive Board last December. I did this in response to an outrageous ruling by an arbitrator. The arbitrator ruled that every teacher at Francis Lewis High School with oversized classes be relieved for one C6 period per week. Show More Summary

Think of What It Would Lead To If Teachers Spoke Up

I'm sorely disappointed to read this exhange with Mayor Bill de Blasio at a Staten Island event: An IS 61 teacher asked de Blasio why teachers are under a "gag order" not to speak ill about state tests, when teachers elsewhere encourage their students to opt out of tests. Show More Summary

Maybe I’ve Just Been Lucky

Moving on from a school to a new role gives me some mental space in which to reflect on how this teaching career has panned out so far. I think I've been pretty fortunate to work in some very interesting places under some unique circumstances with many extraordinary educators. I mean, I have heard about […]

You May Not Be a Nazi. You May Still Be a Bigot.

I don't know what to say when I see stories like these. I don't condemn people for how they vote, but I object to some things they believe. Of course, you're entitled to your beliefs, and they don't need to jibe with mine. It's a little upsetting to see that teachers who post signs of welcome to students are asked to remove them. Show More Summary

No Irony in Mr. Pallotta's Neighborhood

NYSUT President and UFT Unity loyalty oath signer Andrew Pallotta (pictured at left with illustrious NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer Martin Messner) just sent me an email. It says, "New York's political insiders are throwing a party and we...Show More Summary

BuzzFeed and Methods for Tracking the Trackers; or This Is Hard, Chapter 9674

For the last several months, Kris Shaffer and I have been working together on tracking news sites, partisan sites, and hate sites, and their relative popularity on social media. We have also been looking at the advertising and tracking technology used on these sites in an effort to understand how these sites generate revenue. Show More Summary

Happiness and Teaching

Yesterday I wrote about a young teacher who was happy when she ate lobster. Today I'm going to look at something a little more broad--what exactly makes teachers happy? That's a tough question, because there are a lot of variables. I...Show More Summary

Imagining United as a monster

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

One person on Twitter delves into United Airlines' monstrosity: humans we are excreting sadness fluids from the United brood mother’s apology glands, we will look with all 40 million of our eyes As every Infocult minion knows, there is a...

The Lobster

Ms. Brown was on a date. This was a big deal since she'd been very, very busy all year. Her school was a tough place to work. Everywhere she turned there were demands. You had to go to this meeting. You had to fill out these forms. You had to sign in for this and sign out for that. Show More Summary

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