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Fire Teachers! Save Money!

51 minutes agoEducation / Learning : NYC Educator

Part 154 cuts ESL instruction, pretty much to the bone. How this helps newcomers I have no idea. But for principals looking to save a few bucks, it's pretty convenient. First of all, you can eliminate those irritating classes to teach English. Show More Summary

I Am Yellow (Curious)

Last Friday, in my beginning ESL class, we worked on a guided paragraph in which students had to describe a good friend. One word that perplexed my students was "complexion." I told them that meant skin color. Some people have a light complexion and some have a dark complexion. Show More Summary

The Magical Twelve ESL Credits

In New York, children from other countries are supposed to learn English via magic. That's about all I can conclude from the mandates that have been issued by Merryl Tisch and her gang of geniuses up there. Since I started teaching ESL, beginning students have been entitled to three periods a day of instruction in English language. Show More Summary

Learnnovators Deeper eLearning Series

For the past 6 months, Learnnovators has been hosting a series of posts I’ve done on Deeper eLearning Design that goes through the elements beyond traditional ID.  That is, reflecting on what’s known about how we learn and what that implies for the elements of learning. Too often, other than saying we need an objective […]

Kids Can't Be Bothered with the Niceties

So it is when you are a teacher. Teenagers have no use for diplomacy. Once a thought comes into their heads, it comes out of their mouths. As someone who's gone to many meetings and listened to many people expound at great length about absolutely nothing, I have great respect for that quality.I teach two double-period classes this year. Show More Summary

AI and Learning

At the recent DevLearn, Donald Clark talked about AI in learning, and while I largely agreed with what he said, I had some thoughts and some quibbles. I discussed them with him, but I thought I’d record them here, not least as a basis for a further discussion. Donald’s an interesting guy, very sharp and […]

Julio's T-shirt

Man's best friend is an awesome spectacle. He protects your home. He barks at canines ten times his size with no fear, until and unless they get up close and personal and common sense takes over. He's proud and independent, except when he isn't. Show More Summary

Mobile Time

At the recent DevLearn conference, David Kelly spoke about his experiences with the Apple Watch.  Because I don’t have one yet, I was interested in his reflections.  There were a number of things, but what came through for me (and other reviews I’ve read) is that the time scale is a factor. Now, first, I […]

It Could Always Have Been Worse!

You might have been surprised to see former N.Y. State Ed. Commissioner, John King, promoted to U.S. Secretary of Education. You might marvel how ed. "reform" can so brazenly be forged ahead against the will of the people, or "special interests," as King would have it. Show More Summary

Meet the New Boss, Even Worse Than the Old Boss

There's a very interesting piece up at US News by Andrew Rotherham, AKA Eduwonk. I don't agree with Rotherham about a whole lot in education, but I find myself wishing I agreed with a whole lot of this particular column. Rotherham certainly has a way with words, whether you agree with him or not:It's too soon to fully judge Duncan's tenure. Show More Summary

More sinkholes open up under countries on opposite ends of the Earth

Sinkholes ripped out the ground from under two English-speaking nations on either end of the Earth this week. In Britain, a pit yawned right through a street and bits of St. Albans lawns. Residents reported hearing a crash as the...

It happens

We learn via an email from BCNet that the online video company MediaCore has been acquired (by Workday, who like quite the behemoth in the making) and the platform is shutting down. As a result BCNet’s “MSO with MediaCore will no longer be operational.” Bummer. MediaCore looked like a promising option. Particularly because there are […]

Don't Let the Golden Parachute Hit You on the Way Out, Arne

It appears Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, is stepping down. Duncan famously said Katrina was the best thing to happen to New Orleans because all the public schools were closed and replaced by charters run by his fabulously wealthy BFFs. Show More Summary

Natalie Panek #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

To close off the DevLearn conference, Natalie Panek (@nmpanek) told of her learning journey to be a space engineer with compelling stories of challenging experiences.  With an authentic and engaging style, she helped inspire us to keep learning.

CL Meeting Takeaway

I took a few notes at our meeting last Tuesday, but I didn't hear anything of world-shattering significance. Mulgrew said he planned to discuss Friedrichs in more depth in October, but that UFT was preparing for it. Basically, they hoped to remedy Right to Work status with state legislation.I'm not entirely persuaded of our influence in Albany. Show More Summary

Adam Savage #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Adam Savage gave a thoughtful, entertaining, and ultimately moving talk about how Art and Science are complementary components of what makes us human.

The Right to a Decent Classroom

Recently, in my school, two foreign language teachers were placed in computer rooms. In our school, there were a bunch of bowling alley-style rooms. You could choose between either ten rows of 3 or two rows of 15. Neither was a good choice. Show More Summary

Connie Yowell #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

Connie Yowell gave a passionate and informing presentation on the driving forces behind digital badges.   

David Pogue #DevLearn Keynote Mindmap

David Pogue addressed the DevLearn audience on Learning Disruption. In a very funny and insightful presentation, he ranged from the Internet of Things, thru disintermediation and wearables, pointing out disruptive trends. He concluded by talking about the new generation and the need to keep trying new things.  

Tech travails

Today I attended David Pogue’s #DevLearn Keynote.  And, as a DevLearn ‘official blogger’, I was expected to mindmap it (as I regularly do). So, I turn on my iPad and have had a steady series of problems. The perils of living in a high tech world. First, when I opened my diagramming software, OmniGraffle, it […]

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