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The mutant human needed to survive car crashes

An Australian project came up with a hypothetical human, one presumed to have evolved to better handle the stresses of automobile collisions. "What if our bodies were built to survive a low impact crash? What might we look like?" Hi...

On Union---I Like You, I Just Hate Your Family

Though I've never supported GOP policies, I kind of liked Bob Dole at one time. He's quick-witted and sarcastic. I have a weakness for people who can think on their feet, and I've always kind of felt there were two few of them. But one day Dole started attacking teacher unions. Show More Summary

3d printing a dead man's finger to unlock a phone

Michigan police worked with a researcher to use 3d printing in a new, crime-solving way. They started from a fingerprint scan, then printed it into the 3-dimensional world, in order to use it as a fake finger. Why? To unlock...

Happy Days Redux

Day 4 in Minneapolis and they've slipped the hotel bill under our door. $548.47 to stay at the Normandy Inn, which is kind of a cool place. Jonathan Halabi and I debated sending the union a bill as this is related to our Executive Board...Show More Summary

Gothic murder, Russian gang style

This week Russia offers an example of very cruel murder. To be fair, the murder happened a decade or so ago; it was only unearthed recently. Novoselsky was kidnapped by the criminals who later immured him waste [sic or pun?]...

Mulgrew Demands Apology for My Little Pony (and says some other stuff)

I've been tweeting the AFT Convention for a few days. My style when I tweet things is to report what I hear. If I have any sort of commentary, I make it clear or do it here.Mulgrew began by speaking about how the GOP is evidently hurling accusations that Michelle Obama was plagiarizing from My Little Pony. Show More Summary

The wrong basis

Of late, I’ve been talking about the approach organizations take to learning.  It’s come up in presentations on learning design, measurement, and learning technology strategy.  And the point is simple: we’re not using the right basis. What we’re supposed to be doing is empirically justifiable: doing investigations into the problem identifying the root cause mapping back […]

Social Justice Is for Everyone, Including Teachers

Norm Scott says it's hard to "out social justice Randi," and in a lot of ways he's right. UFT Unity is certainly diverse. And Randi hits every note when she speaks. There is no doubt whatsoever that she's aware of racial inequality. She's a great advocate for the LGBT community. Show More Summary

Trump Jr. Shares His Insights On Public Education

Nothing like watching the GOP Convention. It turns out that we teachers are to blame for almost everything. The whole narrative about money moving more and more to the 1% is completely false. Otherwise, how could Donald Trump Jr. say...Show More Summary

Human skin clothes for fashion

Here's an Infocult approach to fashion: grow clothes from the DNA of a famous designer. [G]raduate student Tina Gorjanc has created a line of “human leather” goods. And the leather isn’t from just any ol’ human, but from the skin...

In Which a UFT Unity Member Lectures Me on Democracy

Here's something I posted on Facebook:They just voted a dues increase for AFT. There are exactly seven people chosen by UFT high school teachers to represent UFT high school teachers. I'm one, and another, Jonathan Halabi, is seated at my right. Show More Summary

‘Form’ing learning

Last week I ran a workshop for an online university that is working to improve it’s learning design.  Substantially.  They’re ramping up their staff abilities, and we’d talked about how I could help.  They have ‘content’, but wanted to improve the learning design around this.  While there are a number of steps to take (including […]

Clinton at AFT--Let's Learn from Public Charter Schools

I listened intently to Hillary yesterday. She hit a lot of notes that were clearly aimed to resonate with teachers. We need to pay you more. We need to fix crumbling schools. We need to support unions. You'll have a seat at the table.I think Randi also mentioned the seat at the table thing. Show More Summary

UFT Folk Do the Darndest Things

Yesterday, someone from the UFT, someone with whom I'd never spoken before, approached me at the Convention Center and started criticizing me for not attending meetings about Part 154, which cripples the instruction of ELLs. There had...Show More Summary

From AFT 2016--Resistance is Futile--Prepare to Be Assimilated--Or Maybe Moved a Little

I'm here at the AFT Convention in Minneapolis. When Norm Scott and I arrived, we were met by several unionists from Chicago and Boston. They were very excited about our modest victory in the UFT. They, of course, have had more significant victories.They're kind of in awe of the machine that runs the UFT. Show More Summary

Best Parental Contact App

I saw a headline saying that on Twitter. I like apps. I like new things. Now maybe you can find an app that will do all sorts of stuff. Maybe it will send emails. Maybe you can check off a list of stuff you want the parent to know. Maybe you can make one report and send it to ten parents at a time.I can imagine all sorts of possibilities. Show More Summary

Another sinkhole appears in Florida, tries to eat cars

Florida experienced another sinkhole, as Gaea continued her campaign against the human race. This time the earth almost ate a car. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles tells local news outlets that the sinkhole started opening as Dolores Otero...

Getting creative with human brains

From the American northeast comes today's story of Gothic crime. The gist: an enterprising young man sought an additive for his marijuana hobby, and found it in human brain elbalming fluid. "A central Pennsylvania man was charged Thursday after police...

Teachers--Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The NY Post knows a failing teacher when it sees one. Anyone who wasn't hired back at John Adams, to the NY Post, is a "failing teacher" and "inept." One good thing, for the NY Post is this--they make these assertions with no evidence...Show More Summary

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