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We Are the Bearers of Hope

It's a reformy world. All sorts of money seeks and follows demagogues like Michelle Rhee and Eva Moskowitz. They get in the media and spew their blather unchallenged about whatever they like. Always, the bottom line is unionized teachers as scapegoats. Show More Summary

Fearing the car of the future

Two people were trapped in their keyless car for half a day, thanks to their not being able to understand the door locking mechanism. When they were freed by neighbours about 7.45am the next day, Mrs Smith was unconscious and...

Revive NYSUT--Do As We Say, Not As We Do

It’s certainly interesting to read about how Cuomo wants to deunionize a thousand workers who supported Zephyr Teachout. NYSUT, of course, is outraged. After all, we didn’t support Teachout and he wants to screw us anyway. But that’s not really what they express outrage about. Show More Summary

The Aztecs had a death whistle

Apparently the Aztecs, that classically Gothic people, had a unique musical instrument for war. It was called the death whistle, appropriately. Listen: (thanks to Randy McCall)

Take your life into your own hands, or "Unedited Footage of a Bear"

Adult Swim has been producing some very weird and interesting video of late. "Unedited Footage of a Bear" is a fine example. It starts off as what the title says - then becomes a drug ad, complete with supporting website....

To Bi or Not to Bi

I'm not an expert on bilingual education, but I often wonder how much English gets used in bilingual classes. I've started thinking about this a lot since, the other day, a mother accompanied her daughter to my classroom door. Mom was upset. Show More Summary

The Sounds of Someone Who Shouldn't Have to Worry About Being College and Career Ready

Have you ever stopped to just appreciate the sound of a little kid's voice? A s long as there's no trouble brewing between siblings, it's the sweetest sound imaginable with its pitch, rhythms and cadences. Listen to the words. Some seem brilliant. Show More Summary

Death by widow

Japanese police arrested a woman for murdering her husband. The thing is, this wasn't her first. Her previous five husbands and/or boyfriends all died as well. Kakehi reportedly married at least three times and had relationships with three other men...

The King Is Dead. Long Live the King.

In one way, the list to the left rings true, but in another, King has personally accomplished quite a few things. I've always been fascinated, for example, by the TV show The Sopranos. There you will find grown men sitting in lawn chairs at construction sites, and getting a pretty good salary for doing so. Show More Summary

Teacher Team

Yesterday morning at 7 AM there were quite a few people crazy enough to be at our school well before the first class. I was among them. This is a time when it's highly unlikely that a crisis will arise, or I'll get called to some meeting...Show More Summary

UFT Leadership Pays Valuable Lip Service to Class Size

The United Federation of Teachers leadership has come up with a brilliant plan. Let's tax the absentee landlords to come up with money to fund class size reductions. All we need is the support of Governor 1% and the newly elected GOP majority. Show More Summary

News Flash

Reformy John King, having done as much damage as he could in New York, is leaving for DC and hoping to drive the entire country into ruin. Clearly President Barack Obama is determined to have a team of hypocritical paranoid fanatical ideologues running education, and won't stop until he's scraped the bottom of every barrel in these United States.

We're from the DOE and We're Here to Help

The UFT Contract calls for a remarkable volume of meetings. Most of my colleagues spend 80 minutes after word on Monday, and 70 on Tuesday doing all sorts of things. Those I speak with are not happy. Not even a little. I guess it's good...Show More Summary

Gothic on Capitol Hill

A horror writer moonlights as a Congressman's speechwriter. Brett Talley creates texts for Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio), when he's not writing about the Necronomico. “He’s been great,” Lehman says. “He’s very creative. He’s also dogged about expanding the senator’s vocabulary.”...

What Value Will You Attempt to Add to Students' Lives?

If teachers add any lasting value to a student's existence, it probably won't be in the form of an elevated test score. It will be in the form of opening the eyes of a student to look more deeply (both within and at the surrounding world) and see things in new ways. Show More Summary

Demonic toys, giraffe edition

Today's scary toy is a cute little giraffe. It's very sweet, until it comes to life: (via Jesse Walker on the Twitters)

Underground monster gnaws at Los Angeles

Here's your real-like Gothic headline of the day: "The Fiery Underground Oil Pit Eating L.A." Even better is the text tag that follows: Formless and ancient things from the depths of our planet move beneath Los Angeles, unexpectedly setting fire...

An ATR by Any Other Name

It's odd to read all the contradictory info about ATR teachers. For example, this piece places the number of ATR teachers at 1, 171. This piece suggests there were 1,890 in September. Have 700 ATR teachers found placements? If so, are they provisional?It appears that provisionally placed teachers are no longer counted as part of the ATR. Show More Summary

Death in Google News

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Google News does a decent job of aggregating and categorizing it. But today GN turned a bit Gothic, offering this category for our grim delectation: Yes, Death itself. No celebrity deaths or anniversaries (cf Nelson Mandela), but The End. Follow...

Class Size, Shmass Size, Sez UFT

In our school we had a music class with 37 students. It was a brass and wind class. Because it was not a performing group or a required music class, it was deemed oversized by an arbitrator. To remedy this, our school sent a substitute teacher attend the class every day. Show More Summary

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