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Best Gig Around--NY Post Editorial Writer

Sometimes people criticize this blog. They say it only presenta one side. They're entirely right. This space is entirely subjective and pretty much at the whim of whoever writes it, generally yours truly. Why don't I present the POV of Michael Mulgrew? I'd argue that's his job, not mine. Show More Summary

Uncanny sleeping epidemic in Kazakhstan

15 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Dozens of people are sleeping, according to the Siberian Times. More than 100 people in the remote village of Kalachi – which has been given the nickname Sleepy Hollow – have been afflicted by the unexplained disorder, which has lef...

Why the Budget Agreement Doesn't Suck

Hi folks, it's me, your old pal "Punchy" Mike Mulgrew! Don't try and take my Common Core from me! I'll punch out your stinking face and push it in the dirt! But seriously, folks, let's talk turkey. First of all, don't believe anything you read on those blogs. Show More Summary

Some cyberfear from the 1980s

The Atlantic has a short piece on some signs of fearing computers back in the 1980s. Mostly these tidbits appear in journalism and popular books. Examples: "The most important thing to remember about computerphobia is that it's a natural reaction...

When You are Forbidden from Knowing the Full Extent of the Charges Against You

There is a strange paradox to high-stakes standardized testing. Proctors of the exam are under a gag order (legally challenged) not to discuss the contents. The social media of students is monitored to make sure they do not divulge any questions.Fifty-percent of the exams are released, but the other fifty percent remains top secret. Show More Summary

Mashing up 1990s commercials with Gothic horror

This clip starts off as a well-done version of late 20th-century childrens' commercials. It's about some kids and a fruit drink. Stick with it, Infocult readers, as around :50 things get gory. Nice John Carpenter Thing ref. Enjoy some Liquid...

Juliette LaMontagne #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Juliette LaMontagne closed the Learning Solutions conference with the compelling story of the Breaker project, connecting kids to real world experiences.     

DA Takeaway

I don’t suppose it was any kind of surprise that the MORE-sponsored anti-testing resolution died on the floor of the DA last Wednesday. I really admire their tenacity for placing this before the DA after the “I refuse” resolution was killed on technical grounds. Show More Summary

Michael Furdyk #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Michael Furdyk gave an inspiring talk this morning about his trajectory through technology and then five ideas that he thought were important elements in the success of the initiatives he had undertaken. He gave lots of examples and closed with interesting questions about how we might engage learners through badges, mobile, and co-creation.     

Teletubby terror revealed

Teletubbies look so innocent in full color, don't they? But view them in black and white and their creepy nature is revealed: Those dead eyes, like skull holes! The blasted landscape! It's like a lost Bergman alien invasion movie, with...

UFT Unity Kills Clear, Strong Anti-Testing Resolution

Mulgrew thanks DA for what we’ve accomplished. Says we’ve killed Cuomo’s rating in 2 months, while it took us two years to hit Bloomberg. Video about teacher leader positions comes on. Plays “Feels so Good,” by Chuck Mangione in background. Show More Summary

Fridging the dead in Detroit

This week's Detroit Gothic: police discovered dead people in a woman's freezer. Court officer Lee Gordon said her crew entered the home at the Martin Luther King Apartments on Tuesday to clear the property. Just inside the door, she said,...

Tom Wujec #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Tom Wujec gave a discursive and well illustrated talk about how changes in technology were changing industry, ultimately homing in on creativity.  Despite a misstep mentioning Kolb’s invalid learning styles instrument, it was entertaining and intriguing.     

Putting Policies On GitHub

Over the last few years, we have been looking at ways in which privacy policies and data stewardship can be improved. Over that time, one of the issues we have encountered repeatedly is that it is difficult to track how and why policies change over time. Show More Summary

UFT Chapter Leader, Yours Truly

My message to Cuomo is shaped by what a colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous, casually said to me one day. "Is Cuomo the biggest deadbeat dad in the state?" It made a lot of sense to me. I wrote a piece about it and tried to place it beyond this blog, but a lot of potential publishers were offended by it. Show More Summary

Tech Limits?

A couple of times last year, firms with some exciting learning tools approached me to talk about the market.  And in both cases, I had to advise them that there were some barriers they’d have to address. That was brought home to me in another conversation, and it makes me worry about the state of […]

How Soon Will It Be Before CCSS Branding Becomes Obsolete?

Do you use any of the new CCSS textbooks? We had a sample copy in our workroom. Due to factors of cost, most of our texts appear to be created ten-years ago. The CCSS texts don't seem significantly different from the older texts. History hasn't changed much. Show More Summary

Things I Can't Believe I Need To Say: Yes, Doxxing is Bad

In the recent days, people have attempted to justify doxxing. Ironically, a person was doxxed in the name of student privacy. I didn't think that it would be necessary - in the education space - to have a conversation about why doxxing is a very bad idea, but here we are. I left the text below as a comment but I wanted to post this here as well so I have a copy.

Why NYSED Doesn't Trust Us to Grade Our Students' Tests

Looks like the geniuses at NYSED have done it again. Even after they field test the questions, they still don't work, so they get to erase them. These, of course, are the tests written by Pearson, which are much better than tests you or I could write. Show More Summary

Out of the Mouths of Babes…Come Words Telling Us Things Have Got to Change

by special guest blogger Michael Fiorillo Yesterday, as I sat in the waiting room of a hospital radiology center, waiting to get an MRI for an injured knee, I observed the following: Joining me in the waiting room was a typical assortment...Show More Summary

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