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Hundreds of bats shut down fire station

Hundreds of bats swarmed a Florida fire station, shutting it down. [A]nywhere from 500 to 1,000 bats found their way into the station in Pasco County, north of Tampa. The nocturnal winged critters have been found in several parts of...

Day by Day in the ATR

A lot of us have no idea what ATRs go through. I speak to ATRs frequently, and I have a very good idea of how I'd feel as an ATR. Over at ATR Adventures, Bronx ATR tells it like it is, and pretty much like I thought it would be. (This...Show More Summary

At the Skinnies

The highlight of the educational season, of course, is the Class Size Matters Skinny Awards. Leonie Haimson organizes them and finds a whole lot of cool stuff happening in education. In fact, I won one year. People are always comingShow More Summary

Do Pensions Cheat Teachers?

You'd think so, if you read this article in the Daily News, written by folks in reformy Bellwether Education Partners. Personally, I'm suspicious when reformies start looking out for us. Why are the same people who brought us junk science...Show More Summary

DA Takeaway June 2017

I agree with Mulgrew that the state ought to keep out of NYC business. While Mulgrew spoke of this in terms of mayoral control, I'd argue it extends to a few other areas. I recall when our good buddy Senator Flanagan was pushing the Bloomberg dream bill that would kill seniority rights for NYC teachers only. Show More Summary

When police could have turned seriously Gothic: a mad science idea from 1930

In 1930 American police could have become even more disturbing that they already were. A real estate speculator won a patent for "a new and useful apparatus for obtaining confessions from culprits". What was that apparatus? A giant mechanical skeleton...

FMPR Stands Tall in the Bronx

Saturday night I attended a Bronx forum with Federacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico leadership. It was organized by tireless UFT activist Aixa Rodriguez. MORE's Jia Lee and New Action's Jonathan Halabi were also in attendance.If you've been following the news about Puerto Rico, even a little bit, you know it's in an economic mess. Show More Summary

Amazon and Whole Foods: Can I Have Some Data with that Kale?

It looks like Amazon is buying Whole Foods. Let's take a step back and look at the data involved here. We will start by looking at a person who only uses Amazon to shop online, buys food from Whole Foods, and reads using the Kindle app. Show More Summary

Getting the Song and Dance at the UFT Pension Consult

I’ve been getting feedback of late about end-year pension consults. I can’t do much about it, not only because have I nothing to do with them, but I also don't know a whole lot about it. Numbers are not really my forte. But three people...Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly June 14 2017--Homophobes Yes, ATRs and FMPR No

AnnouncementsMulgrew welcomes us to final DA school year. Discusses PD survey and large response. Says 61% have curriculum. 67% aligned with PD. Little support for ESL teachers. Special education marginally better. Insufficient CTLE PD. Show More Summary

A Three Hour PD

I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember Gilligan's Island. The premise was a bunch of people were going to take a three hour tour. Instead, they ended up stuck for years on an uncharted island, eating coconuts and inventing every possible kind of machine you could imagine. Show More Summary

UFT at Puerto Rican Day Parade

On the left is UFT VP Evelyn de Jesus and me. Evelyn is really cool in that she keeps asking me to do stuff, and I kind of like to do stuff. A few months ago we went to the NYSABE conference, where I was surrounded by hundreds of people who were focused on the kids I work with every day. Show More Summary

A to Z on Chancellor's Regulation Part 154 and ESL

A few days ago I attended a meeting at UFT central regarding Part 154. This is the relatively new regulation for ESL students that governs their learning conditions. Honestly, other than a little extra instruction for kids who test out of ESL, I see nothing good about it at all. Show More Summary

Thrill Ride

It is evident that if an experience is extra-fun or especially if it is meaningful I will probably not blog about it… A memorable stretch in the UK for OER17 and more is the most recent example. And there is every chance I will never properly capture what I dug about this past week at […]

Career and College Ready

Queens City Councilman Rory Lancman is upset about college readiness rates in the city. He says that students graduate from high school at twice the rate of college readiness. And if you go strictly by the stats, he's absolutely right. Show More Summary

Excecutive Board Takeaway--Being Unity Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

First, Mulgrew said something very interesting Monday night.. He seemed to suggest that there was some workaround to the Janus decision that would come around next year being negotiated statewide. That might explain why there's all the cozying up to Cuomo and a potential endorsement. Show More Summary

Ideal Purposes of Schools: Readers Weigh In

About 170 readers responded to my request to describe the ideal purposes of schools. Their responses, taken all together, produce a vision that is worthy of serious consideration.

UFT Executive Board June 5th--Homophobes Yes, ATRs No

6 PM—Howard Schoor calls us to order.Speakers—Not here at the moment.Minutes—ApprovedQuestions:Arthur Goldstein--MORE--Given the near certainty of impending US Supreme Court decisions it seems a good idea for our union to expand, rather than abridge fundamental democracy. Show More Summary

Educational Leadership--The Right Person for the Job

Every day I read the education stories and some days they are simply amazing. Here's the story of an assistant principal who's a serial liar, scamming teachers for cash with various sob stories, getting caught, and then moving up to a better gig on Long Island.Long Island, evidently, is a really cool place for aspiring supervisors. Show More Summary

Boy Wonder Goes Norming

Crap this is boring. Blah, blah, blah, triangles. Square this, square that. If only I can keep my eyes open for long enough to write this down...13, 14, 15 kids raising their hands. Let me make a quick note....Only two students raised their hands.That's show 'em. Show More Summary

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