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Students, Directory Information, and Social Media - Part 2

56 minutes agoEducation / Learning : funnymonkey

Last week, I put out a post on social media and kids. Apparently, it was read by more than a couple people. I don't keep track of pageviews or reach here - I have no analytics running on this blog, and while I will talk with people on...Show More Summary

On the uses of robot babies on humans

14 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Schools and communities have been assigning robot dolls to young women in order to convince them not to get pregnant, the idea being that a better sense of actually having a demanding little creature would be daunting. It is unclear...

The Earth quietly gnaws on North Dakota

Sometimes the Earth's war on humanity occurs very quietly, in small steps, as in North Dakota. Hopfauf said that since his home was built in 2004, about one-third of the backyard has sunk with the hill along with a tree...

UFT Will "Hook You Up" with the "Right People"

I often get calls for help from all sorts of people. Alas, I don't know everything. But I know people who know everything, or almost everything. My District Rep has been very helpful to me over the years, and I know a few people at central...Show More Summary

Hellraiser, 1950s style

This receives the Infocult seal of approval. For you Hellraiser fans: (thanks to Randy McCall)

The New School Leader at the Important Meeting

by special guest blogger Charter School Teacher I’m chugging along Day 3 of our Very Important Professional Development. So far it’s been typical stuff. School goals, how to set up a classroom, using google docs. Blah blah blah. Teachers either sleep or are on their cell phones. Show More Summary

Trying out videos

DevLearn, the elearning conference I’ll be attending in November, has suggested adding videos to promote your talks.  I haven’t done much with video (though I did just do this <6 minute one about my proposed learning pedagogy), but I’ve found the ‘narrated presentation’ capability built into Keynote to be of interest, so I’ve been playing with […]

Students and Social Media

Introductory note: In this post, I reference hashtags and tweets I have seen that compromise student privacy. Ordinarily, I would link to the hashtags or tweets, and/or post obscured screenshots. In this post, I am doing neither because I do not want to further compromise the privacy of the people in the examples I have seen. Show More Summary

Some Observations on Kahoot!

NOTE, from July 1, 2016: Kahoot! updated their app, and their privacy policies. The issues flagged in this post have all been addressed. Also worth noting: their turnaround time in addressing these issues was incredibly fast. For what it's worth, I'm impressed by both the speed and the quality of the response. Show More Summary

Part 154 Comes to My Class

Next year, I'm going to have to work with a co-teacher. This is because of the ridiculous regulation in CR Part 154 that ELLs cannnot be more than one grade apart. With decades of experience, even though I am state-certified in multiple subjects, I can't legally teach the class by myself. Show More Summary


I recently wrote about serious comics, and realized there’s a form I hadn’t addressed yet has some valuable insights. The value in looking at other approaches is that it provides lateral insight (I’m currently reading Stephen Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From) that we may be able to transfer.  And the source this time is […]

Dress Codes

Some people take them more seriously than others, I notice. I've had people walk into my classroom and tell girls wearing spaghetti strap tank tops that they're inappropriate. I can't remember what they did about it, but I do remember that I didn't care at all and would never have said anything.I've never sent anyone out of my class for wardrobe. Show More Summary

Revive NYSUT and Dinosaurs

I'm always astonished when people in authority act without thinking. Perhaps I'm naive. I shouldn't be, really, because I've seen these things over and over. The other day I blogged about a topic that NYSUT leadership found sensitive. Show More Summary

Bad Song Sunday

There's a story about jazz violinist Joe Venuti. Venuti was known for rarely, if ever, doing requests. One night he broke his policy and elicited suggestions from the audience. Someone requested Feelings. Venuti declared it the worst song ever written, and played Sweet Georgia Brown instead. Give it a listen and let me know if you think Venuti was right.

Building Consensus for Privacy and Security

I had the pleasure to present at ATLIS on April 19, 2016, in Atlanta. The conversation covered different facets of privacy, and how to evaluate the different attitudes toward privacy and security in schools. One element in the conversation that we sped over involved some simple browser-based tools that highlight third party trackers. Show More Summary

Targeted Ads Compromising Privacy in Healthcare

For a current example of how and why privacy matters, we need look no further than the practices of a company that uses "mobile geo fencing and IP targeting services" to target people with ads. In this specific case, the company is targeting ads to women inside Planned Parenthood clinics with anti-choice materials. Show More Summary

Tracking the Trackers

Third party trackers are tools that companies use to track us as we navigate through the web. While most of us don't pay much attention to trackers, they are present on many of the sites we visit. They collect information about our online...Show More Summary

Rostering, Provisioning, Owning Your Stack, and Transparency: a Look at Lewis Palmer

Through the continuing wonderful work over at, I read about an odd situation in Lewis Palmer School District 38. The details are still unfolding, but based on the article on and the original report in Complete Colorado, there are a few layers at play here. Show More Summary

Amazon Inspire, Open Educational Resources, and Copywrong

On Monday, June 27th, Amazon announced Inspire, another free lesson sharing site. What made this effort interesting is, of course, the context: Amazon knows marketplaces, and Amazon knows text distribution. This effort is also part of the Federal Department of Education's "Go Open" work, where Amazon was an early partner. Show More Summary

NYSUT Follows in the Footsteps of Rahm Emanuel

As usual, there's big fun in Chicago. Admin wants to make teachers fund their pensions, and pick up the 7% of the pension that the city had paid, when it felt like paying it. Essentially, this becomes a 7% pay cut. It's funny how, when...Show More Summary

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