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The Danielson Guide to a Highly Effective Thanksgiving

Full disclosure --found on the internet, unattributed. Unsatisfactory: You don't know how to cook a turkey. You serve a chicken instead. Half your family doesn't show because they are unmotivated by your invitation, which was issued at the last minute via facebook. Show More Summary

I'm Thankful

I’m thankful for having the best job there is. Despite all the noise and nonsense that swirls around it, I love the kids I teach. I love the idea that I’m helping them with something so vital, no necessary, and so indispensable. I’mShow More Summary

Damn Unity

Last Sunday I went to the Rockaway Theatre Company where blogger Norm Scott was in a production of Damn Yankees. It was wonderful, with really impressive singing and music. The orchestra was mostly teachers and students, and there were also a lot of teachers in the cast. Show More Summary

On Starting From Square One--Every Year...

When you have a handful of years teaching already safely stored in your pockets, you may not take kindly to a system that forces you to start from square one every year. The system is stacked against your professionalism. Last year,Show More Summary

Gene Simmons is in an OLPC advert, and I need to reboot my network

I happened to see this tonight in the course of watching the most predictably clichéd “sex, drugs, and rock and roll in the sixties” documentary ever broadcast on TV. I suppose it’s alarming I did that in a room by myself on a Saturday night. Please don’t worry. But again, Gene Simmons in a One […]


I travel a lot, so I spend an awful lot of time in my car. I think bluetooth is a gift from heaven. I bought a new car that has it, and I can't believe how much easier my life is. I gave my old car to my daughter, who spent $200 putting a bluetooth receiver in it. Show More Summary

When a Reformy Governor Takes Control of Mayoral Control

by special guest blogger Harris Lirtzman If you picked “321” a few days ago, get to your local deli for your $500. You won. But, unfortunately, someone else lost because that’s the number of days it took for Andrew Cuomo effectively to take “control” of the City’s schools out of the hands of our current mayor. Show More Summary

How Much Homework Is Enough?

The short answer is: It depends? The Council of Ministers of Education Canada started publishing Assessment Matters! in 2013. These are a series of short summaries of specific educational issues that emerge from four different national...Show More Summary

What Do You Do Every Day?

That's a simple question, but it isn't always so for my students. One of the toughest thing for them to get their heads around is simple present, like, "I go to school every day," or, "She likes her job." That little s in the third person singular is what really gets them. Show More Summary

On Being Unhindered by Inconvenient Reality

It must be great to be Joel Klein. You can simply blame the UFT for everything. There's that awful contract that restrains you from doing all the wonderful work you aspire to. Never mind that you signed it and had a hand in writing it. Show More Summary

The Silent Majority

That was the term then-President Nixon used to describe his supporters. They weren't all those dirty hippies protesting the Vietnam War. They were the good, solid Americans who never spoke out and put up with whatever nonsense the President saw fit. Show More Summary

Malala’s Nobel Prize and the Question of Children’s Rights

Lack of respect for children is revealed in the language used by the Nobel Committee in their award of this year's Peace Prize. It's also revealed in the United Nation's Declaration of the Rights of the Child. read more

Let the "Reformers" Re-Form Themselves

The facts and formulas we instill in kids are secondary in importance to the manifold other purposes of public education. We need individuals who can think outside a test bubble. This has traditionally defined our greatness. When it comes right down to it, most of us probably remember only a small fraction of what we learned in school. Show More Summary

Slenderman versus The Man

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The best single image encapsulating 2014 is all its mad, paranoid glory:

On Unrepresentative Leadership

I read with interest Principal Carol Burris' column on whether education groups are really listening to their members. It's interesting that the statewide PTA is deaf to the concerns of regional PTAs. When parents see their kids suffering from overtesting and preposterous high stakes, they tend to object. Show More Summary

Mr. Mulgrew and the Improved Improvement Program

Hi folks, it's me, "Punchy" Mike Mulgrew. As you know, we have a new chancellor, and because of this we have a new deal for the next two schools that are being reorganized. Now under that mean old Mike Bloomberg, a bunch of new schools would've come in and everyone would've had to reapply for their jobs eventually, if they wanted to stay. Show More Summary

You Don't Need the Amazig Kreskin to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

A lot of people are upset about paying union dues. After all, it's a thousand bucks a year or so, your roof needs fixing, and that could make for a hell of a night out. And there are legitimate complaints. For one thing, I'm paying NYSUT and AFT to represent me, but in fact they do not. Show More Summary

Digital Citizenship Using Visual Metaphors

While Digital Citizenship Week has come and gone it's important to keep the conversations going. If you missed Digital Citizenship week it's never too late to get started. Here's a practical hands on tool kit shared on Craig Bandura's blog he calls The Digital Citizenship Survival Kit. Show More Summary

If You See Something, Say Something...In a World Without Tenure?

I frequently find myself standing on platforms for public transportation. I often see the words, "If you see something, say something." When teachers see something in their school, such as the denial of services to special-ed. students, one would hope that they would say something, too. Show More Summary

Another Brilliant Victory for Revive NYSUT

A few months back, it was vital that NYSUT be revived. Oddly, this coincided with then-President Richard Iannuzzi taking steps and speaking out against the reforminess that pervaded the state. But they came out with a lot of bold promises, the only one they've been able to keep was likely leaving the Fort Orange club. Show More Summary

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