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UFT Executive Board October 24, 2016

Open MikeSecretary Schoor welcomes us. Approval of Minutes—accepted, secondedPresident’s ReportMulgrew is not here 6:04Staff Director’s Report—not here eitherQuestionsDavid Garcia Rosen—MORE—Last week we brought up a very important resolution about the mass incarceration of people of color in the USA. Show More Summary

Vicious Cycle of Teacher Recruitment

When I started teaching, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, NYC would hire anyone. I'm sure of this, because they hired me. I hadn't ever taught in my life, and I hadn't even taken an education course. But I had a college degree, I majored in English, and I passed a basic writing test over at Court Street. Show More Summary

15 fun short horror videos

The Cultured Vulture offers a nice selection of short to very short horror videos. "Short" here means 2 to 25 minutes. It's a rich variety. Some of these are technically brilliant, like "The Sandman", "The Cat With Human Hands", and...

DA Takeaway October 2016

Mulgrew said, "Welcome to the nuthouse," by way of introduction. I'm not sure just how funny I find that. It's a tough job to represent people, but it's also a serious one. He could be right, but on the other hand maybe the craziest thing to do is go out and teach children. Show More Summary

What are the best horror novels of the 21st century? Our investigation continues

What are the best horror novels of the 21st century? We asked this question in 2015, and ended up with a rich list. Your humble blogger has been gnawing through the list, tome by shuddering tome. So for Halloween 2016...

UFT Delegate Assembly October19, 2016

Mulgrew welcomes us. 4:30Recognizes new CLs and Delegates “Welcome to the nut house.”President’s ReportNational—Presidential electionMulgrew digresses, goes back to delegates, talking about Robert’s Rules and voting rules. “Out of order...Show More Summary

Self-regulation & PKM

I’m a fan of Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share (SSS) model for Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM). I was also reading about self-regulated learning, and a proposed model for that. And I realized they could be related. Naturally, I created a diagram. Show More Summary

I Hate Subbing

Some of my colleagues love it. After all, it's a chance to make 27 bucks, or whatever it is, for minimal effort. Who really expects you to teach Chinese or physics or whatever? Not anyone reasonable. The teacher is absent, and someone has to go in there and make sure the students don't throw one another out of windows. Show More Summary

Next book?

The time has come to ask: what should be my next book?  I’ve written four so far: Engaging Learning was something I felt was needed because people had written about the importance of games but no one was writing about how to design them, and I could. Then, while I wanted to write about elearning […] The post Next book? appeared first on Learnlets.

UFT Executive Board Minutes October 17, 2016

Secretary School calls meeting to order 6 PMOpen MikeMavis Yan—CL PS 156—Lost a twenty year member, teacher center person who unexpectedly passed. Teaching family is family. UFT was very supportive. MAP services provided guidance. Appreciates DR and borough rep. Show More Summary

A new and epic clown tale

Snopes reports on a fresh, new clown urban legend. It's more extravagant than the sightings-stories so far. Here's the account they cite: Douglas Harrison, 42 of Memphis, was arrested in connection with a series of dead bodies found in a...

Campaign 2016--the Choice for Educators

The Washington Post interviewed both major candidates about education, and I'm not jumping up and down about either. Trump simply offered a statement about school choice, meaning charters, vouchers, and pretty much anything that doubles down against unionized public schools. Show More Summary

The Great Clown Panic of 2016 keeps laughing at us

The clown anxiety wave continues. ITEM: British tabloids have crossed the streams of coulrophobia and coulrophilia, yielding not only an epic demonstration of Rule 34 but also dragging child predation fear into the daylight, with a side order of sex...

Class Size, Overcrowding, the DOE and Me

Yesterday morning I went to the American Arbitration Association to grieve class sizes. Oddly, we had to evacuate the building for a fire drill. I felt right at home, except for being on the street. We hastily reassembled at 52 Broadway, a block south. Show More Summary

Infrastructure and integration

When I wrote the L&D Revolution book, I created a chart that documented the different stages that L&D could go through on the way.  I look at it again, and I see that I got (at least) one thing slightly off, as I talked about content and it’s more, it’s about integration and infrastructure.   And […] The post Infrastructure and integration appeared first on Learnlets.

What Freaks Out AFT?

Is AFT leadership really freaked out that Joel Klein would actively support Hillary Clinton? Well, yes, probably they are. The question is really why. After all, AFT President Randi Weingarten negotiated multiple contracts with him, notably the one in 2005 that created the ATR. Show More Summary

Clownpocalypse 2016 continues: Russians, Brits, gorillas, the FBI, and a lovely map

The Great Clown Panic of 2016 shows no signs of slowing down. The Russian government warned citizens traveling to Britain to beware of clowns in that green and pleasant land. Moscow sees right through clowns' antics to the horror underneath:...

Send Common Core to the Scrap Heap

It's nice to see that Michael Mulgrew has evidently seen the light regarding the nonsense that is Common Core. But maybe, if there's a monument to idiocy being erected in your town square, you ought to protest before it's actually put up. Show More Summary

Clown panic spreads to the Midwest, then flops across the Atlantic to Britain

The Great Clown Panic of 2016 spread even further over the past couple of days. It reached the upper midwest, with a story from Wisconsin. Two men, ages 29 and 20, were reported roaming the streets in clown garb and...

Organizational Effectiveness for L&D?

Last week included an interesting series of events and conversations.  There was a formal event on innovation in learning technology (that was only partly so), and a presentation by a colleague. I also had a couple of conversations, one with said colleague following his more formal event, and another with another colleague before the initial event. Show More Summary

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