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Mary Ahern on ATRs and UFT Elections

I was thinking of writing about this, but I'm gonna defer to a comment UFT Chapter Leader Mary Ahern left in response to James Eterno last night. You may or may not know that, when UFT leadership was confronted with a demand for a functional ATR chapter, they claimed it wasn't necessary. Show More Summary

New Action Takes a Position on Semi-Democracy

There's an interesting dynamic in UFT. The primary dynamic is Unity Caucus has all the power, completely shuts out all opposition voices, and does whatever it damn pleases. It apologizes to no one. It praises itself for every position...Show More Summary

May DA Report

President’s Report Resolution to remove fed from ESEA has passed committee. Hoping, with elections to keep focus on right things.Albany—Skelos down, replacement John Flanagan. Mulgrew says Flanagan understands education but that doesn’t mean he’ll do the right thing. Show More Summary


One of the themes I’ve been strumming in presentations is one where we complement what we do well with tools that do well the things we don’t. A colleague reminded me that JCR Licklider wrote of this decades ago (and I’ve similarly followed the premise from the writings of Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart, and Don Norman, among […]

In Defence Of EduTech

I am looking forward to EduTech. I am lucky enough to be leading a group of seven of my staff off to Brisbane in under two weeks time. Several have been wanting an opportunity like this for a couple of years now, while others are nervous about participating in such a high profile event early […]

Teacher Torture Wins 3 to 1 in UFT Poll

I recently got an email from Punchy Mike Mulgrew informing me that 12,000 members filled out their one-question poll and preferred Neverending Professional Development to 37.5 minute Small Group Tutoring. Apparently there was no choice C: None of the Above. Show More Summary

Wherefore Art Thou, Google Apps For Edu Terms of Service?

Trying to find Google's Apps for Education Terms of Service page is akin to spending a weekend unicorn hunting while quaffing cocktails from the Holy Grail.

A Conversation

Yes. 100%. No doubt. @CHASE03670 @UFT @TeacherArthurG @NYStateBATs — David Kazansky (@UFTKaz) May 19, 2015 Yes. 2 NYC Pub Ed students live in my home (hint: my children). @TeacherArthurG @CHASE03670 @UFT @NYStateBATs — David Kazansky (@UFTKaz) May 19, 2015


Is there an appetite for change in L&D? That was the conversation I’ve had with colleagues lately. And I have to say that that the answer is mixed, at best. The consensus is that most of L&D is comfortably numb. That L&D folks are barely coping with getting courses out on a rapid schedule and […]

Why Would a Teachers' Union Support Standardized Testing So Very Much?

Add my Union to the mix making that pledge! When my U.F.T. clings to annual standardized testing, it sends a clear message to me. My union believes that teachers--the very same people whose interests are the primary reason for its existence--lack...Show More Summary

Thomas Ligotti meets standup comedy

When, oh when will comedy finally feel the influence of Thomas Ligotti? This short clip suggests the time is now. Nina Conti starts a ventriloquist routine with some good jokes, then quickly gets meta, then heads into very creepy territory....

The Professor Tells Us How Things Are

I was a little upset by this piece, written by a college professor. I know he's a professor because he announces that's what he is. He's not a teacher, he says, and I agree. However, since he's so smart and everything, I'm a little surprised...Show More Summary

Revive NYSUT Breaks Yet Another Promise, Offers Kudos for Heavy Hearts

Michael Mulgrew thanked the Heavy Hearts of the Assembly for passing the most anti-teacher bill I've ever seen, and the folks at NYSUT hemmed and hawed, giving the impression they were not in line with Punchy Mike. But weeks later, the lovefest continues, and Magee and Pallotta are grateful to the heavy hearts. Show More Summary

The future belongs to Infocult

Ray Kurzweil offers this splendidly Infocult vision of the near future: We will be able to create avatars of people who have passed away from all of the information they have left behind (their emails and other documents, images, videos,...

Calling Veteran Teachers "Developing"

Mark Naison posted on this a few days ago, and got me thinking. Imagine teaching for twenty years and get labeled "developing." That's a pretty demoralizing prospect. Then, the question becomes whether or not you deserve it. Is it possible...Show More Summary

Notes from the Privacy Presentation at the Portland EdTech Meetup

Last night, I had the opportunity to present on privacy issues in educational technology to the Portland EdTech meetup. We had about 45 minutes to talk, which let us scratch the surface. We also had a good mix of vendors, people from higher ed, and people from K12. I'd love to see parents and (gasp) students in the mix at future events.

UFT Gets the E4E Perspective in NY Teacher

There's a lot of talk about testing nowadays, and when UFT wishes to discuss it in the union paper, the first person they go to is E4E member Star Sackstein. Sackstein says she doesn't want to prepare kids for tests, but rather for college. Show More Summary

David McCandless #CALDC3 Keynote Mindmap

David McCandless gave a graphically and conceptually insightful talk on the power of visualization at the Callidus Cloud Connections.  He demonstrated the power of insight by tapping into the power of our pattern matching cognitive architecture.   

A new ‘turn to your neighbor’

So, I was continuing the campaign for the Revolution, and wanted to expand the audience interaction. I could’ve used the tired ‘turn to your neighbor’ technique, but I had a thought (dangerous, that).  Could it be improved upon? As I may have mentioned, there has been a backlash against ‘brainstorming’. For example, the New York Times had […]

Don't Steal Pissable?

Charter schools can be very popular with parents. Given the potential advantages, a little wee-in-the-pants accident may not mean so much. So, "Don't Steal Possible." And, while you're at it, "Don't Steal Pissable" either.Understandably, parents want to put their children in environments conducive to learning. Show More Summary

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