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The Foanes 2

Enjoy – hope someone finds this mildly amusing. The Michael Bolton reference is a bit of an in-joke that contrasts my wife’s musical tastes with my own. For the record, I did take Joanne to see Michael Bolton in concert a few years back, and he was very entertaining. I’m finding that the drawing part […]

Merryl Wants an Extension

No, not on her mansion. Merry Tisch doesn't want to put Governor Cuomo's draconian evaluation system into effect next November, and prefers to wait until September 2016. While Cuomo's minions are spitting out objections, the delay could be a great thing. Show More Summary

London attempts to eat a person

The Earth's campaign against the human race shifted to London this week, as a sidewalk tried to eat a person. Witnesses said the woman screamed as she dropped down a huge hole that "opened up like a trapdoor" outside a...

Personal Mobile Mastery

A conversation with a colleague prompted a reflection.  The topic was personal learning, and in looking for my intersections (beyond my love of meta-learning), I looked at my books. The Revolution isn’t an obvious match, nor is games (though trust me, I could make them work ;), but a more obvious match was mlearning. So […]

Merryl Draws a Line in the Sand

Merryl Tisch, who maybe taught in a religious school sometime, or something, is more or less in charge of education for our state. This is particularly true since Reformy John King got promoted and is now spreading reforminess for the whole country. Show More Summary

Update from Punchy Mike

Hi folks, It’s me, “Punchy” Mike Mulgrew, and you'll drag my Common Core from my cold dead arms, but I have a new message. Guess what? A committee in the Senate passed some encouraging legislation to reform NCLB. Ain’t that great? Sure,...Show More Summary

Why models matter

In the industrial age, you really didn’t need to understand why you were doing what you were doing, you were just supposed to do it.  At the management level, you supervised behavior, but you didn’t really set strategy. It was only at the top level where you used the basic principles of business to run […]

Don’t Give Google Too Much Credit, The Open Office Concept Is Not New

This link popped up via Ewan McIntosh in my Feedly reader today, and reading the article sent me back in time to 1995, when I started teaching at Flagstaff Hill Primary School in southern suburban Adelaide. The whole premise of the Washington Post piece is that open space work environments as apparently championed by Google […]

Beth Dimino Talks Teacher Evaluation and More

I don't know who your favorite union president is, but mine is Beth Dimino of Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association. She has boundless energy and is close to the heart of the Long Island opt-out movement, they one that makes Merryl Tisch quake in her string of pearls. Show More Summary

Standardized Testing Your Way to Equality

Standardized testing is the Civil Rights issue of our time. How do I know? I heard it from Kati Haycock, president of the Education Trust and Wade Henderson, chief executive of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Henderson...Show More Summary

Absurd Assertions from UFT-Unity Apologist

Peter Goodman has a pretty cool gig as unofficial UFT Unity blogger and often broadcasts the rationales for various and sundry counterproductive decisions by leadership. He wrote pieces in Edwize defending the 2005 contract, and like every good UFT Unity Caucus member, supports all their decisions. Show More Summary

A Tough Sell for Punchy Mike

This NYSUT analysis was sent to me via an email list I'm on. I'll preface it with UFT President Michael Mulgrew's trenchant comment about the new legislation from Andrew Cuomo's Heavy Hearts Club Band: And now all of our hard work is paying dividends. Show More Summary

“a spree of perceptions and words that expands memory boundlessly”

Let us pause a while at this juncture. If the abject is already a wellspring of sign for a non-object, on the edges of primal repression, one can understand its skirting the somatic symptom on the one hand and sublimation on the other. The symptom: a language that gives up, a structure within the body, […]

1984 Redux--UFT Unity Caucus

My nephew found out I had never read 1984, and gave it to me for my birthday. I started to read it just this week. I had it with me at Wednesday night's UFT Delegate Assembly, and finished it the next morning. I am simply gobstruck by the parallels in our union leadership and Orwell's dystopian vision. Show More Summary

Road trip(s)!

Several events are coming up that I should mention (“coming to a location near you!”): If you’re anywhere near Austin, you should check out the upcoming eLearning Symposium May 7 and 8. I’m speaking on the L&D Revolution I’m trying to incite, and then offering a half day workshop to help you get your strategy going.  There’s a nice slate of other […]

DA Report--Mulgrew Warns Against Opt-Out

Michael Mulgrew—says we have a lot to do today. Wants to discuss work union has to do and how we’ve done it. Says we’ve always been passionate, tough, and that intelligence in strategies have caused us to grow. Also wants to talk about tests. Show More Summary

Ghost apartments

In a welcome change from the zombie metaphor, Newsweek considers chronically unoccupied rental properties as ghost apartments. Across the globe, empty luxury apartments darken many of the most desirable cities—Miami; San Francisco; Vancouver, British Columbia; Honolulu; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Singapore;...

Cyborg Thinking: Cognition, Context, and Complementation

I’m writing a chapter about mobile trends, and one of the things I’m concluding with are the different ways we need to think to take advantage of mobile. The first one emerged as I wrote and kind of surprised me, but I think there’s merit. The notion is one I’ve talked about before, about how […]

The Paper of Record Talks Opt-out

I was pretty amazed to read this piece in the Times. Apparently, based on the testimony of a few people who attended the massive anti Cuomo demonstration a few weeks back, they zapped out an article. Apparently, two sets of parents oppose testing but are not opting out their own kids. Show More Summary

Zombie stats

No, not stats about zombies, but stats that act like zombies. A health care economics blogger offers a nice use of the zombie metaphor. A zombie statistic is one of unclear provenance but appealing character, and one which endures despite...

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