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Reformy Chalkbeat Can't Find a Working Teacher Who Isn't E4E

When you read Chalkbeat, you know you'll get a diverse point of view. Whenever I want to find a broad variety of non-teacher opinions, say, about the new chancellor I go right there.First, you get Michael Mulgrew. While Mulgrew is the head of UFT, he hasn't been a working teacher for some years now. Show More Summary

Mandatory Voluntary Meetings

In recounting the exciting adventures of a 30-year-old Boy Wonder Supervisor, I used to harp on mandatory voluntary meetings. To be a supervisor with no respect for those you supervise is to spend a lot of time thinking of ways to go around the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Show More Summary

If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us

I don't know how to put that more delicately. I really have to wonder about people who won't pay into union. As soon as Janus passes, I'll be supporting them. I'll be paying for their representation. I'll be paying for negotiations on their behalf. Show More Summary

Trump gets into cyberfear

President Trump turned to digital fears in his response to the Florida school shooting. First, he riffed on general internet fear: “We have to look at the internet because a lot of bad things are happening to young kids and...

Sinkhole masticates motorcycle and man in Georgia

Gaea expanded her campaign against the human race in a small but significant way last month. In Georgia a sinkhole suddenly appeared and devoured a motorcycle and its human rider. [A] man and his motorcycle were felled by a sinkhole...

Chancellor Chickens Out, I Step Up

That's right, I am volunteering to be Chancellor of NYC Schools, and I won't accept the 353K. I will do it for half that. That's appropriate because my first action will be to halve the salaries of everyone and anyone who worked under Bloomberg. Show More Summary

The Contract Committee

I'm on the 300-member contract committee, which meets today. I'm really quite curious how 300 people can accomplish anything of substance in a two-hour meeting, so I'm looking forward to it. There is a questionnaire out that's probably...Show More Summary

Janus Comes to Reformytown

I'm always amazed at the things that reformies say. Reformy of the day is Daniel Weisberg, who has an op-ed in the Daily News about Janus. First, the reformy supports union:I personally think the court got it right a half century ago. Show More Summary

Blogger's Day Off

But please read my piece on the fallacy that is Janus, live at Gotham Gazette now.

UFT Executive Board February 26, 2018--We All Get Along

I came from another meeting and arrive late at 6:08.Minutes approved.LeRoy Barr talking about how news SCOTUS judge is silent. DOJ was there on behalf of Janus. Conversation ent way beyond whether agency fee person should pay dues. Argued against collective bargaining. Show More Summary

A creepy short story about Alexa

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

From Farhad Manjoo's update on Alexa, a small and nicely creepy short short story: My wife and I were just settling into bed one night when Alexa, the other woman in my life, decided to make herself heard. Without being...

A Modest Compromise

Sure it’s nuts to have teachers carry guns in classrooms. Trump thinks we’re full of retired military, and sees every schoolteacher as a potential Bruce Willis from Die Hard. In truth, most of us would perform more like Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. Show More Summary

Arming Teachers Is a Scam

The more I think about it, the more I think all this nonsense about teachers carrying is just a diversion. As long as idiots like me stand around and argue teachers shouldn't carry guns, we're not having the real conversations NRA wants to avoid.First of all, there's no way the insane notion flies in NY anyway. Show More Summary

Turning computer game fears into profit

3 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A Rhode Island legislator has called for taxing certain computer games, in order to raise revenue for a specific budget line. To be precise, Representative Nardolillo wants a 10% tax on M-rated video games, with funds going to pay for...

The Gun Show Loophole Has to Go

I haven't read or heard a whole lot about the gun show loophole. This is important, because without closing it, there is nothing that will keep anyone from getting a gun. You might read about, for example, how terrible Chicago is, how they have the toughest gun laws, and how no law will keep it safe. Show More Summary

Models with severed heads: Gucci goes Gothic

3 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Eventually everything goes Gothic. Especially the world of fashion, which this week offered a fine example of Infocult style. Gucci sent models down a runway lined with surgical stations, each lovely person carrying their own severed head: As the Jezebel...

Trump Doesn't Hear You--He Wants You to Carry a Gun and Leave Him Alone

Trump needed a cheat sheet for his listening session yesterday. Take a look at number five, which says, "I hear you." It's kind of remarkable that anyone needs a reminder to acknowledge hearing the people he's there to listen to, but that's what you have there.It's not a big secret that Trump is considering enabling the arming of teachers. Show More Summary

Guns in Schools

The knee-jerk reaction to the Florida shooting, among jerks both with and without knees, was that we need more guns in schools. While we're on the subject of jerks, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos thinks we need to have a robust conversation about it.Now Betsy DeVos is all about using schools to make her rich friends even richer. Show More Summary

Sinhkholes gnaw on Florida

3 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Earth continued her campaign against the human race this week, attacking Floridian retirement communities with more sinkholes. They came in the night: Frank Neumann got quite a shock around 1 a.m. on Thursday when he heard a sinkhole open...

And a Child Shall Lead Them

I'm floored by the sheer volume of reports I get about the Florida school killings. At every moment there's another report, another angle. Some are just beyond the pale, For example, the Washington Post just reported that the Trumpies see it as a reprieve from all the negative press they're receiving. Show More Summary

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