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Sexism, Sanders, and Lee

Are you sick of hearing how you're a misogynist because you favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton? Tired of being called a "Bernie bro," whatever the hell that is? I am. I read a lot of things like that in social media, and a lot of it comes from Randi Weingarten, who I follow on Facebook and Twitter.After all, that's kind of a straw man. Show More Summary

One Week In

The first week of school has just finished, and at my site that has meant some new staff, a number of new students and a heady mix of excitement and trepidation. I spent some time this morning with my new principal trying to describe the scope of and the idiosyncrasies of my role at WGS. […]

The Salesman

There is some sort of fundraising going on in my school. Everywhere they are selling sausages in cellophane. They are kind of like Slim Jims, the sort of thing that may have appealed to me when I was 12 years old but no longer makes me jump up and down. Show More Summary

UFT Delegate Assembly February 2016

Mulgrew welcomes us. Says he will shorten his report (!). Mentions groundhogsNationalUFT is everywhere. Retirees are in Iowa, NH, will be in SC. Michigan—UFT is in Detroit. Industrial hygienists blocked from school entry. Hoping they will get in and show what needs fixing. Show More Summary

Organizational Knowledge Mastery?

I was pointed to a report from MIT Sloan Management talking about how big data was critical to shorten ‘time to insight’. And I think that’s a ‘good thing’ in the sense that knowing what’s happening faster is clearly going to be part of agility.  But I  must be missing something, because unless I’m mistaken, […]

Hello, Heaviness

Rodney Dangerfield used to have a routine about heaviness. It followed him everywhere. He'd wake up in the morning and say, "Hello, heaviness." The heaviness would answer. It would say something like, "You're gonna be drinking earlyShow More Summary

Too Bad He Isn't With Us

Over the course of my job I meet a lot of Unity Caucus members. With very few exceptions (I know of precisely one), every single person who works for the UFT is a Unity Caucus member. I'm cordial with pretty much everyone unless they give me reason not to be. Show More Summary

The hijinks of Randolph Carter

"The Ordeal of Randolph Carter" is a very short video that starts with Lovecraft's classic short story, then makes... a different call. Shall I say that the voice was deep; hollow; gelatinous; remote; unearthly; inhuman; disembodied? What shall I say?...

A Dr. Seuss Call of Cthulhu

Your mashup for the day is a classic H.P. Lovecraft story retold as if by Dr. Seuss. Behold The Call of Cthulhu for Beginning Readers. We first noted the creator's project way back in 2011. (via MetaFilter)

Too Bad He Isn't With Us

Over the course of my job I meet a lot of Unity Caucus members. With very few exceptions, every single person who works for the UFT is a Unity Caucus member. I'm cordial with pretty much everyone unless they give me reason not to be....Show More Summary

Eva Doesn't Need No Stinking Rules

Eva Moskowitz is pissed off that mean old NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is demanding she sign a contract over her pre-K classes. So what if 277 other pre-K programs have signed it? She's Eva Moskowitz, dammit, and rules don't apply to her. Show More Summary

"Slippage": horrific death in Florida

A Florida institution "accidentally" killed an inmate with horrific brutality. [Darren Rainey] was shoved into a narrow shower stall with the scalding water turned on full blast, eventually leading to his death. Two hours after being placed in the stall,...

On Marking and Marginalizing

I'm getting field reports from my friends in exile. They're off grading in schools that are Far, Far Away. They keep asking me how things are on the home planet. I've been proctoring and sitting in the reserve room. I even got to goShow More Summary

Getting pragmatic on what L&D can do

I was inspired by a diagram that my ITA colleague Harold Jarche included in a post, where he puts some concepts into their 70:20:20 role as either people, skills, or tools. And I obviously believe the role of L&D should be shifting (as in a full revolution :), but I realize that putting it together can seem confusing, […]

Another Gothic incident in Mexico's drug wars

A short Gothic event in Mexico: A macrabe discovery was made last Saturday in a vacant lot in the colonia Amparo Sánchez, in the city of Tijuana, B.C. Inside a black toolbox, was found a decapitated human head, the body...

Punchy Mike's Plan

Hi it's me, your old pal "Punchy" Mike Mulgrew! I'm here to let you all know about my new plans to help out the UFT after we lose Friedrichs! Actually I can't tell you what the plans are because they're secret, but trust me, we are very smart, and very strategic. Show More Summary

Reactivating Learning

(I looked because I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but apparently not a full post, so here we go.) If we want our learning to stick, it needs to be spaced out over time. But what sorts of things will accomplish this?  I like to think of three types, all different forms of reactivating learning. […]

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Everything But the Truth

That's what I see in this article from the NY Post. It's so pointed I almost cut myself reading it. That mean old UFT is attacking charters, and holy crap, it's about time. Where the hell were we when Moskowitz imposed rent for charters...Show More Summary

Careful What You Wish For

There are an awful lot of complaints about schools being open yesterday, and in fact there was a petition asking Mayor de Blasio to close the schools yesterday. It garnered over 40,000 signatures. Several of my members sent it to me....Show More Summary

Staying Ahead of the Curve

I don't know much about the writer of this quote. Oddly, I found it on Facebook, posted by the writer himself. I'm wary of people who quote themselves, but I love this sentiment. Look at Andrew Cuomo, with no moral center, doing any damn thing his contributors want. Show More Summary

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