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UFT Delegate Assembly January 17, 2018--Black Lives May or May Not Matter--Let's Not Go Out on a Limb

4:33 Mulgrew tells us to settle down. I’m eating popcorn with Mike Schirtzer.Moment of silence for Doris Escaros, chapter leader from Queens. Mulgrew, optimistic, welcomes us to February DA. Corrects himself, thanks us for not demanding a snow day today. Show More Summary

Why Are You Here?

What do you say when a student asks you that question? I mean, they pay you to come here. That's one reason. You might also speak of your zeal and dedication. You are here to help. You're on a mission. There is no place else you'd rather be. Show More Summary

Another home torture dungeon, this time in California

Here at Infocult we track real-world Gothic tales, among other things. Not just true crime, but accounts from the news that read like horror stories. For example, there are these stories about adults keeping children in horrible, close confinement, including...

I Have No One to Thank but the UFT

So said a comment I read, complaining about something or other. I have deep and longstanding issues with UFT leadership. My primary issue is lack of representation. I'm a high school teacher, and my fellow high school teachers did me the great honor of electing me to represent them on the UFT Executive Board. Show More Summary

Dr. King Saw Janus Coming

Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated in 1968. He's famous for his work in civil rights, but when he was assassinated he was supporting working people. He was protesting that black workers got partial pay on a day they were sent home while white workers got paid the whole day. Show More Summary

Calling Trump Childish Shows How We Disrespect Children

We've taken long strides toward moving beyond the negative stereotyping of many groups. Let's now stop stereotyping children negatively, too.

Here's the Real Shithole

I remember the day after Election Day. I woke up, thinking, well, Hillary kind of sucks, but at least she isn't as bad as Trump. I came downstairs and turned on the news. I watched returns coming in. Hillary was up in this state, and Trump was up in that.Then a graphic flashed across the screen. Show More Summary

Would You Like The Z Version Or The S Version?

If you want to be patted on the back for being a groovy, totally plugged in 21st Century educator, don't bother going to read Dean Groom's blog. But you value some authentic alternative views and some clever metaphorical language twisting like I do, then his latest post is well worth the read. I've been harping […]

Chalkbeat Says Good Morning, and Waiting for Superman is Mainstream

I admit I read Rise and Shine from Chalkbeat every morning. It's kind of a cheat sheet to find out what education stories I might want to see every day. Also, they email it to me every morning around 7 AM, when I'm sitting with my computer in a department office. Show More Summary

What Makes You Nervous?

For me, it's new things. For the longest time I was locked away in the trailer, and I watched people work on PowerPoint presentations. I thought how lucky I was to be in the trailer with no technology and no need to worry about it. I...Show More Summary

UFT Executive Board January 8, 2017--We Change the World in 45 Minutes

6:02 PM—Howard Schoor welcomes us, wishes happy new year. Says there are no speakers. Crowd applauds.Minutes—approvedPresident’s Report—Mulgrew is not here.Staff Director—LeRoy Barr—Announces negotiation committee meeting. EB member automatically on. Show More Summary

Hey Gang, Let's Make Teachers Work for Sub-minimum Wage Plus Tips!

Chalkbeat, originator of teaching competitions it fancies reminiscent of Top Chef, lover of and advocate for all things reformy,.zeroes in on merit pay. Naturally, despite abundant failure, they find something good about it. This is because there's some new government study favoring merit pay. Show More Summary

Spectre, Meltdown, Adtech, Malware, and Encryption

This week has seen a lot of attention paid to Spectre and Meltdown, and justifiably so. Get the technical details here: https:/ / These issues are potentially catastrophic for cloud providers (see the details in the articles linked above) but they can also affect regular users on the web. Show More Summary

Watch Out Padma, Here Comes Chalkbeat!

Chalkbeat is running some kind of teaching contest, and comparing itself with Top Chef. I love Top Chef. I started watching it years ago, and watched it just last night. There's a Mexican-American woman named Claudette who I think is great, and she just won Last Chance Kitchen, fighting herself back into the competition. Show More Summary

Snow Day Two--Stopped in My Tracks

On CBS TV they tell me that there are 15 inches of snow where I live. I look out the window, though, and I see two feet of snow behind my car, and it stretches 20 feet behind. I have a little electric snowblower, but it's no match for...Show More Summary

Snow Day!

NYC Public Schools ? Verified account @NYCSchools 13m 13 minutes ago More WEATHER ADVISORY: Due to expected severe weather conditions, all New York City public schools will be CLOSED Thursday, January 4, 2018. After-school programs, adult education, YABC programs, and PSAL activities are also cancelled.

Day One

It's always jarring coming back after a break. Everyone says, "Happy New Year," and asks, "How was your break?" I want to tell them, "You know, it was pretty good, but I woke up this morning and it was over." I'm always shocked when that happens. Show More Summary

Spontaneous combustion in London

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A 70-year-old man spontaneously burst into flames while walking through north London. Emergency services were called to reports of a “man ablaze” near his home in Haringey on 17 September. Horrified members of the public tried to put the fire...

World Health Organization proclaims "gaming disorder"

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially deemed excessive computer gaming to be a disorder, according to the BBC. Its 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) will include the condition "gaming disorder". The draft document describes it as a pattern...

The Littlest Refugee

This guy, the one on the left, somehow survived Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Animal Lighthouse Rescue found him there, on the street, and brought him back. There are a whole lot of strays in Puerto Rico these days, They call them satos and it's estimated there are over 250,000 of them. Show More Summary

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