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Give Up the Ghost on Cuomo, Randi

Governor Cuomo uttered the words "public school monopoly" to the Daily News editorial board. To me, this is an extremist statement, and I usually hear it from fanatical ideologues who know little or nothing about how important public education is. Show More Summary

The old body mistaken for a mannikin gag

Workers in a Florida city disposed of a mannikin. Well, what they thought was one: [T]wo workers hired to clean out a house believed the body of a man who hanged himself in the garage was a mannequin used for...

Human dolls from the dead

"You abandoned your girls in the cold - and I brought them home and warmed them up" A Russian court ruled that a historian was unfit to stand trial. His crime? Digging up corpses, then turning them into dolls. Anatoly...

As Education Commenter, Frank Bruni Is a Great Food Critic

by special guest blogger Harris Lirtzman Time Magazine’s most recent issue offers for its readers the picture of a perfectly round, deep red apple about to be squashed to a pulp by a judge’s gavel with the warning: “Rotten Apples: It’s nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. Show More Summary

A Halloween decapitation in Long Island

Neighbors in a Long Island town found a body in the street, but considered it a Halloween thing. [One] said she had been in her room Tuesday night when she heard a helicopter overhead, went outside and saw the body...

Cuomo's Betrayal--The Fruit of Appeasement

We in UFT/ NYSUT/ AFT are always on the cutting edge. When people say Bill Gates is trying to destroy American education, we open our arms, show them how open-minded we are, and invite him to be keynote at AFT convention. Of course I...Show More Summary

The trouble with cannibalism in Pakistan

The difficult part about eating people in Pakistan is that... the legal ramifications don't cut the mustard. The brothers were promptly arrested, and they confessed to unearthing and eating a total of five corpses from the cemetery. But because Pakistan...

Evil clowns appear in France

Spooky clowns have started surfacing in France, but they aren't merely creepy. Confirming most people's nightmares, these pitres are also violent. Fourteen teenagers dressed as clowns and carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats were arrested outside a school in Agde,...

Desiderata for this season of horror

What are the best works of horror produced during the past five years? Consider this a seasonal query, as we approach splendid Halloween, Infocult's apogee of the year. Let us restrict our nominations to longer works, including: novels and short...

Creepy clowns invade Florida

The creepy clown craze has hit Florida, Surveillance videos in the Springfield area show clowns caught on people's porches and sidewalks. In one video, the clown clearly knew he was being recorded. The clown on a porch grabs a pumpkin,...

Coffeebot reveals the posthuman world

A robot makes coffee in this video. Note its fluid movements, the head-thing motions, and its utter assurance of replacing humanity forever: Tokyo Desu observes: despite it being obvious the manufacturer has taken efforts to make the robot look more...

Haunted surveillance

Here's a look at surveillance after today's golden age, when spy machines are ruins: Future of CCTV, when we are all gone and beyond its power to make data ghost of us all. #LossLit (thanks to Jesse Walker)

A leg of lamp

Some body parts are lost, but found again. A Dutch man lost his leg through a swimming pool accident, then decided to have the detached limb turned into a lamp. (thanks to the wife of Infocult)

Fear Is a Luxury We Cannot Afford

If the intent of the APPR law, which our union leadership boasted of co-writing, was to freak teachers out continually, I'm pretty sure they've achieved their goal. Though we're already on the second year of the Junk Science Express, I see little sign that anyone is used to it. Show More Summary

Common Sense vs. Tenure Reforminess

In Spanish, they say, “Common sense is the least common of all the senses.” Nowhere is that argument clearer than in the arguments against teacher tenure, most recently played out on the cover of Time, the paragon of publishing that matched Michelle Rhee with her broom and declared Hitler "Man of the Year." There are all these arguments about bad vs. Show More Summary

College and Career Readiness?: Mind the Gap!

I saw this poster on my train. I work hard to prepare students for life. For many, this includes college. For most, this includes the ability to find a happy balance between personal satisfaction and paying their bills. "Reformers" have outrageously raised the academic standards. Show More Summary

What's a Day in the Life of a Student?

There's an interesting piece in the Washington Post about how stressful it is to be in school all day. Perhaps we don't see or envision the lives of the kids we serve. Doubtless we all find our own classes fascinating, or we probably...Show More Summary

The Paradoxical Attraction Of Sports

Sport in general has always been a paradoxical attraction for me. I grew up on a farm where my father didn’t believe in the value of sport – it was more important to be watching the sheep on a Saturday or chopping weeds in the back paddock or collecting the eggs than to be hitting […]

What if You Have to Skip Town Before You're Observed?

You never know. Maybe Cathie Black finally read those awful things you said about her and the DOE has put out a hit on you. Maybe your rich uncle in Tasmania is sick and needs you by his bedside. Perhaps you've finally found a killer deal on that chateau in the Ozarks you've always dreamed about. Show More Summary

Parent Teacher Conference Notes

As chapter leader, I get one period off to deal with various and sundry crises, so I only teach four classes. As a matter of fact, since I teach beginning ESL I teach two double period classes, so I have fewer students than most teachers. Show More Summary

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