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"The Shadow Out of Time", a new video

There's a new video version of Lovecraft's classic story "The Shadow Out Of Time" (1936). Watch on YouTube, or below: Here's a nice explanation of the fx: puppets and stop-motion. (thanks to Dennis Moser)

"Behind": a fine short-short Lovecraftian horror film

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Where does Lovecratian terror creep in? "Behind" is a very short, very well done film that finds dread in an innocent therapy session. Behind from Kendy on Vimeo. (thanks to Steven Kaye)

A new Stone Tape on BBC audio

2 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The BBC hosted a remake of a classic 1970s work of haunted media. The Stone Tape (1972), written by the great Nigel Kneale, took place in an old haunted mansion. An innovation-hungry engineering team figures out how to use the...

Merry Christmas from the uncanny valley

2 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics wants to wish us all a merry Christmas: Watch the jolly reindeerbots prance ahead, under the gleaming metal and glass. Wonder if the Santabot is fully human. Consider the sheer Skynet force of the team. We...

You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time, but You Can't Fool Opt-Out NY

Even as UFT leadership breaks out the champagne over NY State's largely meaningless Common Core recommendations, Governor Cuomo ought to keep worrying. Because the fact is UFT leadership has played virtually no part in opt-out. They've...Show More Summary

All you do is do it, do it..

I have long had my misgivings about Edupunk. I know the idea is pure in Jim Groom’s heart, and I have gotten a kick out of seeing how the idea has resonated in unexpected places. But too often the baggage associated with “punk” seemed to overwhelm and distract from what I thought was a fairly simple idea […]

Decades-silent satellite suddenly starts transmitting

2 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

An American satellite launched in 1967 fell silent shortly after launch and "has been drifting out of control ever since." This week In 2013 LES1 suddenly started transmitting. On its own. Without human intervention. It sounds like this: Phil Williams...

Lovecraftian horror advertisements

2 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

In a universe of Lovecraftian horror, sometimes we need professional assistance. That's where Elder Sign comes in. "If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you...

The screams of atoms as a reactor tears them apart

3 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

At MIT a physicist recorded the sounds of atoms being torn apart in a reactor. Interestingly, they sound not unlike "a child screaming bloody murder at the top of his or her lungs." Listen to the shrieking in this video,...

A few films and videos for Halloween

3 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Diverse videos and films to cross our screens on Halloween in 2015: The very strange and way ahead of its time vision of terrifying Gothic media "The Stone Tape" (1972) is on YouTube. A classic X-Files episode, "Humbug" (1995), written...

No Accountability for UFT Unity

One of the cool things about being in Unity is once you're in, you're in. You have a whole group, a family if you will, that you can depend on. And as long as you are loyal to the family, you'll have a bright future. For example, you might be elected chapter leader, or you might just take the job because no one else wants to do it. Show More Summary

When bears gnaw the dead

5 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Russian Gothic: bears in some northern Russian towns have taken to digging up graveyards, rooting amid coffins, and eating human remains. The linked article opens with a short horror story: From a distance it resembled a rather large man in...

"The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations"

You don't hear much about real societal issues when it's far simpler to scapegoat teachers. Statistically linking low test scores to increasing childhood poverty is supposedly no more than the "soft bigotry of low expectations" to some. Show More Summary

Humanoid robot stalks out of the lab

6 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Boston Dynamics demonstrated another robot, this time a humanoid bot that stomps around like a deranged Frankenstein's monster straight from the uncanny valley's depths. It starts at :10. “I’m not saying it can do everything you can do,” Raibert said,...

The Accountability Scam

Sean Crowley, my brother blogger from Buffalo, has a great column about how educational leaders are popped into place with no public input. A secondary point he makes is about accountability. This is the word we invariably hear when insane systems are initiated. Show More Summary

Sharpening the Divide with Distractions

So, another set of Common Core State test scores have arrived. And, what do we have to show for it? Supposedly, there have been modest improvements, but with a much higher percentage of students opting out at the State level, actually one in five. Show More Summary

Cat story or the rise of Cthulhu? "The Call of Tutu"

8 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

I'm gonna to open that door and let ol' Tutu in. Just to see what he does. Ayuh. "The Call of Tutu" is a story about a man, his cat, and his wife. Or maybe a bit more than that....

Christopher Lee reading Dracula

8 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Celebrate Sir Christopher Lee's passing by listening to him read Dracula: (thanks to William Thompson, commenting on the Draculablog)

Virtual EduTech – 2015 Version

Last year, I compiled a virtual version of EduTech for my staff, hunting videos that were close to the presentations that we saw live. It is over on our staff blog but seeing I've done the hunting and embedding, there may be readers who might like a look as well. 2015 This year, the WGS […]

Take a walk deep into the uncanny valley with these creepybots

9 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

This page does serious Infocult work in aggregating seven examples of creepy robots. Specifically, each of these tries hard to imitate the human form. And fails right through the uncanny valley. Unfortunately, when you see it in action, what you...

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