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Starting from the end

Week before last, Will Thalheimer and I had another one of our ‘debates’, this time on the Kirkpatrick model (read the comments, too!).  We followed up last week with a live debate.  And in the course of it I said something that I want to reiterate and extend. The reason I like the Kirkpatrick model […]

Mashing up 1990s commercials with Gothic horror

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

This clip starts off as a well-done version of late 20th-century childrens' commercials. It's about some kids and a fruit drink. Stick with it, Infocult readers, as around :50 things get gory. Nice John Carpenter Thing ref. Enjoy some Liquid...

Fun with meat puppets

5 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

What if a troupe of famous puppets rose up in rebellion and turned the tables on their human masters? You might see The Human Show. The Muppets, after years of oppression, invite you to a night filled with song dance...

Damn Unity

Last Sunday I went to the Rockaway Theatre Company where blogger Norm Scott was in a production of Damn Yankees. It was wonderful, with really impressive singing and music. The orchestra was mostly teachers and students, and there were also a lot of teachers in the cast. Show More Summary

Gene Simmons is in an OLPC advert, and I need to reboot my network

I happened to see this tonight in the course of watching the most predictably clichéd “sex, drugs, and rock and roll in the sixties” documentary ever broadcast on TV. I suppose it’s alarming I did that in a room by myself on a Saturday night. Please don’t worry. But again, Gene Simmons in a One […]

Human sacrifice debated by the Supreme Court, as dogs

5 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

During a recent US Supreme Court discussion the judges discussed... human sacrifice. Debate included consideration of a hypothetical Human Sacrifice Channel (TM). Let's listen and watch as John Oliver's stunt of having dogs stand in for the Court's lack of...

The animation of Randolph Carter

6 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Doug Simon offers a nicely done animated version of HP Lovecraft's classic short story "The Statement of Randolph Carter." It's very short, and you can watch the whole thing below: Simon et al account for the story's main arc, but.....

Coffeebot reveals the posthuman world

6 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A robot makes coffee in this video. Note its fluid movements, the head-thing motions, and its utter assurance of replacing humanity forever: Tokyo Desu observes: despite it being obvious the manufacturer has taken efforts to make the robot look more...

Dark pit appears in Siberia

9 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Earth's war against humanity took to the eastern Russian front, as a dark pit mysteriously appeared in eastern Siberia. The thing yawns wide into a splendidly black circle: Here's what it looks like from the air: Russia Today soberly...

ISIS does horror

10 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has apparently turned its hand to Gothic video. Esquire describes some gory imagery, turned to terror's effect. The first series of images is a jeep driving alongside cars and strafing them...

Wayne Barrett Is Shocked, Shocked

It's important to Wayne Barrett that you know he is progressive.I am a progressive, How can you argue with that? After all, that's clear. You are, therefore, supposed to take his argument against union that much more seriously. But that's...Show More Summary

Privacy in a Big Data Post-Privacy World

It’s always a pleasure to participate in a workshop hosted by BC’s Educational Technology Users Group. This year’s event did not disappoint, and I had the pleasure of attending provocative and thoughtful sessions on maker culture, open educational practice, portfolios, and OER. I’m always struck by how carefully facilitators and speakers prepare their sessions, and […]

Teacher Season Begins Nationwide

In the wake of Vergara, corporate reformers are smelling blood in the water, and see this as the time to pounce. How else would you explain the sudden return of education expert Campbell Brown to the tabloids, and the sleazy article on the cover of yesterday's Post. Show More Summary

Room for you… don’t call it a New York City tour diary

As we were preparing from our respective homes on opposite sides of Canada to head off for New York City, my buddy Grant sent me this video by The Town Heroes: It turned out to be almost prophetic, as much of my week was spent with Grant and we gawked around NYC like a similar […]

Fearing cable tv: historical fearsome media

11 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Jesse Walker digs up this great fearsome media story from the 1960s. A business coalition formed to stop the emergence of... cable tv. Behold the lovely monster story they presented: Remember: we haunt every medium we make.

Sinkhole attacks Kazakhstan

A sinkhole devoured a Kazakhstan house, as the Earth continued its war on humanity. It went as deep as 330 feet down... The young homeowner, Anastasia, and her toddler survived: “I was at home and then suddenly the chandelier starte...

TTT#386 Celebrating Open Education Week 2014 w/ Karen Fasimpaur, Verena Roberts, Greg McVerry, Ian O’Bryne, Nate Otto 3.12.14

On this episode of TTT we celebrate Open Education Week 2014 with: Karen Fasimpaur Verena Roberts More Summary

Live action escape the room invades North America

Live action escape-the-room experiences have hit Canada. EXIT - The Ultimate Real Life Escape Gaming Experience from Exit Canada on Vimeo. Let's see if EXIT doesn't intersect with Infocult in 2014. (thanks, Annette)

TTT#378 A Case for Food Literacy w/ Joseph Franzen, Brent Peters, Lauren Goldberg, Devin Brown, Elfe Dona, Karen Fasimpaur 1.15.14

Calling all gardeners, foodies, and critical inquirers! On this episode of TTT meet teachers who have been developing amazing projects around food. We are joined by Joseph Franzen and Brent Peterse along with one of their students, Devin Brown. In additon Lauren Goldberg, Elfe Dona, and Karen Fasimpaur add to this rich conversation about what happens […]

Another sinkhole attack

The Earth continued its campaign against the human race, striking at a car museum in Kentucky. A sinkhole apparently chewed on the Corvette Museum (Twitter feed). [S]taff members arrived at the museum to find that a sinkhole had formed at...

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