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The Romney Zombie a la Whedon

2 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The zombie politics theme keeps lurching along, showing new undead life in the American president election. Today's instance comes from Joss Whedon, who makes the Romney-zombie equation. It's the Zomney: (thanks to Amanda)

Aickman's ghostly tales

2 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

MetaFilter has a fine post for Robert Aickman resources. I especially like the focus on anthologies Aickman edited. Plus this short video adaptation of one tale:

Humanity in limbo

2 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

"The Origin of Creatures" is a short video about something strange happening in a post-apocalyptic city. Amidst the ruins body parts appear, move, and start to build. The Origin of Creatures from floriskaayk on Vimeo. (via Vice Motherboard)

Building Drupal Style Tiles using Foundation and SCSS

This past weekend Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit in Seattle, WA was buzzing with talk of Foundation, an amazing responsive web framework built with HTML5 and SCSS. I lead a session on Building Drupal Style Tiles using Foundation and...Show More Summary

Stop-motion brilliance

3 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

"The Maker" is a five-minute work of stop-motion excellence. It begins with Brothers Quay object uncanniness, shifts into one Frankenstein riff, then another, and then - Just watch it. Impressive tonal registry, from whimsy to romance to horror. (via MetaFilter)

It’s not enough to think about how close we came

Better to burn out? shared CC by MrGluSniffer Neil Young has always held a special place in my life. He was the first rock musician to really connect with me, I was eleven years old. Perhaps strangely, it was with … Continue reading...

Improvements to the giant stomping robot

3 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Legged Squad Support System (LS3), a/k/a Big Dog, just got better at creeping us out walking around. it demonstrated new gaits and improved perception of the world around it. But perhaps most importantly, this Big Dog is 10 time...

Disrupt this, greedhead – #OpenEd12 is gonna stomp in Van Rock City

It wasn’t that long ago that I thought “disruption” was a word with some utility. But almost instantly “disrupt” has become a badge representing all manner of noxious attitudes and dangerously simplistic thinking. Disruption is easy… Raging toddlers do it. … Continue reading ?

The Cheetah Robot runs faster than humans

3 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A new robot claims a running speed record. The appropriately named Cheetah Robot hit 28.3 miles per hour. As Pop Sci mordantly notes, Usain Bolt's peak speed during the 100-meter dash was 27.78 MPH. Now even our best humans falter.....

TTT#310 Badges-Part 2 Kathryn Godwin, Barry Joseph, Amy Lewark, Samuel Abramovich, Doug Belshaw, Leora Wollner, Myrna Rubel 8.15

We talk about badges again on this episode of +Teachers Teaching Teachers. This is our second show of what promises to be more than a few this fall. On the first TTT about badges and learning, we jumped into an ongoing conversation with educators who are developing a practical, pedagogical discourse between the heckling [...]

What would you put in an innovation lab?

I’m coming near the end of my first week at TRU. As expected, it’s been overwhelming on a number of levels – lots of new names and faces to remember (not one of my strengths), an environment to learn and … Continue reading ?

Olympics go Gothic

3 years agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The 2012 Olympics took a delightfully Gothic turn, as one team performed to the soundtrack of Suspiria (1977). The idea of synchronized swimming accompanied by giallo audio is very sweet. Reminds Infocult of the execution-by-swimming scene in Alphaville (1965)....but...

TTT#309 Badges:Peril/Possibility P. Rawsthorne, A. Zellner, V. Gennarelli, E. Eidman-Aadahl, S. Grant, S. Lee, D. Cormier 8.8.12

Our goal in this–and the next–episode of TTT is to join those who are developing a practical, pedagogical discourse between the heckling and the hype around badges. Our conversations are open and wide-ranging, but a few of the questions that must be answered soon as the fall semester starts up around the US are: [...]

TTT#301 Student Video Festival with Joel Malley and George Mayo – 06.06.12

Welcome to our first video festival. On this episode of TTT, we screen two-and-a-half student documentaries by middle school students in George Mayo's classes and two by high school students in Joel Malley's classes. Monika Hardy and Paul Allison were joined by Troy Hicks, Rebecca Warner, and Eric Taddei. George Mayo says: Check out our [...]

TTT#300 with Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Jeff Lebow, Chad Sansing, Andrea Zellner, Fred Haas, Paul Oh, Robin Sowder, Teb Locke 05.30.12

THANK YOU for all of the support and good wishes upon TTT#300. Here's Paul Oh's description of our work: Teachers Teaching Teachers Achieves 300th Broadcast Milestone Kevin Hodgson's thoughtful...Show More Summary

TTT #299 Imagining City as School with Innovation Lab youths, Cristian Buendia, Sierra Goldstein, and Peter Harold 05.23.12

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, we talk with three young people–Peter, Sierra, and Cristian–who have been working alongside Monika Hardy in the Innovation Lab in Loveland, Colorado. More Summary

TTT #298 Digital Citizenship: A tour of the Digital ID wiki with Gail Desler, Natalie Bernasconi, and Jim Bentley – 05.16.12

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, +Gail Desler/@GailDesler and +Natalie Bernasconi/@nbernasconi take us on a tour of their Digital ID wiki that they've been building to help each of us and our students to answer three questions: What does it mean to be a (digital) citizen? What are my rights as a citizen? [...]

TTT #297 Margaret Simon on her Young Adult novel, Blessen – 05.15.12

On this special Meet the Authors episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, we have a conversation with two teachers and recently published authors from New Iberia, Louisiana,+Margaret Simon and +Stephanie Judice/@sagaofthesetti. Margaret has been a frequent guest on Teachers Teaching Teachers since the BP Oil Spill. Show More Summary

TTT #296 String Art with Fred Mindlin – 05.09.12

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, +Fred Mindlin/@fmindlin starts with string art, and pulls us into his world of anthropology, story-telling, collaborative learning, and more! Fred inspires and entertains all of us in this...Show More Summary

TTT #293 Exploring Minecraft with Joel Levin, Chad Sansing, Liam O’Donnell, Denise Colby, and Diana Maliszewski 4.18.12

This episode of +Teachers Teaching Teachers was recorded in Minecraft. We were Livecasting from +Joel Levin's / @MinecraftTeachr 's server with +Liam O'Donnell / @liamodonnell, Chad Sansing / @chadsansing, +Diana Maliszewski / @MzMollyTL, and +Denise Colby / @Niecsa. Watch or listen as newbies +Paul Allison / @paulallison and a colleague of [...]

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