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Mind the Gap: Find and Fix the Mismatches Between Faculty and Academic Librarians

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PTMeredith Schwartz, Executive Editor of Library Journal, and Jennifer Albers-Smith, Marketing Director, Academic and Special Libraries of Gale Cengage Learning,...Show More Summary

Poverty Increases, SAT Scores Decrease, and Testing Accountability Fails Again

by Jim Horn Many in the neoliberal Ravitch Club look at the latest SAT test crater and cluck about the failure of corporate education reform to raise test scores. The continuing drop in SAT scores, however, is more complicated than just a failure of standardized testing as an educational remedy. Show More Summary

Berkeley PL Director Resigns Amid Controversy

In the wake of multiple controversies involving his staffing decisions, management style, weeding practices, and perceived levels of transparency and honesty, Berkeley Public Library (BPL) director Jeff Scott announced his resignation on Monday, August 31, after less than a year in the post.

Quotes: Your Ideas About College Are Antiquated

The world of college education is different now than it was a generation ago, when many of the people driving policy decisions on education went to college, and the theoretical ideas about why college should pay off do not comport well with the reality. -- John Cassidy in the New Yorker (What's the real value of higher education?)

Look what political pressure and opting out does:

Governor Andrew Cuomo says Common Core is not working and now he’s promising a review of its implementation. In a statement, Gov. Cuomo recognized the growing disapproval from parents, teachers and even education experts on how the standard was implemented. Show More Summary

When Does an Assessment Test Become Obsolete?

The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) pretty carefully lays out the ground rules for a special education assessment. Among the various regulations related to administering a case study evaluation are that assessments “are used for the purposes for which...

In Windsor, Ontario: “Fewer Books, More Digital: C$7.9 Million Helps Create New Library System”

Note: C$7.9 Million Converts to $5.95 Million/USD. From The Windsor Star: A $7.9-million infusion of cash — Windsor’s largest library investment in years — means the city’s whole system will soon transform. The Windsor Public Library will have fewer books and more electronic resources. It will offer some new and upgraded spaces, and a couple […]

California: Community Biology Lab Officially Opens in La Jolla’s Riford Library

From KPBS Radio: Patrons of a local public library can check out more than books — a new community lab now lets them check out DNA, too. The biosafety level one lab is nestled inside La Jolla’s Riford Library [a branch of the San Diego Public Library]. It aims to spark the public’s interest in […]

City of Libraries: The Toronto Library “Passport” Book Coming Soon

A wonderful idea for a superb and popular library in an awesome city. We like! By the way, the Toronto Public Library opened their 100th branch on May 20, 2015. From Torontoist: Sometimes, it pays to be a tourist in your own city. With that idea in mind, designer Noah Ortmann has created the Toronto […]

Thompson: Is Teacher Quality The Problem, Or Is Focus Making Things Worse?

The Washington Post's Lyndsey Layton, in New Analysis Argues That Better Teachers Are Flocking to Better Schools, reports that A Tale of Two School Systems, by Families for Excellent Schools, shows that teachers who scored low in the New York City’s evaluation system are concentrated in struggling schools that serve poor and minority students. Show More Summary

All that CCSS “material” and TEST prep and then this?

All that CCSS “material” and TEST prep and then this? SAT “COLLEGE READINESS” SCORES DECLINE AGAIN DEMONSTRATING FAILURE OF TEST-DRIVEN K-12 SCHOOLING FROM DIANE RAVITCH and FairTest. SAT scores for high school seniors dropped again this year continuing a ten-year trend, according to data released today. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Back To School "Debacle" For Rookie Boston Superintendent

"More than 8,000 students were stuck on a waiting list, with no idea whether they’ll go to class just weeks before the first day of school," according to WGBH (Boston's Back To School Debacle). "As of today, all students from 1st to 12th grade have a school but parents aren’t happy with their assignments or the last-minute process."

Designing mLearning in Korean

It actually happened a while ago, but I was pleased to learn that Designing mLearning has been translated into Korean.  That’s kind of a nice thing to have happen!  A slightly different visual treatment, presumably  appropriate to the market. Who knows,  maybe I’ll get a chance to visit instead of just transferring through the airport.  Anyways, just had […]

Automating ArchivesSpace exports, or Better Living Through APIs

Topic: Archives So after some work, I’ve come up with a Python script that uses the ArchivesSpace API to run through our repository, look for published resource records that have been updated since the last time the script ran, and then export EAD for those records. Show More Summary

3 Million Judgements of Books by their Covers

Topic: Books One last preface: This isn’t a scientific study. The results do not account for how well known a book is (which would influence the rating despite the cover), nor do they account for the fact that Goodreads does not allow ratings under 1 star. Show More Summary

Prominent Features of Rumor Propagation in Online Social Media

Topic: Technology Abstract: The problem of identifying rumors is of practical importance especially in online social networks, since information can diffuse more rapidly and widely than the offline counterpart. In this paper, we identify...Show More Summary

Doing Data Science at Twitter

Topic: Technology One important lesson I learned at Twitter is that a Data Scientist’s capability to extract value from data is largely coupled with the maturity of the data platform of its company. Understand what kind of DS work you...Show More Summary

Welcome to the Speakularity, Where Everything You Say Is Transcribed and Searchable

Topic: Online Privacy Technology We are going to start recording and automatically transcribing most of what we say. Instead of evaporating into memory, words spoken aloud will calcify as text, into a Record that will be referenced, searched, and mined. Show More Summary

Positive Signs | The User Experience

Criticism is necessary when a library aims to evaluate and improve the experience it is providing its members. Before you can start making improvements, you have to know what needs to be improved. This, of course, is no excuse to be negative, mean, accusatory, or defeatist. Show More Summary

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