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Modern Public Libraries Can Help Bridge the Digital Divide

Topic: Libraries Yet the digital revolution has proved not to be the demise of libraries, but their rebirth — and today, they are more relevant than ever to the people and communities they serve. Many patrons come to us as generations before them did, in search of good books and helpful research materials. Show More Summary

The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

Topic: Book Reviews JOSHUA HAMMER’S new book, “The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu”, traces the story of hundreds of thousands of medieval texts as they are rescued in 2012 from near-destruction by jihadists linked to al-Qaeda in Mali. Show More Summary

Time for Sanders, or Diane Ravitch, to Pack It In? Part 1

This post is about Diane Ravitch's recent smears against Bernie Sanders, which she posted first at her blog. I will speak specifically about her remarks in the next part of this piece, but first a few preliminaries.Many of the postsShow More Summary

Help Me #ds106, You’re My Only Hope

This coming Tuesday, May 31st, I’ll be working with some English 11 students about turning written memoirs into digital stories. The teacher has given me carte blanche to introduce students to a wide range of media and forms for turning a written work into a 3-5 minute digital narrative. Needless to say, it will likely […]

More/ New Action Victory Is a Win-Win

I'm sure Michael Mulgrew is happy to hold on to his job for another three years, and I congratulate him on his victory. I'm not at all sure he will be happy to see MORE/ New Action on the UFT Executive Board. And I'm sure that a lot of Unity members are not happy at all. Show More Summary

What Would You Like to be Doing?

This humanoid robot is being employed to hunt for treasure in a French shipwreck I ran across this Guardian article (Reboot: Adidas to make shoes in Germany again – but using robots) yesterday morning and posted it to my Facebook timeline immediately.  I wrote, “The manufacturing jobs that once brought prosperity to many of our […]

User-Friendly iPhoto Brings A Wealth of Tools to the Classroom

Easily and elegantly edit, organize, and share photos on mobile devices

Library Metadata Specialist – Accidental Computer Programmer

Topic: Librarians So by accident or design you found yourself in a position that involves computer programming. A common situation for library metadata specialists. I recall projects in graduate school where we mapped records from one metadata format or standard into another. Show More Summary

LYRASIS, DuraSpace Leaders Discuss Dissolved Merger

Topic: Announcements “I think we’re both looking at this aspirationally,” Miller said. “It’s not ‘what went wrong?’ If anything there was a reinvigoration, ensuring that missions are supported well…. At the end of the day, I think our communities are going to benefit from this…. Show More Summary


Nikole:  My son is labeled OHI in his IEP, we had him tested for a.d.h.d. and a.d.d. and it came back negative for both. I would like to get him out of this wide range category. So now what should I do?


Lourdes:  My school district says my NPS wants more money and my district is saying the will end their contract on June 30th. Can they do this? I had an IEP 3/24/16 the district did not bring this up in my IEP. My IEP says in good faith that my son was to return to his NPS school for ESY and next school year.


Sandra:  My son is considered 2x exceptional ADHD/GT. My son is under the 504 Accommodation’s Act. He was tested last year for IDEA according to the school he did not qualify. This year I asked for him to be re-evaluated by an independent Contractor. The findings put him under OHI, well we have ARD again next week, and I am clueless as to how to approach the ARD. Please help?.

Gates: Let's keep doing it wrong but do it harder

A few years ago, I made a prediction: "When the new standards and technology fail to produce dramatic results, 'experts' will blame teachers and call for tougher standards, and even more testing, requiring newer (and even more expensive) technology. Show More Summary

MORE/ New Action Wins the High School Executive Board!!!

Thanks to all who worked for this and thanks to all who voted for us!!!!MORE later.

Feedback: Letters to LJ, May 15, 2016 Issue

An NC welcome, UK volunteer power, floating away, and more letters to editor from the May 15, 2016 issue of Library Journal.

Vermont NEA’s Finances

Vermont NEA was largely unaffected by the recession and has benefited from a teacher hiring boom in the state over the last two decades. The union has grown 44 percent since 1994. Total membership – 12,064, up 218 members Total revenue – $5.2 million (73.6% came from member dues), up $485,000 Surplus – $29,000 Net assets – $1.6 […]

#EDgif Of The Day: The Nonprofit College That Banned Fs, Spent Little On Classes,

This jittery GIF accompanies BuzzFeed's expose expose of a nonprofit college serving overseas students whose misdeeds were ignored or overlooked by a regional accrediting agency. Check it out if you want to be horrified.

Quotes: Ravitch's De Facto Clinton Endorsement

This internecine warfare is not admirable. It should stop. It helps Trump. One candidate will emerge from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. It will be the candidate who gets the requisite number of delegates. It will be either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

OverDrive’s Potash and Penguin Random House’s Applebaum Honored by UJA-Federation

At a high energy midtown New York gala, the UJA-Federation of New York honored Steve Potash, president and CEO of leading library ebook distributor OverDrive, Inc., and Stuart S. Applebaum, emeritus executive vice president of Corporate Communications at Penguin Random House. Show More Summary

The Art of the Matter | Library by Design, Spring 2016

Why does art in libraries matter? Erinn Batykefer of the Library as Incubator Project (and a 2014 LJ Mover & Shaker) cites public art’s role in promoting creativity. “Visible art in the library space, whether through gallery shows, public...Show More Summary

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