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Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Let’s Ditch the Singularity and Focus on Multiplicity — Davos 2015: The New Global Context — Medium “Tasks that are hard for humans, like precision spot welding, are easy for robots, while tasks that are easy for humans, like clearing the dinner table, are very hard for robots.” I think the same could be said … Continue reading Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Justice Canada Report on Federal Investment in Criminal Legal Aid

In the most recent Weekly Checklist of federal government publications, there is a link to a recent report written for Justice Canada by the research firm Prairie Research Associates entitled Maximizing the federal investment in criminal...Show More Summary

Roundup of SLA Twitter Chat on Honing Interpersonal Skills

Last month, the international information professional organization SLA (Special Libraries Association) held a "Twitter Chat" on soft skills like interpersonal communication and professional relationships.The conversation on Twitter covered topics such as networking, influencing, managing people and projects, etc. Show More Summary

Mom: I thought I did everything right, but my 6-year-old is already ‘behind’ in reading

A recent post on a new report calling into question the practice of forcing young children to read to meet Common Core standards generated hundreds of responses from educators and parents. The report, written by three experts in early childhood education, said that requiring some youngsters to read before they are ready could be harmful. […]

Cuomo, Alas, Not Clueless at All

One of the brilliant ideas of Revive NYSUT was the hashtag #CluelessCuomo. I guess name-calling feels good. Certainly there was an awful lot of it directed at President George W. Bush. He was a buffoon, a moron, and he would never accomplish anything. Show More Summary

Condi Rice taking reins of Jeb Bush’s education foundation

Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is taking the reins of Jeb Bush’s education foundation while the former Florida governor continues exploring whether he will dive into the 2016 presidential race. Bush resigned from the foundation late last year after saying that he was considering running for president, and on Thursday he tapped Rice, a […]

Ravitch Continues to Dissemble and Mislead on ESEA

Yesterday Diane Ravitch, who has been leading the lemmings to support Alexander's NCLB Lite, posted a letter by UOO on their position on ESEA. Ravitch closed with this:Senator Alexander conducted his first hearing on January 21 and plans another hearing on January 27. Show More Summary

What’s good about standardized tests?

Susan Berfield said: Most standardized tests aren’t objective, don’t measure a student’s ability to think, and don’t reliably predict how well a kid will do in the workplace. So what’s good about them? They’re relatively cheap to create, easy to administer, and they yield data. Show More Summary

Last day of Bett2015

If you are going to to Bett 2015 today, make sure you download my “Getting the Best out of Bett”. Hundreds of people have downloaded it and found it useful. It is in pdf format, but you can easily convert it to other ebook formats – go to Converting text into ebooks to find out how.

The Danger of Back to School

The joy of school letting out is not just superficial and fleeting. Data from one children's mental health center indicate that children are far more likely to experience psychological breakdowns during the school year than during the summer. School is bad for children's mental health as well as their physical health.

Risky Play: Why Children Love It and Need It

Children love to play with great heights, rapid speeds, dangerous tools, dangerous elements (e.g. fire), chasing and fighting, and getting lost (or nearly so). Why has the drive for such play evolved? What happens when children are deprived of such play? How dangerous, really, is such play? How does the danger compare with the danger of adult-directed sports?

Why Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment Isn’t in My Textbook

One of the questions I'm often asked by professors who teach from my introductory psychology textbook is this: "Why don't you include Zimbardo's classic Stanford Prison Experiment in your book, like all other introductory psychology textbook authors do?" Here's why.

My Hope for “Free to Learn”

We have made great strides in recognizing the competence and rights of people regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. I hope now to see real progress in recognizing the competence and rights of children, for only when children grow up free can we hope for a society in which adults know fully how to handle freedom and the responsibilities that come with it.

$100m to Know Why NFLers Die Young? Here’s Why, For Free

Just days before Super Bowl XLVII, the NFL announced it is giving Harvard University a hundred million dollars to find out why professional football players die about 20 years younger than other men. Hey, I could have answered that question for half as much. In fact, here I'll do it for free.

Letter Re ESEA Reauthorization 2013

Posted at Common Dreams and Chalkface: To Members of the 113th 114th Congress: I write to express my concerns regarding the various versions of the new ESEA now circulating in Washington, all of which appear to have enough in commonShow More Summary

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