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AM News: Trump Backs Choice & Safety, Rauner Slams Teacher, & More

Donald Trump Promotes School Choice, Bashes 'Bureaucrats' in Speech… The software that could have saved Melania Trump from her plagiarism debacle -Recode Student Debt Helps, Not Harms, the U.S. Show More Summary

Statistics Canada Article on Police-Reported Crime

Yesterday, the Statistics Canada publication Juristat published an article entitled Police-reported crime statistics, 2015: "Police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by both the Crime Severity Index (CSI) and the crime rate, increased in 2015. Show More Summary

Supreme Court of Canada: New Library Titles

The list of new library titles added to the Supreme Court of Canada collection for the period July 1-15, 2016 is now available on the Court website.It is possible to subscribe via e-mail to receive the list.

The last free-ranging library cat in Illinois

Topic: Libraries Stacks, believed to be the last full-time, free-ranging library cat in Illinois, hops onto the desk, stretches out luxuriously and falls into her signature near-snooze, a restful state that invites pats from shy tweens,...Show More Summary

America's broken digital copyright law is about to be challenged in court

Topic: Libraries The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the US government over ‘unconstitutional’ use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act From America's broken digital copyright law is about to be challenged in court | Technology | The Guardian Tweet

Quotes: "No More Excuses" (Obama's NAACP Speech 2009)

We've got to say to our children, 'Yes, if you're African American, the odds of growing up amid crime and gangs are higher, yes, if you live in a poor neighborhood, you will face challenges that somebody in a wealthy suburb does not have to face. Show More Summary

Afternoon Video: First Lady Sings & Snapchats To Promote "Let Girls Learn"

"Meant to promote the first lady’s Let Girls Learn initiative, 'This Is For My Girls' grabbed headlines when it was first released but hasn’t quite stuck in the public consciousness since then."

Why Do We Need to Teach Kids “Self-Motivation”?

From the “Ways of Thinking About Learning That Drive Me Crazy Dept.” comes this article in the Miami Herald titled “Ways We Can Make Students Interested in School.” Now, anyone who reads this space regularly knows that I don’t think this is a very difficult question. Show More Summary

Update: If School Reform Is Class Conflict, A Social Justice Approach Could Hurt

Pale Fire | The New Yorker — Culture (@sr_culture) July 18, 2016 As I read it, this piece in The New Yorker (Pale Fire) suggests that the current conflict over education reform is in many ways the playing out of long-simmering white-on-white class conflicts. Show More Summary

And Now, A Word About Union Unity

Joe Thomas is the new president of the Arizona Education Association. He posted a tweet this morning. If AFT & NEA are stronger together, help me understand why the AFT-AZ Pres is intent on raiding my AEA locals. @rweingarten @Lily_NEA — Joe Thomas (@AZ1Thomas) July 21, 2016


Jessica:  Does the Florida Statute: Title XLVIII. K-20 Education Code, Chapter 1008 – Assessment and Accountability apply to all children or only previously established children with learning disabilities? I want Continue Reading ?


Michelle:  A week and a half ago I filed a due process against my daughter’s school district for violations of FAPE and LRE. It was 38 pages long. I wrote Continue Reading ?

What I've been reading: What's yours is mine

This book provides an interesting -- and disturbing -- perspective on the so-called sharing economy.

#EDgif Of The Day: Middle Schoolers Print New Leg For Cute Penguin

Do you want to read how some kids 3D-printed a boot for a penguin named Purps? Yes, you do— Motherboard (@motherboard) July 19, 2016

Happy Days Redux

Day 4 in Minneapolis and they've slipped the hotel bill under our door. $548.47 to stay at the Normandy Inn, which is kind of a cool place. Jonathan Halabi and I debated sending the union a bill as this is related to our Executive Board...Show More Summary

Can the School Exclude Related Service Providers from IEP Meetings?

Related service providers should be included on the child’s team when a particular related service will be discussed. These providers have valuable input about the child’s needs, services required, and Continue Reading ?

Race to the Top for Tots: The Real Goal of Pre-K Education in the US

USNews reported on research concluding that "Early education is a disaster in the US" because of low teacher compensation and preparation. The study misses the point. The goal of pre-K in the US is to provide the private sector with another area of opportunity for profit. Show More Summary


Confused:  I have been with my student since 8 grade year. I have been recently told that I would be transferred to a different school. My student will be a Continue Reading ?

Gothic murder, Russian gang style

This week Russia offers an example of very cruel murder. To be fair, the murder happened a decade or so ago; it was only unearthed recently. Novoselsky was kidnapped by the criminals who later immured him waste [sic or pun?]...

AM News: Trump's Son Slams Schools, Struggle To Educate Migrants, & More

Donald Trump Jr. trashes U.S. public schools (though he didn't attend one)… See also EdWeek, This Week In Education. FEDS INVESTIGATE MEMPHIS SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER MIGRANT BIAS: Associated Press More Summary

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