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Barbara: I am a special education teacher as well as a parent of a child who is served in the special education program. Our county uses the state online IEP Continue Reading ?


Andrea:  I have combed through the law and cannot find anywhere where a loophole could possibly allow a school district to make a decision that all EC children do not Continue Reading ?

When The Answer is Both

Should schools prepare students for college and careers or to be good citizens? When it comes to teaching Math, should we focus on procedures or problem solving? Should learning be fun or hard? Do we want students to consume contentShow More Summary

Quotes: Shame On Our Current Education Wars

Like many Washingtonians (from both parties) in those days, [former AFT head Al Shanker] had the capacity to fight you fiercely over issues of disagreement while also teaming up on shared causes... He and I would do battle over vouchers...Show More Summary

School Libraries in Baltimore Don’t Take a Summer Vacation

Even when school is out for the summer, some school libraries in Baltimore are open for business, providing books, activities, and meals to hundreds of Baltimore City students.

Maximizing the Message | LJ 2016 Marketer of the Year Award

Few libraries were untouched by the economic downturn of the 2000s. As systems began to rebound, however, a challenge was to replace the perception that they were down and out with the new reality of extended hours, replenished staff, and improved services. Show More Summary

The world's oldest library gets a 21st century face lift

Topic: Libraries "We were always discovering things as we were ripping out walls," she says. One standout discovery for her was a hidden room that had a 12th century cupola made with intricate lattice wood. "It was this extremely refined and unusual type of roof that was hidden away," she recalls. Show More Summary

Librarians Stand Again Against FBI Overreach

Topic: Librarians "The Connecticut Four" libarians who fought FBI "national security letters" seeking information on patrons and compelling librarians' silence on the demands are speaking out again. Fresh efforts are afoot in the U.S. Show More Summary

AM News: Brooklyn Charter Rally, Latino Outcomes By State, DC Grad Rates, & More

Hillary Clinton’s College Plan Appeals to the Left, but Educators Have Doubts… Chicago Teachers Union Sets Oct. 11 Strike Date… CTU "delegates took a voice vote so loud it could be heard...Show More Summary

Tons of Coverage, Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Charters--We're on Our Own

I cannot believe the crap that passes for news nowadays. Families for Excellent Schools says any damn thing it likes on behalf of Eva Moskowitz, who terrorizes young people into peeing their pants over tests. She's celebrated in the pages of the tabloids and, of course, in Chalkbeat NY, which considers her every move worthy of a feature story. Show More Summary

Biological Foundations for Self-Directed Education

Self-directed education—as it occurs in unschooling families and at democratic schools--operates by allowing these four natural drives to flourish.....

Spirits of Spring Offers Lessons in Friendship, Bullying

Beautiful design, great story, stunning sound in powerful SEL allegory

Don't Call Me Baby, Sweetie or Cupcake!

Topic: Libraries I’ve worked at my local public library long enough to be on a first-name basis with many of our patrons. And the rest greet me with the courtesy and respect that, as a trained professional, not to mention a woman over 50, I deserve. Except for when they don’t. Show More Summary

A Nonfiction Literary Map Of The United States

Topic: Books And what better way to do that than by reading? While Welty was referencing the importance of place in fiction, there is little doubt that its importance in nonfiction is similarly essential. The very best writing aboutShow More Summary

Australian library releases free, remixable webcomics maker

Topic: Libraries "Libraries aren't there to enforce a curriculum: they exist for the whole community to learn and create on their own terms. That's what makes this comic maker project special: it's meant to open the doorway to an understanding...Show More Summary

EduCon 2.9: Call for Proposals

Yes everyone, it’s that time again! EduCon time! You can go to the website and register and propose a conversation today! Once again, everyone at SLA is so excited to host EduCon, our favorite education conference of the year! And … Continue reading ?

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