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Richard: If you have an IEP that says one on one service for your child can the school change the definition to para assistants claiming they want all assistants to deal with your child?


Katie: i have twin 7 year old boys in 1st grade. Son A had iep in place begininng 1st grade for language arts, math speech and OT. The teacher recommended administrative advanced, but priniciple said no retention. He is currently at beginning level of 1st grade and I feel he is sensitive and this will cause emotional harm. I want to right an appeal and need help!


Jillian:  We had a computer glitch in our IEP software this year. Another teacher, while given enough time to make amendments, did not catch that her IEP’s held no accommodations. Therefore, when state testing came around, her students had no accommodations given to them. Show More Summary

A richer suite of support

11 hours agoEducation / Learning : Learnlets

While it’s easy to talk about how we need to support the transition from novice to expert, it might help to be a little more detailed.  While it’s easy to say that the role of formal learning wanes, and the role of informal learning ramps up, what are the types of support we might look […]

Utah Education Association’s Finances

Utah is the only state in which NEA has affiliated two separate organizations. The Utah Education Association represents teachers and similar certified professionals, while the Utah School Employees Association represents education support employees. Show More Summary

Morning Video: Paying For Pre-K With A Soda Tax In Philadelphia

From PBS NewsHour: "When other cities have proposed a tax on sugary soft drinks, it’s often sold as a plan to fight obesity. Not in Philadelphia, where a battle is brewing over the mayor’s 3 cents-per-ounce tax plan that would be used to fund citywide pre-K. Show More Summary

AM News: Teacher Tenure In CA, Disproportionate Discipline in VA, Plus "Grit" Takedown Study

California's teacher tenure battle is reignited by Vergara appeal and a new bill - LA Times Vergara plaintiffs file latest appeal, wade into legislative debate on teacher job protections | 89.3 KPCC More Summary

A Plug For The Maths Challenge For Young Australians

In my second year here at WGS, I had a conversation with the Primary Head of School about how we might cater more effectively for some identifiable students with mathematical talent in our school. She was wondering out loud whether the Westpac Maths Competition would be a good idea. But then I remembered entering students […]

What the Panorama Student Survey Looked Like to Me

What do you like better--cute puppies or this teacher?How high do you jump when the teacher walks into the room?How high does the teacher jump when you walk into the room? Does this teacher suck? How often does the teacher ignore the...Show More Summary

The Digital Human

Today, and maybe tomorrow, and probably beyond, I’ll be thinking about this snip from George Siemens: Human history is marked by periods of explosive growth in knowledge. Alexandria, the Academy, the printing press, the scientific method, industrial revolution, knowledge classification systems, and so on. Show More Summary

Create Free NonFiction Writing Notebooks for Student Authors @onenoteedu #onenote

Looking for a way to galvanize classroom writers with digital notebooks? 86% of the reading we do in life is non-fiction. Why not combine proven ways to help student writers engage in content curation and writing? (read more) Read the...Show More Summary

Out with bourgeois crocodiles! How the Soviets rewrote children's books

Topic: Books From the capitalist ice cream eater who came to a sticky end to the Malevich-inspired adventures of two squares, Bolshevik kids’ books sparked an avant garde revolution in illustration From Out with bourgeois crocodiles! How the Soviets rewrote children's books | Art and design | The Guardian Tweet

Charter Schools More Segregated w/Fewer Learning Opps

Another page from the new GAO Report that reports the segregating and dumbing down effects of charters, when compared to neighborhood public schools and magnet schools. This shows the inequity with regards to advanced courses and gifted and talented programs. From Figure 7, p. 21:

IFLA Bibliography on Impact and Outcomes of Libraries

People are always looking for materials on the impacts of different kinds of libraries.This recent bibliography from IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) brings together studies that deal with the impact of libraries of all kinds, including special libraries.

What about those 15%?

I’ve been refining my library talks lately. The one I’ve given a few times over the past year has to do with the 15% of Americans who still don’t use the internet (no phone, no home internet, no work internet, … Continue reading ?


Valerie:  After several conversations referring to my son’s teacher not complying with the accommodations written in my his I.E.P. The Vice principle said ” I can’t make the teacher do the accommodations.”/ ” I guess I can call him in and write him up.” Under title 34 are there specific CFR that are not being followed?

Adults Prefer Physical Classrooms to Virtual

While many may attest to the idea that online leaning is a wave that future generations will ride, today’s adults prefer learning the old-fashioned way: in a classroom with other students and a teacher at the front of the room. For many, this continued education takes place at their local libraries. Show More Summary

The Parental Divide

The digital divide gets a lot of attention. But in addition to serving the growing digital needs of the community, libraries also serve our children by bridging what I like to term the parental divide. By parental divide, I mean that...Show More Summary

Using Big Data to Address Local Needs at the Library

Library staff are constantly looking for ways to better reach and serve their local communities. From post-event surveys to embedded librarianship to collecting circulation statistics, libraries have different strategies for gathering information and measuring service success. Show More Summary


April:  Are substitute teachers required in an inclusive classroom when the teacher is out? Our son has Down syndrome and is in an inclusive kindergarten class. His teacher had 2 planned absences, but no substitute was in the classroom. Show More Summary

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