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Who Knows What You Read?

I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to help people understand data collection and privacy. I've done workshops on tracking before, but over the next year I'd like to try this with a group of teachers, or possibly at an EdCamp. This activity could also work at the high school level, and possibly even with middle school students. Show More Summary

Group Read: Homo Deus

We’re back for another round of the site-wide group read, One LibraryThing, One Book (OLOB). With Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, we’re venturing into new territory for OLOB—non-fiction! We’ve been talking about tackling a non-fiction book for a group read for some time now, and we think this is a […]

Your Library in Dewey

We’ve made a handy graphical way to see how your library matches up with Dewey®. The Dewey Decimal System®, also called the Dewey Decimal Classification® (DDC)—called the “Melvil Decimal System” on LibraryThing for legal reasons—is the classification used by most public libraries, especially in the US. First developed in 1876, it divides the world into […]

Truth and Reconciliation Web Archive Launched at University of Winnipeg

Last week, the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR), and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) launched the Truth and Reconciliation Web Archive that will document the...Show More Summary

Remarks and Highlights from the 2017 Conference by New AALL President

Greg Lambert of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog fame is the new president of the American Association of Law Libraries which held its most recent annual conference in Austin, Texas.Lambert blogged about some of the conference highlights and his inaugural speech as new leader of the association.

New Podcast! FYI 023-Serving All Families in a Queer and Genderqueer Way

In this episode we discuss providing the best library service for your LGBTQ community with our guest Joel A. Nichols. Joel is the author of the winner in this year’s “Public Libraries” magazine feature article contest, for the article “Serving All Families in a Queer and Genderqueer Way.” He is an administrator for data strategy […]

Fact Checking: is in Danger of Shutting Down, Launches GoFundMe Campaign

From the Website: We [Snopes] had previously contracted with an outside vendor to provide certain services for That contractual relationship ended earlier this year, but the vendor will not acknowledge the change in contractual status and continues to essentially hold the web site hostage. Show More Summary

CTA Fires Back at Staff Union

The California Teachers Association is in the midst of negotiating new contracts with its own employees, who are represented by two staff unions. The California Staff Organization has been holding pickets and rallies at CTA and NEA events to draw attention to what the staffers say are unreasonable demands by CTA management. Show More Summary

Q&A with John J King, Boston Public Library’s first Playwright-in-Residence

In June, the Boston Public Library announced its first Playwright-in-Residence, John J. King. While other BPL residencies are selected in-house, said Michael Colford, director of library services, “For the Playwright-in-Residence pilot...Show More Summary

Reformy War on Teacher Professionalism Continues

Are you seeing a pattern here? Moskowitz and her pals don't want to bother with all that messy certification nonsense. They want to do it their way and take whoever they want. And why not? Their teachers aren't unionized and don't last anyway. Show More Summary

Book Review: The Punch Escrow

Tal M Klein's The Punch Escrow begins with this beguiling title. What the heck does it mean?Note: These are my take-aways from Klein's book, The Punch Escrow, which I received for review purposes. I retain editorial control over content shown in this blog entry. Show More Summary

Conversation Change: Revisiting Basic Tech Skills

A few months ago, about an hour before day's end, a colleague shared a version of the following request with me. As I read it, I responded from a Microsoft perspective. But a part of me wondered, what would this response look like from...Show More Summary

Reaction to Federal Court Decision on York University Fair Dealing

Earlier this month, York University in Toronto lost a case in Federal Court of Canada in its legal dispute with the collective licensing agency Access Copyright.Access Copyright had sued the school, alleging it had been improperly reproducing...Show More Summary

Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-07-16

Celebrating 30 years in VR: Professor Robert J. Stone on Human Factors and the Future of VR and AR In healthcare generally, we have, in the past, developed VR and AR for surgical training and education; today, we’re investigating the...Show More Summary

NEA Continues Support for Charter Schools

NEA Continues Support for Charter Schools by Jim Horn Every year American public school educators send approximately a billion and a half dollars to the National Education Association and over half that amount to the American Federation of Teachers. Show More Summary

A Lesson for Neil deGrasse Tyson

I've had great respect for Neil deGrasse Tyson ever since the first time I saw him on Bill Maher's show. I mean, here's a guy, smarter than me, smarter than you, an astrophysicist, an acknowledged expert in his field, speaking the unvarnished truth. Show More Summary

Facts and Fiction About the So-Called “Summer Slide”

Perhaps we should call it the summer ladder rather than slide. Children gain skills--especially in mathematical reasoning--in summer faster than during the school year.

Practice Persuasive Essay Writing With This Top Classroom Tool

The step-by-step process makes persuasive essay writing much less intimidating; clear tools build kids' confidence in argumentative writing.

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