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Cool Projects: The British Library Has a New “Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence”, Will Work on Poetry + Smartphone + Geolocation Project

From The British Library Digital Scholarship Blog: Sarah Cole from TIME/IMAGE is the British Library’s new Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence, having secured funding from CreativeWorks London to work on a project called Poetic Places. Show More Summary

Death by Xbox

18 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Snopes reports on a fun scary digital technology hoax involving a fatal Xbox One console: According to reports, the Xbox One forcefully ejected a disc, slicing the teens throat. According to authorities, Davenport was killed when his Xbox One malfunctioned,...

Governor Andy's Thumbs Are Up for Working People (And Also Down)

Governor Cuomo has a new TV commercial, praising himself for supporting the $15 minimum wage. Make no mistake, this is a good thing. But it's not an accurate thing. In fact, NYC workers will not have that wage until the end of 2018,Show More Summary

Creepy clown invades a Chicago cemetery

The creepy clown invasion reached Chicago this month, as a solitary clown snuck into a closed-down cemetery, then posed for a horrified onlooker. Julia Graham and her husband spotted a strange figure in shiny pants scaling a 7-foot-tall fence at...

Best Practices for Library Research Guides

The website has published a helpful list of tips on best practices for creating library research guides.Among the tips: Create a clean and consistent look Create guides for specific tasks or courses Quality over quantity Provide...Show More Summary Article on Cut-and-Paste Judicial Decisions

In the Cojocaru v. British Columbia Women's Hospital and Health Centre decision (2013 SCC 30, [2013] 2 SCR 357), the Supreme Court of Canada had to decide whether it was OK for a judge to simply copy-and-paste, without attribution, vast...Show More Summary

Pearson selling some investments to be ‘100 percent’ focused on education

Pearson, the world’s largest education company, the one that testing critics love to hate, wants to get much, much bigger. It is selling other investments so that it can focus entirely on its education business. The sales come at a time when the company has lost some big testing contracts in the United States and […]

Irish Law Reform Commission Report on Prevention of Benefit from Homicide

The Law Reform Commission of Ireland has released a Report on Prevention of Benefit from Homicide that recommends comprehensive legislative reform to prevent a person from benefitting from his or her wrongdoing, especially an act ofShow More Summary

When crime turns to horror: Arizona Gothic

In Phoenix, Arizona, an apartment dweller attempted a good dead, only to crash into a horror story: A male neighbor knocked on the door of the apartment to check on the 43-year-old suspect, whom he hadn't seen since the day...

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Sea level study: James Hansen issues dire climate warning. “: Hansen’s study comes via a nontraditional publishing decision by its authors. The study will be published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, an open-access “discussion” journal, and will not have formal peer review prior to its appearance online later this week. [Update, July 23: The paper […]

The Limits of Pedagogy

I haven’t written much in this space lately. I spent a lot of my last school year looking at my classroom practices, seeing what I’ve done in the past, and putting that up against much of what I was reading that was new online. I’ve been heavily involved with edtech for over a decade and […]

Photography – Week 84

A dancer being filmed on the median on Broad Street.

Things to do with creepy dolls

Let's say you have a disturbing doll. What can be done with it? Mental Floss offers sixteen - count 'em, 16 - excellent uses for creepy dolls. For example, or (thanks to Gabor Por)

Flickr API Basics – Pulling a Group Feed

Someone at work mentioned that the Flickr WordPress widget didn’t work with group photos. We use this group as part of our (sort of just getting started) Friday photo walks. Since I’m trying to learn stuff I figured I’d play a bit with the Flickr API and see how that worked. After getting an API […]

He stood so still

He stood so still while the world moved on around him. Just a little animated gif made from two shots I took walking past this gentleman staring so intently at his phone. He didn’t move a bit but because I was walking the shot shifted some allowing me to animate it and give you this… Read More

The Worst Advice Ever

As NY State scrambles to follow the mandates of charter-owned Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Heavy-Hearted Assembly, everyone wonders how the hell NYC will deal with the specter of receivership. The geniuses who crafted this bill decided...Show More Summary

Teacher blasts popular classroom training program: It is turning us into robots.

Have you ever heard of of a classroom management method called the No-Nonsense Nurturer® Program created by The Center for Transformative Teacher Training? Educator Amy Berard was trained in it at Guilmette Middle School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, when she was teaching English Language Arts there last year, and she became a fierce critic for reasons […]

When all students bring home is a piece of paper

Matt Caduff said (about a summer maker camp): When all I bring home is a piece of paper and I picked B instead of C, I don’t have a lot to talk about with my parents and because I picked C and the answer was B I don’t want to talk about it... [...]

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