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When (and not) to crowdsource?

Will Thalheimer commented on my ‘reconciliation‘ post, and pointed out that there are times when you would be better off going to an expert. His apt observation is that there are times when it makes sense to crowdsource and when not to, but it wasn’t clear to him or me when each was. Naturally that […]

Teacher to governor: This is what I take personally

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence recently created a mini-firestorm in his state when he was talking to teachers at an elementary school about the newly designed standardized tests called ISTEP. Noting that policymakers had expected the scores to go down because the tests were new and more difficult, he indicated that educators shouldn’t take the results […]

Guest post: What could be wrong with a "community school" model?

By Alison McDowellNovember 23, 2015 Alison McDowell Allison McDowell is a Philadelphia public school parent and a member of the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools. This article is an expansion of her testimony to the Philadelphia School Reform Commission on November 19, 2015. Show More Summary

Morning Video: More About MA's Common Core Testing Decision

On the PBS NewsHour, the NYT's Kate Zernike expands on her Massachusetts Common Core testing decision story. Or, listen to this WAMU segment on Kaya Henderson's five-year tenure as head of DC Public Schools. Or, check out this WHYY Philadelphia story about a magnet school dropping its admissions criteria as part of a school consolidation plan.

AM News: NCLB Overhaul & MA Testing Decision

The fight over K-12 education appears headed back to the states Washington Post: A new education law would shift fight over teacher evaluations, testing from federal government to 50 state capitals. Accountability and the ESEA Reauthorization...Show More Summary

Nebraska libraries: how they’re doing, challenges and opportunities

Topic: Libraries At the crossroads. A phrase used often when talking about libraries in America, also true in Nebraska where libraries are facing new directions in serving users and remaining viable. A special NET News reporting project examines this important time for these venerable institutions. Show More Summary

The Future of the Web Is 100 Years Old

Topic: Cataloging Among these efforts, one stood out. In 1893, a young Belgian lawyer named Paul Otlet wrote an essay expressing his concern over the rapid proliferation of books, pamphlets, and periodicals. The problem, he argued, should...Show More Summary

This is how to store human knowledge for eternity

Topic: Technology So, where and how should we store humanity’s knowledge for posterity? There is one way: use the fundamental code of life itself. Researchers Robert Grass and Reinhard Heckel of ETH Zurich in Switzerland believe youShow More Summary

Inside the lives of student union leaders

Work 12-hour days, manage a million-dollar budget, and get a leg up in the job market The post Inside the lives of student union leaders appeared first on

Dalhousie students embrace small-scale residence

For 49 Nova Scotian students, dorm life is all about community The post Dalhousie students embrace small-scale residence appeared first on

Tech Director Chat #28 – Is 1 to 1 Computing a Gimmick?

Quite possibly yes is the answer to that question! The ability to access information and collaborative tools made possible through tablets, laptops, and mobile devices is certainly no gimmick. The better question revolves around what teachers can do to leverage the 1:1 access of a fully “connected” learning environment; and perhaps more importantly, what they […]

Off With Her Rubric!

When you teach English language learners, particularly when they're rank beginners, you can never be sure how much of what you say the students understand. A typical coping technique when learning a new language is nodding your head and pretending to understand, whether or not you actually do. Show More Summary

Fun with OpenDataSoft - Mapping Calgary City Amenities

Earlier this month I happened across a blog post from a company called OpenDataSoft (ODS) in which they described how they put together and mapped a list of over 1,600 Open Data portals around the world. I thought that was...

Hooked on Gaming: 5 Quick #Leadership Lessons from #ClashofClans @jeguhlin @arguhlin

"Leadership and management skills required?" I gasped as I began to play this game on my iPad, then later load it on my Android, and even more recently, iPhone. "I just want some simple diversion, not to have to think while playing a game." Yet, I resisted the urge to delete the app. Show More Summary

#OpenEd15 – Now what?

Here’s what #OpenEd15 has me thinking I/we need to do at VCU. We ought to do a survey of current open-content and align it with high drop/withdraw/fail courses. We ought to fill gaps there with stuff that we (ALT Lab, professors, students) make. Show More Summary

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 5 Remaining Card Catalogues

Topic: Museums Before Watsonline and The Collection Online, the Met relied upon good old-fashioned card catalogues. Finding books might have been slower going back then, but we still have a soft spot for these relics from the not-so-distant past. Show More Summary

Caring doesn’t scale. Scaling doesn’t care.

David Wiley said: Why are we hell-bent on taking the greatest communications technology ever known and making sure that no one communicates with it? Why must we replace opportunities to interact with teachers and tutors with artificial intelligence and adaptive systems? Why are we so excited by the prospect of care, encouragement, and support giving [...]

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