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Proporsal to Create Federation of Library Associations to Replace Canadian Library Association

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has been meeting in recent months with representatives from other regional and sectoal library associations to discuss the CLA's dissolutioin and its replacement by a new national structure that...Show More Summary

US Supreme Court Tackles Link Rot Problem

This is a follow-up to the Library Boy post of September 27, 2015 entitled Profile Article About Inventor of Anti-Link Rot Web Tool.That post discussed a recent article about Harvard Law Library director Jonathan Zittrain who played a major role in the creation of a tool to help law journals and courts deal with link rot. Show More Summary

An important note from Terry

A short while ago I published a blog post about the forthcoming ResearchEd Tech conference. What I hadn't realised is that, without human intervention, this new platform automatically generates a url.

ResearchEd Tech conference

Saturday 17th October sees the first (and hopefully not the last) ResearchEd Tech conference. This is ResearchEd with a technology focus. At he time of writing there appear to be just 5 tickets remaining. However, he intention is to live stream as many sessions as possible.

Ben Carson flunks middle school history

If only Anne Frank had a gun. Then, according to the logic of Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, she would have been able to better fight against the Nazis. Carson has come under criticism for this astonishing statement in his new book, “A More Perfect Union: What […]

Why is Columbus Day still a U.S. federal holiday?

You may have learned in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 in the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and proved for the first time in history that the Earth wasn’t flat. Actually, he didn’t — discover America or prove that th Earth was flat, and there is some question as to […] Alcatraz Prison

Find out deep secrets contained within the walls of the prison through the provided videos. and uncover details about this famous national monument.

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

A Map Of All The Divorces – On The Media “Is this someone who thinks that marriages are ruined because of environmental factors, and wants to avoid those environments? Or someone who really wants to date a divorcee, and is looking for...Show More Summary


Friday’s post made it onto the blog but got lost in space when it tried to reach the RSS syndicater. The problem is fixed and (hopefully) you can read it now.

Fill in the Blank

More than half of new __________ quit after five years. Wrong! It’s school principals, according to this headline from The Hechinger Report. Actually, just like the previous claim for teacher turnover, the sourcing is a little fuzzy. The body of the story states, “This is one reason nearly 30 percent of principals who lead troubled […]

Just say no to Facebook's, says inventor of WWW

Topic: Internet HIGHLIGHTS • Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has attacked Facebook’s • Berners-Lee said people in emerging markets should “just say no” to the project • He said the initiative was not...Show More Summary

Wi-Fi hotspot loans from Kitchener, Ont. library a Canadian first

Topic: Public Libraries Kitchener Public Library is embracing the digital age, and setting a new standard for libraries in Canada with its new Wi-Fi hotspot loan program.  "We do believe we are the first library in Canada to offer Wi-Fi loans," said library CEO Mary Chevreau. Show More Summary

The Chaotic Wisdom of Wikipedia Paragraphs

Topic: Internet No. These are all excellent matters to ponder, especially given Wikipedia’s global dominance, and I do ponder them, and perhaps you do as well. But what is genuinely most fascinating, at least to me, is the strange way it lets you write encyclopedia pages—the structures that have built up since its founding in 2001. Show More Summary

American schools are modeled after factories and treat students like widgets. Right? Wrong.

How many times have you heard that public schools in the United States were modeled in the 20th Century on factories and have yet to be restructured to meet 21st Century needs? A lot, I’d bet. But what if that isn’t true? In this post, education historian Jack Schneider looks at the truth behind the […]

We’re moving to a mobile-friendly template

I’m in the process of changing this website to a mobile-friendly version. With any luck, this website won’t disappear in the meantime. If you do happen to get one of those horrible “Page not found” messages, please keep trying. Apparently...Show More Summary

Ada Lovelace Day Competition

As you may be aware, next Tuesday (13th October) is Ada Lovelace Day. In my next newsletter I’ll be announcing details of a competition whereby three lucky readers can win a copy of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, by Sydney Padua. Show More Summary

Quotes: Low Cut Scores "Killing" Employment/Competitiveness

That mentality of saying let’s set proficient at a level where not too many people fail is going to kill us... The global standard of what proficient is keeps moving up. - NCEE's Marc S. Tucker in the NYT via Education Dive (Are cut scores undermining Common Core's intent?)

South Carolina Libraries Respond to Flooding

Over the weekend of October 3–4, Hurricane Joaquin brought record-setting rainfall and catastrophic flooding to the Southeast, leaving South Carolina in a state of disaster. In the central and eastern part of the state, rivers overran their banks, washing out roads, and bridges, breaching dams, and destroying property. Show More Summary

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