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Heading in the right direction

Most of our educational approaches – K12, Higher Ed, and organizational – are fundamentally wrong.  What I see in schools, classrooms, and corporations are information presentation and knowledge testing.  Which isn’t bad in and of itself, except that it won’t lead to new abilities to do!  And this bothers me. As a consequence, I took a […]

Can’t be a nihilist in my chosen racket…

[Above, suggest you read this post with a soundtrack about trying to embrace a little bit of gladness… Song lyrics inspired blog post title too. But if you just want to read, we’ll allow that too.] Since coming back from Mexico in 2000, I’ve had significant stints at three Canadian universities. In each case I […]

Writing, Reflecting, Capturing: Three Less-Discussed Leadership Skills | Leading from the Library

Little things make the difference. There is broad consensus on the most critical skills leaders need to learn, but there are some less frequently discussed practices that can help build those skills.

LYRASIS, DuraSpace Leaders Discuss Dissolved Merger

On May 16, the boards of LYRASIS and DuraSpace dissolved a planned merger that had been announced on January 27. But executives from the not-for-profit library software and service providers told LJ that four months of formal due diligence...Show More Summary

LACUNY Institute 2016: Race Matters: Libraries, Racism, and Antiracism

The 2016 one-day conference of the Library Association of the City University of New York (LACUNY), “Race Matters: Libraries, Racism, and Antiracism,” held May 20 at Brooklyn College, was ambitious in scope and informative in practice. Show More Summary


Rachel:  My son’s BIP has a notation that only the behaviors listed in his FBA/BIP are exempt from administrative discipline and that for all other misbehavior he would be treated the same as the other students. Is this a common notation in BIPs? For the record- my son has global delays as he has Down Syndrome.

Time for Another Episode of “What the Hell Just Happened in Seattle?”

Go to the web site of the Seattle Education Association and you will find Jonathan Knapp listed as president. Knapp was re-elected to a second term in 2014 by a mere 45 votes over challenger Jesse Hagopian and his caucus of Social Equality Educators. It was one of many examples of movement unionists challenging services […]

Dispatches from PLA 2016: Powerful Summers

As the plane touched down in Denver, Colorado, I was eager to attend my first PLA Conference, where I was not only a participant but also a copresenter of the preconference “Powerful Summers: Library-Community-School Partnerships.’

Dispatches from PLA 2016: Creative Merchandising Strategies for Libraries

At the PLA Conference in Denver, I decided to check out the program Creative Merchandising Strategies for Libraries, mainly because I was intrigued by the word “merchandising.” After all, I’d heard about some libraries moving to theShow More Summary

Dispatches from PLA 2016: Beyond Bilingual Storytime and ESL

In this Extraordinary session at the 2016 PLA conference, presenters Ady Huertas (San Diego Public Library), Simone Groene-Nieto (Denver Public Library) and Zoe Jarocki (San Diego State University Library) offered eager attendees their advice, experience, and expertise on how libraries can best serve underserved Spanish-speaking communities. Show More Summary

Using Big Data to Address Local Needs

Library staff are constantly looking for ways to better reach and serve their local communities. From post-event surveys to embedded librarianship to collecting circulation statistics, libraries have different strategies for gathering information and measuring service success. Show More Summary

What I'm currently reading in the world of technology

Here are three thumbnail sketches of books I'm reading at the moment or have recently read. I hope it's useful.

Morning Video: Education (Or The Lack Thereof) In Campaign 2016

Left, Right, Kids in the Middle: Education in 2016 from NewSchools Venture Fund on Vimeo. The most interesting moment might be the 55:00 minute mark, where Lisa Snell and Roland Martin discuss a failed NOLA mobilization effort. The Seventy Four contributor Cynthia Tucker Haynes is the moderator. Watch all NSVF Summit videos here. Which one should I watch/show next?

42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by

Topic: Authors 7. “All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.” From BBC Radio 4 - Dangerous Visions - 42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by Tw...


Mary:  Hello – I have a colleague who is having difficulty determining if the Archdiocese of Denver gets federal funding. Apparently, there is not a coordinated database for information about where funding from the DOE goes in the state, no easy way to track. Do any of you have ideas about how to access this information? Is this an inquiry that elected representatives can make?


Harriet:  My daughter has POTS and because of this has an IEP. She attends school 2 days a week and is then tutored 7 hours a week. She has been told by the senior high principal that she can not go out for cheerleading. We live in PA and when I contacted the PIAA they told me that PIAA doesn’t cover cheerleading. Show More Summary


Ana:  My daughter had straight F’s like 10% F, and was dealing with major depression and attempted suicide. We got her an IEP. She has gotten her grades to some high F’s that are almost D’s to some C’s and even an A+. Her school denied her access to a field trip. Show More Summary

Special Education, School Sports, and IEPs

Providing students with disabilities the opportunity to try out and play on mainstream school sports teams is important. “Participation in extracurricular athletics can be a critical part of a student’s overall educational experience, said Seth Galanter, acting assistant secretary for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Show More Summary

Education Jobs Opportunities in the Global Economy

By Susan Ohanian A Adequate Yearly Progress Authentication Auctioneer B Business Roundtable/Broad Foundation Batdung Bagman C Charter Schools Cootie Covenant Coach D DIBELS Doo-doo Data Depository Debriefer E Education Trust Eco-Corporate...Show More Summary

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