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Peg with Pen: Billions for Online Testing, Online Curriculum & T...

Peg with Pen: Billions for Online Testing, Online Curriculum & T...: As Obama rolls out coding for everyone, updates his technology plan, his testing action plan, the relaunch of peer review of state as...

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

nardove : computer artist enthusiast “This is my personal space where I share my adventures and experiments within the fields of interactivity, generative visuals and computer graphics, I do it as a hobby and somehow never seem to get...Show More Summary

Unspoken Rules

I love using this clip as a way to spur people to think about the unspoken rules, policies and procedures that exist in schools. The overwhelming majority of schools have a student handbook, codes of conduct, etc… but often, those … Continue reading ?


Susan: I have a client w autism who has left Texas to live in West Virginia. The school they enrolled him in has him doing work that is not where his abilities are. Parents are at a loss. What can they do?

Live Event: Teach For America 25th Anniversary Conference In DC

Here's the fast-and-furious live Twitter stream from #TFA25. Check it out while watching some of the event livestreamed here: #TFA25 Tweets

What Would a Progressive Education Policy Look Like?

In the last presidential debate, Bernie Sanders did progressives no favor by including Barack Obama among those who have earned the right to wear the "progressive" label:In terms of President Obama, I think if we remember where this country was seven years ago, 800,000 jobs being lost every month, $1.4 trillion dollar deficit. Show More Summary

Signs in Okla. school now warn visitors: Adults carry guns and are ready to use them

Okay Public Schools is a tiny rural district in Okay, Okla. It has one K-8 school and one high school on a single campus of about 420 students. Its superintendent, Charles McMahan, just took a new step that he thinks will be a deterrent to violence: Signs that warn visitors that some district staff are carrying […]

The inside poop on librarians' daily adventures

Topic: Libraries It’s safe to say that the library-going public was shocked and horrified by what he did. It’s also safe to say that nobody who has ever worked at a public library was the least bit surprised. From The inside poop on librarians' daily adventures Tweet

Sexism, Sanders, and Lee

Are you sick of hearing how you're a misogynist because you favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton? Tired of being called a "Bernie bro," whatever the hell that is? I am. I read a lot of things like that in social media, and a lot of it comes from Randi Weingarten, who I follow on Facebook and Twitter.After all, that's kind of a straw man. Show More Summary

Art App Focuses on the Masters

Lets kids copy masterpieces and make them their own.

Murder Most Traditional | 2015 Agatha Christie Award Nominees

Agatha Christie was the queen of the traditional mystery, and every year Malice Domestic, a fan convention, honors those titles published in the previous calendar year that best typify the qualities of Dame Christie's work (no explicit sex, excessive gore, or gratuitous violence, among other elements). Show More Summary


Clare: Can a principal of the school give a child a transfer if the child doesn’t want to be in the sports at school? does he have the right to do that?


Jana: My 16 yr old grandson has been diagnosed ADHD and is on medication. I have requested to his school that he be placed in the 504 Accommodations Program. He is failing at least 2 of his classes. The school representative I spokeShow More Summary


Kelly: Hello, I really want to become a student advocate but I am not sure what my first steps should be. Can you please give me some direction? Thank you, Kelly.


Lisa: In my district when a parent does not come to an IEP meeting, it is common practice to have all members sign as participants and then “document” this attempt as IEP part 1. When asked about this process I was told “well it stops the 60 day timeline”. Show More Summary

Job Opening: Captain of a Sinking Ship

Looks like NEA is preparing to return the Alabama Education Association to its own devices. Here’s a job posting for the position of executive director. I’m guessing the most important qualification is: “Has a record of long term financial planning, managing finances and resources, and providing accurate information and guidance to governing boards. Has a record […]

Quotes: White America's "Broken Heart"

The current urgency about inequality as an issue is really about how some white Americans are coming to live an experience that many minorities in this country have long lived — structural inequity has leapt the racial barrier — and that the legacy to which they fully assumed they were heirs is increasingly beyond their grasp. Show More Summary

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