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Yes!! Librarians as Superheroes

Topic: Librarians Libraries From Onward State a piece about a new series of trading cards for Penn State Librarians. The Penn State librarians have recently collaborated with freelance graphic designer Rogo to design state-of-the-art trading cards, each of which also serve as a business card. Show More Summary

Alberta Law Reform Institute Report Recommends Abolition of Perpetuities Law

The Alberta Law Reform Institute has published a report that recommends the abolition of perpetuities law in Alberta : "The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) recommends the abolition of perpetuities law in Alberta. Abolition has already occurred in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Show More Summary

Going Remote in Bahrain

I was recently in Bahrain at the SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter conference. What an amazing fun time! While I was there, I gave two talks: A panel discussion on emerging technology trends with Marshall Breeding and Jason Griffey. It was lead by Houeida Kammourié. I was also a keynote speaker, and talked about improving the […]

Golly Gee Gorsuch, Judicial Ken Doll

The Daily Show with Trevor NoahGet More: The Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,The Daily Show Video Archive

Registration is Open! Don’t Miss ISEA 2017

The William & Mary Law School Institute of Special Education Advocacy 2017 is presenting a five-day training program in special education advocacy. 22 sessions on applicable laws, ethics, best practices Continue Reading ?

AM News: Special Ed Decision, School Suspensions, International Comparisons, & More

1 Supreme Court Rejects Education Minimum Applied by Gorsuch… 2 Trump administration's delay of rule to regulate career-training programs sparks protest… 3 School Suspensions...Show More Summary

Joe Scapellato On Fictionalizing Away From A Place That You Know

With his debut collection of short stories, Big Lonesome, Joe Scapellato demonstrates a confident grasp of plot and character that is equal parts Larry McMurtry and George Saunders. Each story examines some facet of America’s West—its characters, environment, and mythology—and celebrates the peculiarities of the region with mordant wit. Show More Summary

Interview with Brad Stone

Brad Stone, Silicon Valley journalist and best-selling author of The Everything Store, is known for his incisive stories on companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and even Costco. His new book, The Upstarts takes a look at two of the biggest players in Silicon Valley today: Uber and Airbnb—how they began, and how they’re changing things. […]

Call Congress Immediately to Save Medicaid

The following is a reproduced statement as to the critical need to save Medicaid from Trumpcare. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) jeopardizes healthcare for the nation’s most vulnerable children: students with disabilities and students in poverty. Specifically, the AHCA...

Endrew F. Decision: 8-0 Decision for Parents

The U.S. Supreme Court just issued a huge victory for parents in resetting the Rowley standard for the first time in more than 30 years. See decision-- The Court ruled that schools to "meet its substantive obligation under the Individuals...

Gaea versus humanity in Mexico City

A quick glimpse of the Earth's campaign against the human race, in Mexico City: In Iztapalapa, a suburb of approximately 2m people built on the ancient lake’s southern shores in the city’s south-east, 15 primary schools have crumbled or caved...

Library Journal's Movers and Shakers 2017

Library Journal released its 2017 list of Library Movers and Shakers:"Now in its 16th year, LJ’s Movers & Shakers provides an annual snapshot of the transformative work being done by those in libraries of all types and sizes and across the field. Show More Summary

UFT DA March 2017--UFT President Shuts Down Move to Amend JHS 145 Reso

Announcements Mulgrew thanks us for being here. Moment of silence for UFT members who’ve passed.President’s report—Michael MulgrewNational—Says we’ve set out a strategy and now have to adjust to changes. We can now officially get rid of Friedrichs and say Janus, out of Illinois. Show More Summary

NEA “Sequesters” $10 Million For Use in State Battles

Each active member of the National Education Association contributes $20 annually to the union’s special funds. Twelve dollars of this is deposited in the Ballot Measures/Legislative Crises Fund, which is used to support the union agenda at the state level. Show More Summary

KIPP Sues to Protect Sweatshop Teaching Conditions

KIPP, Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit to block further implementation of a union contract at a South Bronx KIPP school that KIPP has summarily ignored. Here's the list of contract violations cited in a November 2016 letter to KIPP.Show More Summary

An Update on Using Tech to Support Formative Assessment

Back in September, I posted about how my math exit slip process had evolved over time, becoming more effective through the use of technology. My system has taken another term, which has made it easier for everyone involved. The process I was using in September used the website.  That website has many features I […]

Chaos & Caring | Office Hours

I’ll own this: I’ve been pretty emotional since the election in November. I spent my holiday break practicing self-care, including stepping back from social media, cuddling with my dogs Cooper and Dozer, and bingeing on old sitcoms.

AM News: School Immigration Debate, Learning Myths, Student Data

1 Ex-teacher charged with child sex abuse was subject of previous D.C. investigation… 2 Boston's public schools have adopted a new, more accurate world map… 3 You Probably Believe...Show More Summary

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