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Photography – Week 63

I’m pretty sure I’ve taken this shot before. Maybe multiple times. I still like the mix of lines and the bright yellow of the bricks. There’s also a pink stripe in the room which I didn’t see before.   I like all the geometry here- triangles, squares, rectangles, and the half circle of the wreath.… Read More

When Marian Wright Edelman Forgot History

Yesterday Marian Wright Edelman weighed in on the ESEA "debate" by coming out strong against the the House version of NCLB Corporate Takeover 2.0. Sadly in doing so, Edelman jumps onto the rickety testing-for-civil-rights bandwagon that is aimed directly for the ditch after almost 30 years of running down the same rutted path. Show More Summary

State Attorney Generals Should Do "Close Reading" On The Student Success Act

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating dietary supplements being sold to consumers by the largest retail companies in the world. After years of billion dollar profits, people getting sick or wasting their money, New York's attorney is taking on some powerful corporations. Show More Summary

Center for Research Libraries Webinar on New Model License for E-Resources

The Chicago-based Center for Research Libraries (CRL) will host a webinar on Coming to Terms: Behind the New Liblicense Model License on Wednesday March 4, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central Time.Ann Okerson, a CRL senior advisor, will discuss the recent rewrite of the Liblicense Model License. Show More Summary

What if it happened before the Internet?

One of the challenges of writing a history of educational technology is that so much of it happened before the Internet. I have been surprised and disappointed at how much of it, that I barely remember, has never been reported on the now ubiquitous World Wide Web. As a result, I’ve had to be resourceful […]

Competing Visions - @TCEA #TECSIG #txed #edtechcoach

Image Source: Roadblock #4 - Competing Visions for Instructional Technology "Do you think technology integration has failed?" I asked a colleague. His response was less than hopeful. For many of us across the State, Instructional Technology suffered a crippling blow when the state technology allotment was cut. Show More Summary

We may soon face the age of human head transplants

In today's mad science story, one surgical team claims to be within striking distance of achieving human head transplants. 2017 is named as a possible date. What's involved? Well: First, the recipient’s head would have to be cooled to keep...

Marimuse Interview

In 1993, while I was working at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and exploring the educational potentials of the, then emerging, Internet, I ran across an intriguing and inspiring summer project being conducted at Maricopa Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. With the local school district, they invited a diverse group of students who […]


In a discussion last week, I suggested that the things I was excited about included wearables. Sure enough, someone asked if I’d written anything about it, and I haven’t, much. So here are some initial thoughts. I admit I was not a Google Glass ‘Explorer’ (and now the program has ended).  While tempted to experiment, I tend […]

Judge rules Missouri’s membership in Common Core testing group is illegal

The fighting over the Common Core initiative continues: A Missouri judge said the state’s membership in a federally funded testing consortium charged with creating an assessment aligned with the Common Core standards is illegal. And what’s more, he ruled that the state should stop paying fees to the group, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The […]

Afternoon Video: That "Humans Of New York" Principal Was Thinking Of Quitting

"Just earlier this year, Nadia Lopez was ready to quit her job at Mott Hall Bridges Academy" -- a school she'd founded in 2010 in the poorest neighborhood in New York City. "Four years later, though, she worried her work wasn't influencing the community." (via The Atlantic: Meet Ms. Lopez of Mott Hall Bridges Academy)

#TBT: A Look At This Mythical 2010 Seating Chart Shows Big Turnover In Ed Media

Take a look at this 2010 chart -- a made-up seating chart for a nonexistent USDE briefing room setup and you'll get a pretty vivid idea of how much has changed in national education coverage over the past five years (A Map To Coverage...Show More Summary

20 Mbps & We’re Still Searching for the Same Stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of deep digging while working on my book about the history of technology in education – as I’ve seen it.  This afternoon, I happened upon some online handouts for one of my first keynotes and its slidedeck.  The address was called, “The Three Ts of Teaching in the Twenty-First Century.” […]

Why names matter: The fight at Clemson over iconic university building named after racist governor

There has been a heated debate at Clemson University playing out over whether the name of an iconic building, Tillman Hall, should be  changed because its namesake, Benjamin Tillman, was a former South Carolina governor (1890-94) who was a vicious racist. Students and teachers are pushing for a change, while the head of the school’s […]

70:20:10 and the Learning Curve

My colleague Charles Jennings recently posted on the value of autonomous learning (worth reading!), sparked by a diagram provided by another ITA colleague, Jane Hart (that I also thought was insightful). In Charles’ post he also included an IBM diagram that triggered some associations. So, in IBM’s diagram, they talked about: the access phase where learning […]

Back to Basics: What is IDEA and RTI?

A question in the Wrightslaw inbox that caught us by surprise. We sometimes forget the basics. Can you tell me what these mean? IDEA and RTI Based on your question, I suspect you are quite new to this field. Start with the Basics IDEA. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. If you have a child with […]

Quotes: Chicago Illustrates Dangers Of Hasty Discipline Changes

It's difficult to go from a zero-tolerance mentality to a restorative justice mentality, because it's a whole different way of looking at things. To really do restorative justice, there have to be certain things in place. -- CTU official Michael Brunson in the Tribune (Teachers complain about revised CPS discipline policy)

Events: Journalists Discuss Common Core (Coverage?) In Denver (Plus Map)

A handy dandy map from @AndrewUjifusa #EWACore — Natalie Gross (@NGross_EWA) February 26, 2015 Here's a map of Common Core states, by assessment, from EdWeek, that I got off the #EWACore event hashtag. (All it needs is testing start/end dates for each state, right?) Agenda is here. Show More Summary

Nostalgic for factual recall

Two quotes from today’s article in The Des Moines Register, Iowa Poll: Common Core not so radioactive for Iowans: Ah, the good old days When Iowa Poll respondents opposed to Common Core standards were asked about their objections, some lamented the shift from traditional teaching methods such as rote memorization of facts and formulas to [...]

Teachers at popular school ask parents for help: This may sound ‘absurd’ but it’s true.

PS 321 in Brooklyn’s Park Slope area is a popular school. Parents and kids like going there because of the dedication of its principal, Elizabeth Phillips, and its approximately 100 teachers. Now, in an unusual move, those teachers are publicly turning to parents for help against school reform proposals by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo […]

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