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Clark County Union Dispute Goes to Trial

Motions to dismiss were rejected by a Clark County judge in the ongoing dispute between the Clark County Education Association and its parent unions, the Nevada State Education Association and the National Education Association. Both...Show More Summary

Higher Ed’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Year: Let’s Help Make 2018 Better | From the Bell Tower

American higher education came under attack in 2017 as the political, cultural, and social divisions in our society widened. It stood accused of forcing liberal politics on students, hampering free speech on campus, and fostering an environment of incivility in and beyond the classroom. Show More Summary

TEA Violated Federal Laws – Corrective Action Ordered!

In 2016, investigative reporter Brian Rosenthal broke a story in Texas and wrote a series of articles for the Houston Chronicle that rocked the world of special education far beyond Continue Reading ?

I’ll Be There for You | Office Hours

Budgets are tight. For many, webinars and online conferences have been a primary professional development tool of late. Attending a keynote is as easy as sitting down at your desk and plugging in headphones. But when there is money for...Show More Summary

The Frankenstein Bicentennial | Book Pulse

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein while more modern classics head to the screen.

UFT Delegate Assembly January 17, 2018--Black Lives May or May Not Matter--Let's Not Go Out on a Limb

4:33 Mulgrew tells us to settle down. I’m eating popcorn with Mike Schirtzer.Moment of silence for Doris Escaros, chapter leader from Queens. Mulgrew, optimistic, welcomes us to February DA. Corrects himself, thanks us for not demanding a snow day today. Show More Summary

Registration Open for 2018 Halifax Conference of Canadian Association of Law Libraries

Registration is now open for the 2018 annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.The event is taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 27th – 30th.A preliminary Conference program is available on the Conference website. An enhanced version of the Conference program complete with more info will be available at the end of the month.

Reading Suggestions from a Michigan Bookseller, Books from Shithole Countries

Topic: Book Stores Books Libraries Petosky’s McLean and Eakin Booksellers have borrowed a phrase from the Commander in Chief to promote the reading of books from Haiti and Africa. They are continuing to take suggestions.

University of Rhode Island Library Opening Artificial Intelligence Lab

Topic: Libraries In the fall semester of 2018, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab will be accessible to all University of Rhode Island students on the first floor of the Robert L. Carothers Library. Funded by a $143,065 grant from...Show More Summary

Left, Right, Up & Down in U.S. Politics

I ran across an incredible web site today. As someone who is interested in politics, and especially its ongoing evolution, this really scratched an itch. It’s and they record all rollcall votes cast by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, going back to the first congress of 1789-1791. I was looking for data […]

These 31 colleges — including Yale — are now using a fast and easy financial aid calculator

Yale University and other prominent schools say a new online tool will help show consumers that a college education can be affordable.

From the Vault: July 21, 2003

Unasked Questions About the Nadeau Sex Scandal. Having been elected to the National Education Association Executive Committee, Wayne Nadeau of Vermont was destined to labor in relative obscurity for six years, facing no more media scrutiny than a rare mention in the EIA Communiqué. Show More Summary

Why Are You Here?

What do you say when a student asks you that question? I mean, they pay you to come here. That's one reason. You might also speak of your zeal and dedication. You are here to help. You're on a mission. There is no place else you'd rather be. Show More Summary

Re-Thinking My Portfolio

Below is the assignment I gave. I’m going to give it a shot starting with my own portfolio and then looking for aspirational goals in a subsequent post. Take a look around at portfolios other people are using. You’ll want to check out people in the field like Dr. Show More Summary

Why I’m Teaching Data Viz for Sociology

I’m teaching a course for VCU’s digital sociology Master’s degree program this semester. One of the things I’ve asked the participants to do is explain why they’re taking this course. I’m hoping that will help me customize what we’re going to do in the course. Show More Summary

Blog Series for 10th Anniversary of Supreme Court Dunsmuir v New Brunswick Decision

Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick, 2008 SCC 9 has become the most cited Canadian court decision ever.It will soon the 10th anniversary of what many scholars believe is the decision that rewrote Canadian administrative law.To mark the occasion,...Show More Summary

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