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#edGIF Of The Day: Good Luck On Those AP Tests

People taking AP exams today — Chupa (@NotTateColeman) May 2, 2016 "It's that time of year when high school students summon their wills for Advanced Placement exams, and the anxiety is real. Here's encouragement and advice from those who know what it's like." See more at Twitter Moments.

The Capacity To Endure | Sustainability

Think big—I mean really big—about the future of your library and its capacity to endure. Does it have the support it needs? Can it bounce back after disruption? Do its services and programs bring new and energetic life to the community, school, or campus that it serves?

Giving Poor Kids Free Meals at School Should Not Be Controversial. Tell That to Congressional Republicans!

Don’t most of us agree that providing school meals to kids who need them is an overwhelmingly good thing? After all, nutrition is essential to proper cognitive development. We can all get behind feeding the poorest kids in school, right? Sorry,...Show More Summary

ASD Information Not on Basecamp Radar

?Schools Matter: ASD Crosses Halfway Mark to Certain Failure ?Dec 8, 2015... Vanderbilt Peabody has just released a research paper that examines the awful performance of ASD schools in Memphis, Nashville, and... ? ?Schools Matter: ASD Schools Still at Rock Bottom ?Apr 5, 2016... Show More Summary

More on the so-called shortage of computer science grads: Hal Salzman

A petition to the US Congress, signed by Zuckerberg, Gates and others, for more computer science education is based on their claim of a huge shortage of computer science grads, which I have contested ( More Summary


Aimee: My son has been riding the bus since he was 5. He has become verbally aggressive towards the driver and aid, and sadly with the other students. He has a current FBA,FA and bus service has had training. Can I request for a private bus so he can get to school safety and not hurting others.


Corrine:  I live in Minnesota and have a 21 year old son with ASD and chronic pain issues due to Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome and Chronic bladder spasms. He currently attends a transitional school working towards getting his IEP based...Show More Summary

Accommodations: LATE ASSIGNMENTS AND 504

Treena:  HI ~ I have a high schooler that is just about to graduate, she has a 504 plan put in place due to clinical depression and insomnia. She’s missed allot of school and has rec’d excessive absence notices. Her language arts teacher won’t let her turn in assignments,because she says she wasn’t there to turn in or its to late. Show More Summary

No Raise in 8 Years, North Carolina Union Staff Claims

The North Carolina Association of Educators is in a financial and membership free fall, and NCAE employees say they are bearing the brunt. The staff union posted a petition addressed to the NCAE executive director that reads: We, the members of the North Carolina Staff Organization, the unionized workers at NCAE (UniServ Directors, Program Staff, […]

Morning Video: Best-Off Districts Often Generate Biggest Achievement Gaps

"There's some deep... problems that we as a society haven't faced up to yet.," says"Sean Reardon, a professor of poverty and inequality in education at Stanford University in this EdWeek video and article (Achievement Gaps and Racial Segregation: Research Finds an Insidious Cycle)

Documenting the Now Builds Social Media Archive

Partners from three universities across the country have joined forces on a new project, Documenting the Now: Supporting the Scholarly Use and Preservation of Social Media Content, that will collect, archive, and provide access to Twitter feeds chronicling historically significant current events, particularly around issues of social justice.

KIPP's Feinberg and Levin $alaries

The 2013 990s for KIPP Houston and KIPP Foundation show that no excuses non-profit charter schools can provide a fabulous level of personal income for the various chiefs in charge of these billion dollar enterprises.Don't feel bad for Mike Feinberg, who is paid much less by the KIPP Foundation than David Levin. Show More Summary


Vickilyn: Because my son is doing very well in school they want to take him out of special education title and his IEP. They want him to only have a 504 should I do that?

AM News: Jane Sanders On Testing, Clinton Treads Lightly, Plus Detroit and Chicago

Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Stand With Unions and Against Standardized Testing - Politics K-12 via The Nation In NY, Clinton treads lightly in praise of uncontroversial school [Eagle Academy]| POLITICO More Summary

Who Sustains the Education Writers Association?

I know--it's like the Clinton say--just because you are taking a lot of money from people does not mean that your priorities and messaging are in any influenced by those folks with all that cash to hand out. Anyway, if you have everShow More Summary

MIDAS Data Analytics System

The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking.

A Historic Moment

In just three days, ballots go out to UFT members, and we will have a big choice to make. That choice is between status quo and change. If you think the union has been moving in the right direction, vote for Unity. After all, the UFT...Show More Summary

What We Get Wrong About Smartphones in Schools

Reading thousands of articles about schools and education and learning over the past decades as honed what I’ll call a “what they really mean” responder in my head. It’s the little piece of brain software that triggers every time I come...Show More Summary

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