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Does your candidate hold left wing or right wing views on education?

“Hillary Clinton, who, for me, is a neoliberal disaster…” — Professor Cornel West Is your candidate progressive or reactionary on education issues? One measure is to compare their views to those of the notoriously right-wing JBS. Here we look at some critical issues facing students, families, and our public schools.

How the University of California and other public schools use reserve funds to keep pace

The University of California and others keep large pools of cash on hand for projects -- and fiscal emergencies.

Failed fee and budget cuts cause changes at MU Libraries

Topic: Academic Libraries Changes at campus libraries are a result of a failed library fee proposal, as well as a 5 percent cut in MU’s general operating funds. The proposal would have implemented a fee per credit hour that would have begun at $5 per credit hour and slowly increased to $15 per credit hour by 2022. Show More Summary

U-Va. and other public universities have stockpiled billions of dollars in reserves

Funds draw scrutiny from lawmakers and parents who say schools could have cut tuition.

California Test Scores: English Improvement, Math Not So Much

The state of California released its standardized test results for English and math yesterday and it was a mixed bag. Overall scores improved but the gaps between racial and ethnic groups widened. There will be a lot of analysis from all parties but I thought it important to highlight something California did with its results […]

Bloomberg gives Harvard $32 million to teach mayors and aides

Former New York mayor aims to help other mayors tackle urban problems.

Hellraiser, 1950s style

This receives the Infocult seal of approval. For you Hellraiser fans: (thanks to Randy McCall)

Sci-Hub Controversy Triggers Publishers’ Critique of Librarian

The website repository Sci-Hub, which enables users to freely download scholarly articles that normally require institutional subscriptions or individual payments, has found itself at the center of a series of conflicts over the past year. Show More Summary

Schools Cannot Deny Equal Opportunity for Participation in Extracurricular Activities

My son has ADHD and ODD and has an aide during the school day. We have requested numerous times to have aide support for after school activities so he can Continue Reading ?


Cher:  My son received partial compensatory services over summer at a LMB center. Now that school has started we would like to continue those services. Can I pull my son Continue Reading ?


Elva:  Im so confused. My daughter just started high school and I’m just baffled by what is going on. She has not gotten any homework in almost 3 weeks and Continue Reading ?


Debbie:  Can a para provide pull out support/instruction independently? The law states they need direct supervision- does that mean Sped teacher has to be physically in the class or overseeing Continue Reading ?

What libraries of the future will look like

Topic: Libraries What probably won't change that much are librarians and the physical spaces they watch over. Pescovitz suspects that humans will always need some sort of guide to make a foreign landscape more familiar. Whether humanity...Show More Summary


Cat:  I’m an SLP who recently began working in the state of California. I’m working in a junior high school. I have several students who receive curriculum support, but spend Continue Reading ?

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel archive vanishes from Google's news archive

Topic: Libraries What’s different about Milwaukee is that the city is being asked to buy back something it already had—and, in the case of the library’s digital scans, had even helped build. “Our archives should be available again soon,”...Show More Summary

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