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Writing Every Day

186 days in a row. That’s my current streak at, a site where, as its name implies, the goal is to write 750 words a day, or about three traditional pages of text. It’s totally private, offers zero in terms of formatting, and is about as plain an interface as you can get. While […] The post Writing Every Day appeared first on Will Richardson.

AM News: Gates Chief Admits Common Core Missteps

Gates Chief Acknowledges Common-Core Missteps… School Funding Inequality, Often Measured By State, Is Far Worse Nationally Than You Think @The74 Bethune-Cookman Students Still Reeling From...Show More Summary

Safety First | Library Security

The safety of staff and patrons is a top priority for all libraries, with managers striving to maintain a welcoming and secure environment for all who wish to make use of the space. Library systems nationwide enact security policies tailored to their respective communities and resources. Show More Summary

Steps to a Secure ­Library | Library Security

For a primer on managing disruptive patrons, knowing when to get law enforcement involved, and how to form the relationships that make that call easier, we spoke to Steve Albrecht. A retired police officer and security consultant, Albrecht is the author of Library Security: Better Communication, Safer ­Facilities (ALA Editions). Show More Summary

Tracking Trouble | Library Security

Dealing with patrons who break library rules is no one’s favorite part of the job. But establishing clear policies and penalties, and a consistent system for tracking misbehavior, is the first step toward creating an environment in which staff feel confident when enforcing rules and patrons understand the consequences of misconduct.

China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works

Topic: Internet Indeed, China’s Firewall is far more sophisticated and multi-tiered than a simple on-off switch: It is an attempt to bridge one of the country’s most fundamental contradictions — to have an economy intricately connected...Show More Summary

How copyright law is being misused to remove material from the internet

Topic: Internet...but censorship using the DMCA is common online. The act allows web hosts a certain amount of immunity from claims of copyright infringement through what is known as the “safe harbour” rules: in essence, a host isn’t...Show More Summary

WikiLeaks reveals: Hillary Clinton plotted corporate charter school colonialism for Haiti

“Worse, Clinton’s “boarding school” socialization and structure idea sounds more like assimilation than education. Shocking and scarily reminiscent of other U.S. ventures in segregating classes of “other” people. Native Americans were...Show More Summary

Mike Bloomberg and the Magic Mirror

Carmen Fariña is talking about consolidating her some schools. This is a direct reversal of the signature policy of her former boss, Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg, of course, had to look in a mirror every morning and ask it who was the reformiest...Show More Summary

Computing options at GCSE: interim survey results

What are schools going to be offering their students by way of Computing options at GCSE? Here are the initial results of a survey I'm conducting.

Understanding Genetics

Learn.Genetics is a comprehensive site that explores the basics of genetics, characteristics of inheritance, stem cells, chromosomes, genetic variation, epigenetics, genetic science, cloning, genetic disorders, and much more.

Top American History App a Great Teaching Tool

Give students up-close, detailed access to rare objects and artifacts

97% of Research Library Searches Leak Privacy... and Other Disappointing Statistics.

Topic: Online Privacy Over the weekend, I decided to try to quantify the extent of privacy leakage in public-facing library services by studying the search services of the 123 ARL libraries. These are the best funded and most prestigious libraries in North America, and we should expect them to positively represent libraries. Show More Summary

Samantha Power to the Class of 2016: ‘Get close. Go all in.’

And once you're close... bring other people close with you — helping them see issues that can otherwise feel far removed The post Samantha Power to the Class of 2016: ‘Get close. Go all in.’ appeared first on


Claudia: I would like to know what a parent can do if related services are denied (Occupational Therapy) for a student who is ASD in a contained classroom setting. OT evaluation outside source was conducted and the child is receiving OT privately. Show More Summary


Paul: Where can I find the resources that are needed in my area? I am in PA. I am trying to align my patients with the resources that they need for an IEP or a 504, legal help and of course resources to advise the parents and help them get direction. I am a sol provider, an ARMY of one trying to help so many with ASD. Please, any direction will be appreciated.


Lisa: My son goes to a small private school that does not have special ed services in-house. The DOE gave us a list of DOE-approved SETSS teachers and told us it was our responsibility to hire one of them to implement his IEP order.Show More Summary


Lisa: According to my son’s IEP test will be in a quiet location and read to either by an adult or by computer. I understand that an adult is not always available during testing. But there was an adult present during SOL testing in a quiet place, He was given test. Show More Summary


Teresa:  I just received my sons initial ER. My son has tumors on his brain and as a result has epilepsy. He has dyslexia which was diagnosed by an outside evaluator. The school district accepted it. I need help understanding what can be listed in the IEP under primary and secondary DX. His reads OHI. And nothing under secondary. I’m confused.

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