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A Better Ladder: Fostering the Leaders Libraries Need | Editorial

The talent at work in libraries should make anyone optimistic for the future—not only of libraries but of the varied communities they serve. As the latest class of LJ Movers & Shakers demonstrates, the field is rippling with energetic, committed, innovative people addressing issues to create ever better service. Show More Summary

Library Ethics and Social Media

The Jefferson County Public Library (CO) recently came under fire for allegedly posting politically sensitive tweets on the library’s Twitter account.

The Next Step: Manager | Careers

Conversations with library managers across diverse systems reveal widely varied experiences. They also surface a handful of overlapping core values that make for a truly effective library manager and offer lessons for those who aspire to the role.

The Next Step: Director | Careers

As a line on a résumé, the title of library director looks straightforward enough: the highest administrative role a public library has to offer; one that comes with great responsibilities and challenges—but also the opportunity to map a future for the library. In reality, a director’s duties vary widely from one system to another, as do the paths that lead to the role.

Exit Strategies | Careers

Library jobs change for many reasons: community needs shift, technology automates old tasks or enables new ones, new leadership sets new priorities, or economic setbacks spur pruning. The results for those already in the job can be a challenge—and sometimes, the best course is to exit and regroup.

"Don't take any pictures and don't tweet this out. . ."

NEA VP, Becky Pringle, helped wrap things up and put a sweet bow on them at the 2015 International Association of K-12 Online Learning conference that outlined Silicon Valley's dystopian future for school kids. In an era when young adults...Show More Summary

Recording Audio/Video on #iOS #edtech

“I love using my iPhone for on-the-go audio and video recording, but the built-in mic just isn’t doing the job. What can I use to better record audio for those critical interviews?” Every TCEA event, I find myself reaching for my iPhone to record audio and video and snap photos of people I’m having conversations with. Show More Summary

Managing Smart Tech #iot #cybersecurity #security

How are you managing smart technologies? Are you prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT) onslaught of fifty billion devices by 2020? That’s less than three years away! Forty-six percent of K–12 and higher ed Chief Technology Officers believe that smart technologies, including the IoT devices, will have a major impact on education. Show More Summary

SF Library Workers May Get Training to Stop Heroin Overdoses

Topic: People N Patrons Public Libraries SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco public library staffers may soon be trained to administer medication to reverse heroin overdoses among the growing number of opioid users who are homeless. The...Show More Summary

AM News: DeVos Meets State Chiefs, KY Approves Charters, KIPP Sues UFT, & More

1 State education officials, DeVos to discuss school choice, vouchers | Local News | 2 After Heated Partisan Battle, Kentucky is 44th State to Pass Charter Law | The 74 3 Colorado...Show More Summary

NEA and AFT among Leaders of Blended/Personalized Learning

If you have been wondering why NPE, FairTest, BATs, Diane Ravitch's Basecamp, etc. have had almost nothing negative to say about the brave new world of competency-based, personalized blended learning, then you might want to sit down for a moment and follow the links below. Show More Summary

Links all (?) fixed

While fixing the several hundred links to the articles mentioned below, I also found a whole load more broken links to fix, to which I have two reactions: “So sorry!” and “Why did no one tell me???” Anyway, it’s … Continue reading ?

Haunting 19th century experimental media

The following image appeared from a Twitter account, which describes it thusly: 1860s French Stereoscopic card - The Laboratory of Satan Click the image or this link to see the image animated. If the description is correct, remember that we...

Academic Law Library Statistics 2014–2015 Report

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has released a new publication entitled ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2014-15 (available for purchase: $170US).It describes collections, expenditures, personnel, and services in 74 law...Show More Summary

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