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Stronger Together-Jia Lee=Neither Stronger nor Together

Stronger Together is a caucus of NYSUT that began when former President Richard Iannuzzi was unceremoniously overthrown by Mulgrew three years ago. A lot of locals didn't much like being told by UFT leadership who could and could not run NYSUT. Show More Summary

Why these librarians are protesting Trump's executive orders | PBS NewsHour

Topic: Libraries Librarians who spoke to the NewsHour said these orders touched a nerve, especially for those who work at public libraries, which often serve a diverse population that includes new immigrants. According to the Institute...Show More Summary

What’s wrong with presidential libraries?

Topic: Libraries There's a huge problem with access. The federal government estimates that, at the current pace, it will take 100 years for the national archives to fully open a given presidential library's records. No record is available under FOIA for five years. Show More Summary

Easy Pass | Product Spotlight

Many libraries work with local cultural institutions to provide patrons with free or reduced-cost access. These print passes can be checked out in-house by patrons just like other resources, complete with circulation limits, due dates, and fines. Show More Summary

Attention Parents: We need your help!

If you have a child who receives special education services, you’ve probably received a copy of a psychological report on your child. If you are like most people, you had Continue Reading ?

Memory and the Printing Press

Topic: Libraries Before the printing press, memory was the main store of human knowledge. Scholars had to go to find books, often traveling around from one scriptoria to another. They couldn’t buy books. Individuals did not have libraries. Show More Summary

Why Great Critics Make Disastrous Judgments

What, then, are the underlying intellectual, creative, and aesthetic issues that can cause even brilliant critics to misfire? An answer can be found in the tension between what we might call literary time and critical time. Critics, of course, have deadlines. Show More Summary

Watching Wikipedia's extinction event from a distance

Topic: Libraries So what's the big deal about one tiny little article? Who cares if one little sea squirt on the reef gets destroyed? I care, but not enough to re-engage with Wikipedia's deletionists. Wikipedia went from people writing...Show More Summary

Building an Advocacy Team and Getting It Engaged | Trustees’ Corner

If there’s anything the 2016 presidential election cycle taught us, it’s be prepared. We can never underestimate the groundswell of support for an issue, institution, or person who may not support what a library provides to its community; the reliance on fake news rather than on facts (and how easy it is to have it go viral); or the power of emotion over reason.

Free to All: Carnegie Libraries & American Culture, 1890-1920

Topic: Books Libraries Familiar landmarks in hundreds of American towns, Carnegie libraries today seem far from controversial. In Free to All, however, Abigail A. Van Slyck shows that the classical façades and symmetrical plans of these buildings often mask a complex and contentious history. Book - Free to All: Carnegie Libraries & American Culture, 1890-1920 Tweet

Top Hat Raises $22.5 Million to Go After Pearson, McGraw-Hill

Topic: Libraries That’s a weakness Top Hat Chief Executive Officer Mike Silagadze said he’s trying to exploit. He started by selling software tools to professors that help them engage their students, such as smartphone apps that let them tell lecturers if they understand new concepts in real-time. Show More Summary

Murder by circular saw

Today's real-life Gothic murder comes from Germany, where a woman decapitated her lover with a circular saw. Of course it was part of a sex game: On the night of the killing, Alex H blindfolded himself with a pair of...

Publishers Still Fighting to Bury Universities, Libraries in Fees for Making Fair Use of Academic Excerpts

Topic: Libraries On behalf of three national library associations, EFF today urged a federal appeals court for the second time to protect librarians’ and students’ rights to make fair use of excerpts from academic books and research. From...Show More Summary

AM News: White House Education Event, DeVos Cartoon Controversy, & More

Trump promises education overhaul in meeting with DeVos, teachers Trump praises Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, saying she endured a 'very unfair trial'… Who Trump invited to the White House to talk about schools. Show More Summary

Roadside Picnic (Rediscovered Classics)

Topic: Books First published in 1972, Roadside Picnic is still widely regarded as one of the greatest science fiction novels, despite the fact that it has been out of print in the United States for almost thirty years. This authoritative new translation corrects many errors and omissions and has been supplemented with a foreword by Ursula K. Show More Summary

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