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A dozen unconventional ways to improve college admissions

Every year like clockwork the college admissions process takes over the lives of students, teachers, parents, counselors and admissions officers — and every year like clockwork there are complaints about the process from just about every constituency.  Still, after all these years, it’s just too hard for too many people. So how to improve it? […]

Pennsylvania’s School Funding Is So Screwed Up That It Almost Upended Its Whole Tax System to Fix It

How should we pay for our public schools? The majority of U.S. states rely primarily on local property taxes to fund K-12 education, which sets an intractable problem in motion: When property taxes pay for schools, schools in rich neighborhoods inevitably end up with more money than those in poor neighborhoods. Show More Summary

The Vacancy of Shortage Claims

The National Center for Education Statistics released a brief that won’t get anywhere near the volume of headlines devoted to nationwide teacher shortages. You don’t even have to read it; just look at the trend lines in these graphs of teacher vacancies and difficult-to-staff positions.

T&L Stellar Service Awards Entries

Tech & Learning's Stellar Service Awards are upon us and we need your help! We are asking you, the reader, to vote for this year's winners between now and December 7th. Below, we've listed all the ca..

How ‘twisted’ early childhood education has become — from a child development expert

Nancy Carlsson-Paige is an early childhood development expert who has been at the forefront of the debate on how best to educate — and not educate — the youngest students. She is a professor emerita of education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Ma., where she taught teachers for more than 30 years and was a […]

News Briefs for November 15, 2015

The Boatwright Memorial Library at the University of Richmond acquired the personal collection of Wyatt Tee Walker, a theologian and civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King Jr.; the Young Adult Library Services Association...Show More Summary

CERTainly room for improvement

As mentioned before, I’ve become a member of my local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), as in the case of disaster, the official first-responders (police, fire, and paramedics) will be overwhelmed.  And it’s a good group, with a lot of excellent efforts in processes and tools as well as drills.  Still, of course, there’s  room for […]

Refugees Supported by Public Libraries in Europe

The Civil War in Syria has left large numbers of refugees pouring into many countries in Europe. Public Libraries in the UK, Germany, France, Norway, and others are front-runners in giving them their welcome and support.

Quotes: Sen. Warren Voices Concerns About NCLB Rewrite

The idea that we would pass a major piece of legislation about education and, in effect, shovel money into states and say 'Do with it what you want', and not have some accountability for how that money is spent, I think, is appalling. -- MA Senator Elizabeth Warren in NPR (Goodbye, No Child Left Behind)

Morning Video: Baltimore High School Faces Influx Of Refugee Students

The story focuses on three high school students who go to Baltimore's Patterson High School -- including Narmin, a refugee who came through Syria, and Monique, an African girl who's new to formal education. "For generations, Patterson was the portal to assimilation for waves of Poles, Greeks and Italians. Show More Summary

AM News: US Fares Poorly On New International Comparison

US falls behind other nations in the global knowledge economy, says 46-country report Hechinger Report: The United States continues to fall behind internationally in producing a college-educated workforce as other nations send more of their citizens to university. Show More Summary

Simplicity Itself

I was at a DA meeting when Punchy Mike Mulgrew said something like if you aren't fighting with your principal, you aren't doing your job. Punchy Mike immediately followed up by boasting about his cozy relationship with Chancellor Carmen Fariña. Show More Summary

Human Odyssey: A World of Extremes

In the far corners of the world, there are still people who live a nomadic existence.

#EDgif Of The Day: A Baltimore High School Full Of Immigrant/Refugee Students

Here's the intriguing 45-second trailer that let readers know about the Baltimore Sun series on immigrant and refugee high school students at Patterson High School. To hear the video with sound, go here.

Quiet, please… In praise of the British Library

Topic: Libraries From famous novelists to budding entrepreneurs, an extraordinarily diverse collection of people can be found at work in the British Library. But what are they up to? We asked some of them… From Quiet, please… In praise of the British Library | Books | The Guardian Tweet

21st Century Library Measuring Sticks

Gone are the days when public libraries measure their worth solely by the number of books circulated annually. It is no longer enough to measure our success by the size of the crowd that attended our Storytime program. Our communities expect more from their public libraries than just moving books or filling a room. Show More Summary

Academic Movers 2015: In Depth with Matthew Cook

In our latest 2015 In-Depth Interview with Library Journal Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, sponsored by SAGE, we spoke with Matthew Cook, emerging technology librarian at the University of Oklahoma (OU) Libraries, Norman, OK. Show More Summary

Gates Foundation put millions of dollars into new education focus: Teacher preparation

You can say this about Bill and Melinda Gates: They are persistent. They poured a few billion dollars into various school reform efforts in the past 15 years — but when things didn’t go quite as planned, they didn’t give up. They always came up with something else to try. That’s just what the are […]

Charts: Report Shows Big California Districts Reducing Out Of School (OSS) Suspensions

A new report from UCLA shows declines in suspensions statewide and in many big districts -- but large racial gaps remaining. Check it all out here. Or read an EdSource writeup here.

Fiction and computational thinking

Fiction and computational thinking go together in my opinion. Fiction presents exciting possibilities for teachers and students of computing.

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