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Teaching (a pedagogical framework)

When I'm asked, in email or face to face, to explain how I use (blogs, wikis, podcasts, what have you) with my students I usually begin by saying: "That's not a short answer." While knowledge of how a particular tool works is important,...Show More Summary

NASA hears the howls of dead stars

This NASA/JPL news story plunges into Gothic territory as it describes deep space. The article describes X-ray emissions from the Sagittarius A region, or as the headline puts it: NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars Or, a touch...

Catfish Literacy?

To play off a bit of David’s post on social justice MOOCs, there seems to be a base need for tools for helping identify evil people on the web. That’s not in a dox type of way but more like a way to guide people in determining if accounts have ill intentions.1 That’s probably a… Read More

Learning with #Rhizo15

I’ve been a fan of Dave Cormier’s work for a long time (eons, in fact, in blog years), and I’ve been following his thinking around Rhizomatic Learning with a great deal of interest. The idea that learning follows different, unpredictable...Show More Summary

Party like it’s 2006 with this GIFFY service

Jim blogged about this nifty video-to-GIF tool from Imgur, and I had to try it. Naturally, the first thing I did was a GIF of Nick Mason playing “One of the Days” at Pompeii. You can see the result in the header of this post. Not exactly perfect, but very fast and quite easy to […]

Day 2: The Feeling of Greatness Has Returned

Hey guys (and gals!) As the day began, we did A LOT of exciting things. But…before we begin, lets talk about the bad things that happened first: 1. We lost two of our matches today due to physical problems/changes on the robot and just because we were against a better alliance team. That’s okay though, [...]

Randi Weingarten: : Sleight of Hand Artist - Part 2

By Ken Derstine April 22, 2015 The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) is one of the oldest and most influential of the pro-business right-wing think tanks. It promotes the advancement of free enterprise capitalism,...Show More Summary

The Teachers We Need

When I look back at my teacher education, I would say that 80% of what I was taught was essentially how to be a good instructor. As Phil Schlecty says, we used to see teacher and instructor as synonymous.  Being a good instructor today is much less important than it was in 1988. It’s still […]

Team 4443 Sock Monkeys Once Again!

Hey guys, it’s Molly again! And for those of you who don’t know who I am…well, I am Molly. I am a senior in high school this year (12th grade.) I am a part of Team 4443: Sock Monkeys and we are a robotics team through the FTC. What does FTC stand for/mean? The acronym [...]

Genre-fying Your Library’s Fiction Collection

You've decided that it would be best for your library users to separate the adult fiction into genres. How do you prepare so you don't have to redo things later?

Randi Weingarten: Sleight of Hand Artist

Randi Weingarten: Sleight of Hand Artist April 19, 2015 By Ken Derstine On April 13, 2015 American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten appeared on the Tavis Smiley show to have a conversation about the state of public education in the United States. Show More Summary

The Interview: A history of sex-ed, as debate over it heats up

Historian Jonathan Zimmerman on why teachers hate sex ed and democracy is terrible for it, and how a history of the subject is like Seinfeld The post The Interview: A history of sex-ed, as debate over it heats up appeared first on

CheckItOut - Taylor Swift Parody Video for National Library Week

Topic: Humor CheckItOut - Taylor Swift Parody Video for National Library Week From CheckItOut - Taylor Swift Parody Video for National Library Week - YouTube Published on Apr 13, 2015 The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library's parody...Show More Summary

Seen on TV – A Popular Genre

Does the phrase “As Seen on TV” make you think of late night infomercials and gadgets that never work quite right? In the library, it can mean circulation gold!

Humorous Books Can Appeal to Reluctant Readers

The continued success of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and other similar books has made us wonder if humorous books are the “go to” genre for librarians when confronted with reluctant readers. At the same time, we've reached the point in the school year when teachers and parents are becoming concerned about individual student's reading progress. Show More Summary

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