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Can’t be a nihilist in my chosen racket…

[Above, suggest you read this post with a soundtrack about trying to embrace a little bit of gladness… Song lyrics inspired blog post title too. But if you just want to read, we’ll allow that too.] Since coming back from Mexico in 2000, I’ve had significant stints at three Canadian universities. In each case I […]

Hooking up the tow rope, still not outta the ditch

Reading Martin Weller’s reflections on a decade of stellar ed tech bloggery… Blogs were like little beacons shining across the globe that would splutter in to life and look for fellow signals to respond to. I fell in with the North American and UK ed tech blogging crowd. And this is why I think blogging […]

"The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement"

3 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

How does a petty bureaucrat deal with "The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement"? Lovecraftian horror meets British estate housing in South Burnistoun: (via MetaFilter)

On the Banning of Looking for Alaska - YouTube

Topic: Censorship In which John discusses the American Library Association's recent announcement that his book "Looking for Alaska" was the most challenged book in the U.S. in 2015, responds to those who try to get the book removed from...Show More Summary

Still Not Feeling the Love for Hillary, Part 2

I'm getting just a little pushback from people I generally respect about my decision not to vote for Hillary. I decided this when I saw her say she wouldn't keep any school open that wasn't above average. Later, her aides "clarified" or something, saying she wouldn't keep schools open if they weren't good, or something. Show More Summary

Very nice creepy music video from Crosss

This video of a Crosss song is very nicely done. "Golden Hearth" tells a short story about ritual killings (most likely) using elaborate costumes, rapid cutting, and a recursive media narrative. NPR (!) adds Fair warning: Wicker Man-inspired costumes, grisly...

Thinking About Digital Literacy

I was asked to speak at the VCU School of Education’s Teaching Literacy in a Digital World Conference this past Saturday. I’ve haven’t spent much time thinking about “digital literacy” in the past few years. It’s been somewhat mashed together with other terms that overlap like- digital fluency, computational thinking, etc. Show More Summary

Giant Twix – A Video Story Problem

After an almost two-year hiatus, I actually set aside some time to edit together a new video story problem. It’s not a particularly difficult video, nor is it highly polished…but it does involve candy, so that’s a plus, right? Truth be told, to create a video story problem properly (or at least the current way […]

Post Documents for Student Comments

Students writing short papers and posting them for comments from other students is a fairly common pattern among VCU faculty. It’s a nice entry point because it doesn’t require any radical rethinking but still starts to expand the audience...Show More Summary

Starving the Beast

Starving the Beast Trailer from Steve Mims on Vimeo."This documentary examines the on-going power struggle on college campuses across the nation as political and market-oriented forces push to disrupt and reform America’s public universities. Show More Summary

Dollhouse, a reborn documentary

2 months agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

"Dollhouse" is a very short (circa 7 minutes) documentary about the creator of reborn dolls. It's quite warm, even sympathetic. Even with lines like "Nothing worse than a rattly head". On YouTube: (thanks to Thomas Burkdall)

Marketing 101 with Trenton Smiley

While public libraries are constantly transforming themselves to meet the changing informational and entertainment needs of the community, many people still have an old fashioned-view idea of what libraries have to offer. Why is this? Libraries are so much more than books. Show More Summary

3 minutes: Redesigning lessons with trudacot [VIDEO]

I’m finally posting the video from my Redesigning lessons with trudacot presentation at ISTE last year. 3 minutes. Happy viewing! Want to learn more about the trudacot discussion protocol?

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