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Video Story Problem – How Many Calories

Wow, a blog post! The first in more than 6 months! I can’t believe I marshaled up the courage (and time) after my last post asking for requests, and then providing none to post again. I will admit, I was hopeful that in asking for requests for new Google Sites tutorials, it would spur me […]

Connect then Engage with @Flipgrid Video #msftedu

Technologies that connect us, engage. One example of this is Flipgrid, a free video discussion board service. With Flipgrid, you can create grids with topics on them and have workshop participants or students respond to the topics with recorded videos. Show More Summary

Create Lessons with #FREE Interactive #Math and #Science Simulations @flipgrid #msftedu

Note: This blog entry was originally published at's TechNotes blog. Read it there along with tons of other great articles! Image Source: Need to model complex math and science concepts for your students? Use any of the 130 award-winning PhET math and science interactive simulations. Show More Summary

Before Hypno-Toad there was the hypnotic movie subgenre

A history of hypnotic movies just appeared on the fun We Are the Mutants site. Here's one description: The Hypnotic Eye boasted a “new audience participation thrill” dubbed “HypnoMagic,” and enlisted real-life celebrity hypnotherapist Gil Boyne as technical consultant to...

Tools for Making Quick Videos

Looking for some quick ways to craft videos? These tools are all wonderful and can help you put together a video quickly: Mobile Apps Combine your mobile device (e.g. iOS/Android phone/tablet) with an inexpensive tripod (duct tape works,...Show More Summary

Redesign That: SketchUp in Schools #txed

“We’re going to redesign our Spot’s dog house this holiday break!”“What do you have so far?” I asked. My colleague held out a legal pad, crude drawings marring the perfect yellow pages. If you’re going to be re-arranging a dog houseShow More Summary

Creating Interactive Math Textbooks

“It is not the reader of a text who learns the most,” says Stephen Knudsen, “but rather the author. When a student makes a textbook in a course, the student engages daily in all classifications of learning…when students are asked to make a textbook, they are required to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create. Show More Summary

Five OneDrive Tips #msftedu

Looking for five OneDrive tips that will improve your productivity? Microsoft OneDrive offers incredible benefits, so why not take advantage of it? An app that I use every day is Microsoft OneDrive, both on my Windows computer and my mobile phone. Show More Summary

Designing Learning Spaces #minecrafted

“How might you shape your space to foster creativity and learning for yourself and others?” asks University Innovation Fellows (@uifellows) via this presentation slide. At its most effective, early childhood curriculum expands children’s knowledge of the world and vocabulary. Show More Summary

Ed Deform 2.0 in Less than Five Minutes

by Alison McDowell: Published on Jan 5, 2017. This is a summary for the one-hour talk "Ed Reform 2.0-Personalized Learning in Orwellian Times" available for viewing here: For additional information visit Wrench in the Gears at

A tooth monster appears

2 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

A new tv show features what might be a new monster. It looks like it's covered entirely in human teeth: Even better, one BoingBoing commentator toothsomely suggests these are baby teeth. (thanks to Todd Bryant)

Mass Customized Learning Comes to Central Pennsylvania

This post was originally written this past fall as a FB note, but I am posting it here now so that it can be more widely available.“Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning” is a book and an educational program developed by education theorists Charles Schwahn and Bea McGarvey. Show More Summary

More weird undersea sounds

4 weeks agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

Another new sound has been recorded from the ocean depths. This time it's the Marianas Trench area. Named the “Western Pacific Biotwang,” the sound is unusual for its complexity and wide frequency range. It could potentially be a previously unheard...

HighWire Press acquires Semantico

Scholarly publishing company HighWire Press on December 12 announced the acquisition of Semantico, a UK-based technology provider for academic publishers.

Creating Interactive Math Textbooks

We learn best and deepest when we create. Take this approach to a new level in math classes by having students create their own interactive textbooks. “It is not the reader of a text who learns the most,” says Stephen Knudsen, “but rather the author. Show More Summary

Make Space to Innovate

Promoting innovation takes a conscious decision to change our management structures and organizational cultures. Below are a few ways companies are sparking creativity. Try one of these concepts at your library and see what new ideas you can ignite.

Open Source and Open Access: A Perfect Marriage

The maker movement has been filtering into the public library sphere for years, and libraries all over the U.S. now have their very own makerlabs and digital media labs. A big part of that digital DIY culture includes open source software,...Show More Summary

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