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Making Manuscripts In The Middle Ages - YouTube Video from Getty Museum

Topic: Libraries An illuminated manuscript is a book written and decorated completely by hand. Illuminated manuscripts were among the most precious objects produced in the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, primarily in monasteries and courts. Show More Summary

10 jobs of the future you need to know about right now

What employment prospects look like in Industrial Revolution 4.0 The post 10 jobs of the future you need to know about right now appeared first on

Unlink hate – libraries, remove those links to racist websites

Librarians: please unlink or nofollow sites you don’t want to lend your authority to. Librarians have a few staple websites we go to when we teach information literacy, especially lately when people talk about fake news. There’s the tree octopus.… Read more ?

And I Nearly Forgot To Mention FLL Junior

My last three posts have been focussed on my first foray into First Lego League and the students involved. But together with my fellow AP, Nicola, we also decided to get started with First Lego League Junior this year to broaden STEM enrichment offerings at Prospect North, and to cater for younger students. Nicola had […]

That Time I Did an OER Non-Disposable / Renewable Assignment

A true story. A NASA scientist who has a long career in using satellite imagery to study earth landforms is hired to teach a Structural Geology course at a university near where he works, Goddard Space Flight Center. He is currently participating in the authoring/editing of a new textbook on Geomorphology. He creates an assignment […]

Bring Out Your Dead Webs: 2018 Version of Another Web Bites The Dust

Like a fragile flower, continually littered by link rot, the web is not helped at all when outfits like Storify just rip their content out of the web’s fabric. Three years ago, for no real reason beyond the imagination in my head, I published a video featuring 35 web site skeletons dancing to the beat […]

Storify Bites the Dust. If You Have WordPress, You Don’t Need Another Third Party Clown Service

How many more times do people have to get stiffed by a free web service that just bites the dust and leaves you bubkas? A monster post, some ranting on companies like Storify who offer free services that leverage our effort to get worth enough to get sold – when they do they just yank […]

Ten Stories That Shaped 2017

Topic: Libraries LISNews Features News Can you believe it's almost 2018? That means it's time to look back at some of the notable library-related stories from the past year. 10. Librarians Fight Fake News The problems with fake news caused many of us to revamp our web evaluation handouts into guides for spotting bogus information sources. 9. Show More Summary

Elmo isn't Gramsci for kids and the mythical soft bigotry of low expectations

This short essay was originally published on The Daily Censored on August 11, 2011. It would seem that all of the old works on that site are gone. That's unfortunate because I published a lot of work there. I had a teaser here linking...Show More Summary

My FLL Journey – The Rookies Go To Regionals

So, last night I tried to document my preparation for my two First Lego League teams. As I wrote in the previous post, I was a rookie coach with two rookie teams so I had spent a lot of time checking through documents from the First website but still really felt like the teams weren't […]

Opportunities for Libraries with Apple’s Latest Operating System

With Apple devices widely used by our public and staff, libraries are invariably affected when changes occur. What might Apple's latest operating system release mean for public libraries?

The Price of Admission

In November 2016, I made a nervous visit to Yale University’s office of admissions. An assistant led me past the lobby, filled with antsy high schoolers awaiting their interviews, and into a side room. She handed me a slim, three-ring binder holding a paper copy of the college application I’d submitted years ago. Show More Summary

Education News That the Ravitch Camp Ignores

With an army of AFT and NEA social media trolls and Basecamp bloggers at her disposal, Diane Ravitch never has to go searching for education stories to re-post at her blog, along with Ravitch's characteristically wooden introductions to them. Show More Summary


Shortly after Charles Manson died, a couple droll Tweets by Kaleb Horton crossed my feed: They hit me as funny enough to check out Horton’s The Last Exit Show podcast, and I was not disappointed that the most recent episode opened with a monologue that carried on the Mike Love bashing with a certain élan. […]

AL DíA: YouTube Channels for Elem Math Students

My mom, a veteran math teacher, always said that learning the vocabulary was key to success in math class. If you agree with her perspective (and I wouldn't dream of disagreeing), you may want to check out these videos, especially Flocabulary. Show More Summary

On Transformations

My last night in Melbourne was partly spent on the dramatic 37th floor view of the city from the KPMG building, this being a special evening to honor the International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship Awards Ceremony. I should add that this is their 27th year of awarding this fellowships, and still, few colleagues I met […]

AL DíA: Classroom Tech Use

Even though students may find technology helpful, faculty avoid taking advantage of it...and, faculty have trouble believing their students. When are we going to get past the idea that learners are disempowered children who must wait...Show More Summary

Right-To-Work Billionaire Wins IPS’ Coca-Cola Property Deal

PART 1 OF A BIGGER STORY By Doug Martin “I’m in a male-dominated industry. They like to see deer running by with big antlers.” Diane Hendricks. in reference to keeping a herd of deer on her 200-acre estate “In a videoshot on Jan. 18,...Show More Summary

Your Licenses? Frankly My Dear…

I may be entering my curmudgeon era. On recent conversations with ed-tech friends, one in person, one by email, I recognize there are many things in our field that are likely very important, that, frankly I don’t give a damn about. These are things important to others that I find myself totally uninterested in: Virtual […]

LibraryThing Movie Night – Never Let Me Go

This weekend, join us for the first ever LibraryThing Movie Night! Many of our favorite books have been adapted for the silver screen. And while, yes, LibraryThing is a book site, we thought it would be fun to share the experience of these book-to-film adaptations together. This Friday, Oct. 27th, we’ll be watching and talking […]

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