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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Increase The Gain

Rachelle Wilber | Amp It Up: 4 Ways To Increase The Gain On Your Next Performance Emma Sturgis | Band Relocation: How To Change Your Music Headquarters Daniel Matthews | What To Watch Out For In Apps For Musicians Nicholas Patrick Quigley | What “Entrepreneurship” Really Means For Musicians, Part 3

Amp It Up: 4 Ways To Increase The Gain On Your Next Performance

A huge part of performing is playing to your audience. Many musicians make the mistake of solely focusing on the craft of the music. Practice does make perfect, but here are some other ways that you can increase the gain on your performance. Practice Your Role If you’re playing as a group, make sure to understand your role. Show More Summary

Band Relocation: How To Change Your Music Headquarters

If you have a band, chances are you’re going to have to chance practice spaces at least once during the act’s lifetime. When it does come time to move to a new space, there are several things you need to do to make that move successful. Show More Summary

What To Watch Out For In Apps For Musicians

No doubt we’re living in a golden age of technology options for musicians. Whether we’re talking tuners, recorders, tabs, metronomes, virtual tour assistants, virtual tutors, or virtual songwriting assistants, you can have it all on a single device that fits in your pocket. Show More Summary

What "Entrepreneurship" Really Means For Musicians, Part 3: Looking Towards The Future

In the first two parts of this series of brief articles on entrepreneurial musicianship, I provided a definition of entrepreneurship, and a model for critical reflection to practice entrepreneurial musicianship. In this final installment...Show More Summary

MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Cord Cutting

MusicThinkTank | Cord Cutting, On-Demand: How We Consume Media In 2018 Clint Gillingham | Best Drum Set Brands 2018: The Definitive Guide & Reviews Evan Zwisler | 10 Types Of Songwriter Jobs Kenzie Fitzpatrick | Fostering Community, Engagement In Music Online Courtney Myers | Social Media And The Music Industry

Cord Cutting And On-Demand: How We Consume Media In 2018

In the last few decades, we’ve had the chance to see the amazing evolutionary process of the ways we consume media. Those born in the 1970s have seen the emergence and downfall of a series of standards (even the ones that have won the...Show More Summary

Best Drum Set Brands 2018: The Definitive Guide & Reviews

Best Drum Set Brands 2018: The Definitive Guide & Reviews March 28, 2017 By Barking Drum In this article we will discuss some of the best drum set brands, their pros and cons, and the overall value for money that they offer. WhetherShow More Summary

Arrest Made For SXSW Bomb Threat, Roots Cancellation

Just as SXSW 2018 wound own on Sunday, a new bomb blast rocked Austin. So far authorities have been unable to find the perpetrator of this deadly series of bombings; but they have arrested a man on for emailing a bomb threat that led to the cancellation of The Roots...

Tomb Raider Tops Black Panther At Box Office

After a four week reign, Disney’s Black Panther was finally dethroned from the top of worldwide box office this week by Warner Bros. video game turned movie “Tomb Raider.” Directed by Roar Uthaug, who is mostly known for Norwegian films, and featuring Alicia Vikander in the lead role as international...

Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Increase The Gain • Band Relocation • Apps For Musicians • More

This week on MusicThinkTank, we looked at how you can increase the gain on your next performance, some of the challenges of relocating your music headquarters, what to look for in apps for musicians, and more. Rachelle Wilber | Increase The Gain On Your Next Performance Emma Sturgis | Band...

REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

In this journey back through a crowded week of music industry news, we check back in with Spotify's announcement for and April 3rd stock debut, how social media use in the U.S. is on the decline and what it means for music marketings, a new lawsuit Miley Cyrus is hoping...

Which Social Media Do Adults Over 30 Use? [CHART]

Social media has an age divide. A new study by Pew shows that just 10% of Americans over the age of 50 use Snapchat, while 68% of the same group are on Facebook. The numbers are similar for those 30-50.

Independent Labels See International Bonanza

Global indie licensor Merlin delivered some great news to the independent label community Thursday, and all of it was centered on international growth. Explosive Growth In Latin America Merlin’s 2017 Latin American earnings increase five-fold in three years US member labels see streaming revenues from LATAM territories almost double as...

Social Media Music Marketing Isn't Just For Millennials

[UPDATED] Millennials are often associated with social media, and for good reason, but by marketing exclusively to a millennial bubble, you could well be limiting yourself and your audience. Here we look at five facts which prove that social media event marketing isn't just for the Avocado toast munchers of...

Backline With Terrorbird Media's Lauren Ross

In this interview musician Lauren Ross breaks down her preferences for gear, detailing both the instruments she uses, as well as software and what an ideal setup would look like. ______________________ Guest post from CASH Music Hi! I’m Lauren Ross — lover of musical instruments, roadtrips, problem solving, Google Sheets,...

8 Tips To Promote Music That Actually Work

For artists seeking to find ways to promote their music, we here list eight tested and true techniques for marketing your music which have proven to effectively capture and maintain the attention of music consumers. _________________________ Guest post by Naima Karp of The Cab Portal If you are an artist...

How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Music

New Artist Model - Online Music Business School for Indie Musicians You’ve no doubt seen that little “Live” button on Facebook. Maybe you’ve even joined a Facebook Live video or seen other bands using Facebook Live. Right now, live video...Show More Summary

10 Types Of Songwriter Jobs

This guest post by Evan Zwisler originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog Songwriters have a special place in our culture. If you’re a songwriter, you’re not simply playing music, you’re imbuing our lives with a soundtrack that is evocative,...Show More Summary

In Defense Of The Facebook Group: Fostering Community And Engagement In Music Through Connections Online

As frustrating as the social media site’s ever-changing algorithms may be, as of 1/1/18, there are 2.072 billion users on Facebook. While we all roll our eyes at one aspect of Facebook or another on a near-daily basis, there’s no denying that we’re drawn to it like moths to a flame. Show More Summary

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