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The Future Of Music: A Manifesto For Executives, Creatives And Artists

For much of recent history, the music industry has been infamous for its inability to adapt to digital technology. This said, certain companies within the industry, like Apple and Spotify, have proven they are able to adopt new ideas and succeed, demonstrating how valuable innovation is in any creative industry....

Experiencing The Ryan Adams Bump: From Almost 0 To 685,000 Miles Per Hour

How much is a celebrity tweet worth? Recently, an up-and-coming artist was lucky enough to have Ryan Adams tweet about his music to 685,000 followers, with the result that he gained quite a bit of online attention. The exact impact of said tweet is quantified in this article. ____________________________ Guest...

Is Bernie Sanders Fair Game For Black Lives Matter Activists? Bill Maher & Hip-Hop’s Talib Kweli Take Sides

Hip-hop singer and activist Talib Kweli challenged Bill Maher Friday by insisting that progressive Democratic Bernie Sanders shouldn’t get a free-pass on issues of race merely for having a progressive track record. "The job of activism...Show More Summary

Gravitas Goes Back To The Future With New Doc ‘Back In Time’

EXCLUSIVE: So maybe we’ll finally learn the truth about Robert Zemeckis’ stash of hoverboards. In October, Gravitas Ventures will release Back in Time, director Jason Aron’s documentary about the Back to the Future trilogy and its pop culture acolytes. Show More Summary

Why would anyone want to buy the rights to The Simpsons hit Do the Bartman?

The 1990s song, once rumoured to be written by Michael Jackson, is unlikely to enjoy a rerelease any time soon. But that hasn’t stopped an anonymous buyer paying nearly $40,000 for it It was a novelty hit a quarter of a century ago and no one has given it so much as a second thought since. Show More Summary

Union Square Ventures' Andy Weissman On The Blockchain And The Music Rights 'Nirvana State'

Today in part 5 of his series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard continues his exploration of Blockchain technology in a conversation with venture capitalist Any Weissman who shares his vision of how the technology could be used to create a music rights "Nirvana State". Guest post by George...

Imogen Heap's Mycelia: Creating A Fair Trade Music Business, Inspired By Blockchain

In yesterday' interview with Zoe Keating and previous posts in this series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard explored Bitcoin Blockchain and its potential to revolutionize how music is monetized. Today, he interviews musician, artist and inventor Imogen Heap, who is working on her own Blockchain inspired solution to...

Bitcoin and Music: An Interview with Artist and Composer Zoe Keating

While there are obstacles to its adoption, Bitcoin Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how music is monetized. Today, in part three of a series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard interviews musician Zoe Keating who sees the technology as a way to empower the musical middle class. Guest...

US Government Seeks To Steal Kim Dotcom's Assets

While now infamous internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is battling extradition from New Zealand, a separate lawsuit has been filed by the US Government aimed at seizing Kim's assets. _______________________ Guest Post by Mike Masnick on Earlier this year, we covered a very troubling situation involving Kim Dotcom and the...

"Break A Leg". Dave Grohl Creates A Limited Edition Of Merch

It seems like everybody heard about Dave Grohl’s accident in Sweden and how it created a massive buzz. First going on stage after the injury, than - an epic Iron Throne that saved the following gigs. But the story has no ending and Foo Fighters’ team created a limited edition of merch dedicated to this accident. Show More Summary

How To Film Your Own Music Video On A Budget

This is my latest video for my song Lighthouse. I spend about the same amount on most of my videos - £0. At times I cough up some extra money for props or pay for travel, but my initial investment is usually enough to kick out a quality...Show More Summary

Alex Rocco, ‘Godfather’s’ Cocky (And Doomed) Moe Greene, Dies At 79

Alex Rocco, the instantly recognizable character actor who, as casino owner Moe Greene provided The Godfather with one of its most memorable killings, died Saturday. His daughter Jennifer Rocco confirmed his passing on Facebook, attributing his death to cancer, and posted a link to Rocco’s final interview. Show More Summary

Touring Pastimes

I remember reading an article in Alternative Press a long time ago that quoted Sean P. Rogan (the previous guitarist of Big D & The Kids Table ) in which he talked about cool ways to spend time and money on tour. I can’t find any ofShow More Summary

10 Uncovered Ways to Promote Indie Music Online

Being an indie musician means waging a constant war for survival. At the times of R.E.M., it was a real nightmare to self-produce and self-promote indie music, as artists didn't have such a powerful tool as the World Wide Web. Original Post Written By Alice Koval - @alicekoval Happily, now...

Step By Step Guide To Verifying Your Official Social Media Profiles

A good start to protecting your name and brand is to authenticate and verify your social media profiles online. Some sites have to grace you with verification (Twitter, Instagram) while others you can put in a request (Facebook, Youtube). Have you verified your profile yet? Here's how. Guest Post by...

Sing it: Smule put stars in their eyes

Apps that let fans create their own versions of their favourite songs - and duet with the likes of Jessie J - have put the US company on the music map Jessie J has performed with a host of musicians in her time: Dizzee Rascal, Ariana Grande, 2 Chainz, Queen, David Guetta, Mary J. Show More Summary

The Great Music-Tech Migration: How The Worlds Of Music And Tech Are Bleeding Into One

Snoop Dogg brought out his latest album, Bush, the other week. But if you were keeping an eye out for it in the kinds of places album releases are usually trumpeted, you’d have been forgiven for missing it. Guest Post by Ed Rex of via Medium Because Snoop didn’t...

Going Direct-To-Fan In A Streaming World [By PledgeMusic President Benji Rogers]

Apple recently made waves with the announced launch of their new Apple Music services. PledgeMusic co-founder and President Benji Rogers says it’s a seismic shift that means great things for both artists and fans. Original Post Written By Benji Rogers on Pledge Music Blog Two days ago, one of my...

How to Get 8 Million Plays on YouTube Without Selling Out - Vincent Jacob AKA Yard of Blondes

“He said, ‘Just make sure if you fail, you did what you wanted to do.’ I took that to heart. I said, ‘O.K., then that’s what I’m going to do.’ Jerry Seinfeld, recalling advice that David Letterman gave him in 1988 when he had just made a deal to do...

A Musician’s Guide To PledgeMusic: How To Run A Campaign For Your Upcoming Album

I’m now thirty days into a PledgeMusic campaign to fund my first new album in five years. The following article combines my own thoughts on building and running a (hopefully) successful campaign with excerpts from an interview with Benji Rogers, the founder and president of PledgeMusic. Guest Post by Chris...

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