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Judge in Immigration Case Wants to Take Over All Ethics Training

The federal judge who first ruled against President Obama's immigration reforms, a case currently pending in the Supreme Court, has made another bold and far-reaching move in connection to the case. After having found misconduct on the part of the government attorneys in the immigration case, District Judge Andrew......

Western District Federal Court Grants Carrier's Motion to Remand Post-Koken Case to Federal Court

16 minutes agoIndustries / Law : Tort Talk

In a recent May 10, 2016 decision out of the Federal Western District Court of Pennsylvania in the case of Schutte v. GEICO, 2:16-cv-00374 (W.D. Pa. May 10, 2016 Schwab, J.), Judge Arthur J. Schwab denied a Plaintiff’s Motion to Remand a post-Koken UIM claim back to the state court. Show More Summary

Dilution question of the day, handbag edition

17 minutes agoIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

Betsey Pop Betsey Johnson Kitsch "soda" handbag So, what's the dilution verdict?

Another trademark claim asserted for political purposes

17 minutes agoIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

Paul Alan Levy responds to a C&D against a candidate for local government who is being threatened with claims of trademark infringement for using the city’s logo on his campaign materials. As always, it’s a refreshing read. Of particular...Show More Summary

Morning Wrap: Bank of America Fights Discrimination Finding | Breyer Talks Post-Scalia Court

Bank of America sues the Labor Department over its finding of racial discrimination in job-hiring. Justice Stephen Breyer dismisses the notion that the justices could be hampered without a ninth colleague. And the Supreme Court reverses a death sentence in Georgia for race-based juror selection. This is a roundup from ALM and other publications.       

Oculus Is Hurting VR's Development By Supporting Walled Gardens, Closed Ecosystems

2 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Facebook's Oculus Rift was originally expected to lead the virtual reality charge and become a shining example of "VR done right," but a bungled launch and a series of sloppy public relations missteps have ensured that won't be happening...Show More Summary

Take-Two Says Tattoo Artist Can't Get Statutory Damages Because He Only Registered Copyright In 2015

6 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Back when I first wrote about the copyright lawsuit between a tattoo artist and Take-Two Software, makers of the highly successful NBA2K basketball series, over the faithful depiction of LeBron James' image including his ink, I had been...Show More Summary

Mike Moore’s Mississippi multitasking

8 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Overlooked tidbit from last month on the doings of former Mississippi attorney general Michael Moore, famed for his doings during the great tobacco caper, who’s tight with longtime Mississippi AG and Overlawyered favorite Jim Hood [Jacob...Show More Summary

May 24 roundup

8 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Not the theater’s fault, says a Colorado jury, rejecting Aurora massacre suit [ABA Journal, earlier here, here, and here, related here, etc.] Senate GOP could have cut off funds for HUD’s social-engineer-the-suburbs power grab, AFFH....Show More Summary

Sore Losers

The Supreme Court is an egalitarian place in at least one sense: At some point, everybody loses. Most terms in recent decades, the liberals lose disproportionately. Some terms, the conservatives take a loss. Even Justice Anthony Kennedy loses every once in a while, and until recently he was basically a king. Show More Summary

Facebook’s Trending Topics Are None of the Senate’s Business

When the story broke earlier this month that Facebook might be manipulating its “trending” news section to suppress conservative news, the reaction was quick and predictable. There was an outcry from the right and some users. The site then issued a flurry of posts explaining its editorial position and released its internal guidelines. Show More Summary

DailyDirt: I'd Like To Be... Under The Sea

13 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

There are plenty of smart animals in the world. Dogs, cats and pet birds are the ones we're usually familiar with, but there are also dolphins, elephants... and octopuses. Generally, animals with 8 legs are fascinating because that's just a lot of legs. Show More Summary

Shameful: House Panel Votes Down Plan To Make Public Domain Congressional Research Public

14 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

For many, many years, we've complained about the fact that research reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) are kept secret. CRS is basically a really good, non-partisan research organization that tends to do very useful and credible research, when tasked to do so by members of Congress. Show More Summary

NY To $190K: An Addendum On Leverage

14 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

In figuring out which Biglaw firm will bring us the next pay raise, it's important to consider the concept of leverage.

BigLaw Firm Goes Nuts Expanding Parental Leave

The Chicago law firm of Winston & Strawn must be eyeing the prize for most-loved BigLaw firm in the Windy City -- perhaps even the country. Expanding its already generous parental leave program, the firm has decided to up its number of paid weeks to twenty. To sweeten the deal,......

SCOTUS Saves Black Man Sentenced to Death by All-White Jury

A black death row inmate has been saved from execution this morning, after the Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors violated the Constitution when striking all potential African American jurors from his trial. Timothy Foster had been convicted of capital murder in Georgia in 1987. He later discovered evidence showing......

Non-Sequiturs: 05.23.16

15 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

The arresting officer in the Freddie Gray case was found not guilty on all charges. [Baltimore CBS] An oldie but a goodie: a lawsuit filed against "Satan and his staff" for ruining a man's life. Unfortunately, there isn't much a court can do without proper jurisdiction. Show More Summary

Everybody Is Guilty For Freddie Gray, So Nobody Will Be

15 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

Don’t tell me that the life of one black man is so insignificant that taking it from him isn’t wrong.

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