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Australia's Copyright Agency Keeps $11 Million Meant For Authors, Uses It To Fight Introduction Of Fair Use

25 minutes agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Even though stories of copyright collecting societies failing to distribute the monies that they collect to artists abound -- we wrote about one just a few weeks ago -- this doesn't seem to discourage others from continuing to bend the rules somewhat. Show More Summary

Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017

In a largely bi-partisan vote, the US House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1695, the “Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017.”  The Bill was introduced by Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-Va), and co-sponsored by Ranking Member John Conyers (D-Mich), among others.  The 378-48 vote included 46 Democratic Nays.  It is unclear whether […]

How Trump Should Handle Liberal Judges

40 minutes agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

If Trump wants a successful presidency, he must narrowly tailor executive action to fit judicial reality.

I Can’t Be Bought For Some Cigars — But For A Vacation To Bermuda…

Whether they like it or not, in-house lawyers must be holier than the Pope.

Veterans Have a Right to Bring Class Actions, Court Rules

A special veterans' court has the ability to hear class actions, an appellate court found.

Predicting White-Collar Crime

Affluent people commit white-collar crimes? Tell me more!

Meet The Conservative Republican Who’s Trying To Torpedo Tort Reform

Houston trial lawyer Mark Lanier has won $14 billion in verdicts, gives money to Republicans -- and is working to scuttle federal tort reform.

AT&T Unveils A Fake 5G Network In The Hopes You'll Ignore T-Mobile Is Kicking Its Ass

3 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

To be clear: fifth generation (5G) wireless should be really impressive when it actually arrives, providing significantly faster mobile broadband speeds at lower latencies. The catch: the 5G standard hasn't even been created yet, and any real deployment of the ultra-fast technology isn't expected to even seriously begin until 2020. Show More Summary

Morning Docket: 04.27.17

Guess who gets to take advantage of President Donald Trump's new tax plan? Lawyers and their law firms -- which are largely organized as pass-through entities -- will likely benefit greatly, as they'll be able to reduce their tax rate from 39.6 percent to 15 percent. Show More Summary

LawFact of the Day: Family Law

Here is your daily LawFact from Wise Law for Wednesday April 26, 2017. Today we are talking about Family Law. In difficult custody cases, a Court may request that the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) become involved to investigate and make recommendations to the Court or to provide legal representation for a child. Show More Summary

European Court Asked To Overturn Ruling Saying Linking To Defamatory Content Is Defamatory

6 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

It seems like common sense. The person legally responsible for defamatory statements is the person making the defamatory statements. But since pursuing that person often seems too difficult, legislators, courts, and disingenuous plaintiffs...Show More Summary

Great moments in privacy

11 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

After a Saturday evening incident in which 40 to 60 teenagers invaded an Oakland, Calif. rapid transit station, robbing and beating riders, a spokesman for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) says surveillance videos of the flash-mob robbery will not be made public because people committing crimes appear to be minors. Show More Summary

Schools roundup

12 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

“It’s like open carry, but for Coppertone”: lawmakers in Washington move to “allow students to use sunscreen at school without a doctor’s note.” [Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids] Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s “life plan or no diploma” scheme meddles in grads’ lives [Amy Alkon] Sounds like must viewing: School, Inc. Show More Summary

What is IP For? Experiments in Lay and Expert Perceptions

I just read an interesting short article from Prof Gregory Mandel (Temple) titled What is IP For? Experiments in Lay and Expert Perceptions [available here].  Part of the papers includes survey results from both lay individuals and IP professionals who answered the question: What is the Purpose of Intellectual Property Rights?  The vast majority of IP […]

Call for Papers from Hunter College's National Center for Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education

The National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions, Hunter College, has announced its call for papers for its 45th annual conference April 15-17, 2018. You can see the full announcement here, but the...

House Votes Overwhelmingly To Make The Copyright Office More Political & To Delay Modernization

14 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

This isn't a huge surprise, but unfortunately, today -- after a mostly ridiculous "debate" on the House floor full of claptrap and bullshit about how important copyright is to "protecting jobs" (despite this bill having nothing to do...Show More Summary Now You Are Speaking My Language

15 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

Do you need to conduct document review in a foreign language? This entrepreneur can help.

For World 'Intellectual Property' Day, A Reading From Thomas Macaulay

17 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

As we mentioned recently, today is "World Intellectual Property Day," an event put together by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote ever greater protectionism and mercantilism in favor of copyright holders and patent holders, while ignoring any impact on the public of those things. Show More Summary

Non-Sequiturs: 04.26.17

17 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

Today is World IP Day. Oh wait, that's wrong. "Today is World IP Day. TM " [World Intellectual Property Organization] A pair of twins is graduating from UVA Law. In other news, it's a really slow news day at UVA. [UVA Today] Alabama...Show More Summary

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