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FBI Says Foreign Hackers Got Into Election Computers

22 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've written probably hundreds of stories on just what a dumb idea electronic voting systems are, highlighting how poorly implemented they are, and how easily hacked. And, yet, despite lots of security experts sounding the alarm over...Show More Summary

Criminally Yours: How Do You Judge Who’s An ‘Idiot’?

23 hours agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

A life-or-death issue. What standard should be used, and based on what criteria?

How Much Can You Say About That Time You Represented Donald Trump?

Maybe you helped Donald Trump close a deal on a New Jersey shopping mall. Or maybe he consulted you, way back when, for some legal advice. Now he's running for president and you want to speak out -- without revealing anything too confidential, of course. Can you? Of course,......

Steinbeck Comes to the Supreme Court

Whether a Texas inmate lives or dies could depend, in part, on the work of John Steinbeck. In the upcoming term, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Moore v. Texas, a challenge to the sentence of Bobby James Moore, who faces execution for the murder of grocery......

Law School for OWLS, (Older, Wiser Law Students)

The average entering 1L is a scant 24 years old. But not all of us are spring chickens when we begin studying the law. In almost every entering law school class, there are small contingents of students who come to law school with significant life experience. They're known as......

Is It Time to Grant Legal Rights to Robots? What About Legal Liability?

Robots are humans too, right? Well, not exactly. But as artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to advance, some are arguing that the resulting technology could deserve basic rights -- a recognition of a sort of "electronic personhood." In Europe, at least, the idea is getting some traction. A......

California Cannabis: Show Me The Money

Based on recent deals in the California cannabis industry, the real money seems to be made in five sectors.

Appeals Court Tosses Search Warrant Used By Louisiana Sheriff In Attempt To Silence Critical Blogger

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals has just ended Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry "Censorious Dumbass" Larpenter's attempt to silence a critic through the magic of abusing his power. The sheriff obtained a warrant to raid a blogger's house, using the state's mostly-unconstitutional criminal defamation law to justify the search. Show More Summary

Appeals Court Weakens Employer Liability Shield in Discrimination Cases

A ruling by a federal appeals court in New York could make it easier for employers to face liability in discrimination cases where the firing was caused by company negligence.

Top Tech Counsel Discuss What They Look For In Outside Counsel

Top GCs opened up on ABA's "What’s Next? Tech’s Top Counsel Reveal All" panel.

EEOC Issues Retaliation Guidance

The EEOC just issued its final enforcement guidance on issues related to retaliation (after a public input period). The guidance replaces the information in the 1998 compliance manual on the topic. It also addresses the "indifference" provision of the ADA....

'Trade Deals' & Corporate Sovereignty: How Convicted Executives Escape Punishment

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Okay, we've been trying to raise the alarm bells about "ISDS" -- "Investor State Dispute Settlement" -- systems for many, many years, even helping to push the term "corporate sovereignty" to help describe it, since people's brains seem to turn to mush when you spell out ISDS. Show More Summary

This Week In Legal Tech: The Best Legal Tech Conferences For Small-Firm Lawyers

If you want to up your game in legal technology, which conferences are worth your time and money?

Head Of Anti-Counterfeiting Lobbying Group Says He's Going To Make Counterfeit Techdirt T-Shirts

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Every so often when people find out about the position we tend to take on copying, they hit back with what they think is a "gotcha" of something along the lines of "you wouldn't feel that way if someone copied your stuff." They really do. Show More Summary

Daily Deal: Programming Into the Future Bundle

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Pay what you want for the Programming Into the Future Bundle and receive two courses covering Sass for CSS and Bootstrap 4. If you beat the average price, you get an additional 6 courses. They cover Angular 2, Node.js, Python, Docker and more to help keep your skills up to date. Note: The Techdirt Deals Store is powered and curated by StackCommerce. Show More Summary

Young Hedge-Fund Manager Cracks The Private-Equity Code: Small Stocks And Leverage

Hired straight out of Harvard to work at Bain Capital, Dan Rasmussen figured out how the industry makes money and built a hedge fund around it.

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