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Adding clickbait title isn't false advertising or fraud on author

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Dankovich v. Keller, 2017 WL 4081852, No. 16-13395 (E.D. Mich. Sept. 15, 2017) Interesting dispute: the pro se litigant didn’t like the editing of his essay, including the clickbaity headline added by the editors, and sued for various fraud/false advertising claims. Show More Summary

Advice From A Law Professor On How To Write An Op-Ed

Some tips so that your op-ed doesn’t cause you or your readers undue heartburn.

Irma, Waze, And Watson

Today's technology is truly transformational, but lawyers must use it correctly and appropriately.

Canada’s NAFTA IP and E-commerce Priorities: My Appearance Before the Standing Committee on International Trade

The House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade has been conducting hearings on the NAFTA negotiations. I appeared before the committee yesterday on a panel that included the dairy industry, food and beverage sector, and my comments on IP and e-commerce. Show More Summary


Could the legal world use a tool like StockTwits in the finance world?

LawFact of the Day: Employment Law

Here is your daily LawFact from Wise Law for Tuesday September 19, 2017. Today we are talking about Employment Law. Ontario employees are prohibited from discrimination and harassment against any employee. Employers may not discriminate...Show More Summary

Morning Docket: 09.19.17

Baker Botts files SCOTUS brief reminding them what wedding cakes look like. Someday we'll look back on a case designed to create second class citizens and think, "oh right, that's the one where the Supreme Court decided with the help...Show More Summary

States’ boycotts of states, cont’d

“California state university researchers are banned from using funds to travel to Texas to study Harvey’s aftermath.” — Joshua McCabe on Twitter. The guidelines from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra do cite the legislature’s...Show More Summary

On the bottom of an Emmy

You’ve won an Emmy! But now comes the fine print [Janina Gavankar on Twitter via @thrillscience] Wanna see what the bottom of an Emmy says? — janina gavankar (@Janina) September 18, 2017 Tags: broadcasters, celebrities, intellectual property On the bottom of an Emmy is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

“The ABA has often fancied itself a bulwark of due process…”

Given the historic role it has frequently played as advocate of due process, it’s curious that the American Bar Association now is fine with ex parte gun confiscation orders [Trevor Burrus and Matthew Larosiere, Forbes] Tags: bar associations,...Show More Summary

See Also: Have You Seriously Not Read The Ty Cobb Story Yet?

DEAR GOOD ATTORNEYS, THANK YOU FOR NOT WORKING FOR TRUMP: At some point, we have to realize that Donald Trump receives such shoddy and borderline unethical legal representation because quality, ethical lawyers simply refuse to work for him. Show More Summary

When (And Where) Patent Licenses Fail: 3 Subtle Traps For The Unwary

Patent licenses can be some of the more complicated instruments to draft and negotiate.

How to Tell Clients They're Being Stupid

It may come as no surprise that most Americans are ignorant about the law. According to the University of Pennsylvania, most Americans don't have a clue about the Constitution. Barley one-third can remember the First Amendment right; only one in three can name a branch of government; and even......

Where Are the Best Law Schools for Return on Investment?

'Go West, young man,' Horace Greeley's admonition, could apply to law students, too, with some exceptions for states like California. According to a new study on the best value for cost, the least expensive states for students to attend law school are public colleges in the West, such as......

Is This the Law Firm of the Future?

What will the law firm of the future look like? Will a robot take the place of the receptionist? Will smart software draft and review documents? Will attorneys appear virtually online and in courtrooms? Actually, that's already happening. And so is a new law firm that takes it one......

No Warrant Needed to Search Probationer's Cell Phone

The Fourth District Court of Appeal for the state of California has issued a ruling that, at first blush, appears to disregard the recent ruling of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on a nearly identical issue. At issue in the People v. Sandee case is whether a......

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