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Thomas Perez, moderate?

The Democratic Party has selected as its DNC chair Thomas Perez, widely described as the Establishment choice. Perez didn’t give off much of an impression of moderation in the Obama cabinet, however, where he was a leading symbol of regulatory lawlessness, hauled up repeatedly by the courts for trampling employers’ rights. Show More Summary

What Should We Add Next To The Techdirt Gear Store?

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Get I Invented Email, Copymouse and more in the Techdirt Gear store » Right now, there are four different designs in available in the Techdirt Gear store on Teespring: our new Copymouse gear, our limited-time I Invented Email gear, and two different styles of Techdirt logo gear. Show More Summary

Sixth Circuit: IRS, unlike Caligula, cannot punish under unproclaimed law

Judge Jeffrey Sutton, writing for a Sixth Circuit panel, reverses a Tax Court ruling in an opinion beginning thus: Caligula posted the tax laws in such fine print and so high that his subjects could not read them. Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars, bk. Show More Summary

“How a supplement maker tried to silence a Harvard doctor”

“A Harvard researcher dared to call out potentially dangerous dietary supplements. Then he got taken to court.” [StatNews on suit against Pieter Cohen, which resulted in a defense verdict] Tags: libel slander and defamation, pharmaceuticals,...Show More Summary

ExxonMobil Wins An Anti-SLAPP Motion In Texas, While Landry’s Loses

The oil giant uses a law designed to protect citizen protesters to go after an employee who sued it for slander.

Just To Be Safe, We're Resetting All Techdirt Passwords In Response To Cloudbleed

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

As you may have heard, late yesterday it was revealed that there was a pretty major bug that was potentially leaking all sorts of sensitive data for some companies that use Cloudflare. The bug is being dubbed "Cloudbleed" as it's actually quite similar to what happened a few years ago with OpenSSL in what was known as Heartbleed. Show More Summary

Regulation Harms Business, Except When It Doesn’t

In February 2017, President Trump approved action taken by congressional Republicans to repeal regulation affecting energy companies that conduct business in the United States.

Non-Sequiturs: 02.24.17

Big scoop: here's what Merrick Garland is really up to. [Clickhole] “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me."...and other lies the president told me. [Huffington Post] Hey! Remember law school? Remember torts? Remember the "spring gun case"? Here's an interview with the lawyer behind that one. Show More Summary

Pros and Cons of Starting a Solo Practice Through a Legal Incubator

You have to have an independent streak to start your own solo practice. But that doesn't mean you have to be totally alone in the venture. More and more lawyers are taking advantage of legal incubators, programs that provide training, guidance, and even office space for lawyers bootstrapping their......

California's Rights to Privacy and Compliance Programs

California is famous for Hollywood, Disneyland, and the Online Privacy Protection Act. What? Did you think the Golden State was all fun and games? Californians do more than go to the movies and amusement parks. In fact, they value the right to privacy so much they enshrined it in......

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: The NBA, the Hyperloop, and a Side of Fries

What could be cooler than riding the Hyperloop, the pneumatic tube transit system promising to zip us around at airline speeds? Doing so with a Frosty and a side of fries. Or maybe working for the NBA. We'll let you decide. We've got a motley crew of listings for......

Technology Is Quickly Reshaping Workers' Compensation Claims

When Jarrod Magan writes about the future of worker's compensation, he sounds more like a science-fiction writer: Software robots will respond to claimant's calls. Virtual assistants will process paperwork. Doctors, advocates, and patients will meet using personal avatars. It's not like Magan is inventing the future; it's more like......

How Will the Court Respond to Trump's New Transgender Bathroom Policy?

President Trump rescinded Obama-era protections for transgender students on Wednesday. Those guidelines, now tossed, had interpreted civil rights laws forbidding discrimination 'on the basis of sex' as extending to gender identity. As a result, schools were told to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matched their gender......

Can You Change a Culture Like Uber's?

It's been a rough few weeks for Uber. First, the ride hailing company's mishandling of protests around the president's travel ban launched a #deleteuber campaign that saw thousands canceling their accounts. Then, last Sunday, a former Uber engineer's blog post detailing sexual harassment at the company went viral. Just days......

6 Tips for Finding Love, or Just a Lover, as a Lawyer

Relationships with lawyers aren't always the easiest. We've got big personalities, demanding jobs, crippling student debt -- and those are just the good parts. But being a lawyer (or law student) doesn't need to mean being alone. To help you find someone to love -- and to make it......

California Can't Stop IMDb From Telling You an Actor's Age -- for Now

California wants to protect actors from age discrimination -- a noble goal, certainly. But the state's way of going about it has raised some eyebrows. Under AB 1687, certain "online entertainment employment service providers" would be prohibited from publishing information about entertainers' ages. The law would apply perhaps exclusively......

Free the Nipple Order: Fort Collins Ban on Topless Women Blocked by Fed. Judge

One of the precepts of the rule of law is that the laws apply to everyone equally. And the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S Constitution prohibits states from denying "any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." So when you have a law that only applies......

A 'Substantial Portion' Doesn't Mean One, SCOTUS Rules in DNA Testing Patent Dispute

When does something constitute a 'substantial portion of the components of a patented invention' under the Patent Act? Not when that thing is only one of many components, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday, in a fun little case involving DNA testing, international supply chains, and patent law. The case,......

Court Upholds Order to Save Salmon

Favoring fish over farmers, a federal appeals court upheld a water agency's decision to divert water to the lower Klamath River in California The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said the Bureau of Reclamation lawfully diverted the water to prevent a die-off of salmon in 2013, when water......

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