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Who Are You Calling Lawless?

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to punish sanctuary cities hit a snag on Friday when a federal court ruled the Justice Department cannot withhold public safety grants from jurisdictions that refuse to assist federal immigration authorities. Show More Summary

It’s Already Time To Apply ‘Son Of Sam’ Doctrines To Equifax, If We Can

A round-up of the legal action against Equifax, and what is NOT yet being done.

Beyond The Hype: Use Cases And Strategies For Implementing AI

Artificial intelligence is, indeed, the future of legal operations.

California Dreamin’: Cannabis Tourism Should Be Huge In The Golden State

There's also the question of whether we can expect California to embrace things like canna-crawls and bud and breakfasts.

Is ‘Revolutionary’ Law Firm Atrium A Case of Clearspire Déjà Vu?

If Clearspire was ahead of its time, then the legal world may be ready for Atrium.

Knock, Knock — Room Service? No, ICE.

Wake up, America.  Pushing immigrants further into the shadows isn't going to help anyone.

The Senate Is Close To Undermining The Internet By Pretending To 'Protect' The Children

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Protecting children from harm is a laudable goal. But, as we've noted for many years, grandstanding politicians have a fairly long history of doing a lot of really dangerous stuff by insisting it needs to be done "for the children."Show More Summary

Women Can Lead Trials With High Emotional Intelligence

People still talk about the legacy of Ellen Pao's high-profile sex discrimination case in the Silicon Valley -- even though she lost several years ago. Lynne Hermle, who led a team of mostly women defense lawyers, won the case. But the value of the "Pao Effect" -- which exposed......

Ginsburg to Congress: Stop the Nonsense

When the late Justice Antonin Scalia was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986, the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed him. In contrast two decades later, nearly two dozen Senators -- voting along party lines -- opposed the nomination of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. A pattern of......

10 Most Popular FindLaw Blog Posts Honoring Judge Posner

Judge Richard Posner is perhaps the most interesting judge in the world (quick, someone call Dos Equis). The popular and widely celebrated (by legal correspondents, reporters, journalists, and writers) jurist recently announced his retirement. After serving on the bench for decades, Judge Posner explained that he felt like he was......

Best Law Schools for Older Students

To find the best law school as an older student, you need to think even farther ahead. Where are you going to work when you get out? No law firm or business will admit age discrimination in its hiring practices, but they all want young up-and-comers. Older students have......

When and How to 'Shred' Old Digital Client Files

When it comes to getting rid of old client files of the paper variety (after at least five years, of course), there's really only a couple good options: burning or shredding. The latter is much more environmentally friendly, as shredded paper can be recycled, whereas burnt paper just releases......

Justice Alito Wants People to 'Think Like a Lawyer'

In a recent speech this past week at the dedication of the new University of South Carolina School of Law in Columbia, South Carolina, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito may have expressed a rather unpopular opinion. After comparing law schools to mosquito breeding pools, the jurist said that he......

Bad Neighbor Claiming No Bad Intentions Loses Appeal

Some judges were just born to write. Take Judge M. Margaret McKeown's recent opinion in the USA v. Max Spatig case. The opinion opens with this humdinger of a zinger: As the saying goes, fences make good neighbors. But when the neighbor collects thousands of containers of hazardous and......

Florida Law Grads Weathered The Storm When It Came To The Bar Exam

Which schools performed the best on the test, and which performed the worst?

Yes, You Can Believe In Internet Freedom Without Being A Shill

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

You may have noticed lately that there's an increasing (and increasingly coordinated) effort to paint today's biggest and most successful companies as some kind of systemic social threat that needs to be reined in. As veteran tech journalist John Battelle put it, tech companies frequently are assumed these days to be Public Enemy No. Show More Summary

Daily Deal: Martian mVoice Smartwatches with Amazon Alexa

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The Martian mVoice Smartwatches present a precision appearance through an uncluttered 24-hour analog clock display, and is packed with smartwatch features. You can get push notifications from hundreds of your favorite apps, and place or accept a call. Show More Summary

Managing Without Fear: 6 Key Attributes Of A Fearless Managing Partner

There are a handful of crucial attributes that make successful managing partners stand out from the crowd.

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