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Bob Costas Rails Against The Internet After Criticism For Going Nuclear On MLB Pitcher

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You would only really know this if you're a baseball fan, but Bob Costas went ahead and stepped in it recently while calling a Cubs vs. Cardinals game. You see, relief pitcher Pedro Strop came out to work from the bullpen and promptly crapped himself on the mound (not literally). Show More Summary

Debate Over Disclosure Rules for Websites Creates Odd Alliances

A debate over whether websites that conduct commerce should be allowed to shield their backers is creating some odd alliances.

DailyDirt: Playing Super Mario By Rote... Is Fun?

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Video games that are entertaining need to be simple enough for people to understand, but at the same time, hard enough to be a little challenging and not too easy to beat. Games like Flappy Bird demonstrate this sweet spot for gameplay, and some classic games like Super Mario are still widely enjoyed even decades after their initial releases. Show More Summary

No Craig Newmark Did Not Donate To EFF; He Helped Make CFAA Worse Instead

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There's been a bunch of fuss online over the "news" that Craigslist is supposedly donating $1 million to EFF when the money is not actually from Craig. It's from a startup that Craigslist has sued out of business, under a dangerous interpretation of the CFAA that harms the open internet. Show More Summary

Some Judges Show Up for Jury Duty. Some Don't. And Some Lawyer Up.

"Some" is probably the wrong word in that last sentence, because I'd be surprised if this has ever happened before. But it did happen recently in the federal District of Kansas, according to this order by Judge Eric Melgren (thanks,... Show More Summary

Seattle City Council Member Urges Grass Roots Broadband Revolution After Ten Years Of Failing To Fix Broken Broadband Duopoly

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

For most of the last decade Seattle, like many U.S. cities, has been painfully unhappy with its broadband options. If they're "lucky," Seattle residents have the choice of apathetic telco CenturyLink (formerly Qwest), or everybody's favorite dysfunction monolith, Comcast. Show More Summary

Guest Post: In Rush to Invalidate Patents at Pleadings Stage, Are Courts Coloring Outside the Lines?

Guest post by David Bohrer, Patent Trial Practice, Valorem Law Group. OIP Technologies v. and IPC v. Active Network are the most recent of a growing number of decisions dismissing software and business method patent lawsuits on the pleadings. In these decisions, the courts are finding that the invention alleged in the complaint is […]

The Most Interesting In-House Job In The World?

Meet Heather Dietrick, president and general counsel of Gawker Media, who's now spearheading Gawker's defense in the Hulk Hogan sex video lawsuit.

Don't Celebrate Craigslist Abusing CFAA To Kill Innovative Startups, Just Because It Donated Proceeds To EFF

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

There's been a bunch of fuss online over the "news" that Craigslist is supposedly donating $1 million to EFF. Obviously, EFF getting an additional $1 million in resources is really great. But it's troubling to see so many people congratulate...Show More Summary

Non-Sequiturs: 07.01.15

“Sixty-year-old lawyers are out of touch with technology and today’s legal market.” ::nod:: [Chicago Lawyer Magazine] Lawyer suspended with no possibility of reinstatement for at least 120 days after skipping the country during a client's trial. Show More Summary

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Lawsuit Filed After Export-Import Bank Official Swears He 'Accidentally' Deleted All Of His Responsive Text Messages

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Sure, Freedom of Information laws are great, but they have their downsides. For one thing, they clearly signal to agencies which records are being sought. It's unavoidable. To answer a request, an agency needs to know what it's looking for. Show More Summary

Arctic Drilling Regulation Somehow Bad For Shell, Environmentalists, And Walruses

Obama could tell Shell to find oil in a seal with a spoon and it would be more practical.

Advising a Corporate Client? Think Ethically, Not Just Legally

When advising a corporate client, lawyers may be tempted to limit their inquiry into the legality of a particular business practice or matter. Instead, they should also consider the ethical implications of their advice. There are codified ethics guidelines, laws and regulations, all of which attempt to establish minimal......

3 Times When It Makes Sense to Get an LLM

A Juris DoctFor is a terminal degree. Not because it kills you, though it might, but because it's the highest level of degree awarded in legal studies. So what do you do if a J.D. just isn't enough? You go down one -- to a Master of Laws, or......

Disparate Impact Can Show Housing Discrimination, Court Rules

With all the attention given to the Supreme Court's recent rulings on Obamacare, same-sex marriage, and the death penalty, it was easy to overlook several other important decisions. For example, last Thursday, the Supreme Court recognized that housing policies which have a disproportionate impact of certain groups can violate......

Privacy Group Wants to Stop Uber's Background Data Collection

Alternative Title: Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint Over Uber's Data, Privacy Policy Uber has had a rough go of it recently. Two weeks ago, the California Labor Commission ruled that at least one driver was an Uber employee, not the independent contractor Uber had claimed. Last week, taxi drivers......

Business in England? Consider Becoming an English Solicitor

If you're an Anglophile or just in-house at a company that does frequent work with the Brits -- either way, you might benefit from becoming a solicitor in England and Wales. Becoming a solicitor (that's English for "attorney") can help you understand the laws and regulations of England and......

Can't Copyright Just Part of a Collaborative Work, 2nd Cir. Rules

Contributors to a creative work, whose contributions are inseparable from that work, cannot copyright their contribution alone, the Second Circuit ruled on Monday. The decision came from a dispute between an independent film's producer and its director, after the director attempted to copyright the raw footage of the film......

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