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When A Defense Attorney Feels Like She Enables An Executioner

One defense lawyer has an extraordinary record -- just not the kind that anyone with a capital conviction or charge against them wants to see.

Guest Post - Game of Thrones, the FDA Under Attack, An In-House View of Amarin

Today's guest post is a first for this blog in two ways, first, our guest poster is anonymous. Second, our guest post is from an in-house source. The two are, of course, related. While it is important to us as lawyers that our clients not be charged with anything we say on our blog, that goes double (or triple) for someone actually working in-house. Show More Summary

Criminally Yours: Babies, Criminality and Poverty

If you need another reason to support Planned Parenthood, here it is.

Entering The Arena — Living Wholeheartedly

Key life advice: “Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn't have the power to say yes.”

Moral Panics And How 'The Kids These Days' Adapt: From Facebook 'Permanence' To Snapchat's 'Impermanence'

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

It is funny to see how some people react to technology changes, almost always assuming that "new" is somehow bad, because it's different. Looking back through historical examples, they often look pretty funny. Last year, we wrote about...Show More Summary

You Don't Have to Be BigLaw to Hire Top Talent

When it comes to recruiting new attorneys, it can be hard for small practices and boutique firms to compete with for top talent -- but it's not impossible. After all, there's a reason you don't work for a major firm. Because those jobs are awful. Instead of being another overpaid......

7 Celebrities Who Survived Law School

Two years ago, the Pew Research Center announced that lawyers were the most hated professionals in America. No surprise there -- very few people think their ex's divorce attorney was just a committed professional doing the best for her client. But for all the hate, there are plenty of......

Go Ahead With Your Bulk Data Collection, D.C. Cir .Tells NSA

The NSA can continue its controversial mass phone metadata collection now, after the D.C. Circuit threw out a lower court injunction against the program on Friday. The D.C. Circuit panel found that the plaintiff, conservative lawyer Larry Klayman, had not shown a likelihood that he would succeed on the......

3D Gun Printers Take Their Case to the Fifth Circuit

3D printers promise to allow anyone to create complex objects at home. For a few hundred dollars, you can pick up a consumer-grade 3D printer and start printing out toys, architectural models, or firearms. Yep, it's pretty easy for anyone with a 3D printer to print out a gun......

New Report Surveys IP Litigation Trends Over the Past Six Years

If you work in an IP-heavy industry, you know just how important a role litigation can play in protecting (or abusing) intellectual property rights. Now, Lex Machina, the IP litigation research company, has conducted one of the first, wide-ranging overviews of copyright litigation trends over the past years. Lex Machina......

Is Your Email Secure Enough for Client Communications?

Most lawyers communicate primarily through email. At the same time, lawyers need to take reasonable efforts to prevent disclosure of client communications and information. Are these two things in conflict? Potentially. It's fair to say that email isn't the world's most secure communication system. For one, the NSA regularly......

Law Journal Apologizes For Article About Executing Law Professors, Professor Resigns

Insane law review article prompts professor's resignation... but how did he get hired in the first place?

The MPAA Will Let Amazon Touch Its Stuff, But Only If It Agrees To A Ton Of Stipulations

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

TorrentFreak's Andy reports that Amazon recently published the MPAA-required "best practices" for handling physical goods as well as content stored or hosted by its cloud services. This doesn't just cover the obvious storage of movies for streaming services, but also works-in-progress by studios utilizing Amazon's web services. Show More Summary

How Can Law Firms Increase Revenue? Charge More

A new survey shows revenue on the rise at large law firms in the first half of this year. But it's mostly because firms continue to charge their clients more money.

Ex-Biglaw Attorney Files Lawsuit Claiming His Former Firm Hung Him Out To Dry

If you get into legal trouble as a result of work you perform at a law firm, shouldn't that firm cover the cost of defending you?

Gerrymanderers Miss One Person

As you probably know, "gerrymandering" is the practice of redrawing the borders of a voting district for a specific purpose, usually if not always to make sure it has more of your supporters than opponents in it. This is nothing...          Related Stories You Think So? Fight Over Alcohol Ban Ends When Town Learns It Doesn't Have One Larry Craig Can't Catch a Break  

No Guarantee of Public School Choice in Constitution, Appeals Court Rules

Public school parents don't have a fundamental right to decide which school to send their children, a federal appeals court ruled.

Anti-Abortion Group Wins Constitutional Challenge to Health Care Law

The contraceptive coverage mandate of the federal health care law unconstitutionally distinguishes between religious and non-religious groups that oppose abortion, a federal district judge in Washington ruled on Monday.       

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