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Superior Court Rules That Orthopedist Can Serve As Expert in Med Mal Action Against a Podiatrist

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Tort Talk

In its recent decision in the case of Price v. Catanzariti, No. 1886 WDA 2014, 2016 Pa. Super. 26 (Pa. Super. March 30, 2016 Ford, Elliot, Musmanno, Bowes, JJ.) (Op. by Ford Elliot, P.J.E.)(Concurring and Dissenting Op. by Bowes, J.),...Show More Summary

NY To $190K: 5 Arguments In Favor Of A Biglaw Pay Hike

The halls of Biglaw are abuzz with talk of a possible base salary increase; here's the case in favor.

Summer Associates Are Coming! An In-House Perspective

In-house columnist Stephen Williams offers advice on how to succeed during a summer spent with a corporate legal department.

Standard Of Review: Merrick Garland, Movie Star

Film critic Harry Graff speculates on how future films will depict the Merrick Garland saga.

Justice Stevens on Thomas Jefferson, Guns, and Justice Scalia

During 28 years together on the Supreme Court, Justices John Paul Stevens and Antonin Scalia sometimes could barely contain their disagreements over the Constitution’s meaning and the proper way to ascertain it, packing their opinions with volleys of footnotes taking each other’s views to task.

Antidiscrimination Rule for Lawyers Faces Backlash

A proposal that would make it professional misconduct for lawyers to discriminate is causing heated debate in the legal industry.

Pace Law School Gets Mega-Gift, New Name

Pace University's law school outside of New York City is the latest school to benefit from a burst of largesse. A German family has donated what the university says is the largest gift in its history.

Forbes Is Confused: You Can View Content Using An Adblocker By Promising Not To Use An Adblocker

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Forbes, an organization with a website presumably built on the value of its content, also has made the unfortunate decision recently to try to block off access to anyone using adblocker software, apparently so that it could successfully allow malicious "ads" to infect its readers' machines. Show More Summary

In which I sue Amazon again

yesterdayIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

In FTC v. Amazon, the initial opinion was heavily, albeit badly, redacted. With the able assistance of Paul Alan Levy from Public Citizen, MediaPost and I have moved to unseal the opinion and the documents on which it's based, on the...Show More Summary

Off the record: Use of name in instruction card doesn't suggest endorsement

yesterdayIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

Martin v. Wendy’s International, Inc., 2016 WL 1730648, No. 15 C 6998 (N.D. Ill. May 2, 2016) Johannes Martin alleged that Wendy’s and Guinness World Records violated §43(a) and his Illinois right of publicity by using his identity in a 2013 promotion. Show More Summary

Morning Wrap: Federal Health Care Fraud Cases Cut In Half Since 2011 | Apple Pursues Trademark Suit in China

California takes action against the tobacco industry, Apple moves in Chinese court and health care fraud cases go soft: This is a round-up of legal industry news from ALM and other outlets.       

“Bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government”

James O’Malley looked at road deaths per 100,000 people for various counties “and compared it to the scores given by the World Justice Project on Rule of Law in 2015.” The correlation came out at -0.68, suggesting that improvements in...Show More Summary

“Administrative Law Judges Are Unconstitutional”

Administrative law judges are executive-branch as distinct from judicial officers, yet the President has no power to remove them; at the Securities and Exchange Commission and many other federal agencies, they are themselves employed by the agency on whose enforcement cases they must render quasi-judicial rulings. Show More Summary

Schools roundup

California appeals court says state’s teacher tenure law doesn’t violate Equal Protection Clause, similar suits pending in NY, Minn. [ABA Journal, Neal McCluskey/Cato, earlier on Vergara case] Maryland to local school district: no, families...Show More Summary

An Oklahoma forfeiture story

Oklahoma is known as one of the more abusive states in the practice of civil asset forfeiture. In this astounding case, Muskogee County cops stopped a car for a broken tail light and questioned Burmese refugee Eh Wah, who was carrying...Show More Summary

Another Reason To Worry About A Trump Presidency

If Trump gets to decide what's a crime, we should probably be scared.

Morning Docket: 05.05.16

Florida public defender disbarred over sex and drugs with inmates. Amazingly, this is not just an update of this story about... a Florida public defender allegedly caught banging an inmate. What's going on with these Florida public defenders?...Show More Summary

LawFact of the Day: Employment Law

Here is your daily Lawfact from Wise Law for Thursday May 5, 2016. Today we are talking about Employment Law. A video posted by @wiselaw on May 5, 2016 at 6:09am PDT In 2015, an Ontario Court awarded 27 months’ of pay in lieu of reasonable notice to a 65-year-old civil engineer who had been employed for 40.66 years. Show More Summary

What the Defend Trade Secrets Act Means for Trade Secret Defendants

Guest Post By Maxwell Goss. Dr. Goss is a business litigation attorney with McDonald Hopkins PLC in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His practice focuses on trade secret, noncompete, patent, trademark, and shareholder litigation. The Defend...Show More Summary

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