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Morning Wrap: SCOTUS Docket Grows | Law Clerk's 'Senseless' Text Messages

A Washington federal judge calls his law clerk’s text messages to a lawyer in a pending case "regrettable" and "senseless." The justices on Thursday tacked on 13 more cases to this term's docket. Virginia carried out the execution of a convicted serial killer. This is a news roundup from ALM and other publications.       

competition no longer required for Lanham Act "commercial advertising or promotion"

2 days agoIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

Healthnow New York Inc. v. Catholic Health System, Inc., 2015 WL 5673123, No. 14–CV–986S (W.D.N.Y. Sept. 25, 2015) Healthnow, aka Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York (BCBS), sued Catholic Health for violations of the Lanham Act and NY’s GBL, as well as for defamation. Show More Summary

Banking and finance roundup

Stock analyst in India puts out a “sell” recommendation, is arrested and jailed [W$J, compare Argentina economists] Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio, Messrs. Dodd, Frank, & Co.: London thanks you! (It’s now back on top over NYC as most-desired...Show More Summary

Chip And PIN Meets Facial Recognition: Chipping Away At Privacy, Pinning You Down In A Database

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

As part of President Obama's BuySecure initiative, US merchants and the public are being encouraged to adopt the Chip and PIN technology for credit, debit, and other payment cards. As the announcement in October last year noted, these Chip and PIN cards have been used for some years in other parts of the world, notably Europe and Canada. Show More Summary

Time Is Running Out For Puerto Rico

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Zamansky

It looks like the end of 2015 may be the end of the road for Puerto Rico. The island’s development bank is expected to exhaust all of its cash by the end of December, according to a recent New York Times article. Making matters even more dire, a large payment is due in January on … The post Time Is Running Out For Puerto Rico appeared first on Zamansky LLC.

DailyDirt: Can't We Just Play Games For Fun?

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've seen plenty of advances in game algorithms that make us humans look pretty weak compared to the best chess (and checkers and poker and RPS and air hockey and Flappy bird and...) playing computers. Computers aren't having any fun beating us at all these games, but they do it nonetheless. Show More Summary

Army Officials Withheld FOIA Documents To Push Out Its Spin On Head Injuries

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The Freedom of Information Act does open up the government to closer examination by taxpayers. The ideals of the law are rarely achieved, though. It requires agencies to respond in a reasonable amount of time, but far too often it takes a successful lawsuit to force an agency to give up the documents requested. Show More Summary

When Can You Get Extra Fee Awards for an 'Exceptional Case'?

When it comes to litigation, parties have got to pay their own way. It's just the way we do things here -- it's called the American Rule for a reason. But all rules come with exceptions. The American Rule can be broken and attorney's fees awarded, in order to protect......

Peace at Last: Microsoft and Google End Android Patent War

"The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them." Isaiah 11:6. Are the end times upon us? Surely some revelation is at hand. Because only cosmic intervention......

A Lawyer's Guide to 'How to Get Away With Murder,' TV's Best Show

It's TV season again and that means that ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is back, fresh off the heels of Viola Davis' Emmy Award. If you're not familiar with HTGAWM, it's the ridiculous story of Professor Annalise Keating's never-ending Crim Law course, where the best and the brightest......

3 Test-Taking Tips From the Harvard Grad Who Aced the SAT

October 3rd is just around the corner and it looks like the latest SAT is set to ruin the lives of a fresh legion of college hopefuls. Whether you're gearing up for the SAT, LSAT, or bar exam, there are a few universal tricks to help you excel. According to......

New York's Ban on Credit Card Surcharges Saved by 2nd Cir. Ruling

Your credit is once again as good as gold in New York, thanks to a recent ruling by the Second Circuit. The state's ban on credit card surcharges is not unconstitutional, the court ruled Tuesday. Under the law, companies cannot impose a surcharge on a customer who chooses to......

Pope, Last Minute Petition Couldn't Save Woman From Execution

Georgia executed death row inmate Kelly Gissendaner Wednesday morning, having defeated an 11th hour legal appeal that sought to spare her life. Gissendaner, who was sentenced to death for conspiring with her boyfriend to kill her husband, became Georgia's first female prisoner to be executed in 70 years. Advocates,......

Court Says USTR Can Continue To Keep The Public From Seeing The Trade Agreements They'll Be Subjected To

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Towards the end of 2013, IP-Watch -- along with the Yale Media Freedom and Access Center -- filed a FOIA lawsuit against the USTR for its refusal to release its TPP draft documents. The USTR spent a year ignoring IP-Watch's William New's...Show More Summary

Why Is Berkeley Law Segregating Its Black Students?

This Berkeley plan feels like progressives overthinking things.

The Supreme Court’s Most Important Cases of the New Term

The 2015 term is poised to begin, and the Supreme Court has already agreed to hear 34 of the 70 some cases it will decide this year. The court broke left on some big cases last term, but the theme of this upcoming year at the court may...Show More Summary

Non-Sequiturs: 10.01.15

Don't get accused of a crime you didn't commit in Oklahoma, turns out they don't collect fingerprint evidence on the reg. [The Journal Record] What those deal toys really mean. [Daily Lawyer Tips] Yeaaah, the 1% do get different justice: judge lets embroiled Wall Street CEO Benjamin Wey out of his curfew to watch Swan Lake. Show More Summary

Safe Harbor Invalid! Will the ECJ Follow The Advocate General Recommendation?

Advocate General Yves Bot today delivered an opinion recommending that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) find the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Program invalid.

Amazon Bans Sale Of Competing Apple TV, Chromecast Devices To 'Avoid Customer Confusion'

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Amazon has come up with a rather ingenious way to give its own Fire TV streaming video devices a leg up in the market place: stop selling major competing products. In a letter sent this week to the company's marketplace sellers, Amazon...Show More Summary

Why Are Lawyers So Good At Sex?

Here are a few theories as to why lawyers are so great in the sack.

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