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Law School Horror Story Or Badge Of Honor? You Decide!

What happens when you have to 'vomit violently' right before your moot court round begins?

‘No One Is Above The Law,’ Declares Court Allowing Defamation Suit Against Trump To Proceed

Not sure if this is what Trump had in mind when he talked about 'opening up the libel laws.'

March 21 roundup

Popehat’s Patrick tells the story of how, representing a bank, he resisted a serial litigant rather than pay her off [Twitter thread] News of suits motivated by attorneys’ fees may be slow to reach Harvard [“Bill of Health”, dismissing...Show More Summary

YouTuber Who Trained His Girlfriend's Dog To Be A Nazi Facing Hate Crime Charges In Scotland

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Across the sea in the UK, offensive speech is still getting people jailed. An obnoxious person who trained his girlfriend's dog to perform the Nazi salute and respond excitedly to the phrase "gas the Jews" is looking at possible jail time after posting these exploits to YouTube under the name Count Dankula. Show More Summary

Penny dreadfuls, Fifties comic books, Grimm’s Household Tales…

From folktale collections to videogames and beyond, the notion that violent entertainment will turn kids violent seem to live on forever no matter how skimpy the evidence [Trevor Burrus, Cato] Tags: movies film and videos, videogames Penny dreadfuls, Fifties comic books, Grimm’s Household Tales… is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

Target, Microsoft Lead Move Away From 401(k) Stock Investments – Bloomberg BNA

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Zamansky

Large public companies are beginning to rethink offering their own stock as an investment option in 401(k) plans available to their employees.  Companies are instituting various measures to either reduce, or in some cases outright eliminate,...Show More Summary

Photographer Tutorial Company Reacts To Pirates By Screwing With Them Hilariously

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

When it comes to content producers reacting to the pirating of their works, we've seen just about every reaction possible. From costly lawsuits and copyright trolling, to attempts to engage with this untapped market, up to and including creatively messing with those that would commit copyright infringement. Show More Summary

Tempe Police Chief Indicates The Uber Self-Driving Car Probably Isn't At Fault In Pedestrian Death

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The internet ink has barely dried on Karl's post about an Uber self-driving vehicle striking and killing a pedestrian in Arizona, and we already have an indication from the authorities that the vehicle probably isn't to blame for the fatality. Show More Summary

Techdirt Podcast Episode 159: What Does It Mean For Social Media To Be Held Accountable?

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

This isn't the first time we've discussed this on the podcast, and it probably won't be the last — disinformation online is a big and complicated topic, and there are a whole lot of angles to approach it from. This week, we're joined...Show More Summary

Ever Wonder What A Wintry Highway Pile-Up Looks Like in Progress - Frightening

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Tort Talk

Many Tort Talkers have litigated or adjusted a number of wintry highway pile-up cases, but have you ever seen a video of one in action. The below video of a pile-up accident in Iowa is frightening and seemingly never-ending. Check out this video to the end....just when you think the accident is over more vehicles keep coming. Show More Summary

Former Model's Lawsuit Against Cosby and His Lawyer Proceeds

Litigating in the press is one thing; litigating against the press is another. Neither is a good idea. That's a tip from -- among others -- the press. Attorney Martin Singer apparently hasn't learned it, even after the California courts gave him a really big tip. Singer, who represented......

'Disturbing' Law Seeks to Protect Students

Judges are not supposed to read the newspapers in making their decisions, but it's hard to ignore the news. According to reports, there has been an average of one school shooting each week in 2018. The number of student victims is even more sobering. In the U.S Fourth Circuit......

Judge Throws Out 'Clock Boy' Discrimination Case

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old student, made a clock and took it to school. But it looked like a bomb, his teacher said. The principal agreed and summoned police, who arrested the teenager. It turned out to be a clock, but blew up in a media storm and an invitation......

Call for Nominations: Washington D.C. Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal is seeking nominations for our In-House Legal Department of the Year Awards. The Legal Department of the Year contest recognizes       

Hacked Law Firm Shuts Down -- for Good

The fall of Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm caught in an international tax scandal, is the stuff of movies. Founded 40 years ago, it became one of the largest providers of offshore services in the world. It served more than 300,000 company clients in more than 40 countries.......

Catch Up With Marcia Coyle: Wednesday's Supreme Court Brief

Catch up with Marcia Coyle about the latest in NLJ's Supreme Court Brief.       

'Loosey-Goosey' Experts in Monsanto Round Up Cancer Lawsuit

The litigation over whether Monsanto's flagship weed killer, Round Up, causes non-Hodgkins lymphoma heated up earlier this month. The federal district court was treated to a parade of experts expressing competing opinions on the safety of Round Up. Notably, reports from the closing day of testimony explain that Judge......

Key Justices Frown on California Abortion Speech Law

California's law that requires "pro-life" pregnancy centers to inform clients about abortion appeared to be in jeopardy Tuesday after arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court.       

At Gibson Dunn, This Facebook Lawyer Inked FTC Privacy Deal Now in Spotlight

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating whether Facebook violated the terms of a 2011 settlement over its handling of user data. That settlement required Facebook to obtain express consent before sharing user information beyond what individual privacy settings allow. Show More Summary

Decent Lawyers Aren’t Long For Trumpland: See Also

Will Trump Fire His Best Lawyer? Magic 8-Ball says "signs point to yes." Will Ted Olson Lower Himself To Defend President Trump? Magic 8-Ball says "outlook not so good." Do Law School Applicants Put Too Much Stock In Rankings? MagicShow More Summary

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