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Recruiting for Diversity in Your Law Firm

Diversity matters. It increases the variety of viewpoints available, improves performance, and boosts revenue -- a lot. The most racially diverse companies bring in 15 times more revenue than the least diverse, according to a study by the American Sociological Association. In the legal market, diversity isn't just good......

If You're Reading This, You're Probably Already Drunk

Plenty of attorneys will slump in to work today, bleary-eyed, bloodshot, and with a slight ringing in their head. Sure, it's the day after the Super Bowl, so that explains a bit of it. But for many lawyers, that's just the regular start to their day. Lawyers are drunks.......

Moral Panics: Twitter Feels Compelled To Tell You It's Deleted Over 125,000 Terrorist Twitter Accounts

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

It seems we've entered the next big moral panic: the fact that terrorists like ISIS use social media. It's a point of contention that keeps coming up, leading Presidential candidates to talk about stopping terrorists from using the internet. Show More Summary

Daily Deal: The Bouqs Company Farm-Fresh Flowers

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

With Valentine's Day coming up, we got you covered with the Bouqs Company Farm-Fresh Flowers. For $35, you'll receive a $50 credit to spend on any of their Volcano collection bouquets. These fresh and colorful bouquets come with a Happiness Guarantee and free delivery if you register on Bouq's site. Show More Summary

Criminally Yours: Indicting A Ham Sandwich

Over-indicting is not just a waste of time and money -- it's just not fair.

Chicago Lawyer Runs Seven Marathons in Seven Days

A Chicago lawyer recently completed seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Ethicon: What Powers Can the Director Delegate to the Patent Trial & Appeal Board?

By Dennis Crouch This is my second post[1] on the Federal Circuit’s 2016 decision Ethicon.[2]  The case focuses on the institution and later proceedings of inter partes reviews (IPRs).  The first stage is known as institution that, according to the statute, is within the purview of the “Director” of the USPTO.  Once instituted, the case […]

India Bans Zero Rating As The U.S. Pays The Price For Embracing It

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

As expected, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has passed new net neutrality rules (pdf) that specifically ban the practice of zero rating. The rules are relatively clear in that they prevent either content companies or ISPs from striking deals that exempt select content from usage caps. Show More Summary

Caption Contest: The Davis Polk Empire (Of Hotties) Strikes Back

There's a reason why Davis Polk has a reputation for hiring the hottest attorneys.

The Trouble With the TPP, Day 26: Why It Limits Canadian Cultural Policies

The intersection between the TPP and Canadian cultural policies is likely to emerge as one of the more controversial aspects of the TPP, particularly given the government's emphasis on a stronger cultural policy in its election platform. Show More Summary

20 Years Ago Today: The Most Important Law On The Internet Was Signed, Almost By Accident

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The internet as we know it would be a very, very different place if 20 years ago today, President Clinton hadn't signed the Communications Decency Act. To be fair, nearly all of the CDA was a horrible mess that was actually a terrible idea for the internet. Show More Summary

9th Circ. Overturns 34-Year-Old Arizona Death Sentence

The Ninth Circuit just overturned a 1982 death sentence handed down by an Arizona court because it found that the convicted was intellectually disabled at the time of the crime; and thus his execution would be cruel and unusual under the Eighth Amendment and prongs of Atkins v Virginia. There......

Arrest the Wrong Mario Garcia, Lose Qualified Immunity

When Mario Garcia was arrested for a DUI in Riverside County, California, the police booking system matched him to an outstanding felony warrant in Los Angeles. Garcia was quickly transferred to L.A. Except the police had the wrong Mario Garcia. And despite Garcia's numerous objections, officers refused to perform......

Are You a Trademark Bully?

By now, we've all heard of patent trolls, but now is a good time for us to visit its lesser known cousin, the trademark bully. And yes, just like copyright bullies and the patent troll, they're not particularly loved. The reasons for their existence, unsurprisingly is related to the complexities......

Ferguson Weighs Costs of Proposed Deal With Justice Department

The Ferguson City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to vote on a proposed consent decree with the Justice Department to overhaul its police department and court systems. Ahead of the vote, concerns are growing about the agreement’s co...

Lawyer Runs Super Bowl Ad To Trash Football Team

This fan has some grievances with management and decided to share them during the big game.

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