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7 Top Tips to Help You Study for the Bar

You've graduated from law school. Now the real challenge begins: surviving the bar exam! For most new-J.D.s, this means hundreds of hours studying black letter law that you probably only touched on in your three years of law school. The key to doing well on the bar exam is......

LinkedIn Was Hacked: Here's How to Protect Yourself

Back in 2012, LinkedIn was hacked and 6.5 million passwords were reportedly leaked. Now it looks like a few more accounts were also compromised -- almost 167 million. And the consequences of that hack are still playing out four years later. Last week, LinkedIn announced that more than 100......

Tax Shelter Salesman Can't Stop IRS From Looking Into Wife's Assets

James Haber and his tax shelter boutique, Diversified Group Inc, were fined $25 million by the Internal Revenue Service for their alleged failure to register offshore tax shelters. Haber handed over $18,370 and his company paid out $15,500, and that was it. To collect the significant balance remaining, the......

BofA Ruling Latest in String of Rakoff Reversals

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff and the Second Circuit haven't been seeing eye-to-eye recently.

Overcoming Fear And Self-Doubt

How are fear and self-doubt holding you back? And can you make space for them? What would that look like?

The New ATL Small Firm Center: Q&A With Chelsey Lambert Of Smokeball

Insights into the legal tech landscape for small law firms, courtesy of Chelsey Lambert of Smokeball.

Supreme Court Finally Thinks Something Is Racist In America… Except For Clarence Thomas

In Foster, the Court showed that Batson is still good law, and in so doing highlighted exactly why Batson is such a weak case.

Peremptory Prejudice

On Monday, the Supreme Court decided a trio of cases in its usual post-Scalia fashion: Either by 7–1 margins and very narrowly, or unanimously and also narrowly. In each of these cases, the court’s liberal wing can be said to have had a good day. Show More Summary

Judge Hughes and the New § 101 Dichotomy

By Jason Rantanen Enfish v. Microsoft (Fed. Cir. 2016) Download Enfish Moore, Taranto, Hughes (author) In re TLI Communications Patent Litigation (Fed. Cir. 2016) Download TLI Panel: Dyk, Schall, Hughes (author) This month’s decision in Enfish was an overnight sensation—almost literally, as mere days later the PTO issued the new examiner guidance to implement the […]

Irony Alert: Ken Starr Should Lose His Job For Not Investigating Real Sex Crimes

As reports emerge of routine coverups of alleged Baylor football sex crimes, one wonders: where was Ken Starr?

The 2016 Am Law 200: Revenue Swirling Down The Drain

While some firms came out on top, others were merely surviving. How did the Am Law 200 stack up?

Chelsea Manning Appeals 35-Year Sentence For Leaking Files

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

It's been almost three years since Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in jail for leaking a bunch of State Department cables to Wikileaks in what she claims was an act of whistleblowing (though, obviously, some disagree). As we...Show More Summary

Daily Deal: CompTIA A+ IT Support Technician 2016 Training

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

CompTIA aims to adapt its A+ Certification to reflect the most current knowledge and skills needed by today's IT professionals -- and this year's 2016 exam is harder than ever. The $49 CompTIA A+ IT Support Technician 2016 Certification Training course aims to help you prepare for the difficult exam. Show More Summary

Battle Over Service Dog At Law School Graduation

The hippie bastion is being accused by a graduating student of denying her service dog entry to commencement.

The FTC Has Been Busy

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Zamansky

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent agency of the U.S. government, has recently been moving to block mergers between large, powerful corporations. The reasoning behind the FTC’s drive to shut down certain large mergers is simple. Show More Summary

Posner to Judges: Semper Scribo Simpliciter Sodes

Three cheers for perennially popular federal Circuit Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit who took the time, once again, to stand again on his soap-box decrying legalese in court opinions. The judge lamented overly prolix sentences and wordplay in court opinions. We admit, the habit is hard to break.......

You're Entitled To Your Own Opinions, But Not Your Own Facts About Copyright, NY Times Edition

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The NY Times has an op-ed piece by Jonathan Taplin, claiming that Silicon Valley hates music, that is so chock full of out and out factual errors that it's an embarrassment for the NY Times to have allowed it to be published. Is fact...Show More Summary

Potty-Mouthed Attorney Punished for Cussing Out Prosecutor

A prominent Cleveland defense attorney was publicly admonished for his potty-mouth. Craig Weintraub, who is best known for representing Ariel Castro, the man who kidnapped and imprisoned three women for over a decade, was overheard calling Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan a series of unprintable names. That lead to......

Female Exec at BoA Sues, Alleges 'Bro's Club', Lies, Butt-Kissing

A high ranking female executive at one of the nation's biggest banks brought a wallop of a suit against her employer recently, alleging, among other things, a "subordinate 'bro's club' of all-male sycophants." It's a damning set of allegations against a professional industry that has already lost a lot of......

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: I Want YOU! For Gov't Lawyer!

Have you taken your shot at the private sector and now want to move over to government work? We can't blame you. For many young and middle-aged attorneys out there, the fight to be king of the private practice hill is just not all that it's cracked up to be.......

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