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Silicon Valley Needs To Be More Willing To Talk Openly About Failures

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There's a story in Business Insider that's been getting a lot of attention thanks to the click-baity headline of: The founder of a $50 million startup just sold his company — and he didn't make a dime by reporter Alyson Shontell. Almost everything about the headline is misleading. Show More Summary

Apple’s Court-Appointed Monitor Says Relations with Company ‘Sharply Declined’

The acrimony between Apple Inc. and a court-appointed monitor has continued, according to the monitor, who wrote in court papers Thursday the company’s cooperation has “sharply declined.”

Defending The Jury: An Interview With Laura Appleman

How can we improve the American criminal justice system by strengthening the community's role in the process?

Daily Deals: MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Public WiFi hotspots can be unreliable, and you can never be too sure of how secure they are. You can solve those issues by taking your internet with you in a portable hotspot. The MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot is available today for 50% off in the Techdirt Deals store. Show More Summary

3 Things You Know Are Obvious -- But Your Clients Won't

Most lawyers have had clients who complained when they were billed for a phone call, or who were shocked when their call wasn't answered at 11pm on a Saturday. Yes, some clients are clueless, but that's not just their fault. We often underestimate how little our clients understand of......

Joint Tenancy and Trust May Coexist, 10th Rules in Bankruptcy Fraud Case

A bankruptcy trustee can't recover real property that was transferred, allegedly to avoid being lost, the Tenth Circuit ruled on Monday. That's because the transferor possessed only bare legal title, which is not an interest that may be avoided as a fraudulent conveyance under the Bankruptcy Code. The case......

Dos and Don'ts for Your LinkedIn Profile

By now, you've figured out how you're supposed to use LinkedIn, but there are so many options these days (test scores? Really?), it's hard to know what to put on your profile. And who keeps "endorsing" you for things, anyway? In order to keep your profile tidy, ethical, and professional,......

The Ultimate Work-Life Balance: How Lawyers Can Stay Married

Lawyers are often married to their jobs. Some are also married to other people. There's no reason either marriage should be unhappy, though they are often at odds. Divorce rates among skilled professionals such as lawyers are high, though thankfully lawyers are nowhere near to top of the list,......

Sorry Senator, No Injury Here: Johnson's ACA Suit Tossed

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson's suit challenging Obamacare's changes to congressional health plans was dismissed by the Seventh Circuit for lack of standing on Tuesday. Johnson and his legislative counsel had sued after the Affordable Care Act resulted in changes to their healthcare options, including federal subsidies for their health......

Google Scholar Works for Lay People, Not So Much for Practitioners

Google announced last week the creation of a "Google Scholar" button for Chrome. The button sits in your tool bar and allows you to search for terms on a Web page in Google Scholar without actually going to the Google Scholar website. No less an authority than Professor Orin Kerr......

Office Politics: What to Do When the Election Comes to Work

It's already started. The 2016 presidential election is more than a year and a half away, but we're already being asked if we're ready for Hillary or willing to pass the hat for Ted Cruz. The election season is upon us and it's not going away anytime soon. For......

ALEC Threatens To Sue Critics That Point Out It Helps Keep Broadband Uncompetitive

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

As you might have read, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been losing some major clients lately, including Google, T-Mobile and Microsoft. Those companies have been quietly distancing themselves from ALEC, after critics have illustrated its ties to legislative assaults on climate change science and meaningful pollution standards. Show More Summary

Reinventing The Law Business: The Importance Of Failure

Columnist Bruce Stachenfeld explains why failure is sometimes necessary, and should ultimately be praised, in the law firm environment. After all, the bin full of seemingly stupid ideas is where the brilliant ideas are hiding.

Hollywood Collectively Loses Its Mind About Latest Set Of Livestreaming Apps

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

If you (lucky you!) don't pay attention to the latest craze among the internet media, you may have missed the mid-to-late-March hype cycle around two livestreaming apps that are available via Twitter. The initial darling was Meerkat, which became this year's annual darling-for-a-week at SXSW. Show More Summary

Standing Your Ground, Even To Clients

As attorneys, we owe it to our clients and our profession to always give our full, unembellished opinion, even if it’s not what someone wants to hear and even if there may be consequences.

Federal Judge Benchslaps Litigant For Acting Like An Ostrich

Pull your head out of the sand, unless you want to lose your appeal.

Yelp Doesn’t Have to Unmask Reviewers, Virginia High Court Rules

Virginia's highest court ruled on Thursday that Yelp doesn't have to disclose the identities of online users accused by a small business owner of posting fraudulent negative reviews about his carpet-cleaning company.

Appeals Court Skeptical of Case Against EPA Climate Rule

WASHINGTON—A three-judge federal appeals court panel was skeptical Thursday about the timing of a lawsuit challenging the legality of a proposed regulation cutting carbon emissions from U.S. power plants.

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