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Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: To Know A Judge, Know Her Clerks

Why am I so obsessed with law clerks and clerkships? The rest of the world is coming around to what I’ve known for quite some time: when trying to learn about a judge, clerkly clues can be revealing. Take legal academia. Last year, a group of scholars at Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago […]

Oversight Board Finds NYPD Officers Still Violating Citizens' Right To Film Police

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The New York Civilian Complaint Review Board has just released a report [PDF] indicating NYPD officers are slow learners when it comes to recognizing citizens' right to record police officers. It's not that these officers have never been told. Show More Summary

What's Your Practice Worth?

Thinking about selling your practice? If so, the next question may help you make up your mind. How much is it worth? It's hard to say, kind of like explaining to clients the value of their case or the reason for your hourly rate. It's a complicated question but......

Chatbot Opens Up 1,000 Practice Areas

If you don't know who Joshua Browder is, you might want to check out his new chatbot now. Browder, a 20-year-old Stanford student and legal innovator, is changing the way the law works. He created a chatbot -- an interactive program that answers questions in real time -- that......

SCOTUS Upholds Hawaii District Court Modification to Travel Ban

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, SCOTUS denied President Trump's lawyers' motion seeking clarification of the Court's recent order lifting the injunction that stopped the controversial travel ban from being enforced. The Court issued a short, two-paragraph, three-sentence, order denying the motion, primarily explaining that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals......

Career Tips If You Want to Practice Music Law

In the midst of World War II, songwriters Harold Adamson and Jimmie McHugh popularized the expression "on a wing and prayer." They wrote several patriotic songs during the war, prompting President Truman to award them the Presidential Certificate of Merit. It was all good, except that they borrowed the......

SCOTUS Again Compromises on Trump's Travel Ban

In a case of saying much without saying a lot, the Supreme Court again compromised on President Donald Trump's travel ban. This time, a one-paragraph order left in place a Hawaii judge's ruling permitting entry of "grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins of persons in the......

Texas Judge Smokes Pot, Drinks Cough Syrup, Sexts Bailiff, Gets Suspended

Judge Hilary Green of Houston, Texas, was recently suspended after confirming allegations of illegal drug use, sexting with her bailiff, and illicitly taking prescription drugs. While the suspension is temporary, pending the final outcome of her case before the Texas Supreme Court, her own admissions are rather damning. In......

Law Firm Creates 'Virtual Hub' for New Partners

Another law firm is branching out on the internet, setting up a virtual office to complement its brick-and-mortar presence. Taylor English Duma, which brands itself as a new breed of law firm, is hiring partners to become part of a virtual hub. Unlike purely virtual firms, the Atlanta-based firm......

Non-Sequiturs: 07.19.17

The Supreme Court's latest ruling in the travel ban litigation: good news for grandparents, bad news for certain refugees. [How Appealing] And in the travel ban battle, the parties aren't pulling their punches. [Democracy in America...Show More Summary

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Overlap In August: ABA Annual Meeting And ILTACON

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NPR: Huge Convictions in Thai Human Trafficking Trial

NPR reports: A Thai army general and local politicians are among the dozens of people found guilty at a Bangkok court Wednesday in one of Thailand's largest human trafficking trials. Thailand has faced international criticism for years over human trafficking...

Moonton Responds To Copyright Infringement Suit From Riot Games By Threatening The Press With Lawsuits

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

While we often talk about oversteps regarding copyright protectionism and lawsuits in these here pages, it's not as though there aren't understandable disputes that exist. Likewise, while we often detail bad actions by aggressors onShow More Summary

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Mendacity

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission held its first public meeting, allowing each participant to voice his or her utterly unjustified belief that fraudulent voting is a rampant problem in the United States. (The commission...Show More Summary

To Cut Or Not To Cut (The Bar Exam Passing Score)

Does the mission of public protection conflict with lowering the passing rate for the bar exam?

The Trolley Dilemma and Autonomous Cars — Critical Decisions

Fleets of autonomous cars are navigating U.S. highways and byways every day. Once an unfathomable dream, as most technology has been throughout history, driverless vehicles with programmed minds of their own have arrived. The idea of learning, thinking machines is both exciting and concerning. Show More Summary

How Not To Use Your Berkeley Law Degree

Making license plates just isn't a J.D. advantage job.

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