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Have License, Can't Travel: Should Lawyers Be Able to Practice Across State Lines?

You graduated law school, passed the bar, and now you're ready to go. In one state, at least. But if you want to handle a case or advise a client across state lines, you'll soon hit a wall. Lawyers can't work where they're not admitted. For an out-of-state attorney......

Judge Richard Posner On SCOTUS: ‘The Supreme Court Is Awful’

Judge Posner thinks that only two justices are qualified to sit on the high court.

Non-Sequiturs: 10.24.16

Why are Native Americans suing the Mormon Church? [The Atlantic] The legal system changed the way you print documents. [Slate] The powerful online presence of Justices Ginsburg and Thomas. [Jost on Justice] The story behind the story of the death of Laquan McDonald. Show More Summary

Shadow Warrior 2 Developers: We'd Rather Spend Our Time Making A Great Game Than Worrying About Piracy

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

With the time we spend discussing the scourge of DRM that has invaded the video game industry for some time, it can at times be easy to lose sight of those in the industry who understand just how pointless the whole enterprise is. There...Show More Summary

Biglaw Gets In On The Funnies This Halloween

Pumpkin decorating contest is met with hilarious results.

5 Tips For In-House Lawyers To Make Discovery Less Painful

Discovery doesn't have to suck (well, at least as much as it so often does).

Lawyers Are Basically Paid Liars

In retrospect, maybe he would've been nicer.

Pot For Pets: Snake Oil Or The Real Deal?

You should probably think twice before giving pet store CBD to your beloved dog or cat...

SEALS Discussion Panel on Graduate Students as Employees

Among the several labor and employment topics at next year’s SEALS meeting, we are organizing a discussion panel on graduate students and research assistants recent classification as employees under the NLRA. Please let Jeff Hirsch ( know if you’re interested...

AT&T & Time Warner Versus Consumers With Pitchforks

Everybody needs to slow their roll. Teddy Roosevelt is not walking through that door.

Puerto Rico Sues UBS Over Municipal Bond Losses

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Zamansky

Facing concerns that the territory’s pension funds could begin running out of money as soon as 2018, Puerto Rico’s retirement system has filed a lawsuit against UBS Group AG alleging that the firm is responsible for the funds’ substantial investment losses. Show More Summary

Lawyer's Qui Tam Spam Nets Him Nearly $12M

Talk about a niche practice: A Chicago lawyer has filed almost a thousand qui tam cases in Cook County, Illinois courts over the past 15 years, bringing in millions of dollars in settlements. Stephen Diamond and his firm, Bloomberg's Michael Bologna reports, obtained almost $30 million across 911 qui......

Don't Cite Dred Scott

Looking for that perfect cite? The most on-point case law? The pin cite that will really drive your point home? Here's a hint: don't make it a cite to one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. Don't cite Dred Scott. Surprisingly, that's a lesson lawyers for the state......

The CFPB Is Too Independent to Be Constitutional, D.C. Cir. Rules

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established in the wake of the 2007 financial meltdown that gave birth to the "Great Recession." Created by the 2010's Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB was to operate as a Wall Street watchdog agency. To ensure its independence from political interference, it was to......

How Are Firms Preparing for the DOL's New Fiduciary Rules?

In April, the Department of Labor finalized rules for financial advisors handling retirement accounts, requiring, for the first time, that broker-dealers and financial advisors act in the best interests of their clients. Choosing suitable investments will no longer be enough; there's now a fiduciary duty to "put the customer......

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