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Do You Sleep in on Weekends? This Can Damage Your Health

When you have to chose between sleep and work, work wins. That leaves many lawyers with huge sleep deficits. After a deadline crunch leaves you working ten hours a day or more, six days a week, many esquires try to catch up by sleeping in all weekend long. But......

How to Start a Solo Law Practice: 5 Tips to Get Started

Many attorneys have successfully hung their own shingle, but it can be daunting to do this on your own. Part of the appeal of BigLaw is that someone else will make the big decisions for you. But this also means micromanagement and other crimes against your independent nature. Here......

Uber Drivers Score Another Win in the 9th Cir.

Another win was secured for Uber drivers in O'Connor et al v. Uber Technologies Inc. as the Ninth Circuit denied the company's request to appeal the recent order approving the class certification in a lawsuit by drivers who wished to be categorized as employees. The ruling means that drivers......


Why We Need a Federal Civil Claim for Trade Secret Misappropriation Guest Post by James Pooley, former Deputy Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Pooley makes his full argument in a forthcoming George Mason Law Review article available here. Show More Summary

Morning Docket: 11.24.15

The Second Circuit has scheduled oral arguments in the NFL's appeal of the Deflategate case for March 3. Roger Goodell is going to be pretty pissed off that Tom Brady can deflate his balls without being disturbed by legal issues until after Super Bowl 50. Show More Summary

Tips for Avoiding Tractor-trailer Trucking Accidents

As the holidays approach, AAA has reported that over 95 million Americans will hit the road, traveling long distances to visit friends and family. Office parties, neighborhood get-togethers, parades, and holiday sales are all fun events that result in Americans taking to their vehicles with greater frequency than usual. Show More Summary

Post-Koken Trial Order Out of Washington County on Evidentiary Issues--Plaintiff Precluded From Calling Claims Rep as Witness

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Tort Talk

In recent Orders issued by the Washington County Court of Commons Pleas of Cope v. State Farm, No. 2013-CV-2188 (C.P. Wash. Co. Oct. 21, 2015 Nalitz, J.), the court granted Defendant insurance company’s Motion In Limine and precluded...Show More Summary

Morning Wrap: Wisconsin Abortion Law Fails | New Report on Minority GCs

The Seventh Circuit finds Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional. The Minority Corporate Counsel Association releases its annual general counsel survey of Fortune 500 companies. A federal appeals court says various Justice Department memos about the lawfulness of drone strikes against Americans can remain secret. Show More Summary

Toy roundup: grain as Grand Guignol, and legal blocks

Those “most dangerous” toys lists are an easy way for news editors to fill space before the holidays, but could a note of strain be creeping in? One of the ten on this year’s list from Massachusetts-based W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys...Show More Summary

Documents Show 1033 Program Still Resulting In Lots Of Lost Weapons And Other Abuse

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The Pentagon's 1033 program is a case study in unintended consequences. The idea -- put military equipment back into service rather than simply scrapping it -- has some merit. The actual deployment has been a nightmare. The Dept. ofShow More Summary

Barefoot Wine Contests Trademark Of Barefoot Kombucha: Tea Or Wine, Who Can Tell?

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've had a few instances in the past involving wine-makers and needless trademark spats with companies in completely unrelated industries. The time Trek Bicycle went after a winery, comes to mind for instance. More recently, and somewhat more appropriate to this post, was the trademark dispute between a winery and brewery with similar names. Show More Summary

“Texas teen Ahmed Mohamed seeks $15 million for homemade clock incident”

“Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving teenager who made national news after he was suspended for bringing a clock to school, is seeking $15 million in damages from the city of Irving and the Irving school district.” After the handcuffing incident...Show More Summary

Police union roundup

Case of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, suspended 5 times before faking his suicide as death in the line of duty, also illustrates how hard it is to fire a public employee [Scott Reeder/Chicago Sun-Times, reprint at Reboot Illinois] More on campaign...Show More Summary

Does the First Amendment Protect Professionals?

For 10 years, Ronald Hines was the Internet’s most generous veterinarian, dispensing email advice to pet owners in far-flung places—including a Scottish missionary in Nigeria and a double amputee in rural New Hampshire. Then the state of Texas shut him down. Show More Summary

Notes from the PPAC Meetings

Global Dossier has now been released (November 2015). USPTO Collected over $3 billion in user fees in FY2015. That figure was below budget. Spending limit is around $3.5 billion, but is limited by revenue.  As a benchmark, in FY2010 USPTO collected $2.1 billion in revenue. USPTO is proposing increase in fees Ex parte prosecution: filing fee up $120 […]

DailyDirt: Did You Wash Your Hands?

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Washing your hands with soap is an activity that most Americans probably take for granted. However, even doctors need to be reminded sometimes how important hand washing with soap is. This isn't just a conspiracy from the big "soap industry" for people to use more soap. Show More Summary

Why Your Employees Leave -- and How to Keep Them Around

When an employee quits, it's not just a worker walking out the door, its years of training and investment. Hiring replacement employees is expensive and time consuming, requiring you to invest resources in job search and training -- resources that could be better spent on the firms' practice. Retention......

Indiana Supreme Court Says Cop Can't Have His '01NK' License Plate

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Earlier this year, a police officer and the ACLU performed a "strange bedfellows" act in hopes of overturning Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicle's rejection of the officer's vanity license plate request. Rodney Vawter, a rare law enforcement...Show More Summary

Who's Hughes? Roberts Discusses Former Chief Justice, FDR Foil

A conservative Chief Justice who repeatedly stands in the way of a progressive, Democratic president, while leading a divided, unpopular Supreme Court. No, it's not Chief Justice Roberts, though the parallels are clear. It's Charles Evans Hughes, Roberts's counterpart from 1930 to 1941, who repeatedly held back President Franklin......

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