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Limited Edition Gear For Our Friends In The UK: Necessary Hashtags

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Available For One Week Only: Necessary Hashtags Gear From TechdirtUK/EU Shipping | US Shipping Ever since UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd offered up her confused ideas about internet censorship, the somewhat meta hashtag #necessaryhashtags has been busily buzzing away with quips at her expense. Show More Summary

Broadway Play Changes Set Design Over Cafe Trademark Threat And, No, That Doesn't Make Any Damned Sense

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

When you write enough about trademark disputes, a recurring thing that happens is you keep thinking you've seen it all, but then something insane happens. And truly, after years of writing here at Techdirt, I've come across some mind-bending trademark disputes. Show More Summary

Appeals Court Says Right To Bear Arms Isn't A Right If Cops Are Banging On Your Door In The Middle Of The Night

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Qualified immunity -- a legal doctrine that originates from court decisions rather than statute -- received another boost from the federal court system last week. Qualified immunity is the concept that allows overreaching and abusive government employees and officials to stay one step ahead of accountability. Show More Summary

Biomet Hip MDL Judge Remanded Florida Cases to State Court

Plaintiffs, Griseth DeJesus, Chanton Harris and Rita Taranto sued in Florida State Court asserting that they were injured by hip implant manufactured by Biomet Inc. and Biomet Orthopedics LLC.  According to the complaints, “the Distributor...Show More Summary

Movie Studios Considering Tightening Release Windows When They Should Be Eliminating Them

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The very idea of major movie studios simultaneously complaining about movie piracy during the initial release of a film and instituting long release windows so that films are only in the theater for legitimate viewing has never made a bit of sense. Show More Summary

Court Says Posting Georgia's Official Annotated Laws Is Not Fair Use, And Thus Infringing

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've written a number of times about Carl Malamud and his organization, a nonprofit that focuses on making the world's laws more readily accessible to the people governed by those laws. You'd think that people would be excited about this, but instead, Carl just keeps getting sued. Show More Summary

UK Home Secretary: I Need People Who Understand The Necessary Hashtags To Censor Bad People Online

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

So, last week a clearly troubled individual by the name of Khalid Masood killed four people in Westminster and, as happens all too often after something bad happens, politicians went insane. But no one more so than UK Home SecretaryShow More Summary

Daily Deal: iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit is packed with everything you need to for the most important electronics repairs, like screen breaks and battery swaps. The kit includes a magnetized driver handle, angled precision tweezers,Show More Summary

More Financial Scandals Involving A Collecting Society: Remind Me Again Why They Are Credible Representatives Of Artists?

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

If you've been reading Techdirt for any time you'll know that copyright collecting societies have a pretty poor record when it comes to supporting the artists they are supposed to serve. Sometimes, that is just a question of incompetence, but often it veers over into something worse, as happened in Spain, Peru and India. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Seems Unenthusiastic About Eliminating Patent-Troll Venue

The Supreme Court debates whether to fix what critics say is a 30-year mistake in patent law.

Trump’s Executive Order Is The First Move In Chess Match To Unravel Obama Air Regs

Trump's expected executive order is merely the opening move in a complex drive to dismantle Obama's regulatory web.

His Lawyer Urged a Plea Bargain, Now He's Facing Deportation. Will He Get a Second Chance?

Jae Lee immigrated to the United States from South Korea when he was just a teenager. Decades later, he was accused of dealing ecstasy in Memphis, Tennessee. At the urging of his attorney, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year and one day in jail. Here's the......

Struggling For-Profit Law Schools Look for a Way Out

It's not easy being a for-profit law school these days. Just take Arizona Summit, the law school that offered grads $10,000 to skip the bar exam, presumably so that the school's pass rate wouldn't tank. Or Florida Coastal School of Law, the law school that recently failed the ABA's......

Copyright Law and the Future of 3D Printing

What came first in the world of copyright and 3D printing, the egg or the egg holder? Like the chicken-and-the-egg question, the copyright question seems so simple at first. The egg, right? You can't have an egg holder without an egg? But throw in a U.S. Supreme Court decision......

In Travel Ban Battle, Don't Look at Campaign Statements, DOJ Says

In determining the constitutionality of President Trump's travel ban executive order, courts shouldn't look back to Trump's statements as a candidate, the Department of Justice says. District courts in Maryland and Hawaii blocked Trump's newest travel ban two weeks ago, finding it to be likely unconstitutional. Both judges relied......

Spring Cleaning for Lawyers

In the spring, a young man's fancy might turn to thoughts of love, if you believe Tennyson, but for the rest of us, well, we'll content ourselves with a little extra sunshine and a healthy bout of cleaning. For lawyers and legal professionals, the season, which officially started last......

Mining Employee Data, With Ethics in Mind

Big data is making it increasingly easy to gain insight from unstructured information, to use satellite imagery of big box parking lots to predict stock performance, say, or to identify potential human traffickers based on bank deposits. And companies can also turn those analytic abilities inward, looking for insights......

Automation Replaces About 23 Percent of Lawyer's Work

Relax, a robot will not be taking your law job -- yet. According to researchers -- aided by computers, of course -- only 23 percent of a lawyer's tasks can be automated with current technology. After analyzing 2,000 work activities for 800 occupations, McKinsey Global Institute reported that it......

Immigration Lawyer Gets Federal Prison Time for Fake Asylum Claims

After two days of a bloody overthrow in 1963, thousands lay dead in the streets of Iraq and Saddam Hussein was on his way to taking over the country. Robert W. DeKelaita, who grew up in the shadow of the new regime, left the country with his family when......

Court Sends NLRB Back to Deal With Automatic Deductions for Dues

In what the dissent called a "hot potato," a divided appeals court said the National Labor Relations Board erred in rejecting the claims of grocery workers who had cancelled automatic deductions for their dues. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia remanded the case back......

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