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The Best Transcript Of All Time? You Be The Judge.

The defendant was jaw-droppingly rude, although the judge wasn't great either.

Standard Of Review: The Last Two Episodes of ‘O.J.: Made in America’ Continue To Be Great (With Minor Flaws)

This fantastic documentary series should be watched by all attorneys, law students, and even people with no affiliation with the law.

Supreme Court Breakfast Table

Friends: I cannot quite believe it’s been 15 years, Walter! I recall that very first year you even wrote about what you were eating for breakfast! Adorable. And now we are simply old people, or at least I am old people and you, Walter, are a faster internet writer than me. Show More Summary

Russia's Problem (According To Russian Politicians): Not Enough Mass Surveillance

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

When you look back at Techdirt's coverage of Russia's attempts to control its people and shut down online dissent, it's unlikely you will be thinking to yourself: "What Russia really needs is more mass surveillance." But Russian politicians...Show More Summary

Be Safe This Summer: Stay Bicycle-Smart

Bicycling is a breeze. Wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders, therapy for your mind and exercise for your body. Whether you pedal along the beach, around a lake or in a park, your summertime ritual surely will be fun. Until you get hit by a car. Show More Summary

Law School’s Name Change Sparks Ire, Potential Lawsuit

Just four miles away, there is another law school with a very similar name, and they are pissed.

LawFact of the Day: Civil Litigation

Here is your daily LawFact from Wise Law for Thursday June 23, 2016. Today we are talking about Civil Litigation. A video posted by Wise Law Office (@wiselaw) on Jun 23, 2016 at 6:33am PDT The Canadian Legal Information Institute ( CanLII...Show More Summary

Sony Settlement Gives PS3 Owners $9 After Company Made Console Less Useful Via Firmware Update

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've noted countless times how in the modern computing era, you don't really own what you think you own. You don't really own the music or books that can arbitrarily disappear on your devices, and you no longer really own a wide variety...Show More Summary

What Practice Areas Are Best for Flat Fee Billing?

A good bit of your solo or small firm practice will be devoted to maintaining the books and making sure money is coming in. As times change, the usual practice of taking in about a third of your client's takings is becoming less and less pervasive -- and there's good......

#DearFindLaw: What's Up With Guns, Scrutiny, and Standards of Review?

At FindLaw, we love to get questions from our readers. So when you ask, we try to answer. One reader recently wrote us to wonder about the relationship between judicial scrutiny, appellate standards of review, and recent Second Amendment cases. In sum: what's up with all that? The question......

D.C. Codes Come to FindLaw, Free and User-Friendly

Sure, residents of Washington, D.C. don't have real representation in Congress and can easily have their laws overturned by that same body, but they've got something that's almost better now. FindLaw now has the best, easiest-to-use District of Columbia Codes around. And unlike the Metro, they're actually mobile (-friendly). And......

Reading List: The Copyright Wars

yesterdayIndustries / Law : 43(B)log

Peter Baldwin, The Copyright Wars: Three Centuries of Trans-Atlantic Battle (2014) Baldwin’s basic proposition is that there has been a long history of struggles between creators, distributors and the public, and a related struggle between the idea of Continental authors’ rights (fundamentally moral) and UK/US copyrights (fundamentally economic). Show More Summary

Fictional Claims: Why Kids Are Not Suffering With Canada’s Copyright Fair Dealing Rules

In recent weeks, there has been some media coverage claiming that Canadian educational materials are disappearing in the face of copyright fair dealing rules. For example, several weeks ago, Globe and Mail writer Kate Taylor wrote aShow More Summary

Morning Docket: 06.23.16

So Sheppard Mullin was our only associate raise of yesterday. Well, that's not technically true because there was another one overnight, but we don't have that post up yet. So stay tuned! [Above the Law / 2016 Salary Increase] Jones Day sued over gender and pregnancy discrimination. Show More Summary

Limited Tort Motion for Summary Judgment Denied in Northampton County

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Tort Talk

In the recent Northampton County Court of Common Pleas decision of George v. Hower, 59 Northampton 211 (C.P. North. Co. March 9, 2016), the court denied a defense Motion for Summary Judgment on the limited tort issue after finding that...Show More Summary

Open Access Idaho Broadband Network Lets Customers Switch To A New ISP In Seconds

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

In 2009, the FCC funded a Harvard study that concluded (pdf) that open access policies (letting multiple ISPs come in and compete over a central, core network) resulted in lower broadband prices and better service. Of course when the...Show More Summary

Texas Trademark Spat Full Of Crap?

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've seen plenty of strange, even laughable, trademark spats around here. What can get lost in the kind of ownership culture we've collectively created is that trademark is chiefly built around the concept of avoiding customer confusion. Show More Summary

Thanks a lot but no thanks: Citigroup v. AT&T

Financial institution Citigroup says it has trademarked “ThankYou” as a marketing term in connection with customer loyalty and reward programs and is suing AT&T for using the term in its own new marketing campaign. [David Kravets, ArsTechnica] Tags: trademarks Thanks a lot but no thanks: Citigroup v. Show More Summary

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