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Some Good News From This Election Cycle: Alabama Has Its First African-American Woman District Attorney

In a world that cannot secure a conviction when a cop shoots an unarmed, fleeing man in the back five times, we'll take the small victories.

Israeli Government Pushes National Biometric Database With Claims Of Security Superiority Nobody Thinks Are True

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

There has been something of a push in recent years in different countries to build biometric databases of varying degrees. These efforts are typically marred by pushback and controversy, with countries like Argentina using these databases...Show More Summary

Non-Sequiturs: 12.06.16

Using Whole Woman's Health against attacks on voting rights. [Rewire] Is imagination more important than logic in legal reasoning? [Guile is Good] Tips for texting your client. [Reboot Your Law Practice] The latest legal loss for Gucci. Show More Summary

60 Minutes on ADA Drive-By Lawsuits

On Sunday Anderson Cooper at CBS “60 Minutes” covered one of our favorite issues: the way lawyers and clients sue retail businesses by the dozens or hundreds over defects in ADA accessibility compliance and then cash in the complaints for quick settlements. Show More Summary

“The State of American Criminal Justice”

All-day Cato conference tomorrow (register or watch online) has a line-up that includes attorney Ken White, civil libertarian Harvey Silverglate, Judge Shira Scheindlin, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums vice president Kevin Ring, with Cato researchers moderating each panel. Show More Summary

Free speech roundup

Tomorrow (Tues., Dec. 6) Cato Digital presents panel discussion “Free Speech in the Age of Trump” with Flemming Rose, Nick Gillespie, and Kat Murti [register or watch live online] Eventually, Supreme Court will have to consider a First...Show More Summary

Debating a constitutional convention this week

New York listeners: I’m scheduled to be a guest on Brian Lehrer’s popular WNYC radio show tomorrow (Monday) morning, probably 10:30 a.m. or so, debating famed Harvard Law professor Larry Lessig on the topic of a convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Show More Summary

“Justice Scalia’s Telecommunications Legacy”

Antonin Scalia’s work on telecommunications deregulation before he became a judge is not one of the more widely known parts of his career, but as director of a White House office on telecom policy in the 1970s he played a key role in...Show More Summary

Labor and employment roundup

“Apprenticeships: Useful Alternative, Tough to Implement” [Gail Heriot, Cato Institute Policy Analysis] “Hiring Without Headaches – A Possibility or Fantasy?” [Daniel Schwartz on President Obama/Stephen Colbert “job interview”] Employee...Show More Summary

Liability roundup

Truckers scramble as liability insurers exit from fleet coverage after giant verdicts [Brian Baskin, WSJ] Court rejects demand for netting at Major League Baseball venues: fans “lacked standing to sue because they could not show a sufficient likelihood they would be injured at future games” [Jonathan Stempel, Reuters] Talcum powder: “St. Show More Summary

Trump’s business interests and the Emoluments Clause

Given the complex ongoing dealings between the Trump Organization and foreign governments, the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution will require Congress to “decide what it is willing to live with in the way of Trump conflicts” — and it should draw those lines before the fact, not after. Show More Summary

English Court of Appeal: litigation funders on hook for fee shift

Casting aside traditional prohibitions on champerty and maintenance, the United Kingdom has of late thrown open its doors to “litigation finance” enterprises that fund legal actions as an investment in exchange for a share of the proceeds. Show More Summary

“The $20 Million Bucket of Chicken”

KFC’s menu states that its “Fill-Up” $20 deal includes eight pieces of chicken plus a variety of sides that it thinks will serve a party of four. A Hudson Valley, N.Y. woman says she was misled by advertising materials that showed an overflowing bucket. Show More Summary

Enterprise Risk Management: A New Area for Attorneys

What is ERM, and how can it help lawyers help their clients to deal with the challenges an organization faces?

Law Isn’t Retail: Gender Expectations In The Legal Workplace

The more we educate our male colleagues and give them tools to avoid sexist behavior, the closer we will get to changing gender expectations for women in the practice of law.

Practicing Immigration Law in the Trump Era

Immigration has been central to Donald Trump's agenda since he announced his candidacy almost a year and a half ago. Now, Trump's electoral success has signaled a massive shift in U.S. immigration policy and enforcement: a likely end to the Obama administration's immigration reform efforts, a promised increase in......

Samsung Beats Apple in Design Patent Dispute But Questions Remain

Samsung won a significant (one might say explosive) victory in the Supreme Court today, as the Court ruled that Samsung did not need to pay Apple the entirety of its profits, nearly $400 million, from phones found to be infringing on the rival phone maker's design patents. A jury......

'Friends and Family' Securities Fraud Conviction Upheld in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld the insider trading conviction of a Chicago man who had traded based on inside tips from relatives. The man, Bassam Salman, argued that those who tipped him off to insider information must have gained some pecuniary benefit from the tip in order for him......

How to Find and Use Practice Exams to Study in Law School

Law school exams tend to be all or nothing. You sit down, pound the keyboard for a few hours, walk out and a few weeks to a few months later, you've got your entire grade for that course. With everything riding on one test, it's no wonder stress levels......

Moneyball, Law Professor Style

What do you care about more -- the promise of greatness or actual greatness?

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