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"Arabic Terror Message" Actually Said "Welcome Home" in Hebrew

If you see something, say something! Unless you're an idiot: The Rapides Parish [Louisiana] Sheriff's Office... and KALB were contacted by several residents who were concerned about the signs and that they might have been [a] terror message written... Show More Summary

Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain

Robert Schaffer & Joseph Robinson: Akamai v. Limelight Matthew Sag: Graphs On IP Litigation In US District Courts  Sarah Green: Ping-Pong Table Puts Singapore’s Intellectual Property Regulation Under Spotlight Kevin E. Noonan: Kimble v. Show More Summary

Why Lack Of Diversity Isn’t Biglaw’s Fault

Biglaw gets a lot of flack for its lack of diversity. But is it really Biglaw's fault?

PTO Proposed Pilot Program on IPR Initiation

Inter Partes Review (IPR) Trials have become an effective tool for cancelling invalid patent claims that lack novelty or fail the nonobviousness test. The IPR process has two main stages: Institution and Trial. At the institution stage, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) must determine whether the third-party challenge is sufficient enough to warrant […]

Techdirt Podcast Episode 39: Technology's Impact On Democracy

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

From e-voting and online petitions to broad new avenues of communication between politicians and the public, technology is changing democracy, and has the potential to do so even more. This week we're joined by Catherine Bracy, the Technology...Show More Summary

Ensure Children Arrive Alive at School by Teaching Them Well

Back-to-school time marks the waning of another summer, the excitement of an approaching autumn and students of all ages pedaling, skateboarding and walking their way to first period. It also brings the responsibility for motorists to take extra precautions on the road both before the bell rings in the morning and after it rings mid-day.... Show More Summary

Life Is Short. Litigate.

In what may be the consummate legal irony of the summer, Ashley Madison—the adultery-management Web business dedicated to the proposition that one relationship is never quite enough—is suddenly contending with multiple lawsuits, each more explosive than the one before. Show More Summary

Lawyers Work Too Damn Much

That all nighter you pulled is, in the grand scheme of things, truly meaningless.

A Case of the End of Summer Blahs

This post is from the non-Reed Smith side of the blog. August 25th. How can that be? Some of us are still using the red, white and blue napkins we purchased for the Fourth of July. Jersey corn is sweet and the tomatoes are juicy. The shore is still packed with sun and surf lovers. Show More Summary

FiscalNote Prophecy: An Algorithm For ‘Washington Man’

Technology columnist Sean Doherty checks out FiscalNote’s Prophecy, a service that provides insight into legislative data for business and legal professionals.

How The Heavy Hand Of Government Stifles The On Demand Economy

2 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

This century has produced a new lexicon that didn't exist a generation ago: Broadband. Apps. Connectivity. Streaming video. Social networks. The on-demand economy. The new millennium has also produced a startling number of successful...Show More Summary

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Indian Summer

Columnist Laurie Lin sizes up the latest featured couples: no tackiness here, just limitless love and legal prestige.

The Brits Remind Us: Clients Don't Care About Your Firm Structure

We don't often look across the pond for advice on making 'Merica's legal industry great. We took the Magna Carta, some common law, and haven't felt the need to look back since 1776. But maybe there's a thing or two American lawyers can learn from their English counterparts, at least......

The Perils of Online Dating

FindLaw columnist Eric Sinrod writes regularly in this section on legal developments surrounding technology and the Internet. Once upon a time, people didn't require Internet access to find a date. The old-fashioned dating scene involved socializing with friends, attending community events, and spending Friday nights at parties and bars.......

Chicago Attorney on Trial for Illegally Coaching Witnesses

A Chicago defense attorney has found himself on trial last week, facing allegations that he illegally coached witnesses to lie on the stand. Defense attorney Beau Brindley is accused of a host of violations, from scripting witness answers to making illegal fee arraignments and interfering with grand jury investigations. Brindley......

Do Lawyers Make Good CEOs?

In-house counsel are playing an ever greater role in the C-suite. Some are even joining it, not just as CLOs but as CEO. Despite the stereotype of the lawyer as roadblock -- attorneys are derided as the "vice-presidents of No" by plenty of business people -- many companies are......

Posner's Internet Research Alters Case: Did He Cross the Line?

Another Seventh Circuit judge is in hot water these days, and no, it's not for forgetting a case for a few years this time. Judge Posner, perhaps one of the highest profile judges in the federal courts, minus only those on SCOTUS, came under fire after he did his own......

Twitter Best Practices Now That Google Highlights Tweets

Your tweets, never very private to begin with, are about to get much more public. Google, the Goliath search engine company starting integrating tweets into its desktop search results this weekend. They've been experimenting with Twitter content for awhile now, but they only began to show tweets in all......

Alleged Hypno-Lawyer Disbarred

It's not too unusual, or so I hear, for a client to be unable to recall every meeting and phone call with a lawyer. I would guess that the recall rate goes down as the billing rate goes up, generally...          Related Stories Criminal-Defense...Show More Summary

Best Summer Associate Event Contest (2015): The Winner!

This wasn't exactly a close contest; the winner scored a runaway victory.

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