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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Receives Some Unwelcome Answers

Blitzer appeared stunned and forlorn at these answers. They were clearly not the answers he was expecting to hear.

Another Major Democratic Email Scandal the News Media is Ignoring

In the midst of allegations of Russian ties to the Trump administration and in the aftermath of the hacking of Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee emails, there is a new scandal email involving Democratic House members that could amount to a covert effort by foreign actors to penetrate the House of Representatives computer system. […]

New York Times Targets Trump Administration with “The Truth” Ad Campaign

The New York Times will air its first ever television ad during the Academy Awards this Sunday with a spot that targets the Trump administration, titled “The Truth.” Here are some sample statements from the ad. They appear in rapid order on the screen: “The truth is alternative facts are lies” “The truth is the […]

The Bias Buzz Podcast- Milo Yiannopoulos Controversy, Trump vs. the Media, Left Wing Protests Losing Steam, Immigration Policy and More

Episode 60.  This week’s topics include President Trump calling the media “the enemy of the American people,” the Milo Yiannopoulos controversy, left wing street protests losing steam, Sweden, immigration policy and more. Due to audio difficulties there will be no Soundcloud or iTunes files this week. The Bias Buzz podcast- National Margarita Day, Milo Yiannapoulos, […]

3 Count: Screener Door

Warner Bros. settles lawsuit over leaked Oscar screeners, Kim Dotcom vows to sue the New Zealand government and Hamilton creators settle merch lawsuit. The post 3 Count: Screener Door appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

CPAC 2017 is Underway: Short List of Featured Speakers

CPAC, or the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, is held in the D.C. area at the Gaylord Marriott hotel complex in Oxon Hill, Maryland. You can find a complete schedule of the conference at this link (the main sessions go from Thursday to Saturday). Who is going to speak at CPAC? Here are the notable […]

Washington Post Criticizes Trump’s Deference to States on Transgender Bathroom Issue

The Washington Post, far from being a fair and neutral party in politics (which is disappointing since journalism should be fair and balanced), criticized the Trump administration for not enforcing an Obama administration directive.Show More Summary

Los Angeles Times Heralds Protesters Disrupting GOP Town Halls

Protesters have flooded Republican politicians’ hometown town halls as of late. Starting with the likes of Utah’s Jason Chaffetz, local and out-of-town protesters have disrupted GOP politicians’ town halls as of late to protest the election (and policies) of President Donald Trump. The LA Times outlined the number of town halls disrupted by protesters: Utah […]

DAPL Protesters Set Tents on Fire before Eviction Order

Protesters who disagree with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (known by the acronym DAPL) decided to set fire to some tents in their campground. Fox News said that the protesters felt it would be easier to clean up as ashes instead of having to dismantle the tent (huh?!). The local government authorities had […]

Liberal Narrative Debunked: Poll finds 80% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities

That probably was NOT the result that The Hill was looking for in their poll of Americans on whether they agree with or disagree with the concept of sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are where cities ignore federal immigration law enforcement. Here’s what The Hill said about the poll: A survey from Harvard–Harris Poll provided exclusively […]

Iran’s Bluster Is Just Fear of Trump—and Revolution

They’re chanting “Death to America” in Tehran again, on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979. And they are stomping on big posters of The Donald. Iranian leaders are warning the United States that tough talk and threats are pointless; that Iran is so powerful they will pursue their revolutionary mission no matter what we […]

Fact-Checking the Media’s New Passion for Fact Checking

The media, and fact-checkers, are grasping at straws in their attempts to contradict President Trump and reduce his influence.

Former Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee Says Media Has Conducted a “Full Onslaught” Against Trump

President Donald Trump, who has been battling the liberal media since he took office last month, has an unlikely defender in former Democratic Rhode Island Governor and presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee. Chafee was also a U.S. senator, and served there as a Republican from 1999 to 2007, before switching parties. In an interview with WPRO-AM […]

3 Count: Making Arguments

Web host Steadfast wins dismissal of lawsuit against them, Vimeo asks Supreme Court to not hear appeal and Copyright Alliance backs Oracle vs. Google. The post 3 Count: Making Arguments appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Media Quotes Jewish Leaders, Neglected to Mention Their Opposition to Trump

Too often, the liberal media quotes leaders and national figures without mentioned their Democratic Party ties or position OR whether they are longtime critics of President Donald Trump. In the case of the Anne Frank Center’s Steven Goldstein and the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt, they have issued statements that are anti-Trump in nature. The Hill […]

Rich Irony? USA Today Quoted anti-Israel Democrat Keith Ellison’s Tweets about Anti-Semitism and Trump

Democratic congressman Keith Ellison’s tweets on Donald Trump and anti-Semitism made it into a USA Today article which criticized Trump on the alleged dancing around the issue of anti-Semitism and outright condemnation of it. Why has it taken @realDonaldTrump so long to even say the word “anti-Semitism?” Perhaps it has something to do with placating his […]

USA Today Compared Trump’s Campaign Slogan to Anti-Semitism, Claimed Breitbart is an ‘Alt-Right’ Website

In an article critical of President Donald Trump’s standing on anti-Semitism, USA Today alleged that the right-leaning Breitbart News Network is alt-right (i.e. white supremacist-supporting). You also can’t ignore how USA Today compared Trump’s campaign slogan, “America First,” has echoes of Nazi Germany. Show More Summary

Liberal Media Makes It Seem that President Trump Doesn’t Denounce Anti-Semitism

If you read the liberal mainstream media headlines and their articles, it would appear that President Donald Trump has not condemned rising anti-Semitism. But, the opposite is true. Here are several examples when President Trump has condemned anti-Semitism: He tweeted that he disavowed former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who was a white supremacist figure. […]

Trump’s Russian Gambit: More and Less than it Appears

The pack journalists of the liberal media are baying at the moon of “Kremlin-gate” trying to link President Donald Trump’s desire to improve relations with Russia to Moscow’s alleged attempt to rig the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. Putin supposedly thought Trump would be the weaker commander-in-chief. A reporter even brought this up again at […]

NAMBLA Comes (Almost) to CPAC

That helps to explain the scheduled appearance of Yiannopoulos, who resigned on Tuesday from his position as a Breitbart News editor, at CPAC.

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