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Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?

Every time the media mindlessly report Iran has a “nuclear weapons program” rather than a “nuclear program” (or, better, a “nuclear energy” or “nuclear power program”), they further advance the myth that Iran’s intentions or “ambitions” are to build a nuclear bomb, which is something we have no evidence it is doing or plans to do

Trump Says He’s ‘Surprised’ by Dishonesty in Media

President Trump said Tuesday that one of the things that surprised him the most after he took office was the “dishonesty in the media,” calling CNN “a joke” and NBC “a total joke.” Trump spoke with WMAL radio host Chris Plante at the White House as part of the administration’s effort to push for tax […]

CNN Criticizes NBC Because Megyn Kelly Isn’t Asking Softball Questions

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has faced a bumpy road as she finds her footing on her new show at rival NBC. Kelly joined the rival network to become a morning talk show host on NBC, where she has said she would not discuss politics. CNN recently pointed out NBC’s alleged ‘Megyn Kelly problem’ […]

NY Times Editor Admits to Bias in Project Veritas Video

Project Veritas published a new video Thursday in which a New York Times editor based in London confirms what most readers already knew: The paper has essentially given up on objectivity as long as President Trump is around. Editor Des Shoe admitted the paper had gone all-Trump-all-the-time during the 2016 campaign in an attempt to undermine […]

Salon Compiles Best Conservatives List — And They All Share One Thing

To be a smart conservative, you have to hate Donald Trump. Salon recently published a list of “The 25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following on Twitter.” “Yes, they exist,” the subhead read. “Liberals in shock over the 2016 election were prescribed a heavy dose of reality. ‘Get out of your bubble,’ the doctor’s note illegibly read. […]

NBC News Asks Why NFL Cheerleaders Don’t Protest

NBC News disregarded the role of NFL cheerleaders, asking why they don’t take a knee during the national anthem in solidarity with the players’ protests. NFL cheerleaders are not compensated much for their work on the field and sidelines during games. While they serve as the teams’ public relations ambassadors, they may take home just $100 per […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Media for Lack of Accountability on Weinstein

CNN’s Jake Tapper lashed out at the media on Twitter for the lack of accountability in reporting on the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. 2/ … we've also seen direct/indirect examples of how members of the media helped cover up his alleged crimes. Publishing dirt on victims.. — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 14, 2017 3/…plus killing […]

3 Count: Tick Tock Box

Film studios team with Amazon and Netflix to sue Tickbox, Epic Games sues two alleged Fortnite cheaters and Aboriginal artist's estate gets rights back. The post 3 Count: Tick Tock Box appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Media Reports Hit to Obamacare, Neglects Newly Announced Benefits

President Trump announced a decision to halt subsidy payments to the insurance companies in Obamacare exchanges. Many of the media response centered on the damage that decision did to President Obama’s signature legislative achievement. Show More Summary

Trump-Tillerson Feud A Production of Mainstream Media

For more than 100 years, the Associated Press was a beacon of unbiased journalism. Its copy delivered the news, withheld the opinion and covered, as Mark Twain once said, everything under the sun. But that’s no longer the case. The AP Stylebook, its guide for questions such as where to put the comma, how to […]

Hillary Clinton Calls Rival Trump ‘Sexual Assaulter’ but Excuses Husband

Hillary Clinton, the losing presidential candidate in 2016, has not pulled back criticism of her rival, President Donald Trump. In light of the campaign donations she received from Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood executive accused of sexual assault and rape, she has turned to criticizing Trump, equating him with Weinstein: “This kind of behavior cannot be […]

The Reason Jimmy Kimmel Won’t Touch Harvey Weinstein Jokes

The media heralds late-night television comedians and hosts for railing against Republicans, President Trump and their political agenda, such as repealing and replacing Obamacare. Jimmy Kimmel has been at the forefront of the anti-conservative movement among late night television and criticized Republicans for trying to replace Obamacare. Show More Summary

New York Times Updates Social Media Policy to Appear Less Biased

In an effort to quell criticism of media bias by reporters, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet issued an updated set of social media guidelines. To the newsroom: The New York Times has been a dominant force on social media for years. Our newsroom accounts have tens of millions of followers. Many of our […]

Vanity Fair Asks TV Writers to Imagine, Depict Trump Resignation

Vanity Fair published an article Thursday that asked eight prominent television writers to describe their own fantasies of President Trump resigning from office. Headlined “Breaking News: Trump Resigns! (Not Yet),” the piece requested these “astute observers of human behavior to come up with two scenarios of how Trump will leave the Oval Office.” Many of […]

Getting the Fairness Doctrine Wrong–Again

Opinionated talk radio, which was always dominated by right-wing personalities, was born in 1960, and flourished in local markets under the Fairness Doctrine, which wasn’t jettisoned until 1987. By taking callers with contrasting views, talk radio was actually seen as comporting with the Fairness Doctrine.

Oops! President Trump Appeared to Forget to Sign Executive Order

After making remarks on why he was issuing an executive order to relax Obamacare regulations, President Donald Trump appeared to forget that he did not sign the order. Vice President Mike Pence reminded him to head to the desk to sign the order, which he did. There’s no liberal media bias here, as it appeared […]

Facebook’s Sandberg Knocks Twitter for Blocking Blackburn Ad

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg criticized rival social media platform Twitter for its decision to block Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Senate announcement video because it contained an “inflammatory” statement regarding Planned Parenthood. Show More Summary

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Dings Media for Misreporting

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly dinged the White House press corps Thursday when he told them the amount of misreporting they do is “astounding.” Kelly was asked to “peel back the curtain” on President Trump’s frustrations, giving him an opening to criticize the reporting on Trump. “One of his frustrations is you, all of […]

Frontline Takes on the ‘War on the EPA’

The narrative on the Trump White House used to be that it was so chaotic, so out of control, so poorly led that nothing was getting done in America. Frontline, the long-running PBS show, has put together an hour-long documentary on EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and the swift and decisive changes he has brought to […]

The Nation Pushes to Shutter Major Police Organization

There’s a nationwide organization that works to reduce underage drinking, keep children safe, provide crisis lines for veterans and outreach initiatives for homeless veterans. It distributes Christmas presents to the underprivileged,...Show More Summary

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