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3 Count: Disney’s Exit

Disney pulling films from Netflix ahead of new streaming service launch, journalist in Tupac film lawsuit didn't register his copyrights and more. The post 3 Count: Disney’s Exit appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Hollywood Reporter Claimed Koch Brothers Invested in Movies, Ignoring Koch Industries’ Statement to the Contrary

Hollywood Reporter ran with a seemingly sensational headline about the blockbuster hit movie, “Wonder Woman,” and claimed that the libertarian businessmen Charles and David Koch invested in the movie business. What did their headline...Show More Summary

Embarrassing: New York Times Corrects Story about Climate Change Report

The New York Times was embarrassed when it had claimed a climate change report draft was an exclusive to the newspaper, but scientists who wrote it said it was available since January 2017. What did the Times’ correction say? An article on Tuesday about a sweeping federal climate change report referred incorrectly to the availability […]

What Will It Take for Liberal Media to Take Awan Story Seriously?

Finally, the liberal spin machine has begun to get its act together on the story of Imran Awan. For weeks, the mainstream media seemed intent on trying to ignore the story of Awan, the congressional IT staffer who was recently arrested on bank fraud charges as he attempted to leave the country for his native […]

Hillary Clinton May Reinvent Herself as a Methodist Preacher

An article in The Atlantic said that former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may turn to Methodist preaching after her election loss to underdog (and current President) Donald Trump. The article illustrated Hillary Clinton’s attention to secrecy, pointing out that she couldn’t identify herself to voters and now she has nothing to lose in becoming […]

Liberal Media Silent on Gore Movie Sequel Flop

Al Gore’s newest movie, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the sequel to his 2006 Academy Award- winning An Inconvenient Truth, has flopped at the box office, but you wouldn’t know it if you were following the liberal media because they ignored the dismal results. In its first full week of release, the film finished […]

New York Times Claimed It Had a Leaked Report, but They Were Wrong

The New York Times made a serious mistake when the basis of their article, an allegedly “leaked” report on climate change, was discovered to have been released to the public. The Times ran their article, which claimed that climate change scientists leaked the report to the newspaper out of fear the Trump administration would quash the […]

An Uprising Not an Upset

The leftist media gleefully have informed us that the failure to repeal Obamacare represents a generational change in Americans’ thinking on health care. The Senate’s failure, by one vote, to repeal Obamacare means Americans have decided they want everyone covered, eventually by single-payer, government-sponsored health care, the argument goes. Show More Summary

Why did Gizmodo Not Publish Data in the ‘Google Memo’?

Gizmodo published the “full” ten-page memo from a Google employee, who dove into the divide at Google between diversity hires and quality hires. The employee was fired after the memo became public, but it was discovered that the memo actually had data in it. Gizmodo’s version did not include the data, but only the general […]

Liberal Media Overlooked How Some Female Google Employees Stayed Home from Work over ‘Google Memo’

So sensitive? After the publishing of the ‘Google memo,’ where (former) Google engineer James Damore criticized the lack of ideological diversity at the company and it became viral news, several female employees at Google stayed home from work the next day because they felt “uncomfortable.” NPR reported: Another software engineer who used to work for […]

NBC News Tweets Homage to Maxine Waters for Speaking Out Against Trump

NBC News’ Twitter account veered from reporting the news Monday night to paying tribute to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) saying that she “isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind” and including a nearly two-minute long montage of her speaking out against conservatives and Republicans for the past 25 years. Waters, who is considered a […]

How to Create a Repeat Infringer Policy

Getting DMCA Safe Harbor protection is more than designating an agent and honoring DMCA notices. You also need a repeat infringer policy. The post How to Create a Repeat Infringer Policy appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

3 Count: Litigating Rainbow

Monkey selfie case is heading to a settlement, Reading Rainbow copyrights subject of a lawsuit against Levar Burton and Foxtel moves to block more sites. The post 3 Count: Litigating Rainbow appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Liberal Media Covered ex-Mexican President’s Anti-Trump Comments

Vicente Fox has had a history of anti-Trump remarks and comments during the 2016 campaign cycle, so why is the liberal media focusing on his comments about President Donald Trump? The liberal media picked up on his recent tirades against the U.S. President, even acknowledging his anti-Trump rhetoric in their headlines and articles: ABC News: […]

CNN Avoided Mentioning How Many Jobs were Added in Jobs Report, Focused on Lack of Wage Growth

CNN’s article on last week’s jobs report was a negative one, where the article avoided mentioning how many jobs were added to the U.S. economy (209,000 jobs were added, per CNBC), but admitted that the unemployment rate is at a sixteen-year-low. But, the article focused on the lack of wage growth, ignoring the signs of […]

Emails Prove Liberal Media Buried Details of Lynch-Clinton Meeting

Immerse yourself in any political argument on the Internet, and eventually, someone will say, “Well, at least we didn’t elect the criminal Hillary Clinton.” And the other side will say, “You investigated her for 25 years and got nothing … isn’t that perhaps because she’s not a criminal?” But take a look at a batch […]

NRA Takes Aim at New York Times [Video]

In a no holds barred video released on Friday, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch fired what she said was the “shot across your proverbial bow” at the New York Times for what she called its decades long mediocrity and aversion to telling the truth. “We’ve had it with your narratives, your propaganda, your fake news. We’ve […]

3 Count: Baby Driver

Sony Pictures sued over use of Debora in Baby Driver, judge rules KickassTorrents founder properly charged and lawyer renounces copyright trolling. The post 3 Count: Baby Driver appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

3 Count: Miss Cleo

VidAngel loses bid to have new service ruled non-infringing, Frank Ocean's t-shirt sparks copyright controversy and Rockstar sued over Miss Cleo likeness. The post 3 Count: Miss Cleo appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

New York Times Called White House HVAC Renovation a ‘Handy Excuse’ for Trump’s Extended Vacation

The liberal media continues to pile on President Donald Trump and his extended seventeen-day vacation at his Bedminster, New Jersey resort, even when the fact is that the White House is undergoing a two-week renovation of their HVAC system. The New York Times piled onto Trump and called the HVAC renovation a “handy excuse” for […]

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