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Media Downplay Class Warfare as ‘GOP Victory’

The GOP bill, passed by the Senate in the early hours of December 2 and described by major media outlets as a "tax cut," is in reality an explicit handout to large companies and the ultra-rich that will actually increase taxes on working-class Americans.

’60 Minutes’ Book Omits Sexual Harassment at CBS

The New York Times reported Tuesday that 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager was apparently so bothered that the original author of the show’s 50th-anniversary book, “Fifty Years of 60 Minutes,” interviewed subjects about the treatment of women in the workplace that he took over the project himself leading to a book largely devoid of […]

3 Count: Infringer Privacy

Sixth Circuit rules that 1st amendment shouldn't always protect anonymous infringers, Canadian ISPs prepare to propose site blocking and Epic Games settles. The post 3 Count: Infringer Privacy appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Did ABC’s ‘Fake News’ about Trump’s Russia Comments to Flynn Tank the Market?

ABC News falsely reported that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed former general Michael Flynn to contact the Russian government to try to repair relations between the two countries. But, they were wrong because it was President-Elect Donald Trump who gave the instructions, meaning that it was not pre-election collusion with the Russian government. However, it took […]

Headlines Ignore the Abuse Reports That Make Moore Endorsement Newsworthy

What makes Trump's endorsement news—what justifies the entire reporting of the story—is that Trump is backing someone accused by multiple people, backed by years of circumstantial evidence, of sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

CNN’s Website Didn’t Cover Pelosi’s Walking Back of Comment that GOP Tax Bill is ‘Armageddon’

Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking Democratic politician in the House of Representatives, called the GOP’s tax bill an “armageddon” and a “tax scam.” But, she later tried to walk back the statement and said that it was not an armageddon since America is a great country and would prevent it. This news was noticed by the […]

3 Count: Perfect Defeat

SCOTUS denies writ in the Perfect 10 case, newsletter author sues customer over shared emails and Australia excludes Google/Facebook in safe harbor reform. The post 3 Count: Perfect Defeat appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Survey: Despite Media Attention, Newsrooms Not Ready to Deal With Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in media workplaces has made big news, but those who manage America’s newsrooms are not ready to talk about it, according to a recent survey from the Columbia Journalism Review. CJR, which is operated by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, designed separate surveys for reporters, freelancers and human resources executives and other […]

ABC President Castigates Staff Over Flynn Story

ABC News president James Goldson castigated staff Monday over an erroneous report about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Goldson announced that chief investigative reporter Brian Ross, who wrote the story, will no longer cover stories related to the president. “I don’t think ever in my career have I felt more rage and disappointment and […]

WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela

A review of 15 opinion pieces featured in the Washington Post shows voices even remotely sympathetic to the government of President Nicolás Maduro are omitted entirely.

Slate: Tillerson is the Worst Secretary of State in Modern History

Rex Tillerson is the worst secretary of state in modern American history, according to a Slate article published this weekend. Tillerson has not bungled the Middle East, negotiated a deal that put Iran on a path to acquire nuclear weapons, abandoned four Americans to die at Benghazi or meddled with the Brexit campaign in the […]

Warren Dukes it Out With Trump Over ‘Pocahontas’ Reference

President Trump was called a racist, among other things, for referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as Pocahontas. But Trump’s purpose in referring to Warren by the name of the 17th-century Native American is to brand her as a fraud for claiming to be Cherokee to get a leg up in her efforts to get […]

The Emma Cline Plagiarism Debacle

Emma Cline may have one of the most successful books in recent memory, but her celebration is being tempered by a lawsuit and allegations of plagiarism. The post The Emma Cline Plagiarism Debacle appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

3 Count: Button Masher

Disney sues Redbox for selling digital download codes, EU court rules cloud storage of broadcast TV needs permission and UFC streamer gets creative. The post 3 Count: Button Masher appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

New York Times Asks Readers to Call Senators to Vote Against GOP Tax Reform Efforts on Social Media

On the social media platform Twitter, the New York Times editorial board used the newspapers’ Opinion Twitter account to actively engage in partisanship with their social media audience.  Although the editorial board is free to pick sides on policy and issues, it is unusual that a journalism outlet like the Times actively lobbied on social […]

Liberals Dominate List of People Fired over Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

The media is covering the sexual misconduct scandals that have enveloped Hollywood, politicians in Washington, D.C., and the mainstream media in general. For now, mostly liberal-leaning celebrities and politicians dominate the list. Per Townhall, here is the list of people who have been fired due to allegations of sexual misconduct: Harvey Weinstein- film producer Mark […]

Obama Slams Conservative Media: If I Watched Fox News ‘I Wouldn’t Vote for Me’

Former President Barack Obama took another jab at his media arch-nemesis when he joked Friday that if he watched Fox News, he wouldn’t have voted for himself. Obama was speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi when he made his comments about the conservative cable news network. While discussing social media and other media outlets, Obama […]

Liberal Admits Something Huge About the Media

Saritha Prabhu is a columnist for The Tennesseean newspaper in Nashville and no fan of President Trump. But Prabhu has had to admit Trump was right on an important point – the American media is hopelessly biased in favor of the left. “I’m a liberal Democrat who didn’t realize for a long time that our […]

Liberal Media Ignores Bill Clinton Sex Assault Victims Press Conference

Just like Hillary Clinton who on Tuesday glossed over a question about sexual assault by Democrats—including her husband Bill, the liberal media ignored a press conference in Washington on Wednesday morning held by the Media Equality Project featuring three women who have accused the former president of sexual assault. The women-Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and […]

Politico: Trump Hates the Media, Is a ‘Wimp’

Much of the mainstream media has depicted a fantasy that President Trump is an authoritarian who would scrap the First Amendment tomorrow if the political climate would allow. But Jack Shafer at Politico said he has realized Trump is no authoritarian. In fact, Shafer thinks Trump is afraid of the press. A wimp, a bully […]

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