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NBC News: Trump may not have a GOP-Majority House after 2018 Midterm Elections

What is NBC News’ reasoning about Trump and the GOP not having control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 midterm elections? Trump’s predecessors, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, did not have low approval ratings this early into their presidencies like Trump does (he sits at 39%). Both Bush and Obama ended up losing […]

Michelle Obama Compared Her Healthy Food Initiative to Forcing Kids to Do Math

Last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama criticized the Trump administration for undoing her food initiatives, which were unpopular. What was her reasoning? Parents should do things that are unpopular in their children’s eyes, like math: “That to me is one of the most ridiculous things…’the kids aren’t happy’… “Well, you know what? Kids don’t […]

FiveThirtyEight the Focus of Social Media Backlash after Tweeting about Mom’s ‘Wasted’ Time with Kids

We would assume that the editors at FiveThirtyEight would want to rethink the use of words in social media headlines and titles. Why? In a Mother’s Day poll, they tweeted the following: Every day, your mom wasted 90 minutes of her life on you, so today get her a present. — FiveThirtyEight (@FiveThirtyEight) […]

More indications Intel assessment of Russian interference in election was rigged

Although the news media is certain to play up a new Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena of Michael Flynn for documents on his business dealings with Russia as a major new development in the congressional investigations of possible Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there is a far more important story that surfaced this […]

Why Do Conservatives Publish Fake News?

Conservative media fall into the trap by too frequently accepting and reacting to what appears in the liberal media. This is why the liberal media maintain their dominance...

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Days at MSNBC May be Numbered

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnel’s contract is about to expire, and according to The Huffington Post, the network isn’t looking to keep the longtime host: “Four well-placed sources tell HuffPost that MSNBC has not been in contact with O’Donnell’s team of representatives to negotiate a new deal. The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract […]

Media Are Literally Copy-and-Pasting ICE Press Releases

“Copy-and-pasting press releases” is typically used as a term of art to indicate that media are mindlessly repeating a corporate or government line. But recent coverage of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “gang raids” across the country has various outlets literally copy-and-pasting ICE’s press releases.

Big Media Need to Fight for the Right to Protest

Better than adding slogans about democracy dying in darkness and truth mattering more than ever would be vigorous, sustained, principled defense of the right to protest.

New York Times Publisher Emails Subscribers Who Canceled Subscriptions Over Bret Stephens

New York Times publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. made an unusual personal appeal in an email to subscribers who canceled their subscriptions after the paper ran a column by their new conservative hire, Bret Stephens, that questioned the certainty of the science behind climate change. The email was sent Friday afternoon to subscribers who specifically mentioned […]

3 Count: GPL Enforcement

Urban Outfitters and Harley Davidson settle their spat, court upholds GNU GPL as an enforceable contract and Eminem's New Zealand trial wraps up. The post 3 Count: GPL Enforcement appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Dismantling the Marxist Madrassas

President Donald Trump has asked Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. to head a White House task force on reforming the U.S. higher education system.

Michelle Obama Unhappy with Trump’s Reversal of School Lunch Policies

Sounds like the Obamas are both unhappy with their legacies being unwound by President Donald Trump. After former president Barack Obama criticized Trump over various policies and winding back his legacy, former First Lady Michelle Obama took aim at the Trump administration winding back her school lunch policies. Show More Summary

Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation ‘Needs to be Reevaluated’ under New FBI Director

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch, the organization that helped expose the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, said that the new FBI director should look at reevaluating the Clinton e-mail investigation. Why? Fitton believed there was intent behind using an unsecured e-mail server to disseminate classified information.

RNC Video: Here are the Democrats who wanted FBI’s James Comey Fired

The Republican National Committee came out with a video that showed the Democrats calling for FBI director James Comey’s firing. The Left criticized President Donald Trump for firing Comey, but as usual, politicians are hypocrites and have a short memory.

Lester Holt: Trump had a ‘Fair Point’ about Democrats’ Hypocrisy on FBI, Comey

NBC News’ Lester Holt interviewed President Donald Trump the week of Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey. The Left criticized Trump for firing Comey, but Trump gave Holt a sheet of paper that highlighted anti-Comey quotes from Democrats. Holt said that the president made a “fair point” about the hypocrisy of the opposition party’s […]

Woman Allegedly Tried to Run GOP Congressman Off the Road due to Obamacare Repeal Vote

Rep. David Kustoff, a congressman from Tennessee, voted in favor of repealing Obamacare via the American Health Care Act (AHCA). He was nearly run off the road by a pro-Obamacare supporter, per Townhall. He went to a meeting at the University of Tennessee and left in a car, after which a woman allegedly followed him […]

Pro-Life Democrat Lost Mayoral Race, Blamed DNC (and Tom Perez)

Pro-life mayoral candidate for the Democrats in Omaha, Nebraska, Heath Mello, put most of the blame for his electoral loss on the shoulders of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its new leader, Tom Perez. Bernie Sanders supported Mello, which was criticized by pro-choice/abortion activists among the Left. Perez was not a fan of pro-life […]

The Bipartisan Case against James Comey

The stated rationale for Comey’s firing was that he damaged the FBI’s credibility. Jim Comey has been a good friend to me over the years. I have disagreed strenuously with a number of decisions he made in connection with the Hillary Clinton investigation – with his rationales and with the fact that he was presuming […]

Next FBI Director could be Former Congressman Mike Rogers

James Comey was fired this past week, which led to an outcry from the liberal media and Democratic Party. Who could be his replacement at the FBI? According to NBC News, former Michigan congressman Mike Rogers could be the permanent replacement for Comey. Rogers was a FBI agent in the 1990s and was on Trump’s […]

NBC News Touts Online Poll Results, Claimed 46% of Americans Think Comey’s Firing was Inappropriate

Online polls, aside from polls in general, can be hard to decipher and to trust. Still, this did not deter NBC News from touting their own online poll, produced in conjunction with SurveyMonkey. The survey results found that 46% of Americans thought that President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey was not appropriate. Republican […]

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