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ABC News Highlighted Trump’s Hypocrisy on Extended Vacation, but Admitted It’s Due to White House Renovations

ABC News ran an article on President Donald Trump’s seventeen-day vacation, initially criticizing his extended vacation in the month of August, but then admitted that the extended vacation time is due to much-needed HVAC (i.e. air conditioning and air filtration) repairs in the White House: Donald Trump once questioned the wisdom of taking vacations. “What’s […]

Liberal Magazine, Citing CNN, Guessed Trump’s Weekend Vacations Cost Taxpayers More than Obama’s Eight Years of Vacations

The Atlantic, hardly a non-partisan magazine, criticized President Donald Trump’s mini-vacations during his presidency and acknowledged similar criticisms from the Right during Obama’s presidency. However, The Atlantic guessed that Trump will be spending more than Obama did on vacations, citing a CNN article from April 2017. Show More Summary

Remembering the Gulf of Tonkin, and the Consequences of Wanting to Believe

US journalists reported official claims about the Gulf of Tonkin incident as absolute truths, ignoring countervailing evidence and opening the floodgates for the bloody Vietnam War and the deaths of over 50,000 Americans and millions of Southeast Asians.

Joe Scarborough Compares CNN’s Acosta Remarks at White House Briefing to ‘Like Something Out of Mein Kampf’ [Video]

MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough blasted CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, calling his spat with presidential adviser Stephen Miller on Wednesday “like something out of ‘Mein Kampf.'” While other members of the “Morning...Show More Summary

WaPo Columnist: ‘Mass Incarceration’ = ‘Slavery’

Bree Newsome, who in 2015 climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina state capital to remove the Confederate battle flag, also is not thrilled with the new HBO Show “Confederate.” The show, to be headed by David Benioff and D.B. Weisswhich, creators of “Game of Thrones,” imagines an alternate history in which the South won […]

New York Times Reviews ‘Compelling’ Al Gore and His Global Warming Documentary Sequel

Not surprisingly, the New York Times not only reviewed Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” the follow-up to his original global warming documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” it liked it. The reviewer claimed that in a summer full of blockbuster movies, it is telling that one of the more “compelling characters is Al Gore.” The […]

Liberal Media Mostly Ignores Scandal of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Payments to IT Aide from Pakistan

The liberal media has mostly glanced over and ignored a developing scandal, which has been the talk of conservative news outlets for the past week. Former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently fired an IT aide only after the aide was caught trying to leave the country. That aide, Imran Awan, had […]

Washington Post Reluctantly Admits Stock Market Gains Linked to Trump

The Washington Post became the first major liberal newspaper to admit the stock market’s rapid rise — culminating in a record close above 22,000 yesterday — actually may be related to the election of Donald Trump as president. The markets’ most recent run-up does indeed have something to do with Trump’s win in November, several […]

Media’s Grim Addiction to Perseverance Porn

These stories are typically shared for the purposes of poor-shaming, typically under the guise of inspirational life advice. A healthy press would take these anecdotes of “can do” spirit and ask bigger questions, like why are these people forced into such absurd hardship?

CNN Defends Own Reporter Jim Acosta, Ignores Aggressive Questioning Tactics

Stephen Miller was taking questions from the reporters in the White House press room for a televised press conference on the recently-unveiled Raise Act, which is a merit-based immigration proposal. CNN’s Jim Acosta took issue with the Raise Act and continued to pepper questions at Miller on why America needs new immigration policies. Miller used […]

Liberal Media Ignored Report that Al Gore Used 20 Times More Energy to Power His Home than Average American

The Daily Caller, in an exclusive from the National Center for Public Policy Research, broke the story that former vice president-turned-climate-change-activist Al Gore used over 20 times the energy for his home than the average American. As of last night, the mainstream media outlets, CBS News, CNN, ABC News and NBC News, did not cover the […]

Oops: White House Confirmed President didn’t take Phone Calls from Boy Scouts, Mexico

President Donald Trump boasted that the Boy Scouts of America called him and praised his recent speech to their national jamboree audience, in addition to how the Mexican president called to talk about border crossings. The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, clarified that these were conversations and were not discussed over the phone, as […]

WaPo Says Hezbollah, Not Trump, ‘Are The Ones Fighting Terrorism’

Liz Sly, the Washington Post’s Beirut bureau chief, and contributor Suzan Haidamous went on a “tour” with the terrorist group Hezbollah, then proceeded to write an article that both criticized President Trump and promoted the terrorist organization. Sly posted on Twitter: “On tour with Hezbollah in Lebanon, where they’re out to show that they, not […]

Bias Buzz Podcast- Scaramucci’s Short Tenure, Faux Conservative Columnists, CNN Claims Trump’s Tough Talk is Helping MS-13 and More

Episode 83. This week we discuss Anthony Scaramucci’s short tenure, GOP struggles with Obamacare repeal and replace, CNN’s claims on Trump and MS-13, Faux conservative columnists working in the liberal media and much, much more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below.

Zakaria: Trump Victory Was ‘Class Rebellion’ Against ‘People Like Us’

By now, the remarks Fareed Zakaria made earlier this week on CNN are losing their power to shock. Asked on New Day how Trump won, Zakaria said, “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things.” […]

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Lou Grant

Lou Grant the character began life on the Mary Tyler Moore Show where he was the head of WJM-TV’s news department. However, in that show’s final episode, Lou, along with many of the other characters, were fired from the station due to low ratings. Show More Summary

3 Count: Surprise Ending

Judge rules against KindeGuides books, U.S. government investigating Chinese IP infractions and York University vows to appeal Access Copyright ruling. The post 3 Count: Surprise Ending appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Major Newspapers Just Pretend to Have Conservative Columnists

In the media bias analysis business, we look at news pieces differently compared with opinion pieces or columns. For news pieces, we expect the facts and allow for some context, although that’s where most of the bias seeps in. For opinion, we expect facts to be arranged in a way to make the writer’s case, […]

Media Mostly Ignored Sessions, Dept of Justice Gun Prosecutions Going Up 23%

Per the Jeff Sessions-led U.S. Department of Justice, federal gun prosecutions for those who illegally posses a firearm went up 23% in the second quarter of this year when compared to last year. Why is this important news? The government clamping down on illegal guns being on the streets, which is a common criticism from […]

White House Shakeup Means A Return To Order

You already know the headline – more chaos at the Trump White House. But what the shakeup at the White House communications shop indicates is a return to order. Anthony Scaramucci made President Trump choose between him and Gen. John F. Kelly, the new chief of staff, when he insisted he continue to report directly […]

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