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The Day After Corbyn’s Surprise Surge, NPR Would Rather Talk About Buckethead

The day after the British elections, showed considerably more interest in a candidate who ran dressed as a "space lord" than in the leader of the Labour Party.

Trump Should Say “You’re Fired” to Special Counsel

Trump is the elected president. Will he act to restore civilian control of the government and put the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in their place?

Former FBI Director James Comey Blasted New York Times, Anonymous Sources

James Comey had his time in the spotlight yesterday when he spoke at a Capitol Hill hearing on the Russia probe and other subjects. He addressed a variety of issues, but one thing that he did not let slip by was the press and media’s use of anonymous sources in reporting sensitive material and information: […]

Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting ‘Ultimately’ Confirmed Comey’s Decision to Announce Hillary Clinton Email Probe

Talk about an interesting statement from yesterday’s Capitol Hill hearing, where former FBI director James Comey testified about his insight into the Russia probe headed by the FBI and other subjects. Comey said that his announcement...Show More Summary

Ex-FBI Director James Comey: Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Forced Him to Work Independent of DOJ

Former FBI director James Comey appeared on Capitol Hill to give his side of his firing and insight into the Russia “meddling” probe being conducted by the FBI. He made statements that appealed to both sides of the political aisle, ranging from criticizing Trump’s alleged defamation of him to disagreeing on direct Russian interference in […]

“Buy American” May Not Be American

President Trump asserts with patriotic fervor that his administration stands for America First, a commendable but somewhat ambiguous concept. What gives it meaning is the idea that Americans “buy American.” Presumably when facing consumer choices Americans should look for a label that keeps them at home. The problem with the concept is that it defies […]

First Amendment Group Threatens to Sue Trump for Blocking Twitter Trolls

President Trump is being threatened with legal action if he doesn’t unblock the Twitter accounts of trolls (critics) who have lost access to his account after they were blocked. The Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter to the President asking him to unblock the accounts of his critics or “face legal action to protect […]

Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election—and Badly

Since Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest in a landslide victory in 2015, he has faced an incessant slew of attacks from the rightist Blairite wing of his own party—and from the corporate media that so frequently echo it...

Will James Comey’s Testimony be a Bust?

James Comey will be testifying before Congress today and yesterday, his team released his prepared remarks set to be delivered before lawmakers. It was shocking that the remarks came far in advance, as prepared remarks are usually published minutes before the hearing. But, as Noah Rothmans pointed out, nothing stood out in Comey’s prepared remarks and […]

Democratic Congressman to start Impeachment Process of Trump

Al Green, a Democratic congressman from Texas, will start the impeachment process against President Donald Trump. What is his reason for starting to draft the articles of impeachment? Obstruction of justice, in regards to former FBI director James Comey and the Russia-Trump campaign probe.

Indivisible: With Liberty and Justice for Some

The radical Left is so incensed and horrified by the advent of a Trump presidency that it has been driven to adopt what it considers to be the tactics of a grassroots movement it abhors and accuses of being racist, homophobic, anti-government, anti-woman, nativist, and Islamophobic along with the array of other epithets reserved for […]

Prepare the White House for President Pence   

The sharks smell blood in the water and want to go in for the kill. Forcing Trump from office would, in their minds, restore their prominence in the media landscape.

On 50th Anniversary of Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Opinions Largely Ignored

In their respective opinion pieces analyzing the Six-Day War and its subsequent effect on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, major US media have favored Israeli and pro-Israel American voices at the expense of Palestinians by a wide margin.

Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 7, 2017

Read the June 7, 2017 issue (PDF) of the Media Fairness Caucus newsletter.

Politico Reporter Blames Anti-Hillary Clinton Criticism on Sexism, Glances Over Poorly-Run Campaign

Politico, far from a neutral news outlet, wrote a feature piece entitled, “Why Do They Hate Her?” In the piece, the writer focuses on how everyone is piling on Hillary Clinton, a losing presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Here are the list of excuses, after the reader gets through a history lesson of Richard […]

Feminist Laments ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie and Lack of ‘Ra-Ra’ Feminism

In an op-ed at CNN, a writer lamented about the fictitious and oft-debunked ‘gender pay gap’ myth in Hollywood (Hollywood, of all places, where stars make millions of dollars far above what the average American would ever make) and how the movie ‘Wonder Woman’ falls short of highlighting the wonders of (radical) feminism. Blame men, […]

Linda Sarsour and the progressive zeitgeist

In US academic tradition, university administrators choose commencement speakers they believe embody the zeitgeist of their institutions and as such, will be able to inspire graduating students to take that spirit with them into the world outside. In this context, it makes perfect sense that Ayman El-Mohandes, dean of the Graduate School of Public Health […]

With Global Warming Treaty Ditched, Could Iran Deal Be Next?

The media remain outraged over President Donald Trump’s decision last week to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, a boondoggle which would have cost the U.S. an estimated $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial-sector American jobs by 2040 with no actual effect on the climate.

3 Count: Cleaning Up

Plaintiffs hit back in Zootopia lawsuit, Kodi addon developers throw in towel after lawsuit and Sony launches clean initiative. The post 3 Count: Cleaning Up appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

The Bias Buzz Podcast- London Terror Attacks, Bill Maher Uses the “N” Word, Megyn Kelly’s Putin Interview, Libs Go Crazy Over Paris Climate Accord Withdrawal and More

Episode 75.  This week we cover the most recent terror attacks in London, the upcoming British election, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin, liberal reaction to Paris Climate withdrawal and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below

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