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NY Times and Torture: A Decade Too Late?

Ten years later, the New York Times will call torture by its name. But does the paper's reasoning make any sense?

Hillary Clinton Finally Set to Pass Robert Gates in Book Sales

It’s been a long, tough slog for Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, but the former secretary of state may finally get a bit of good news, as her book is expected to surpass that of former defense secretary Robert Gates’ book, Duty. According to Nielsen BookScan, Duty has sold 221,000 copies since its release earlier this […]

FAIR TV: How US TV Treats Palestinian Guests, Africa Expert Michael Bloomberg, Correcting a NY Times Correction

This week's show: Palestinian guests are asked to condemn Hamas. Do Israeli guests face similar treatment? Plus CBS goes to Michael Bloomberg for Africa analysis and the New York Times publishes a correction that makes a bigger mistake the article it was correcting. Watch:

Do Palestinians Living in Israel Count?

If a poll of a country's population excludes 20 percent of the people who live there, journalists should make that clear.

Bergdahl’s Reemergence Stirs Ghosts of Benghazi

The ghosts of Benghazi are haunting the Obama administration as it attempts to gain the upper hand in the narrative of the swap of the American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, for five of the worst of the worst Taliban terrorists who had been held at Guantanamo Bay. While the administration at first thought they would benefit […]

The U.N. Handmaiden of Hamas

The relief agency in Gaza, financed in part by the U.S., has become a patron of Palestinian grievance. On Wednesday, as a truce held between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon briefed the U.N. General Assembly. “The senseless cycle of suffering” must end, he said, […]

Carter and Robinson: The Hamas Jihad’s Useful Idiots

Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson have jointly penned a characteristically appalling op-ed in Foreign Policy magazine assigning primary blame to Israel for the war in the Middle East. The key to ending the violence, they contend, is for...Show More Summary

National Public Radio Ombudsman: “Balance” is Not Our Guiding Ethic

This probably won’t come as a shock to conservatives, but National Public Radio admitted on Wednesday that “balance” isn’t the network’s guiding ethic. The revelation came during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos: NPR’s guiding ethic is not ‘balance,’ in the sense that you present two sides as equal in […]

U.S. General Killed by Afghan Soldier, German General Hurt

WASHINGTON — Another “insider” attack, purportedly from an Afghan soldier, killed a two-star American general and wounded a German general. Over a dozen people were injured in the attack. Reuters reported that U.S. Major General Harold Greene was killed. He was the most senior U.S. military official killed overseas since the Vietnam War, the news outlet […]

The Perfect Plagiarism Apology I’m Still Waiting to See

For the most part, plagiarism apologies have been pretty terrible. But for those who need it, here is a plagiarism apology that might actually help. The post The Perfect Plagiarism Apology I’m Still Waiting to See appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

And Now, Our Expert on Africa… US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

This week the White House has gathered dozens of heads of state from across Africa for a summit in Washington, DC. It has the potential to raise some interesting issues about economic development, major corporations and debates over human rights and the US-led war on terrorism. Show More Summary

3 Count: Silent Twitch

Twitch TV begins muting matched audio, Jay Z must defend older claims in sampling case and Square-Enix Japan offices raided over alleged manga infringement. The post 3 Count: Silent Twitch appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

The UNRWA is Hamas

The UNRWA is on the front lines of the Hamas War in Gaza. In the headlines, its schools are forever being fired on or found to be stockpiling rockets. If individual Gazans are being used as human shields, the UNRWA often seems as if it is one big organizational human shield. But the UNRWA isn’t […]

Politico Highlights Journalism’s Demise

A young reporter at the publication Politico contacted anti-NSA writer Glenn Greenwald, in a successful effort to shower some unexpected praise on Fox News host Megyn Kelly. The result, according to Politico media reporter Hadas Gold, is “high praise” for Kelly from a writer whose recent specialty is attacking America and Israel for monitoring and […]

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Slips Up—Says Obama is From Kenya [Video]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid may regret having colleague Chris Jansing on her program Tuesday after Jansing, who was reporting on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit that is taking place in Washington, D.C. this week, told her that African leaders had great expectations for Obama since “he’s from Kenya.” Jansing was responding to a question from Reid about […]

Hamas agrees to a Truce with Israel, but can it last?

WASHINGTON — After rejecting several offers for a cease-fire and even violating a recent cease-fire, Hamas finally agreed to a 72-hour ceasing of hostilities between their militants and the Israeli army. Reuters reported that the Israeli army withdrew from the beleaguered Gaza region to honor their part of the agreement. They failed to note how […]

Fox, Bill O'Reilly and "Young Black Men"

Fox hosts rush to the defense of a local reporter who blamed a pervasive "anti-cop mentality" on "young black men growing up without fathers."

U.S. Copyright Office Redesigns Website

The U.S. Copyright Office has launched a redesign of its site, here's what's new and what you should expect. The post U.S. Copyright Office Redesigns Website appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

3 Count: Monkey Selfie

Lionsgate wins restraining order over Expendables 3 leak, comic book artist uses DMCA to target critic and monkey selfie center of Wikipedia legal dispute. The post 3 Count: Monkey Selfie appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Gaza, Cease-Fires and Stenography

An announced cease-fire in Gaza on August 1 broke down almost immediately, with claims that Hamas militants–including one with a suicide vest–had attacked Israeli troops and had kidnapped a soldier. But almost every aspect of the story was questionable, if not false. Show More Summary

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