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Why Are Some Relatively Recent Works in the Public Domain?

Though many know that all works published before 1923 are in the public domain, there are still many from the 50s, 60s and 70s in it. Why?

3 Count: Give it Up

Supreme Court declines to hear Sherlock Holmes appeal, Pirate Bay founder arrested in Thailand and Blurred Lines lawsuit can move forward.

Election Day Recap: A Post-Mortem of 2014

WASHINGTON — As we know, the 2014 midterms ended in favor of the Republican Party. The GOP gained a net of 7 U.S. Senate seats, one more than needed to take the outright majority in the upper chamber of Congress. They also held in the House of Representatives, meaning President Obama will have to reach across […]

Ebola-Quarantine Objections Are Frivolous

The first responsibility of the president of the United States is national security. In the absence of presidential leadership as Ebola makes inroads in our country, state officials such as New Jersey governor Chris Christie have stepped into the security breach, taking commonsense steps to protect their citizens from the deadly virus. One of those […]

The Times Promotes Obamacare’s “Success”

Many in the media seem personally invested in estimations of the ultimate “success” of Obamacare...

NPR Reminds Reporters “No Cheering from the Press Box” On Election Day

National Public Radio (NPR) has issued a memo to its staff reminding them that no matter what the temptation is for using social media to report on the elections today, they need to refrain from injecting any personal opinions into their tweets and posts. NPR doesn’t want it to appear that they are favoring one […]

New York Times runs videos of “Why I’m Not Voting” in the Midterms

WASHINGTON — In one of the most bizarre stories in a hotly-contested midterm election cycle, the liberal newspaper New York Times ran a series of videos that explained why people are not going to vote in the midterm elections. The Times asked viewers to use the hashtag “whyvotemidterms” to explain why they will not exercise […]

ABC Campaign Coverage–or GOP Campaign Commercial?

For a news story that promises to be about a conservative candidate's TV commercial, ABC sure delivered.

Contemplating Election Day, and Beyond

We have documented the incestuous relationship that exists between the media and the Obama administration, providing the Democrats with a built-in edge.

The Multipronged Attack on Israel

In the international effort to undermine Israel every avenue of attack from the military to the cultural is being employed.

Maine Nurse defies Ebola Quarantine, could put others at risk

WASHINGTON — Nurse Kaci Hickox, age 33, is defying orders by the state of Maine to remain in a 21-day quarantine. She has hired lawyers to fight a potential lockdown over the Ebola virus. Reuters reported that Hickox, who has yet to be served a court order, has tested negative for the Ebola virus after […]

Amid Falling Ratings, ABC News Takes over “The View”

ABC’s The View is being moved from the purview of the network’s daytime executives to its news division, in the wake of slumping ratings. The show underwent a major facelift earlier this year with the addition of three new hosts, following the failed Jenny McCarthy experiment. But ratings have continued to be a problem. According to Variety, while […]

CNN Host: Climate Change Is Undeniable, So Here's a Denier

A CNN host explains that debating climate change is a bad thing. What came next? A debate over climate change.

Young People Going Republican? Not So Fast

A new poll out of Harvard's Institute of Politics is getting a lot of attention, probably because it appears to send a surprising message: Young voters are moving towards the GOP. But some caution is in order.

While Obama Officials Bloviate About Settled ‘Science,’ DoD Scientists Fear Air Transmission of Ebola

Pretending to be guided by “science” rather than practicing politics in service of their post-American agenda, Obama administration officials persevere in the irresponsible suggestion that Ebola cannot be transmitted through the air – i.e., that it requires physical contact with an infected person that results in exposure to bodily fluids. It should go without saying […]

Apple Pay denied by Rite Aid, others as payment service

WASHINGTON — The tech wars have started among retailers seeking additional revenue with payment services on mobile devices like smartphones. Reuters reported the news this past week. Apple Pay, which garnered “oohs” and “aahs” when revealed, is now banned from Rite Aid, CVS and other retailers. They are developing their own payment system, which explains […]

Selling the Illusion of Economic Success to Salvage Elections

President Barack Obama is trying to salvage what most polls indicate is about to be a dismal election for Democrats by focusing on his administration’s supposed economic successes.

Brazil’s Rousseff wins Close Re-election; Markets Fall

WASHINGTON — Incumbent Dilma Rousseff won a very close re-election battle, but potential investors and the markets themselves disagreed with the outcome. Rousseff won with only 51.6% of the vote, which was a run-off vote. Reuters reported investors and the business community doubt her ability to revive the economy that has regressed under her watch. The […]

Latest Polls show Senate Democrats in Trouble

WASHINGTON — As the liberal media scares Americans with news of Ebola, Senate Democrats are fighting for their political lives in several races across the country. As the following tweet shows (from back in February of this year), Democrats do not want Obama to campaign for them. RealClearPolitics has taken averages of polls and found […]

USA Today: Still Not Too Late to Attack Gary Webb

The chatter around Kill the Messenger, the film based on the life of investigative reporter Gary Webb, has mostly faded. But this week USA Today ran a column that mangled the basic facts of Webb's reporting.

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