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Sketchy Joe Morrissey, Virginia Democrat, Confirms Baby Daddy Drama

As the Washington Free Beacon reported: “Virginia Democrat Joe Morrissey admitted on Wednesday morning that he is the father of a child with a teenage girl who was his former secretary, though he denied that he had a sexual relationship with the girl while fighting the charges in court.”

Fraudulent Gay Marriage Study Dupes the Media

The mainstream media have some egg on their face today after being forced to retract their reports on a gay-marriage study that was found to have been based on fraudulent research. The study, which appeared in the December 12, 2014 edition of Science, claimed that support for same-sex marriage among voters increased with the use […]

Health Insurer CareFirst Hacked back in 2014

The breach came in June 2014, but no vital information such as Social Security numbers or passwords were stolen.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton goes ‘Old Friends’ Defense to Reporters on Sid Blumenthal

Yup, a line straight out of Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger book, made into a movie starring Harrison Ford.

Embattled former Clinton Aide Sidney Blumenthal not with Clinton Foundation

But, the circumstances around his exit (specifically, the date of his last day there and why he left) are still unknown.

Bin Laden Documents Released to the Public

The documents seized in the bin Laden raid also included one of the Heritage Foundation’s reports written by one of their analysts. Who woulda thought that?!

Rand Paul takes Stand against NSA and Patriot Act for 11 Hours

It wasn’t a filibuster, but an 11-hour stand on why the Senate should let the Patriot Act lapse, or parts of it.

WATCH: Flashback as Hillary Liked Closing Guantanamo Bay, Ending Iraq War

Hillary Clinton praised Obama’s closing of Gitmo i.e. Guantanamo Bay and ending the Iraq war, while she was his Secretary of State back in 2009.

VIDEO: State Dept Won’t Comment on Cheryl Mills’ Interference in FOIA Requests

A Clinton ally, Cheryl Mills, may have interfered with FOIA requests made to the State Department while she was Hillary’s chief of staff at the department. It sounds like Mills told the records department what to release and what not to release to those who submitted FOIA requests.

Secrets, the C.I.A. and The New York Times

When The Times named three undercover C.I.A. officials, reaction was intense from all sides

Whatever Happened to John Kerry

John Kerry returns from his latest Russian visit bearing two baskets of potatoes and a t-shirt. The t-shirt, given to him by Foreign Minister Lavrov, might as well say, “I wasted my time in Russia and all I got was this shirt.” It’s a diplomatic success only in relation to Kerry’s previous humiliations such as […]

WATCH: Former Clinton Aide, Banned by Obama, Passed Intel to Hillary about Libyan Deals

Former Bill Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal passed intelligence along to Hillary Clinton in hopes of making profits in Libya, while being banned by the Obama White House from doing something like that. Sounds sketchy.

VIDEO: MSNBC is Making Fun of Hillary Clinton Deleting E-mails

Ouch, when you’ve lost MSNBC, you are really not in good shape, Hillary:

WATCH: White House claims their ISIS Strategy has been an “Overall” Success

Yeah, sure it is, when another Iraqi city fell to Islamist Islamic State militants. That’s a working strategy when key cities fall to your enemies!

3 Count: Godzilla Attack!

Godzilla creator sues Voltage Pictures over planned movie, iiNet promises free legal help to notice recipients and TiVO promotes to Aereo customers.

What Does Blumenthal Know About Obama?

It appears that Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal has a network of military and intelligence connections that made him anathema to the Obama White House.

VIDEO: Hillary Defends her Sketchy Aides, calls them “Old Friends”

Uh, so defending your sketchy aides is a noble thing? Hillary communicated with former Bill Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal during the Libya crisis. This is the same Libyan crisis that led to the Benghazi consulate attack where four Americans were killed by terrorists.

Ratings Envy? CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Disses FNC’s “Outnumbered”

During her show preparation on Periscope, CNN Legal View host Ashleigh Banfield was asked why she wasn’t watching Fox News’ Outnumbered, and she took the opportunity to diss the competition: Cause it’s not as smart as this show, guys. That’s just the way it is. I mean, you can have coffee klatch and chat about stories, […]

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Runs Away from Reporters after E-mail Question

She’s the front-runner candidate for the Democratic Party, and can’t handle a simple question on why she unilaterally deleted e-mails that were requested by a government subpoena? Okay.

House Benghazi Committee Subpoenas former Clinton Aide

Sid Blumenthal will receive a subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and he had served in the Clinton White House as an aide.

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