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Louisiana Deputy Wounded in Ambush Moved to Rehab Hospital in Houston

From WAFB 9 News: Nearly four months after being shot during an ambush on law enforcement officers, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy Nick Tullier was transported from a Baton Rouge hospital to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston Wednesday morning… “We know why Nick’s here,” James Tullier said. “People have been praying. It’s the power of prayer.” […]

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Thanks NRA Members for Sending Hillary Clinton ‘On Permanent Political Vacation’ and Standing Up to the ‘Disgraceful Media’

The CEO and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne LaPierre, issued a message to NRA members and supporters on NRATV. In it, he blasted the liberal media for their anti-gun rights agenda and praised how NRA members sent Hillary Clinton “on permanent political vacation” for making “her hatred for the Second Amendment […]

Trump’s Amazing Victory Against a Stacked Deck

While the media and the Democrats are in disarray over last week’s elections, it looks like President-elect Donald Trump’s honeymoon is over before it even began.

George Washington Student Claimed the Election isn’t Over

Students assembled in front of a college building at the Foggy Bottom campus of George Washington University and chanted “Si se puede” (means ‘yes you can’ in Spanish) and alternated speakers: Speaker at anti-Trump rally at @GWtweets had barely finished saying that “the election isn’t over; stop acting like it is” #tcot — Accuracy […]

D.C. Debates Scaling Back Inaugural Reviewing Stand after Trump Win

According to The Washington Post, at least one member of the D.C. City Council wants to curtail spending on the presidential inauguration now that Donald Trump has won the election. A proposal by council member Elissa Silverman (I-At Large) would eliminate or reduce the city’s funding for a stand to be built on the steps of […]

Bernie Sanders Disagrees with Hillary Clinton, says FBI’s James Comey Not to Blame for Her Loss

Contrary to what Hillary Clinton alleged, which was that FBI Director James Comey was to blame for her Election Day loss, Bernie Sanders said that other reasons were to blame. Primarily, the Democratic Party’s messaging is no longer focused on the white working class (which voted Donald Trump into office).

Bias Buzz Podcast: Trump’s Transition Team & Trump Cabinet, Steve Bannon Controversy, George Soros & More

This week Brian McNicoll and Don Irvine discuss how the Trump transition is proceeding, potential cabinet picks, Steve Bannon’s new role, the non-voters protesting against Trump, calls to abolish the Electoral College, George Soros and more. Here is the iTunes link. SoundCloud is below: YouTube recording of the podcast is below:  

Students Hold ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Anti-Trump Rally Outside the White House

The students, who are believed to be a mix of local high school students and college students, began their protest outside the White House fence and marched through parts of Washington, D.C., chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ while holding anti-Trump signs: Pre-march rally in front of the White House. All before they marched and chanted “Black […]

The parallels between Brexit and Trumpery have been absurdly overdone

“I didn’t predict Trump’s victory, but now let now me explain to you exactly why it happened.” Political pundits are like mediaeval physicians – or, for that matter, like modern economists. Their forecasts are rarely right, yet their Olympian self-confidence remains undented. In fairness to pundits, this truly was the oddest election in American history. […]

Blue Collar Election Shocks Liberal Media

In order for the Republican Party to take advantage of this dramatic shift, President-elect Donald Trump has to get tough with foreign countries.

3 Count: Nobody to Love

Facebook, Twitter and Google file briefs in the MP3Tunes case, judge recommends Somebody to Love lawsuit be tossed again and Prince estate sues Tidal. The post 3 Count: Nobody to Love appeared first on Plagiarism Today

Donna Brazile Blasts CNN for “Ripping Her a New One” in Debate-Question Leak Scandal

Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee and one time CNN contributor, took a shot at the cable news network for “ripping me a new one,” instead of allowing her to defend herself after WikiLeaks emails surfaced that showed that she leaked town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign. Brazile’s […]

Liberal Media Promoted Evan McMullin’s Conservative Insurgency in Utah, but Polls Painted Different Picture

Evan McMullin, a late-entry presidential candidate, ran as the conservative alternative to Donald Trump. As member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst, he was uniquely positioned to offer the state of Utah an alternative third-party candidate. Utah has a significant LDS (also known […]

How Did Trump Win Over the Evangelical Voters?

Maybe the evangelicals were tired of being blasted by the Left and Obama administration for being bigots and intolerant. Or maybe the evangelicals realized that by sitting out during the 2012 campaign and letting Obama win re-election was a mistake. Tony Perkins, leader of the Family Research Council, wrote an interesting piece on why the […]

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams: Trump’s Win Brings Out Cognitive Dissonance Among Anti-Trumpers

It’s an interesting read from Scott Adams: This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them. 1. They believe they are smart and […]

Dear Liberal Media: No Criticism of Hillary Clinton Delaying Her Concession Speech, Bucking Trend of Last Decade?

Why didn’t the liberal media criticize Hillary Clinton over delaying her concession speech until the next day? Democratic nominee John Kerry conceded later on Election Day, while both Republican nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney conceded later on Election Day, as well.

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Blames Clintons for ‘Stranglehold on the Party’

The columnist, Frank Bruni, criticized the Clintons for what they had done to the Democratic Party in this election cycle and in future election cycles: Democrats need to understand that, and they need to move past a complacency for which the Clintons bear considerable blame. It’s hard to overestimate the couple’s stranglehold on the party […]

Morning in America!

With the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence – and key leadership in congress, we have an opportunity to re-establish the “three-legged stool” that characterized President Ronald Reagan’s metaphor for governing with a unifying approach for the combined interests of social, economic, and foreign policy/defense conservatives. All three are important. All three make vital […]

AIM Editor Talks about the Media and the Election

AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared Saturday, November 12 on The Don Smith radio show to talk about the recent election results and the mainstream media’s reaction.

Lazy Liberal Journalists Smear Bannon

Media bias won’t let up just because the liberal media were humiliated on November 8. The bias is now being directed at the President-elect’s conservative appointments. On Monday night’s CBS Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley proclaimed that the Southern Poverty Law Center had declared that Donald J. Trump’s campaign CEO Stephen Bannon “has no business […]

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