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House passes Bill to End Death Tax

Many consider the death tax, or an inheritance tax, as a double tax as people are taxed while they are living and then are taxed when you pass away.

3 Count: Devalued Workout

Second Circuit to hear Turtles/SiriusXM case, Jillian Michaels targets Lionsgate in contract dispute and yet another Frozen lawsuit.

DHS is the Worst Place to Work in Government, Again

This is the top spot that you don’t want to be on. Fox News reported: “If the latest federal workforce employee survey is any measure, the Department of Homeland Security is the worst office Uncle Sam runs, and and its Customs and Immigration Enforcement agency is its least desirable post.” “The worst-ranked jobs were the […]

ISIS’s Push forces 2,000 Families to Flee Ramadi

ISIS captured three villages on the outskirts of the provincial capital of the Anbar province, Ramadi. This comes on the heels of a recently proclaimed victory by Iraqi and Iranian forces in Tikrit.

Melissa Harris-Perry and Husband Owe IRS Taxes

As the Washington Free Beacon said: “The couple owes $70,000 in back taxes from the year 2013. Harris-Perry said that she was aware of the debt that she and her husband owed but was unfamiliar with the lien placed against them. So far the couple had paid $21,721 of their debt when they filed on […]

VIDEO: Even MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Events Feel Staged

MSNBC’s Morning Joe blasted Hillary Clinton’s Iowa events, which may not be a good thing since Hillary flopped in Iowa back in her 2008 campaign. And, it’s not like MSNBC is a conservative-learning network:

VIDEO: MSNBC says Hillary isn’t used to Buying Stuff for Herself

Telling statement by the leftist TV network MSNBC, that Hillary Clinton doesn’t buy stuff for herself because she has other people do it for her:

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Magically Changing Accents

The Washington Free Beacon made a supercut of all of Hillary Clinton’s accents over the years. It’s really painful:

Migrant Dispute Leads to Muslim Migrants Pushing Christians Off Boat

It is disturbing, if it happened. Witnesses on a migrant boat said that at least 12 Christian migrants were thrown overboard after a dispute with Muslim ones. Italian police arrested the alleged perpetrators based on testimonies from several sources.  

Joint Chiefs Knew Bergdahl Deserted the Base in 2009

As Fox News reported: “Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his base in Afghanistan June 30, 2009, and by December of that same year, the president’s principal military adviser, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, knew those details, according to three of Bergdahl’s platoon mates who spoke to Fox News.”

Judith Miller Opens Old Iraq War Wounds, and Sheds Some New Light

Judith Miller, formerly of The New York Times, has sparked a fierce reaction from a mainstream media intent on continuing to blame George W. Bush’s “lies” for the Iraq War with her new book, The Story: A Reporter's Journey.

Good Old Fashioned Shoe Leather Reporting

“The scenes in All the President’s Men that show Woodward and Bernstein crisscrossing Washington on foot or ringing doorbells at night are shoe leather mythology in its most concentrated form. Making calls is good, but one stepped removed from what is most holy…” (This post began as an email to Megan Garber of the Atlantic, […]

Liberal Media Say Clinton Campaign Lacking “Substance”

While some in the liberal media have been fawning over Hillary Clinton’s campaign, since she officially announced that she was running for president on Sunday, there are some who are unimpressed by her efforts to date. The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman is one of those who sees little difference between this campaign and the one she […]

VIDEO: White House Ditched Kerry on Iran Deal

Yup, the Obama White House left John Kerry, their Secretary of State, out to dry on the Iran ‘deal':

Israel Permits Palestinian Medical Workers, Doctors to Drive Own Cars into Israel

The Washington Free Beacon said: “For the first time since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising 15 years ago, Palestinian doctors and medical staff working in Israeli hospitals will be permitted to drive into Israel from the West Bank in their own cars.” “The lifting of the ban, which was imposed when Palestinian militants began exploding car bombs […]

Brokaw on Brian Williams: A “Really, Really Serious Case”

Tom Brokaw, who anchored the NBC Nightly News for more than 20 years, made his first public comments about the controversy surrounding Brian Williams’ repeated lies. He called it a “really, really serious case.” Brokaw‘s remarks came in response to a question from Vanity Fair last week on his relationship with Williams and NBC’s investigation of […]

Audit finds $38 Million Farming Program has been Mismanaged

As the Washington Free Beacon reported: “A program intended to give financial assistance to “socially disadvantaged” farmers is riddled with “broad and pervasive mismanagement,” leading the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector general...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Ad Hits Hillary Clinton on Her Support of the Ex-Im Bank

It’s the start of the campaign season for the 2016 presidential cycle, and one group is not pulling punches in attacking Hillary Clinton’s record:

VIDEO: So Far, Hillary Clinton has had a “Substance-Free” Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s “substance-free” campaign so far has been underwhelming, as we expected from a bland, recycled candidate.

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