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CNN Panel Calls Clinton Hypocritical for Transparency Attacks Against Trump [Video]

CNN’s Inside Politics panel called Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for saying that Donald Trump isn’t being completely transparent for refusing to release his tax returns, while she ignored Freedom of Information requests as secretary of state. The panel, on Sunday, said the latest round of allegations against the Clinton Foundation are her own fault because […]

Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA

When US media—to say nothing of the leading contender to be the next president of the US—allege that foreign elements are steering our politics, that’s rational, serious discourse. When others do it, it’s laughable, unhinged blabber...

Self-Charity? 96% of Hillary Clinton’s Charitable Donations Went to the Clinton Foundation

According to the Daily Caller, $1 million of $1,042,000 in charitable contributions from the Clintons went back to their own foundation.

The Mitt Romney Treatment? Hillary Clinton Released 2015’s Tax Returns

Her tax returns can be read here. But no one is going to logically argue that Hillary Clinton, who got millions of dollars for speaking fees, is working for the American middle class, are they? Oh, and her charitable donations have been to her own Clinton Foundation, so is that really charitable?

This is How Obama Can Prove We Have Nothing to Fear From Syrian Refugees

President Barack Obama continues pressing his agenda to increase Syrian refugee relocation in the U.S. Opponents, fearing lax security screening opens our doors to Islamic extremist and criminal elements, act to delay the effort until a better vetting system can be implemented. Opponents’ concerns are justified. Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe are on the rise; […]

AIM interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash

Peter Schweizer, author of the book Clinton Cash discusses topics including the Clinton Foundation scandal and the media’s coverage of his research.

Your Parents Aren’t Your Parents, an Announcer Tells an Olympian

Faced with one of the best athletes in the world, commentators focus on what one called her "broken home." Of course, what they're really revealing is just the narrowness of their vision.

Interview with AIM Center of Investigative Journalism Director Cliff Kincaid

Cliff Kincaid, who is the director of the Center of Investigative Journalism, discusses several topics related to current events and liberal media bias:

Does Hillary’s Record Disqualify Her for the White House?

A State Department Inspector General report said that she never asked for, or got permission for, this email server set-up—and never would have gotten approval for it.

Political Correctness is Running Rampant on College Campuses

Our interview with Accuracy in Academia’s Executive Director Mal Kline on the PC culture on America’s college campuses:

An Interview with Economist Peter Schiff

An interview with economist Peter Schiff on the U.S. economy:

Exclusive ‘Black Lives Matter’ Interview with Sheriff David Clarke

The exclusive interview with Sheriff David Clarke on the Black Lives Matter movement and their rhetoric regarding police: Photo by Gage Skidmore

A Myriad of Scandals Facing Hillary Clinton

AIM Editor Roger Aronoff discusses the scandals that are plaguing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign:

‘We’re Trying to Transform How Policy Looks in the 21st Century’ - CounterSpin interview with Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson on 'A Vision for Black Lives'

"This very platform is a manifestation of ongoing work that’s been happening in the black radical tradition, in the black liberation struggle, before many of us were even born."

AIM Chairman: 2016 ‘Candidates Should be Treated Equally’ by the Media

Our chairman, Don Irvine, was interviewed by Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Stephen Loiaconi on how the media is treating Donald Trump: Don Irvine, chairman of conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media, said Trump is a different kind of candidate, but standards of fairness must still apply. “I think the candidates should be treated equally,” he said. […]

ABC News Headline on Clinton Foundation-State Department Emails says “No Influence”

That sounds subjective, doesn’t it, ABC News? The ABC News homepage top article read, “No Influence from Clinton Foundation: State Department,” but when you clicked on it, the headline became, “Emails do not show improper influence from Clinton Foundation, says State Department.”  

The Bias Buzz: The Anti-Trump Media

Don and Brian discuss the anti-Trump liberal media, Will Smith’s Islamophobia comment, Trump’s poll numbers and Hillary Clinton’s new e-mails scandal and more! Subscribe to the Bias Buzz on iTunes. Here’s the SoundCloud link: Here’s the YouTube video:

CBS News Article Gushes over Obama’s Spotify Music Playlist

It reads as if the writer is fawning over Obama: It wasn’t too long ago that President Obama shared with the world his surprisinglysmooth tango moves while visiting Cuba in March. Now, he’s sharing a few summertime beats that really get his feet movin’ and groovin’. For the second year, the White House released on […]

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