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Obama’s Red/Green Cover-up Begins to Unravel

Could the truth about America’s red diaper baby President be starting to emerge?

CNN Reporter Insinuates Florida Gov. Rick Scott is Partly Responsible for Orlando Attack

Dear CNN, this is a terrible series of questions to ask the sitting governor of Florida: Photo by Thank you, my friends, Adam!

Russian Athletes Banned from International Competition, Including Olympics

That’s big news, especially if they can’t participate in the Olympics this summer: Russian track and field athletes remain banned from international competition, including the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Athletics chiefs have decided not to lift the suspension, which was imposed in November following accusations of state-sponsored doping. Show More Summary

Understanding Capitol Records v. Vimeo

What happens with the DMCA collides with pre-1972 sound recordings? A huge copyright mess and a ruling that could impact countless websites. The post Understanding Capitol Records v. Vimeo appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

3 Count: Hopping Settlement

NBCUniversal settles with Dish Network over AutoHop, Fox News and TV Eyes appeal their case and Led Zeppelin trial concludes day four. The post 3 Count: Hopping Settlement appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Rio Needs Federal Funding to Hold the Olympics

From the Zika virus to a behind-schedule construction effort to dirty and sewage-filled waters and the ongoing impeachment procedures against Brazil’s elected president Dilma Rousseff, this Rio Olympics is looking to be a giant disaster. Add in this financial crisis for the host city and this is almost like Sochi in Russia. Photo by Mark_JH

Trump Rips Media “Hostility”

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump ripped the media for being so hostile to his campaign, in a recent interview with Fox News media critic Howie Kurtz: “The media are very negative toward a Republican, toward a conservative Republican, and certainly very negative toward me. They don’t report my statements properly, they’ll use the first quarter […]

3 Count: Double Dribble

Supreme Court rules on attorneys fees in copyright lawsuits, 2nd Circuit weighs in on the DMCA with pre-1972 sound recordings and Playboy lawsuit dropped. The post 3 Count: Double Dribble appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

NYC Plans to Install LED Lights to Fight Crime!

Government bureaucrats and leaders out of touch with reality: Bill de Blasio’s plan to fight crime in the city’s public housing properties is adding more than 300 LED lights to illuminate dark areas. The exterior lighting is a “key part of the mayor’s action plan—$140 million comprehensive effort to improve security at 15 New York […]

New York Times Reporter: Bible Book ‘Romans’ Calls for Executing Gays

Another great take from Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist, displaying the trouble that liberal reporters have with properly writing about religion in general: Come again? Wait, what? What? What in the world is he talking about? A “Bible verse” from “Romans” that calls for the “execution of gays”? Way to bury the lede there, Peters. You […]

Gun Store Alerts Feds that CBS Producer Broke the Law

The contention is that the CBS producer then made a straw purchase, where she legally purchased a rifle and then sold it to a third party. Photo by Tac6 Media

Anderson Cooper’s Bullying about Same-Sex Marriage is Not Reporting

A great take by Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist: Despite all that, the media and others on the Left decided to cover this terrorist attack by going after people who support self-government and its Second Amendment; people who pray to God in times of tragedy; people who believe the definition of marriage is the union of one […]

Private School Bans Redskins Name and Logo from Campus

Sidwell Friends, a private school run by Quakers and is where the Obamas sent one of their daughters to attend classes there, has banned Washington Redskins gear from their campus. Photo by Keith Allison

Some Law School Graduates Wonder if Law Schools Should Close

Lots of debt, not as high-paying jobs…sounds like the law school bubble is about to burst.

Media Mislead About Mateen’s Motives

They [New York Times] write that the “precise motivation for [Mateen’s] rampage remains unclear.”

Tyranny of Bill Gates: Bolivia Rejects Chicken Donations

This is funny when you think about it…Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts being rejected for being too condescending: Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts are usually greeted with near-universal praise, but a recent attempt by the US billionaire to donate 100,000 chickens to impoverished countries has ruffled some feathers. The leftist government of Bolivia, one of the nations […]

Op-Ed Wonders What has Happened to Comedy Central?

What if Comedy Central was overrated to begin with? Hmm… Photo by Peabody Awards

Obama’s Defense Secretary Unhappy with Russians Bombing US-Backed Syrian Rebels

Well, it doesn’t help that his boss, Barack Obama, talked about drawing a ‘red line’ in Syria and then backing down from it. The Russians and Iranians then walked over his public rhetoric. Photo by Secretary of Defense

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