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NPR’s Morning Edition gets a little refresh — and its own new podcast

Why doesn’t NPR publish a daily morning news podcast, along the lines of Morning Edition? Save for when its politics podcast went daily leading up to last year’s election, the absence of a rundown of each day’s biggest events to watch out for, available through a listener’s podcast app of choice, has left an opening...

Sensing an opening in audio, The New York Times is launching a daily news podcast this week

2017 will be “the year of the newsy podcast,” NPR’s Asma Khalid predicted last month — and now we’re seeing that prediction come true: The New York Times announced Monday that Michael Barbaro, the host of the Times’ election podcast The Run-Up, will launch a weekday show called “The Daily” this Wednesday. (Don’t confuse it...

The Bob And Chez Show Podcast: We Call Paul Ryan's Office About Obamacare, Plus, Are There Grizzlies in Schools?

Today’s topics include: The Trump Crisis Day 82; Trump gets the nuclear codes tomorrow; Numerous intelligence agencies probing Russia, money and Trump; Trump's war on the press; Infowars gets scammed; Roger Stone insists he's being poisoned;...Show More Summary

Podcasts dive into breaking news analysis

The day after Trump’s Access Hollywood video leaked, I saw something completely unprecedented happen in my podcast feed. Despite The Washington Post’s story breaking on a Friday afternoon, by the time I was cleaning my apartment the next day, my favorite shows had already released episodes responding to the news. On a Saturday! Because podcast...

And now a word from our sponsor: Host-read ads and the play between niche and scale

“Right now is the moment in our podcast where we talk about our sponsor. Julia Turner, what have you got?” says Slate’s Stephen Metcalf. Twenty minutes into the weekly Culture Gabfest show, he is marking the start of a commercial as he turns to Turner, Slate’s respected editor-in-chief. “The Culture Club Gabfest is brought to...

Kandi Mossett on Native American Pipeline Protests

For many people, what's happening right now in North Dakota is a crucial story of a frontline fight of indigenous people against extractive industry—and on behalf of humanity, really, and the planet.

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Trump Hires Breitbart Stooge, Plus Roger Ailes Is Taking Over Trump’s Debate Prep

Today’s topics include: Let Trump Be Trump; Trump Hires Breitbart Stooge to Run His Campaign; Roger Ailes Taking Over Trump’s Debate Prep; Who is Steve Bannon; Trump’s Lawyer Denies the Polls on CNN; Screw Intelligence; Trump is Mr.Show More Summary

"The New Trump"? Or is Character Destiny? (See "The New Nixon")

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Trump begins the week with the WSJ urging the RNC to cut him loose if he can't turn around his floundering campaign by Labor Day...and ends it with the Bannon-Manafort shuffle. Cooke & Lamarche laugh off the chance he can stop scratching his attention-getting-disorder itch. Show More Summary

‘If You’re So Proud of This Technology, Put It on the Label’ - CounterSpin interview with Patty Lovera about GMO labeling

"If we’re going to tell people that they are voting with their dollars and they're making decisions, you have to give them all the information. And when we came to that line, the industry wasn’t willing to do that."

Felicia Kornbluh on the Politics of Welfare

we're told we're in a moment of reconsideration, perhaps, of the notion that depriving needy people of assistance would lead to their gainful employment and well-being. A true reconsideration of the 1990s welfare overhaul would require a so-far invisible recentering of the people in its crosshairs: low-income women, particularly mothers raising children on their own.

Is Trump In A Summer Slump Or Spiral?

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Shrum and Christie largely agree on Trump's trajectory -- almost no chance to win POTUS because "gaffes" that didn't sink him among only GOP voters are now revealing him as temperamentally unfit to be president. Show More Summary

‘We’re Trying to Transform How Policy Looks in the 21st Century’ - CounterSpin interview with Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson on 'A Vision for Black Lives'

"This very platform is a manifestation of ongoing work that’s been happening in the black radical tradition, in the black liberation struggle, before many of us were even born."

Donna Murch on For-Profit Punishment, Patty Lovera on GMO Labeling

One of the legacies of Michael Brown's killing, two years ago this week, was the exposure of police departments like Ferguson, Missouri's, that have a system for profiting from fines and fees for low-level infractions that targets African-Americans disproportionately.

Season 2, Episode 07: How Book Publishing Has Changed and What it Means for You [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 7 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this seventh episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss the changing world of book publishing. If you are an author—or an aspiring author—this episode is for you. I am always surprised by how many people have either written or want to write […]

‘The Real Battle Is, Who’s Going to Own the Energy Supply?’ - CounterSpin interview with Harvey Wasserman on renewables and nuclear energy

"These guys running around defending nuclear power aren’t just defending nuclear power. What they’re really about is protecting the grid, which is corporate-owned and corporate-controlled."

Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson on A Vision for Black Lives, William Hartung on US Arms Trade

The Movement for Black Lives has never relied on corporate media to get their message out. But the coalition's newly released policy platform does provide an opportunity for journalists—sometimes given to ponder what black activists are for—to engage those ideas.

‘We Have to Have Disability as Part of Our Discussion’ - CounterSpin interview with David Perry on disability and police violence

"The media will talk about someone with mental illness, but it’s often in a way that blames the mental illness for the eventual force used against them."

‘These Agreements Depend on Secrecy in Order to Pass’ - CounterSpin interviews with Lori Wallach, Peter Maybarduk and Karen Hansen-Kuhn on trade pacts and corporate globalization

"These are specific choices. Interests that wanted to pursue certain strategies for their maximizing of profits got their protections to help them offshore, put in specific instruments called NAFTA, WTO, that deliver a specific version of globalization."

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