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Ad of the Day: How Good Is This Vacuum? You Can Climb a Skyscraper With Its Suction

We'd like to preface this story by saying "Don't try this at home," but we already know somebody—probably in Ukraine—is going to seize the opportunity anyway. Having warned you, we hereby assuage our consciences. Companies like GoPro...Show More Summary

These 2 Tech Companies Are Combining Market Research With Programmatic Ads

Advertisers target consumers all the time online, but they don't always survey a sample of the actual target segment to figure out their mindsets in real-time. Krux and Survata aim to make that tactic easier to execute. Krux, a dataShow More Summary

Tech Companies Are Preparing to Take Over the Beaches of Cannes at This Year's Festival

Marketers going to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity should always expect to get a little sand between the toes, but this year their flip-flops will get more dusty than ever due to tech companies. The beach is going...Show More Summary

GMC's Thrilling Skydiving VR Video Is Part of Its Mission to Raise Awareness for Injured Veterans

GMC created an exhilarating 360-degree video that gives viewers a taste of what it's like to go skydiving. It's a captivating and inspiring piece of film that features two severely injured veterans enjoying the thrill of jumping outShow More Summary

A Swiss publisher is trying to attract a paying audience with an app sampling stories across publications

ZURICH — The Swiss media group Tamedia publishes more than 20 different titles — from daily broadsheet newspapers to a women’s magazine that comes out every three weeks. Though these publications have widely disparate audiences, Tamedia is now trying to bring that readership together with 12-App, a paid German-language app that collects and repackages 12...

What does it take to be a “full-service” digital journalism organization? Ask Discourse Media

Discourse Media does a bit of everything. The two-and-a-half year old Vancouver-based organization, for instance, collaborates with other media outlets on stories: It teamed up with Maclean’s reporter Nancy Macdonald on a months-long investigation into why Indigenous people are overrepresented in incarceration rates. Show More Summary

VR Experience From McDonald's Lets You Watch Life-Size Angry Birds Take Over a Restaurant

McDonald's has partnered with Sony and Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, to create a 360-degree video promoting the upcoming feature film The Angry Birds Movie. The 60-second spot puts the viewer in the center of a McDonald's restaurant,...Show More Summary

History Celebrates New Show Roots With Project to Digitize Post-Slavery Documents

When immigrants came into the United States through Ellis Island or arrived on the Mayflower, it was all carefully documented so that today, family members can easily trace the arrival of their ancestors. For those with relatives that...Show More Summary

In India, a boom of digital media startups find large audiences, but face familiar business challenges

The opening for budding digital news ventures to get in on the potential next billion internet users in India is widening, as access to the internet and smartphone use takes off. Digital startups born in India are taking hold far better than foreign competitors, journalist (and former Nieman-Berkman fellow) Hasit Shah, who’s researching Digital India...

A Million Euro Coins Will Feature a Missing Child's Face Thanks to a Nonprofit and Its Agency

On May 3, 1996, 2-year-old Liam Vanden Branden wandered out the door of his grandmother's house in Mechelen, Belgium. The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy was wearing a gray pullover, green jeans and ecru shoes with the Tom & Jerry cartoon characters on them. Show More Summary

What Lies Ahead for Gawker Now that a Tech Billionaire Is Bankrolling Lawsuits Against It?

If you thought the Gawker saga would slow down as we creep closer to Memorial Day weekend, you thought wrong. Following a dizzying 24 hours that ended with Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel admitting outright that he's been bankrolling...Show More Summary

Gawker can’t hide its bad behavior behind press freedom

Earlier this month, a Gawker reporter unleashed a mini-bombshell. Mike Nunez at its sister site, Gizmodo, revealed that Facebook routinely suppressed conservative news from its trending news section, citing unnamed former Facebook employees, thus blemishing Facebook’s preferred guise as an impartial arbiter of the world’s communications. Show More Summary

Spotify Will Now Let Brands Sponsor the Most Popular Playlists

Remember the old days when you'd give a girl or guy a playlist in the hopes of winning them over? Now, Spotify is letting brands try the same trick. Spotify has begun letting brands sponsor the most popular playlists curated by the music streaming service, offering advertisers a way to match music with a message. Show More Summary

Denver's new local site has the feel of a national startup

This winter, Dave Burdick, then a 33-year-old deputy features editor for The Denver Post, got an email that at first he thought could be spam. An investor in New York City had found him on LinkedIn and wanted to talk about an idea for a local online news startup. On Wednesday, that startup, dubbed Denverite, made a soft launch with...

How fake news sites frequently trick big-time journalists

It would’ve been one hell of a story. Early this month, “news” surfaced that Michael Jordan--yes, the Michael Jordan--had threatened to move his NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets, from North Carolina unless the state repealed a law barring transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice. Air Jordan hadn’t seemed so heroic since he saved Bugs Bunny in the...

Nearly half of U.S. adults get news on Facebook, Pew says

More than 40 percent of American adults get news on Facebook, according to a report published Thursday by the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation. (Disclosure: Knight is a supporter of the Lab.) Two-thirds of Facebook users access news on the social platform, and with 67 percent of U.S. adults active on Facebook, that...

Ad of the Day: Kia Hamsters Give Deliverance a New Spin, and a Happier Musical Ending

That prize banjo scene from the film Deliverance gets a CG-infused makeover in Kia's latest ad, featuring its trademark hamsters, who have basically become the Barbie doll of brand mascots—they do everything, and probably have a better...Show More Summary

Google Now Controls 12 Percent of All Global Media Spend

Alphabet—Google's reorganized holding company—is the world's largest media owner in the world, according to a new report from Zenith Media today. Alphabet controls 12 percent of all global media spend, which primarily comes from Google and YouTube's ad sales. Show More Summary

Here Are the 12 TV Shows You Don't Want to Miss This Summer

The 2015-16 broadcast season officially ended on Wednesday, but if you think that you can just prop up your feet for the next three months as you empty out your DVR and catch up on shows you've missed since September, it's time for a reality check. Show More Summary

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