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Why Social Media Is Like Smoking for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Chelsea Perretti

Specs Age 37 Claim to fame Stars as Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sundays, 8:30 p.m. on Fox) Base Los Angeles Twitter @chelseaperetti Adweek: How addicted are you to social media? Chelsea Peretti: I've said on record, I'm waiting for some sort of charismatic leader to take me away from technology. Show More Summary

As Live TV Viewing Declines, How Can Networks Fully Monetize Their Viewers?

For years, NBCUniversal's ratings guru Alan Wurtzel has been criticizing the deficiencies of Nielsen's current ratings system—he says as much as 35 percent of NBC's audience for an average episode isn't measured by Nielsen's C3 and C7 metrics, which don't include most streaming activity, particularly on mobile and tablets—and he's tired of it. Show More Summary

This Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Agency Has a 40-Pound Pig Roaming Its Halls

Specs Who Founder Ed Mitzen, strategists Michelle Olson and Andy Pyfer What Full-service creative agency Where Headquartered in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., with offices in Albany, N.Y., Scottsdale, Ariz., and Villanova, Pa. Headquartered...Show More Summary

Infographic: Emojis Are Becoming a Preferred Communication Tool Across Demographics

As emojis grow in popularity with consumers, marketers are catching up on the trend. From IHOP's recent change to a friendly emoji-esque logo to Domino's Grand Prix win at Cannes for its emoji ordering system, there's no denying that the playful icons have assumed a place in the cultural zeitgeist. Show More Summary

Why Brands Like Coca-Cola and Bud Light Are Making Packaging Personal

Global marketers are taking a more personalized approach to reaching consumers. This year, several have tinkered with logos and packaging, adding names, words, teams or whatever the brand sees as a way to make a deeper connection with shoppers. Show More Summary

Mobile is still a missing piece for local indie online news publishers

The LION Summit for local independent online news publishers took place in Chicago on Friday and Saturday. In two days of panels, there was plenty of focus on ad-selling strategies and other revenue-generating ideas, but one thing was largely missing: mobile strategy. @damianradcliffe @jsb We've got to address mobile more at the local level. Would...

Tasneem Raja on how NPR’s Code Switch navigates the increasingly crowded race-and-culture beat

Freddie Gray. Sandra Bland. Rachel Dolezal. Dylann Roof. Viola Davis. In 2015, there is no shortage of stories that sit right in the middle of the intersection between race and culture in America. Increasingly newsrooms around the country are having conversations about how to cover things like the Black Lives Matter movement, or, for that...

The's North American CEO Is Leaving After 16 Months

Jon Steinberg, CEO of North America, is leaving the company, announced CEO and publisher Martin Clarke. In the short time Steinberg has been with DailyMail—16 months—he has overseen the acquisition of Elite Daily and the launch of agency Truffle Pig, a joint venture with WPP and Snapchat. Show More Summary

Hip: What's in a name?

Watch what happens to the images in your head with these descriptions: He’s hip. He’s a hippie. He’s a hipster. Notice how the person you were picturing changed, from beatnik cool to counterculture peacenik, to... what? Someone in ironic jeans? A young, self-aware artistic type scrambling to get the latest trendy pastry before the rest of the world (or...

Why Jack Dorsey and Adam Bain May Just Give Twitter the 1-2 Punch It Needs

Twitter today named co-founder and interim chief Jack Dorsey as its permanent CEO. The San Francisco-based company also elevated Adam Bain to chief operating officer from his former role as president of global revenue and partnerships. Show More Summary

Bud Light Created a Smart Fridge That Tells You When You're Out of Beer, and We Tested It

Today Bud Light is launching its first foray into the Internet of Things with the Bud-E Fridge, a smart refrigerator that alerts you when you run out of beer, your six-pack is perfectly chilled, or someone dares to remove a can. Essentially, it's a mini-fridge for people who really care about their beer. Show More Summary

How SNL Alum Ana Gasteyer Is Helping Chevy Market to Moms

Crackle has seen major success with Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Now, Yahoo is looking to do the same with another comedian who made her mark on broadcast TV while helping Chevrolet market its 2016 Traverse to moms. Show More Summary

American Apparel Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Years of controversial advertising couldn't save American Apparel from a trip to bankruptcy court. Today, the long-troubled company, unprofitable for half a decade, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, part of an equity arrangement with creditors designed to trim its debt from $300 million to $135 million. Show More Summary

A veteran California reporter on why she's excited to join Politico

It’s been eight years since Politico launched just outside the nation’s capital and started to change the way DC politics is covered. Now, the outlet is going nationwide. There are Politico sites for New York, New Jersey and Florida, and “Playbooks”—the signature daily politics tip sheets—for Massachusetts and Illinois. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Hovis Pays Tribute to Its Classic 1973 Ad With a Fun, Energetic Sequel

A classic ad concept rides again in Mother London's first work for Hovis bread. "Stuck," a 40-second effects-driven spot, follows three youngsters on bicycles as they race to escape from a house that literally chases them outside—its brick walls constantly re-forming around them, threatening to quash their adventures. Show More Summary

Pinterest, MikMak Give Brands 2 New Ways to Sell Through Mobile Commerce This Holiday

This year is already shaping up to be the holiday season of "Buy" buttons for retailers, with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others putting their own twists on social commerce. Now, they have two new ways to push sales—through Pinterest and the mobile shopping app MikMak. Show More Summary

Making The Most Of Your Online Startup

The internet has made it so anyone with a big idea and a little motivation can start their own online business. This has led to an explosion of blogs, online stores, and services. This is great news for entrepreneurs or people just starting out, but it also causes a problem. When everyone is selling something, […]

How a reporter captured the moment a fifth grader found out she was HIV positive

The moment 10-year-old JJ learned she has HIV had been carefully orchestrated for months. But for reporter John Woodrow Cox, documenting this moment and the events leading up to it were an exercise in not telling: not writing crucial details that would reveal JJ’s identity to the public, not attending events where his own identity as a reporter could compromise...

After a Decade Away, Columbia Sportswear's 'One Tough Mother' Makes Her Comeback

This week, Gert Boyle, the 91-year-old chairman of Columbia Sportswear, returns to the company's commercials after a decade. "It was time for us to insert some sexiness back into our advertising," she quipped of her appearance in a fall campaign from ad agency North. Show More Summary

Closing In on 40? Here Are 3 Tips to Staying Influential at Any Age

As I'm about to turn 39, people often ask how I continue to lead a media company aimed squarely at 20-somethings. It often seems impossible to keep up with each new startup, platform or app we need to download right this second—I had...Show More Summary

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