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These Are the Big Brands Advertising on Apple's New Music Service

McDonald's, Nordstrom, Home Depot and Walgreens are some of the brands currently running ads on Apple's new streaming service that launched June 30. Last month, Apple unveiled Apple Music—its app combining iTunes, radio programming, a live show called Beats 1, and a social-media portal for artists called Connect. Show More Summary

Digital Agencies Are Still Amped for Apple Watch Despite Recent Scrutiny

During Tuesday's quarterly earnings report, Apple did not reveal how many smartwatches it has sold since the gadget's wide release in nine countries on April 24. The dearth of particulars has led to a lot of back-of-the-napkin math and speculation, with analysts estimating anywhere between 2 million and 4 million units have shipped. Show More Summary

Newsonomics: How much is the Financial Times worth, and who might buy it?

If you wanted to buy a top business news publisher, which one would you choose? Assuming the marketplace offered you choice, would you go the newer-media route, buying a Business Insider or a Quartz? Or would you be tempted to buy the Financial Times, established in 1888 and now a clear leader in the legacy...

Here's a Look at How Microsoft Makes Its Money in the Post-PC Era

Microsoft had to absorb a $7.5 billion loss because its plan to buy Nokia and then grab a bigger share of mobile devices mostly failed. The Redmond, Wash.-based company has a 3 percent share in the smartphone market, and its Surface device has only seen modest sales, $888 million last quarter. Show More Summary

Why aren’t there more minority journalists?

In the span of two years, mounting civil unrest concerning unequal treatment of minorities led to large protests in three cities that generated national media coverage. It wasn’t Ferguson, New York City, and Baltimore—it was Los Angeles, Chicago, and Newark in the mid-1960s. Show More Summary

Look Out, Coconut Water. Maple Water Could Be the Next Big Thing

In the $13 billion bottled-water business, beverage companies like Nestlé and PepsiCo use all sorts of sophisticated equipment to fortify, blend and infuse ordinary water with everything from vitamins to flavors like crisp apple and acai blueberry pomegranate. Show More Summary

“People like a website without advertising”: The thinking behind a newspaper’s ad-free membership

Yesterday we wrote about The Salt Lake Tribune’s new membership program, but even after that post went live, we had more questions about the specifics of the thought process behind the program, and how it’s working out so far — the hows and whys, if you will. After playing phone tag, I reached Salt Lake...

Charleston's rival newspapers just merged. Is two-paper Detroit next?

DETROIT, MI — The sudden merger this week of two newspapers in Charleston, West Virginia, was big media news in that city. It also resonated here in Detroit, more than 350 miles away, for one major reason: The Motor City is one of the few two-paper towns left in the US, and that small group is now even smaller. As...

Bill Simmons Is Headed to HBO, With a New Weekly Series in 2016

Bill Simmons has settled on his post-ESPN job: He'll be taking his talents to HBO. Simmons has signed a multiyear, multiplatform agreement with HBO, which includes a weekly series launching next year, the network announced. He will begin working for HBO in October, after his ESPN deal has ended. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: JetBlue and Coke Bring Their Feel-Good Brands Together for NYC Stunt

JetBlue and Coca-Cola liked the looks of each other enough to try a stunt together in Penn Station recently, where they teamed up to bend the general rule of NYC transit hubs that you don't accept gifts from strangers. Agencies Rokkan...Show More Summary

Univision Deportes Brings Fantasy Soccer to the U.S.

Univision Deportes is looking to capitalize on the burgeoning and lucrative world of fantasy sports, launching a fantasy soccer league in the U.S. Univision Deportes Fantasy marks the first time the sport has had its own fantasy league stateside, a result of the growing popularity of soccer in recent years. Show More Summary

To Stop Its Ratings Slide, VH1 Taps MTV2 and Logo's Chris McCarthy as GM

As it looks to turn its slipping ratings around, VH1 is turning to someone who has worked ratings magic for other Viacom cable networks. The network has tapped Chris McCarthy, who oversaw MTV2 and Logo TV, to be VH1's new gm. McCarthy replaces VH1's outgoing president, Tom Calderone, who announced yesterday that he was leaving the network. Show More Summary

Who Are Today's Creative Icons, and How Do They Inspire You? Join #AdweekChat to Discuss

True creativity often feels like it's in short supply, even in advertising. But there are plenty of inspirational talents out there, if you know where to look. To help you find those icons of innovation, Adweek this week unveiled our first Creative 100, a list of inventive and fascinating personalities spanning marketing, media and tech. Show More Summary

Subway Reviews Its Creative Business, Hires Chris Carroll in Top Marketing Role

Damage control is working quickly at Subway. Former svp of global marketing Chris Carroll is back in the fold in a top marketing role, and the chain is reportedly looking at outside agencies for its creative business. The news comesShow More Summary

Why dont The New York Times (and other news organizations) link out to sources more often?

Like many other news organizations, The New York Times wrote about the recent high-profile resignations at Gawker (here’s the link), and like a few others, it chose not to link to the root of the Gawker upheaval, a story about a male escort’s attempts to blackmail a married media executive after discovering the executive had...

Subway Adds Chris Carroll to Replace Departing CMO, Is Reviewing Creative Business

Damage control is working quickly at Subway. Former svp of global marketing Chris Carroll is back in the fold in a top marketing role as the chain looks at outside agencies for its creative business, according to sources. The news comes...Show More Summary

As Chick-fil-A Heads North, Can It Leave Its Political Baggage Behind?

Chick-fil-A has long savored its reputation for delicious chicken sandwiches and strongly held traditional values. But as the successful and growing fast-food chain's ambitions extend behind its Southern base, and as Americans, especially...Show More Summary

Finally, a Big Streaming Network Is Sharing Ratings Info

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have remained stubbornly tight-lipped for years about just how many users are actually streaming content like Orange Is the New Black and Transparent. As a result, no one knows for sure whether the audience for those shows matches their buzz. Show More Summary

Shades of suffrage: -ette vs. -ist

In Suffragette, a movie due out in October, Meryl Streep portrays Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the early 20th-century British movement that helped get women the vote. In a discussion of the movie on a women’s group forum, one member objected to the term “suffragette”: The “-ette” suffix is a diminutive, the member argued, meaning it conveys the idea of...

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