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This Week's Must-Haves: Barbie's New Dreamhouse Is a High-Tech Smart Home

This week, the Adweek team is highlighting Barbie's ultra-smart new Dreamhouse, a sparkling candy-inspired clutch, Glossier's party-ready gift set and more. Take a look!

How Tito’s Vodka Poured On the Charm and Grew Bigger Than Texas

Bertito Beveridge—"Tito" to everyone—likes to tell the story of how he first tried to get into the liquor business in 1993. The Texas-born geophysicist-turned-mortgage broker, who'd begun adding flavors to store-bought vodka as a hobby, tried to sell some of his concoctions at a local liquor store. Show More Summary

Busch Will Make Its Super Bowl Debut Next Year

Busch will take center stage during the Big Game for the first time next year. The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand will make its Super Bowl debut at the Feb. 5 game, as the company is looking to highlight its value brand portfolio. Deutsch,...Show More Summary

If You Tweet an Emoji at Google's Account, It Will Link to Local Search Results

Google wants to understand the language of emoji. The tech giant today launched a fun feature that lets people tweet emojis at the brand's Twitter account. For each tweet people send, Google automatically sends back a tweet with a GIF and a link to local search results about the emoji. Show More Summary

Stat launches a $299/year subscription with original content, events, and a private Slack group

Stat, The Boston Globe’s health and medicine site, has spent the better part of its first year intensely focused on audience and editorial growth. What started as a site centered on the activity in Boston’s biotech and pharmaceutical hubs has become a news operation with a broader reach, including national coverage and a more global readership. Just eight percent...

Instagram Users Can Now Like (and Disable) Comments

Everybody who's ever said something witty underneath a photo or video on Instagram will now have a way to get Insta-awarded. Today, Instagram announced users can now like user comments in an effort to make the medium more positive. The update, which rolls out over the next few weeks, will let users tap a heart icon to like a comment. Show More Summary

The Raleigh Agenda is shutting down

The local news site Raleigh Agenda said on Monday that it was shutting down after just four months of operation. The site was the second North Carolina local news operation from the startup behind the Charlotte Agenda. “Alas, the Charlotte-based owner of the Raleigh Agenda couldn’t figure out a sustainable business model for this market....

This Online Advent Calendar Counts Down All of 2016's Terrible Events

Let's be honest, 2016 has been a pretty horrendous year. The world lost beloved singers David Bowie and Prince, Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla was shot and killed after a child fell into the animal's enclosure, while shootings,Show More Summary

Print is dead. Long live print.

Roger Fidler is a forefather of digital journalism. In the early 1980s, he wrote and illustrated an essay on the future of news. When Fidler presented his ideas around Knight Ridder, his co-workers sometimes laughed. “It was not quite like Roger had descended from another planet,” a colleague of his once told me, “but he was saying some things that...

The revenge of the real

ust as digital didn't eradicate print, it also failed to kill a lot of other things that were supposed to be obsolete. Here are a few other areas where the world of real things is showing renewed life. The poster child of analog’s recent revenge is also its most improbable. Since its peak as a format for recorded music...

Subscription surges and record audiences follow Trump’s election

When CBS Chairman Les Moonves said in February that the Donald Trump phenomenon “may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS,” he likely didn’t imagine his comment would apply to the entire news industry come December. While many in the media have expressed concerns over the impact a Trump administration could have on press freedoms, the...

Vinyl Records Are Now Outselling Digital Downloads in the UK

If you thought the vinyl record's comeback story was more buzz than business, consider the latest developments from across the pond. The U.K.-based Entertainment Retailers Association, or ERA, said Monday that Britons spent 2.4 million...Show More Summary

AT&T Says Early Demand for DirecTV Now Is ‘Exceeding Expectations’

Last week's launch of DirecTV Now was plagued with errors, but AT&T says it's thrilled with the early interest in its new streaming bundle offering. "The early demand has been rather dramatic... we've been pleased with it," Randall Stephenson,...Show More Summary

Hot Pod: Macmillan’s new network shows how podcasts can be a logical next step for book publishers

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue ninety-nine, published December 6, 2016. Midroll’s new executive hires: Korri Kolesa is the new head of sales, replacing Lex Friedman as he settles into his new chief revenue officer role. Eric Spiegelman is the new VP of business affairs, taking now-CEO Erik Diehn’s place. I’m...

Ad of the Day: Kids Act Out Romeo & Juliet in Apple's Charming New iPhone 7 Spot

Wherefore art thou, iPhone 7? Here's a charmer for the digital scrapbook. In its ongoing efforts to convince us the incremental changes of the iPhone 7 are actually quite magical, Apple has released "Romeo and Juliet." The ad features...Show More Summary

How AT&T Benefited From Getting Out of the Way of Content Creators

AT&T has very sneakily, and very keenly, become a brand beloved by those vexing and hard to reach millennials. AT&T's Hello Lab was announced this year and partnered with its Fullscreen Media to create original and thoroughly specialized...Show More Summary

How the Greatest Ads for Volkswagen and Red Bull Fully Embodied the Brand Purpose

The best ads go well beyond a simple sell or a fulfillment of a strategy. They can embody what an entire company stands for—a vision in the form of an execution. Tiffany Rolfe of Co:Collective discusses two examples of this in the latest installment of our "Best Ads Ever" video series. Show More Summary

Internet giants launch collaboration to curb terrorist content, while EU Commission urges stronger action against hate speech

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube announced that they are creating a shared database on “terrorist imagery”, helping them identify potential terrorist content on their respective platforms. Read more...

Check Out Twitter's 10 Buzziest Global Topics of 2016

Twitter today is revealing its top 10 global trending topics of 2016. The Summer Olympics were the buzziest event of the year on the microblogging platform, garnering 187 million tweets, highlighted by messages from American gold medal-winning...Show More Summary

Digital-native outlets in Europe are more pragmatic than innovative, report suggests

Digital-native news outlets in Europe tend to be more focused on delivering quality journalism than on creating new business models or innovating about ways news is presented, according to a new report from Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism that studied 12 online startups in Francuhe, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The...

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