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Should journalists expose trolls?

Public humiliation is never more entertaining than when it’s justified. That probably explains the success of Swedish TV show Trolljägarna, or Troll Hunters. It follows journalist Robert Aschberg as he tracks down so-called “trolls” who have posted hate speech in social forums or abused individuals online and then confronts them on-camera. Show More Summary

Bad behavior at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club

Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club members have been advised to behave themselves. “We’re not yet in the business of chopping hands off miscreants,” says the president’s memo. “And nobody wants to turn the Bar into a hushed library. But times change, and what might have been permissible three or four decades ago has no place … Read More

GateHouse lays off journalists at newspapers it acquired from Halifax Media last year

Newspaper downsizing continues. I’m getting multiple reports of layoffs today at GateHouse papers that were formerly owned by Halifax Media, including the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. My readers say the Sarasota paper is losing several veterans, including sportswriter John Brockmann. Show More Summary

‘Weed’ sign is A1 news on campus – of course!

The giant road sign on the way to the UM gym says Smoke Weed Everyday. @MontanaKaimin anybody on this? I need answers. — Michael J. Wright (@mj_wright1) March 2, 2015

An argument that BuzzFeed is “the most important news organization in the world”

Analyst Ben Thompson has a good piece up providing the service he often does: examining a portion of the media landscape the way a Valley-tinged capitalist might, without any of the romance people brought up in the media business might bring. If you’ve ever wondered why so many people are fascinated by BuzzFeed — specifically...

Confusing condominium

A couple of weeks ago, Martin S. Indyk, vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution and a former US ambassador to Israel, wrote a two-part series on the future of US relations in the Middle East. The choices, he wrote, came down to “a Joint Condominium with Iran or a Back to the Future...

Take two steps back from journalism: What are the editorial products we’re not building?

The traditional goal of news is to say what just happened. That’s sort of what “news” means. But there are many more types of nonfiction information services, and many possibilities that few have yet explored. I want to take two steps back from journalism, to see where it fits in the broader information landscape and try to imagine new things....

Morning Report for March 3, 2015

Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny quits ABC News for CNN. ( | “Can’t wait to join the team.” (@jeffzeleny) New Mexico residents have fun with New York Times Magazine’s map mistake. ( | (@RebeccaHLatham) | (@NewMexico) Baltimore Sun cartoonist KAL wins the 2015 Herblock Prize. ( Ombud: NPR did not interview Will … Read More

How a vibrant public radio station rose in the West Texas desert

AUSTIN, TX — Out in the most lonesome stretches of West Texas, that vast land spanning the Big Bend, the Trans-Pecos and the rugged Davis Mountains, everything is few and far between: houses, people, even radio signals. But as a traveler approaches the town of Marfa on the high desert, a radio station comes through loud and clear, carrying the...

Please explain your dance, Paul Magers

The person who sent me the Paul Magers dance clip notes that “this was a prerecorded show and the entire control room staff left it in.” I’ve asked the CBS 2 News Los Angeles news anchor about his quirky exit from the set. (If you’re a Magers colleague or competitor and know more, please send … Read More

Bringing prison violence to life

When Bill Keller left The New York Times for The Marshall Project last year, he told the newspaper that the nonprofit venture was intended to be “a bit of a wake-up call to a public that has gotten a little numbed to the scandal that our criminal justice system is.” That call rang this weekend with a biting, 7,000-word feature...

Where’s your ‘Upshot’ column, USA Today?

I’ve ask the Times and Journal about both papers using “The Upshot” name. blasted for reprinting journalist’s award-winning editorial days after firing him

February 23: “My husband, Joey Kennedy, was fired by Alabama Media Group on Thursday. …He had been with the Birmingham News/AMG almost 34 years. He won a Pulitzer Prize and was in the top three for a Pulitzer two other times.” ( March 1: Alabama Media Group/Birmingham News starts running a Pulitzer Prize-winning series of … Read More

Boy, 8, calls newspaper editor a ‘shithole’ and ‘jerk’ for pulling his favorite Sunday comics

An 8-year-old boy named Mac got on the phone Sunday and complained to Bloomington (IN) Herald-Times editor Bob Zaltsberg about some of his favorite comics no longer appearing in the paper. “OK, I want back these comics now,” the boy demanded. His list included “Peanuts,” “Dilbert,” “Nancy,” “Garfield,” “For Better or For Worse,” “Ziggy,” and … Read More

Bill O’Reilly Flashback: Claimed He Won Awards He Never Won, Yelled ‘Shut Up’ When Shown Evidence

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly has spent the last few weeks fighting off charges that he lied or exaggerated about his personal involvement in dramatic historical events. He has been challenged on claims the he reported from “a war...Show More Summary

Brian Stelter on Brian Williams: ‘I believe he can have a second chance somewhere’

CNN’s Brian Stelter told student journalists at the Associated Collegiate Press’ National College Journalism Convention over the weekend: “I think [Brian Williams] can actually revolutionize what we think of as television news if he did it with a little more humor – if he’s willing to call BS BS. …There’s a real opportunity for him … Read More

Welcome to the new CJR

The Columbia Journalism Review takes on a new look this morning, with an elegant, fresh design on its desktop, tablet and mobile sites. If you remember CJR’s old look we think you’ll welcome our new one: visually bold, with cleaner lines, easier navigation and gorgeous color and typography. Best of all, it’s a better expression of our mission and our...

The New Republic, then and now

the implosion of The New Republic was shocking in its totality. The departure of 23 staff writers and editors—in addition to researchers, assistants, and contributing editors—forced the political magazine to temporarily halt publication. Show More Summary

Changing words

The Invention of News: How the World Came to Know About Itself By Andrew Pettegree Yale University Press 445 pages. $35; paper, $25 arrives with honors, as the winner of the 2015 Goldsmith Book Prize given by the Harvard Kennedy School, Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. Its author is a distinguished scholar of Renaissance and...


a year after the break-in that ignited the Watergate scandal, National Lampoon deadpanned a faux Soviet conspiracy that saw officials “removing bugs from telephones, mixing actual letters and telegrams from Soviet citizens in with the usual phony ones, telling the truth to foreign newsmen,” and refusing to lie at their own trials. Show More Summary

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