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How Elon Musk's Tesla Brand Has Super Charged Automotive Marketing

Some of us old enough to remember the 1980s know that Tesla used to be a hair-metal band. Others who paid attention in history class know that Telsa was, in the 1880s, the Serbian-American engineer who invented the polyphase AC generator—the...Show More Summary

Here are seven possible ways for publishers to deal with adblockers

On April 25, publishers, platforms, and industry groups including ESPN, Google, and The Guardian met in New York to discuss how to deal with the continued threat of adblocking. The meeting was organized by Johnny Ryan, the head of ecosystem at PageFair, a company that builds technology to circumvent adblocking, and Jason Kint, CEO of...

Nutella? Nougat? What Should Android Name Its Next Treat-Themed Operating System?

Android—known for naming each version of its OS after various alphabetically ordered treats like eclair, gingerbread and marshmallow—is ready to launch a new version for the letter "N." And for the first time, the team is asking for help. The Google-developed platform is letting anyone with a sweet tooth and some branding savvy submit ideas. Show More Summary

Garner's presents inclusive approach to English in new edition

Someone looking to see what the “usage authorities” think doesn’t have a lot of places to turn, especially if they’re looking for something that is in the process of changing, such as the way we just used the indefinite (singular) pronoun “someone” with a plural pronoun, “they.” Many usage guides are available, but few can be considered both definitive and...

Podcast paywall: Stockholm-based podcasting platform Acast launches a premium, ad-free service

Swedish podcasting company is launching an ad-free, paid option on Monday, allowing show creators on the platform to sell content to listeners without any advertising. The new Acast+ makes it possible for a podcaster to sell exclusive bonus content or a brand new series of shows, without relying on advertising revenue. Acast also hopes “to...

BuzzFeed is building a New York-based team to experiment with news video

When you think of BuzzFeed video, you probably think of “27 Weird Things Guys Lie To Each Other About” or the Tasty recipe videos that have taken over your Facebook feed. BuzzFeed has made a huge commitment to building out its video capabilities, and funny and shareable videos have become its staples. The company launched...

20th Century Fox Buys First Snapchat Lens Takeover Ad

20th Century Fox is turning X-Men fans into their favorite characters on Snapchat today. The film studio bought out today's line-up of lenses—the photos and videos that users can apply to their snaps—with different lenses based on nine...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: 30 Rock Returns to Help Explain Verizon's 'Better Network'

Ever wish 30 Rock were still on the air? When members of Tina Fey's unofficial fan club last encountered Jenna Maroney and Kenneth Parcel in the series finale, the former had finally taken "The Rural Juror" to Broadway while the latter...Show More Summary

Threesome Dating App 3nder Responds to Tinder's Lawsuit With a Smelly Campaign

Tinder is suing threesome dating app 3nder over the potential for marketplace confusion around their names. Though, 3nder isn't taking the news lying down while inviting others to join in. On Monday, the two-year-old app launched anShow More Summary

Why one local paper launched an online section for older readers

Figuring out how to reach younger readers online is one of the perpetual concerns of the newspaper business. But a new effort from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this spring is a little unusual: It’s aimed directly at older audiences. In April, the paper launched Aging Edge, a section of its website dedicated to the interests and concerns of the area’s “older...

The CW Extends Affiliate Agreement With Tribune in 12 Markets Ahead of Upfront Negotiations

The CW has completed an essential piece of business prior to beginning upfront negotiations, and we're not talking about last week's presentation to buyers. This morning, The CW and Tribune Media Company announced they have reached new...Show More Summary

'Nude for All' Campaign Breaks Lingerie Ad Stereotypes

When Catalina Girald saw Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics, it sparked an interesting product idea. Girald, a former gymnast, herself, was taken aback by the fact that Douglas, who is...Show More Summary

With NYTEducation, The New York Times is taking its expertise and access to the classroom

The dual challenges of sinking print readership and contracting digital ad revenue are forcing legacy publishers to ponder new ways of making money. For The New York Times, one of those new ways is opening a summer camp. This summer, a few hundred high school students will trade some of their vacations to spend a...

VCCP Acquires Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer to Form Creative Partnership

Over the years, agency holding companies have approached San Francisco-based agency Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer about partnerships, but its executives dismissed them every time. "We never gave it much thought. It wasn't something we needed or...Show More Summary

The 5 Buzziest Television Trends That Defined This Year's Upfronts

The annual broadcast upfronts week has wrapped, as the networks spent four days wooing buyers with their new schedules, lots of impressive-sounding stats (some figures were more accurate than others) and, most importantly, open bars and buffets. Show More Summary

Infographic: How Tech-Savvy Shoppers Spend Their Time Online

Each year, Dentsu's out-of-home agency Posterscope conducts its Outdoor Consumer Study that zeroes in on a range of sought-after demographics. Tech-savvy consumers—people who describe themselves as such, love to buy tech gadgets andShow More Summary

McDonald's Is Putting the Squeeze on Agency Profitability, Making the Ad Industry Uneasy

The ongoing McDonald's creative review initially included all three of the ad industry's largest holding companies. But WPP made headlines earlier this month for bowing out (leaving incumbents Publicis and Omnicom in the running), and...Show More Summary

After 60 Years in Advertising, I Believe True Creativity Is More Powerful Than Ever

A good thing about getting old in this business is that you've actually lived through all the changes and survived the perennial predictions of ad agency extinction. Along the way you've also observed, maybe even been a part of, any number of power shifts. Show More Summary

Adweek's Power List 2016: The Top 100 Leaders in Marketing, Media and Tech

To assemble Adweek's second annual Power List, we considered the profiles and results of global corporate titans, taking into account such criteria as company value, revenue and revenue growth, market performance, consumer reach andShow More Summary

Kohl's Sent a Star Wars Treasure Trove to the Woman Behind the Megaviral Chewbacca Video

These days, the only thing rarer than seeing something truly delightful go viral is seeing a brand respond in a way that's equally charming. But Kohl's showed it was up for the challenge this week, when a mom's Facebook Live video went...Show More Summary

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