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Small-town explainer journalism

Cops are called on youths with nerf guns and Saran Wrap (

How the Men's Room at Mullen Lowe L.A. Became a Reddit Sensation

Mullen Lowe L.A.'s office manager just needed some advice on how to spruce up the agency's men's room for a client visit. She had no idea she was creating an Internet sensation that would reach the front page of Reddit. "I have a most important question," Paige Arrington, also the agency's chief recruiter, wrote in a staff email. Show More Summary

Quiz: Can You Match These Taglines With the Right Brands?

So many taglines, so little time to remember what they were selling. Taglines are a great way for a brand to let its personality shine through. There are just so many out there that it's often hard to remember which brand actually said it. Show More Summary

John Oliver’s show calls C-SPAN host Steve Scully ‘The Most Patient Man on Television’

Call from Oklahoma: I don’t know what’s going on in this world right now. Obama’s a Muslim and that’s all I’ve got to say. C-SPAN’s Steve Scully: Obama is not a Muslim, but thank you for making your comment. Call from Michigan: We need to get rid of every Muslim out of the country [sic], … Read More

Coca-Cola Shows You How to Get 6 Million Views on an Ad Without Even Trying

Coca-Cola unveiled its first work from Ogilvy Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago—a rousing, visually rich pan-European anthem that tried to raise some political issues and surely cost a ton to make. It did OK, with about 400,000 views on YouTube. Show More Summary

13.8 Million Watch David Letterman Finale

David Letterman's final Late Show was watched by 13.76 million viewers, making it the Late Show's largest audience since February 25, 1994, on a night that saw CBS's coverage of the Lillehammer Olympics. The finale had his best delivery...Show More Summary

Hang On, Did Olive Garden Just Make a Really Good Commercial?

Olive Garden's advertising has long been distinguished by its unlimited blandness, which some might suggest is actually a decent representation of the experience of eating there. But during NBC's Red Nose Day telethon tonight, viewers will get a very different look at the Olive Garden brand promise, via this 60-second spot from Grey New York. Show More Summary

Infographic: What's Changed, and What Hasn't, in 100 Years of Brand Storytelling

Much has been made about how modern communication—even as it accelerates exponentially—is returning in some ways to more simple, even primitive forms. Paul Adams, at the time the global head of brand design at Facebook, put it succinctly at Cannes in 2012 when he said the social web mimics pre-industrial times. Show More Summary

Why Matthew Weiner Ended Mad Men With 'The Best Ad Ever Made'

"I did think, why not end the show with the greatest commercial ever made?" After three days of silence, that was Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner's explanation Wednesday night of how he settled on the final moment for Sunday's seriesShow More Summary

Still Obsessing Over Millennials? Here Are 6 Rules for Reaching Generation Z

What CMO doesn't have millennial burnout? Tailoring the perfect marketing messages to today's young adults seems like it's been the marketing holy grail for years. The good news is that brands can now start to get their minds around the intricacies of a new generation of hyper-connected consumers: Generation Z. Show More Summary

How a Twitter Account Turned Into a $500,000 a Year Business

Kris Sanchez always had a hobby of looking up random trivia, or as he put it "the most unimportant things you'll ever need to know." In 2011, he began experimenting with social media and posting his findings on his Twitter account UberFacts. Show More Summary

To Kick Off Summer, Miller Lite Stages a Mini Awards Show on Twitter

Last year, Miller Lite brought back its classic "It's Miller Time" tagline and retro packaging with a Twitter campaign that turned social photos into a TV commercial. Today, the beer brand launches its summer campaign by buying Twitter's...Show More Summary

Morning Report for May 21, 2015

Boston Herald newsroom union members reject a no-raise contract by a 32-26 vote. ( Ken Doctor: “News companies should buy Yelp and use it as the foundation of the next generation of local news and information sites and apps.” ( MailOnline’s growth slows, despite its push into the U.S. ( Jake … Read More

What NBC Needs to Do to Remain the No. 1 Network

Four years ago, NBC was stuck in fourth place among adults 18 to 49, the same last-place slot it occupied among the major broadcasters since Friends went off the air in 2004. But, the network has clawed its way back to the top, reclaiming the No. Show More Summary

Newsonomics: Buying Yelp — and making it the next core of the local news and information business

Yelp’s for sale, and the news has generated the usual, now-tiresome lists of potential buyers: Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook. It’s like all the money in the business world slid off one end of the table and sluiced down to Silicon Valley. Forget the old spend-a-week-without-the-Internet experiments; is it possible to spend a week without...

Bernie Sanders can't win: Why the press loves to hate underdogs

On the eve of the 1948 presidential election, Newsweek asked the 50 reporters on President Truman’s campaign train to forecast the winner. To a man they went the way the Chicago Tribune infamously would on election night: "Dewey defeats Truman." Lay historians will recall that not only did Truman defeat Dewey; he clobbered him. Sorting out how the media got...

Ad of the Day: Delta Stuffs the Entire Internet Into Its Latest Brilliant Safety Video

Delta claims to have made the "Internetest inflight safety video on the Internet." And by Keyboard Cat, I think they're right. Where else, after all, will you see a cat in a shark suit on a Roomba on a plane? The video, from Wieden +...Show More Summary

The Top 10 Ways David Letterman’s Final Late Show Was Perfect

For his 6,028th and final late night broadcast on Wednesday, David Letterman saved his best—or at least, his "best of"—for last, as the legendary host stepped down after 33 years. Befitting a talk show legend, Letterman's Late Show swan song was exactly what longtime fans had hoped for: chock full of funny and nostalgia. Show More Summary

24 Hours in Advertising: Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked. Buzzing on Adweek: Spotify is now in the video business Spotify announced it will soon offer more than just music: The streaming company will add video clips and audio shows to its library. Show More Summary

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