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The Boston Globe finally digs in to a big story

The Boston Globe has, at last, dug into the big business-of-healthcare story in its state. In an important article earlier this month, the paper did a fine job probing deeply into the deal between Partners HealthCare and Attorney General...Show More Summary

My take: The end of an era in Tampa

MIAMI — The sad news out of Tampa just keeps trickling across my Facebook page. This week it was the fact that Tampa Bay Times’ Bill Duryea and Michael Kruse were leaving for Politico. Last week, it was long-time sports columnist Gary Shelton penning his last goodbye to the Times while the crosstown Tampa Tribune laid off a political columnist,...

Morning Report for November 21, 2014

NPR’s ombudsman praises Scott Simon‘s Bill Cosby interview. ( How David Asa Rose hurt the New Yorker’s feelings, and was punished for it. ( A marriage proposal is hidden in a crossword puzzle. ( New York Times memo: “If we do go to layoffs, there will not be any taps on … Read More

Bill Cosby faces ‘rap alligations’

I called the WAFF-TV (Hunstville, AL) newsroom this morning and got a confirmation that this aired Thursday. “It was just a big mistake,” I was told by an employee. | Via @telesara

Engaging News Project works to identify audience behavior

Industry conversation over the best ways to quantify reader engagement on news sites may be reaching fever pitch, with a possible shift afoot from clicks and pageviews to more complex measures of time and attention spent online. News...Show More Summary

A timeline of the #pointergate TV station's defense

You’ve heard all about #pointergate. And you’ve probably read or watched a few of the many, many, many pieces exploring what was wrong with a Nov. 6 local TV news segment that reported the mayor of Minneapolis had been photographed “flashing a known gang sign” with a convicted felon, and supposedly endangering her community in the process. So at this...

Florida State University student newspaper refuses to name the library gunman

The Tallahassee Democrat and other media are naming Myron May as the Florida State University gunman, but the FSU student newspaper is refusing to use his name. It was a unanimous decision among the staff, FSU News editor-in-chief Setareh Baig writes in an email. Busy with the story, Baig says he won’t be able to … Read More

GateHouse Media parent to buy Halifax Media

Just announced: TO: GateHouse Media and LMG Employees FROM: Kirk Davis, CEO, GateHouse Media LLC RE: Halifax Media Asset Purchase Agreement Announcement DATE: November 20, 2014 I’m pleased to announce that New Media Investment Group Inc., has reached an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Halifax Media Group. The sale is expected … Read More

The press is responsible for ignoring Bill Cosby rape allegations

Photo credit: Associated Press It is a remarkable thing to see: The collapsing reputation of a star who has been part of American life for more than half a century. A month ago, Bill Cosby was a comedic and sociological icon; now his career is in shambles. A Netflix special on him will not be shown; NBC won't move...

Someone didn’t get the memo about Move Inc.

The Romenesko reader who sent the above story calls this a case of “automated reporting run amok.” The tipster, who didn’t want to be named, writes: The piece by reports the stock hit a new 52-week low of $0.00 and “could be a stock to watch at the opening.” It also saw “0.00 shares … Read More

Texas reporters fight for access to fracking facts

AUSTIN -- Earlier this month, the residents of Denton, Texas--located on one of the country's largest natural gas reserves and home to some 275 gas wells--voted to ban fracking. The ban was a first for a city in Texas, where fracking has enabled an oil and gas boom; the state now accounts for one-third of the United States' natural gas...

‘Seaman, we have the perfect story for you!’

Care for a h/t? I asked my tipster. She responded: “This has been the most challenging decision of my day. I’m going to say no, due to fear of this becoming a top Google result for me.” Rushing to put on condoms may lead to problems (Reuters) Earlier fun with bylines: Gold on … Read More

A street planner’s bad joke?

Spotted by Romenesko reader Sean Driscoll. in Centerville, MA. 30 Newspaper Rd. (

The newsonomics of telling your audience what they should do

You should. Two powerful words. If they come from your mother or the government, they pack a particular weight. But what if they come from media? Should media be in the “you should” business? WNYC, the flagship of New York Public Radio, now tests the virtue and value of those powerful words. Just Vote Already...

Innovation day at CUNY with Shane Smith and Bill Gross

We have a few seats available for a great event on innovation and news at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism on Monday Dec. 1, starting at 230p and running through a reception ending at 730p: We will give Vice founder Shane Smith the Knight Innovation Award. Bill Gross, founder of Idealab and […]

Approach ISIS tweets with caution

CAIRO--When it seized huge parts of Syria and Iraq this year, the self-proclaimed Islamic State--and the geopolitical chaos surrounding it--became one of the biggest news stories on the planet. But journalists have little means of directly reporting on the group, its activities on the ground, or the havoc it has sown in the region. A physical meeting with the group's...

Gawker editor: ‘Tom Scocca’s piece was the catalyst for the year of dismantling the Cosby myth’

Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read on Tom Scocca’s Bill Cosby post from February: “[It] is good proof that by fulfilling our institutional obligation to ‘always go there, to never flinch, to never look away,’ we can force other organizations to look, too.” From: Max Read Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 7:32 AM Subject: honesty & … Read More

It’s time to apply for a Nieman Fellowship

I’m not one for ranking life experiences like sports teams, but here’s something you hear a lot from Nieman Fellow alumni: “It was the best year of my life.” If that prospect appeals and you have thoughts about how a year at Harvard University could strengthen you and journalism, you’re reading the right story. For...

Here’s some remarkable new data on the power of chat apps like WhatsApp for sharing news stories

How news sites think about social platforms changes with time. Five or six years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see the bottom of a blog post chicken-pocked with a gazillion tiny icons representing social networks familiar and seemingly imaginary. More recently, as Facebook and Twitter have grown, you’ve seen a lot of sites trim that...

Morning Report for November 20, 2014

CPI’s new Couldn’t Be Reached Tumblr targets officials who refuse to comment. ( “A chilling insight into why it took so long for the [rape] allegations against [Bill Cosby] to become a major news story.” ( I suggest New York Times Magazine should hire Jack Shafer to write a weekly media column. … Read More

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