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How a Popular Show on USA Has Given Lexus a Big Lift

Lexus has partnered with the USA drama Suits for all five of its seasons. And with the summer finale airing tonight at 9 p.m. ET, the network is sharing a bit of good news about that partnership: It has resulted in a 22 percent increase in Lexus' brand favorability, according to USA's internal research. Show More Summary

In Katrina's wake

Hurricane Katrina attacked New Orleans in August 2005. Among the many ways in which the city was unprepared for the disaster was the absence of a chain of command among local police. “There were no rules in place other than ‘Wait it out and, when the winds wind down, begin your patrols,’?” a former narcotics officer tells Ronnie Greene in...

Facebook and Twitter's Quick Actions Stopped Video of Virginia Shootings From Being Widely Shared

Social media doesn't make tragedies any more or less sad. But this morning's shootings in Virginia demonstrated that platforms like Facebook and Twitter can play a role in such tragic stories, and the tech companies behind them need to be ready. Show More Summary

3 New Publishers Go All In on Snapchat Discover

Starting tomorrow, Snapchat users are going to see more media brands in the Discover portal. Mashable, food publisher Tastemade, and IGN—a video-game and entertainment publisher—will start cranking out daily Snapchat content for Discover, joining names like Cosmopolitan, CNN and the Daily Mail. Show More Summary

NBA Partners With Stanza to Let Fans Sync Calendars and See Live Updates

The National Basketball Association has partnered with San Francisco-based Stanza for real-time calendar sync, a feature that allows fans to easily get their favorite teams' schedules and updates throughout the season. Sports have always been a natural fit for the company, said Stanza founder and CEO Smita Saxena. Show More Summary

Alison Parker Tribute: 5 Things To Know About Slain Reporter

As Alison Parker tribute posts are starting to fill up the slain Roanoke reporter’s Facebook and Twitter pages, it’s a proper time to look back on who this young woman was and the full but short life that she lived. Parker and videographer Adam Ward, 27, were callously gunned down during an on-air interview earlier... Show More Summary

Math doesn't get the media attention it deserves

Last week, a story of an unusual nature managed to break into the regular news cycle. It was a story about math--more specifically, the discovery of a five-sided shape that can be used to cover an area without leaving gaps or overlapping pieces (a trick known as “tiling the plane”). The Guardian picked up the story, as did The Huffington...

Burger King Wants to Create a 'McWhopper,' but McDonald's Isn't Biting

Could the Burger Wars see peace in our times? Probably not, despite Burger King's best efforts at calling a temporary truce (while cooking up publicity). Burger King today purchased a full-page ad in both The New York Times and the Chicago...Show More Summary

Trump’s press

American news media: You are Donald Trump’s bitch. You are making him what he is. And that makes you something worse yet: You are lab assistants to our modern media Dr. Frankenstein, the man who invented Trump as politician, the man who more than anyone else has divided this nation, Roger Ailes. You, the press, […]

Should news organizations share the video of the WDBJ7 shooting?

On Wednesday morning, two journalists near Roanoke, Va. were fatally shot during a live taping. The video was posted to various news outlets, prompting a discussion on Twitter about whether it was appropriate to show the footage. [View the story "Journalists react to WDBJ shooting footage" on Storify]

These Are the 10 Magazines With the Biggest Mobile Readerships

Still think mobile's not a big deal? Consider a new study from the Association of Magazine Media out today that found 26 percent of magazines' total readership comes from smartphones and tablets. The MPA's monthly Magazine Media 360° report dissected publishers' online traffic in July and compared it with traffic from a year earlier. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Target Celebrates the Wonderfully Real Moments of Being a Star Wars Fan

In terms of fandom, Star Wars is one of the most powerful franchises in the universe. And with the impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Dec. 18, we're about to be inundated with the film's merchandising push. But such rampant consumerism doesn't always have to be part of The Dark Side. Show More Summary

A Brief History of How Times Square Got So Naked

“Free your mind! Free you nipples!” yelled one woman. “I’m here to watch tits,” announced a man nearby. This was Sunday. The occasion: New York’s Topless Parade, a procession of about 300 women who tromped their way through Times Square, the Crossroads of the World. Show More Summary

As legacy media cuts back on FOIA, digital-only news outlets step in

Ask any journalist and they’ll tell you the Freedom of Information Act process is broken. Denials are at record highs, navigating the bureaucracy can be a nightmare, and the federal agencies recently killed a modest reform bill. But a series of FOIA lawsuits also have just shown how the 50-year-old transparency law can still be indispensable. And absent any change...

Want to create a more digital newsroom? Find your inner startup

On a gray day in the fall of 2013, a dozen department heads of the Dutch media company NRC huddled together in a room in Amsterdam. (Full disclosure: I was one of them.) Paintings of bygone editors of the esteemed daily NRC Handelsblad decorated the walls. That day, we made the decision to launch a...

The Wall Street Journal’s What’s News digest app launched today

What’s News, The Wall Street Journal’s new digest app designed specifically for mobile subscribers launched today for iOS, on top of the existing catchall Journal app. (The new app is iOS-only, but the company intends to roll out an Android version later this year). When we first previewed the app a few weeks ago, the...

Hot Pod: Talent discovery, a podcast accelerator, and a Ryan Seacrest joke begging to be made

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is Issue Thirty-Eight, published August 25, 2015. Hey Nieman Labbers! This week’s edition is going to be pretty short compared to last week, given last week’s insane piece of news with Midroll’s premium streaming service and all that. But then again, I’m criminally incapable of keeping anything short...

How a Reuters investigation exposed a little-known side of the medical industry

In January, a pair of Reuters journalists spotted an unusual court motion filed by Johnson & Johnson. The pharmaceutical giant is one of seven companies that make a product known as pelvic mesh, used to treat conditions like urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse, that is at the center of a major wave of personal injury litigation. Johnson & Johnson claimed...

Hulu Teams With Facebook's LiveRail and Oracle to Sell Ads This Fall

After emulating traditional, linear TV networks by returning to a weekly release schedule for its new series, Hulu is also following their lead when it comes to advertising. The streaming-video service, owned by Fox, NBCUniversal and...Show More Summary

‘The rapacious Ms. Huffington seems to believe that journalism skills are worth nothing’

Lipton’s response: Hi, David: I know you’re just doing your job. So what I am about to say has nothing at all to do with you. It is solely for your boss, and I do hope you pass it along to her. I have worked my entire career as a professional journalist. I have a … Read More

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