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4A's Aims to Help Mothers in the Ad Industry Get Ahead With a New Initiative

Long hours and intense deadlines can make it difficult for mothers to land leadership roles at agencies, and about 49 percent of women in the ad industry say that family responsibilities are the key barrier to career advancement, according to an IPG study. Show More Summary

Joan Hires Its First Senior Creatives as It Eyes Being More Than a 'Female-Run Ad Agency'

Joan scored one of the 2016's most prominent boutique-agency launches last May, when former Wieden + Kennedy creative director Jaime Robinson, and Ogilvy and Refinery29 veteran Lisa Clunie joined forces to provide clients with a "more...Show More Summary

CJR, Texas Tribune dig into coverage of education equality

The Columbia Journalism Review and the Texas Tribune convened a group of readers to look at how education equality is covered in Texas. The lunchtime forum in Austin--which included professors, education nonprofit leaders, a high-school...Show More Summary

This is The New York Times’ digital path forward

One thing is certain: The New York Times has gotten a lot better at publishing internal reports. In 2014, when a team of Times staffers created a raw-by-corporate-memo-standards report on why the paper struggled to innovate, the full version had to be leaked out. (Our summary of the highlights of that report remains the most...

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to The New York Times’ 2020 report

The New York Times on Tuesday released its 2020 report, outlining a vision for how its newsroom can help build a sustainable news business into the next decade. The report emphasizes the need to provide value for subscribers, introduce more visual forms of journalism, and change workflows to better suit today’s news ecosystem. You can...

An open letter to Trump from the US press corps

Dear Mr. President Elect: In these final days before your inauguration, we thought it might be helpful to clarify how we see the relationship between your administration and the American press corps. It will come as no surprise to you that we see the relationship as strained. Reports over the last few days that your press secretary is considering pulling...

The dossiers you don't know about

Let’s assume your doctor has not gone totally electronic. If you walked into the doctor’s office and, behind the receptionist, saw a cabinet containing rows and rows of fat manila folders, each with some letters or numbers on the spine, you would probably think of it as a “filing cabinet,” or as shelves filled with “files.” When you went into...

Facebook Is Building Its First Startup Incubator in Paris

Facebook is starting to friend—and maybe even poke—a new area of innovation outside of Silicon Valley: France. Facebook has picked Paris as the place to house Startup Garage, its first official startup hub. It will be located inside of Station F, a former railway depot that covers 34,000 square meters. Show More Summary

Hot Pod: If we want podcasting to remain open to everyone, we’re going to have to organize

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 103, published January 17, 2016. We’re tackling the big, complex, and contentious issue of openness today. I’ll try my best to articulate the problem effectively and efficiently, though I suspect some may take umbrage on a few points. The challenge for open podcasting. Here’s...

Ad of the Day: Lil Buck Defies Gravity in Apple's First Big TV Spot for Its AirPods

Without pesky headphone wires, you'll be freed up to move in any way the laws of physics allow—and even, perhaps, some they don't. Apple this weekend launched "Stroll," the latest 60-second spot in its ongoing "Practically Magic" campaign,...Show More Summary

The Washington Post is putting a big bet on video (and trying to break into Daily Show-style comedy)

The Washington Post is on a roll. On Friday afternoon, it announced that it was adding 30 jobs to its video team as part of a three-year plan to expand its video offerings. Perhaps most remarkable in those plans: multiple hires for what looks like a Daily Show-style scripted humor initiative riffing on the day’s...

How I Talked Werner Herzog Into Telling the Internet's Story

In the rainforest. Wearing a bandana and a loincloth, and wielding a chainsaw instead of a machete, he knew exactly what to do." Werner paused and took a sip of wine. "The Peruvian native tied the bandana around his thigh, pulled the...Show More Summary

This Daring PSA for Organ Donation Introduced the Jerk Everyone Came to Love

We come from different places, have our individual jobs, families, hobbies, charms, quirks and beliefs. But among the things we all have in common: everybody everywhere knows somebody who's a giant asshole. That indelicate little fact...Show More Summary

These Comedians Make It OK to Laugh at Yourself About Race

In these politically fraught and socially stressful times, sometimes it's difficult finding ways to laugh or even feeling like it's okay to laugh. But two new comedic endeavors, led by women of color who live in New York, have opened...Show More Summary

Facebook expands its fight against fake news to Germany

Following earlier commitments to reduce the spread of fake news, Facebook announced that it would launch fake-news filtering in Germany. Read more...

Reporters flocked to a campus controversy but missed its surprising conclusion

A column criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement nearly sank The Wesleyan Argus, the nation’s oldest twice-weekly college newspaper, in September 2015. The ensuing backlash and national media attention made the small, private Wesleyan University a poster child for a recurring debate over the First Amendment on campus. Show More Summary

How CNN's Branded-Content Studio and Modelo Celebrated Diversity in the American Heartland

At their best, marketing campaigns define a brand, inspire consumers and, yes, sell things. But sometimes, they become so much more than that—like a reflection of who we really are, for better or worse. The Mexican beer brand Modelo had dramatically grown its business in the U.S. Show More Summary

Our First Arc Awards Winners Represent the Best in Branded Storytelling

Great storytelling is no longer the sole reserve of David Lean or Shonda Rhimes. Yes, advertisers, whose more traditional forms of marketing interrupt our favorite content, have expanded their horizons far beyond the much-maligned 30-second TV spot, creating branded content of grander proportions that are increasingly data-informed. Show More Summary

Volvo Won Its Adweek Arc Award by Letting a 4-Year-Old Drive One of Its Trucks

The Volvo FMX 18-ton construction truck bills itself as "built for the toughest working conditions on earth." Volvo Trucks and agency Forsman & Bodenfors set out to prove that claim in a unique and effective way: by letting an adorable...Show More Summary

How Agencies Are Shifting Strategies to Compete With Accenture and Deloitte

This past year had consultancies rushing to get into the ad business, with Accenture acquiring London-based Karmarama, Deloitte snagging Heat in San Francisco and Epsilon winning the Del Monte creative review, as Publicis Groupe announced...Show More Summary

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