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Welch’s, QVC and Trident Are Among Sponsors for Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice

When the Celebrity Apprentice franchise returns to NBC on Jan. 2, it will have a new host (Arnold Schwarzenegger, stepping in for President-elect Donald Trump), a new name (The New Celebrity Apprentice) and now several new sponsors. NBC...Show More Summary

The Times responds to discrepancy between Trump transcript and news coverage

Lost amid the print media back-slapping last week after The New York Times’ on-the-record meeting with Donald Trump was confusion over how the newspaper covered its own sit-down with the president-elect. At issue: a potential Trump U-turn on torture that would eventually be picked up by numerous other outlets around the country and world. Show More Summary

Q&A: Photojournalist on documenting Cuba, challenging country's stereotypes

Despite the American fascination with Cuba, life there continues to be a mystery to many outsiders--helped little by media coverage of the island. Now, the death of Fidel Castro offers the opportunity to move beyond the tired themes, from communism to old cars, and toward a better understanding of a nation that has had such an outsized influence on US...

Newsonomics: Canada’s government imagines what a news-less future might look like

Given our stunning recent news weeks here in the U.S., you may have missed a little story from up north in mid-November. In what was truly an extraordinary statement, the government of Canada is now considering “what the media landscape would look like without the country’s two largest newspaper companies.” Yes, you read that right. Prime Minister...

ProPublica’s collaborative reporting experiment takes on widespread voter fraud (and finds no evidence of it)

After president-elect Donald Trump falsely claimed on Twitter Sunday that “millions of people…voted illegally,” costing him the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, ProPublica took to his favorite social media platform to refute the claims. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: How Would You Feel If Your 13-Year-Old Daughter Married a 30-Year-Old Man?

Lucas Alexander is lucky he didn't get punched in the nose by one or more of the fathers he met while filming this provocative public-service campaign for Danish nonprofit BØRNEfonden (Child & Youth Foundation.) The actor recently rang doorbells in suburban Copenhagen, telling dads that he planned to marry their daughters. Show More Summary

The Atlantic Hires BuzzFeed Senior Political Writer McKay Coppins

McKay Coppins wrote the book on modern-day Republicans, literally. After creating nearly 700 posts for BuzzFeed since joining the site in early 2012—where he focused on the conservative reaction to news and once spent 36 hours with Donald...Show More Summary

The power of push notifications

New mobile user research reveals effective push notification strategies for the news media industry, says Peter Marsh, VP Marketing, Newscycle Solutions, in this guest post. Read more...

The tech/editorial culture clash

At this year’s annual meeting of the Online News Association in Denver, many of the 2,000 attendees and delegates crowded into the opening keynote address. In the middle of the most charged US election in living memory, at a time when the relevance and role of the news media were under intense scrutiny, the assembled newsroom operatives were not coming...

A note from the editor

We began work on this issue with the belief that the conventional wisdom about journalism is almost certainly wrong. You know the litany: Newspapers are dying; young people are abandoning mainstream news sources for Snapchat and Twitter;...Show More Summary

With its first community reporter, The Texas Tribune is turning Texans themselves into its next big beat

One of the most common criticisms leveled at the political press after the election is that reporters fundamentally failed to listen to the concerns of the people they write for. This (goes the thinking) may explain why so many were caught off-guard by the groundswell of support for president-elect Donald Trump, who appealed to a...

CNN Will Launch a New Media Company With YouTube Star Casey Neistat

YouTube celebrity and tech entrepreneur Casey Neistat is joining the video team at CNN, bringing along with him Beme, the mobile video app he launched last year. The news network announced Monday that with Neistat, it will debut a new media brand next summer focused on storytelling for a younger audience. Show More Summary

Presenting the Hot List—the Year's Top Magazines, TV and Digital Media

It was the year that Donald Trump dominated and demonized the media. That magazines built around news and analysis (New York, The New Yorker, Time) made the greatest impact, and produced the most eye-catching covers. That The People v. Show More Summary

Why The Washington Post's Jeff Bezos Is Adweek's Media Visionary of 2016

Few tech entrepreneurs have had the ability to imagine a future just beyond our reach, and to profoundly change how we live our lives. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are two such stars, and Jeff Bezos, our Media Visionary for 2016, joins this constellation. Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg Is Our Digital Exec of the Year, but That's Not to Say It Was a Smooth 2016

At just 32 years old, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished more than most technology executives could ever dream of—founding and running the world's biggest and most powerful platform that has single-handedly upended how we communicate...Show More Summary

YouTube Superstar Casey Neistat Is Adweek's Hot List Digital Creator of the Year

When Casey Neistat isn't behind a camera sharing his daily life with an online audience the size that Bill O'Reilly or Jimmy Kimmel attracts, you might find him ripping open boxes. Lots of boxes. Most of the time, he doesn't know what's in them when they arrive. Show More Summary

Cracking the engagement nut: case Financial Times

News publishers around the world are working hard to improve the metrics they use to measure and understand their digital reach and performance. One of the most high-profile examples is the Financial Times, which developed in-house an engagement metric to measure its audience size and behaviour online. Read more...

These Were the Hottest Apps, Games and Gadgets of 2016

History will remember 2016 as when digital became a constant overlay to real life, with presidential candidates trolling one another on social media before and after debates while mobile game players chased Pokemon Go characters from one end of town to the next. Show More Summary

How Risk-Taking Catapulted FX’s John Landgraf to TV Executive of the Year

He's spent 11 years overseeing FX, FXM and now FXX, but John Landgraf says he often feels more like a professional gambler than a TV exec. "FX doesn't make television," he says, explaining that neither he nor his team is involved in writing, directing, producing or acting. Show More Summary

After Transforming Late Night, Samantha Bee Prepares for Her Greatest Challenge: Covering President Trump

Samantha Bee admits that she was "terrified" as 2016 began. After all, she and husband Jason Jones had left Comedy Central's The Daily Show, where they'd worked as correspondents for more than a decade, to create not one but two gambles...Show More Summary

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