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Anxiety and surveillance: pillars of the new economy

4 hours agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

The terms addiction and compulsion tend to be used loosely and often interchangeably. But in an article in the Wall Street Journal, science writer Sharon Begley draws a simple but illuminating distinction between the two psychological...Show More Summary

On Robert Pollard: “Man Called Aerodynamics”

[No. 02 in a Series] “Man Called Aerodynamics,” the opening track of the 1996 Guided By Voices album Under the Bushes, Under the Stars, hits you like an anxiety attack, if an anxiety attack were indistinguishable from bliss. Like “Gold Star for Robot Boy,” the first song on the second side of the band’s 1994 breakthrough Bee Thousand, […]

On Robert Pollard: “My Zodiac Companion”

[No. 01 in a Series] Please Be Honest, the latest Guided By Voices record, opens with a dirge. Over spare, unsteady acoustic-guitar chords, Robert Pollard slurs an ode to the otherworld: Orbital ghosts attract sparks, aftermath heavens. The unborn called: they miss you. The verse ends, but despite a slight quickening of the guitar line […]

You’ve got mail

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

From an essay on Radiohead by Mark Greif, in his book Against Everything: A description of the condition of the late 1990s could go like this: At the turn of the millennium, each individual sat at a meeting point of shouted orders and appeals, the TV, the radio, the phone and cell, the billboard, the airport […]

Are News and Politics Ruining Facebook?

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

On Friday, former NBC and CNN journalist, turned education activist, Campbell Brown announced that she was joining Facebook as a liaison to news organizations. She will lead the “News Partnerships” team at Facebook according to a post on her Facebook page: This month I will be joining Facebook to lead its News Partnerships team. This […]

From Fordism to Googlism

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

From “The Watchers,” an article by Jonathan Shaw in the new issue of Harvard Magazine: [Shoshana] Zuboff says that corporate use of personal data has set society on a path to a new form of capitalism that departs from earlier norms of market democracy. She draws an analogy from the perfection of the assembly line: Ford […]

Apple Maps Needs to Do a ‘Pepsi Challenge’ with Google Maps

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

As an iPhone owner (I also have several Android phones) I use Apple Maps a great deal. However I’ve found myself using it less over the past several months. That declining usage revolves around routing and navigation. In many ways I prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps. However I believe that Google offers more reliable […]

The Uber advantage

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

The Guardian reports: Uber has admitted that there is a “problem” with the way autonomous vehicles cross bike lanes, raising serious questions about the safety of cyclists days after the company announced it would openly defy California regulators over self-driving vehicles. Show More Summary

Dear Mr President , My Suggestion for Infrastructure Spending

I happen to be a fan of the government investing money into what is commonly called infrastructure projects.  I strongly believe that any reasonable businessperson, even one who works for the government, should be able to invest money at 1% interest rates and get a better than 2% return on taxpayer money. But I think...

Thomas Schelling, polarization and the web

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Thomas Schelling has died. Schelling’s pathbreaking work in game theory had enormous influence during the Cold War and ultimately earned him a Nobel Prize. It also helps illuminate some of the unexpected consequences of the internetShow More Summary

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