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How can artists use data to promote their careers?

Gone are the days when you used to discover new music by watching MTV, listening to the radio, or by borrowing a CD from a friend. Now, music is available everywhere, and anyone who uses the internet can  access millions of artists in a matter of seconds. Show More Summary

I’ve been talking online to Jeremiah Owyang for 10 years today

Happenstance twitter searching some time ago let me know that it was May 19th, 2007 that happened - and when I saw that date, I made a note on my calendar! I want to take this opportunity to thank Jeremiah for 10 years of high-value blogging, tweeting, public risk taking, inspiration and friendship.

The robot paradox

“You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics,” remarked MIT economist Robert Solow in a 1987 book review. The quip became famous. It crystallized what had come to be called the productivity paradox — the...Show More Summary

The digital-industrial complex

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Exactly fifty years after the hippies gathered in San Francisco, another summer of love seems set to blossom. This time it’s not the flower children who are holding hands and sharing beds. It’s the titans of Big Internet. Just this week, at its Build conference, Microsoft gave a hug to former adversaries Apple and Alphabet. “Windows PCs heart […]

Experiencing immersive film at NWFF

How can going to see an old film feel new again? That was the question Northwest Film Forum (NWFF) asked themselves before they came up with their current film program, Puget Soundtrack. Through the program, NWFF invites a musician from the Puget Sound region to select a film, create a whole new score for it, and perform it live. Show More Summary

What Percent of SMBs Are Willing to Pay Yext’s $500 Annual Fee?

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Yext has a range of business listings management plans — from $200 to $1,000 per year. At the top level you get reputation management as well. The “best value” package is $499 per year. Some local SEOs have expressed skepticism about whether local businesses would pay that much. David Mihm and I were having a debate […]

How to read 3X more than you do today

The democratization of the printing press (by that I mean the internet) has led to a new problem: information overload. A related problem is the shortage of time we have to read the internet.  If you are someone who makes money or participates in the world otherwise, your work will be more effective, producing more […]

Majority of Homes Now Don’t Have a Landline, 71% Under 35 Are Mobile Only

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Another mobile milestone has been reached. In 2015 mobile search passed desktop search volumes. Last year mobile advertising reached 51% of total digital ad spending. And now the majority of US homes are mobile only. For younger users the numbers are more dramatic: 71% of adults under 35 live in mobile only households. According to […]

Could bots eat the ad economy?

Analyst firm Forrester published a new report this week with this bold title, “The End Of Advertising As We Know It: CMOs Should Shift Billions From Ad Interruptions To Branded Relationships.” Not even could, but should! Jack Neff at AdAge explains based on an interview with the study’s lead analyst, James McQuivey, that the expectation […]

Building An Unforgettable Brand: An IN-NW Playbook

What’s your favorite brand? Whether it’s your go-to athletic apparel or most frequented airline, chances are, you stick with certain brands for a reason. For business leaders, the challenge is determining and then effectively communicating those reasons. Show More Summary

B2B influencer marketing is an acquired skill

“In B2B [vs B2C influencer marketing] you need to spread the net a bit wider, keep the networks alive, keep the content flowing, and the chances are more likely that someone who influences a decision maker will see my content.” So said IBM’s Andrew Grill in a wise and thought provoking interview with marketing thought […]

If fake news is wrong, what’s it take to be right?

TL;DR: I think it would be awesome if data analysis were used to find critiques of “fake news” that were close to a reader’s existing values, allowing them opportunity to “be right” or at least feel less sure about their wrong opinions. I think that might be a more compelling response to the popularity of […]

Fiat Lux: Illumination to Action

At the IN-NW 2017 conference, David Patton, Senior Manager of Digital Media at Vulcan, Inc. “enlightened’ us about the various marketing lessons we could learn from their successful 2015 global campaign, “Fiat Lux” (Let There Be Light). Show More Summary

Mainstream But Muted: How to Leverage The Basics to Market Your Own Brand

How do you market a product that’s legal in some states and illegal on a federal level? Very carefully, using “muted” marketing.  Meg Owen, Director of Social Media of Privateer Holding at Leafly, shared how the brand effectively leverages the power of advocacy to change the perception of cannabis in the United States. Show More Summary

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