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Polarization in America: In conversation with top broadcast journalist

Ross Reynolds, Executive Producer of Community Engagement at KUOW has recently launched a program to battle the current polarization in America. This program provides a safe space for person-to-person conversations to occur. It’s for people who are curious about groups in society they don’t interact with often or at all. Show More Summary

Facebook Jobs Won’t Kill Craig’s List but It Gives SMBs Another Reason to Engage

Craig’s List has survived numerous “Craig’s List killers” and will probably survive Facebook Jobs. The classifieds marketplace makes money primarily from fees for job listings and real estate in New York. Consultancy the AIM Group estimated total Craig’s List revenue at $700 million in 2016. While I’m quite skeptical of that number, if it’s even […]

Zuckerberg’s world

3 days agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

The word “community” appears, by my rough count, 98 times in Mark Zuckerberg’s latest message to the masses. In a post-fact world, truth is approached, perhaps even created, through repetition. The message that is transmitted most often is the fittest message, the message that wins. Verification becomes a matter of pattern recognition. It’s the epistemology of the […]

The future of influencer marketing: Long term relationships

Influencer marketing, as most practices do, is advancing along a maturity curve.  Here is the first of three ways I see evidence it is moving, based on engagement with customers, watching other vendors in the space, and more. Then some thoughts on the consequences of these developments. Building long term relationships Influencer engagement has compounding returns and the […]

Source based vs keyword based social listening

Almost all social listening is done based on keywords, but as a former journalist that broke a lot of news stories by listening first to the right people online, no matter what words they happened to use, I can tell you that keyword based listening is not the whole opportunity. That’s what we do in […]

Yelp Is Starting to Solicit Reviews for Business Owners — and That’s a Good Thing

Yelp is getting serious about transactions. That’s a very good thing for the company. This is what CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said about it on the recent Q4 earnings call: We also made excellent progress in building our transactions capabilities. The number of Yelp Eat24 orders, Yelp Platform transactions and Yelp Reservations bookings grew 40% in […]

Standing up for Diversity: A Story of Seattle in Protest

The daughter of Venezuelan family, the son of an Iranian immigrant, and me, the daughter of an American raised abroad. What do these people have in common? “My mother came to this country as an Iranian citizen, she marched in support of MLK day,and was put on watchlists because of her political activism. Show More Summary

TechDocFest: Celebrating the Culture of Technology

Filmmakers Will Chase and Timothy Vernor are no rookies when it comes to producing film festivals. In fact, they are directors of Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival (STIFF) which is an annual documentary film festival that is known for showing independent films and transmedia projects. Show More Summary

The challenge and opportunity of Extelligence

Being human is hard.  It’s complicated, at least if you want to do it well, I think.  Now picture the amount of data available to us exploding in the next few years.  Most of that data will be processed for us by machines, but the sheer number of analytical conclusions the machines offer us will be overwhelming, […]

Social Sway: Tips for Working with Social Media Influencers

Mike Libecki is an extreme climber who was named National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year. You might also know him as Dell’s rugged influencer, a position he gained largely through his social media following. Many companies likeShow More Summary

Super Bowl Ads: Are Politics the New Sex?

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

At $5 million for 30 seconds, you better hope your Super Bowl ad generates buzz. Past campaigns have used humor, sex, cute animals and sentiment to capture attention. Some have consciously sought to generate controversy — usually involving sex (e.g., the old GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr.). This year politics took the place of sex as the […]

Can Sharing Stories Save our Future?

I remember my parents used to read me stories when I was younger, it was our nightly tradition.  But, to be completely honest with you, I don’t remember much of the details of what we read, I’ve often mistaken one character for another and the morals have dwindled from my mind over time. Show More Summary

A Multicultural Celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year

Last Friday I shared a table with a group of people from around the world. We told stories about each other’s cultures over warm plates of dumplings in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. For the American, French, and Thai attendees, it was a first in terms of dumpling making. Show More Summary

The State of Story

Brent Friedman sits down with Commleaders to discuss the current “State of Story.” In this video, shot after the Commlead Cohort 16’s salon, Brent shares with us three key takeaways, describing the current state of story in relationShow More Summary

New LSA Digital Media Certification Program Seeks to Identify Ethical Sellers

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

How many small business owners have received telemarketing calls from marketing companies making spurious claims about a guaranteed ranking on Google? The SMB-digital marketing services arena is full of noise with almost limited transparency. Show More Summary

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