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Apple Car Challenges: Sobering Thoughts

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

Credit: Jannik Selz / Unsplash Horace Dediu sobered me up. Last year, my initial skepticism of Apple’s rumored car project gave way to more hopeful thoughts. But Dediu’s numbers show how insignificant electric cars still are. Imagine an Apple electric car that’s as accomplished in its category as the iPhone is in the world of […]

WATCH: The Scully Lathe bringing vinyl back to Seattle

Little known outside the realms of music production engineers or serious audiophiles, record lathes used to be the premier instruments involved in music production. Big, hulking pieces of metal and machinery, these complex pieces of equipment were the birthplace of countless records released from the 1930s onward. Show More Summary

Bringing Vinyl Back to Seattle: A Pursuit of Passion

Featured photo of the Scully Lathe by Danny Gross In any city with a celebrated history in music, there are always a multitude of people whose combined personal stories create a rich musical legacy, and Seattle is no exception. Past, present and future are intertwined, and they play in concert as both the music and its history progress. Show More Summary

Yelp SMB Survey: 75% on Social Media, Focused Most on New Customers

4 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Last month Yelp released the results of a survey of 901 of its own small business members. I missed the release at the time so I’m circling back to it. Among other things, the survey asks questions about 2016 revenue expectations. It also wants to know which candidates respondents are likely to support and so […]

Inside La Presse+ Decisive and Final Move to Digital

4 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  The 132-year-old Canadian newspaper has dumped its weekday paper. From now on, its only vectors will be its iPad app and the Saturday paper. This move is the culmination of a process started five years ago.     In 2010, Management at the Montreal daily La Presse came to a conclusion: the traditional paper […]

Fiction: Breaking Unbreakable Encryption

4 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  Modern encryption system rely on oxymoronic “random generators”. This could be the crack in a supposedly unbreakable system. As discussed in a recent Monday Note titled Let’s Outlaw Math, electronic messages that are encoded with modern...Show More Summary

Fun fun fun ’til her daddy takes the iPhone away

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

“A smartphone can get you a ride but a car can’t get you a date,” blogged venture capitalist Fred Wilson, revealing a remarkable ignorance of the entire modern history of youth culture. “The smartphone wins.” Turner’s words were inspired by a November 2013 interview with another prominent VC, Marx Andreessen. America’s love affair with the […]

Apps We Live By

Image credit: BenHeine, DevianArt by Frederic Filloux What is it that makes a mobile app stick to one’s home screen for a year or more? And why does the bond sometimes fade? Today, we explore success requirements for a news app. And, this is new, we will ask for your opinion. More than ever, the […]

2016: Just One Thing

by Jean-Louis Gassée Today’s shortest-ever Monday Note was written under the hallucinatory effects of a lingering flu and various other abuses and delights: Traversing France on the magical TGV; wandering through the Left Bank’s mind-altering bookstores, restaurants, pastry shops, and other purveyors of Good Sin; and, to top it off, the summoning of an SOS […]

HeadlinePorn, Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman, Paris Hilton and Rhianna

I learned it from watching Dennis Rodman and Paris Hilton.  Tell the media what they need and want to hear. Give them a place and time to talk to you about it. Watch the headlines roll in. Dennis would tell them where he would be partying, with who and something wild he would do. Paris...

Seattle GCC: From Class Project to a Vibrant Arab Community

Life abroad for someone who can’t speak the native language can be extremely challenging and disheartening. Albaraa Albairuti, a Cohort 15 Communication Leadership student, knows all about those struggles. When he left his home country of Saudi Arabia to come to the United States more than a year ago, he could barely speak English. Show More Summary

2015 Numbers, 2016 Outlook for Advertising, Mobile and Emerging Markets

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

To wrap up the year, here is a selection of notable shifts observed in 2015, and their expected impact in 2016 on digital advertising, mobile internet and trends  in emerging countries.  1. ADVERTISING It was a terrible year for digital advertising. No matter how media companies tweak their numbers, they won’t be able to hide […]

Apple App Stores: Now Phil Schiller’s Augean Stables

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

Tim Cook just handed the keys to the Apple App Store to Senior VP Phill Schiller. Will Schiller bring order and intelligibility to Apple’s app jungle? First, an apology: As advertised at the end of last week’s Let’s Outlaw Math note, I planned to make Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, Apple’s iPad Pro, and MacBook the […]

Teaching an old dog new tricks: A data-driven approach to press releases

Featured image: “Smith-Corona Classic 12” by mpclemens is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Typical media relations rely heavily on press releases sent en masse to large email lists. No matter how good your list is, though, this outdated approach can deliver diminishing returns as you continue to send the same messages to the same audience. Show More Summary

Storytelling the NASA Way: It’s Actually Rocket Science

Featured Image: Neil Armstrong’s space suit at the Kennedy Space Center. Photo courtesy of Lance Trueb. 3 Things I Learned Behind-the-Scenes at a NASA Launch “You guys are the ones who tell the story.” Two weeks ago, in a small, humble...Show More Summary

True Local Search Launches on Facebook

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

I have long maintained that Facebook would have difficulty converting SMB Page owners into advertisers until it was able to deliver a real local search experience. Until yesterday Facebook didn’t have one. Users could search for individual businesses by name. And Facebook had a version of a city guide (Places Directory) that it didn’t heavily […]

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