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Questioning Silicon Valley

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Time magazine’s Rana Foroohar says my new book, Utopia Is Creepy, “punches a hole in Silicon Valley cultural hubris.” The book comes out on September 6, the day after Labor Day, but you can read an excerpt from the introduction at Aeon today. “Computing is not about computers any more,” wrote Nicholas Negroponte of the […]

Solitaire as symbol and synecdoche

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

“When a man is reduced to such a pass as playing cards by himself, he had better give up.” –The Card Players Manual, 1876 Big news out of the Googleplex today: the internet giant is offering a free solitaire game through its search engine and its mobile app. “When you search for ‘solitaire’ on Google,” goes the announcement on […]

“All that is solid would melt into their network”

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

It’s my longest, funniest book yet — granted, the competition was not exactly fierce on either count — and it is now printed, bound, and on its way to a bookstore near you. The title is Utopia Is Creepy... and Other Provocations, and the book collects my favorite posts published here at Rough Type […]

Pew Research’s State of the News Media 2016: Snapshots from the ever-changing news industry

Featured image: “News-media-standards” by Sollok29, licensed under CC0. For media industry professionals, 2016 is either a fantastic year full of promise or a continued march to an inevitable death. In an ever-changing, volatile industry,...Show More Summary

Virtual Reality Gave Me My Brain Back

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Blog Maverick

No, this is not a joke. It isn’t a set up for a routine or comedy.  It is a real title for a very real and nerve wracking experience I had. On May 20th, 2015 I was in New York City.  Like I love to do on a nice day, I took a long walk...

Art in an age of augmentation

2 months agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

“Instagram shows us what a world without art looks like.” –Theses in Tweetform, #19 Ricky D’Ambrose, in “Instagram and the Fantasy of of Mastery,” a doleful essay in The Nation, examines what he sees as a fundamental shift in aesthetics: “the transition from art, long vaunted as a special, and autonomous, area of sensuous intelligence, to creativity, to which art […]

Tesla and the glass cockpit problem

3 months agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

When the news spread last week about the fatal crash of a computer-driven Tesla, I thought of a conversation I had a couple of years ago with a top computer scientist at Google. We were talking about some recent airliner crashes caused by “automation complacency” — the tendency for even very skilled pilots to tune out from […]

After math

3 months agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Will Davies cuts through the prevailing emotionalism in dissecting the Brexit vote: The Remain campaign continued to rely on forecasts, warnings and predictions, in the hope that eventually people would be dissuaded from ‘risking it’. But to those that have given up on the future already, this is all just more political rhetoric. In any […]

Teaching Leadership & Empowerment through Hip Hop

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The Internet of Things and VR: Designing for future user interfaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two technologies that represent entirely new ecosystems of user interaction and new opportunities for storytelling. On Saturday, June 3, more than a hundred CommLead students,...Show More Summary

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