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We’re all Seattleites: a new way to think and talk about homelessness

Editor’s note: Ashley Johnson is now the media contact for the Tent City Collective. She started the article prior to accepting the role. When I moved to Seattle this past summer to start my journey in the Communication Leadership program, I was excited to explore the Emerald City and discover all of its hidden gems. Show More Summary

ECCC, Pt. 2: On diverse female characters, how sci-fi has influenced reality, and fan meetups

Featured image courtesy of Ashley Johnson. The 13th annual Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) is the ultimate comic book and TV fan experience in the Pacific Northwest. For four days, ECCC 2016 hosted hundreds of events for an estimated 80,000 attendees. Show More Summary

ECCC Pt. 1: Spotlight on creators at Image Expo, creative advice from Steve Lieber

It’s that time of the year again, when comics and pop culture enthusiasts and creators of all ages flood the streets of Seattle for Emerald City Comicon (ECCC). This year, ECCC featured expanded programming, switching to a 4-day format and holding the Image Expo on April 6. Show More Summary

Julia Cagé’s Kolkhoz Media Dream

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  French economist Julia Cagé has built an intellectual contraption that made her the wonder child of French media elite. While she opens interesting avenues to explore innovative media business models, her work is unfortunately filled with flaws and sometimes willfully disconnected from reality. Julia Cagé embodies the new French elite. At 32, she is […]

Tesla: 3 Model 3 Questions

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  Silicon Valley’s one and only car company (so far) just announced a low-cost vehicle. Today, we look at the key challenges Tesla will face on its way to the pinnacle. Elon Musk is on a roll. Last week, Space X, Musk’s space exploration and transport company, managed the feat of putting a NASA payload […]

Context collapse and context restoration

3 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Facebook has a problem. Its members aren’t sharing as much as they used to. At least they’re not sharing first-hand the way they used to. Instead of posting notices about what they’re doing or thinking, or where they are, or whom they’re hanging out with, they’re just recycling second-hand stuff — news stories, songs, other people’s photos or […]

Social listening tips for B2B marketers

I’ve been nominated for the awesome B2B News Network’s Social Listening Influencers Index (nominate someone you love, I swear I don’t know who nominated me but now I love them). When asked questions by the press, there’s always an opportunity for a blog post, too!  (See Dave Winer’s Why I Don’t Do Interviews) Here are my […]

Coupon Sites Playing a Game of Search Arbitrage — and Should They Be Stopped?

4 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

I got an email today from Sports Authority and clicked through to their site. I decided to buy some discounted running shoes and before I checked out, like every other red-blooded American consumer, I searched on “Sports Authority Coupon Codes.” When I did this I got a list of high ranking coupon/deal sites, including Groupon, […]

Chambong – Because it’s Comm Lead Awesome!

Featured image: The Chambong logo from the Chambong press kit.  What do you get when you combine champagne, the concept of a “beer bong” and one cute elephant mascot? A Chambong, of course!  If you’re not familiar with the portmanteau,...Show More Summary

Paid Or Ad-Supported: Pick One Model, And Stick With It

  Playing both sides of digital models is becoming increasingly perilous. Legacy media struggle to combine ads and subscriptions, but pure players entering the game tend to be way more decisive in their choices. [This version includes corrections on the subscription price for The Information ($39/mo) and the fact that the company is self-funded] The digital […]

Early Apple Retail Adventures

  This week, as we contemplate Apple’s first 40 years, we’ll take an early eighties dive into the company’s counter-intuitive retail development in France.  I’ve always loved retail, and retail has loved me back – in unusual ways, as we shall see. Born, raised, and living in France for the first 41 years of my […]

The internet of watchful things

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Twenty years ago, as the commercial internet took form, the web’s default setting was switched to “surveillance” when it might have been switched to “privacy.” As is often the case with defaults, no one much noticed at the time. Today, with the Silicon Valley surveillance complex set to expand further through the internet of things, we have […]

Welcome to First Friday: POSSIBLE

Feature image credit: POSSIBLE Facebook page. “Welcome to First Friday” is a new series on Flip the Media where we introduce the hosts of our First Friday events — monthly gatherings where companies share their expertise and insights...Show More Summary

Tackling transportation and equality challenges with tech at SXSW

“We can’t build our way out of this,” said Mark Down, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology and Senior Advisor at the Department of Transportation. Cities are facing huge challenges that are likely to get worse over the next decades – unless, that is, we work together to do something about it. Show More Summary

HQ California

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light. Who would have guessed that the Eagles would prove our most reliable prophets? Nikil Saval, author of Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace, traces the planned new headquarters of Google and Apple — Googledome (above) and Starship Apple (below) — to their origins in what’s been called […]

Clickbait Obsession Devours Journalism

Collecting eyeballs is a diversion of publisher resources. As the ad model loses steam, focusing on page views generates less and less value and leads to commoditized, lowest common denominator news content. It’s time to look for alternate models. Whether you read tech or media news through a RSS reader, or by directly accessing websites, […]

40 Years Later: Apple 3.0

Maturity doesn’t have to be boring. The 40-year old Apple doesn’t lack the challenges it needs, both external and internal, to stay interesting. I’ll begin with a bit of the personal history that colors my views of Apple. I was born a geek. In 1955, I salivated while looking at the first OC 71 transistor […]

Memories aren’t made of this

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

I have a review of When We Are No More: How Digital Memory Will Shape Our Future, Abby Smith Rumsey’s meditation on the fragility of cultural memory, in the Washington Post. It begins: In the spring of 1997, the Library of Congress opened an ambitious exhibit featuring several hundred of the most historically significant items […]

Peak robot?

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Given our current obsession with the possibility of an economic or even existential robot apocalypse, the news this week that Google is backing away from its aggressive robotics program has received surprisingly little attention. I’m wondering if Google’s retreat might be a signal that, for the time being, we’ve hit peak robot. Google, according to press reports, […]

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