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Chambong – Because it’s Comm Lead Awesome!

Featured image: The Chambong logo from the Chambong press kit.  What do you get when you combine champagne, the concept of a “beer bong” and one cute elephant mascot? A Chambong, of course!  If you’re not familiar with the portmanteau,...Show More Summary

40 Years Later: Apple 3.0

7 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

Maturity doesn’t have to be boring. The 40-year old Apple doesn’t lack the challenges it needs, both external and internal, to stay interesting. I’ll begin with a bit of the personal history that colors my views of Apple. I was born a geek. In 1955, I salivated while looking at the first OC 71 transistor […]

Comm Lead Movie Night: Submit Your Video and Vote for Your Favorites

If you’ve produced a video during your time in the Comm Lead program, don’t miss this chance to submit your video and share the fruits of your creative labor at Comm Lead Movie Night, on April 2. If you haven’t submitted a video, weShow More Summary

DeepMind Could Bring The Best News Recommendation Engine

7 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

Reinforcement Learning, a key Google DeepMind algorithm, could overhaul news recommendation engines and greatly improve users stickiness. After beating a Go Grand Master, the algorithm could become the engine of choice for true personalization. My interest for DeepMind goes back to its acquisition by Google, in January 2014, for about half a billion dollars. Later […]

Barack Obama’s Careful Encryption Stance

7 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

In the FBI v. Apple fracas, the epithets that have been hurled at President Obama range from hopeless naïf to devilish schemer, to name but the more polite. Indeed, he may be “scheming”, but not in the way that many people think. When weighing the current “encryption problem,” our sitting president must appear strong on […]

Exploring and improving STEM education one step at a time

On February 18 & 19, Washington STEM hit the road to explore issues of STEM education, equity, community, and Common Core & Next Generations Science Standards. We were joined by educators, administrators and business leaders from all across the state to experience STEM education. The post Exploring and improving STEM education one step at a time appeared first on Flip the Media.

The Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop and the Coolout Network (Seattle Hip-Hop at MOHAI, Part 1)

This is the first of a two-part series featuring The Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop exhibit at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI). While most people have heard of Macklemore because of his mainstream success, he’s just one act to come out of the Seattle hip-hop scene. Show More Summary

Roasting Toaster Fridges

8 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

A longish exploration of two hybrid devices, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro. The short version: The Microsoft product is a decent laptop but it’s better as a tablet. The iPad Pro is also not a laptop replacement, but it’s a substantial enhancement of the tablet genre, thanks to a better/bigger screen, a […]

The Times Square snowboarding video: Why it went viral

Here's why that video of the guy snowboarding through Times Square in the New York City blizzard of 2016 went viral. It wasn't an accident. The post The Times Square snowboarding video: Why it went viral appeared first on The Social Customer Manifesto.

“Have We Cured Deafness?” asks the world to listen to the Deaf community

11 months agoMedia / New Media : Flip the Media

Many of us take simple pleasures such as singing along to a song on the radio, hearing a friend’s voice on the phone or listening to the sound of the Seattle rain fall on rooftops for granted. From an early age we’re taught about the five senses, and trying to imagine life without one of those senses is nearly impossible. Show More Summary

iPad Pro: Wrong Questions

11 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  Here we go again, with the iPad Pro this time: Is it a laptop replacement? This seemingly simple question is, simply, the wrong one. What we need to ask is ‘what sorts of tasks does the new tablet and its well-executed Pencil make easier?’ It’s January 27, 2010.  Steve Jobs comes onstage at an […]

Lessons from an NPR Internship in Middle America

12 months agoMedia / New Media : Flip the Media

Radio production is an art, and it is one that NPR has arguably mastered. The non-profit’s bread and butter is creating compelling experiences through audio alone. But what’s the secret behind NPR’s magic? Leigh Burmesch, a member of...Show More Summary

The SEC and the DOJ still don’t get it

The Supreme Court of the United States just recently, correctly decided not to review the US vs Newman Insider Trading case.  In response to this decision, there was a well written commentary on the decision here on Bloomberg by Matthew Levine. Given my interest at the near 2 year anniversary of my destroying the SEC...

Roll Call #1: Sam Ladner

The ‘Roll Call’ series is all about introducing new faculty for the 2015-2016 academic year to the Communication Leadership community. We’re kicking off the series by introducing Sam Ladner. Sam is a sociologist who studies the changing nature of work, technology, and organizations. Show More Summary

Inclusivity and Empathy for Better Games (IGDA Leadership Summit, Part I)

Empathy and inclusivity emerged were two key themes at the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Leadership Summit. The post Inclusivity and Empathy for Better Games (IGDA Leadership Summit, Part I) appeared first on Flip the Media.

Hacking for Social Good with GiveSafe and Illumivote

Can digital technology be used to solve fundamental problems of society? Mobile apps and websites aimed at encouraging social good are not a novel idea. Sites such as FreeRice, which donates free rice to starving populations from the advertising revenue it generates, are a simple example of how technology has been used to promote charitable work. Show More Summary

The Twitter guide you’ve been waiting for

Featured image by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid I recently conducted an online seminar with my favorite online community, dedicated to discussions around documentary filmmaking, The D-Word on my Twitter workflow. After hacking at Twitter...Show More Summary

Nordstrom Creates Social Media Inception with Giant Instagram

By Maren Hamilton Drones and dresses and Instagram. Oh my! Nordstrom has always been an innovator in the digital space, but on July 16 they took it up a notch and created the ultimate social media inception to promote their Anniversary Sale. Show More Summary

The unsung massive 10 year disruptor: Automation of knowledge work

I’m watching futurist Gerd Leonhard‘s June 23rd 2015 talk in London titled Future of technology and-with-versus humanity: Future of Business (terrible audio quality, sorry) and something jumped out and caught my eye.  (Leonhard is one of the world’s most influential futurists, among top futurist peers like Andy Hines, Paul Higgins and John Smart.) It was […]

HoloLens Brings 3D Media Into the Physical World

last yearMedia / New Media : Idea Lab

Those who follow me know that over the last year, there’s one technology that has been my obsession: Virtual Reality (VR), specifically the Oculus Rift. I was first introduced to the headset that eventually became Oculus by Emblematic Group’s Nonny de la Peña, and I have gone on to work as a consulting producer for […]

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