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Featured On Tim Cook’s Keynote – What It Takes

15 hours agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

by Frederic Filloux At last October’s introduction of the new iPad Air, the creators of a clever iOS app named Replay were invited on stage. To get there, they went through a selection process that illustrates Apple’s perfectionism — and hidden application sophistication. Show More Summary

Here’s What a Bunch of Stuff Costs Using Magic, the New Text Message Concierge Service

We put Magic, the new text messaging concierge service, to the test with requests for everything from a car wash to the Star Wars Holiday Special. The post Here’s What a Bunch of Stuff Costs Using Magic, the New Text Message Concierge Service appeared first on Flip the Media.

The Internet of Amazon Things

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  by Jean-Louis Gassée With its new ordering system of one-push buttons spread around the home, Amazon wants to simplify lives, theirs more than ours as we’ll find out. In doing so, we’ll face – again – still unresolved issues for the Consumer version of the Internet of Things. Show More Summary

Tale of a Viral Video: Striking Lightning With Rainworks

3.5 million views on Facebook. Over 2 million views on YouTube. Stories on Huffpost, Buzzfeed, and Seattle media galore. And, as of yesterday, even Nicki Minaj took note of the video on Seattele’s own Rainworks, showcasing their “rain activated art,” that became a big viral hit. Show More Summary

SXSW Interactive: Five Incredible Artists From Paola Antonelli’s Keynote

Featured image above by Ars Technica (CC by NC-ND-2.0) What do ancient Mayan gum, menstruation simulators, and glasses that let you write with your eyes have in common? They were all featured by Italian author, editor and curator extraordinaire...Show More Summary

“Marching to Selma,” Part 5: Bloody Sunday, Then and Now

Editor’s note: This post is the last in a series of ongoing articles that cover a five-part lecture series presented by David Domke, professor and chair for the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. The seriesShow More Summary

If Facebook’s Organic Reach Is Dead, What Are Social Media Managers To Do?

Above: iPad Mockup by Regy Perlera; Facebook Thumbs Down via Giorgi Balakhadzi (CC BY-SA 3.0) Social media professionals may notice something different with their brands’ profiles on Facebook in 2015: they can’t reach their followers. Show More Summary

Viral Video: Air New Zealand and The Hobbit Team-up For the Most Epic Safety Video Ever

When was the last time you paid attention to a pre-flight safety demonstration? For all those who can’t remember either, Air New Zealand is betting their new instructional video is one you’ll watch without batting an eye, and, most importantly, actually remember. Show More Summary

How Facebook and Google Now Dominate Media Distribution

6 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  The news media sector has become heavily dependent on traffic from Facebook and Google. A reliance now dangerously close to addiction. Maybe it’s time to refocus on direct access.  Digital publishers pride themselves on their ability...Show More Summary

Viral Video: Bendgate Hits the iPhone 6

If there’s anything the internet likes more than a shiny new product release from a darling tech company, it’s a shiny new product release from a darling tech company with one small flaw to provide social media snark fodder for days....Show More Summary

Apple Watch Is And Isn’t…

7 months agoMedia / New Media : Monday Note

  The Apple Watch isn’t just another iDevice, a “wearables” accessory to the Apple ecosystem. It’s a bold attempt to create a new kind of wrist-worn personal computer that looks like a smartwatch. In previous Monday Notes dealing with...Show More Summary

Video Feature: The Agony and Ecstasy of High School Revisited

If you either loved or hated the end of high school — sweet freedom in sight, but real adulthood still oh-so far away — then you’ll feel right at home watching “Coming of Age,” a moving video from photographer and UW Communication Leadership program graduate student, Kaitlin McKinnon. Show More Summary

Viral Video: Classic, Trailblazing Comedy with Joan Rivers

The world of comedy suffered another blow yesterday with the death of comedian, trailblazer, pot-stirrer, and larger-than-life personality Joan Rivers at the age of 81, after entering cardiac arrest during vocal-chord surgery in late August. Show More Summary

Viral Video: Icebucket Challenge Officially Threadjacked

#Icebucket Challenge With the success of the ALS Association’s #icebucket challenge going $94.3million strong (and counting), we had a hard time picking just one viral video this week. We could focus on the celebrities like Amanda Palmer who lost family members to ALS or we could discuss the horrible ads or the awesome ads that have sprung up. Show More Summary

Building the Buzz, Doing Business at Comic-Con 2014

San Diego Comic-Con International is the pop culture Mecca. Each year, about 130,000 nerd-pilgrims attend to geek out on their favorite franchises. The entertainment industry seizes on Comic-Con as an opportunity to market to this core fan base and build buzz for their upcoming releases. Show More Summary

What the World Cup Tells Us About the State of Social Media

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Flip the Media

Something strange happened last week at the high court of American sports coverage, ESPN’s Sportscenter. King James (NBA superstar LeBron James, that is) had just announced to take his talents away from South Beach but the top story of the hour was a Uruguayan soccer player biting an Italian into the shoulder. Show More Summary

Viral Video: All By Myself

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Flip the Media

Occasionally, we see one of those great phenomena out of the blue that captivates us and makes life a little lighter for awhile. Being stuck overnight at the Las Vegas Airport may have been an ordeal for Canadian Richard Dunn (now living in Georgia), but it’s become a great diversion for the rest of us. Show More Summary

Leaving the PC Behind: VR, Wearables and the ‘Internet of Things’

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

I haven’t been writing a lot lately because I’ve been so busy and traveling. And some of what I’ve seen has got my head spinning — literally. At a private VC-sponsored event in Cincinnati this week, inspired by the forthcoming Place Conference (The Omnichannel Marketing Conference), I got an opportunity to wear the Oculus Rift virtual […]

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