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WCAU Pays Tribute to Former Entertainment Reporter Who Died Last Week

Stevens survived breast cancer, three heart attacks, brain surgery and diabetes.

Hollywood and VR: Baby Steps, If Not a Bear Hug

Virtual reality is touted daily as the next big thing, VR events are springing up across the country, and Sony's first PlayStation VR has just launched to encouraging reviews. So one might wonder why we're all not seeing more VR content,...Show More Summary

The Information’s Jessica Lessin on how she’s scaling an already-expensive subscription product

The subscription-only technology site The Information is a niche product, at $399 a year. But now it’s expanding both up and down. Founder and CEO Jessica Lessin announced at the company’s Subscriber Summit last week that The Information is launching two new products: a student edition for $19.50 per month, and an extra-premium product called...

Sunday Show Ratings: October 23

Fresh off of a critically acclaimed performance moderating the final debate, Fox News Sunday anchored by Chris Wallace delivered double digit percentage gains in the news demo.

Bookstore Owner Featured on Invincible Iron Man Cover

In the jacket design for Invincible Iron Man #1, the Philadelphia-based bookstore owner will be pictured sitting alongside Tony Stark's successor, RiRi Williams.

Bustle’s open-sourcing a way for news orgs to port content to AMP, Instant Articles, and Apple News

While many news organizations have embraced the advent of platform efforts such as Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles as new ways to reach readers and hopefully generate revenue, developers have been less enthused. The new platform distribution efforts each differs from one another slightly, but all share a penchant for creating new challenges and...

Why Having a Vision Is the Key to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Success

It takes a certain set of skills to successfully transform one's career not just once or even twice, but over and over again. No one has been more successful at achieving new, seemingly unattainable goals than Arnold Schwarzenegger.Show More Summary

In Global Rebrand, National Geographic Drops 'Channel' From Its Network Name

National Geographic Channel's recent reinvention, and National Geographic's expanded partnership with 21st Century Fox last fall, is ushering in a global rebrand for the entire company. As part of the rebrand, all of National Geographic's...Show More Summary

Bloomberg & Sierra Club Chairman to Write Book on Global Warming

Former New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is collaborating on a new book with Carl Pope, former executive director and chairman of the Sierra Club.

FishbowlNY Newsstand: Fallon’s Fate

The Post says NBC has warned Jimmy Fallon to stop drinking so much.

JetBlue's Elizabeth Windram Wins Adweek's 2016 Grand Brand Genius Award

In 2016, JetBlue launched a number of clever campaigns for a category many people don't necessary love, airlines. The brand made passengers happy with stunts for free or discounted travel, but it also reached out to families in needShow More Summary

Why There's a Major Disconnect Between the Marketing and Tech Worlds

I've had a ringside seat to one of the most riveting parts of the advertising ecosystem. If I were to extricate myself from my position and develop temporary amnesia, I believe I would find the entire 'ecosystem' comedic—though manyShow More Summary

CNN Poll Pushed Trump-Won’t-Concede Narrative

Instead of wondering whether Hillary Clinton can win the election with the barrage of scandals afflicting her campaign, the CNN poll focused on asking people whether Donald Trump will concede on Election Day and whether the votes will be counted correctly. The CNN poll also claimed that the majority of over 1,000 people polled think […]

After Fraud, Pentagon Wants Soldiers to Give Back Enlistment Bonuses

Over 9,000 California National Guardsmen and women are being told to pay back their enlistment bonuses, which was due to the actions of an incentives officer [who is serving 30 months in federal prison]. By the way, this has been happening since 2012, according to some military veterans cited in the report. Photo by Like […]

Richard Sandomir Shifting to the Obituaries Beat

Covering the business and media of sports for The New York Times since 1991.

Panic Mode? ObamaCare Administrator says “Headline Rates are not what [Consumers] pay”

Uh, that’s not exactly an encouraging thing to say as the spokesperson of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is overseeing ObamaCare. This is what ABC News and CBS News quoted the spokesman, Ken Griffis, on the rates hike: CBS News: “Headline rates are generally rising faster than in previous years,” acknowledged HHS spokesman […]

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