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Ad of the Day: Chatbooks' Harried Mom Returns in 2016's Most Honest Holiday Ad Yet

How does a real mom tackle the holidays? By hiding from the kids behind a locked door, huffing cocoa powder, reliving last year's epic gift fails and using crumpled wrapping paper as Kleenex. There must be a better way, says this new...Show More Summary

US Marine who Served Under New Defense Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Supports His Nomination

From The Federalist contributor Stanton S. Coerr: America knows Gen. James Mattis as a character, Mad Dog Mattis, the font of funny quotes and Chuck Norris-caliber memes. Those of us who served with him know that he is a caring, erudite, warfighting general. We also know that there is a reason he uses the call-sign […]

College Student Wears ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirt to Thanksgiving Dinner, said ‘White Privilege is Real’

From our Black Lives Matter Exposed website: The Left loves to make family events political, apparently. A college student, Rachel Malstrom, at the University of Maryland wore a ‘Black Lives Matter t-shirt, was asked to cover it up, and she used it to become a viral Twitter sensation: “I don’t see ‘Black Lives Matter’ as […]

Fun with Car Decorations

Getting a special order while parked at a stop light makes the holidays really fun.

CDC Abortion Report Finds 35% of Aborted Babies are Black Americans

From Life Site News: But the good news does not extend to the African-American Community. That’s because the percentage of abortions done on black babies continues to be at alarming levels. The new CDC report makes it clear that even though black Americans constitute just 13% of the US population 35% of the babies killed […]

Pressure builds on ad sales networks as a result of fake and partisan news

As more and more brands are unwilling to have their advertisements presented on sites that feature false or overtly biased news, third-party ad sales networks struggle to give their clients sufficient control over where their ads are published. Read more...

Black and Decker Got Belgians to Eat Dinner Right Off the Floor of an Old Post Office

Everybody's heard the saying—often in reference to how well someone kept house—that the floor was so clean you could eat off it. But nobody really meant that literally, did they? Well, Black and Decker evidently does. To nudge salesShow More Summary

Media Complicity Is Key to Blacklisting Websites

We still don't have any sort of apology or retraction from the Washington Post for promoting "The List" -- the highly dangerous blacklist that got a huge boost from the newspaper's fawning coverage on November 24. The project of smearing...Show More Summary

10 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Hiring may slow down around the holidays, but once the new year rolls in HR departments will be in full swing. To get you prepared for the upcoming hiring season, we’ve compiled a checklist of best practices for media professionals on the hunt. Show More Summary

The canary in the free speech coal mine

The Wilders trial tests whether political correctness has snuffed thoughtful and honest debate  A safety practice used in the early days of coal mining involved the use of canaries. Since these birds were susceptible to the ill effects of deadly toxic gas exposure before humans, caged canaries brought into the mines were closely monitored as […]

Trump Assembles a War Cabinet to Meet Foreign Threats

Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has been known for his criticism of President Obama for failing to identify radical Islamists as the enemy.

Infographic: Brands Went All Out With In-App Ads Over Thanksgiving

Every year, more and more people are opting to skip the long in-store lines that mark the holiday shopping season in favor of buying directly from their smartphones—and, as a result, advertisers' budgets are moving with them. Analytics...Show More Summary

As Social Platforms and Brands Turn to Live Video, Will Viewers Keep Tuning In?

A week before Thanksgiving, dozens of sharply dressed young men and women began arriving at Taco Bell's headquarters for the fourth annual Friendsgiving feast, which included rolled turkey tacos and turkey-and-stuffing-filled "Golden...Show More Summary

Breakthrough Agency of the Year: Venables Bell Is the Next Great Creative Shop

Cultural relevance can be bittersweet, as Venables Bell & Partners learned in 2016. Just as the agency and client Audi were negotiating to use David Bowie's "Starman" in a Super Bowl ad, the rock icon tragically passed away at 69. Then...Show More Summary

3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing

When I was a kid, I straight-up loved Kiss. I was drawn to the makeup-wearing, leather-clad, blood-spitting, loud-playing band like a full-on groupie, buying every album and putting on face paint and singing my goddamn lungs out. Jason...Show More Summary

10 of the Best Ads That Highlighted Droga5's Craftsmanship and Creativity in 2016

Droga5, Adweek's U.S. Agency of the Year, produced a wide range of work in 2016 for clients ranging from Johnsonville to Hennessy. Some ads will likely make you laugh, while others might make you cry. The work not only captivated the ad industry, claiming 66 industry awards in 2016, but it also struck a chord with consumers across the globe. Show More Summary

U.S. Agency of the Year: Droga5 Is Defined As Much by Its Soul as Its Soaring Success

Using the fingers on just one hand, David Droga argues, you can count the number of agencies that possess a "strong soul." These are "the ones that are consistent, retain people and do some of the most interesting work," Droga says. He,...Show More Summary

6 Funny, Moving and Provocative Ads That Showed Ogilvy's Creative Excellence in 2016

Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide just had a banner year, winning both the Cannes Lions Network of the Year and the Effie Awards' Most Effective Agency Network of 2016, thanks to some clever, moving work. Ogilvy prescribes to a "Twin Peaks"Show More Summary

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