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Moving Follies

Leskie's adventures in furniture moving, featuring some new bookstore fixtures.

Too Long, Too Short, Just Right?

A (brown-haired) Goldilocks searches for the perfect six-minute read.

An Interview with the Years 2018

The Years 2018 share their book picks for the first quarter of the year, and reveal the secret of their duality.

January Thaw

Adjusting to the quiet of the bookstore in January can be difficult.

A New Book for a New Year

Kicking off a new year of reading with a terrific debut from Samira Ahmed.

Collection of Media Predictions for 2018

I've collected some media predictions from a variety of sources again this year. Not all of these are entirely relevant to academic, professional or educational publishing but nevertheless I think they are interesting. Look out for my predictions in the week to come. Show More Summary

Heard at the Store – ‘Do You Have Regular Books Too?’

Notable utterances overheard at ShelfTalker bookstores during the last week of the holiday season.

Many Happy Returns?

For booksellers and publishers, it's a mixed greeting this time of year, to be sure.

And So We Stand Resolute

Avoiding New Year's resolutions in favor of celebrating the everyday successes of our bookselling efforts.

And to All a Rebellious Good Night

Closing the year with an appreciation for the series of the season.

A Mighty Wrapper Is Summoned

Retired gift wrapping titan and Eight Cousins founder Carol Chittenden is called forth by the dark arts to rural Maine.

Dear Santa

A chidrens bookseller's letter to Santa Claus, containing her wish list for 2018.

Best Greeting Card, Ever

Cards and swearing make for holiday fun!

All Things Small and Wonderful

Trimming the tree with 30 teeny tiny literary treasures (plus 2 stocking stuffers for good measure).

The Summoning of a Mighty Wrapper

Would the use of dark magic work to summon a retired gift wrapper from a far away bookstore to appear in central Maine?

Two Parts Coffee, One Part Christmas Cookies

TweetWe’re in full-on elf at the shop, and the curling ribbon is flying. So, too, are the Post-It notes, as we endeavor to communicate between shifts and team members about new product, special orders, assembly instructions, and all the myriad of details it takes to successfully load the sleigh. Keeping in mind that many of […]

A Year Later: A Bookseller Returns to the Store

Josie takes some shifts at the Flying Pig and makes some observation about bookselling.

Publishing Software Market Survey 2018 - PrePub Pricing

Publishing Software Market Survey 2018 Publishing Software Market Survey Report 2018 Take advantage of our pre-publication discount Purchase Report Introduction:Our first market survey of the software market for publishing and information companies is complete and will be published on January 15, 2018. Show More Summary

After ‘The Dust’ Settled

Some thoughts on aiding the quest of Phillip Pullman's new Book of Dust in a bookselling eddy.

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