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The Starred Review App

What if there were an app alerting readers to book review stars?

"Minnesotans are cranky and independent. They’ll shop at a local store over Amazon any day."

3 days agoMedia / Publishing : Listen Up

“Minnesotans are cranky and independent. They’ll shop at a local store over Amazon any day.” - Inside the Thriving Bookstore Scene of the Twin Cities

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Slippery Slope of Free Speech

5 days agoMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

"If we, as publishers, cannot tell the difference between good and evil, between conscience and profit, between extremist views and the views our founding fathers put forth, we are no better than tabloids."

An Interview with the Year 2017

The New Year's earlier absence is explained and her book picks are delivered!

Flying Solo

What it means to pilot the Flying Pig Bookstore without a co-captain.

90-Second Newbery Revisited

Bookseller Leslie Hawkins talks about the joys of bringing a 90-Second Newbery Film Festival screening to Asheville, N.C., in her first post for ShelfTalker.

A Writer's Tip for Writing Better Sex Scenes: Steal

last weekMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

Novelist Laura Pritchett learned to write better sex scenes by stealing from the greats.

Hello from Austin, Texas!

Cheers and a holiday recap from a new ShelfTalker contributor.

‘Amazon’s Stranglehold’ Co-Author Stacy Mitchell Breaks It Down

When it comes to antitrust issues the ILSR's Stacy Mitchell is the bomb, as she proves yet again in this interview exploring her new report's relevance to bookselling.

Predictions 2017: Subscribe To Me

The end of one year and the beginning of another always represents an opportunity to reflect and think about what the future will bring. That is, if you've nothing better to do over the two week break for Christmas and New Year’s. Like...Show More Summary

Recap: Some of The Big News Stories from 2016

2016 was a tumultuous year and one we are glad to see the back off. From the constant stream of celebrity departures to Brexit to Trump, we all deserve a breather; but it won't come and I expect 2017 will be an even more intense year. Show More Summary

‘Under Rose Tainted Skies’: An Interview with Louise Gornall

The unique potential of an OCD first-person narrator are brought into focus in a remarkable YA debut novel.

Getting It Right

2 weeks agoMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

When I began writing news stories about Mexican immigration a long time ago, I quickly learned that every word is a potential land mine.

Happy Holidays!

Sending best holiday wishes to all of our readers.

Staff Photo Contest

Do most bookstores have staff photo traditions? A means of discovery is set forth!

PW's Most-Read Opinion Pieces of 2016

4 weeks agoMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

From Brexit to finding an agent to working at Barnes & Noble, these are PW's 10 most-read opinion pieces of the year.

Now More Than Ever

How this holiday season has felt different at the bookstore.

Holiday Shopping Comments

What happens when people who have no filter left shop at the store.

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