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The far-right sharing fake news — or conservatives sharing conservative journalism?

Who shares the most “junk news”? (But “junk news” ? fake news.) Trump supporters and the far right: That’s according to a report out this week from the Computational Propaganda Project at the University of Oxford. But be careful of definitions here! Over three months leading up to Trump’s State of the Union Address this...

DSA-Endorsed Judge’s Bail Reforms Prompt Media Attack

The marks of the media's function as PR surrogate for police were all over a Pittsburgh CBS affiliate's gratuitous, over-the-top hit piece on reformer Judge Mik Pappas.

Vox’s US Government-Linked Experts Present Options for Korea: Sanctions or War

Vox presents viewers with an array of US government-linked talking heads who insist the only options to resolve the conflict in Korea are devastating sanctions or apocalyptic war.

With Left Field, NBC News is experimenting with VR, mixed reality, and other new story forms

The future of video at NBC News isn’t at 30 Rockefeller Plaza — it’s at a co-working space off Union Square. NBC Left Field, a 12-person experimental video unit, launched last July with a simple but strategically vital mandate: to experiment with new ways of reporting, producing, and delivering video news, with a special focus...

Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face

A Newsweek article described 16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi “assaulting Israeli soldiers.” It failed to report that Israeli soldiers had just shot and severely injured her 14-year-old cousin.

The Best Work I Saw at Photo NOLA: Part 2

  If you live long enough, you’ll see all manner of science fiction come to life. Like right now, for instance. My busted hand is healing more slowly than I might like, so I just figured out I can dictate my column on my new-ish computer. It’s blowing my mind. So many of us use […]

Newsonomics: NPR’s Ross Levinsohn scoop delivers a double blow to Tronc

On the same afternoon that NPR’s David Folkenflik was to release his scoop on Los Angeles Times publisher Ross Levinsohn’s alleged history of workplace harassment, Levinsohn himself delivered a manifesto of sorts on Tronc’s strategy. Speaking to the Needham Growth Conference at about noon ET, Levinsohn and Tronc CFO Terry Jimenez laid out Tronc’s long-awaited...

The Best Work I Saw at Photo NOLA: Part 1

  I’ve been to New Orleans four times in my life. Each visit, I’ve gone in December. It’s not entirely a coincidence, as that’s when the Photo NOLA festival takes place. (I’ve attended in 2012, ’14 and now ’17) Despite the fact that New Orleans is situated on the Gulf Coast, and is reputed for its […]

What Makes a Community?

Facebook wants to build community. Ditto media. Me, too. But I fear we are all defining and measuring community too shallowly and transiently. Community is not conversation?—?though that is a key metric Facebook will use to measure its success. Show More Summary

What the rise of the smart speaker might mean for podcasts (and on-demand audio in general)

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 146, published January 9, 2018. Just a heads up: I’m told that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) will indeed be publishing a 2018 update to its podcast advertising study, which means we’ll be able to get at least one contiguous read of the industry’s...

Apple Podcast Analytics is finally live (and with it, the ability to see how many people are skipping ads)

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 145, published January 2, 2018. Happy New Year everybody! Let’s, uh, see where this one goes. Digits to start the year. As always, we begin with the question: is the industry growing, and if so, how? Here are two numbers I’m using to keep...

Memes and visuals come to the fore

If 2017 ushered in a growing awareness and conversation in the Western world about the impact of misinformation, disinformation, and media manipulation, 2018 is the year we start taking memetic misinformation and disinformation seriously. As Nausicaa Renner wrote early in 2017, “The fake news conversation has taken place in the realm of words, but that’s...

The Real Fake News

In 2017, newscaster cameos may be the only fact-fiction crossovers for which people have no difficulty keeping the two concepts apart.

Fox News Guest Floats Theory on Trump, Hosts Push Back

On Tuesday's airing of Fox News' Outnumbered, one guest was literally outnumbered by the hosts as they pushed back against an eyebrow-raising theory he offered up during the program, per Mediaite. Kevin Jackson, a radio pundit and Fox contributor who's been deemed a "serial liar and conspiracy theorist" by Media...

Net Neutrality Repeal Is Only Part of Trump’s Surrender to Corporate Media

Repealing net neutrality has drawn a huge amount of public visibility—and rightly so—but that decision is just the latest in a string of ominous, industry-friendly giveaways by the Trump administration’s FCC.

MSNBC Admits It Was Wrong in Caving to Right-Wing Activist

In the span of just three days, MSNBC fired then rehired Sam Seder over a tweet the liberal contributor made eight years ago after it was discovered by a "far-right provocateur," the Intercept reports. The Washington Post states the whole bizarre situation "perhaps says something about the fraught politics of...

Video was key for The Washington Post’s debunking of Project Veritas. But what will “proof” look like in an era of easily doctored visuals?

A confrontation in a Greek restaurant. Dueling camera-laden interviews in a parking lot. These two scenes are at the heart of the Washington Post’s debunking of the claims of Jaime Phillips, a woman who appears to have been working with Project Veritas using secretly recorded footage to try to swindle the news organization’s reporters into...

Why prospects believe you are expensive and what to do about it

When people question our prices, dismiss our products and services as expensive, or call us a rip-off, it hurts. “They don’t understand!”, we say. But it is OUR job to help them understand. What can you do? This came to mind becauseShow More Summary

Co-Anchors 'Reeling' From Charlie Rose Accusations

CBS This Morning aired as scheduled Tuesday with one less anchor chair. But though Charlie Rose was absent, suspended Monday following sexual harassment allegations from eight women, his co-anchors, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell, made the scandal the program's top story. "I really am reeling … I am not OK,...

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