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Ad of the Day: This Porsche Magazine Ad Brings the 911 to Life as a Floating Hologram

Some advertisers have grown increasingly inventive with print media in recent years. Motorola, you may recall, created a button that let readers change the color of cell phones shown on the printed page, while the CW embedded a live Twitter feed in a magazine ad to hype its shows. Show More Summary

This 20-Year-Old Agency Stays Relevant by Serving Brands That Want Data-Driven Results

Specs Who (L. to r.) Trae Clevenger, evp, chief strategy officer; Martin Reidy, president and CEO; and Judge Graham, evp, chief digital officer What Data-driven marketing agency Where St. Louis HQ, with offices in 13 other cities With 800-plus creatives, strategists and statisticians, this St. Show More Summary

40 Years Later: Apple 3.0

Maturity doesn’t have to be boring. The 40-year old Apple doesn’t lack the challenges it needs, both external and internal, to stay interesting. I’ll begin with a bit of the personal history that colors my views of Apple. I was born a geek. In 1955, I salivated while looking at the first OC 71 transistor […]

Comm Lead Movie Night: Submit Your Video and Vote for Your Favorites

If you’ve produced a video during your time in the Comm Lead program, don’t miss this chance to submit your video and share the fruits of your creative labor at Comm Lead Movie Night, on April 2. If you haven’t submitted a video, weShow More Summary

Common Arguments from Prominent Hillary Clinton Supporters Debunked

A nontrivial portion of online comments are going to be unconstructive and/or offensive. Especially when a columnist writes something provocative, a lot of people are going to be unhappy about it, and many of them, bolstered by the relative anonymity and psychological distance the Internet affords, will respond with vitriol. Show More Summary

DeepMind Could Bring The Best News Recommendation Engine

Reinforcement Learning, a key Google DeepMind algorithm, could overhaul news recommendation engines and greatly improve users stickiness. After beating a Go Grand Master, the algorithm could become the engine of choice for true personalization. My interest for DeepMind goes back to its acquisition by Google, in January 2014, for about half a billion dollars. Later […]

Barack Obama’s Careful Encryption Stance

In the FBI v. Apple fracas, the epithets that have been hurled at President Obama range from hopeless naïf to devilish schemer, to name but the more polite. Indeed, he may be “scheming”, but not in the way that many people think. When weighing the current “encryption problem,” our sitting president must appear strong on […]

Shareability: Cracking the Code on Branded Viral Videos

What do you get when you combine an Oscar winner with an agency guy and a gang of YouTubers in Utah? Shareability is a new breed of media company. So new and innovative that The Chernin Group, lead by media titan Peter Chernin, recently...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Kung Fury's David Sandberg Shows Off Great, Zany Effects in Phone Ad

The Asus ZenPhone Zoom smartphone has a camera so strong, it'll turn a little toy dinosaur into a full-sized T-Rex that you can ride like a horse. So says a new short film in a series from Razorfish Hong Kong and actor-director David Sandberg, of Kung Fury fame. Show More Summary

Brainwashing Trumps Reason

"I'd like to punch him in the face." Fighting words from presidential contender Donald Trump that foreboded real violence at Trump rallies, manifesting last Friday at the University of Illinois Chicago, and first in North Carolina, where...Show More Summary

Peet's 50th Anniversary Campaign Celebrates Making Craft Coffee Before It Was Cool

In honor of 50 years in business, Peet's Coffee & Tea is establishing itself as the original craft coffee brewer with a widespread digital and social media driven campaign. While the brand hasn't done much advertising in the past, the...Show More Summary

Hot Pod: A few important new players are going to change what people think of as a “podcast”

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is Issue Sixty-Four, published March 15, 2016. Happy post-Pi day! Let’s celebrate with waffles. Infinite Dial. The numbers are in, and…well, they’re looking quite good. Last Thursday, Edison Research dropped the latest edition of their annual “Infinite Dial” report, a survey study that looks at consumer...

Ad of the Day: PlayStation Vue Helps You Escape From the Evil Clutches of Big Cable

Forget about the Thought Police … here comes the cable company! Big Cable is portrayed as a dystopian, soul-sucking force (not a big stretch there) in "Escape," the first TV spot for Sony's PlayStation Vue from Venables Bell & Partners. Show More Summary

From Ridgemont High to 'Damn, Daniel,' Vans Is Still Kicking It at 50

One afternoon, a sun-tanned 21-year-old actor named Sean Penn sauntered into the Vans store in Santa Monica, Calif., in search of a pair of comfortable shoes. Penn, who had recently landed a movie part playing a SoCal stoner dude named Jeff Spicoli, picked out a pair of slip-ons in a checkerboard pattern. Show More Summary

Inside Forbes: We Had A Few Surprises For SXSW, Deep In The Heart Of Ad Blocking

2 months agoIndustries / Media : The Copy Box

[mobile-card charcount=1]   [/mobile-card][mobile-card charcount=648] The place: Austin, Texas. The event: SXSW. The audience: technology’s elite. The panel: “We’re Not Gonna Take It! — The Ad Blocking Revolt.” Given this was deep in the heart of ad blocking (apologies to Gene Autry), I expected hundreds of digerati to rise up in arms — and take […]

PSAs Are Speaking More Openly About Sexual Violence and Consent Than Ever

Five years ago, a PSA addressing sexual assault showed a girl's legs on the bathroom floor, her underwear down to her ankles. The tagline: "She didn't want to do it, but she couldn't say no." While such messages were common, experts say they weren't resonating with a population that claims sexual assault is a major crisis. Show More Summary

Viacom Is Turning NYC Buildings Into Billboards to Combat Gender and Racial Bias

Breaking through the ad clutter to raise awareness of social issues and affect change can be challenging, but Viacom is aiming to do just that by projecting eye-opening statistics directly onto buildings in New York City. Viacom teamed...Show More Summary

Dear Bill Maher: Liberals Can Be Angry at Multiple Things

On Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO, the always-sardonic host used his closing monologue to rail against liberals who criticize other liberals, such as #BernieOrBust pledges, Clinton supporters who accuse Bernie Sanders of sexism, people who were outraged at some of Matt Damon's problematic statements, and, um, Dolce and Gabbana. Show More Summary

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