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Meet the Biker Dude Allstate Is Paying to Ride to Every State Capital in America

Remember taking your driver's test? Remember how many questions were devoted to sharing the road with motorcycles? Don't rack your brains, we'll tell you: In most states, none. And that's why a scruffy, bearded biker named Nate Hudson...Show More Summary

Here's Why GIFs Are Back In Style and Bigger Than Ever for Brands

Move over, emojis. As marketers look to navigate the changing digital video landscape, GIFs are becoming the go-to features for brands seeking better social-media engagement. DiGiorno Pizza starts embracing GIFs on Twitter. While the...Show More Summary

HoloLens Brings 3D Media Into the Physical World

last monthMedia / New Media : Idea Lab

Those who follow me know that over the last year, there’s one technology that has been my obsession: Virtual Reality (VR), specifically the Oculus Rift. I was first introduced to the headset that eventually became Oculus by Emblematic Group’s Nonny de la Peña, and I have gone on to work as a consulting producer for […]

Back to the garden

last monthMedia / New Media : Rough Type

Progress turns everyone into a nostalgist sooner or later. You just have to wait for your own particular trigger to come along — the new thing that threatens the old thing you love. David Weinberger has a funny-sad article in The Atlantic today. Called “The Internet That Was (and Still Could Be),” it’s a tortured piece, mixing memory and desire, that calls to […]

Dentyne Joins the Food Truck Craze With Its 'Follow Food Truck'

With Americans falling in love with food trucks, it was inevitable that marketers would hit the road to target the consequences of all that indulgence. This summer, Dentyne is building upon its #FollowFood social campaign, which highlights...Show More Summary

5 Lessons Honda Learned About Reaching Millennials With Music

Marketers and agencies are always saying that content is king. But few clients have put money behind that maxim like American Honda Motor Co., which a year ago rolled out its "Honda Stage" music program as a way to reach a 20-something audience that increasingly tunes out traditional advertising. Show More Summary

Why He's Not a 'Terrorist': We Can't Rely on Media to Discuss Racism

The last thing Tywanza Sanders shared on his Facebook page was a video we produced called White Riots. Tywanza Sanders, of course, is the 26 year old killed in Wednesday night's race-fueled terrorist attack at Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, SC. Show More Summary

Another War Photographer's Death Is a Reminder of the Importance of First Aid Training for Journalists

In the summer of 2011, just a few months after photojournalist Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya, Sebastian Junger hired me to help him start a nonprofit medical training program for independent journalists working in war zones. At...Show More Summary

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Avoids 50 Cent-Like Embarrassment

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts is throwing more than a top Major League Baseball starting pitcher these days. MLB pitchers are typically on a five-day rotation, but the MSNBC Live host threw out the first pitch on Monday night in Baltimore and...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Slow Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon

Newly announced GOP candidate Jeb Bush stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday evening for an interview, but not before the show’s latest installment of the popular Slow Jam the News segment. “The governor thought long and hard about joining the GOP race,” seductively sang Fallon. Show More Summary

10 Years of PT: 2007 – Turning the Tide on Scraping

2007 was one of the craziest years on Plagiarism Today as the Web turns the tide on scraping and I meet Patrick O'Keefe.

Snapchat CEO Explains His App to Parents With a Ridiculously Low-Budget Video

If you have no idea how Snapchat works, then this video might help. It comes straight from the CEO's mouth, even if it was done in a distinctly low-budget fashion. Snapchat's chief executive, Evan Spiegel, just posted the company's latest video to YouTube. Show More Summary

Now You Can Get Driving Directions From the Terminator, Thanks to Waze-Paramount Partnership

Move over Siri, here comes Ahh-nold. For the next three weeks, drivers who use the navigation device Waze can get directions from the voice of the Terminator. They won't be able to find their way to Mars—after all, this is a cross-promotion...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Panera Gets Into Lifestyle Branding With Manifesto About Healthy Living

New ads for Panera Bread lean into the food-as-lifestyle trend—and in that sense, play in the space of Chipotle and, to a lesser extent, Chobani. While Panera's ads, which break today, can't match the rich production quality of the CAA...Show More Summary

What it Took to Sign On the First Lady as More Guest Editor

Michelle Obama with More editor Lesley Jane Seymour The thinking and work that led to Michelle Obama taking on the role of guest editor at More magazine spanned years, hinging on a genuine sense of goodwill between the magazine and the...Show More Summary

The Dehumanization of Black Children: Tamir Rice, Kalief Browder and Dajerria Becton

"The children of the despised and rejected are menaced from the moment they stir in the womb..." -- James Baldwin In our schools, playgrounds and pools, America has a problem with Black children. And it is costing them their lives. Last...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Toyota Honors Dads with a Pair of Short Documentaries for Father's Day

Toyota goes all in for Father's Day, unveiling a pair of Web films from Saatchi & Saatchi—each nearly three-minutes long—and erecting an "I (Heart) Dad" monument next week on Southern California's Santa Monica Beach Pier. One of theShow More Summary

5 Things Bernie Sanders Has Said or Done That Should Have Been Political Suicide, But Weren't

There has been a lot of talk about Bernie Sanders of late; some rhapsodize about him, others find him to be an endearing but hopeless case. Most in the major media fall into the latter category. But what is it that he's doing wrong?Show More Summary

Andy Cohen Meets a 1980s Sitcom

2 months agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlLA

Jamie Morris certainly knows his way around a catchy play title. Over the years, he’s been responsible for everything Gilligan’s Fire Island to The Silence of the Clams. Tonight, Morris’ latest, Re-Designing Women, a parody of the 1986-1993 CBS sitcom Designing Women, has its New York premiere. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Stepped Into It This Time

Rush Limbaugh stepped into it this time. The most popular radio host in America is famous for spreading lies, propaganda, misogyny, and hate over our publicly owned airwaves. But the Federal Communications Commission, which overseesShow More Summary

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