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Volvo Won Its Adweek Arc Award by Letting a 4-Year-Old Drive One of Its Trucks

The Volvo FMX 18-ton construction truck bills itself as "built for the toughest working conditions on earth." Volvo Trucks and agency Forsman & Bodenfors set out to prove that claim in a unique and effective way: by letting an adorable...Show More Summary

Watch: Dismay Led to Fresh Take on News

With the Gilded Age of Trump about to dawn (or should it be Golden Showered Age?)... I've become almost desperately eager as a news consumer for some different journalism to leaven the prevailing diet of outraged disgust vying with abject...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Live Has Arrived - Young Turks' Uygur Breaks New Ground

LAS VEGAS -- It began as a live radio show, before the digital age forced it in to an on-demand box. But now The Young Turks, a video broadcaster producing progressive politics commentary, is set to make hay from a return to its live roots. Sixteen years ago, co-founder Cenk Uygur launched The Young Turks on Sirius radio. Show More Summary

Dear Trolls, That Wasn't Me at the Tillerson Hearing

A homepage editor for the Washington Post relays a crazy—and scary—tale of being caught up in a fast-moving case of mistaken identity online. As Doris Truong explains in the Post, it began when someone posted video of an Asian woman at the Rex Tillerson confirmation hearing on Wednesday...

Why Won't American Media Fully Investigate What Could Be The Biggest Story in U.S. Political History?

What percentage chance that the incoming president has been compromised by a hostile foreign power is acceptable? Most Americans, and the U.S. Constitution, would say “none.” But right now Democrats and Republicans in D.C., along with...Show More Summary

In Viral Video, News Anchor Berates Colleague Over Top

Never wear white after Labor Day or, if you're an Australian newscaster, on the same day that your co-worker is. Nine Network's Julie Snook found this out the hard way when she was verbally attacked while the cameras were rolling (but before they went on the air) by colleague Amber...

On Robert Pollard: “My Zodiac Companion”

3 months agoMedia / New Media : Rough Type

[No. 01 in a Series] Please Be Honest, the latest Guided By Voices record, opens with a dirge. Over spare, unsteady acoustic-guitar chords, Robert Pollard slurs an ode to the otherworld: Orbital ghosts attract sparks, aftermath heavens. The unborn called: they miss you. The verse ends, but despite a slight quickening of the guitar line […]

Why the Most Important Word in 2017 Will Be 'Experience'

The new year always brings promise and hope with a big dash of anxiety, and my anticipation for a sneak peek at the "new" in Las Vegas for CES is usually a mix of those three feelings. It's not about a single big launch anymore, butShow More Summary

Ad of the Day: Nick Offerman Narrates an Ode to HomeAway Not Screwing Up Your Vacation

Goodbye, to-do list. Hi, rum and cool mist." Nick Offerman, just off his visit to CES, returns to narrate another ad for holiday rental company HomeAway, a year after making his debut with the brand. And once again, he's preaching—this...Show More Summary

Swipe to unlock: Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 10 years ago today, changing journalism forever

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone — and also became the first person to publicly complain about how news is presented on iPhones. As part of his introduction to the phone’s capabilities, Jobs opened Safari and pulled up the full desktop version of the Times’ website. “We’re showing you the whole...

Goldfish Crackers Are Set to Star in Some Very Cheesy Films

Thanks to the likes of Nemo, Dory, SpongeBob and Jaws, it's a proven fact that aquatic life can be a big draw at the box office. To date, however, no director has ventured into truly deep water by casting a goldfish in a starring role. But...Show More Summary

PopSugar CEO Says VR Is Overhyped, and Self-Driving Cars Will Scale

Brian Sugar, co-founder and CEO of PopSugar, has spent the past 16 years attending CES and has seen a lot of tech come and go. So when he feels the pace of innovation around things like artificial intelligence and self-driving cars has...Show More Summary

How Beats Used Celeb Marketing to Become Millennials' Favorite Audio Brand

Way back in the distant days of 2010, you might have chanced on a video of Justin Bieber, sitting in a recording studio and speaking—with genuine feeling—about a particular social problem he wanted to make right. World hunger, perhaps? Childhood diseases? Well, not quite. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Land O'Lakes Makes Lovely Use of Amelia E. Barr's Poem 'The Farmer'

God bless the seeds his hands let fall... for the farmer, he must feed us all. This is the closing line from Amelia E. Barr's poem "The Farmer," written by the British immigrant and prolific writer after observing farm life in Texas in the late 1800s. Show More Summary

2016: The Year in Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah had his ups and downs in 2016, but he was always on people’s minds whether they liked him or not. Let’s take a look back at The Daily Show host’s big year. Ratings The only big news regarding Trevor Noah at the beginning of the year was the fact that his ratings were... Read more » 2016: The Year in Trevor Noah is an article from: The Inquisitr News

For Trojan, Inventive Packaging Made the Sale When Advertising Wasn't Allowed

The year 2016 saw a lot of talk about the state of American manufacturing—about jobs making stuff for great American brands. And while most of the discussion centered on products like General Electric light bulbs and Carrier air conditioners,...Show More Summary

Carlson to Teen Vogue Writer: 'Stick to Thigh-High Boots'

On a chilly Christmas Eve, why not warm up with a hot media fight between Fox News' Tucker Carlson and Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca. Mediaite calls Friday night's interview—video here —a "mesmerizing and fierce back and forth," while Uproxx says it was "kind of ugly" and "

4 Surprising Words That Should Define Your Digital Strategy in 2017

The tree-decorating selfies have inundated Instagram, you're receiving multiple festive discount emails each day, and you're already having flashbacks to office holiday parties from years past. Gemma Milne That's right, it's the endShow More Summary

This Hilariously Campy Fake Movie Trailer Is the Best Ad of 2016 That You Never Saw

In this last week before Christmas, we're catching up on a few ads from 2016 that slipped through the cracks. And foremost among the advertising films we didn't cover is this mini masterpiece from Moxie Pictures and the fashion brand...Show More Summary

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