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Eager for World War III on MSNBC

The US hasn't done "a very good job pushing Russia out of the way," said MSNBC's Jeremy Bash, implying it would be a good idea to target a country that only months ago was reported by Newsweek to have a bomb that could flatten Texas...

What happens when a big news company makes a small bet on “slow innovation”?

In May 2015, the two of us were brought together to consider how to help what eventually became Univision’s Fusion Media Group focus on “slow innovation” questions, beyond the remit of the daily production teams already in place. This work led to what became known as the company’s Center for Innovation and Engagement. FMG’s primary...

I Despise Alex Jones, And I’m Glad Megyn Kelly Interviewed Him

Broadcast journalist Megyn Kelly’s interview with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has sparked major outrage since it was announced. Most harshly, critics have called Kelly’s invitation for Jones to appear on her show an insult...Show More Summary

On Laci Green And White Women's Betrayal

Laci Green is a significant force on YouTube. Her Sex+ series has provided several people with accurate, nonjudgmental sex education that is not often seen in the United States. She has also made videos discussing gender equality, intersectionality, and other social justice topics. Show More Summary

Threats to Campus Speech Don’t Alarm Media When They Come From the Right

Threats to "free speech" are treated differently in the media when you're on the left—and particularly so for campus speech.

What are the ethics of using AI for journalism? A panel at Columbia tried to tackle that question

Journalism is becoming increasingly automated. From the Associated Press using machine learning to write stories to The New York Times’ plans to automate its comment moderation, outlets continue to use artificial intelligence to try and streamline their processes or make them more efficient. But what are the ethical considerations of AI? How can journalists legally...

Dangerous Discourse: When Progressives Sound Like Demagogues

The Trump administration has already done enormous harm to the United States and the planet. Along the way, Trump has also caused many prominent progressives to degrade their own political discourse. It’s up to us to challenge the corrosive...Show More Summary

A Liberal’s Perspective: Evergreen College And The Fascism Of The Illiberal Left

At Evergreen State College in Washington, the dangerous authoritarian streak of college-aged, left-wing extremists is being exposed in disturbing detail. In recent weeks, social justice activists demanded that white students refrainShow More Summary

The New York Times’ The Daily vs. NPR’s Up First: Which morning news podcast is better at what?

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 121, published May 30, 2017. Back from vacation, folks. We’re talking conventions, independent media, The Daily v. Up First, and careers. Let’s get to it. PodCon. The crop of live podcasting programming — or festivals or conferences or whatever you’d like to call it...

Vox’s video about the Chechen leader accused of torturing gay people is being spammed with dislikes

In its first few hours online, Vox’s video on current leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov — under whose rule a vicious anti-gay pogrom has begun — performed like a usual Vox video on YouTube. The typical likes-to-dislikes ratio for a Vox video is 10:1, but between 2 to 3 p.m. on Thursday, the producer of the...

Teen Vogue Is Evolving Thanks To Elaine Welteroth

You may have noticed that Teen Vogue is getting political. At first, this may seem surprising. But to those who have been following the changes at the magazine, it was inevitable. Teen Vogue was recently taken over by a new editor-in-chief committed to making the publication more inclusive and aware of the world we live in. Show More Summary

Director Laura Poitras: Julian Assange Is An ‘Equal-Opportunity’ Leaker

The subject matter of Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras’ new film “Risk” could not be more timely: controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I absolutely defend what WikiLeaks published,” Poitras tells Robert Scheer in this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence” on KCRW. Show More Summary

The David Clarke Plagiarism Scandal

Yet another figure close to President Trump faces allegations of plagiarism. However, the David Clarke plagiarism scandal is a bit different... The post The David Clarke Plagiarism Scandal appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

The Brands Killing it in Influencer Marketing This Year

8 months agoIndustries / Media : MediaBistro

Weight-loss tea anyone? Hair-growth pills? What about at-home teeth whitening kits? If you’re an active Instagram user, you’ve probably scrolled down your Instagram timeline and caught one of your favorite social media celebrities casually mentioning their love for one of the aforementioned products. Show More Summary

Anderson Cooper Is Sorry for That Trump Poop Joke

More like Anderson Pooper. Variety reports Anderson Cooper has apologized for using a bit of bathroom humor while interviewing Jeffrey Lord Friday on CNN. Lord, a CNN contributor and Trump supporter, was defending the president calling former FBI director James Comey a "nut job." Anderson, arguing there wasn't anything Trump...

Bill O’Reilly Blames Haters For Roger Ailes’ Death, Says Former Fox News CEO Died With A Broken Heart

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes died on Thursday as a result of complications after falling and hitting his head at his home the previous week. But Bill O’Reilly, who worked with Ailes for decades, blames the nation’s “hatred” for his...Show More Summary

Driver in Times Square Crash Charged With Murder

A Bronx man who allegedly drove his car into pedestrians at a high speed in Times Square Thursday, killing an 18-year-old Michigan tourist and injuring 22 people, has been charged with second-degree murder, USA Today reports. Richard Rojas, 26, was...

13 Resets in 13 Months

The White House’s latest self-inflicted scandal represents another damning rebuttal to a recurring, fictional narrative that has been propagated by the press for well over a year—that Trump is just one new policy or staff shake-up away from being a normal president.

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