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How Media Spread CIA’s Sectarian, Anti-Iran ‘Mideast Cold War’ Narrative

A new Vox video is the latest addition to a media onslaught that propagates numerous misleading talking points to demonize Iran—just as the US government, under Donald Trump's vehemently anti-Iran administration, is ratcheting up aggression against that country.

With help from local papers, USA Today is boosting the ambition and publishing speed of its VR projects

Earlier this year, Facebook approached the USA Today virtual reality team with a proposal. Facebook’s developer conference, F8, was a few weeks away, and the company was looking to partner with news organizations on VR projects that showed off some new interactive tools that it was building. USA Today was interested, but concerned that its...

Jack Shaheen, Vital Critic of Denigrating Images

A longtime FAIR friend, Jack Shaheen died on Monday. A humanist to the core, he warned about the creation of "the character whom we hate and we detest."

Stigma Over Solutions

While there is never a good time to gut Medicaid and throw 22 million off their health insurance, it is especially worrying that it may happen in the middle of a tragic opiate epidemic that is being covered by the media in all the wrong ways.

Flying Puke Interrupts Live Fourth of July TV Interview

Attacks on the media are increasing in frequency—and now they include flying vomit. The New York Post reports Wendy Burch of California's KTLA was covering an annual Fourth of July competition in which participants run a mile, swim a mile, and chug a sixer of beer. Surrounded by shirtless...

DexYP: What Should the Brand and Strategy Be Going Forward?

8 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Months of rumors were answered yesterday when it was announced that Dex Media and YP would become DexYP. It’s not a merger; Dex bought YP for $600 million. YP had been owned by private equity firm Cerberus Capital, with a minority stake retained by AT&T, the original owner of YP (formerly the AT&T yellow pages). […]

There is a Swedish city where the CueCat lives on as a monument to media’s digital failures

HELSINGBORG, Sweden — In the media world, few products have come to symbolize digital failure more than the CueCat, the feline-shaped, barcode-scanning device that flopped at the turn of the millennium, costing magazine and newspaper publishers tens of millions of dollars. More than a decade later, a castaway CueCat sits atop a pedestal at a...

Professor Says Fox News Comments Got Her Sacked

An adjunct professor in New Jersey says she was suspended by the administration because of an appearance on Fox News, the Star-Ledger reports. Lisa Durden was scheduled to teach courses on speech and popular culture at Essex County College in the fall but was informed June 8 she had been...

Eager for World War III on MSNBC

The US hasn't done "a very good job pushing Russia out of the way," said MSNBC's Jeremy Bash, implying it would be a good idea to target a country that only months ago was reported by Newsweek to have a bomb that could flatten Texas...

What happens when a big news company makes a small bet on “slow innovation”?

In May 2015, the two of us were brought together to consider how to help what eventually became Univision’s Fusion Media Group focus on “slow innovation” questions, beyond the remit of the daily production teams already in place. This work led to what became known as the company’s Center for Innovation and Engagement. FMG’s primary...

I Despise Alex Jones, And I’m Glad Megyn Kelly Interviewed Him

Broadcast journalist Megyn Kelly’s interview with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has sparked major outrage since it was announced. Most harshly, critics have called Kelly’s invitation for Jones to appear on her show an insult...Show More Summary

On Laci Green And White Women's Betrayal

Laci Green is a significant force on YouTube. Her Sex+ series has provided several people with accurate, nonjudgmental sex education that is not often seen in the United States. She has also made videos discussing gender equality, intersectionality, and other social justice topics. Show More Summary

Threats to Campus Speech Don’t Alarm Media When They Come From the Right

Threats to "free speech" are treated differently in the media when you're on the left—and particularly so for campus speech.

What are the ethics of using AI for journalism? A panel at Columbia tried to tackle that question

Journalism is becoming increasingly automated. From the Associated Press using machine learning to write stories to The New York Times’ plans to automate its comment moderation, outlets continue to use artificial intelligence to try and streamline their processes or make them more efficient. But what are the ethical considerations of AI? How can journalists legally...

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